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Windows 7 Optimizer: Best Tools to Use in 2023 Find the best tools to maintain and improve your Windows 7 performance




Optimization software for Windows 7 keeps your computer healthy and reduces the risk of system failure.

If you want to free up your storage space, take a look at our best PC optimizers for Windows 7 list.

Besides making your PC run faster, some of this software will also keep your computer safe.

These programs not only optimize your computer, but they also eliminate files and damaged software and apps.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Has your Windows 7 PC become slower, reduced in performance, and declined in efficiency? Do not panic! This post is meant for you.

However, the only way to fix these problems is by performing system optimization so as to maintain your PC for continued usage.

Meanwhile, Windows built-in system maintenance tools are numerous but you may consider using third-party optimization software to supercharge your Windows 7 PC.

Despite being a new product, Fortect supports all Windows versions, including Windows 7. Using it will be no hassle even on older machines, thanks to its light file size.

Fortect uses a quick but thorough scanner to detect any issues with your PC.

It displays a report of everything that needs improvement. You can select if you want to fix all issues or take care of specific ones.

The utility is able to optimize your registry, detect stability issues that cause your PC to freeze, remove malware or malware traces, and take care of useless junk that takes up memory space.

Other key features of Fortect include:

All in all, Fortect is a great utility that will help you keep your entire system in check. Once you install it, it will perform a preliminary scan to detect the current issues with your PC, then help you quickly fix them.

The software improves your PC performance by defragging your hard drive, tweaking your CPU and GPU performance, and adjusting your RAM usage.

In addition, if you buy the software’s license, you can install it on as many computers as you’d like for no additional charges, and you also get a system status overview indicating issues that need to be fixed.

Some key features of System Mechanic Ultimate Defense include:

Registry cleaner

Junk files/temporary files removal

Hard drive defragmenter

Cleanup tool

Registry cleaner

Startup manager

Ram optimizer

Internet connections tweaker

Overall, System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is a fantastic option for power applications.

CCleaner is an uninstallation and Registry cleanup software for your PC.

You may have to download, install, and use CCleaner to optimize your PC performance. It can delete files and modify or clean the Registry of your OS.

The software has a free version for budget users, as well as premium options, such as Professional and Professional Plus, which come with extra useful features.

CCleaner can help you keep your system clean and organize with its built-in registry cleaner and program uninstaller utilities. Easily remove unnecessary clutter for maximum optimization.

Some CCleaner key features include:

Startup monitoring

Duplicate finder

Disk analyzer

System restore

Browser plugins cleaner

Drive wiper

File shredder

Cookies/cache cleaner

Cleaner scheduler

Moreover, you can use it to delete your browsing data and also remove your internet activity, which is useful when using the internet in public places.

You can use the scanner to check for traces of junk files, startup items, incorrect registry entries, and spyware threats.

As its name suggests, your PC is being handled with care to ensure it is up and running.

The IObit Advanced System Care has a specialized AI that will scan your computer for any problems and malfunctions, then fix them for you.

Startup Optimizer improves startup components in Windows to improve boot speed. This allows you to manage your startup items, services, scheduled tasks, and browser startups.

Other key features of IObit Advanced SystemCare include:

In addition, Advanced System Care can clean your saved passwords, keeping you and your precious data safe.

Lastly, the software also comes with an Internet Booster, a feature that can boost your internet speed.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

Make full use of your device while IObit traces and abolishes all malfunctions.

Free Download Visit Website

Expert tip:

In addition, Ashampoo WinOptimizer can increase your overall system performance on an OS that has been utilized for a while.

The software also allows you to eliminate any browsing traces, which is useful when browsing the internet in public places.

Game Booster is also a fantastic addition. It stops non-essential background processes while your game is running to give your game a boost and resumes them when you’re through playing so you can go back to work.

When you quit your browser or application, this totally automated broom sweeps everything that doesn’t belong off your disks, such as temporary files.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer’s also allows you to encrypt and recover data with ease.

Key features of Ashampoo WinOptimizer 15 include:

Registry cleaner

Drive cleaner

Startup Tuner

Task scheduler

Internet cleaner tools

Icon saver

File Encrypter

File Splitter and many more

Thanks to increased accessible RAM, you may reclaim system resources and enjoy speedier startup times and a smoother overall Windows experience.

Moreover, the program has built-in AntiSpy features that will protect your PC from spyware, adware, and bloatware.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Enhance your system performance and stay protected from intruders.

Check Price Visit Website

Glary Utilities 5 is an easy-to-use optimization software. The program’s interface is packed with appealing visuals and is also highly customizable.

The toolkit includes over 20 system programs to boost computer speed and examines and analyzes PC problems.

Glary packs a plethora of features in a single software, allowing you to remove junk and bloatware, uninstall useless and leftover programs, as well as improve privacy and security.

Some great tools included within Glary Utilities 5 are:

Registry cleaner

Disk cleaner

Disk defrag

Startup manager

Uninstall manager

Ram optimizer

File management tools, and other optimization tools

Glary Utilities also provides a toolbox with a File Shredder and an Open Space Wiper for wiping just free space. You can rewrite the data in one to ten cycles.

Glary Utilities 5

Make sure your device works at full capacity with easy-to-use computer management tools.

Check Price Visit Website

Whichever OS you are running, problems will always persist, be it from registries, DLL, bad RAM, high CPU use, and more.

That is precisely when a reliable software tool like Tweaking Windows Repair is recommended since it can easily handle all of the above and more.

Other key features of Tweaking Windows Repair include:

Fixes Windwos Firewall problems

Browser cleanup and optimization

Registry backups

Whichever the case, if you’re running Windows 7 because your hardware is old, or if you just love the old OS, Tweaking Windows Repair is something you should definitely have.

⇒ Get Tweaking Windows Repair

Restoro is one of the best PC optimization software utilities found on the market these days.

If the idea of a simple and straightforward interface with all the basic functions is what you have in mind, Restoro is a safe choice.

That said, it digs deep into your computer to remove malware threats, replace DLL files, and perform a wide array of performance-enhancing tasks.

Restoro specializes in Windows repair. It analyzes and diagnoses your damaged PC, then repairs it using technology that not only restores your Windows Operating System but also reverses the harm done with a comprehensive database of replacement files.

Even though Restoro does its job quietly in the background, always expect to get a detailed report concerning the number of confirmed issues when the scanning procedure is finished.

These are some key features that you’re about to enjoy:

The installation process is both quick and easy

It precisely detects malicious websites

Removes unnecessary files to free up valuable disk space

Identifies and eliminates viruses of any kind

Fixes error messages

World-class customer service via chat, phone, and email

Finally, Restoro is viewed as an addition to your antivirus, mending the harm already left behind by malware after it has been isolated or removed by the antivirus, thus keeping your PC enhanced to its highest potential.

⇒ Get Restoro

In conclusion, any of these software tools is what you need for your Windows 7 PC optimization.

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7 Of The Best Ransomware Decryption Tools For Windows

Ransomware remains one of the world’s most dangerous threats to computer systems. A ransomware attack encrypts all your data, preventing you from accessing it unless you pay a ransom to its creators. These attacks are often devastating to small businesses and individuals who cannot afford to pay the ransom. Thanks to research from many security firms worldwide, you can now decrypt your data without paying hackers. Let’s take a look at some decryption tools that will allow you to unlock and restore your data.

A Few Things to Note

Before we dive into the tools, keep the following in mind:

Ransomware isn’t like other types of malware. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. For you to decrypt any ransomware, you must identify it correctly, which is usually quite simple to do. Ransomware will identify itself either by its extension file or warning screen.

Each ransomware has its own unique decryption tool. Some tools may decrypt ransomware of the same family, but no single tool can decrypt all ransomware.

Each decryption tool is unique. Different companies employ varying methods with their tools. Make sure to read all instructions for each tool carefully before using it on your PC. If you get these instructions wrong, you may make your problem worse.

Even after decrypting ransomware, you’re still susceptible to reinfection. To prevent that risk from reoccurring, first scan your system with robust and up-to-date antivirus software. Ensure you get rid of all threats and potentially unwanted software (PUPs) before decrypting your files.

1. No Ransom by Kaspersky

No Ransom is a Kaspersky project that offers free and up-to-date decryption and ransomware removal tools. It contains six different tools, and each can be downloaded for free from the website.

These six tools are:

Shade Decryptor: decrypts all versions of Shade.

Rakhni Decryptor: decrypts files affected by CryptoKluchen, Democry, TeslaCrypt versions 3 and 4, Dharma, Jaff, Crysis versions 2 and 3, Rakhni, Aurora.

Rannoh Decryptor: this tool decrypts Rannoh, Fury, AutoIt, Cryakl, Crybola, CryptXXX.

CoinVault Decryptor: this tool resulted from a collaboration between The National High Tech Crime Unit of the Netherlands’ police. It decrypts Coinvault and BitCryptor.

Wildfire Decryptor: this tool decrypts all files locked by the Wildfire ransomware.

Xorist Decryptor: this tool decrypts files locked by the Xorist and Vandev ransomware.

Avast also offers a collection of decryption tools for about 27 different ransomware.

Downloadable from the website are fixes for common ransomware, such as:


Alcatraz Locker






Like the Kaspersky and Avast projects, the No More Ransom project helps victims of ransomware attacks retrieve their encrypted data without paying ransoms. This project began as a collaboration between Kaspersky, McAfee, Europol’s European Cybercrime Center, and the National High Tech Crime Unit of the Netherlands’ Police.

You’ll find free tools to decrypt over 50 different ransomware on the website. This includes:






You’ll also find information on how to prevent future ransomware attacks on your data.

Emsisoft can help you identify 1049 different ransomware strains. Beyond that, they also offer free ransomware decryption tools that will unlock your files without ransom.

Emsisoft lets you upload an infected file or ransom note to its website to help identify the ransomware. After that, their team will help you decrypt your files.

You can use Emsisoft Decryptors on many ransomware, including:







Bitdefender also offers decryption tools for many ransomware types. You can get decryptors for:







Besides that, Bitdefender also offers anti-ransomware that blocks attacks and intercepts any attempt to encrypt your data.

6. McAfee Ransomware Recover

This recovery software is a free tool by McAfee that can decrypt ransomware. The company keeps it up to date with decryption logic and keys that you can use to unlock files, documents, databases, and applications that ransomware has encrypted on your device.

McAfee also keeps the decryption framework free for the security community. Doing so saves developers the time it would take to build their own decryption frameworks.

AVG is another excellent place to get decryption tools if your PC gets hit by ransomware. Its tools can decrypt some common ransomware such as:








Like all of the other tools, AVG decryptor tools are free to download.

Tips to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks can be costly, especially to your personal and business data. Here’s the good news: you can now fix most of these attacks using freely available tools. However, that’s not enough to keep you safe. Preventing future attacks is just as essential as finding solutions for them.

These tips will help you reduce the risk of ransomware attacks and data loss.

1. Back Up Your Data in the Cloud

One of the best practices is to back up essential data in the cloud. Although you can opt for an external storage device, the risk of data loss is much lower with cloud storage.

Also, external storage devices are susceptible to ransomware attacks if you connect them to an infected computer.

Ransomware and other malware often spread through spam messages and unsafe websites. Stay away from unfamiliar websites or links. Also, block pop-ups from unknown sources and websites.

3. Avoid Opening Suspicious Email Attachments

Email attachments are a common way hackers attack computer systems. To prevent the risk of malware, ensure you open emails from trusted senders only.

You can also install email scanning software to filter out potential threats and scan any downloaded attachments with an up-to-date antivirus to delete any attached ransomware.

4. Scan Your PC and Peripheral Devices Frequently

Another of the best practices is to scan and clean any USB sticks with an antivirus before opening them. Doing this quarantines and deletes any malware that may infect your PC. Also, avoid using your USB devices on public computers or devices you don’t trust.

Always keep your computer up to date. Operating system updates often come with security patches that seal potential vulnerabilities malicious actors can exploit. Besides, keeping your antivirus software up to date protects your PC from emerging threats, including newer ransomware attacks.

6. Use VPNs On Public Wi-Fi Networks

If you’re on campus or at the airport and need to use Wi-Fi, ensure you have a VPN installed on your PC. Using a VPN on public networks secures your PC from attempted hacks and prevents data and identity theft by malicious actors.

7. Download from Trusted Sources

Whether you’re downloading documents, movies, or videos, get them from trusted sources only. Untrusted sources can infect your computer with ransomware and other malware types.

Ensure the website you’re visiting uses both Secure HTTP (or HTTPS) and has an SSL certificate. If you see a locked padlock next to the link in the address bar, the website is secure.

Frequently Asked Questions 1. Why do attackers use ransomware?

Unlike many other types of malware, ransomware attacks have a financial incentive for hackers. Once they deny you access to your files, hackers demand a ransom payment to restore your access.

2. How is ransomware installed? 3. Can ransomware spread through Wi-Fi?

Yes, ransomware can spread across computers through a Wi-Fi network. Like a computer worm, ransomware can also spread across different Wi-Fi networks within the same area.

Ian Derrick

Ian is a technology writer with over 11 years of experience with Windows. He also has experience working in Data Analysis, Android, and Computer Hardware. He writes for MakeTechEasier on a wide range of tech topics, including Windows, Android, VPNs, Hardware, and Software tools and Reviews, and How-tos.

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Best Data Integration Tools In 2023

The prime technologies used for integration are Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Enterprise Information Integration (EII) or Data Virtualization. However, these technologies are time-consuming and requires huge data storage from disparate sources which further demands the need for new vendor integration tools. To make it easy, we bring you a list of the latest integration tools used in organizations globally.  

iCEDQ is used to automate the testing of ETL, data migration and monitor data production. It helps by providing regression and integration testing and also offers better insights into data issues. Advantages: •  Rules Engine: Comparison and validation tests are done by In-Memory Rules Engine, which uses Java & Groovy Scripts and is capable of testing millions of rows. •  Integration: iCEDQ provides an out of the box integration with HP QC/HP ALM through web interferences which help users to integrate any scheduling tool or ETL tool. Control-M, Jenkins and Informatica are some of the platforms iCEDQ is integrated with. •  Collaboration: Web-based GUI helps global teams to work together irrespective of their locations. All information is stored in a centralized repository making it easy to access any time •  Reporting: Reports generated presses all the data issues between source and target. It helps to identify the exact rows and columns containing data issue.  

Data Virtuality’s data integration provides detailed insights from real-time historical data with any business intelligence tool. It helps companies to access data from multiple sources for analysis and automation. It is the central hub to develop and store firm’s business logic. Data Virtuality also provides pipeline solutions and logical data warehouses. Both products are used for data integration with different features. Logical data warehouse allows its users to access the data from any database and API with analysis tool. It reduces the time for data access and redirects developers time to build business logic. Pipelines enable the companies to centralize data by copying into a database. It is a cloud solution developed for simplified data movement.  

Cask Data Application Program is a unified integration platform for big data which emphasizes on applications and insights rather than infrastructure and integration. CDAP imparts value from big data by reducing time through standardized API’s, configurable templates and visual interfaces. CDAP provides an architecture for data and application on Hadoop. The high-level abstraction and deep integration drastically enhances productivity and reduces time to production of the project. CDAP Program provides a standardized, logical container and framework to compute varied processing engines. The program also helps in simplifying testing and operations and can consistently interact with data container. Advantages: •  Data Pipelines: CDAP provides a data integration that simplifies and automates the cumbersome task of building, running and managing pipelines. •  Data Preparation: It provides an easy way to visualize, transform and cleanse data. It helps to derive new schemas and operationalize data preparation. •  App Development: CDAP enables deep integration with big data technologies giving an easy to use API’s to build deploy and handle complex data analytics applications. •  Metadata and Lineage: CDAP captures technical, business and operational metadata and tracks lineage by understanding changing dataset and their direction of flow which helps in easy traceability and compliance needs.  

Keboola is cloud-based dynamic open integration and manipulation platform. It is widely used for data extraction, cleaning, warehousing and predictions. Keboola is very useful to automate tasks in marketing and operations. It is used by companies to integrate with their existing business processes. Since it is a cloud solution, it offers lower cost but greater mobility and provides access via REST API. Processes dealing with data is completely automated and secured.  

B Testing Tools For Your Use In 2023

blog / Digital Marketing Choose From the Top A/B Testing Tools For Best User Experiences

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No one-size-fits-all formula works when it comes to designing an optimal website. Each company is different and has specific sets of customers with unique requirements. A/B testing tools are proven solutions in this case. A/B testing, also known as split or bucket testing, is used to compare the performance of two versions of content to see which one works better for the audience. Using A/B testing tools, marketers can test and optimize websites and app designs and develop products as per customer requirements.

However, with multiple A/B testing tools available in the market and Google’s announcement about shutting down its commonly-used Google Optimize and Optimize 360 in September 2023, choosing the best one has become a problem for marketers. That’s why we have compiled a list of six A/B testing tools with exceptional features and expert reviews to help you select the best option for your needs. Read on to make the right decision.

Best Free A/B Testing Tools You Must Know

According to Industry Arc Analytics Research Consulting Firm, the A/B testing software market will reach $1,151 million by 2025, at a CAGR of 11.6% between 2023 and 2025. That means there will be several A/B testing tools available in the market for website optimization and finding the right one can be a daunting task for you. Here’s a compilation of the best A/B testing tools to make your life easier.


Email integrations

 A/B split tests

Custom domains

Order pages

Downsale pages

Membership funnels


Pro – $157/month

2. Unbounce

Optimizing landing pages is imperative for maximizing conversions. Unbounce is an A/B testing tool specifically used to optimize the landing pages of a website. Furthermore, it also helps you create landing pages that are compatible with desktop and mobile without writing any code.


 Limitless A/B testing on landing pages

 Visual test builder

Popups and sticky bars

Wide-ranging integration

Customized landing pages


Starts from $79/m (for plans including A/B testing)

3. A/B Smartly

A/B Smartly is an experimentation tool that helps different teams run multiple experiments simultaneously with complete transparency and full visibility about all interactions. It works on apps, the web, server-side and client-side. 


Sequential testing

Multi-stage triggering

 Real-time reports

Sophisticated search 


4. AB Tasty

AB Tasty is an easy-to-use and reasonably-priced conversion optimization tool that helps marketers develop and run A/B tests, split tests, funnel tests, and multivariate tests.


A/B testing

A/B/n testing

Advanced testing & segmentation

AI-powered personalization

Dynamic widgets

Extensive analytics & reports


Available on request

5. Webtrends Optimize

Webtrends Optimize is an experimentation tool that supports optimization and personalization features to enhance the users’ experience. It is a one-stop solution for testing, analysis, and personalization to optimize the website as per user requirements.


Client-side testing

Server-side testing

Social proofs

 Onsite surveys

Product recommendations


Available on request

7. Adobe Target

Adobe Target is an enterprise-level personalization and A/B testing tool enabled by self-learning algorithms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perform tests across the web, mobile, client-side, and server-side. Using Adobe Target, you can implement an omnichannel marketing approach to deliver an exceptional user experience with increased conversions.


Multivariate testing

Visual editor

Advanced targeting & segmentation

AI automation

Omnichannel personalisation



Available on request

Why Do You Need A/B Testing Tools

In today’s digital age, where companies are shifting their businesses online and customers want streamlined user experience, A/B testing is a need of the hour. With A/B testing, marketers can test multiple versions of campaigns or content on their audiences to check which performs better. Besides this, you can use these tools to perform the following tasks:

Track Data Minimize the Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the rate at which visitors leave the website after viewing only one page. Using A/B testing on the copy, blog posts, headlines, and images can help you to determine visitor preferences and modify the website accordingly. That way, you can keep visitors for longer and minimize the bounce rates.

Boosts Conversion Rates

A/B testing tools help you identify the types of content that convert website visitors into customers. Using these tools, you can understand what your audiences want and don’t want.

Upskill with Emeritus

A/B testing tools are essential for presenting the right platform to your customers in today’s digital marketing space. However, choosing the right tool is critical. The list above can help you with your selection. Furthermore, you can enroll in Emeritus’ digital marketing online courses to polish your skills in A/B testing, learn new digital marketing tactics and improve your chances of success in this field.

Write to us at [email protected]

Best Waterproof Cases For Iphone 7 In 2023

Water activities are absolute fun. While some folks go diving to seek joy, some take deeps to remain fit and healthy. I never forget to take my iPhone with me whenever I decide to bathe in the rain or venture into the river with friends during vacation. After all, it’s awesome to listen to music and capture those wonderful moments when playing with water takes center stage.

1. Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES

“Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES” waterproof case defines both quality and performance. With an IP68 ingress protection rating, it’s submersible to 6.6’/2 m for 1 hour.

The solid construction exceeds the military standard. The built-in screen protector is extremely touched sensitive. You will enjoy using your smartphone. It provides complete access to ports and buttons. You can easily charge and sync through the USB port.

2. Fansteck

Fansteck sports a bit slim design to ensure the smartphone doesn’t have extra bulk. Powered by the durable exterior, the case can absorb shock.

With the screen guard being so responsive, you can use your iPhone smoothly. And yes, capturing underwater shots won’t be a big deal either.


When you are enjoying outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, or skiing, you want to have an uncompromised defense for the smartphone. And OUNNE has got all the qualities to be a top-notch cover for the smartphone.

The outer shell features a shock-absorbing design to thwart even nasty bumps. The cover also allows the Apple logo to continue to reveal its presence.

Thanks to the responsive buttons and a clear screen guard, you can use your smartphone without any issue. Moreover, the anti-slip sides help you hold the device conveniently.

4. Temdan

What about choosing a more functional waterproof case? Aside from protecting your smartphone from both water and bumps, Temdan also bolsters your hands-free experience.

You can make the most of the kickstand to watch videos in landscape mode. And if you don’t need to use the stand, you will be able to remove it as well.

The case has tactile buttons and features anti-slip sides to enhance the grip. Therefore, your smartphone has less chance of slipping. Even better, Temdan also comes in some good-looking colors like pink, black, and blue.

5. LifeProof NUUD SERIES

One more waterproof case from LifeProof! Unlike FRĒ SERIES, NUUD SERIES cases flaunt a transparent back to let the smartphone showcase its design.

The form-fitting slim design tries to keep the elegance of the smartphone alive. However, the cover is sturdy enough to fight out the shock.

6. Pelican Marine

Pelican Marine waterproof case is made to excel. What makes it a superior choice is the complete assurance that your iPhone will remain safe in the water and continue to compliment all your moves.

7. Singdo

For providing reliable defense to the iPhone 7 from water and nasty bumps, you can’t go wrong with Singdo. This waterproof case looks really compact and fits firmly around the edges. The solid frame helps it fight out shock with ease, while the grippy sides ensure the smartphone doesn’t slip from hands.

The high-quality screen protector enhances the viewing experience and also offers better sensitivity. As a result, you can use your smartphone smoothly, even when the cover is on. Lastly, Singdo comes in a couple of colors like black and blue.

That’s it! Which of these cases have the quality to pair with your iPhone for a swimming marathon? It would be nice to know your pick.

Author Profile


Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of chúng tôi who has a keen eye for news, rumors, and all the unusual stuff around Apple products. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting content on social media.

Best Iphone 7 Plus Leather Cases In 2023

Genuine iPhone 7 Plus leather cases have the defining quality that makes for a lasting experience. The improved design along with unmatched comfort is their forte for which they are widely known for. And, that really rings true! If you have a penchant for the purist profile, leather cases can be a fitting pick for your hunt. Be it needed protection, ultra-convenience or sophistication, they can be a complete package for your all-new iPhone 7 Plus. So, why wait? Let’s handpick the one that deserves your attention!


ZOVER’s beauty lies in its refined and suave design. Top quality grain leather feels pretty comfy to the touch, while also offering enhanced grip. Hence, your palm will comfortable holding the case.

Strong frame endows it the needed strength to survive bumps, whereas three card slots, as well as a cash pocket, allow you to leave your purse at home. With magnetic closure onboard, all of your stuff is perfectly inside. On top of all, you have seven vibrant color options like black, brown, dark brown to pick from.

2. Pierre Cardin

What charms me the most about Pierre Cardin wallet case is the excellent handcrafted design. The premium cowhide construction elegantly complemented by beautiful stitching makes this case a real deal. The velvet inner lining helps it protect your iPhone from scratch.

Being extremely slim, it makes a form-fitting match with your iPhone. Raised lip work as an essential safeguard for the screen. Five color variants such as black, red, brown, gray, coffee brown offer you more options to pick the most suitable choice for your iPhone.

Besides, four color variants such as black, brown, gray, coffee brown offer you more options to pick the most suitable choice for your iPhone.

3. Luxury Book from Pad & Quill

If premium quality is at the top of your demand, you can’t go wrong with Luxury Book. The unique combination of full-grain American leather and real baltic birch hardwood make it stand out. The genuine leather outer shell boasts appreciable workmanship, while the wooden cradle boosts the casing to survive bumps.

When the cover starts aging, the gracious patina helps it retain its class. Therefore, you will like using the cover for long.

The wallet case comes with several interior slots for storing up to 6-8 cards. Check out the large pocket which can securely keep your dollar bills. With the five color combinations on offer, you will choose a perfect Luxury Book for your iPhone 7 Plus.


“SHIELDON” leather case has been made of genuine cowhide leather. It sports a professional profile that looks nice on your smartphone.

This cover features three card slots and one inside pocket to let you keep some cash. The precise cut-outs offer hassle-free access to all functions. The raised edge protects the camera from scratches.

You can pick this vintage leather case in three nice-looking colors: black, brown and red. Furthermore, SHIELDON comes with a lifetime warranty.

5. FYY Case

Showcasing an eye-catching appearance, “FYY” leather case has the desired quality to be a durable partner for your iPhone. It has RFID shielding technology which is equipped to protect the information of your cards.

Carved with genuine leather, it offers your device the essential safeguard from bumps or scratch. The handmade case has kickstand function to let you enjoy watching your favorite movies. FYY cover allows you to keep a couple of cards and some cash inside the pocket. Better still, it comes in as many as eight vibrant colors like wine red, black, brown and more.

Better still, FYY wallet case comes in as many as five vibrant colors like navy, black, purple, rose gold and wine red.

6. Bella Fino from Pad & Quill

When it comes to producing one of the most admirable leather cases, Pad & Quill is a well-known name. And its “Bella Fino” has got all the ingredients to be a high-quality leather cover.

The full-grain American leather construction features refined craftsmanship. Due mainly to the UV resistance as well as timeless patina, the wallet case remains an adorable suit for the iPhone for long.

The interior slots can securely carry up to 6-8 cards. With the large cash pocket at the disposal, you will also keep some cash. Plus, there are some classy color options such as galloper black, whiskey and more.

7. Sena Heritage Walletbook

If money is not a constraint for you, Sena Heritage Walletbook can be worth looking at. The finest leather and soft herringbone lining make this wallet case a great pick for business people or professionals.

The Walletbook comes with three card slots and a money sleeve. The raised bezel keeps the touchscreen protected. The wallet can also double up for a cool landscape viewing. Walletbook is available in three colors namely denim, black, and cognac.

That’s not all; you can choose Walletbook in three colors: black, cognac and praline.

8. iPulse Full Grain Leather

Flaunting vintage book design, iPulse is a pro-looking wallet case which you would love to have during your travel. Italian full grain leather not only enhances its profile but also makes it strong enough to offer complete protection to your device.

This folio case has three card slots and features magnetic closure to keep all of your valuables securely inside. The stand function is great for watching your favorite video. Lastly, iPulse comes in five colors like cognac, classic brown, tan, vintage black, and wine red.

9. Benuo Vintage Series

Don’t like a traditional looking wallet case? Vintage Series has both the refined design and pleasing quality to be an ultra-modern pick.

Carved out of genuine leather and microfiber, this wallet has a minimalist appearance. It sports three card slots on the back. It fits snuggly and offers the peace of mind to carry your iPhone. Vintage Series wallet case comes in six color variants.

Vintage Series wallet cases come in two color variants like black and brown.

10. DavisCase

This wallet book showcases the true class of a useful wallet case. Engineered with genuine vintage leather, it is robust enough to survive the wear and wear; providing all the necessary protection to your device from bumps or scratches.

The retro-looking wallet book has slots for ID and credit cards. The money sleeve can let you stash some cash inside. Handmade design enriches its appearance. The hand strap makes it easy to carry the phone. Kickstand feature is great for your video time.

Besides, you can prop up your smartphone to light up your video time.

11. Dockem

Dockem is a modern looking wallet case that doesn’t add any bulk to your smartphone, while also taking care of your basic needs admirably. Pretty soft synthetic leather gives a sophisticated look, and the snap-on design helps it fit snuggly on the iPhone.

A couple of slots on the back let you carry your cards with ease. As for protection, you can trust this minimalist wallet case to resist scrape thanks to the smooth interior. Besides, the pronounced buttons have a crispy feel, and the cutouts are as precise as you would want.

That’s all for now!

Signing Off

Genuine leather cases may be slightly expensive, but they have the quality to become a professional suit for your iPhone. Whether it’s durability, protection or convenience, leather cases score pretty good marks on all the aspects, don’t they? Is your favorite leather case included in this list? Do let us know its name.

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