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What does anything mean? Isn’t that the real question? Maybe we’ll cover that another time, but for now, let’s talk about social media lingo. Social media has its own language of sorts. And if the acronyms weren’t confusing enough, you have emojis to add to that list.

Different emojis represent different things. Some of them are easy to figure out, like a simple smiley 😊, but some aren’t so obvious. In this article, we will cover what the black heart emoji means on Instagram.

What is the black heart emoji 🖤

The black heart emoji is one of the variations of the heart emoji. There are a number of color variations for the heart emoji that include blue💙, purple💜, brown🤎, and others. The most commonly used one of course is the red heart emoji 💗. The red heart, as everyone knows, symbolizes love.

What does the black heart mean

Well, considering that these symbolisms are user-defined, they aren’t very specific. Although, they do seem to follow a similar theme. Here are a few symbolisms of the black heart emoji.

Death: The black heart emoji is primarily associated with death.

Dark humor: Not everyone appreciates dark humor, but those who do could use the black heart emoji to convey the fact that they are simply joking.

Mourning: Similar to death, the black emoji has become closely associated with grief and mourning.

Unsure/Playing it safe: If used out of the above contexts, the emoji could mean that the person does not want to use the red heart. Since the red heart very clearly symbolizes love, if the person is not sure how they feel yet, they could use a black heart or another colored heart emoji.

Dislike: If a person sends a black heart, it could mean that they are trying to convey to the recipient that they are dead to them.

Where can you use the back heart emoji

Reading into what the black heart symbolizes, you can gather a general idea as to where you can use this emoji. Here are some instances where the black heart emoji might be appropriately used.

To send condolences to a person who recently lost someone. For example, ‘Sorry for your loss 🖤’.

To make sure the person knows you aren’t serious about something iffy. You can add it at the end of a sentence.

As a reaction to dark humor. If someone sends you a dark joke, you can use the ‘lol’ emoji followed by the black heart, to show them that you liked it. (😄🖤)

You can also add the black heart emoji to your story to show your mourning at the loss of a loved one, or even a famous figure.

How to use the black heart in an Instagram story

The black heart emoji can be used as a sticker in your Instagram story. To use the black heart in your story, follow this simple guide.

Launch the Instagram app and swipe right to reach your camera page.

Use the search bar the top to look for ‘black heart’. While there is only one black heart emoji, there are quite a few GIFs to choose from.

Tap the sticker to add it to your story. Go ahead and post your story as you normally would.


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What Does It Mean When The Following Button Is Green On Instagram?

Did you recently saw a green following button when visiting a profile on Instagram?

If so, you might be wondering what the green following button means.

Other profiles might contain a normal following button, but there might be one that has a green text.

In this article, you’ll learn what the green following button means, how to get it, and more.

By the end of the article, you should know the meaning behind the green following.

Table of Contents

What does it mean when the following button is green on Instagram?

When the following button is green on Instagram, it means that you’ve added the person to your Close Friends list.

A green following button means that you’ve added the person to your Close Friends list.

If the person is not on your Close Friends list, the following button will not be green.

If you tap on the following button, you’ll see a star with a green background on the right side of the “Close Friend” section.

This means that the person is in your Close Friends list.

However, if you didn’t add the person to your Close Friends list, the following button would not be green.

If you tap on the “Close Friend” section, they will be removed from your Close Friends list.

Normally, if you were to tap on the following button, the “Close Friend” section would be “Add to Close Friends List” instead.

Once you added the person to your Close Friends list, the section will change into “Close Friend”.

In addition, the “Following” text will turn green, which indicates that the person is on your Close Friends list.

How to get the green following button

To get the green following button on Instagram, you need to add the person to your Close Friends list.

To get the green following button, you need to add the person to your Close Friends list.

However, you need to follow the person first in order to add them to your Close Friends list.

If you’re not following the person, you won’t be able to do so.

Once you followed them, tap on the following button and select “Add to Close Friends List”.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can do this:

Go to the profile of the person that you want to add to your Close Friends list.

Follow them if you haven’t already by tapping the follow button.

Tap on the following button, and a dropdown menu will open.

Tap on “Add to Close Friends List”.

After you added them to your Close Friends list, the following button will be changed to green.

This is an indicator that the person is now your close friend on Instagram.

Do note that you cannot add someone to your Close Friends list if you’re not following them.

So, in the event that the person’s account is a private one, you’ll have to wait for them to accept your follow request in order to add them to your Close Friends list.

In addition to the green following button, stories that you post can now be exclusive to your close friends.

In other words, you can post stories exclusively to your Close Friends list.

If you do so, your close friends on Instagram will see a green ring around your story when you post it.

What does it mean by following on Instagram?

Following means that you’re following the person on Instagram.

Following means that you’re following the person on Instagram.

This means that you’ll see their posts and stories on your feed and timeline respectively.

When you’re following someone on Instagram, their posts will be shown on your feed.

In addition, you’ll be able to see the stories that they post on your story timeline.

Before you follow someone on Instagram, their profile will have a follow button.

After you follow someone, the follow button will change to the following button.

If you were to tap on the following button, you are given multiple options.

The first one is to add the person to your Close Friends list.

By tapping on it, the following button text will change to green.

Does the green following mean that I’m on the person’s close friends list?

No, the green following does not mean that you’re on the person’s Close Friends list.

The green following button does not mean that you’re on the person’s Close Friends list.

It just means that you’ve added the person to your Close Friends list.

A common misconception is that the green following button means that you’re on the person’s Close Friends list.

This misconception has been busted as it is not true.

The green following button only means that you have added the person to your Close Friends list, and not the other way around.

If someone added you to your Close Friends list, their following button will not change to green.

In addition, you will not be notified that the person has added you to their Close Friends list.

The only way that you can tell if someone added you to their Close Friends list is if their story has a green ring around it.


In this article, you’ve learned the meaning of the green following button on Instagram.

You also learned how to get it on someone’s profile.

Here are the key takeaways from this article:

If you see a green following button on someone’s profile, it means that you’ve added the person to your Close Friends list.

The green following button does not mean that the person has added you to their Close Friends list.

To turn the following button green, you need to add the person to your Close Friends list.

Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of what the green following button means on Instagram.

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Author: Lim How Wei is the founder of Followchain. Feel free to follow him on Instagram.

What Does Shadowbanned Mean On Tiktok?

Shadowban has been a term lurking in a disappointing corner of the internet. The term has recently come to be associated with the famous social media app TikTok. As the number of TikTok users increases, there are more and more reports popping up about accounts getting shadowbanned.

If your account has been shadowbanned or you’re worried about the same happening, here is everything you need to know about it.

What is shadowbanned on TikTok

As the name suggests, shadowbanned is a form of restriction in which either your entire account or certain aspects of it are not allowed for public viewing. The term is not exclusive to TikTok, although it has gained popularity recently because of the social media app.

When an account is shadowbanned, it will not appear on hashtag searches, music searches, or even on the For You page. Obviously, if you are a creator, this effect is quite noticeable since that is the core of your following.

There remains some uncertainty in regard to shadowbanning, so let’s clear it up. When you get shadowbanned, your account is not deactivated; neither are you locked out of your account. The main idea behind a shadowban seems to be TikTok’s way of letting you know that your account is not generating enough traffic. However, since there is no official data available about it, we can only postulate.

It seems that when your account gets shadowbanned, your followers can still access and like your content; they can even search for your TikTok username and find you. The main difference is that your content does no longer gets pushed by TikTok.

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Is the shadowban real?

This seems to be the question floating around discussion boards. TikTok has, of course, nothing to say about it. In fact, there is no mention of the term ‘shadowban’ anywhere in their Help center or Community guidelines pages.

However, a few users have come forward with damning evidence as to what can only be called a shadowban, in which their accounts no longer show up in searches. So even though there is no official statement about the same, we are inclined to believe that such a ban does exist. There are a few ways to find out if your account could be shadowbanned. Read on to find out.

Am I shadowbanned?

There are no immediate tell-tale signs when your account gets shadowbanned. In fact, many users do not realize until much later. TikTok does not send you a notice letting you know that your content will no longer be promoted.

However, there are a few ways you can check for yourself. The first thing you will notice is that your videos are getting fewer views (or no views in some cases). This is because TikTok is no longer pushing your content out for people to view.

As mentioned above, TikTok creators who have gotten their account shadowbanned claim that their accounts no longer show up in three main areas of TikTok: Hashtag searches, Music searches, For You Page. Surprisingly, if you are logged into your (shadowbanned) account, you cannot view the change. In order to see the difference, you need to log out of your account, and access TikTok from an account that does not follow you.

Hashtag searches

Hashtags can be attached to your content to help users find your videos better. They act as a search engine by grouping all videos with similar content together. To check if your videos are being excluded from hashtag searches, create a unique hashtag, and attach it to your video.

Now access TikTok from another account that does not follow you. Go to your profile, tap on the video, then tap on the hashtag. If you do not see your video show up, it could be that your account has been shadowbanned.

Music searches

You can attach music to your videos on TikTok. When you do, a music button appears beside your video, to help TikTokers better identify the music. Sound snippets work in a similar way to hashtag searches in which they list out all videos that use the same music. The list is populated in descending order with the videos with the most number of likes at the top.

To check if your videos are being excluded from Music searches, access your profile from another account, tap on a video, then tap on the music button. Note the number of views your video has, and look for it in the spot it should be on the list. If you don’t see it there, it could be an indicator that your account has been shadowbanned.

For You Page

Unfortunately, there is no real way to find out if your content is being pushed to the FYP of other TikTokers. You could check TikTok analytics (you need TikTok Pro for that), to get an idea of how many views are flowing if from the For You Page. While this is not a definitive indicator, if you compare it to previous posts, you might see a drastic drop in views.

How do you get shadowbanned

There seem to be a few things that could get your account shadowbanned on TikTok. However, it’s is not a definitive list. There are TikTok creators that claim they have done nothing on the list but still ended up being shadowbanned. But this is a good list of things to avoid in general to prevent your account from getting reported in any way.

Nudity: Nudity of any form is strictly banned on TikTok. If you remember the now discontinued ‘Transparent filter’, a number of accounts got reported for flashing.

Violence or dangerous behavior: It may not seem dangerous to you, but viewers looking at your content might find it so, and thus report it. Remember, you never know how far your content may reach on TikTok.

Lying about your age (younger than 14): TikTok has a minimum age restriction that requires users to be over 14 years of age. If TikTok identifies your account as an underage one, you could face a ban.

Basically, anything that goes against TikTok’s Community Guidelines can cause your account to get shadowbanned. If you want to read through the guidelines yourself, check out the like to the official guidelines page below.

Link: TikTok Community Guidelines

How to remove shadowban

Now, let’s just say right off the bat, there is no guarantee that these will work. Some users claim that some of them do, others say they don’t. So when you try them, make sure you keep your fingers tightly crossed. Here are some things you could try to get your account unshadowbanned (is that a word?).

Switch up your content. Try posting more engaging content, and obviously don’t post anything that defies the Community Guidelines.

If all else fails, create a new account on TikTok. However, before you do, make sure that you are using a different IP address than the one that got shadowbanned. It could be possible that TikTok also banned your IP.

How long does a TikTok Shadowban last?

Many reports claim that the ban lasts for approximately 14 days, after which you should see a sudden spike in your views. However, this only seems to be the case if the offensive video is taken down. So if you know what video caused the shadowban, the first thing to do is to take that video down.

There are also creators that say that their ban has been on for months. So there is no real clarity on this aspect.


What Does Pfp Mean On Tiktok?

Don’t beat yourself up too much over not knowing current Social Media acronyms. The pace at which they emerge and the sense of exclusivity that surrounds them make it almost impossible to know everything unless you’re literally omniscient.

TikTok, of course, is no exception to the natural laws of Social Media. If you want in on this app, you will need to respect and follow its linguistic rules. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this article, we will cover what PFP means on TikTok.

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What is PFP on TikTok?

PFP is an acronym that stands for ‘Profile picture’. Yes, it’s quite an obvious one. While profile picture used to be a simple PP, on TikTok it has taken up the acronym of PFP.  On other social media apps, the acronym also stands for ‘Picture For Proof’ which is basically asking a person to send them proof of what they are doing. However, that is mainly associated with Snapchat and IM apps.

Since TikTok is primarily a video sharing app, the PFP acronym only stands for ‘Profile Picture’.

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What is the PFP hashtag?

Hashtags on TikTok are used as search engines to help group similar content together. When you search for a hashtag or tap on one, you will get a list of content all related to that hashtag.

TikTok creators add the #PFP to videos with cool images for profile pictures. The hashtag has over 208 million videos. However, the hashtag is also used on videos making fun of some crazy profile pictures that you find on TikTok. Either way, you should definitely check out the hashtag. Use the link below to pursue all videos with the #PFP

TikTok: #PFP

How to get a cool PFP using the hashtag

Your profile picture is the one static aspect of your profile. That is why it is so important to have a good one. Videos with #PFP basically have multiple images that you can screenshot and then upload as your own profile picture.

Different devices have different ways of taking screenshots. The most common way to take a screenshot is to hold down the power and volume up button.

Visit the #PFP video that you would like to use. Take a screenshot on your phone at the right moment to capture the photo you like. Now head to your profile and upload your new PFP. Screenshot images will be accessible from your device gallery.

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How to change your PFP on TikTok

Now tap your Profile picture and select ‘Change’ from the bottom.

In the pop-up menu, tap ‘Select from Gallery’ and select the screenshotted image from the #PFP video. That’s it! You now have a cool new profile picture on your account.

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Some cool #PFP videos on TikTok


What Does Mea Culpa Mean?

Mea culpa is an interjection meaning “through my fault.” It can also be used as a noun referring to an admission of guilt.

“Mea culpa” originates from a prayer of confession in the Catholic Church, but it’s now used in a more general sense to admit that something was your fault or to refer to a formal acknowledgment of wrongdoing.

Examples: Mea culpa in a sentenceMea culpa! I accidentally broke your favorite cup.

The governor’s mea culpa in response to the financial aid scandal seemed insincere.

The magazine issued a mea culpa for their slanderous statements about the vice president.

“Mea culpa” is a term of Latin origin (like “ad nauseam,” “vice versa,” and “et al.”), but it has been used in the English language for hundreds of years, so it doesn’t need to be italicized as a more recent loanword would be.

Other interesting language articles

If you want to know more about commonly confused words, definitions, and differences between US and UK spellings, make sure to check out some of our other language articles with explanations, examples, and quizzes.

Frequently asked questions

What does “mea maxima culpa” mean?

Mea maxima culpa is a term of Latin origin meaning “through my most grievous fault.” It is used to acknowledge a mistake or wrongdoing. Mea maxima culpa is a stronger version of mea culpa, which means “through my fault.”

Mea maxima culpa is traditionally used in a prayer of confession in the Catholic Church as the third and most emphatic expression of guilt (“mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa”). Unlike mea culpa, mea maxima culpa is rarely used outside of a religious context.

How do I pronounce “mea culpa”?

Mea culpa has four syllables. It’s pronounced with emphasis on the first and third syllables: [May-uh-kuul-puh].

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What Does Hide Alerts Mean In Messages?

Hide Alerts is a way to stop notifications for individual or group messages. You may notice a bell with a slash icon next to a conversation in Messages on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. That bell indicates that Hide Alerts is on for that conversation (note that you will see a Crescent Moon icon with iOS 14 and earlier instead of the bell). This means that notifications are muted for that conversation, while notifications for Messages on your device may have a different setting. The purpose of this article is to explain what Hide Alerts means. More specifically:

Why you might use Hide Alerts.

How to turn on/off Hide Alerts.

What Hide Alerts does and does not do if it is enabled

Why you might use Hide Alerts

There can be several reasons; I, for example, turn on Hide Alerts for some group messages I belong to because some groups get a lot of new messages. Getting a lot of notifications can be very annoying and disturbing. Hide Alerts lets you turn off or on text notifications for certain contacts, numbers or groups without changing your notification settings for your whole phone. This feature will also let you prioritize certain chats by disabling notifications for less important conversations.

How to turn on or off Hide Alerts

On your iPhone or iPad:

Locate the individual contact or group conversation in the Messages app. Swipe left over the conversation (just until you see the bell and trash buttons). Tap the bell with the slash button. To turn it off, swipe left over the conversation, then tap the regular bell without the slash button.

Alternatively, open the conversation you want to turn off or on Hide Alerts for, tap the profile icon on top, then turn on or off Hide Alerts.

Lastly, you can also tap and hold the conversation and then select Hide Alerts. If you want to turn this off, then tap Show Alerts.

On your Mac:

What Hide Alerts does and does not do, when enabled

Notifications will stop for the particular contacts, numbers or groups for which Hide Alerts is enabled. Notifications will work for all other messages.

The Hide Alerts feature is available for regular SMS texts and iMessages.

You will still receive messages from the muted conversations. However, these conversations won’t make a ding sound or make your phone vibrate. It won’t appear on the Lock Screen.

If you receive a new text from the muted contact or group, the message will still go to the top of the conversations, indicating it was recently updated, and it will still show the blue dot next to it, indicating there are unread messages in the conversation. You will see these messages when you open the Messages app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

The Messages app will have the badge for all new messages, including the ones for which Hide Alerts is enabled.

If you have multiple devices using the same Apple ID, you may think that your setting will be synced across your Apple devices, but it is not. You need to turn this on or off on all of the devices you own.

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