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Top Marathi Typing Software to Download [English to Marathi] Try an easy Marathi keyboard for PC Windows 10 & start typing in Marathi just as easily




If you want to know how to type in Marathi on a laptop or PC, we got what you need.

An easy Marathi typing keyboard for PC is the answer and you can use it with or without installing Marathi fonts.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

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Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

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readers this month.

It’s not always that someone wants to type in English on the standard keyboard. If Marathi is your weapon of choice, you mustn’t miss out on the best Marathi typing software for PC.

If you’re wondering how to type in Marathi on laptop or PC, you’re in the right place. First things first, though.

You probably know that different fonts are required to complete your Marathi task, be it transcription, assignment submission, or learning new foreign languages.

We’ll show you how to install Marathi font on PC. All it takes is good Marathi font software to deal with this quickly and easily. Here’s a quick preview of our favorite picks:

Google Input Marathi – Marathi typing software online (Google-powered)

Marathi Typing – ISM Marathi typing software free download

chúng tôi – Easy Marathi typing keyboard for PC

LipiKaar – Excellent English to Marathi typing software for Windows 10

Baraha – Nifty Marathi font software & editor (+ Punjabi languages)

But you needn’t necessarily add new fonts. Here’s what we’re talking about.

How can I type Marathi typing in computer?

Windows 10 is equipped with over 7000 languages from all over the world plus it allows you to create a custom keyboard layout, as per your needs.

However, users would still need separate programs for adding special characters or typing in Marathi.

An English to Marathi typing software for Windows 10 will help you write in Marathi without adding new fonts, and more. The same principle applies to unified India typing software, including Marathi.

From auto-completion for fast typing to auto-correction, there’s much more that makes these programs an essential addition to Windows.

Google Input Marathi is a free-to-use Marathi typing software developed by none other than the search giant. What’s more, it comes with a responsive and smooth-running interface.

It’s a perfect option for those looking for an efficient Marathi typing tool on the fly. In fact, it is a practical word processor that comes with a language menu and the facility to input special characters.

It may not offer any pro features or spell-checking functions for that matter, but it supports various languages (more than 50 international languages) including Marathi.

Once the users select the language, the letters conform with the respective keys on the computer keyboard.

If you don’t feel like using the Google English to Marathi typing software for PC as such, you can also get the Chrome extension.

⇒ Get Google Input Marathi

How to download Marathi typing? ISM delivers a nifty Marathi typing software with a free download option. You can easily install it on your computer and use it as you see fit, even offline. That’s right!

The best part is that users don’t even need an active internet connection while using this English to Marathi typing software for PC.

Moreover, it comes equipped with various keyboard options that make it convenient for the users to select the layout based on their requirements. This makes it an excellent Marathi keyboard for PC Windows 10.

Users can then type on any of their chosen keyboards. In fact, it also provides on-the-spot support for correct word replacement. Another great feature is the auto-complete function that helps users work much faster.

Expert tip:

However, users would first need to download the software to get access to the typing features. It’s free software that helps users type in Marathi efficiently.

After it’s downloaded and installed on the windows system, it’s no longer dependent on an active Internet connection.

With its simple concept, users do not need to remember the intricate Marathi keyboard layout. All they need to do is to write English alphabets on the document.

Then, it gets automatically translated into Marathi words as the space key is pressed.

When pressing the backspace key once, it suggests optional words which users can insert into the text. It can be used in any format such as Word, Excel, Gmail, and Facebook. Best of all, it’s absolutely free of cost.

⇒ Get EnglishtoMarathiTyping

Lipikaar is a typing technique that allows users to write in different Indian languages, including Marathi using the standard English keyboard.

It’s a straightforward, responsive, and easy-to-use tool that helps users write Marathi on Word documents, Excel sheets, presentations, and emails.

The awesome part is that you do not need to be an expert in English. There are, of course, specialized dictionary browser extensions that you can use to improve your English vocabulary.

However, Lipikaar helps users to think in Marathi. What’s more, it does not require any keyboard stickers, and it gives users full control over typing.

This English to Marathi typing software for Windows 10 works on easy rules that enable users to type even the most challenging word easily and flawlessly.

⇒ Get Lipikaar

Baraha provides support for a wide range of languages including Marathi. The software is used to type in the preferred language and create Word documents, blogs, websites, Excel sheets, emails, databases, and presentations.

It offers fundamental word-processing capabilities and comes with a Unicode-enabled text editor. It also comes equipped with a tool that can swiftly switch from one language to another.

It’s not only compatible with Windows 10 but also works well with previous versions. This makes it an excellent English to Marathi typing software for PC Windows 7.

Baraha also offers unique tools like FontConvert that helps converts documents between the software and third-party fonts.

⇒ Get Baraha

Typing in a different language can be complicated, but these typing tools make it a breeze to do so. Simply make your choice from the above list and start typing in Marathi easily and proficiently.

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20 Best Free Typing Software & App For Pc In 2023

Typing Tutor is a software which helps you to improve your typing skills by taking lessons, playing a game, or conducting typing test.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Typing Tutor Program, with their popular features and typing tutor download links. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software with typing tutor free download links.

Top Pick


Typesy is the interactive typing software that combines videos, games, and exercises. It stores everything in the cloud and automatically syncs on your computer.

Visit Typesy

BEST Typing Tutor Software Download for PC

Typesy is the interactive typing software that combines videos, games, and exercises. It stores everything in the cloud and automatically syncs on your computer.


Offers 7 learning strategies

Provides ultra-personal help via video technology.

Offers 16 entertaining games and activities that will help enhance typing skills.

Allows unlimited installs on your Mac, Linux, Windows, and Chrome.

Offers 5,242 Typing lessons

On completion of your course, you are provided with a Diploma certificate.

7 Day Free Trial

Type master is a website that helps you to double your typing speed. It is one of the best typing software for PC which allows you to test your wpm (word per minute) speed and accuracy.


This free typing software helps you to analyze and trains your skills.

Pro version offers wpm testing tool for all your business recruitment and training purposes.

Typing Games Zone offers a sperate selection of fun typing games.

Support platforms: Windows

Visit Typing Master

KAZ is an awarding touch typing software where you can learn typing in just a few days. It was tested on nearly 18,000 students in 3 years and then made public. Kaz offers different editions targeted to Dyslexia learners, Schools, businesses, and Families.


Provides a detailed admin panel for constant monitoring

Offers age grouped related vocabulary, phrases, and imagery.

Uses “Brain balance” system, which enhances the major sense of sound, sight, and touches simultaneously, initially enhancing memory retention.

Provides short modules designed to keep concentration rate stable

Your data is completely secure

It supports USA and UK keyboards.

Software is designed to Retrains fingers to get rid of bad habits

#4) Animal Typing – Lite

Animal Typing is a simple, most straightforward, and funny way to learn touch for people of all ages. You will get the Anila like snail, rabbit, horse according to your typing speed. The tool also rewards your accuracy.


Animated fingers help you to know the proper typing technique.

Offer various keyword layouts: Qwerty (US/UK), Dvorak, Colemak, Workman, Qwertz, Azerty, etc.

Helps users to login system to switch between multiple users.

Supported platform: iOS


Keyboarding, Digital Literacy, and Coding

Powerful district and classroom management

Teaches valuable technology fundamentals to the students.

It offers faster, more accurate typing.

Provide instructions and lessons in English and Spanish language.

Supported platforms: web

#6) TypingClub

TypingClub is web-based free typing tool. This tool helps teachers to manage several classes using TypingClub. You can monitor the progress of students and customize lessons using this typing tutorial tool.


It offers mobile apps and has tools that help teachers to design lessons.

A proper hand posture guide allows you to see the correct hand posture on keys according to your type.

Offers various levels to keep you motivated and build your muscle memory.

It allows you to view past performances and even play them back.

Offer a wide range of experiences from games, videos, and different typing challenges.

Supported platform: web

#7) The Typing Cat

Typing Cat is a Keyboarding tutor that helps you to improve your typing speed. It offers various types of keyboard layouts and helps you to learn to computer keys online.


Improve typing speed and accuracy

It helps you to enhance your overall computer skills.

User can expand their keyboard layouts to Dvorak, Colemak, and Workman.

Supported platforms: web

#8) Ratatype

Ratatype is an online typing tutorial tool that focuses more on that each finger has its area on the keyboard. It is a simple and intuitive interface that doesn’t distract you from studying the layout.


Offer proper sitting posture for typing.

The color-coded keyboard under the lesson input field will help you to understand which finger should press each key.

Helps you to learn touch typing

It allows you to conduct a typing test to find out your typing speed.

Supported platforms: Windows, Web

#9) RapidTyping

The rapid typing tutor is free typing. This software comes with many sessions and games, which helps you to grow your typing skill. It offers extensive training statistics and customized lessons.


A virtual keyboard feature helps you to learn how to place your fingers on the keyboard.

It displays one or two moving hands over the keyboard.

This tool helps you to track the learning progress and allows you to view the results at any time.

It offers a multi-language interface.

Supported platforms: Windows

#10) TypeLift

TypeLift is free touch-typing courseware that runs directly in your browser. It assists you in practicing your keyboard skills efficiently and helps you to increase your typing speed immensely.


Typing test to check your skill

Create your typing lessons

You can view the total overview, which is calculated based on all your previous typing exercises.

Instantly display your writing progress.

Support platforms: Windows

#11) Key Hero

Key Hero is a great typing tutor tool which helps you to improve your typing skills. The software game keeps track of all your performances (WPM and accuracy) and enables you to understand your mistakes.


Touch typing is typing without the need to look at the keyboard.

Site structure and content optimization

Recognize the type of query

Keyword and traffic analysis

Support platforms: Windows

Goodtyping is a typing tutorial tool. This tool offers 23 different keyboard layouts. The tool offer typing practice in multiple languages like English, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.


Learn how to type correctly in just a few hours using your fingers.

You will able to learn the art of fast typing.

Support platforms: Windows

#13) Touch Typing Study

Touch typing study typing tutorial tool, which offers accurate typing lesions and practice to update your typing skill. It also has a speed test to evaluate your typing proficiency.


It offers 15 free typing lessons available in different languages.

In this typing tutorial software, all lessons are broken down into topics to see what’s coming next.

Offers different keyboard layouts to choose from and games to keep you glued.

Support platform: Windows

#14) Speed Typing Online

Speed typing online is a typing tutor that has 17 timeless lessons. These lessons allow you to learn all the letters on the keyboard before your skills get tested through reviews.


Custom and interesting text to type

Helps you to personalize and save the report

A broad range of test round times

Supported platform: Windows

#15) The Vehicles Typing

Vehicles Typing is a typing tool for kids who would enjoy watching vehicles down the road. You just need to type letters given in the balloons to keep the car running. The tool also offers corresponding hints for the keys to be pressed.


It offers more than thirty lessons.

Animation of various vehicles like cars, trains, airplanes, and ships, etc.

It allows users to switch up to 3 people.

Supported platform: iOS

#16) Typing Bolt

Typing Bolt is your web typing tutor tool that helps you to learn touch typing with the help of Bolt AI. This engine typing bolt could offer a typing course according to the user’s skill.


Optimized Words For Each Individual User

Smart Beginner Friendly UI

This computer typing software offers real-time statistics of your performance.

Helps you to adjust in various levels automatically

Supported Platform: Windows

#17) Typing Fingers LT

Typing Fingers is a free typing app for Mac. It helps you to make typing fun, is interactive and works with modern technologies and a new teaching method.


It helps you to type accurately without looking at your screen.

Ready for US/EN QWERTY keyboard layout

Ideal for homeschooling.

It contains typing games.

Supported platform: Mac ,iOS

A keyboard is a web application that will help you teach touch typing. The tool helps you to improve any individual’s typing speed and accuracy dramatically.


Helps you to design practice according to your skill

You can select the layout according to your choice.

This typing app for PC allows users to add their profile

Supported platform: Windows

#19) KTouch Typing Tutor

KTouch is an open-source typing tutor software for Linux only. This tool displays the keyboard and indicates which key to press next and the correct finger to use.


It allows you to learn typing with all fingers, step by step, without need to see the keyboard to find your keys.

Lightweight typing software which helps you to learn typing.

Helps you to collect comprehensive statistical information

This typing practice software offers more than twelve courses in many languages

Supported platform: Linux

#20) GNU Typist

GNU typist is free typing program released under the GNU General Public License. By using this typing tutorial tool, you can learn correct typing and improve your skills by practicing its exercises regularly.


It comes with various typing tutorials: in Czech, English Russian and Spanish, French, etc.

It helps you to interprets a simple and intuitive scripting language.

This free typing software allows you to modify existing tutorials or create new ones according to your needs.

Supported platforms: Windows

#21) Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

Klavaro touch typing is easy to use flexible too. It supports customizable keyboard layouts. This typing tutorial software allows you to edit and save new or unknown keyboard layouts, as the basic typing course was designed for everyone.


Offer multi-keyboard

Support for multi-language

This typing software for PC offers four different types of practicing activities

Accepts external text

Supported platforms: Windows, Linux

#22) Typing Trainer

TypingTes is a free online tool which offers typing Test and exciting typing games and keyboarding practice. It is one of the best free typing programs that allows you to learn and practice touch typing in the most effective way.


This typing learning software helps user to learn various typing skills

Allows you to increase your typing speed

You can discover over 700+ typing activities.

Play typing games

Supported platforms: Windows

#23) Typeracer

Typeracer is an online typing competition software. The tool allows people to race each-other by typing quotes from books, movies, and songs. It is the perhaps first multiplayer typing game on the web.


Offers private learning environment on the web just

for your students, which they could access from

home, school, or the library.

This typing test software allows the teacher to determine who gets access

To run this tool, you don’t need any installation.

It works on any computer with a web browser.

Helps student to motivate each other

Supported platform: Windows


Typing tutor is a software which helps you to improve your typing skills by taking lessons, playing the game, or conducting typing test.

Following are some of the best typing tutor software and websites:


Typing Master


Animal Typing – Lite


The Typing Cat


Rapid Typing


WPM is a short form of Word Per Minute. It attributes the time that you take the type number of words in a single minute.

Here, are benefits of typing tutor software:

Get access to expert knowledge and proven techniques.

Helps you to learn step by step

Helps you to enhance coordination and motor skills

Systematically build muscle memory.

Get motivated and entertained with typing games, drills.

Evaluation of progress through tracking technology

Typing is one of the fundamental skills, which can help you improve focus and time management. This is a must-have skill who wants to manage computers in full capacity.

Below is a step by step process on how to learn typing on a Computer:

Step 1) Download typing tutor from any of the above-listed software on your computer or go to the typing software website

Step 2) Install the software on your computer or sign up if you are visiting the website

Step 3) Follow the instructions if provided and start with the basic typing tests

Step 4) Practice on a daily basis and improve your level of typing and typing speed as well

Top Pick


Typesy is the interactive typing software that combines videos, games, and exercises. It stores everything in the cloud and automatically syncs on your computer.

Visit Typesy

Top 20 Mobile App Design Software Tools In 2023

Over the last 10 years, the adoption of mobile apps has exploded on a global scale. Due to this significant increase in popularity, most big firms are now asking for more mobile apps. The first impression of the app, becomes its last impression when the users want actually to keep it or not.

According to research, user experience investments return $100 on every dollar invested (ROI = 9,900%).

It has the power to convince everyone about the value of mobile app design software.

In this article, let’s talk about the top 20 best Mobile App Design Software tools, which can ensure an attractive design for your mobile app and make the process much easier, faster, and more productive.

What is Mobile App Design Software?

With the use of low- to no-code app design technologies, app developers may create mobile and web apps. It facilitates the development of apps that address consumer and industry-specific demands (such as those for HR and financial apps) (such as e-commerce and content-based apps).

The appropriate mobile app design software tools determine how an app looks, interacts with the user and feels from the user’s perspective. It is crucial and very necessary for the development of mobile applications.

Your efforts’ success or failure will be determined by how your target audience uses your application. The audience will naturally interact with symbols and other elements that they can understand more than they will with other app features. The concepts are straightforward, which ensures more user involvement and general satisfaction. And to ensure that, you can deploy a Mobile App Design Software to ease out your work.

Choosing the right Mobile App Design tool is the key to ensuring detailed, easy and full-fledged App Design. Here are a few pointers you may need to consider before picking up any Mobile App Design tool: 

The tool should have a simple user interface.

For prompt feedback and a seamless handoff to production, you should be able to safely share your work with the team and mobile app developers.

The development tool’s price.

Ask yourself, if the mobile app design tool meets all your requirements?

Some of the key benefits of mobile app design tools that you might be interested in are: 

It is accessible online and is created specifically to meet technological requirements.

Accessible platform: After logging in, you can access your personal panel, where you may develop and update your designs.

Numerous managerial alternatives: Using the dashboards on platforms for mobile app design tools, you may register for an account, control your privacy settings, organize and save your creations, and download or share them with coworkers and networks.

You are not required to design if you don’t want to. There are many built-in features in design tools that you may use, combine, drag & drop, or access with a few simple button presses. You can create your own designs using the program’s features.

Sincerely, it is inexpensive and often even free. How you proceed will depend on your intended use and how intricate you want your design to be (text, calligraphy, images, photos, colours, frames, etc.).

Since you can use your design on a variety of platforms, including print posters, electronic publications, presentations, websites, and social media, it is valuable.

It is yours forever as long as you have the contract providing you ownership of your own invention.

All those complex back-end programmes and applications aim to provide an effective online design tool for your user experience.

Here is a list of Top 20 Mobile App Design Software tools

1. Sketch

Sketch is a free and efficient UI/UX mobile app design tool for macOS. The workspace, however, more analogous to Adobe Photoshop, was created specifically for application prototyping and is dominated by wireframes and prototypes.

😍 Pros

There are several UI-focused features, like responsive grid guides, layout options, layer and text styles, etc.

The Symbols tool allows users to create icons, avatars, and other design components and save them for later use;

Designers are free to alter their work as needed while still referring to the original or an earlier iteration;

😢 Cons

On Android and Windows devices, there is inadequate real-time preview capability.

If you want to edit photos, Sketch must be used in conjunction with applications like Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

💰 Pricing

Standard: $9/editor/Month

Business: On Quote

2. Figma

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge are all compatible with Figma, a Mobile App Design Software. It concentrates on user interface and user experience design, focusing on in-the-moment creative collaboration.

😍 Pros

With Smart Animate, creating intricate transitions for your apps will be straightforward;

Using this, you may scale your design for any screen;

A team member of yours may utilize elements from your published libraries;

The Figma prototype can be seen on mobile devices;

😢 Cons

 It presently receives very little community attention and is deficient in many components and icons.

💰 Pricing


Professional: $12 per editor/month

Organization: $45 per editor/month

Enterprise: $75 per Figma editor/month

3. Mockplus

😍 Pros

With a straightforward drag-and-drop, interactive prototypes are simple to create;

A broad selection of pre-designed components and icons for iOS and Android allow you to fully develop interactions more quickly and simply;

You can quickly view prototypes on mobile devices with a link;

It comes with a responsive layout capability that lets you quickly adjust and change your vision to fit any device or layout;

There are numerous publicly accessible UI kits and templates available there that can be used repeatedly.

😢 Cons 

Since it is a browser-based platform, dependable network hardware is essential.

💰 Pricing

Pro: $5.95/Month

Individual Annually: $99

Individual Perpetual: $399


4. Invision

Invision is Mobile App Design Software for collaborative inclusive digital product design and development. You may design, prototype, and animate using a brand-new design tool called Invision Studio.

😍 Pros

Thanks to its adaptable layers and simple vector-based drawing, the fixed prototype is made interactive. 

Interactions, animations, gestures, transitions, and other aspects can all be incorporated by designers.

😢 Cons 

The navigation may be a little slow and the web and mobile apps frequently perform poorly.

💰 Pricing

Free: $0

Pro: $7.95 per active user/month

Enterprise: On Quote

5. Marvel

Teamwork is a key component of Marvel’s Mobile App Design Software. It turns simple paper sketches into tappable, interactive prototypes that enable you to showcase and discuss your app ideas with others.

😍 Pros 

It is a simple design tool that anyone can use to create beautiful graphics and mockups rapidly;

 It has a vast library of pre-made resources, including images and icons for iOS and Android apps;

you can easily turn your static mockups into interactive prototypes.

😢 Cons 

The free version lacks many functions, and the subscription version is rather expensive.

💰 Pricing


Pro: $8/Month

Team: $24/Month

6. Adobe XD

😍 Pros 

You can quickly produce high-fidelity designs using this on any screen, including iOS and Android.

Changes can be made using your smart phone

The character and layout tools make it simple to create elements and export individual objects.

😢 Cons 

Repeating Objects is one of the features that currently have performance issues, and exporting CSS code necessitates additional plugins.

💰 Pricing


7. may be the perfect choice for your project because it is an easy-to-use platform that makes it simple to develop interactive prototypes for your iOS and Android apps.

😍 Pros 

Thanks to its drag-and-drop interface, your learning curve will be minimal even if you have no prior design knowledge;

The timeline tool can be used to create entertaining animations that show how your software switches between many displays;

You may streamline your work using chúng tôi because there are so many design and prototype templates available.

😢 Cons 

The primary bottleneck you could occasionally experience with it is its slow performance.

From the user’s perspective, the price seems to be fairly high.

💰 Pricing

Freelancer: $24/month, paid annually

Startup: $40/month, paid annually

Agency: $80/ month, paid annually

Corporate: $160/month, paid annually

8. Origami Studio

Origami is a standalone user interface Mobile App Design Software made by Facebook developers. It offers a distinctive way to visually organize your Origami prototypes because of its freeform sketching features, text editing tools, and visual components.

😍 Pros

It helps designers to generate rich mobile prototypes in a flexible manner;

It provides a variety of patches that make it simple for you to create switches, animations, boolean operators, and other interactions.

😢 Cons

When working frequently with large groups of layers, the tool’s performance will suffer.

💰 Pricing


9. Fluid UI

Fluid UI is a platform solution for all of your design, collaboration, and communication needs. Fluid UI enables speedy prototyping and collaboration on ideas. Sharing, giving feedback and collaborating come naturally.

😍 Pros 

It offers more than 2000 ready-made resources to help you implement your mobile app design;

It has a built-in system for collaboration that streamlines your design workflow.

😢 Cons 

The feature set of the free edition is fairly limited.

 It’s also not the best design tool available for novices.

💰 Pricing

Solo: $15/month

Pro: $25/month 

10. Justinmind

Another Mobile App Design Software we’ll talk about with you is Justinmind. So that you can focus on creating delightful user experiences, it includes a wide selection of web and mobile gestures.

😍 Pros 

The bundle provides free UI kits you may use in iOS and Android apps as well as on the web;

With fluid layouts that adapt to the size of the screen, it provides a very responsive user experience.

😢 Cons 

There is hardly any developer handoff.

💰 Pricing


11. Axure RP

You can be sure that the potent professional mobile app design software will give you all the tools necessary to create the best app imaginable.

If you’ve been having difficulties explaining the design to the developers for a while, this tool for mobile app designers is your best bet.

😍 Pros 

include a comprehensive product information service, a top-notch training programme, and supporting materials.

Design is expedited by drag-and-drop functionality.

a complete answer that makes cross-platform prototyping possible.

Create reusable design components using masters. 

Per page, nesting and unlimited masters are supported.

😢 Cons

Some of the dynamic panels’ functionality is too complicated for inexperienced users to handle.

Limited capabilities, such as teamwork and documentation, are available to users with the standard edition.

The smartphone preview experience for prototypes has to be improved.

💰 Pricing

$29 per month

12. Framer

The Mobile App Design Software, which was created specifically for affluent Apple customers, enables them to create complex UX Flows and add text and shapes to them. Even the building of layouts that adapt to all screen sizes while maintaining the integrity of UI elements is made simpler.

One of Framer’s biggest features is the sophisticated path editing, which enables you to create anything that is web-optimized. Additionally, the tool gives designers the ideal icon and style they need to create outstanding prototypes.

😍 Pros

bridges the gap between programming and design. 

fosters interaction between designers and programmers.

It make mobile app prototyping simpler.

It comes at excellent prices

Excellent corporate design for the organization, including the logo, typography, colours, etc.

Good neighbourhood contact and a desire to increase it.

😢 Cons

Some pre-made components are lacking. 

💰 Pricing


13. Balsamiq

One of Balsamiq’s main selling points is its quick prototyping speed, which enables UX designers to quickly sketch designs. It is a Mobile App Design Software that may be used for many different things, including user interfaces, websites, mobile apps, and desktop applications.

😍 Pros

The toolbar at the top puts everything in your fingers.

There are many choices that are excellent for detailed processes.

When looking at wireframes, it is easy to see processes running down the left side of the screen.

Adding notes for cooperation is easy.

😢 Cons

Some of the things are challenging to change.

Adding items to a list is not simple.

Resizing columns isn’t always possible or even easy.

💰 Pricing 


14. OmniGraffle

Using this Mobile App Design Software, you have the chance to freely construct a prototype or design of a screen flow, wireframe, strategy map, and several other diagrams. With the help of OmniGraffle, you can easily see the app’s flow because it makes the entire app development process simple to plan.

😍 Pros

software adoption speed and usability

a premium modelling piece with multi-device compatibility and scripting ability

😢 Cons

OmniGraffle isn’t quite as simple or user-friendly for beginners as other design programmes.

💰 Pricing

Individual: $99.99 

Family:  $149.99 

OmniGraffle 5 Professional – $199.99 

15. Flinto

This Mobile App Design Software, which is essentially a finished Mac utility, allows for the construction of a hi-fi prototype. You can easily connect the app with Sketch using a plugin, providing you access to a simple method for making animated prototypes. The tool gives you the freedom to create the prototype and distribute it across the team.

😍 Pros

It is a user-friendly application 

Flinto makes it easy to create sophisticated and complex animations.

 It communicates with other programmes without problems and runs like a native app on your phone.

😢 Cons

 Flinto sadly does not allow you to create interactions based on different components, only allowing you to animate a screen transition. 

💰 Pricing


16. Atomic

Atomic, one of the best Mobile App Design Software tools, relies on Google Chrome to function properly and give designers the control and flexibility they need to perfect their interactions. By providing a simple shared prototyping structure, the tool also makes access for developers simple.

Additionally, Atomic has a history option that lets you go back and create new versions of iterations that have already been completed.

😍 Pros

It enables you to quickly and simply wow your client by allowing you to add interactions as well as augment them with animations.

The learning materials are set up in such a way that practising instructional exercises is encouraged, which makes learning very simple.

😢 Cons

The stencils library is not particularly aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, using it requires a lot of time and effort. 

To find the element, you must browse through a text list of items.

💰 Pricing

On Quote

17. Principle

It takes a fraction of the time to design pieces for illustrations that pop, flow, and bounce thanks to this platform-independent Mobile App Design Software. Users can freely flip between screens thanks to the technology, and designers have the flexibility of animating several elements on a single page.

😍 Pros 

Mac-based application for building interactive and dynamic user interfaces.

developed with multi-screen app design in mind.

Numerous well-known companies utilize the application to create animated user interfaces for their iOS and Android UX design tools.

😢 Cons 

Limited to macOS at the moment.

💰 Pricing

14-day free trial

Paid: $129

18. ProtoPie

ProtoPie is a Mobile App Design Software. You may also test prototypes on tablets and smartphones with this application.

😍 Pros

Utilize sensors, variables, and other features to enhance your prototypes and accelerate your productivity.

It can import Sketch and Adobe Experience Designs.

support both Mac and Windows.

😢 Cons

The desktop view clogs up as a result of how the sidebar and other editor features interact.

💰 Pricing



😍 Pros 

By exporting wireframes to a PDF file, you can distribute them to others. 

 It’s easy to share with a simple URL. 

You don’t need to log in to develop even one wireframe.

😢 Cons 

The features are really straightforward.

 Because it does not enable interactions and animations, it cannot be utilized to produce interactive wireframes.

💰 Pricing


Premium: Starts at $16/Month

20. Pidoco

This Mobile App Design Software was developed especially to support team collaboration throughout the prototype creation stage, and it makes for easy and practical teamwork as well as template customization. You may easily create highly interactive prototypes with the tool. Pidoco’s usability also reduces the length of the design and development phases while avoiding unnecessary costs.

😍 Pros 

When developing the early concepts for the product, Pidoco cn be a great solution.

 It is simple to use.

Easy to understand

😢 Cons 

Things could easily become disorganized while building a solution that is several pages long and reasonably complex.

💰 Pricing


Basic: $9.99/Month

Pro: $29/Month

Unlimited: $199/Month


Designing mobile applications is one of the most important components of creating an application. Thanks to the Mobile App Design Software tools, your app should be clear and succinct, which makes mobile app designing easier. A successful app requires the correct Mobile App Design Software for designing to make it more appealing.


🤔 Q: What crucial factors would you take into account when creating a mobile application?

✅ Ans: Things to take into Account When Creating Mobile App Functionality are:

Fix a user issue. Simply, your application won’t be successful if it doesn’t address a current need.


User Interface.

Visually appealing design.

Quick and dependable.

🤔 Q: What characteristics distinguish a good mobile app design?

✅ Ans: The user experience of an app typically makes the difference between a good design and a bad one. Your design should consider quick load times, user-friendliness, and general client happiness. A great app design is intuitive to use, well-organized, and aesthetically beautiful.

🤔 Q: What specifications must an app design meet?

✅ Ans: The following steps make up the fundamental app design process:

Defining the range.

Market and user research.

Wireframe for UX.


UX/UI design.


Architecture for software.

Development of iOS.

🤔 Q: What number of screens ought an app to have?

✅ Ans: There shouldn’t be more than 10 screens in a single app as a general rule, and mobile app design tool will alert you if you try to go above this number.

🤔 Q: How can poor design be avoided?

✅ Ans: Common Errors in Graphic Design

Using words rather than images.

Poor kerning;

mismatched typefaces;

improper colour selection; 

excessive use of different or flashy colours; 

random placement of items;

lack of contrast.

How To Download Osu Skins

Osu allows you to download and import skins.

This feature is also known as skinning.

Skinning allows players to create their own skins using the original skinning elements.

Skins can be fun, professional, or nearly impossible to play with.

However, creating the assets for an Osu skin is difficult.

To begin with, you need to be familiar with a program that supports transparency.

This includes Photoshop, GIMP, chúng tôi and others.

Hence, it’s easier to download a user-created Osu skin than to create one.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to import and download Osu skins from forums or websites.

How to download Osu skins

To download Osu skins, you need to find and download a skin that you like from a forum or website.

The most popular website for Osu skins is chúng tôi

You can also visit the skinning forum from the Osu website.

However, the skin that you’ve downloaded must be a .osk file.

If it’s not a .osk file, you need to change it to one.

In some cases, the skin that you’ve downloaded might be compressed using .rar or .zip.

If so, you need to extract the skin folder into the Skins directory of the Osu installation path.

But before you extract the skin folder, you need to close Osu.

Here’s how to download Osu skins:

1. Download a skin from

To begin with, you need to find and download an Osu skin that you like.

There are a couple of places where you can find Osu skins.

This includes chúng tôi and the skinning forum.

The chúng tôi website allows you to easily find the skin that you’re looking for.

However, chúng tôi is not affiliated with “osu!” or “ppy”.

On the other hand, the skinning forum is the official forum for Osu.

Here’s how to download an Osu skin from

After you’ve downloaded an Osu skin, you need to open it.

However, if the file is compressed using .rar or .zip., you need to extract it into the Skins directory of the Osu installation path.

But before you do that, you need to close Osu.

If Osu is running, you need to press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S on your keyboard for the skin to appear in the list.

Now, the skin will be automatically imported to Osu.

Keep in mind that this will only work if the Osu skin that you’ve downloaded is a .osk file.

Once you’re on Osu, you’ll see multiple buttons.

This includes “Play”, “Edit”, “Options”, and “Exit”.

This is because you need to check if the skin is successfully imported to Osu.

If it is, you’ll be able to select and use it.

On the options menu, you’ll see multiple icons.

This includes a gear icon, a monitor icon, a brush icon, and more.

By default, the gear icon will be selected.

To change your Osu skin, you need to go to the “Skin” option.

5. Select the skin that you want to change to

Now, you’ll be able to see your current skin.

Now, you need to select the Osu skin that you’ve just downloaded.

For example, if you’ve just downloaded the “Toy 2023-08-15” skin, select “Toy 2023-08-15”.

You’ve successfully learned how to download Osu skins!


Downloading Osu skins is easy—especially if the skin is a .osk file.

At times, the skin might be compressed using .rar or .zip.

If that’s the case, you need to export the file into the Skins directory of the Osu installation path.

If you need more help, the official Osu wiki contains many helpful resources to guide you on installing skins.

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How To Download Hugging Face Chatgpt

Hugging Face ChatGPT is a powerful language model developed by OpenAI. It can generate human-like responses and engage in conversational interactions. If you’re interested in using Higging Face ChatGPT and want to know how to download it, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of how to download Hugging Face ChatGPT and provide you with various methods to accomplish this. Let’s get started!

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To run Hugging Face ChatGPT on a single GPU with ROCm, you need to meet the following system requirements:

To begin, you’ll need an AMD GPU that supports ROCm. To ensure compatibility, refer to the compatibility list available on the AMD documentation page. This list will help you identify which AMD GPUs are compatible with ROCm.

A Linux-based operating system is preferred, specifically Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04. These versions of Ubuntu provide a stable and compatible environment for running Hugging Face ChatGPT. Ensure that you have one of these operating systems installed.

To manage the dependencies and packages required for Hugging Face ChatGPT, it is recommended to use either Conda or Docker. These tools provide a controlled environment, making it easier to manage and replicate the required dependencies. Choose the one that best fits your workflow and set up the environment accordingly.

Ensure that you have Python 3.6 or a higher version installed on your system. Hugging Face ChatGPT relies on Python, and having the appropriate version is crucial for compatibility and proper functioning.

It’s important to note that the system requirements mentioned above are general guidelines. Depending on the specific use case and model you intend to run, there might be additional or different requirements. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consult the documentation and system requirements for the specific Hugging Face ChatGPT model you plan to use.

For optimal performance and to avoid any compatibility issues, always refer to the official documentation provided by Hugging Face. This way, you’ll have the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the system requirements.

To begin the process of downloading Hugging Face ChatGPT, you need to visit the ChatGPT model page on the Hugging Face website. Open your preferred web browser and follow the steps below:

Navigate to the ChatGPT model page.

Once you have reached the ChatGPT model page, you will find a wealth of information about the model and its usage. To learn how to download and load the model, follow these steps:

This will reveal the necessary code snippets you need to download and utilize the model.

If you prefer to download the model files directly, you can use the huggingface_hub library. This library allows you to download the files from the model’s repository with ease. Here’s an example code snippet to guide you:

from huggingface_hub import hf_hub_download import torch model_path = hf_hub_download(repo_id="yizhangliu/chatGPT", filename="pytorch_model.bin") model = torch.load(model_path)

By executing this code, you will successfully download the ChatGPT model files and load them into a PyTorch model object.

Apart from the huggingface_hub library, you can employ other methods to download and use the ChatGPT model. Let’s explore a few alternatives:

Visit the ChatGPT model’s Git repository.

Once cloned, you can access and use the model files in your desired environment.

There are integrated libraries available that provide seamless access to Hugging Face models, including ChatGPT. Some popular options include:

Transformers library by Hugging Face: This library simplifies the process of downloading and using various NLP models, including ChatGPT. Refer to the official documentation for installation and usage instructions.

DeepPavlov library: DeepPavlov is a comprehensive library for natural language processing tasks. It offers pre-trained models, including ChatGPT, which can be downloaded and utilized with ease. Visit the DeepPavlov documentation for more details.

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A1: Absolutely! Hugging Face ChatGPT is designed to be used in various projects and applications. By following the download instructions mentioned above, you can incorporate ChatGPT into your own conversational systems, chatbots, or any other NLP-related tasks.

A2: Yes, Hugging Face provides a wide range of pre-trained language models. Some notable examples include GPT-3, GPT-2, BERT, and many more. These models can be downloaded and utilized based on your specific requirements.

A3: Yes, Hugging Face provides a fine-tuning feature that allows you to adapt the pre-trained ChatGPT model to your specific needs. Fine-tuning enables you to train the model on your own datasets and fine-tune it for tasks such as sentiment analysis, question answering, or language generation.

A4: Yes, Hugging Face offers ChatGPT models in multiple languages. You can find models trained on languages like English, French, Spanish, German, and many others. Visit the Hugging Face model hub to explore the available options.

A5: Yes, once you have downloaded the ChatGPT model files, you can use them offline in your local environment. This allows you to utilize the model’s capabilities without requiring an internet connection.

A6: Certainly! Hugging Face provides extensive documentation and tutorials to help you get started with their models. Refer to their official website and documentation for more in-depth information and examples.

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In this article, we have discussed the steps to download Hugging Face ChatGPT, a powerful language model. By visiting the ChatGPT model page on the Hugging Face website, you can access the necessary code snippets to download and use the model. Additionally, we explored alternative methods such as using the huggingface_hub library, cloning the model’s Git repository, and leveraging integrated libraries. With these methods, you can easily integrate ChatGPT into your own projects and unlock its conversational capabilities.

Remember, Hugging Face offers a plethora of pre-trained language models, so feel free to explore their model hub and discover other exciting options. Start leveraging the power of ChatGPT today and bring natural language processing to your applications!

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How To Download And Install Android 12

Android 12 is right around the corner, and OEMs are working behind the scenes to adopt the latest version of Android to their custom skins. As part of this effort, Samsung has now released One UI 4 beta for Samsung Galaxy S21 series in seven countries. In this article, we will teach you how to download and install One UI 4 beta based on Android 12 on your Galaxy S21 device.

Download and Install One UI 4 Beta on Samsung Galaxy S21

You can try One UI 4 Beta on Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra. You can enroll in the One UI 4 Beta program to try out the custom skin ahead of its official release later this year. That said, let’s get to the steps involved to install One UI 4 beta and check out the top new One UI 4 features.

One UI 4 Beta: Available Countries

The One UI 4 Beta is available for Galaxy S21 devices in the following countries:





South Korea

United Kingdom

The United States

Steps to Install One UI 4 Beta on Samsung Galaxy S21

1. First, you need to download and install the Samsung Members app to enroll in the One UI 4 Beta program. You can download the app from Play Store or Galaxy Store.

2. Sign in to the Samsung Members app using your Samsung account. If you don’t have a Samsung account yet, you can create a new account from Samsung’s website.

3. Then, tap on ‘Registration for One UI Beta Program’ from the banner that appears on the app’s home screen.

One UI 4 Beta: Top New Features

Redesigned Widgets

Samsung has teased redesigned widgets with One UI 4 beta. According to Samsung, these widgets will offer deep customization with respect to visibility and appearance. You also get the new Widgets view for picking widgets, much like what Google has been testing on Pixel phones.

Privacy Dashboard and Privacy Indicators

Improved AR Emoji Studio

Samsung says you will have a variety of theme options across the custom skin. With the first beta of One UI, Samsung is also highlighting its improved AR Emoji Studio. According to Samsung, AR Emoji Studio offers “convenient access to a more robust and diverse array of emojis all in one place, so they can effortlessly navigate their options to enjoy richer communication experiences.”

Other miscellaneous changes include the option to pick between Google Discover and Samsung Feed on the home screen, dedicated Safety and emergency page, new charging animation, and minor camera UI changes. Check out the entire changelog in the next section to know all the new One UI 4 beta features.

One UI 4 Beta: Complete Changelog

Home screen

Home screen widgets have been redesigned to give you more information at a glance while also making your Home screen more stylish. You will also get recommendations for widgets that may be useful for you.

Lock screen

You can now change the audio output to a different device, such as headphones or a speaker, right from the Lock screen. You will also get customized controls depending on which music app you are using.

A new Voice Recorder widget for the Lock screen lets you record voice memos without unlocking your phone in One UI 4 beta.

A monthly calendar appears on the Calendar widget to help you keep track of your events from the Lock screen.

Always On Display

You can set the Always On Display turn on whenever you receive a notification.

New animated stickers are available.

Quick panel

Manage your notifications more comfortably with an enhanced layout and an integrated section of alert and silent notifications.

The brightness bar in the quick panel is larger, so it’s easier to see and adjust.

Dark mode

Wallpapers, icons, and illustrations are now darkened automatically to provide a more consistent look and more comfort for your eyes.

Charging effects

New visual effects appear when you start charging to help you check the charging speed in One UI 4 beta.

Samsung Keyboard

Get to your emojis, GIFs, and stickers directly from the keyboard with a single button. Self-expression is a tap away.

Looking to express something new? Combine two emojis, then add an animation so you can get your feelings across.

New animated stickers are available for download.

Keep your grammar and spelling on point with the new Writing assistant, powered by Grammarly (English only).


Preview videos now appear when you enter the Tips app, helping you learn everything your Galaxy can do.


You can customize the list of apps that appear on the share panel to reduce clutter and scroll left and right across the lists of apps and people for quicker access.

When you try to share pictures with problems like poor focus or framing, you will get suggestions for fixing them, so your pictures always look their best.


Enjoy a simpler, clearer layout with a preview that shows only the information you need. The scene optimizer button will only appear in Photo mode if there’s low light or you are scanning a document. Settings for Portrait and Night modes are now more intuitive in One UI 4 beta.

Lens and zoom: See the zoom level on the lens icons for easier zooming, even in modes that only support one lens.

Video that never misses a moment: Recording now starts immediately after you tap the Record button, instead of when you release it. In Photo mode, touch and hold the Shutter button to start recording a video. Drag your finger to the Lock icon to continue recording without having to hold down the button.

Single take: Add extra time while recording in Single Take, so you don’t miss important moments. After the recording is finished, the content selection menu has been improved to help you easily choose the perfect shots.

Pro mode: Settings have been reorganized for a cleaner look. When grid lines are on, horizontal level indicators help you line up the perfect shot.

Enhanced scan features: After scanning a document, you can zoom in for fine editing. When you scan a QR code. you can choose from several options depending on the type of QR code.


Stories now show a video preview on the cover and a highlight video inside. You can also see where each picture in a story was taken on a map in One UI 4 beta.

More options are available for sorting albums that contain lots of photos.

Album covers are now shown at the top of the screen when you open albums.

Search suggestions have been improved to help you find pictures and videos. Recent searches are also suggested.

Remastered pictures can be reverted to their original versions at any time, even after they’re saved.

You can now edit the date, time, and location that pictures and videos were taken.

Photo and video editor

Add fun emojis and stickers to your pictures and videos.

Create video collages by combining multiple images and videos from your Gallery.

The new Light balance option lets you edit the tone of pictures more easily.

The Highlight reel editor has also been enhanced to give you even more control.

Revert edited videos back to their original versions at any time, even after they’re saved.

Cut out a face, pet, building, or any other object from a photo and paste it onto a different one in One UI 4 beta.

AR Emoji

Use an AR emoji as your profile picture in Contacts and Samsung account. You can choose from over 10 poses or create your own expressions.

New AR emoji stickers that show only your face has been added. Have fun decorating your photos and sharing them with your friends.

Make cool dance videos with your AR emojis. Choose templates from 10 different categories, including #Fun, #Cute, and #Party.

Use your own drawings to create unique clothes for AR emojis.


Pin the window options menu to the top of a pop-up window to make it easier to access.

Easily resize picture-in-picture windows with pinch zoom in One UI 4 beta.

Keep your current app in view while using edge panels. Blurring has been removed to help you see more at once.


The new Safety and emergency menu lets you manage your emergency contacts and safety information all in one place.

Improved search features help you find the settings you need when you need them. You’ll get suggestions for related features depending on what you search for.

Digital Wellbeing

Keep your eyes on the road with the new Driving monitor. You’ll get reports on how much you used your phone and which apps you used.


The dual clock widget now shows different background colors for each city depending on whether it’s day or night.


The new Calendar layout lets you add events instantly. You can also find events more easily with improved search features.

A new Home screen widget shows your monthly calendar along with today’s events.

Create shared calendars and invite other Galaxy users to join.


Photos, videos, web links, and other content will now appear in search results in the Messages app.

My Files

Search features have been improved. You can still find the files you’re looking for, even if there’s a typo.

The Recent files area has been expanded to help you more easily find files you’ve used recently.

Samsung Internet

Get more search suggestions when you enter text in the address bar. Results will appear with an all-new design in One UI 4 beta.

The new search widget helps you find what you’re looking for right from the Home screen.

To protect your privacy, Samsung Internet will automatically start in Secret mode if you were using Secret mode during your last browsing session.

Device Care

The main screen shows battery and security issues, making it easier to solve problems quickly.

Your phone’s overall status is shown as an emoji, helping you check the status at a glance.

Now you can get right to Samsung Members diagnostics from Device Care. If something seems wrong with your phone, try the diagnostic tests to find out what the problem is and get suggestions for solving it.

Samsung Health

A new tab layout at the bottom of the screen helps you access the features you need more easily in One UI 4 beta.

The new My page tab shows your profile, weekly summary, badges, and personal bests.

For your gender selection, you can now choose “Other” or “Prefer not to say.”

It’s now easier to invite your friends to team challenges by sending a link.

Additional snacks have been added to the food tracker.

Bixby Routines

More conditions are available for your routines. Start a routine during a call or when a certain notification arrives.

Make your routines do more. You can now turn on Enhanced processing with a routine. There are also more options for connecting and disconnecting Bluetooth devices.

Reorder actions by touching and holding actions on the edit page. Advanced options have also been added to let you wait before action starts, confirm actions, and more.

We’ve removed restrictions for some combinations of conditions and actions so you can do even more with your routines.

Create custom icons for your routines using the Camera or an image from Gallery.


Perform actions more quickly by moving your mouse pointer to one of the 4 corners of the screen.

Adjust contrast and size at the same time with custom Display mode (High contrast or Large display).

Access accessibility features more quickly with a floating button that’s always available.

More visibility options are available to meet your needs. You can reduce transparency and blur or make the screen extra dim.

Set different colors for each app’s notifications so you can easily determine where notifications are coming from.

The Magnifier window has been merged with the new Magnification menu, giving you more options and more control for magnifying content on the screen in One UI 4 beta.


See which apps are accessing sensitive permissions such as Location, Camera, or Microphone in Permission usage history. You can deny permissions for any apps you don’t feel comfortable with.

A green dot will appear in the upper right corner of the screen when any app is using the camera or microphone so you can see if an app is recording you without your consent. You can also use quick panel controls to temporarily block all apps from using the camera or microphone.

Take more control over apps that want to access your location. For apps that only need to know your general area, such as weather apps, you can allow access to your approximate location so they can’t determine exactly where you are.

Sometimes you need to copy sensitive information, like passwords or credit card numbers, but you don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands. You can choose to be notified any time an app accesses content copied to the clipboard in another app.

Some apps will need to be updated separately after you have upgraded to the One UI 4 beta.

Get Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy S21 with One UI 4 Beta

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