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Most of us value privacy, and we prefer to password-protect our PCs for that very reason. But typing in the password every time you log in can be very tiresome. We do get used to that since we use our Windows devices every day but what if we had a better solution where we need not do it every time? Well, we do have Fingerprint Scanners that provide us with an easy solution when it comes to logging into our devices. These scanners are designed specifically to aid our accessibility requirements. They are compatible with any Windows device. They can be used very easily where you just have to plug the device in and, voila! You are all set for that typing-free logging experience.

Fingerprint Scanners for Windows PC

So, here’s a compilation of top 10 fingerprint scanner for Windows 10 devices.

1] Verifi P2000 premium metal fingerprint reader

This small but sleek device comes with a state of the art fingerprint scanner technology. The sensor is encased within this perfectly made metal casing which gives you a unique one tap experience for hassle-free logins. With its durable structure and auto login input feature, this device will give you that security upgrade you always wished for. The package comes with a small start-up guide. All in all, this device is designed to give you a very convenient one-finger tap experience for your PC. This fingerprint reader is available on Amazon here.

2]  iDOO bio-metric fingerprint scanner PC dongle

Forgetting password is an art, and most of us have mastered it. But now, we can all un-learn that with the help of this small device. Compatible with Windows 10, the iDOO Bio-metric Fingerprint Scanner PC Dongle gives users a buttery smooth login experience. This also comes with free software that lets you encrypt folders which only you can access. The recognition time is also very quick, and it amounts to almost 0.15 secs. This device has a feature that recognizes the fingerprints of multiple users (up to 10 users at a time). It is also very easy to set-up. You would have to just plug-it-in and download the official software that will further guide you through the installation process. The iDOO fingerprint scanner could be bought from Amazon here.

3] Digital Persona 88003-001U.are.u 4500 reader

This tiny yet extremely hardy and compact device will let you sign-in to your Windows 10 compatible devices very easily. Its highly durable metal casing helps it survive in any environment. This product uses optical scanning technology for better functionality and superior image quality with a Pixel resolution of 512 dpi. With its U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint Reader combined with the DigitalPersona Identity Engine, its level of accuracy is unmatched since it can read even the most difficult fingerprints. If you like it, grab it from Amazon.

4] PQI My Lockey 360° touch speedy matching multi-biometric fido security key

Compatible with the latest Windows 10 software, this finely made yet compact scanner fits right into your devices without occupying a lot of space. Data encryption is also provided with easy access to your files. You can also unlock multiple locked files at once. Its added security options include breath-sensing, AI biological detection along with high precision algorithm, making it invincible to any kind of forgery. This one too allows you to set-up multiple accounts with the storage of 10 fingerprint IDs at a time. You can use its software by just scanning the QR code on the package. This gives you access to multiple drivers. The product is available on Amazon here.

Get yourself a security upgrade with the Verifi P5100 Fingerprint reader. Compatible with the latest Windows 10 software, it comes with Roboform Free Edition password manager feature which gives you easy and super fast log-in experience. This comes with state of the art silicon touch sensor within a durable metal casing, making it both efficient and durable in any condition. It also has an auto-input log in feature. Get this product from Amazon here.

7] Kensington VeriMark USB fingerprint key

8] Eikon mini USB fingerprint reader for PC

Easy and secured sign-in to your Windows 10 devices. The best feature of this device is that it supports tablets too. Now you can access your tablets with just a tap of your finger and all thanks to the Eikon Mini USB Fingerprint Reader. Its components are also designed to survive pretty much any rough condition you might get out it through. Get this scanner from Amazon here.

9] Eikon fingerprint reader for Microsoft Windows login

This device provides users with a fast and easy log-in to their Windows 10 compatible PC/laptops. With its state-of-the-art sensor, it is a worthy security upgrade for those who are looking for a hassle-free experience. Its non-skid metal body makes it easier for the scanner to give optimum performance. It doesn’t require any additional software for it to work. This product could be purchased from Amazon.

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10] BIO-key EcoID fingerprint reader

This device perfectly works with any Windows 10 PC/laptop. It comes with a 3 foot long USB cable and has a durable design to withstand any uncanny environment. It also has a complimentary OmniPass Online Password Vault feature which lets the user encrypt/decrypt their home PC, desktop or any specific websites. This fingerprint reader is available on Amazon.

Technolgy is evolving each year, and upgrades keep on coming in. This list provides you with a list of top 10 fingerprint scanner for Windows, but you can always keep an eye out for more upgraded products.

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Top Keyboards To Buy For Your Windows 10/11 Pc

Top Keyboards to Buy for Your Windows 10/11 PC




Keyboards are one of the most important output devices, and you definitely need a quality one for your gaming or other works on the PC. So, we compiled this list of the best keyboards to connect your Windows computer. Most of them are for gaming, but there are also some quality keyboards for office and creative works. Enjoy.

What keyboard should I buy? Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate is a stunning combination of the responsive typing, absolutely amazing design, a bunch of software options and a very satisfying amount of macro keys. Razer BlackWidow is without the doubt the best gaming keyboard made in 2014, especially because it features a lot of features, but still isn’t over-sized or cumbersome.

Some of the features which stand out are On-the-fly macro recording, which will help all MMO players to have a rotation of their favorite spells at the touch of one single button, or the Gaming Mode, which will ensure you that accidentally hitting the Windows key won’t do anything. The BlackWidow Ultimate is an excellent choice with about any gaming genre or any productivity software.

Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB

The Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB is definitely one of the best mechanical keyboards in the market. It offers three different switch types: Cherry MX Red for those who like to gaming with a light touch, Cherry MX Blue for those who want a lot of resistance and noise and Cherry MX Brown for gamers who like a little bit of both.

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Diatec Filco Majestouch 2

You’re maybe wondering why’s 2013’s keyboard on the list of the best keyboards from 2014? Well, the answer is simple, this keyboard deserves it. The Filco Majestouch 2 isn’t shiny and noisy, like most of the gaming keyboards, but that is exactly its charm.

This keyboard is the best constructed and the most refined and responsive keyboard of 2013, and it still can compete with others today. Majestouch fulfills all the key requirements of the mechanical keyboard and is perfect for all office or creative works.

Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

Logitech Wireless Illuminated K800 keyboard is definitely one of the best 2014’s wireless keyboards in the market, and is the only actual gaming wireless keyboard on our list. Illuminated K800 is not even bad for gaming, but not many gamers like to play their favorite game with the wireless keyboard.

However, this keyboard is well-designed, durable and its battery lasts charged up to 10 days with a regular use. One of the most interesting features of this keyboard is that it detects when our hands are near to the keyboard and triggers the backlight, which is pretty cool.

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Microsoft SideWinder X4

The Microsoft SideWinder X4 stands out as one of the best budget gaming keyboards of 2014, and is a perfect choice if you want a quality keyboard for a reasonable price. The SideWinder X4 delivers as much as a keyboard twice its price.

Expert tip:

Microsoft All-In-One Media Keyboard

The Microsoft All-In-One Media Keyboard is a small, portable, wireless qwerty keyboard with an integrated track pad. This keyboard supports various gestures, like swipe and pinch-to-zoom, for example. It has customizable media hotkeys, and connects via wireless USB.

The All-in-One Media keyboard is mainly purposed for your desks at home, and besides PC, you can also use it to navigate your home movie center or digital audio rig.

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Logitech G910 Orion Spark

The Logitech G910 Orion Spark is the keyboard designed for playing massively multiplayer online games. Because this genre really demands a keyboard which can provide a lot of durable, mechanical keys for customized macro, and the Orion Spark provides just that in style.

The Orion Spark provides nine programmable macro keys and three easily switchable profiles, so the players will have all the tools to rise their MMO to the finest level, with the full accessibility. This is also a full RGB keyboard, which means that players could experiment with various colors and patterns for each key on the keyboard.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop is definitely something unusual. This futuristic-designed keyboard will definitely attract everyone’s attention. Besides its design, the keyboard is very responsive and durable. But all features of the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop keyboard and mouse require a PC with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows RT, so we can tell that this keyboard is the real Windows 10/8/8.1 device.

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Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Rapid

The QuickFire Rapid also offers an extra key caps and has the ability to disable the Windows key during gaming, so you don’t have to worry about it.

    –  Buy it now on Amazon

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Feature-specific keyboards

Now, if you’re looking for more specific keyboards, we got you covered as well. Following the feedback given by our readers, we compiled additional keyboard lists focusing on one particular characteristic. So, if you want to purchase a backlit keyboard, a mechanic keyboard, or other types of keyboards, then check out the posts listed below:

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Top 5 Notepad Alternatives For Windows 10 – Webnots

Notepad is a simple plain-text editor that comes pre-loaded in Windows OS as a default program. It enables users to create basic documents and save the files with the .txt extension with no tags or styles. Due to its minimal use of system resources, Notepad is faster to load and process. This makes it suitable for various tasks such as editing system files, taking notes and writing source code. However, Windows 10 only offers basic functions and corrupts files saved with characters that it cannot read.

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Fortunately, if you feel the need Notepad alternatives at your disposal. In this post, we will explore some of the modern text editors that you can use in place of the Windows 10 Notepad.

Top 5 Notepad Alternatives for Windows 10 1.  Notepad++

Notepad++ is an open source text editor written in C++ and probably the most popular Notepad alternative. It uses Win32 API and STL, to maintain faster execution for both simple and complex tasks. The powerful text editors offer additional features including line numbers, an improved search tool, spell-check and multi-tabs interface among others.


Originally designed for coding, Notepad++ also supports syntax highlighting, syntax folding and macro recording, making it easy to manage your code. Additionally, it supports several programming languages like C, C#, C++, HTML, XML and Objective C.

2.  TED Notepad

TED Notepad

Further, the editor has auto-completion, search and multiple clipboards features. The auto-save features automatically back up your work at different time intervals, allowing you to recover any unsaved work in case of a problem. Other TED text editor functions comprise of removal of blank lines, HTML and XML tags, enclosed selection and Sorting. It also offers additional text-formatting toolset, making it a better option for users who require a faster and simplified typing.

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3.  PSPad

PSPad is another Notepad alternative optimized for code editing. The text editor provides a host of development features including syntax highlighting, MDI, HEX editor, CSS editor, FTP client and code explorer among others. Moreover, it has templates for various languages such as PHP, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript and MySQL.

The only PSPad limitation is that it is ad-supported and may prompt you to install apps when installing the editor. However, this is not such a big deal as you can bypass the extra installs by

4.  Notepad2

At a glance, Notepad2 interface resembles that of the Windows Notepad. However, the text editor provides a range of extra features including auto indent, search-and-replace, syntax highlighting, brace matching and line numbering among others. This makes it a powerful alternative for the original Windows Notepad.


Besides, Notepad2 allows you to write formatted code in several web programming languages such as PHP, JS, ASP, CSS, HTML and Perl to name just a few. If you are you want to replace Notepad with an editor that offers more functionality yet the same look and feel, then Notepad2 is a perfect fit.

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5.  DocPad


DocPad also supports print preview, block indentation and trim trailing, making it a better editor than the regular Windows Notepad. If you are looking for a Notepad alternative for coding, you can explore other options as DocPad may not make your work any easier.

Bonus Text Editor – Brackets

If you are ultimate objective is to develop code for webpages then you need to look for apps like Brackets. It offers syntax highlighting, live preview with Google Chrome, color picker and many other features. You can also use this tool for typing simple text content like Notepad. Adobe is the developer of Brackets and maintains the tool up to date with many extensions.


In Summary

Notepad is one of the oldest and the default text editor for Windows. The useful program is light to load and allows you to perform a number of tasks ranging from editing custom notes, editing system files, writing codes to opening various file formats. However, there are and exciting. The numerous Notepad alternatives provide different features for different tasks. Therefore, it is important to choose the right Notepad replacement suitable for your text editing requirements.

Best Free Children’s Games For Windows Pc

Microsoft has come a long way since its Math Zone Days, and the children’s games it offers now are terrifically competent and exciting. Especially since children are now skilled enough with the Internet and can find games to their liking, it has been essential for Microsoft to up its game, and that’s exactly what it has done. As the games can be played in an app format and kids can access it on phones, it also proves to be a good replacement for the TV and video games. From IQ games to preschool games to dress up, children’s games are undergoing a whole new range of new updates. Let’s have a look at some of the free children’s games on the Microsoft Store.

Free Children’s Games for Windows 11/10

Here are some of the best free Children’s Games for Windows 10 available at the Microsoft Store. Some preschool apps, some educational but mostly all fun for kids!

1] Hexagon Puzzle

The most comprehensive and educational puzzle of all, this game is incredible for flexing a child’s reflexes and color senses. It is very responsive, and it takes little time to understand the game’s rules. Kids can even figure it out by playing it themselves. This game makes score-keeping a fun activity. It’s also a multiplayer game and kids can actually play it with their friends. Find more about Hexagon Puzzle here.

2] Cooking for Kids

A fun, colorful activity game, which is also educational, Cooking for Kids is something that makes the children smarter in the simple things, which they also use and consume. For instance, ice cream or sandwich. The game teaches them how ice cream or burgers are actually made, and what goes into their making. Since it’s a very exciting do-it-yourself game, children find it fascinating. They can basically make their own burger or ice cream and play with the ingredients. This gives them a good grasp of their daily foods as well. Check out details about Cooking For Kids here.

3] Farm animals coloring: learning games for children

The most useful coloring exercise there is – Farm Animals Coloring is a very easy DIY activity game and replaces the good old coloring book. Best suited for kindergarteners or preschoolers, this game lets the children color in animals and parents can even share their kid’s work. Learn more about Farm animals coloring: learning games for children here.

4] Dress Up Pretty Dancer

Another activity game which can replace video games as a pass time. This app lets children dress up several characters, anyway they please. The app also lets kids develop their senses of color and what goes where. It’s better than a preschool salon game as it is more comprehensive and has incredible detailing. Learn more about Dress Up Pretty Dancer here.

5] Talking John Dog & Soundboard

One of the best free games available for children, Talking John Dog, is an incredible interactive game. It basically involves a talking dog who does things his own way. The game includes 3D graphics and very good animations. The game has several features and is perfect for children who love playing animal-based games. It might also be useful to let your child play this game before you welcome a pet into your family. Learn more about Talking John Dog here.

6] GS Preschool Games

The perfect preschooler’s game, this game is a complete experience as it has multiple features. From math games to coordination games to memory and matching, this game alone can be a multitasker in developing your child’s acumen. This game is also exceptionally well conceptualized and a fun pastime game. Find more details about GS Preschool Games here.

7] Happy Bear Supermarket

The most exciting scavenger hunt game for children, the supermarket game is incredible. This also works like a coloring game or a DIY cooking game, as children have to find out different items from the supermarket. Kids are basically required to locate hidden items. This game also teaches children what it takes to be a good supermarket employee and handle customers, keep vegetables clean, etc. Learn more about Happy Bear Supermarket here.

8] Zumas Royale – Marble Blast

One of the most exciting marble shooter game, Zumas has multiple levels and stunning graphics. The game teaches kids the importance of speed and time management and even figuring out maps. It is very easy to catch up to, and is almost addictive and is a terrific game for children between 6-8. Learn more about Zumas Royale here.

9] Desserts for Kids

A dessert game for children can hardly go wrong. This free game lets kids make their own kind of dessert. It is almost like cooking for kids and is a perfect kindergarteners game. It basically teaches kids how desserts are made and lets them have fun while making it, as they can experiment with ingredients. Children can make their own donuts, cupcakes, and pastries and can play with toppings and frosting, etc. Find out more about Desserts for Kids here.

10] Beauty Girl Salon

Another fun way to keep the kids bust and develop their color senses and tastes. This dress up game is amazingly detailed and almost addictive. It basically requires the user to dress up a character in a salon, so kids can choose her dresses, her makeup and even experiment with backgrounds. Parents can even share their children’s work after they are done dressing up the character. Find more about Beauty Girl Salon here.

Let us know if you have any suggestions to make!

Avast Free Antivirus For Windows Pc Review

Avast Free AntiVirus has been updated to support Windows 11/10 and is now available as a free download. Although Windows Defender is capable of providing good protection as the first line of defense against malware and other unwanted software, many prefer to use free 3rd-party antivirus software which offers a better set of features. Avast Free Antivirus is one such program that offers all the essential security you require to protect your PC from hackers and thieves.

Avast Free AntiVirus for Windows PC

The latest version Avast Antivirus Free now supports Windows 11/10, apart from earlier versions of Windows, and gives you access to useful features while retaining the same interface as its predecessor.

Once downloaded, you may choose the Express install or the Custom installation. I recommend the latter as it will allow you to select or deselect the features you don’t want to be installed on your computer.

The freeware still has the customizable home page, as well as the side menu to access the program’s features with one change – it includes the Smart Scan feature, which combines all the essential scans into one single unified scan.

Besides this, in the latest version the protection capability has not just been extended to devices, but network devices and routers too which you have installed for accessing Internet services. Its Home Network Security module will scan your home network for weak spots.

Moreover, the added utilities to the existing set of security tools include:

Browser cleanup

The option is powered to clean your browser’s toolbar for any add-on that comes bundled with other apps you may have installed. So, for a quick clean up you can use the new feature available in the Avast 2024 version. This toolbar remover is great for removing unwanted toolbars and other plugins.

The features available for cleaning up your browsers are,

VPN Secure Line

VPN service


The above 3 features allow you to browse securely and privately online and make purchases with no risks involved.

Remote Assistant

From now on you don’t have to install any third-party application to help your relatives or perhaps your friends. You can do this directly from the Avast Antivirus if the other person uses the same version of the antivirus.

The Software Updater pre-empts potential exploitation of vulnerabilities in outdated applications by checking up your installed software and offering to update them to their latest secure, stable versions if any updates are found.

I particularly find File Shredder feature of potent use since it removes a file completely if it is found to be corrupt or infected.

Apart from this, in the paid version, you can find Anti-Fraud and Hijack protection that provides Fraud and Hijack protection while doing any internet transaction, as outlined above and Anti-Spam which offers protection against any spam over the internet and emails.

The important features that are included in Avast Free Antivirus are,

Passwords manage your passwords and syncs data across your devices. The new tool checks your password security, stores passwords securely, and includes browser extensions for easier login and form filling. Additionally, it offers a password generator.

SafeZone Browser replaces the old SafeZone to protect your online shopping and banking. Pay mode isolates your browser session and protects you from potential keyloggers or spyware. Shielded windows offer a safe space to visit untrusted websites.

The user interface has been revamped with more space for content and easier control.

Feedback can be given directly via the user interface to report bugs, request features, or offer other suggestions more easily.

Avast Free Antivirus offline installer free download

The web installer of Avast Antivirus Free may ask you to install Google Chrome and Google toolbar for your Chrome browser if it is set as your default browser. Simply uncheck those options during Avast installation if you do not want it to be installed. Alternatively, if you wish, you can download the 151 MB offline installer from here.

Fix: Dism Error 2 In Windows 10/11 Pc

FIX: DISM error 2 in Windows 10/11 PC




DISM is built into the Windows operating system and is available as a command-line tool to mount Windows images from files and to update a running system as well.

Sometimes, errors can occur when running the tool. Fix them quickly by disabling antivirus, updating the tool, and by doing some general cleanup.

More articles about this tool can be found in the DISM section.

Nobody likes errors. That’s why we have a comprehensive Windows 10 Errors Troubleshooting Hub with clear instructions on how to deal with any issue.

The DISM or Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool, also known as the System Update Readiness tool, helps fix some Windows corruption errors that may cause updates and service packs not to install, like if a file is damaged.

This tool can be used to service a Windows image or prepare a WinRE (Windows Recovery Environment) and/or WinPE (Windows Preinstallation Environment) image, but, it can also be used to service .wim (Windows image) or .vhd/.vhdx (virtual hard disk).

Whenever you try to use the DISM command line and get the DISM error 2 displayed as a message, you may not know the first thing to do in such a case, but there are solutions you can try as outlined below, to fix the error.

How to fix DISM error 2 1. Temporarily disable or uninstall your antivirus

Sometimes your security software can get in the way of some of the processes on your computer, so in the case of a DISM error 2 issues, you can temporarily disable the antivirus, or uninstall it, and if the issue persists, you can unmount the image and check the result again.

Remember to reinstall or enable your antivirus once you’re done.

2. Check your DISM version

Ensure you’re using the correct version of DISM that is installed with the Windows ADK. Also, do not mount images to protected folders like the UserDocuments folder.

If DISM processes are interrupted, temporarily disconnect from the network, and consider running commands from WinPE instead.

3. Refresh the DISM tool

Type this command: exe/image:C /cleanup-image /revertpendingactions. This will revert pending tasks, and this includes any Windows updates that are pending

Boot your computer and then run in recovery command prompt

Execute this command: exe /online/Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup. This cleans up the component store and helps everything to run properly again

Restart and then run an SFC scan in Safe Mode by doing the following:

Type sfc/scannow

Press Enter

Restart your computer and then run this command: chúng tôi /online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

If this doesn’t help, try the next solution.

4. Reset your PC with Keep my files option

If you’ve tried the system restore and it doesn’t work, reset your PC with Keep my files option.

Performing a reset allows you to choose which files you want to keep, or remove, and then reinstalls Windows, so follow the steps below:

Select Keep my files option

Note: all your personal files will be deleted and settings reset. Any apps you installed will be removed, and only pre-installed apps that came with your PC will be reinstalled.

5. Use Disk Cleanup tool

Since DISM tool won’t work or brings up DISM error 2, and Disk Cleanup can’t release much space, use the Disk Defragmenter to rearrange fragmented data on the system by doing the following:

Under Optimize and defragment drive, select Optimize

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