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Whether you’re shooting a video, taking fun selfies, or really anything else, using a tripod can be a gamechanger for your mobile photography and videos. The best tripods for iPhone provide much-needed stability to your phone, which helps capture the perfect shots. Moreover, you can shoot hands-free which gives you more control and flexibility.

As someone who travels solo, I use a tripod to take all my travel photos and it’s been life-changing. It’s almost like having your own personal photographer at a fraction of the price! You don’t need to take my word for it – try it yourself by grabbing one of the best iPhone tripods from the list below.

Why use a tripod with your iPhone

If you’re wondering if it’s even worth getting a tripod for your iPhone, let’s look into some of the benefits this accessory offers:

It provides stability without you having to hold your phone. This can be a gamechanger for better photography and videography.

It’s especially useful for low-light photography when you’re using the manual mode on your iPhone camera. When you slow down the shutter speed, even the slightest movement can ruin your photograph. A tripod helps you avoid this and capture great low-light shots.

It’s handy to shoot photos of yourself without having to ask another person. Just set up your iPhone tripod and use a self-timer or a Bluetooth remote to capture shots of yourself – perfect for solo travelers and Instagrammers!

It makes it easy to shoot timelapse videos. A timelapse usually requires holding your phone steady for a prolonged period of time. Your hands are bound to tire of that so get a tripod for your iPhone and let the camera roll.

How to pick the best tripod for your iPhone

I’ve listed the best iPhone tripods for you below, but if you want to pick something out on your own, here are some things to keep in mind:

Choose the right size. Read the product description to know the minimum and maximum height of a tripod. Mini tripods are usually small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and need to be placed on top of flat surfaces like a desk. They’re not usually suitable for the outdoors. On the other hand, full-sized tripods can be adjusted to stay steady on uneven surfaces too. Lastly, GorillaPod tripods provide the most flexibility and can be clasped around different surfaces thanks to their flexible legs.

Make sure the tripod’s phone holder attachment can securely hold your iPhone. Some cheap mobile tripods come with flimsy holders that can make your phone fall out mid-shoot! So make sure to invest in something high-quality.

Get something that’s sturdy but lightweight enough to carry around. Even if you mostly shoot indoors, it’s handy to have a tripod that you can carry outdoors or on your travels for different kinds of shoots.

Ensure that the iPhone tripod supports varied angles without having to repeatedly remove the phone. Ideally, there should be a lever that lets you control the rotation and angle of your phone.

If you’re serious about photography, it’s nice to get a tripod that works with other gadgets too such as a DSLR camera or a GoPro. This means you won’t have to invest in separate tripods for your different gear.

Best iPhone tripods to elevate your mobile photography

Best overall: UBeesize 50″ Tripod

Here’s a sturdy and affordable iPhone tripod that can extend up to 50 inches in height. It’s made of high-quality yet lightweight aluminum alloy and weighs just 385 grams. This makes it perfect to carry around wherever you go. It comes with a spring-loaded phone mount that makes it super easy to securely attach your iPhone either horizontally or vertically.

Moreover, the 3-way pan head features separate knobs for the headlock, pan lock, and tilt lock to get just the angle you need for your shots. It’s perfect for portrait shots, panoramic landscapes, and more. Of course, it also doubles up to hold other devices like a camera, webcam, or even LED lights.

Price: $19.99

Buy now

Best for pros: Joby GripTight PRO TelePod

If you’re willing to spend a bit more to get the absolute best iPhone tripod for professional use, you can’t go wrong with this versatile Joby Telepod. It can function as a handgrip, monopod, elevated stand, or tripod, all in one. With the mount extended and legs closed to form a grip, it’s a selfie stick or monopod, perfect for overhead shots. And with the mount telescoped and legs extended, it’s an elevated stand. Lastly, with legs folded out and the extension lowered, it’s a sturdy tripod.

Moreover, it’s super portable at just 19.5cm tall and can be extended up to 60cm. It comes with a Bluetooth remote shutter for convenience and can also double up for your other photography gear including point & shoot cameras, action cameras, and lights. Lastly, you get a one-year warranty so can buy with confidence.

Price: $99.50

Buy now 

Perfect for table-top use: Manfrotto Mini Tripod

Manfrotto is well known for high-quality camera gear and this handy little tripod lives up to the name. It’s small yet incredibly sturdy – perfect to place atop a table and record videos hands-free or catch up on FaceTime. Even when you use it outside, it has enough heft not to get knocked over by the wind.

Furthermore, the compact size makes it pretty adept at capturing interesting low-angle shots.  The ball joint is easy to adjust for multiple angles and snugly locks in place. The only downside is that the clamp can only hold your phone horizontally and not vertically. One feature I particularly like is that you can close the tripod legs and use it as a handy grip or selfie stick of sorts when you need to.

Price: $30.55

Buy now

Perfect for the outdoors: Joby GripTight ONE GorillaPod Stand

Standard iPhone tripods have the limitation of needing a flat ground to stand on. Joby’s unique flexible tripod overcomes that issue and enables you to attach your iPhone almost anywhere. The bendable, adjustable legs can be curved to hook securely around poles or branches so that you can get a great shot wherever you are.

At the same time, it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and is super lightweight to carry around. Rubber foot grips provide stability on almost any surface, ensuring crisp photos and videos. Of course, the rotating head allows you to adjust the angle too. This one’s a must-have for anyone who loves to use their iPhone camera while out and about.

Price: $22.90

Buy now

A versatile budget option: Ubeesize Selfie Stick Plus Tripod

I love products that can do multiple things at once. This cool selfie-stick plus tripod definitely fits the bill. The “stick” can be folded out into a tripod and the height can be adjusted from 17.72 inches to 62 inches. This is perfect for almost any need, from great selfies to live streams and videos for all your social media.

Moreover, it comes with a handy Bluetooth remote to trigger your camera shutter button from a distance. This provides the ultimate convenience. The phone clamp securely holds your phone and you can smoothly move the device to a 360-degree rotation, giving you the flexibility for the best viewing angle. All in all, it’s a steal at under $20!

Price: $17.99

Buy now

Great for vlogging: Lume Cube Mobile Creator Tripod Stand & Kit

If you’re a budding or professional video creator looking for a high-quality tripod for your iPhone, it’s worth investing in Lume Cube’s mini mobile stand and creator kit. The stand can be used as a selfie stick or tripod with adjustable angles. It’s incredibly well-made and great for both indoor and outdoor use.

However, if you want to take things up a notch, splurge on the Mobile Creator Kit which includes an LED light panel and a directional microphone. These will help you get the best lighting and sound quality for your videos no matter where you are. It gives you professional-quality results while still being compact and reasonably priced.

Price: $59.99 for the tripod; $179.99 for the full kit

Buy Tripod Stand

Buy Mobile Creator Kit

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The Best Hurricane Tracking Apps For Iphone

Hurricane tracking apps are must-have tools if you live or plan to visit areas where the annual Atlantic hurricane season takes place from June 1 through Nov. 30. These useful apps can help you stay safe even when bad weather hits. 


When we were looking for hurricane-related apps, we wanted to make sure the titles were recently updated, have already been tested in previous storms, and when it’s a paid app, offers extra value. These apps fit that criteria, and more.

For both iPhone and iPad, the National Hurricane Center Data app displays 8-hour satellite imagery animations, so you always know when a storm’s about to hit. In total, the app includes 10 useful filters, letting you view storm information from different perspectives. This includes Visible, Shortwave AR, Water Vapor, RGB, AVN, Dvorak, JSL, Funktop, Rainbow, and RBTOP.

Notable features:

8-hour NOAA/NHC Satellite Imagery.

5-day Hurricane Forecast.

5-day Tropical Storm Outlook (Pacific).

5-day Tropical Storm Outlook (Atlantic).

NWS Tropical Weather Discussion.

Optimized for iPhone X, the universal National Hurricane Center Data app cover storms in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Availability: iPhone and iPad

Cost: $1.99

One of the oldest weather apps on the App Store, Hurricane Tracker offers over 65 maps and images for both the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Basin. It provides real-time National Hurricane Center Updates, tropical audio updates, and storm video.

Notable features:

Includes exclusive “Alert Level” and “Long Range Potential” maps.

One of the oldest hurricane tracking apps on the App Store.

In-depth written discussions and analysis.

Real-time National Hurricane Center Updates.

Hurricane Tracker provides lots of useful information at a price point that’s worth it. It covers the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Atlantic Ocean, and Eastern Pacific.


: iPhone only 

Cost$3.99 , plus in-app purchases that allow you to contribute for future app development.

With data from The Weather Channel, Storm Radar offers an HD interactive radar map so you can always see what’s coming your way. View live weather patterns around the world or keep ahead of the storm with six-hour predictive radar.

Notable features:

View wind speed, storm tracks, more.

Customize your radar map with detailed data overlays such as seismic activity and temperature.

Get notified of incoming rain with real-time precipitation updates for your area.

Be aware of hazardous lightning strikes: get live lightning alerts for your GPS location.

Storm Radar offers detailed, color-coded view of weather patterns in your area, including how much wind and rain to expect. Know when and where the storm will hit with future radar across land and sea. Set live local storm alerts and severe weather warnings with ease.

Availability: iPhone and iPad

Cost: Free

This freemium app from the E.W. Scripps Company provides severe weather alerts for your location or anywhere in the U.S. Storm-based alerts help reduce false alarms by alerting you whenever there’s a severe weather pattern forming at your exact location with a county, not just for the county as a whole.

Notable features:

With Apple Watch, get a tap on your wrist when alerts are issued for your locations.

High Definition radar map is your Home screen so you can immediately see what’s going on at your locations.

View current conditions, hourly and daily forecasts.

Storm Shield provides lots of features for free, or you can buy a $1.49-per-month special Weather Bundle as an in-app purchase.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Price: Free plus in-app purchases, including the ability to add future radar, storm tracks, lightning, and temperature forecast map.

Available in English and Spanish, the Hurricane: American Red Cross app provides step-by-step instructions on what do before and after a storm. Use the app to track the path of the hurricane and find open Red Cross shelters in your area.

Notable features:

Customizable alerting and push notification options.

Easy to view alert feed with the ability to remove alerts.

Let friends know you are okay with the customizable “I’m Safe” alert for Facebook, Twitter, email, and text.

Most hurricane-related apps stop offering information once a storm is gone. The official Hurricane: American Red Cross app is different, providing information before, during, and after a storm.

Availability: iPhone and iPad

Cost: Free

The Weather Underground app offers current conditions from local weather stations around the United States. Use the app to stay updated with current weather data, including temperature, “feels like,” wind speed and direction, today’s rain accumulation, humidity, dew point, visibility, and pressure.

Notable features:

Powered by a network of 270,000+ personal weather stations.

Monitor air quality, UV risk, and local flu outbreaks.

Track global storms.

Scroll through time with the interactive play-bar for radar and satellite.

Weather Underground is one of the most respected weather providers around the world and why this app remains one of the most popular titles on the App Store.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Cost: Free

Hurricane tracking apps

There are countless hurricane-related weather apps on the App Store. The ones presented here are all useful for different reasons, with prices ranging from free to $3.99. If you find yourself in the path of a storm, each of these apps will make a difference and give you peace of mind.

What’s your favorite hurricane tracking app? Let us know below.

Apple “Fully Prepared: To Fight For Ip Suit App Store Devs

Apple has struck out at Lodsys, the company threatening iOS app developers with legal action over alleged patent infringement, insisting that, as Apple is already a licensee of the contested patents, “the Apple App markers are protected by that license.” The company has promised that it is “fully prepared to defend license rights”; according to SVP and general counsel Bruce Sewell, MacWorld reports, “Apple is entitled to offer these licensed products and services to its customers and business partners, who, in turn, have the right to use them.”

Lodsys itself has confirmed that Apple has licensed the IP, and the argument appears to have arisen over whether it then has the right to allow iOS developers to use that IP in their own products. Sewell’s argument – which you can read in full in the full text of the letter to Lodsys below – is that, since developers actually use Apple’s own services, technologies and systems (which may or may not involve Lodsys patents) the developers are subject to Apple’s licensing rather than directly to Lodsys’ technologies.

It remains to be seen whether Lodsys will do as Sewell demands and “immediately withdraw all notice letters sent to Apple App Makers and cease its false assertions that the App Makers’ use of licensed Apple products and services in any way constitute infringement of any Lodsys patent.” The company is yet to respond.


May 23, 2011

Mark Small

Chief Executive Officer

Lodsys, LLC

[Address information removed]

Dear Mr. Small:

I write to you on behalf of Apple Inc. (“Apple”) regarding your recent notice letters to application developers (“App Makers”) alleging infringement of certain patents through the App Makers’ use of Apple products and services for the marketing, sale, and delivery of applications (or “Apps”). Apple is undisputedly licensed to these patents and the Apple App Makers are protected by that license. There is no basis for Lodsys’ infringement allegations against Apple’s App Makers. Apple intends to share this letter and the information set out herein with its App Makers and is fully prepared to defend Apple’s license rights.

Because I believe that your letters are based on a fundamental misapprehension regarding Apple’s license and the way Apple’s products work, I expect that the additional information set out below will be sufficient for you to withdraw your outstanding threats to the App Makers and cease and desist from any further threats to Apple’s customers and partners.

Second, while we are not privy to all of Lodsys’s infringement contentions because you have chosen to send letters to Apple’s App Makers rather than to Apple itself, our understanding based on the letters we have reviewed is that Lodsys’s infringement allegations against Apple’s App Makers rest on Apple products and services covered by the license. These Apple products and services are offered by Apple to the App Makers to enable them to interact with the users of Apple products—such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and the Apple iOS operating system—through the use or Apple’s App Store, Apple Software Development Kits, and Apple Application Program Interfaces (“APIs”) and Apple servers and other hardware.

The illustrative infringement theory articulated by Lodsys in the letters we have reviewed under Claim 1 of U.S. Patent No. 7,222,078 is based on App Makers’ use of such licensed Apple products and services. Claim 1 claims a user interface that allows two-way local interaction with the user and elicits user feedback. Under your reading of the claim as set out in your letters, the allegedly infringing acts require the use of Apple APIs to provide two-way communication, the transmission of an Apple ID and other services to permit access for the user to the App store, and the use of Apple’s hardware, iOS, and servers.

Claim 1 also claims a memory that stores the results of the user interaction and a communication element to carry those results to a central location. Once again, Apple provides, under the infringement theories set out in your letters, the physical memory in which user feedback is stored and, just as importantly, the APIs that allow transmission of that user feedback to and from the App Store, over an Apple server, using Apple hardware and software. Indeed, in the notice letters to App Makers that we have been privy to, Lodsys itself relies on screenshots of the App Store to purportedly meet this claim element.

Finally, claim 1 claims a component that manages the results from different users and collects those results at the central location. As above, in the notice letters we have seen, Lodsys uses screenshots that expressly identify the App Store as the entity that purportedly collects and manages the results of these user interactions at a central location.

Thus, the technology that is targeted in your notice letters is technology that Apple is expressly licensed under the Lodsys patents to offer to Apple’s App Makers. These licensed products and services enable Apple’s App Makers to communicate with end users through the use of Apple’s own licensed hardware, software, APIs, memory, servers, and interfaces, including Apple’s App Store. Because Apple is licensed under Lodsys’ patents to offer such technology to its App Makers, the App Makers are entitled to use this technology free from any infringement claims by Lodsys.

Through its threatened infringement claims against users of Apple’s licensed technology, Lodsys is invoking patent law to control the post-sale use of these licensed products and methods. Because Lodsys’s threats are based on the purchase or use of Apple products and services licensed under the Agreement, and because those Apple products and services, under the reading articulated in your letters, entirely or substantially embody each of Lodsys’s patents, Lodsys’s threatened claims are barred by the doctrines of patent exhaustion and first sale. As the Supreme Court has made clear, “[t]he authorized sale of an article that substantially embodies a patent exhausts the patent holder’s rights and prevents the patent holder from invoking patent law to control postsale use of the article.” Quanta Computer, Inc. v. LG Elecs., Inc., 553 U.S. 617 (2008).

Therefore, Apple requests that Lodsys immediately withdraw all notice letters sent to Apple App Makers and cease its false assertions that the App Makers’ use of licensed Apple products and services in any way constitute infringement of any Lodsys patent.

Very truly yours,

Bruce Sewell

Senior Vice President & General Counsel

Apple Inc.

Budget Iphone: The Augur Of A New Era Of Lower Apple Margins

What should the rumored budget iPhone cost and how low could Apple price it without sacrificing its industry-leading profits? Jean-Louis Gassée, a former executive at Apple, where he worked from 1981 to 1990, ran some numbers on his Monday Note blog to try and make sense of the idea. The crux: there’s no way Apple could make a compelling, inexpensive device sporting today’s hardware encased in a less exquisite (dare I say, plasticky?) body without sacrificing its powerful margins.

Should the Cupertino, California company in fact pursue the low-cost iPhone, the move will be remembered as the augur of a new era of lower Apple margins and as such likely signals a new brutal phase in the Smartphone Wars…

Gassée drives a number of interesting points home on his blog.

For Apple to enter and prosper in this segment, it has to determine two things: What sort of premium can it get for a low cost iPhone, and what would the device mean for the rest of the product line?

Assuming a less-pricey iPhone would cost about $100 to manufacture (half the iPhone 5’s bill of material) and applying the iPhone 5’s 60 percent margin percentage, Gassée extrapolates that the gizmo would have to retail for $299.

That is still too high a price to pay for an unsubsidized handset, even if it’s a budget iPhone.

If Apple aims for the $199 segment, the margin has to drop to fifty percent, he explains.

But if Bloomberg heard correct, Apple is actually shooting for a $99 to $149 device.

The high point of this estimate, a $149 budget iPhone, would require a 30 percent margin – half of that of the iPhone 5.

And what about the sweet $99 price point?

To get to the magic $99 unsubsidized retail, with an un-Apple 30% margin, the low-cost iPhone would need to be manufactured for less than $75, about one third of today’s iPhone 5.

Should Apple really go down that route, Gassée thinks it’s gonna be a whole new ball game for a company that prides itself with crazy margins that are the envy of the industry.

Apple execs are fond of saying they’d cannibalize their products themselves rather than let competitors do it. Even if exquisitely executed and priced just so, it’s hard not to see the (putative) budget iPhone as the augur of a new era of lower Apple margins.

In other words, the budget iPhone wouldn’t be born of a tactical decision to add a new set of customers, it would be a strategic move that signals a new phase in the Smartphone Wars.

In my mind, Apple should be able to make a low-cost iPhone that doesn’t suck, even more so considering some of the really interesting devices introduced over the past few months.

Look no further than Google’s Nexus 4, a pretty decent piece of hardware even by 2013 standards. The 8GB, contract-free model is reasonably priced at $299 and no, it doesn’t look cheap at all – quite the contrary.

When Apple was developing the iPhone, it was envisioned as an exclusive high-end play. But as the saying goes, you can only milk a cow so long, then you’re left holding the pail.

The premium segment is peaking.

Smartphone penetration in the United States and other key markets passed the 50 percent mark last summer. So, as the remaining 50 percent joins the game and as the next billion people in emerging markets upgrade to smartphones from their crappy feature phones, price predictably will play a decisive factor.

You may be able to afford an iPhone, but the vast majority of feature phone owners in Brazil or India just cannot justify dropping $700 or more for an iPhone, not in this economy, not with so many sub-$100 low-end, no-contract Android phones vying for their attention.

The iPhone costs a fortune in these cash-strapped markets and Apple’s share has plummeted to single digits as a result.

It’s a simple math, really.

The bottom line: the budget iPhone will likely have a premium attached to its price, but nowhere near to the 60 percent margin the company has been enjoying on the high-end of the spectrum for nearly seven years now.

The current iPhone price matrix: Apple cannot forever ignore no-contract phones and must create a better alternative than the 2.5-year old 8GB iPhone 4, which starts at $450.

The current iPhone price matrix: Apple cannot forever ignore no-contract phones and must create a better alternative than the 2.5-year old 8GB iPhone 4, which starts at $450.

Let’s be clear.

I’m not saying Tim Cook should ask his team to come up with a sub-$100 iPhone, even if such an aggressively priced device would really open up the market for the iPhone.

But Apple can get away with charging a slight premium for the budget iPhone, make no mistake about it. And to suggest that a premium Apple experience could never be within reach of budget shoppers is not knowing Apple’s supply chain prowess and its vast economies of scale.

Case in point: the iPad mini.

$130 is not some lump change, but turns out many people are loving the mini nonetheless.

What types of people?

Obviously the ones seeking both an affordable and premium tablet experience rather than the cheapest one.

Assumingly, the budget iPhone would represent an affordable option for buyers in emerging markets. Such a product would go a long way toward widening the iPhone price umbrella and countering Android’s growth from the mid-end.

You may not realize this, but pretty much everywhere around the world – with the notable exception of the United States and a few other markets – cell phones are actually sold unsubsidized. This is especially true for emerging markets like China and BRIC countries where people either have bad credit or for other reasons are reluctant to commit their soul contractually to costly wireless service plans.

They instead purchase wireless service credits as they go, which lets them keep their spending in check. It’s pretty straightforward: you first buy a credit at a nearby drugstore or newsstand and them “redeem” the activation code on your device.

In some countries (like Serbia), you just tell the clerk your phone number and they load the credit to your account. From there, the cost of any voice call made, text message sent or megabyte of cellular data consumed is charged from your virtual credit. Once that credit is depleted, the carrier will block your phone calls and other wireless services until you buy another credit.

It’s a pay-as-you go philosophy much like Apple’s iTunes Gift Cards. You buy one in any denomination, pay for it with cash, PayPal or your credit card, redeem the code in iTunes and voila – going forward, your purchases are deducted from your iTunes credit.

To keep costs down, the budget iPhone is reportedly made from cheaper materials. Just don’t put a recycled 2010 hardware inside, for God’s sake…

To keep costs down, the budget iPhone is reportedly made from cheaper materials. Just don’t put a recycled 2010 hardware inside, for God’s sake…

Which brings me to my final point.

As popular as smartphones are – even more so in emerging markets where more than half mobile users are yet to buy their first smartphone – hardware price matters.

Apple’s pricing strategy with the budget iPhone will be important and vital – but not key – to its acceptance in these emerging markets.

It doesn’t have to be dirt cheap in order to succeed.

Affordable will do.

Best Designer Cases For Iphone 7 Plus

A designer case may not have the power of a heavy-duty case, but boasts enviable charm. Just scroll through these best Designer Cases for iPhone 7 Plus to find your perfect match. Though it may sound so, every designer case doesn’t come at a hefty price.

1. Rebecca Minkoff Holographic Designer Case

Designed to flaunt some quirk, the TPU clear case sports holographic scattered suns. The clear back lets the iPhone express itself without any interference.

Metallic buttons not just improves the user experience, they add that extra edge to the design as well. Styled in Rebecca Minkoff’s signature prints, your phablet will look effortlessly chic and special. If you like holographic prints and patterns, Rebecca has more options at your dispersal.

2. Designer Wallet Case by Lopie

For some, elegance and simplicity speaks more; this case is for those users. Made from skin-friendly sea island cotton fabric, Lopie also hosts genuine leather card slots in the back. The smart and convenient wallet case can securely store IDs, credit or debit cards.

A premium quality polycarbonate (PC) is employed for the inner casing. This lends form-fitting, slim-profile and resists damage from accidental drops as well. The case also has a secret pocket for a NANO-sim card and eject pin.

3. OtterBox Symmetry Series Halftone Designer Case

OtterBox is known to manufacture robust cases with minimum aesthetics. For a change, the brand has surprised its users with this designer case for iPhone. The Halftone graphic on the case creates stylish looks; moreover, the design keeps the case pocket-friendly as it never hampers your phone’s functions.

For protection, OtterBox has used dual-material construction that absorbs shocks. The beveled edge provides a necessary elevation to the touchscreen of your iPhone.

4. Paisley Flower Clear Designer Case by MOSNOVO

Both in terms of design and durability, the Mosnovo case stands up to the mark. The floral henna paisley pattern will retain its appeal, thanks to the scratch-resistant print.

Two-layered construction aids the designer case for iPhone 7 Plus to withstand the challenge of drops. A shock-absorbing TPU bumper and sturdy polycarbonate back panel make it more capable. The slim profile becomes on iPhone stylishly.

Mosnovo designer case should live up to your expectations from every aspect. What makes it a great buy is the ability to keep its beauty secure for long.

5. Marble Design Case for Women from Velvet Caviar

Velvet Caviar offers a range of impressive designs and colors in the iPhone case. With 20 beautiful designs and vibrant colors, Velvet Caviar is a leader in manufacturing designer cases. This holographic pink, blue marble case is made for girls and women. The drop-test certified case is designed in New York City artists.

Velvet Caviar has used the highest grade materials and laser printing technology to create fantastic marble design. Apart from design, Velvet Caviar has paid enough attention to protection as the case is made of shockproof TPU bumper and PC plate.

That’s all!

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Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of chúng tôi who has a keen eye for news, rumors, and all the unusual stuff around Apple products. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting content on social media.

Best Battery Cases For Iphone 6 And Iphone 6S In 2023

There are tons of different types of battery cases with cutting-edge technology and high-quality features. Each one of them has its utility. Battery cases are popularly demanded due to their rich versatility of providing protection, much-needed power, attractive company to iPhone, and many more. How about bargaining the best battery cases for Phone 6/6s? Keeping every feature, price, and technology in the right perspective by how much value it can add to your phone, some of the most efficient battery cases have been shortlisted. Let’s dive in to see them!

With 4000mAh battery, this case from Lonlif can fully charge your iPhone 6 series and still left with some juice for the second charge. To start charging, just press and hold the power button on the back for a couple of seconds. In order to charge your iPhone with a cable, you won’t need to remove the case.

Besides charging, the case perfectly protects your iPhone from normal falls and bumps. On top of that, the raised edges give extra protection to display and camera. Lastly, it is available only in black color.

2. Pxwaxpy Battery Case for iPhone

Here’s a 6000mAh battery case that provides an extra 17 hours of Talktime, 60 hours of music playback, and 13 hours of video playback for your iPhone 6 or 6s. Not only is it a portable charging case, but also a protective cover for your phone with 360-degree protection. Indicator lights at the back show you how much power is left at any point.

Further, the high-quality internal chips also protect your iPhone from overheating, short-circuiting, and overcharging. At the same time, it’s compatible with traditional 3.5mm lighting headphones or wireless Bluetooth headphones to listen to music. Get it in black, red, or rose gold colors.

3. TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case

Tylt Enerji sports pretty impressive design that snaps on immaculately on the iPhone. The dual-layer design ensures your iPhone has the needed protection from impact. The sliding design allows you to use the battery case with or without the sleeve.

With the powerful 3200mAh battery onboard, you get tons of additional battery life. The solid battery charges your device with lightning-fast speed. And, as soon as your smartphone is fully powered up, charging is automatically stopped.

4. Rechargeable Battery Case from HETP

Whenever I go for a long drive, the thing that I always want in abundance is battery life. And a battery case like HETP is an ideal foil for a long journey. Powered by a massive 6000mAh battery, the case is fully capable of providing over 200% charge to the iPhone 6/6s.

The case features intelligent chip to shield the smartphone against several dangers like overcurrent and short-circuiting. Courtesy the sync-through-design, it lets you sync and charges simultaneously.

With the 360° scratch-guard, the case can also offer basic protection to your iPhone against shock and scratches. Not to mention the three good-looking colors like black, red, and rose gold that let you choose a better companion for the device.

5. Gixvdcu Protective Charging Case

For those looking for plenty of extra power, Gixvdcu seems to be one of the better picks. Packed in with 6000mAh battery, the battery case is more than good enough to provide over 200% extra juice to your smartphone.

As for durability, the case sports double-layer of protection to endure shock. And with the 360° scratch guard, it is fully equipped to keep your smartphone protected not only from impact from scratches.

Featuring sync-through technology, the case also allows you to sync your device to a computer without any hassle. Furthermore, it also comes with an intelligent chip to ward off threats like short-circuiting and overheating.

6. Slim Battery Case from Yacikos

Yacikos has impressed me for a couple of main reasons. First and foremost, it’s got a mammoth 6000mAh lithium battery that provides a lot of additional power to the iPhone 6/6s. And the second, It’s in compliance CE, RoHS, and FCC. Therefore, it offers essential security to the device against all the common hazards.

Talking about the design, Yacikos battery case looks sturdy and can endure bumps. The mix of high-grade ABS and silicone material has given it a durable structure. Plus, the rose gold, red and black color variants look attractive.

7. JUBOTY Battery Case

This charging case features a high-quality polymer battery that can provide an extra 150% power to your iPhone 6/6S. It’s made of high-quality shockproof and shatterproof PC material that can protect your phone against scratches and bumps.

Further, the back of the case includes a magnetic function so you can easily attach it to a car mount when driving. It also supports wired headphones ports, so you can also enjoy music and make a phone call when charging. Conveniently sync your phone data to your MacBook, PC, or laptop without removing the battery case using a USB data cable.

8. Swyop Battery Case with LED indicators

A dependable battery cover like Swyop deserves a mention in this coveted lineup. The case has packed in a robust 6000mAh battery in a fairly compact design. That means your smartphone will continue to look sleek even with this case on.

In terms of efficiency, the battery case is more than capable to provide at least a 200% extra charge. Whether you are a power user or a gamer, the additional battery life would ensure you can go about your job without the concern of charging the device. That aside, it’s pretty easy to install/remove and can also take on random drops thanks to the inclusion of a rugged bumper.

That’s all, folks!

Your pick?

I guess you have found the ideal power back for your smartphone. I would be glad to know its name and the features you have found really adorable.

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