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Some PC users have reported that when they try to run some tasks created with Task Scheduler on their Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer, they get the error prompt with the message Task Scheduler service is not available. This post provides the most applicable solutions to this issue.

Task Scheduler service is not available. Task Scheduler will attempt to reconnect to it.

Task Scheduler service is not available

If you get the Task Scheduler service is not available when you try to run some tasks on your Windows 11/10 system, you can try our recommended fixes below in no particular order and see what works for you in resolving the issue on your device.

Initial checklist

Manually start Task Scheduler service

Change the Task Conditions

Create or modify Start registry key value for Task Scheduler

Check for and delete corrupted Tasks

Perform Reset This PC, Cloud Reinstall or In-place Upgrade Repair Windows

Let’s have a quick look at the description of the listed solutions.

1] Initial checklist

Some PC users reported they encountered this issue after installing a new update for Windows 11/10. So, if this case scenario applies to you, before you proceed with the fixes below, as a possible quick resolution, you can run SFC scan to fix any system file that might have been corrupted due to the ‘buggy’ update. You can also consider uninstalling the update on your device, or perform System Restore and select a restore point before installing the update. On the other hand, if your PC is not running the latest version/build, see if updating your system resolves the issue for you.

2] Manually start Task Scheduler service

We start off with the most obvious solution to the Task Scheduler service is not available, which is to manually start the Task Scheduler service. To perform this task, make sure you’re logged in as an administrator on your Windows 11/10 PC.

To manually start the Task Scheduler service, do the following:

Press Windows key + R to invoke the Run dialog.

In the Run dialog box, type chúng tôi and hit Enter to open Services.

In the Services window, scroll and locate the Task Scheduler service.

Restart PC.

Now, see if you can run the task successfully. If not, try the next solution.

Read: Task Scheduler Access is denied. Error code 0x80070005

3] Change the Task Conditions

Some affected PC users reported that by changing the conditions of the task they are trying to run, they were able to resolve the issue.

Do the following:

Press Windows key + R keys to invoke the Run dialog.

In the Run dialog box, type taskschd.msc and hit Enter to open Task Scheduler.

In the left pane of Task Scheduler, expand the Task Scheduler Library.

Now, select the folder that contains the task triggering the error.

Now, under the Network section, make sure to select the Start only if the following network connection is available option.

Next, from the drop-down located below to the above settings, select Any connection.

Exit Task Scheduler.

Reboot PC.

On boot check if the issue in highlight is resolved. If not, make sure to uncheck the above setting, and then proceed with the next solution.

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4] Create or modify Start registry key value for Task Scheduler

This solution requires you to create or modify the Start registry key value for Task Scheduler service. To perform this task, do the following:

Since this is a registry operation, it is recommended that you back up the registry or create a system restore point as necessary precautionary measures. Once done, you can proceed as follows:

Press Windows key + R to invoke the Run dialog.

In the Run dialog box, type regedit and hit Enter to open Registry Editor.

Navigate or jump to the registry key path below:


Input 2 in the Value data field.

Exit Registry Editor.

Restart your PC.

On boot check if you can run the task without issues. Otherwise, continue with the next solution.

5] Check for and delete corrupted Tasks

There are 3rd-party tasks that might get corrupted, hence the issue you’re currently facing. In this case, you need to identify, then rename or delete the culprit task. To perform this task which requires you make changes to the registry, we recommend you first back up the registry or create a system restore point in case something goes wrong.

To check for and rename or delete corrupted Task in the Windows Registry, do the following:

Open Registry Editor.

Navigate or jump to the registry key path below:


Again rename  chúng tôi  back to Tree and expand this registry key.

Under Tree registry key, suffix each key with .old and each time you rename a particular key run your task in Task Scheduler and see if the error is triggered.

Repeat until the error message doesn’t appear.

Now delete those entries causing the Task Scheduler error.

Once done, exit Registry Editor and restart your PC.

The issue should now be resolved. If not, you can try the next solution.

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6] Perform Reset This PC, Cloud Reinstall or In-place Upgrade Repair Windows

Severe system file corruption or bad Windows image could be the culprit here. So, if nothing has worked so far up to this point, you can try Reset This PC, or Cloud Reinstall to reset every Windows component. If neither procedure worked to resolve the issue in hand, you may also try In-place Upgrade Repair and see if that helps.

Any of these solutions should work for you!

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The Default Gateway Is Not Available On Windows 11/10

If when you run the Internet Connections Troubleshooter it displays a message – The default gateway is not available on Windows 11/10, then here are some troubleshooting tips you should follow to fix this problem. This error can be seen if your computer is momentarily turning off your network adapter, as a result of which communication to the internet or network is lost. If you see this message, one thing you should try first is to restart the computer and run this Troubleshooter again. If it helps fix the problem, well and good – but if it does not, then read on.

The default gateway is not available on Windows 11/10

Do the following things to resolve your issue:

Install Network driver

Reinstall Network adapters driver

Verify Power Saving Mode

Reset TCP/IP

Disable Firewall software

1] Install Network driver

This is the most common solution to this problem. Most people get this error message after a fresh installation of Windows. If you have installed Windows 11/10 without any leftover, you have to install the network driver so that your network adapters can start working. If you haven’t done it yet, this is the time when you need to install it. Generally, you can find the network driver on the Motherboard CD. However, if you have a laptop, you might need to use another computer or mobile to download the driver from the manufacturer’s website.

2] Reinstall Network adapters driver

If you already have the driver but you face this issue on your Windows PC, you can try reinstalling the driver. Many times, when we install an update, an internal setting or file can go missing. At such times, there is a chance of getting such errors. If you uninstall the driver and reinstall it, it might solve your problem.

After that, restart your computer and install the device driver.

3] Verify Power Saving Mode

If you are using a Windows laptop, the Power Options panel plays a vital role. Generally, laptop users use Wi-Fi and if you are doing the same, but getting the error message, then you need to check some settings related to Power Saving Mode.

If not, do select it and save the change.

4] Reset TCP/IP

TCP/IP or Internet Protocol is the most important thing if you want to use the internet on your computer. If it is corrupted due to any reason, you have to reset TCP/IP. There is no need to use any third-party software since a simple command does the job pretty well.

If this does not help, use the Network Reset option to reset Windows network settings to default.

5] Disable the Firewall software

There are many people, who install third-party firewall software to manage incoming and outgoing connections. If you have done that, you should try disabling it temporarily. If that solves your problem, you need to either tweak some settings or uninstall it completely.

Also, if you have changed some settings in Windows Firewall, you can reset it to factory default and check if the problem remains or not.

How do I get my default gateway back?

The quickest way to get your default gateway back is by releasing your current IP. To do this, execute the following command ipconfig /release in CMD and hit Enter. This will release any assigned IP addresses and gateways. Now type ipconfig /renew and hit Enter to get a new default gateway.

Hope these suggestions help you solve your problem.

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Fix: Class Not Registered Chrome Error On Windows 10/11

FIX: Class not registered Chrome error on Windows 10/11




Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers on the market.

The article below will guide you on how to fix the Class not registered error in Chrom

There are many tricks that will fix this issue, including reregistering the DLL files, and changing the prefix of the Chrome shortcut.

We give you step-by-step instructions on them, plus other similar fixes, and you can even find some alternative software recommendations.

Try Opera One, a browser with various functionalities already built-in!

A flawless browser like Opera has most functions already under the hood.

Here’s what’s included by default:

Easy and intuitive workspace management

Ad-blocker mode integrated to load pages faster

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Customizable Ul and AI-friendly

⇒ Get Opera One

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser on the market with millions of active users. Despite its popularity, Google Chrome still has some issues, and many users reported Class not registered error message while using Chrome. This error can prevent you from starting Chrome, and today we’re going to show you how to solve this problem on Windows 10.

Class not registered chúng tôi error, how to fix it on Windows 10?

1. Completely remove Google Chrome and reinstall it

If you’re having this problem, you might want to try reinstalling Google Chrome. In most cases, you need to completely remove Chrome, and the best way to do that is to use Revo Uninstaller or any other similar tool.

Using this tool you’ll remove Chrome along with its registry entries and associated files. After removing Chrome completely, reinstall it and check if the problem still appears.

2. Delete Chrome registry values

To remove the problematic values, do the following:






After deleting these keys Chrome should start working again without any problems.

If you’re looking for a faster way to delete these keys, you might want to try using Command Prompt. Using Command Prompt you can delete these keys by running few commands. To do that, follow these steps:






Several users reported that other values can also cause this problem to appear. To fix the issue, you need to locate and remove the following keys from your registry:




After removing those keys, the problem should be fixed.

Sometimes certain registry values can interfere with your system and cause this error to appear. To fix this problem, you need to remove those values from your registry.

Keep in mind that modifying the registry can cause certain problems, so be aware that you’re modifying it at your own risk.

3. Repin Chrome shortcut to the Start Menu

This is relatively simple and you can do it by following these steps:

If you’re having this problem on your PC, you might be able to solve it simply by repinning Chrome shortcut to the Start Menu or your Taskbar.

After repinning Chrome, you just need to use the pinned shortcut and your browser should start without any errors.

4. Launch Chrome using a .bat file

You can easily run several commands at once on your PC by using a .bat file. These types of files allow you to create your own scripts and run different applications. According to users, you can also use a .bat file to circumvent this error. To create a .bat file, do the following:

Keep in mind that this is a workaround, and if you want to avoid this problem, you need to start Chrome always by using the chúng tôi file.

5. Reregister DLL files

Sometimes Class not registered error message can appear in Chrome because your DLLs aren’t properly registered. To fix the problem, you need to reregister your DLLs and check if that solves the problem. To do that, follow these steps:

Start Command Prompt as an administrator.

When Command Prompt opens, enter FOR /R C: %G IN (*.dll) DO "%systemroot%system32regsvr32.exe" /s "%G" command and press Enter.

Expert tip:

6. Change the prefix of Chrome’s shortcut

According to users, you might be able to fix this error message simply by adding a prefix to Chrome’s shortcut. To do that, follow these steps:

After making these changes, you need to start Chrome using this shortcut. Keep in mind that this is just a workaround, and if you want to avoid this problem, you need to use this shortcut every time you want to start Chrome.

7. Remove the problematic keys and set Chrome as a default app for PDF files

Few users claim that this problem occurs when trying to view PDF files in Chrome. According to them, the problem might be a certain key in your registry. To fix the issue, first you need to remove this key by following these steps:

Open Registry Editor.

Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareClasses key in the left pane. Locate the pdf_auto_file key in the left pane and delete it.

If you can’t find this key in your registry simply proceed to the next segment. Now you just have to set Chrome as default application for PDF files. To do that, follow these steps:

There’s another way to set Chrome as a default application for PDF files. To do that, follow these steps:

You can also use Associate a file type with a program option to set defaults. You can do that by following these steps:

After doing that, Google Chrome will be a default application for PDF files, and that will hopefully fix this error on your PC.

8. Set a different browser as default

Few users claim that you can fix Class not registered error message in Chrome simply by setting a different browser as default. To do that, follow these steps:

You can also set a different default browser by doing the following:

After setting a different web browser as default, start Google Chrome again. Now you should see a message asking you to set Chrome as a default browser. Set Chrome as default and check if the problem is resolved.

If you’re having this problem in Google Chrome, you might be able to fix it simply by updating Chrome to the latest version. To check for updates, you need to do the following:

If you can’t open Chrome at all, you need to remove it and download the latest version from the official website.

This error message might be fixed in the upcoming version of Chrome, but if you can’t wait for the new version you can always download the Canary or Beta version of Chrome and use it instead.

Keep in mind that this version might not be as stable, so you can experience other issues while using it.

You also have the option to use a different browser that may not cause this issue at all. Opera is one of the most reliable browsers out there with great security and up-to-date features that allow you seamlessly navigate the Internet.


Get a seamless, error-free connection and stay secure with great privacy, a built-in VPN, and tons of add-ons.

Free Visit website

If you need to know more about browsers, check out our website’s Browser page. For more guides covering this amazing tool, check out our dedicated Chrome Hub.

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Task Manager Shows Wrong Cpu Usage On Windows 11/10

If your Task Manager shows wrong CPU usage on Windows 11/10, you must act fast. Users have reported this issue after updating a problematic program. When the Task Manager shows wrong CPU usage percentages, it can lead to needless troubles for the majority of Windows users, as the figures could mislead you. The issues are not rampant, but users have reported many cases with Windows 11 running on AMD processors. In whichever case, if it happens to you, you must fix these wrong CPU usage percentages on the Task Manager.

Task Manager shows wrong CPU usage on Windows 11/10

If your Task Manager displays wrong CPU usage figures on Windows 10/11 follow these suggestions to fix the issue:

Change Power settings

Turn off C-state efficient mode

Run a Memory Diagnostic Test

Check in Clean Boot State

Update BIOS

Use Reset PC option.

Before trying any methods, ensure your PC meets the system requirement for Windows 11 or Windows 10 – whichever OS runs on your computer. Also, ensure you deactivate your antivirus temporarily and update your operating system to the latest version.

1] Change Power settings

You can tweak the power settings on your Windows PC and correct the problem. Here is how:

Open the Settings by pressing Window Key + I.

Now, select System and go ahead to choose Power & Battery.

You will see a drop-down that is next to the Power mode.

Hit on the Best performance from the list.

The final step is to restart your Windows PC.

2] Turn off C-state efficient mode

Disabling the C-state mode can solve the problem of Task Manage showing wrong CPU usage. This can be a good fix for users with AMD processors. To perform this method, use the following steps:

Turn the power off for your Windows PC

To access the UEFI/BIOS settings, power your PC on and keep on pressing DEL, F2, F12, or any other buttons depending on your computer manufacturer.

Navigate to System Utilities or, at times, Advanced CPU Settings.

Now, select Platform Configuration or something like System Configuration.

Look for Power and Performance, or its similar options.

You will see C-state efficient mode or something like Global C-state Control. Disable it.

Save the changes and restart your computer.

3] Run a Memory Diagnostic Test

Internal memory anomalies may cause the Task Manager to report wrong CPU usage percentages. To run a memory test, you will need to use the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool. The tool runs through the memory infrastructure and reports back to you.

The steps below explain how to run the Memory Diagnostic Tool on a Windows PC.

Open Run by pressing Windows Key + R.

Type the following command: chúng tôi Then press Enter on your keyboard.

You will see on-screen directions. Follow them and then restart your computer.

If the issue is caused by physical damage to the hardware, like RAM, you should replace it with a new component.

4] Check in Clean Boot State

If the Task Manager shows wrong CPU usage due to a third-party program, conducting a clean boot may resolve the issues immediately. A clean boot also helps to solve other issues that happen in the background, which might not necessarily affect your PC’s performance in a big way. Here’s how to perform a clean boot:

On the Search box or Start menu, type MSconfig and then press Enter.

Head over to the Services option

Tick the box next to “Hide all Microsoft Services” and then select Disable all.

Hit on OK and reboot your Windows PC.

To perform clean-boot troubleshooting, you must take a number of actions, and then restart the computer after each action. You may need to manually disable one item after another to try and pinpoint the one that is causing the problem. Once you have identified the offender, you can consider removing or disabling it.

5] Update BIOS

Updating the BIOS has helped some people resolve this issue. All OEM manufacturers have utilities that help you easily update BIOS, firmware, and drivers. Search for yours and download it from the official site only. This is the safest way to update the BIOS.

ASUS users can download the MyASUS BIOS update utility from the ASUS support site.

Lenovo users can use the Lenovo System Update Tool.

HP users can use the bundled HP Support Assistant.

6] Use Reset PC option

Resetting your PC may resolve the issue. This is especially true if you recently upgraded to a newer version of Windows. Here is how to reset your computer:

Open computer Settings by pressing Win + I.

Head over to System or Update & Security and then choose Recovery.

Select Reset this PC, and choose the best way to do it.

Remember to select the Keep my files option

Follow the on-screen directions to finish the process.

Let us know if anything here helped you.

Why is my CPU 100% for no reason?

When your Task Manager shows CPU usage at 100%, your PC is performing background tasks that are somehow beyond its capacity. High percentages can also be caused by high-intensity apps like games or other resource-heavy programs. It’s not something to worry about, but if you wish, you can limit CPU usage for a process.

What percentage should your CPU be running at?

That is a very difficult question to answer and it all depends on the specifications of your machine and the programs you run on it. Nevertheless, as a thumb rule, if your CPU utilization is normally between 5 and 50%, you could consider it normal. Anything above 70-80% constantly could be regarded as high.

Fix: Skype Error 0Xc00007B On Windows 10/11

FIX: Skype Error 0xc00007b on Windows 10/11




Some users complained that they encounter the 0xc00007b error when launching Skype.

Try a dedicated third-party registry cleaner to repair your invalid Windows registry keys.

You should also install an essential component to run Skype efficiently and error-free.

Use the System File Checker utility to check for errors in system files and repair them.

Keep your PC always working the optimum level CCLeaner is one of the most trusted software that keeps your PC clean and optimized while not interfering with essential system elements. Download it now to:

Clear your cache and cookies for a flawless browsing

Clean registry errors and broken settings

Work and play faster with a quicker PC startup

Check your PC’s health

Update drivers and software to avoid common errors

Keep your system fully functional

How do I fix 0xc00007b Skype error (Application unable to start correctly) on my Windows 10 PC?

Did you get  Skype error 0xc00007b whenever you want to launch Skype? Do not worry about this issue.

Usually, this error normally takes place after a recent upgrade or after new installation in some cases. The reason for this Skype error is due to glitches emanating from system files, components, or certain programs.

However, WR team has enlisted effective solutions to eliminate Skype error 0xc00007b without stress.

SOLVED: Skype error 0xc00007b Solution 1: Run Quick Fixes

Here are some quick fixes you should try out to fix ‘Skype error 0xc00007b’ issue:

Restart your PC and then Skype

Temporarily disable your antivirus

Launch few programs at a time

End Skype process in ‘Task Manager’ and then launch Skype again

Meanwhile, if any of the quick fixes did not solve the Skype problem, you can proceed to other technical fixes enlisted below.

Solution 2: Run SFC Scan/DISM

Firstly, you need to run SFC scan to resolve the Skype error 0xc00007b issue. Sometimes, the reason for the error problem is due to missing, modified, or corrupted system files. System File Checker utility program on the other hand, checks for system files errors and repairs them technically.

Here’s how to run an SFC scan on Windows 10:

Sometimes, some system file errors are not detected by SFC scan, therefore you need Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM); this tool can also be utilized in checking for system files errors and fixing them as well.

Here’s how to run DISM in Windows:

Press Windows key + X and run Command Prompt (Admin).

Copy and paste the following command on the command line:

exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

In case the DISM can’t obtain files online, try using your installation USB or DVD. Insert media and type following command:

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:C:RepairSourceWindows /LimitAccess

Be sure to replace “C:RepairSourceWindows” path of your DVD or USB.

Note: Ensure that you replaced repair source path with your own.

Solution 3: Use CCleaner

Some Windows users reported success in utilizing CCleaner to fix Skype error 0xc00007b. This tool developed and maintained by Piriform Ltd is renowned for fixing several system issues. The software repairs PC registry, fixes missing DLLs and invalid Windows registry keys.

Therefore, CCleaner is efficient in resolving the ‘Skype error 0xc00007b’ problem because it repairs the damaged Skype program file which may be corrupted.

Here’s how to download, install, and use CCleaner:

You can also use other third-party registry cleaners to fix Skype error 0xc00007b. We have a dedicated post on the best registry cleaners for your Windows PC.

Solution 4: Run Skype as an administrator

Expert tip:

Solution 5: Reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft .NET framework is an essential component to run Skype efficiently without errors. Sometimes, this component can give Skype users issues such as the ‘Skype error 0xc00007b’.

Nevertheless, installing the latest .NET framework version seems to resolve the ‘Skype error 0xc00007b’ glitch. However, there are several .NET framework versions out there; therefore, you may have to try any of them out to see which version works. Also, for this purpose, you can check out our guide on ‘How to download and install .NET Framework on Windows 10, 8?.

Solution 6: Update system drivers

As we stated earlier, some outdated system components such as .NET Framework, redistributables, DirectX or certain system drivers may cause the ‘Skype error 0xc00007b’ issue.

Meanwhile, it is tasking to manually identify outdated components or system drivers, also if care is not taken, installing the wrong driver versions may damage your PC. Therefore, you need to make use of an automated tool to update system drivers.

On the other hand, you can manually update your system drivers in ‘Device Manager’. Also, we’ve a post on how to manually update system drivers.

However, TweakBit’s Driver Updater is our recommended automated tool which would scan your PC and give you the best driver versions that you should install. This is because it is approved by Microsoft and Norton for automatic driver updates on Windows PC.

Disclaimer: Some features of this tool are not free.

Solution 7: Reinstall Skype

Reinstalling Skype is another method of resolving ‘Skype error 0xc00007b’ error. All you have to do is uninstall Skype, and then install Skype afresh from its official website.

Here’s how to reinstall Skype:

Alternatively, check out 5 ways you can uninstall Skype from your Windows PC.

Solution 8: Run Windows Update

In addition, it improves system performance and stability; therefore, you should run Windows update in a bid to fix ‘Skype error 0xc00007b’ problem.

Finally, updating your Windows OS can fix ‘Skype error 0xc00007b’ problem. Here’s how to update your Windows OS:

For more Windows 10 workarounds, and additional info, make sure to check our How-To hub.

Still experiencing issues?

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Fix 0Xa00F4245 (0X80070005) Camera Error On Windows 11/10

Are you experiencing error code 0xA00F4245 (0x80070005) in the Windows Camera app? Several Windows users have reported getting this error code 0xA00F4245 (0x80070005) when they open their Camera app. The full error message that users get is as follows:

If you need it, here’s the error code: 0xA00F4245(0x80070005)

The error is mostly triggered when you have disabled the camera and microphone access permissions on your PC. However, there can be other reasons for this error as well. You might face this error if your Camera app or the webcam driver is outdated is corrupted.

Now, if you also keep getting the same error code in the Camera app, this post will interest you. Here, we will discuss fixes you can use to fix the Camera app error code 0xA00F4245 (0x80070005).

Fix 0xA00F4245 (0x80070005) Camera Error on Windows 11/10

If you are experiencing error code 0xA00F4245 (0x80070005) in the Camera app on Windows 11/10, you can use the following fixes to resolve it:

Allow camera permission to apps.

Update the Camera app.

Repair/Reset Windows Camera.

Reinstall your camera/webcam driver.

Reinstall chipset drivers.

1] Allow camera permission to apps

This error is primarily triggered if the camera access permission to the Camera app is denied. Hence, allow webcam access to your apps and then see if the problem is resolved or not. Here are the steps to do so:

Firstly, open the Settings app using the Windows + I hotkey and move to the Privacy & security tab.

Next, make sure the Camera access toggle is switched on.

Also, check if the webcam/camera access is enabled for the Camera app or not. If not, turn it on.

After that, go back to the screen and repeat the above steps for the Microphone permission.

Finally, close the Settings window and reopen the Camera app to check if the error code 0xA00F4245 (0x80070005) is fixed or not.

If the error keeps popping up even when the camera access permission is enabled, apply the next solution to fix the error.

See: Fix Webcam Black Screen issue on Windows.

2] Update the Camera app

The errors like these might appear if your app is not up-to-date. Using an outdated version of your application often causes performance issues and various errors while using the app. Hence, make sure you are using the latest version of the Camera app.

3] Repair/Reset Windows Camera

The next thing you can do to fix the error is to repair your Windows Camera app. This error might be caused if there is corruption in the app. So, repair the app and if that doesn’t work, reset Windows Camera to its original state. Here are the steps to do that:

After that, move down to the Reset section and then press the Repair button.

Let Windows repair your Camera app. Once done, restart your app and see if the error at hand is resolved or not.

If repairing the app doesn’t work, reset the Camera app by using the Reset button and then check if the problem is fixed or not.

If this does not help, you may uninstall the Camera app and then download it from the Microsoft Store and install it.

Read: Can’t start your camera, Error 0xa00f4246 (0x800706BE)

4] Reinstall your camera/webcam driver

If you still keep getting the same error, the problem might be with your camera/ webcam driver. You are likely to face the error 0xA00F4245 (0x80070005) in the Windows Camera app in case your camera driver is corrupted or faulty. Hence, if the scenario is applicable, you can uninstall and then reinstall the camera or USB webcam driver to fix the error. Here’s how:

Firstly, hit the Win+X hotkey and from the appeared shortcut menu, choose the Device Manager app.

In Device Manager, expand the Cameras category menu.

Now, follow the prompted instructions to remove the driver from your PC.

Lastly, reboot your PC and open the Camera app to check if the error is fixed or not.

Similarly, you can reinstall your USB webcam driver as well and see if the error is gone or not.

See: Fix We can’t find your camera, Error code 0xA00F4289 (0xC00D3EA2).

5] Reinstall chipset drivers

The problem might be with your chipset drivers. Non-compatible chipset drivers can also cause the error at hand. If the scenario applies, you can fix the error by reinstalling the latest chipset drivers for your motherboard from its official website.

I hope this helps.

How do I fix Windows not detecting my camera?

If Windows is not detecting your USB webcam, unplug your webcam and then plug it back and see if the problem is fixed. You can also try plugging your webcam into a different USB port and check if your webcam is detected now. Besides that, you can update your webcam drivers, disable and then enable the webcam in Device Manager, and install pending Windows updates.

How do I resolve Windows Camera app error code 0xA00F4243?

To fix the Camera app error code 0xA00F4243, run the Windows Store App troubleshooter to fix issues with the Camera app. If the problem is not resolved, you can uninstall and then reinstall your camera driver and see if the error is fixed. Apart from that, you can run a System File Checker scan in case corrupted system files are causing the error at hand.

Now read: Fix Windows Camera app error 0xA00F424F (0x80004005).

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