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People customize their iPhone Home screen with all kinds of different app icons. I am sure you might have come across some interesting screenshots on Twitter, Reddit, etc. So what’s stopping you from joining in? Are you also looking to make your iPhone or iPad Home screen striking? I am sure you do!

To help, here’s our review of Ruffsnap’s iOS 14 app icons pack that has over 500 beautiful app icons in various styles, which will make your iPhone Home Screen look like no other!

First, What’s the Hype All About!

The inbuilt Apple Shortcuts app lets you create Home screen shortcuts for launching apps. In this, you are free to use any image you prefer as the app icon. Building on this, people customize their iOS Home screen app icons with all kinds of pictures.

But if you want to maintain a clean, professional look, it is time to invest a little and make your device stand out.

About Ruffsnap App Icons Pack

There are more than 500 app icons which will cover almost all popular apps that people use. You can actually see the full list of app names on the website.

The icons come in two primary shades – dark and light. Besides these, you also have the original .png icons for all apps. This lets you play with them just the way you want and use personal background colors of choice. And thoughtfully, the seller has also included original color icons.

At last, the pack also accompanies Photoshop’s .psd files. This opens endless possibilities for creating your desired icons! Our in-house creative designer looked at them and is excited to take it for a spin.

Exactly What You Get?

Well, for the most part, I have already mentioned what you get in the section above. But now, let me tell you how exactly you will receive everything.

Let us focus only on the icons now – as this is what most average users will use to create stunning Home screens.

When you open the ‘Icons’ folder, there are six sub-folders where icons are appropriately categorized.

1. Base Icons: These have no background color. This makes them appear impressive with any background color wallpaper you use.

2. Color Originals: These are the original, colorful app icons.

3. Dark: App icons with a black background and actual icon in white.

4. Dark Grey: Gray background with actual white icons.

5. Light: App icons with a white background and actual icon in black color.

6. Light Grey: App icons with very slightly gray background dark gray color is used inside. I think this looks amazing!

How to Buy Ruffsnap iOS 14 App Icon Pack

After unzipping the file, transfer the images to your iPhone or iPad. We already have a separate guide that shows you how to transfer photos from computer to iPhone and iPad.

Once you have the desired beautiful Ruffsnap’s icons on your iOS device, setting them up is easy (but requires patience, if you are changing several icons!)

Buy iOS 14 App Icons Pack

It is effortless to set these beautifully designed images as app icons. We already have a separate step-by-step guide that shows you how to change app icons on the iPhone. You do not need any technical skills or special coding or scripting knowledge. Anybody can read the instructions once and follow along!

Our Verdict

You (and all of us) have been using the same bland iOS Home screen for years now! This is the perfect time to invest a little and have a different look of choice.

Instead of using random pictures from the internet, it is better to do things neatly. You look at your iPhone Home screen a hundred plus times a day. And thus, I believe it should be calm plus pleasant to the eyes.

When I saw these app icons, I was impressed. But after I used them on my devices, the first impression turned into affection!

Ruffsnap’s iOS 14 app icons pack will turn your device Home screen into a minimalistic slate that you will love to tap repeatedly! And of course, share the new look on social channels!

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I have been an Apple user for over seven years now. At iGeeksBlog, I love creating how-tos and troubleshooting guides that help people do more with their iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods, and Apple Watch. In my free time, I like to watch stand up comedy videos, tech documentaries, news debates, and political speeches.

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What Is App Library And How To Use It In Ios 14

A fully customizable Home screen like the one that exists on Android devices has long been an envy to many iOS users (including me). While the Android-style Home screen customization on iOS could still be some time away, the introduction of elegant widgets and App Library could be the sign of something really big to come. If you are wondering what is App Library and how to use it in iOS 14, you are at the right place to get started!

How to Use App Library in iOS 14

At times, finding specific apps out of a ton of apps installed on the device becomes a slightly tedious affair, especially when the app in question is the one that you don’t use more often. Though you can manually categorize apps into different folders for easier navigation, it’s never been the best choice for everyone. Certainly not for those who prefer to have automation to sort out things faster with minimal fuss.

Understanding App Library

App Library is a new space at the end of the Home screen where all the apps are automatically organized based on different categories such as social, creativity, entertainment, reference & reading, productivity, games, utilities, health & fitness, education, and other.

At the top of the App Library, there are two very helpful categories such as Suggestions and Recently Added. iOS keeps a track of your usage and puts some of your most-used apps from different categories in the Suggestions for quick access. As for the Recently Added, it comprises App Clips and apps that you recently installed on your device.

Right at the top of the App Library exists a search bar that allows you to search for a specific app. So, the next time you want to dive straight into an app that seems to be out of sight, don’t forget to bring this quick search into action.

View All of Your Apps in List View

There are a couple of ways through which you can view all of your apps in the list view. It lists all the apps in alphabetical order which makes it a tad easier to take a quick glance at the apps installed on your device.

Delete Apps Right from App Library

It’s quite simple to delete unwanted apps in the App Library. So, while viewing apps, if you no longer want to use certain ones, you can delete them with ease. Simply tap in the middle of an app category to expand the view. If you want to delete a single app, touch and hold the app. Next, tap on Remove App in the contextual menu and then tap on Delete in the popup to confirm.

If you want to delete more apps, touch and hold the empty screen to enter jiggle mode which lets you edit apps. Next, tap on the “X” remove button at the top left of an app and then hit Delete in the popup to confirm.

Hide Home Screen Pages

To edit the Home screen on your iOS 14 device, all you need to do is touch and hold an empty screen. Now, tap on the horizontal dots along the bottom of the screen.

2. Now, you should see all the Home screen pages. Uncheck the box of the home screen page which you want to hide. Make sure to tap on Done at the top right corner to confirm the change.

Voila! Check out, the home screen page is now hidden.

Unhide Home Screen Pages

Get the Most Out of App Library in iOS 14

So, that’s how you can make the most of the cool App Library on your iOS 14 device. It’s one of the biggest highlights of the latest iteration of iOS. And rightly so as it makes navigation a straightforward affair. As we are exploring all the hidden features of iOS 14 like the Back Tap and the Sound Recognition features, stay tuned with us to keep a tab on them. Also, don’t forget to share the nice features that you may come across.

Lambdatest Ios Emulator Review: Test Your App Across Platforms

Dear developers, is there anything more exhilarating than seeing your app in action? Testing that everything is looking and working as you want it to is fun and crucial before any release, and this is where emulators and simulators come into play. And as I test and review the LambdaTest iOS emulator, I invite you to join me and see if this is the app you are looking for.

LambdaTest is a cloud-based testing tool that helps developers test, screen, and debug their work manually and automatically. You could emulate and evaluate your app and website across 2000+ browsers and operating systems, thanks to an exhaustive infrastructure.

So, web developers can see how their website will look in Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc. And if you are an app developer, emulate your app in any iOS and Android device across the various OS.

And this is all cloud-based, so you can quickly bring your team on board and collaborate in real-time, even if you are sitting miles apart. Moreover, you and your team can access LambdaTest, all past tests, and their results anytime, anywhere.

Now, lets’ dig a little deeper and see what features LambdaTest has to offer.

We are all well-versed with deadlines, and no one wants a complex testing setup to hinder their rhythm. So, LambdaTest makes it super simple with:

Test away – Explore the app to your heart’s content and make use of some handy and helpful features to discover bugs or issues.

Amazingly, you can even install another app and run multiple apps in the same test session. Neat, right? Imagine comparing the app with a previous version or building apps that are well integrated.

Test on a wide range of devices

While it looks great on iPhone 13 Pro Max, does it look equally good in iPhone SE (2nd gen)? And what about those who haven’t upgraded to iOS 15 yet? The idea is to make your app look flawless on every device and a wide range of OS.

Apart from that, you are privy to basic device controls such as device orientation, volume adjustment, or power on/off.

Capture bugs in action

I am no developer, but our whole team regularly tests the iGeeksBlog app. And instead of struggling with jargon or sending the wrong communication to the developer, the team relies on screenshots and screen recording.

All screenshots and recorded videos are stored in the Gallery section; you can download and share them from here.

Real-time debugging 

A cool thing is that all sessions are being logged, and you can track detailed test logs and insights. Whether looking into a past issue to find a solution or which team member made the changes, all can be done.

Geolocation testing across 50+ locations

The Settings section (gear icon) houses some fantastic gems, from setting an idle timeout, adjusting network throttling to changing location.

You can simulate the GPS or IP geolocation and observe the behavior of your app accordingly. The idea is to ensure that the app works seamlessly in your target market.

Moreover, you can also switch the device language, time zones based on a specific location and even change keyboards within a session. Now, that’s an impressive array of features to have handy while testing, isn’t it?

Third-party integrations

LambdaTest boasts an impressive array of integrations, including apps for project management, team communication, CI/CD, reporting, automation plugins, and more.

The idea is to make your workflow as seamless as possible. And with apps like Slack, GitLab, Circle CI, Asana, Trello, Bitbucket, Test Rail, etc., under its belt, you can manage all of that.


User Interface




Live testing




Value for money


LambdaTest iOS emulator is a great companion for a developer, and it’s user-friendly and packs thoughtful and thorough features. Plus, the vast number of supported devices, OS, and browsers makes it lucrative.

On top of it all, it doesn’t quote super-exuberant prices. In fact, it even has a free lifetime program that’ll help you understand the app better before you take the plunge.

Quite like a great Lambada dance partner, it is supportive, encouraging, and trustworthy. Maybe that’s why it has a fanbase of over 500,000 users.


Extensive range of devices & OS support

Screenshots and video recording

Automatic debug mode

Clear and helpful session logs




Lite – Free – 100 lifetime minutes for real-time native app testing

Live – $15/month (billed annually) – Unlimited real-time native app testing 

Web & Mobile Browser Automation – $99/month (billed annually)

Web Automation – $158/month (billed annually)

Visit Now

Author Profile


A self-professed Geek who loves to explore all things Apple. I thoroughly enjoy discovering new hacks, troubleshooting issues, and finding and reviewing the best products and apps currently available. My expertise also includes curating opinionated and honest editorials. If not this, you might find me surfing the web or listening to audiobooks.

Ios 15 Vs Ios 14 – Is The Update Worth It?

iOS 15 Vs iOS 14 – Is The Update Worth It? iOS 15 is all set to spice up your iPhone with a bouquet of new features. But are they enticing enough for you to head for this update? Let’s find out.

iOS 15 is all set to hit your iOS devices somewhere in Fall 2023 or September 2023. You can also expect the release of the iPhone 13 around the same time.

Which iPhones or iOS Devices Will Be Able To Run iOS 15?

Major versions of iPhones will be compatible with iOS 15. More specifically, all devices running iPhone 6s or above will be able to run iOS 15. Here is the list of devices that iOS15 will be compatible with-

iPhone SE (1st generation)

iPhone SE (2nd generation)

iPod touch (7th generation)

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone X

iPhone XS

iPhone XS Max

iPhone XR

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro Max

iOS 14 Vs iOS 15 – What’s New and What’s Not 1. Focus Mode:

iOS 15 intends to remove all kinds of distractions from your life, thanks to the all-new focus mode. The best part is that whatever settings, you create get synced on other devices as well. Let’s have a look at some spectacular aspects of this feature-

Key Aspects Of The Feature

Filter out notifications based on your current activity

Select who to get notifications from. Get intelligent suggestions for selecting focus based on time or location

You can now notify others whether or not you are receiving their notification. For instance, you can set up an auto-reply feature

You can set allowed interruptions so that important notification from people can reach you

Integration with third-party messaging apps

2. Notifications:

With this upgrade, notifications have been revamped with a fresh new look. They are more lucid and clearer. Here’s exactly what we are talking about.

Key Aspects Of The Feature

Catch up on your notifications in the morning, evening, or at your scheduled time

Larger icons for apps and contacts photos for your contacts

Time-sensitive notifications are delivered to you immediately

New notification API for developers

3. FaceTime and SharePlay:

Looking for an alternative to Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams? Needn’t go any further, FaceTime will arm you with spectacular video-calling features. Let’s have a look at some of these features.

Key Aspects Of The Feature


You will now be able to create and share FaceTime links that could further be added to your calendar. The best part, the recipient can join these calls via Chrome or Edge immaterial of whether they have an Android device or Windows computer

Spatial audio to make sounds coming from the person you are chatting with more realistic

Mute alerts will prompt you when you try to speak while muted and you can tap alert to ask someone to unmute you

Grid view lets you see the attendees on a call in same-size titles and even highlights the current speaker

Back camera optical zoom so that you can zero in on what needs to be focused


Share content on a FaceTime call. You can share music, movies, TV shows, and even apps

Shared playback controls for participants

Third-party apps such as ESPN+, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Twitch, and many others are also supported

SharePlay extends to other devices such as iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Mac too

In-app message controls

4. Maps:

With iOS 15, the Apple maps are getting a major upgrade. They are going to be more detailed is as if they are coming to life and here’s what you are going to get with new Apple maps –

Key Aspects Of The Feature

Better night mode and 3D landmarks

A more interactive and richer 3D globe that accentuates details like desert, oceans, forests, and mountain ranges

Better driving features. You will now be able to see details like side lanes; bus, cycle and taxi lanes, etc

More immersive walking directions shown in AR

Easily find editorially curated guides for places you love

5. Wallet:

How about we say that the key to your garage, house, hotel room and workplace, is your iPhone. It won’t be wrong to say that your iOS wallet may just have taken over your physical wallet and how?

Key Aspects Of The Feature

Unlock compatible home, hotel, or workplace’s door locks

Lock, unlock or start cars. Spatial awareness ensures that you don’t lock your car while your iPhone is inside

Open trunk, honk your horn or even preheat your car while you’re slightly away from your car

Add multiple passes to your wallet using Safari

You can put ID cards in the Wallet app

6. Messages:

When talking of improvements, how can we possibly forget iMessages? And, let us tell you, there are improvements that you’ll applaud.

Key Aspects Of The Feature

New sharing features for news, photos, and playlists

Multiple photos appear in a collage form so that you can swipe them or watch the whole bunch

You can now pin notable content so that it appears in elevated form in “Shared with you”

Regional improvements such as SMS filtering in Brazil and notifications option in India and China

Shared with you will also appear in Safari, Photos, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV App

7. Live Text and Visual Look Up:

The Live Text feature intelligently recognizes the text in the photo that you can highlight, search for, and copy. Quite like Google Lens, Visual Look Up allows you to point your camera at objects such as books, landmarks, pets, and many others and instantly get information about them.

8. Safari:

Apple’s browser Safari will also receive a new look and controls will now appear at the bottom so that you can navigate with a single hand. There are some other fantastic enhancements as well –

Key Aspects Of The Feature

Smart search field in the tab bar

You can customize the start page and select a background image and sections as per your desires

Easy and smooth swiping between tabs

Better security as Safari automatically upgrades a website HTTPS

Easily refresh a page by just pulling it down

Install web extensions through App Store

9. Photos:

Apart from a revamped interface, with iOS 15 you get a memories feature where you can group videos and photos from events and change them into a short movie. Not just that, you can accompany these movies with tracks from Apple Music. There’s more to rev your excitement levels, let’s delve deeper –

Key Aspects Of The Feature

You can also audition different songs with different atmosphere and pace

Unleash your creativity and more so the editor in you and add and remove items, change colors as per your taste

To felicitate exceptional output, iOS empowers your device with on-device intelligence that suggests songs for making memories more personalized

Richer and more comprehensive info pane to view info about the photo such as shutter speed, camera, lens and who sent shared with you photos in message

Feature Less option allows you to see less of a specific place, date, holiday, or even person across featured photos in memories, Photos widget, or Library

Should I Get My Hands On iOS 15? If Yes, How?

Why not? You certainly should get your hands on this update, after all, this update hosts a raft of spectacular new features. But, an even more important thing is, will you have to wait till fall 2023? How about getting hands-on with the upgrade earlier? Even before the actual release in fall 2023, Apple has released a beta version for developers. As for the general users, they won’t have to wait much, the public beta will be available in July.

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About the author

Sarang Bhargava

Liquid Avatar Ios App Review: Create Avatars And Protect Your Data

We live in an era where identity thefts have become standard practice. It’s important than ever to secure your online presence. While you can always rely on a digital locker or privacy options, Liquid Avatar blends them all and offers a unique, more wholesome solution!

The app provides space to create your digital identity that can be virtually shared without risking your privacy. Read along to find more about the app. 

What is Liquid Avatar, and how it works on iPhone?

Liquid Avatar is your encrypted online profile, secured by biometric (facial recognition) and Blockchain-based technology. This allows you to share what you need to at minimal risk.

Once you open the app, it asks you to create a personalized digital avatar (select your look from hair to face, skin color, and more) and authenticates the profile with your face ID, stored in the app’s server. Now, every time you want to log in, your face authentication is necessary.

You can link your social profiles like Twitter to avatar. Moreover, there is no limitation on the number of avatars. You can create one for professional life, another for social media, etc. Thus, giving you complete freedom to create one for different personalities and share limited data simply by selecting the relevant avatar.

But how does it help you? Let’s take a look at the key features of the app. 

How fluid is Liquid Avatar? Key highlights Security data layer

The app boasts multi-layered visual technology to offer extra security and prevent data theft from the app or company servers. It comprises a visual presentation layer, public data layer, private data layer, security data layer. Thus, helping it encrypt your presence.

Gate your digital information

Create your avatar using its dozens of styles and personalization options. Next, you can share your data using the code scanner or view other’s data similarly. You can also group your contacts into family, friends, faculty, social media, etc., by creating different icons.

Digital Wallet program and KABN Visa card add-on

Although this one is in the pilot program right now, and you’ll have to wait after registering, I have high expectations from this feature. If it meets the industry standards, it will make the app more accessible by shopping right from the app. I look forward to testing it soon.

Verified community

The platform creates a close-knit community of verified users. As its part, you can communicate with others through quizzes, play games, etc.

What I loved about Liquid Avatar What I wish would be better

Liquid Avatar isn’t perfect. Considering the app is still new, it needs plenty of improvements and fixes.

The UI looks a little outdated with a tile-based interface.

I couldn’t connect my social profiles to my avatar.

It was pretty confusing to figure the app when I tested it. The first-time users could use a guide or assistance to better the onboarding experience.

There’s no way to delete the account in the app as of now. You will to place your request via email.

Our verdict: Should you rely on Liquid Avatar for online security?

Liquid Avatar sure looks promising, and I am hooked on the concept. However, it’s not without hiccups. The developers need to push more efforts into app polishing and the UI. I would recommend you try the app as it’s free and refreshing, but since it’s in its initial phase, you’ll have to be patient.

Price: Free


Author Profile


A tech-aficionado whose superpower lies in blabbering interminably about new technologies. After 4+ years and 4500+ content pieces that helped diverse companies grow, I followed my passion and made iGeeks Media my home. When not gushing over technology, you will find me immersed in a fictional world, either reading or creating one.

Ultrahuman Ios App Review: For A Fit Body, Mind, And Good Sleep!

A new year always revives the determination to achieve new things. And more often than not, the resolution is TO GET FIT – physically and mentally. If you too have the same resolution and are tired of trying numerous applications, let me help with this review of Ultrahuman. It is a promising app that has fitness lessons from over a hundred globally recognized athletes, psychologists, and neuroscience experts.

So, I took it for a spin. Keep scrolling to read the in-depth review of Ultrahuman.

Features of Ultrahuman iOS app

Ultrahuman is not just limited to one thing, say workouts or sleep. The app amalgamates fitness, mindfulness, and sleep in one easy-to-use package. Let us talk about each individually.

Meditate for a calm mind

In this hectic world, it is essential to take some time for meditation. It acts as a cleanser for your body and brings calmness and mental peace. Ultrahuman has a tab inside the app called ‘Meditate.’ When you tap on it, there are several cards with different names. These individual series of audio content are offered to you by renowned guides.

Some of the class names from the mind series include – Meditation for beginners, Calming anxiety, Setting new year resolution, Easing stress, Mindful relationships, Developing a balanced mind, and more.

Various types of workouts

The ‘Workout’ section or the ‘Body Series’ of the app has over a dozen and half classes from well-known personalities like Amanda Cerny, Kara Saunders (one of the fittest persons on earth!), Bharath Shetty, and more.

Each series of videos has a motive. One series by an instructor strives to teach you the significance of aligning your body and mind for better posture and get rid of body aches. In contrast, others may help you improve your overall fitness level and increase mobility, flexibility, and so on.

One look at this list of classes, and you are sure to fall in love with the offerings. I also like a small paragraph that is at the top of the videos. They give you a peek at what you will achieve after following those sessions.

Bedtime stories for a comfortable sleep

Finally, we come to the ‘Sleep’ tab inside the app. One line – I adore this section! The sounds listed here are amazing, and help you sleep comfortably. Besides, there are mid-sized bedtime stories in intoxicating voices (good choice of narrators, Ultrahuman team!) that help you doze off like a baby.

The Sleep Series has around 100 cards that have these stories and playlists of curated sleep sounds. These are enough to fit the needs of almost every kind of person out there.

How to use Ultrahuman on iPhone for overall fitness

In the paragraphs above, I already gave you a good look at what the app has. You may have figured out how to use the app by now. But to assist, here is a quick rundown.

Download Ultrahuman from the App Store. It is also available for Android.

Launch the app, and you will see tabs like Home, Meditate, Workout, Sleep, (and More).

Optional but recommended: Tap More → Login to get things started.

Next, tap one option, for example, Meditate.

Scroll through the cards and tap one.

If the series has multiple lessons, tap the introduction to begin.

The steps for Workout and Sleep are similar.

To see your last completed sessions, tap More → Last Sessions.

Did I like the Ultrahuman iOS app?

Honestly, Ultrahuman is a go-to destination for premium fitness lessons and mental well-being resources. Here’s detailed feedback on its different features:

Design and app navigation

This fitness app is exceptionally well designed and easy to use. The card-like interface (made of beautiful squares and rectangles) is fun and modern.

The dark color theme creates a motivating and eye-pleasant vibe that makes it comfortable navigating the app. This is especially helpful while you are browsing to choose the sleep song/story.

The app’s overall design and intuitiveness deserve nothing less than 10 out of 10 stars!

Content load speed

The video and audio content start playing almost instantly. There is no unnecessary lag.

Audio stories take a few seconds to load, and then there is smooth, constant sailing.

However, I would love to see a toggle for manually setting the quality of video lessons. My Wi-Fi speed is over 200 Mbps, but the quality at times seems like 360p.

Remarks on app’s content:

Ultrahuman seems to focus on the absolute best quality instead of dumping tons of videos and audio of inferior rank. The lessons are helpful and by individuals who are the ‘best in business.’ I mean, you are getting to fall asleep to relaxing music by Grammy-winning artists! How cool is that!

Every resource in Ultrahuman seems hand-curated, especially for you. You will be able to follow along without any difficulty.

Overall the app is worth trying! Their biofeedback technology tracks your heart rate and calories burned in real-time. Plus, little things like sync with the iOS Health app, the ability to choose an outdoor or indoor run, or a delightful shareable card after the end of a lesson denotes the app’s thoughtfulness.

You do not need (to download or pay for) three separate applications to meditate, help you fall asleep, and keep you physically fit. Ultrahuman does all that under one package. If you are adamant about keeping your overall health resolution, Ultrahuman is the app to invest in this new year.

Price: Free (Premium subscription starts at $13.99/monthly & $74.99/yearly)


Author Profile


I have been an Apple user for over seven years now. At iGeeksBlog, I love creating how-tos and troubleshooting guides that help people do more with their iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods, and Apple Watch. In my free time, I like to watch stand up comedy videos, tech documentaries, news debates, and political speeches.

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