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Despite smartphones and tablets being commonplace these days for just about everybody and their grandmother, most non-techies that you run into probably don’t own a pair of touchscreen gloves. That is, winter gloves that don’t require you to take them off to use your iPhone, iPod or iPad. I’ve tried out a couple cheap pairs in recent years from Amazon and elsewhere, but they’ve never really been warm and/or well-made enough to use on a daily basis.

This year I’ve been trying out a few of the more expensive pairs available from one of the original companies making touchscreen gloves, Mujjo. I’ve put a couple different pairs from Mujjo to the test over the past month during a cold Canadian winter to see if they’re really worth the extra cash.

I tried two different pairs— a double-layered wool-lined pair pictured on the left and an all-leather pair pictured above on the right. I also got a couple different sizes to compare the difference in fit between the various sizing options. Both pairs of the gloves are made to be unisex with a range of three sizes for each.

Double-Layered Knitted:

The double-layered wool gloves look a lot like your standard knitted cotton glove at first glance, but there are also some nice touches of black leather that you can see on the strap and matte black leather button in the image above. You’ll also find silicon bumps for grip all over the palm and front of the fingers. The outer layer of the glove feels a little on the plasticky side compared to a pure wool or cotton glove, but that’s likely from the silver-coated nylon fibers knitted into the fabric that make it conductive for touchscreens and help give it that salt and pepper look.

The glove also contain acrylic and spandex and do a pretty good job of being water-repellent as far as knitted gloves go. Luckily the inside layer, which also acts as the lining for the glove, is made of a super-soft black wool that make the gloves extremely comfortable on the inside. Fit with these gloves won’t be as much an issue as with the leather. All the gloves are stretch to fit: S/M for hands on the smaller side and M/L for everyone else. If you have really big hands, go for the XL.

Ethiopian Lambskin Leather & Cashmere: 

The all-leather gloves feature a bit more of a tapered, fitted design, as you’d expect with a fashionable pair of winter leather gloves. A leather strap on the wrist has two buttons for various wrist sizes, and the extremely soft leather has a matte finish that the company says adds water and wind proofing properties.

The gloves look and feel like any $100+ pair of leather gloves you’d find in a department store and the cashmere lining certainly doesn’t hurt. Keeping with the traditional leather glove look, these don’t have the silicon dots for grip.

The biggest problem I had with the gloves was the fit. I had two sizes to choose from: 7.5 and 8.5 (the gloves come in 7.5, 8, 8.5, and 9). The tips of the fingers and most the glove fit perfectly, but the thumbs were always a bit too long on the 8.5’s. That caused some problems with function (more on that below). Unfortunately bumping down in size wouldn’t work as that would cause the fingers to be short. It seems many reviewers on the company’s site complain of the fingers being too short or when bumping up to the next size, the thumbs being too spacious.

The best part about both pairs of these gloves is that the properties that make them work with a touchscreen are embedded over almost the entire glove. That means you won’t have to worry about using just a specific part of your fingertip like with some of the cheaper touchscreen gloves on the market.

There’s no doubt about it, the leather gloves—even with their cashmere lining—won’t keep you warm in a harsh winter. With weather here in Toronto hitting -20° and below in recent weeks, it was clear the leather gloves won’t cut it for long periods of time in extreme temperatures. The double-layered knitted gloves, on the other hand, held up surprisingly well. On the coldest of days they still didn’t keep my hands completely warm, but they did the job for most of January and February on a day-to-day basis.

I’ve sided with the double-layered knitted gloves. If not for the better fit and the lower cost, the warmth of the knitted gloves are necessary, at least for my climate. That being said, if your temperatures don’t get quite as low as it does here, the leather gloves will probably be sufficient. After using the Mujjo gloves, I’m glad that I didn’t give up on touchscreen gloves completely, as they are certainly much better than the $5 – $20 gloves you find on Amazon.

The double-layered knitted and leather gloves are available from Mujjo’s site for $33/$100. The company also sells a single layer knitted glove in various colors for $30.

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Best Leather And Wallet Cases For Google Pixel 3A

Google recently stepped into the budget smartphone market by launching the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. Both these smartphones are available for sale on Verizon, Google store, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

If you have a thing for leather and wallet cases, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of some great leather and wallet cases for the Google Pixel 3a to help you choose the perfect one for your:

BTW, if you are looking for some top accessories for your device besides cases, check out this → best Pixel 3a XL accessories.

Best Pixel 3a leather and wallet cases

Here is our list of the Pixel 3a leather cases as well as wallet cases.


Leather Case

Made from premium soft flexible TPU DDJ’s case is designed to be scratch resistant and shock absorbent. The case surrounds all the edges and covers the whole phone providing full body protection. It also includes 1 pocket which can either be used as a card slot or money holder. Besides black, it is also available in many different colors: Champagne, Blue, Gray, and Rose.

Buy on Amazon: $9.99 


Wallet Stand Case

This one is a lightweight wallet stand case with a classy appearance. It has two interior slip pockets to store your valuable cards and other receipts.


Wallet Case

Made from premium synthetic PU leather Feitenn’s wallet case provides decent protection to the Pixel 3a against bumps and scratches.

The raised edges of the case prevent the camera and screen from being scratched. This case also includes 3 card holders and 1 cash holder making it easy to carry your credit cards and cash, so now you need not worry about your bulky wallet.

Buy on Amazon: $10.99 


Wallet Case

Janmitta’s leather case provides all-round protection to your phone. The inner side of the leather case is made of smooth soft leather designed to protect your screen from scratches.

It has three card slots and a large note slot on the inside of the wallet. The case also enables you to use the Pixel 3a in landscape mode for a better view of your media. With accurate cutouts, the leather cover allows access to all its ports very easily.

Buy on Amazon: $10.99 

Olixar Attache 

Leather Case

Look no further than this case for high-quality faux leather. Installation and removal of the case is very simple.

It has tactile texture on the back which gives a grippy feel to the phone. With precise cutouts for all the ports including camera and fingerprint sensor this cover also adds in a protective layer making Pixel 3a immune to drops and other impacts.

Really cheap cases

PEIBIN Luxury Crocodile Skin Case

Peibin’s Crocodile Skin Leather case is the most unique design in the list. With its elegant construction and comfortable feel, this can easily be an attractive addition to your pixel 3a. The case has an edge to edge protection and is shockproof as well.

Buy on Aliexpress: $2


Wallet Case

It has a unique design with precise cuttings of all the ports including camera and fingerprint so that they can be accessed easily. The case is lightweight and easy to attach to your Pixel 3a.

Buy on Aliexpress: $2.40

Qoosea Wallet Case

If you are curious for a case that is decent looking and offers superior protection, then Qoosea’s leather wallet case is here for you. It is made of durable PU leather with and provides cushion protection.

The interior includes 3 slots for your credit cards and a bigger slot to put in some cash. The clear cutouts for all the ports make it easier to operate the smartphone in an efficient way.

How Does Double Taxation Works With Example?

Definition of Double Taxation

Double taxation occurs when the same income is subject to tax twice– either in the hands of two different taxable parties in the same country (called Economic Double Taxation) or in the hands of the same taxable party across two taxable jurisdictions or countries (called Juridical Double Taxation).


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Corporations may be obligated to pay taxes on their profits, and a portion of those profits can also be subject to taxation for shareholders as dividend income.

How Does It Work?

Economic Double Taxation: Corporations must pay taxes based on their earnings for the period. Entities often distribute a portion of their profits to their shareholders as dividends. Shareholders must pay personal income tax on compensation from their investments in such corporations. Consequently, the company and the individual shareholder end up paying taxes on the same amount, as the company’s earnings are distributed as dividends.

Juridical Double Taxation: This kind of taxation occurs when the country of origin and residence are taxable entities. In the case of a company headquartered in the United States of America with its operations spread across the United Kingdom, for example, the company’s arm in the UK would be earning profits in the UK, which would be repatriated to the company’s home country – the USA. As a result, the UK arm would be required to pay taxes on its earnings in the UK. While the profits repatriated to the USA might also be taxed as per US taxation laws, leading to the profits being taxed twice – in the UK and the USA.

Example of Double Taxation

Different examples are mentioned below:

Economic Double Taxation

Juridical Double Taxation

Income Exempt: Repatriated profits may be exempt from tax in the US. Accordingly, the corporation would have no tax liability on the profits repatriated to the US.

Tax Credit: Corporation ‘A’ may be allowed a tax credit of $200,000 (the amount of tax paid in the UK on the same profits). As a result, the company’s tax liability on the repatriated profits may reduce to $50,000 as opposed to $250,000 had the income been fully taxed without the benefit of a tax credit.

Concessional Tax Rate: Repatriated profits may be taxed lower than the rate applicable to other corporation earnings, resulting in tax liability lower than $250,000.

Double Taxation Agreement

To avoid Juridical Double Taxation, various countries have entered into treaties to prevent it, often based on guidance provided by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs) are structures to avoid double taxation on international earnings of taxable entities, facilitate a better exchange of information between countries, promote improved trade relations, and prevent tax evasion.

Some of the common ways in which DTAs may provide relief from it are as follows –

The country of residence allows for income exemption from another country if the tax is paid in the country of origin.

They are taxing the income in both countries and providing tax credits in the country of residence to the extent of taxes paid in the country of origin.

We are allowing for lower or concessional rates of taxes in either of the taxing countries.

DTAs may contain different methods of claiming tax relief for different types of income.

How to Avoid Double Taxation?

Tax laws usually prevent double economic taxation through lower tax rates or tax credits. For example, individual taxpayers benefit from lower tax rates on qualified dividends in the US compared to the rates applicable to their regular income.

Under Juridical Double Taxation, the country of origin may exempt income if it has been taxed in the foreign country, or the country of residence may provide tax credits for international income or apply concessional tax rates, as per the DTA between the countries.


Benefits to the Tax Payers

DTAs help reduce the tax burden that they would otherwise incur on account of double taxation by any of the following means (as provided for in the DTA) on their international income:

Foreign-source income is exempt

Foreign-source income is taxed at concessional rates

Tax credits or refunds of tax paid in the other country

Benefits to the nations involved in the DTA

Promotes better trade and investment relations between the nations

Allows for more transparency in the flow of transactions between the nations

Better information sharing between nations can help prevent or detect tax evasion.


It refers to the taxation of the same income twice, leading to higher-than-normal taxes levied on the same income on a macro level. Tax regulations and DTA allow for lower tax rates and tax credits to provide for double taxation. Thus, DTAs help relieve Juridical Double Taxation and allow for better trade relations and information sharing between countries.

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How To Specify Double Border Using Css?

We know that CSS is a rule based, style sheet language that is used for designing and customizing the web page. They are used to specify how an html element is going to be formatted and displayed on the screen. One of the most common forms of styling that we add to elements is adding or modifying the border of an element. This can be done by using the ‘border property’ of CSS.

Border Property

“border” is the abbreviated way to specify the border around an element by specifying the border width, its style, and the color of border. So, we can say that the border property actually consists of following three properties.

Border-color − it sets the color of the border and fallbacks to current color if absent.

Border-style  − it specifies the style of border being used and fallbacks to none if absent.

Border-width − this determines the thickness of the border and has the default value of “medium”

We can also individually specify the width, style, and color of each side of the border. Please note that, it is not an inheritable property which means, if a container element has a border around it, the child elements will not have a border unless specified.

we can specify border with one, two, or all three properties. Any value that we do not specify will have its default / initial value as its value.


An example of using border with all three properties is given below.

div { width: 100%; height: 200px; align-content: center; justify-content: center; } #box1 { background-color: antiquewhite; border: 2px solid black; } #box2 { background-color: aquamarine; border: dashed blue; } #box3 { background-color: blanchedalmond; border: red; } #box4 { background-color: beige; border: 1px rebeccapurple; }

We can see that each form of styling had a different effect on the border of the element.

Specifying double border

Now that we know the basics of using the border property in CSS, we will begin our approach to solve the problem of “How to specify double border using CSS”. Let us briefly understand what the border-style property is, what can be done using that property, and how we can use it to solve our problem.

Specifying the double border property

We have already discussed above that, border-style property controls the style of the border being applied to an element in CSS. The border-style property is used to control the way border-line will be displayed on the web page. This is also a shorthand property and consists of bottom, left, right, and top style properties.

We can specify the border-style property with one, two, three, or all four values.

If we only use one value, then the property has the effect of applying the same styling to all the border lines.

When we use two values, then the first style gets applied to the top and bottom parts of the border, while the second style gets applied to the left and right parts of the border.

On specifying three values, the first style gets applied to the top part, the second part styles both the left and right parts, and the last style gets applied to bottom one.

If we specify all four values then the order of application of style will be top, right, bottom, and left (i.e., clockwise from top).

Let us now look at what are the possible values which can be given to this property.











After looking into each of these values, we can see that, we can achieve the effect of a double border by using “double” as value for the border-style property.


An example of using the border-style property to specify double border is given below.

body { background-color: beige; text-align: center; } h1.doubleApplied { border-width: 5px; border-style: double; Border-color: blue; } h1.double2Applied { border-width: 15px; border-style: double; Border-color: blue; } h1.double3Applied { border-width: 20px; border-style: double; Border-color: blue }

We can see that, by using double as the value, all the elements have a double border around them with varying thickness.


To conclude, specifying a double border with CSS is a simple task. All you need to do is use the border-style property and set it to double. This will draw two lines along each side of the element, giving your page a unique and stylish look. Additionally, you can customize the color, size, and other properties of these borders using additional properties such as “border-width”, “border-color”. With practice, you’ll be creating stunning designs with borders in no time.

Best Iphone 7 Plus Leather Cases In 2023

Genuine iPhone 7 Plus leather cases have the defining quality that makes for a lasting experience. The improved design along with unmatched comfort is their forte for which they are widely known for. And, that really rings true! If you have a penchant for the purist profile, leather cases can be a fitting pick for your hunt. Be it needed protection, ultra-convenience or sophistication, they can be a complete package for your all-new iPhone 7 Plus. So, why wait? Let’s handpick the one that deserves your attention!


ZOVER’s beauty lies in its refined and suave design. Top quality grain leather feels pretty comfy to the touch, while also offering enhanced grip. Hence, your palm will comfortable holding the case.

Strong frame endows it the needed strength to survive bumps, whereas three card slots, as well as a cash pocket, allow you to leave your purse at home. With magnetic closure onboard, all of your stuff is perfectly inside. On top of all, you have seven vibrant color options like black, brown, dark brown to pick from.

2. Pierre Cardin

What charms me the most about Pierre Cardin wallet case is the excellent handcrafted design. The premium cowhide construction elegantly complemented by beautiful stitching makes this case a real deal. The velvet inner lining helps it protect your iPhone from scratch.

Being extremely slim, it makes a form-fitting match with your iPhone. Raised lip work as an essential safeguard for the screen. Five color variants such as black, red, brown, gray, coffee brown offer you more options to pick the most suitable choice for your iPhone.

Besides, four color variants such as black, brown, gray, coffee brown offer you more options to pick the most suitable choice for your iPhone.

3. Luxury Book from Pad & Quill

If premium quality is at the top of your demand, you can’t go wrong with Luxury Book. The unique combination of full-grain American leather and real baltic birch hardwood make it stand out. The genuine leather outer shell boasts appreciable workmanship, while the wooden cradle boosts the casing to survive bumps.

When the cover starts aging, the gracious patina helps it retain its class. Therefore, you will like using the cover for long.

The wallet case comes with several interior slots for storing up to 6-8 cards. Check out the large pocket which can securely keep your dollar bills. With the five color combinations on offer, you will choose a perfect Luxury Book for your iPhone 7 Plus.


“SHIELDON” leather case has been made of genuine cowhide leather. It sports a professional profile that looks nice on your smartphone.

This cover features three card slots and one inside pocket to let you keep some cash. The precise cut-outs offer hassle-free access to all functions. The raised edge protects the camera from scratches.

You can pick this vintage leather case in three nice-looking colors: black, brown and red. Furthermore, SHIELDON comes with a lifetime warranty.

5. FYY Case

Showcasing an eye-catching appearance, “FYY” leather case has the desired quality to be a durable partner for your iPhone. It has RFID shielding technology which is equipped to protect the information of your cards.

Carved with genuine leather, it offers your device the essential safeguard from bumps or scratch. The handmade case has kickstand function to let you enjoy watching your favorite movies. FYY cover allows you to keep a couple of cards and some cash inside the pocket. Better still, it comes in as many as eight vibrant colors like wine red, black, brown and more.

Better still, FYY wallet case comes in as many as five vibrant colors like navy, black, purple, rose gold and wine red.

6. Bella Fino from Pad & Quill

When it comes to producing one of the most admirable leather cases, Pad & Quill is a well-known name. And its “Bella Fino” has got all the ingredients to be a high-quality leather cover.

The full-grain American leather construction features refined craftsmanship. Due mainly to the UV resistance as well as timeless patina, the wallet case remains an adorable suit for the iPhone for long.

The interior slots can securely carry up to 6-8 cards. With the large cash pocket at the disposal, you will also keep some cash. Plus, there are some classy color options such as galloper black, whiskey and more.

7. Sena Heritage Walletbook

If money is not a constraint for you, Sena Heritage Walletbook can be worth looking at. The finest leather and soft herringbone lining make this wallet case a great pick for business people or professionals.

The Walletbook comes with three card slots and a money sleeve. The raised bezel keeps the touchscreen protected. The wallet can also double up for a cool landscape viewing. Walletbook is available in three colors namely denim, black, and cognac.

That’s not all; you can choose Walletbook in three colors: black, cognac and praline.

8. iPulse Full Grain Leather

Flaunting vintage book design, iPulse is a pro-looking wallet case which you would love to have during your travel. Italian full grain leather not only enhances its profile but also makes it strong enough to offer complete protection to your device.

This folio case has three card slots and features magnetic closure to keep all of your valuables securely inside. The stand function is great for watching your favorite video. Lastly, iPulse comes in five colors like cognac, classic brown, tan, vintage black, and wine red.

9. Benuo Vintage Series

Don’t like a traditional looking wallet case? Vintage Series has both the refined design and pleasing quality to be an ultra-modern pick.

Carved out of genuine leather and microfiber, this wallet has a minimalist appearance. It sports three card slots on the back. It fits snuggly and offers the peace of mind to carry your iPhone. Vintage Series wallet case comes in six color variants.

Vintage Series wallet cases come in two color variants like black and brown.

10. DavisCase

This wallet book showcases the true class of a useful wallet case. Engineered with genuine vintage leather, it is robust enough to survive the wear and wear; providing all the necessary protection to your device from bumps or scratches.

The retro-looking wallet book has slots for ID and credit cards. The money sleeve can let you stash some cash inside. Handmade design enriches its appearance. The hand strap makes it easy to carry the phone. Kickstand feature is great for your video time.

Besides, you can prop up your smartphone to light up your video time.

11. Dockem

Dockem is a modern looking wallet case that doesn’t add any bulk to your smartphone, while also taking care of your basic needs admirably. Pretty soft synthetic leather gives a sophisticated look, and the snap-on design helps it fit snuggly on the iPhone.

A couple of slots on the back let you carry your cards with ease. As for protection, you can trust this minimalist wallet case to resist scrape thanks to the smooth interior. Besides, the pronounced buttons have a crispy feel, and the cutouts are as precise as you would want.

That’s all for now!

Signing Off

Genuine leather cases may be slightly expensive, but they have the quality to become a professional suit for your iPhone. Whether it’s durability, protection or convenience, leather cases score pretty good marks on all the aspects, don’t they? Is your favorite leather case included in this list? Do let us know its name.

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Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of chúng tôi who has a keen eye for news, rumors, and all the unusual stuff around Apple products. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting content on social media.

Luxury Apple Accessories Trend Continues With $780 Leather

There’s always been a market for luxury Apple accessories, with leather sleeves and cases leading the charge. But the latest trend seems to be charging a huge markup for rebadged versions of existing products, where most of the cost is for the branding …

We saw that recently with Louis Vuitton charging $995 for a pair of – admittedly excellent – true wireless in-ear headphones that normally cost $299. That one got you a different finish and case (a far less attractive one, in my view) and some LV initials.

The latest example is a rebadged Native Union wireless charger. Buy the standard one (already very nice), and it will cost you $60. Buy the Berluti-branded one spotted by The Verge and it will instead cost you a cool $720.

Granted, the French fashion house does put in some work. It’s rather beautifully covered in aged leather, and even has a leather-covered cable. I must admit I like it. Just not enough to pay seven hundred bucks for it.

If you’re looking for some rather more affordable luxury Apple accessories, here are a few things we’ve tested …

Nimble eco-friendly portable & wireless chargers

Started by three former Mophie executives, Nimble is a new company taking a fresh approach on making accessories like power banks and wireless chargers. With the mantra, “Tech for Good” Nimble thinks users should know where products come from, how they are made, and the impact they have on the environment.

All in all, I think Nimble has created a compelling lineup of products. They have a solid build quality, sharp look and feel (as long as you’re cool with fabric-wrapped gear) and do it all using an eco-friendly approach.

Yohann’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Stand

Most MacBook stands on the market fall into one of the few aluminum-based styles that have become commonplace. That’s why we jumped at the chance to go hands-on with Yohann’s MacBook and MacBook Pro Stand that breaks the mold with both its material choice and striking design.

This stand certainly isn’t for everyone at $159 for the oak version and $179 for the walnut variant. However, for those who aren’t price sensitive and value a unique, high-quality MacBook stand, Yohann’s offering feels like a top-pick.

Woolnut’s MacBook Pro leather sleeve.

Apple’s sleeve costs $179 for the 13-inch MacBook Pro, and $199 for the 15-inch model.

Woolnut’s costs $89 for the 13-inch version, and $99 for the 15-inch one – so pretty much exactly half the price.

Even if both were identically priced, the softer feel in the hand and ability to charge while inside the sleeve would be solid arguments in favor of Woolnut. But throw in the fact that the Woolnut sleeve is literally half the price for something which looks and feels just as good, then – unless you have a strong preference for aniline leather or are willing to pay a lot for that Apple logo – Woolnut presents a very compelling case.

Twelve South’s Journal case for MacBook Pro.

The Twelve South Journal isn’t cheap. The one for the 13-inch MacBook Pro costs $149.99, while the 15-inch version is $169.99.

But that sort of pricing isn’t unusual for premium leather cases for Apple kit. Apple’s own leather sleeve (review, with video below) for the 15-inch version costs $199, and this is a much more substantial product. Journal is both beautiful and functional, and you’ll be able to use it for as long as you keep the MacBook – or any subsequent model of the same size – so I’d say it justifies the price.

Satechi’s Aluminum Keyboard in Space Gray

With a full aluminum build, great key feel, color options of space gray, silver, gold, and rose gold, Satechi’s Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard is a winner for $70 less than Apple’s Magic Keyboard.

Other features like USB-C charging, pairing with three devices, and dedicated Mac shortcut keys make this a compelling keyboard choice for Mac users.

Leather iPad cases from Brydge and Picaso Lab.

Both Brydge and Picaso Lab leather iPad Pro cases and sleeves are solid options. Both companies tick all the boxes for high-quality leather and craftsmanship. All the products tested look and feel great, and the prices are reasonable for the quality you’re getting.

But the choice will be a personal one. Do you prefer open sleeve or zipped case? Do you have a keyboard or not? And do you want a choice of color? I don’t think you can go wrong here with either company.

Understands Butler, a neat wooden shelf for an iMac or Apple monitor

If your desire for tidiness doesn’t quite extend to having a custom desk created for you, a rear shelf for an iMac or Apple Thunderbolt Display can be a good way to keep things tidy.

The base-model 15-inch Butler is twice the price of Twelve South’s metal shelf. Both look good, but personally I’d be willing to pay the premium for wood.

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:

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