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Overview of Features

I recently had the opportunity to test out Qoob Stories myself. I’d never tried out an Instagram download tool and wasn’t really sure what to expect. Now it will be hard to go back to the Instagram app.

Qoob Stories is a desktop application designed for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. It’s nice to see Linux support. Think of it as the much better desktop version of Instagram that’s easy to customize to your needs.

The tool has several main features:

Much like on Instagram, you subscribe to accounts, hashtags, or locations you want to download. You then customize your subscriptions to download the type of content you want and the time period. It can be a one-time download or an on-going subscription to download new content based on a set refresh rate.

Getting Set Up

Getting set up on Qoob Stories is easier than setting up an Instagram account. Simply download the version of the app you need and install it. Once installed, open the downloader and enter your Instagram login credentials. This is only to provide access to Instagram and give you access to private accounts you follow.

I had the tool up and running in less than five minutes. That includes learning how the basic functions worked. I even had one subscription downloaded.

If you want something that’s simple to use, it doesn’t get much easier than this. I really am impressed at how easy this tool is to use.

Using Qoob Stories

The interface is straightforward. When you first open it, you have a search box, download button, profile icon, and a blank list where your subscriptions will be. To get started, just enter an Instagram username, location, or hashtag.

When you start typing, you’ll see suggestions, much like you do on Instagram. Select the right option for you.

When you select something, the Download button turns dark blue. You can press Download to instantly start downloading everything from the account,or customize what you download. Personally, I love the fact that you don’t have to download everything and then pick through the results.

If you’re just searching for a specific time period, choose your date range. You can then choose whether to download photos, videos, Stories, highlights, tagged posts, a certain type of post, or any combination. Obviously, the more you’re downloading, the longer the initial download takes.

When you’re ready, just press Download and let the magic begin. For older accounts with thousands of posts, be patient. It could take a little while for everything to download. You’ll get a notification when the download is complete.

For one account with over 1,300 posts, the download took around three minutes. That includes video and Stories posts. I did notice that individual accounts seemed to download faster than hashtags.

Each subscription is given its own folder to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Obviously, you can delete anything you don’t want to keep. This is ideal for keeping copies of your own content, photos shared by family, or anything else.

Viewing Instagram without Ads Continue Downloading New Posts

If you want to continue downloading new posts, leave the date range open in your download options. You can choose a start date, but leave the end date open. Then, based on the preferences in your account, your subscriptions will auto-update. The default is every 12 hours.

A Few Hiccups

While I loved the features, I would like to see the possibility to preview a search result before downloading anything. For now, you can always check it out on Instagram first and then download in Qoob Stories. That’s just a small thing, but a feature I think would make this tool even more incredible.

Final Thoughts

There are three plans to choose from: Free (2 profile limit), Personal ($7/month with 10 profile limit), and Professional ($25/month, unlimited everything). The free version is ideal for backing up your account.

As you can tell, each tier gives you more options. But, I love that the free version lets you try it out before subscribing to a premium plan.

You can try out Qoob Stories for yourself today and make Instagram even more useful.

Crystal Crowder

Crystal Crowder has spent over 15 years working in the tech industry, first as an IT technician and then as a writer. She works to help teach others how to get the most from their devices, systems, and apps. She stays on top of the latest trends and is always finding solutions to common tech problems.

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Google Updating Top Stories Carousel

Google goes over all the changes coming to the Top Stories carousel in search results when the Page Experience update rolls out in mid-June.

The information is shared on the Google Search Central YouTube channel as part of its Getting Started With Page Experience video series.

It’s been known for months that Google plans to remove AMP as a requirement for getting content featured in the Top Stories carousel. That’s still scheduled to happen as part of the Page Experience algorithm update.

This latest explainer from Google discusses the more granular details and answers any lingering questions site owners may have before the update launches.

Changes Coming to AMP & Top Stories

When Google launches the Page Experience update in mid-June, AMP will no longer be necessary for inclusion in Top Stories.

In addition, Google confirms the AMP icon will be retired and the swiping interaction will be removed from the AMP viewer.

Swiping through stories in the AMP viewer was possible because pages are loaded instantly from the AMP cache.

When other types of pages get added to the Top Stories carousel, Google will no longer be able to guarantee instant loading. To provide an optimal experience for searchers, Google will have to get rid of swiping.

It’s possible for site owners to bring the instantaneous loading of AMP pages to other types of pages through signed exchanges.

Signed exchanges let sites be prefetched safely and securely. They can also be used on AMP sites which will allow the pages to keep their original URLs.

Here’s more about what the removal of AMP pages from the Top Stories carousel means for SEOs and site owners.

What Does This Mean For Site Owners?

When Google removes AMP as a requirement for Top Stories, previously ineligible content will become eligible for inclusion.

Up until now, only pages built with AMP HTML were considered for this section. Since Google is going to be opening it up to all webpages, those limited spots will become more competitive.

Google shares these three tips for staying competitive in Top Stories:

Publish relevant content.

Maintain good Core Web Vitals and Page Experience scores.

Follow Google’s guidelines.

If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to investigate how your pages are faring as far as Page Experience goes.

Check the Page Experience report in Search Console, which contains information about what actual users are experiencing when they load your site.

In the report you’ll be able to see any specific problematic URLs that need addressing.

If your content is currently featured in Top Stories, then continue to focus on publishing the same high quality content.

On top of that, pay attention to any Page Experience issues in Search Console and you’ll likely do just as well in Top Stories after the update as you are today.

That involves adding a few lines of markup which lets Google know important information about the article such as the author, the publisher, the publish date, and so on.

For more details, see the full video below:

Google Discover Updated With Web Stories Carousel

Google Web Stories are now prominently featured in the Discover section of the Google app, which reaches over 800 million people per month.

A dedicated Google Web Stories carousel now appears at the top of Discover for users in the US, India, and Brazil.

There are plans to expand Web Stories to additional Google products in more countries as well.

Prior to being added to Discover, Web Stories have been featured in search results since 2023. Web Stories will continue to be shown in search results, as well as Discover.

This change creates more visibility for Web Stories, which is still a relatively new product, and offers more incentive for publishers to create them.

Viewing Google Web Stories

Browsing Google Web Stories in Discover is much the same as browsing stories in other apps.

A preview of each Web Story is shown in the carousel, which users can tap on to view in an immersive full screen experience.

Users can tap to move forward through each slide in a story, or swipe to move on to the next story in the carousel.

Although Google Web Stories are functionally similar to stories on apps like Instagram and Snapchat, that’s where the similarities end.

Unlike stories on those platforms, creators of Google Web Stories own the content.

Publishers can even share Web Stories with a URL, just like sharing any other web page. So Web Stories can be seen outside of the Google app.

Google notes that early adopters of Web Stories are showing them off in unique ways.

Because Web Stories are an extension of a website, some publishers are adding them to their home page, social channels, newsletters and more.

Given that a Google Web Story is virtually the same as a web page, it can remain on the web for as long as a publisher decides to keep hosting it.

“For creators and publishers, Web Stories are entirely under your direction, just like any other content on your website. Story authors are in full control of monetization, hosting, sharing and adding links to their Stories.”

A number of publisher partners are helping to get this feature off the ground, but Google Web Stories can be created by anyone.

Here’s more on how to create your own Web Stories and potentially have them featured in Search and Discover.

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Creating Google Web Stories

Whether you are an individual creator or a large publisher, anyone can create Google Web Stories.

Despite anyone being able to create Web Stories, only a small number of sites have.

Web Stories are still in the early adoption stage, with only 2,000 websites having published stories so far.

To increase the adoption of Web Stories, Google has released easy-to-use tool to assist publishers with creating them.

A Google Web Stories WordPress plugin was officially released out of beta last month. And you can be sure Search Engine Journal already has a detailed guide on getting the most out of it.

The WordPress plugin offers a simple drag-and-drop interface, which allows users with minimal coding experience to create Web Stories in minutes.

There are also free Web Stories creation tools offered by MakeStories and NewsroomAI.

Source: Google

What Does Black Heart Mean On Instagram Stories

What does anything mean? Isn’t that the real question? Maybe we’ll cover that another time, but for now, let’s talk about social media lingo. Social media has its own language of sorts. And if the acronyms weren’t confusing enough, you have emojis to add to that list.

Different emojis represent different things. Some of them are easy to figure out, like a simple smiley 😊, but some aren’t so obvious. In this article, we will cover what the black heart emoji means on Instagram.

What is the black heart emoji 🖤

The black heart emoji is one of the variations of the heart emoji. There are a number of color variations for the heart emoji that include blue💙, purple💜, brown🤎, and others. The most commonly used one of course is the red heart emoji 💗. The red heart, as everyone knows, symbolizes love.

What does the black heart mean

Well, considering that these symbolisms are user-defined, they aren’t very specific. Although, they do seem to follow a similar theme. Here are a few symbolisms of the black heart emoji.

Death: The black heart emoji is primarily associated with death.

Dark humor: Not everyone appreciates dark humor, but those who do could use the black heart emoji to convey the fact that they are simply joking.

Mourning: Similar to death, the black emoji has become closely associated with grief and mourning.

Unsure/Playing it safe: If used out of the above contexts, the emoji could mean that the person does not want to use the red heart. Since the red heart very clearly symbolizes love, if the person is not sure how they feel yet, they could use a black heart or another colored heart emoji.

Dislike: If a person sends a black heart, it could mean that they are trying to convey to the recipient that they are dead to them.

Where can you use the back heart emoji

Reading into what the black heart symbolizes, you can gather a general idea as to where you can use this emoji. Here are some instances where the black heart emoji might be appropriately used.

To send condolences to a person who recently lost someone. For example, ‘Sorry for your loss 🖤’.

To make sure the person knows you aren’t serious about something iffy. You can add it at the end of a sentence.

As a reaction to dark humor. If someone sends you a dark joke, you can use the ‘lol’ emoji followed by the black heart, to show them that you liked it. (😄🖤)

You can also add the black heart emoji to your story to show your mourning at the loss of a loved one, or even a famous figure.

How to use the black heart in an Instagram story

The black heart emoji can be used as a sticker in your Instagram story. To use the black heart in your story, follow this simple guide.

Launch the Instagram app and swipe right to reach your camera page.

Use the search bar the top to look for ‘black heart’. While there is only one black heart emoji, there are quite a few GIFs to choose from.

Tap the sticker to add it to your story. Go ahead and post your story as you normally would.


Discover Why Datahack Summit Is The Must

AI innovations are rapidly changing the way we work today. From healthcare, transportation, and retail to sports, all major industries are now adapting AI tools. Are you interested in using the power of AI? Consider investing in the top and outstanding AI conference and an AI workshop to have a good grasp on putting AI to work for your professional growth.

What is a AI Conference?

AI conferences mostly comprise the following:

Keynote speakers

Panel discussions

Paper presentations

Poster sessions

Why Attend AI Conference?

The top machine learning conferences and workshops bring together performers in artificial intelligence to plan, network, and learn for future growth in AI-related fields.

Networking Opportunities with Industry Experts and Peers

Heading for an AI conference or workshop delivers promising networking opportunities with industry experts and peers, builds relationships, and opens up new collaboration and professional growth prospects.

The attendees interact with the field’s top practitioners, researchers, and thought leaders. Meaningful conversations, sharing ideas, and learning from each other’s experiences are major parts of the interaction.

The attendees benefit from networking events like dinners, fetes, job fairs, and meet-and-greets to build connections with other attendees.

Engage with experts and other professionals in discussions through events, feature panels and roundtables.

For collaboration, grasping new job opportunities and cooperation in AI is possible through an expanded professional network.

Attendees meet representatives and recruiters from top companies in the industry, granting potential career opportunities to explore.

Learning About the Latest Advancements in AI Technology and Applications

Many exhibitions on cutting-edge AI technologies and their applications, as well as events and feature talks.

Tutorials and workshops supply instruction and hands-on training on the current AI technologies.

Attendees can learn to use fresh AI applications and cases in diverse industries.

Orientation to the newest developments in AI provides valuable insights and stimulation for development and research.

When attending AI conferences and workshops, candidates get chances to discover new tools and techniques for data analysis and machine learning. Here are a few key points:

Chance to learn new data analysis and machine learning tools and techniques improves candidates’ professional work.

Attendees also get hands-on training and tutorials for practical use and experience in the latest tools and techniques.

Attendees can enhance their work in data analysis and machine learning by remaining updated with the most recent tools and techniques.

Gaining Insights into AI Business Strategies and Applications

Individuals gain valuable insights into AI business strategies and applications through AI conferences and workshops. Here are the AI business strategies and applications related key points:

Attendees gain insights into AI business procedures and administration in a wider spectrum of enterprises.

Thought leaders and industry experts frequently present real-world situations and case studies of AI incorporation for addressing business problems and promoting innovation.

Attendees will discover best practices for using AI in their organizations.

Roundtables and panel discussions on AI business topics allow attendees to encounter discussions with business specialists and equivalents.

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What to Expect from a AI Conference?

An AI conference can help with many opportunities to understand, network, and encounter the newest progress and tendencies in the AI field. Below are the main points to expect from such AI conferences:

Alternatives for networking with peers and professionals in the industry

Talks with distinguished AI experts

Tutorials and practical training on AI tools and technology

A glimpse at the business techniques for using AI in different industries

Discussions of recent developments in AI research and development

Career opportunities with leading AI organizations

Chances to display individual AI projects and research

Roundtables and panels on AI-related subjects

Possibilities for partnership and collaboration formation within the AI community.

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What to Expect from a AI Workshop?

An AI workshop can grant focused, experiential learning, helping individuals attain practical knacks and knowledge in distinct areas of AI and its applications. Enlisted below are key expectations one might have from AI workshops:

Experiential guidance and instruction on certain AI tools and technologies

a thorough study of specific AI frameworks, concepts, and algorithms

Opportunities to practice integrating AI principles into real data sets

assistance from competent AI practitioners and instructors

Connections with other participants of the workshop

Possibilities for interaction and partnership-building with other AI professionals

Insights that are relevant to your studies or professional endeavors.

DataHack Summit – Exploring the Future with Generative AI

DataHack Summit 2023 is an AI summit offering excellent AI conferences and workshops for professionals and aspirants of the industry. The summit unlocks the potential of generative AI by exhibiting recent, forthcoming, and fresh trends.

The DataHack Summit 2023 Experience

You will get enthralled to access the following exclusive experiences at the DataHack Summit:

Event SegmentDescriptionLive KeynotesTangible and practical insights aided by the brightest AI minds who will share their backgrounds, innovations, experiences, and cutting-edge case studies.Power TalksLively sessions where individuals can learn from industry experts with years of experience and plenty of perspectives on the influence of chúng tôi SessionsInteractive sessions where individuals can witness and interact while experts directly work and build AI.WorkshopsDay-long workshops where individuals can learn Artificial Intelligence by doing it themselves while coding with expert guidance.Awards NightThe event award night focuses on recognizing the best AI candidates, uplifting and inspiring everyone else. Novel creations and businesses in the AI field will be chúng tôi AI ShowcaseAn exhibition of compelling startups and solution providers to the best hardware and software providers regarding Artificial Intelligence showcased in the s

Why Attend DataHack Summit

As you already know the importance of AI conferences and workshops, take a glimpse at why you need to attend the DataHack Summit.

Network with Industry Experts

The conference offers a chance to exchange ideas and start discussions with leaders from various sectors and influential members of the AI business.

Gain Insights

Discover the future horizon of business with internationally renowned speakers as they share insights into the most current developments in AI.

Accelerate your Professional Growth

Learn how to professionalize your way into the ever-changing and transforming AI landscape through specialized deep-dive sessions and other events.

Be Inspired by Top AI Speakers

Be inspired by the unrivaled AI speakers who are glad to share insights, challenges and recommendations to assist industries on their AI voyage.

Get your Ticket to India’s Most Futuristic AI Conference!

Focus Areas of DataHack Summit

The main focus areas that the DataHack Summit will cover include the following:

FieldDefinitionArtificial IntelligenceBuilding machines that perform tasks covering human intelligence, including problem-solving, learning, and decision-makingMachine LearningAI subset involving the benefits of algorithms and statistical models. It allows computer systems to learn and improve from gaining experiences without being specifically programmedGenerative AIML models and algorithms can generate new and unique content, like text, music, and images, without direct human involvementDeep LearningMachine learning that uses multi-layered neural networks to instruct computers on finding patterns in data with great precision and accuracyCloud ComputingOn-demand supply of computing services by the internet, including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, and analytics. It promotes rapid innovation, flexible resource allocation, and scale thriftsNatural Language ProcessingField of AI that concentrates on helping computers to comprehend, analyze, and generate human language, like in text and speech, via using linguistic analysis and machine learning techniquesData EngineeringInvolves the design, development, and management of data architectures, systems, and pipelines to support data-driven applications and analytics, including data collection, storage, processing, and integrationComputer VisionAI field concentrates on allowing computer machines to decipher, comprehend, and examine digital videos and images. It helps in object detection, facial recognition, and autonomous conveyanceData VisualizationProcess of portraying intricate data sets and details via visual means, like maps, charts, and graphs, for its easy understanding, analyzing, and communicating insights

Book Your Seat Today

Hey, Don’t leave just yet! From Mastering LLMs: Training, Fine-tuning, and Best Practices, Exploring Generative AI with Diffusion Models to Build Scalable Machine Learning Model (and many more), these workshops are waiting for YOU at the DataHack Summit 2023. They’re your golden ticket to unlocking unimaginable value. Picture yourself diving headfirst into hands-on experiences, acquiring practical skills and real-world knowledge that will set you apart. But that’s not all! This is your moment to mingle with industry leaders, network with like-minded professionals, and open doors to thrilling career opportunities. Grab your spot now and secure your place at the highly anticipated DataHack Summit 2023. 


Recovering From Mono: Things You Must Know

Mono is not a dangerous illness; most individuals recover from it on their own without needing therapy. Despite this, symptoms such as excessive weariness, bodily pains, and others may make it difficult to function normally at school, work, and everyday life. If you have mono, you might have symptoms of illness for around a month.

What Exactly is Mononucleosis, or Mono for Short?

Your doctor may diagnose mononucleosis based on the signs and symptoms you’ve been experiencing and the length of time they’ve been present through a physical exam. When you explain your symptoms, he or she will examine for indicators such as enlarged lymph nodes, tonsils, liver, or spleen and will assess how these signals connect to the symptoms.

Blood Tests

Tests for antibodies If more evidence is required, a mono spot test will be carried out on your blood to look for antibodies specific to the Epstein-Barr virus. The findings of this screening exam are sent within one day. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that it will not identify the infection during the first week when the sickness is present. A separate antibody test takes much longer to get results, but it may identify the condition even just one week after the onset of symptoms.

A count of the white blood cells Your physician may do further blood tests to check for an abnormally high number of white blood cells (lymphocytes) or lymphocytes that have an aberrant appearance. These blood tests will not establish the presence of mononucleosis; nonetheless, they may point in the right direction.

If you are still experiencing symptoms, you should prioritize getting rest and drinking enough fluids.

The signs and symptoms of mono may persist anywhere from a few weeks to a month and, in adolescents and adults, are comparable to those of a severe cold or the flu. Antibiotics and other treatments do not address the sickness’s origin, a viral infection. Thus, medication will not necessarily help the mono go away quicker. Because a viral infection causes mono, medication does not treat the cause of the illness. So, to allow your body to cure itself, medical professionals recommend getting enough rest and drinking plenty of water.

Who is at Risk of Contracting Mononucleosis (mono)?

There are often two points in a person’s life when the risk of contracting EBV is at its highest: first, when they are small children, and then again, when they are adolescents or young adults. Mono is most common among persons in their teens and early 20s who may or may not exhibit any disease symptoms. Little toddlers often do not show any symptoms of mono. Mono affects around one in every four persons of this age range infected with EBV. Nevertheless, anybody of any age may get infected with mono.

The following are some suggestions for alleviating symptoms −

Provide Lots of time for yourself to rest and relax.

If you are used to leading an active lifestyle, following this prescription may be challenging. When you have mono, obtaining more rest is essential to your recovery from the illness. The infection may become more severe if enough rest is not obtained.

You don’t need to be entirely on bed rest when you’re not sleeping. There is a danger of ‘deconditioning’ if you become too sedentary. When you’re not feeling sleepy, you don’t need to be completely on bed rest. Nonetheless, it is not recommended that you stick to your regular routine at all costs.

If your spleen is enlarged, you should avoid participating in contact sports. Even after your symptoms have subsided, it may take a few more weeks for the swelling in your spleen to go down, which means that you are still at an increased risk of rupturing it compared to when you were healthy. In addition to staying away from contact sports, those who have recovered from mono should avoid engaging in strenuous activity or moving heavy objects for the next month, if not longer. For children, this implies that they are not allowed to roughhouse with their siblings at home either.

Give some exercise a shot.

Do whatever you feel comfortable doing if your doctor has checked you and determined that you do not have an enlarged spleen. If you are feeling up to it, doing some light exercise like yoga or walking will help you remain active and healthy while also allowing you to gradually build up your strength while you recuperate.

Do not overdo it in an effort to improve more quickly.

The recovery process from mono requires both time and relaxation. If you attempt to go back to your regular activities too soon after being sick, you run the risk of making your condition worse and slowing down the healing process. Pay attention to your bodily cues. Everyone is different; you should try to do as much as you can.

On the other hand, if you start experiencing any sudden or sharp pain in the left side of your upper abdomen (ruptured spleen), difficulty breathing, frequent urination, or feeling dehydrated, see your doctor or go to the emergency department immediately. Talk to your doctor about how fast you should be going back to your normal activities if you are unclear about how quickly you should be getting back to them. Your doctor will know what is best for you.

When you have mono, is it possible to continue working?

If your employer does not demand hard physical activity or manual labour, it is up to you to determine whether or not you will work and how much you will be able to take on while you are recovering.


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