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Phishing attack hits thousands of Microsoft Teams users




Thousands of Microsoft Teams users were recently targeted by a phishing scam.

They received an email posing as a trustworthy Teams member calling for a reply.

Our articles in the Microsoft Teams Hub will help you get the best of this collaboration tool nowadays.

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readers this month.

The researchers at Abnormal Security released a report about a recent phishing attempt targeting up to 50,000 Microsoft Teams clients.

This adds to the statistics that showed increased numbers in this type of cyber-attacks that affected companies in online payment businesses, social media, or productivity services in today’s context of teleworking or homeschooling.

Considering that Microsoft Teams is the most popular business communication service presently, with over 75 million users reported in spring 2023, it becoming a target for such attacks comes as no surprise.

How does the phishing scam work on Microsft Teams accounts?

According to the report, the attackers impersonated an acquaintance of the recipient sending out an email with a subject line resembling an instant messaging notification, announcing new activity on the platform.

This way, the attackers emailed between 15,000 and 50,000 Teams members, trying to catch their attention and make them hit the Reply in Teams button.

The body of the email included what appeared to be an instant messenger box linked to a particular workgroup, a request, and the Reply in Teams button.

In case the recipient went along with the request, the attackers could get their credentials or any personal information stored on the respective account.

How can I avoid falling for phishing scams?

Such phishing scams include all the ingredients that make users vulnerable: branded URL, personalized salutation message, convincing design.

If one doesn’t pay too much attention to the source of such messages, the second most reliable way to prevent scams is using powerful software such as Bitdefender that protects against phishing attempts.

Bitdefender efficiently filters all incoming email messages, as well as all websites that pose as trustworthy asking for personal information, by blocking them before they can reach the user.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Protect your online activity from any type of cyber-attacks with this top-rated threat-detection software.

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We truly hope that now you are now better informed on how such attacks work and that you’ll be prepared in case of a phishing attempt on your own device.

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How To Fix Microsoft Teams Error Caa70004

Microsoft Teams may throw all sorts of errors from time to time. When something unexpected happens, the service stops working and displays an error message.

In today’s guide, we’re focusing on error caa70004 and how you can fix it. This error usually occurs when Teams fails to sign you in or when the app freezes and crashes. Interestingly enough, error caa70004 often occurs post resetting your Office or Microsoft account password.

Fixes for Microsoft Teams Error caa70004 Log out and Clear the Cache

Many users managed to fix error caa70004 by signing out and clearing the cache. Please pay attention to the order of the steps you need to follow. First, you need to log out, clear the cache, and log back in.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the steps to follow:

Then launch the File Explorer and type %appdata%Microsoftteams.

Once you’re in the Teams folder, clear the cache of the following folders one by one:

%appdata%Microsoftteamsapplication cachecache.





%appdata%MicrosoftteamsLocal Storage.


Restart your computer. Relaunch Teams and sign back in. Check if error caa70004 is gone.

Enable TLS in Internet Options

If the TLS is switched off, enable the setting and check if this quick solution solved the problem.

Type ‘internet options‘ in the Windows Search bar.

Then expand the Security section.

Make sure TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 are enabled. Check the two boxes if necessary.

Hit OK and relaunch Teams.

Reset Internet Options

Other users suggested that resetting your Internet settings may iron out the error.

Then go to Internet Options → Advanced → Reset.

Close the window and restart Teams. Check if the error is gone.

Close Other Programs

Some of the apps and programs you’re running in the background may trigger Teams error caa70004. For example, many users who utilized Cisco products or VPNs confirmed they needed to disconnect from Cisco or their VPN to log in to Teams.

Then relaunch Teams and try to log in. If the login is successful, you can then re-connect to Cisco or other software solutions.

Other users confirmed they fixed the problem by temporarily turning off their antivirus and firewall. So, disable your security software, log in to Teams, and re-enabled your antivirus and firewall protection.

Reinstall the ADAL or Live ID Packages

Teams error caa70004 may also indicate the authentication failed because of missing package information about the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) or Live ID. Reinstalling these packages should fix the problem.

Launch PowerShell with admin rights.

If error caa70004 is affecting a work account, reinstall the ADAL package by running this command:

if (-not (Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin)) { Add-AppxPackage -Register “$env:windirSystemAppsMicrosoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin_cw5n1h2txyewyAppxmanifest.xml” -DisableDevelopmentMode -ForceApplicationShutdown } Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin

On the other hand, if error caa70004 is affecting a personal account, run the following command to reinstall the Live ID package:

if (-not (Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.Windows.CloudExperienceHost)) { Add-AppxPackage -Register “$env:windirSystemAppsMicrosoft.Windows.CloudExperienceHost_cw5n1h2txyewyAppxmanifest.xml” -DisableDevelopmentMode -ForceApplicationShutdown } Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.Windows.CloudExperienceHost

After you run any of these commands, a progress indicator will appear on the screen displaying information about the package installation process.

When the process is over, restart your computer, launch Teams, and try to log in.

Add Office 365 Account to the Users’ List of Resources

Select Change account settings.

The new account should be visible on the screen. Try to open Teams again.

If prompted, enter your email address. You should now be able to log in without authenticating yourself again.

If the error persists, try clearing your Windows Credentials. For detailed instructions, open this troubleshooting guide and go to Clear the Windows Credential Manager section.

If nothing worked, uninstall and reinstall your Teams app. Let us know if you managed to fix this issue.

What Is A Personal Account In Microsoft Teams?

In its early days, Microsoft Teams used to cater strictly to working professionals and workspaces, allowing them to get work done even away from the office. Over the last year, Microsoft Teams has grown a different perspective.  Not only has it taken its productivity features a notch higher, but it has also made the software a lot friendlier for non-professional users. 

Today, we’ll be taking a look at Microsoft’s efforts of making Teams more welcoming. Today, we’ll tell you all about Personal Accounts in Microsoft Teams. 

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What does Personal Account mean in Teams? 

As you may already know, Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular video collaborating tools on the planet. It may not be as popular as Zoom in some areas, but it surely is a more trusted brand across workspaces in the United States. It has a plethora of tools available for your convenience, and Microsoft has vouched to give the product as many software updates as it needs to be more widely accepted. 

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What is the benefit of a Personal Account? 

Since most of the world has started to get accustomed to virtual office spaces and work from home sessions, the line between personal and professional lives has become blurrier than ever. The situation has given way to exhaustion and overall poor quality of life, which is damaging, to say the least.

Microsoft Teams has been keeping tabs on burnout and work/social life balance from the very beginning and believes having a personal account would help in that regard. When switched to your Personal Account, you won’t be notified of your work assignments, and the office Channels and chats would also disappear.

This allows you to tune out the noise and “leave office” in the truest sense. Additionally, since your personal account resides inside Microsoft Teams, you will not need to download a separate application to get in touch with your friends and family. 

How to set up a Personal Account in Microsoft Teams 

As we’ve discussed, you don’t need to jump through hoops to create a Personal account in Microsoft Teams. By default, every Microsoft Teams user — both free and paid — is given the option to switch to their Personal Account when they feel like it. However, since Microsoft requires your phone number to begin the authorization process, you cannot create your Personal Account right from the desktop application.

You will need the Microsoft Teams app on your mobile to start the procedure and only add it to the desktop client after completing it successfully. So, in a way, the desktop client is nothing but a fancy companion app for the mobile app.

It is to be noted the Personal account option was introduced to the mobile client first, in the second quarter of 2023. Microsoft extended support to the desktop client over six months later. 


Microsoft Teams also comes with a fully decked mobile application for both Android and iOS. Similar to the desktop application, Microsoft Teams on mobile allows you to switch accounts on the fly. First, launch the Microsoft Teams app on your smartphone and log in. Now, tap on your profile picture thumbnail at the top-left corner of the screen. 

At the bottom of the panel, you’ll see the accounts that are associated with the device. Then, tap on ‘Personal.’

Microsoft Teams would ask you to re-enter the password you logged in with. On the next screen, you would be asked to put down your contact number. Enter your number and tap on ‘Next.’

It is to be noted that you’ll need to enter a number that hasn’t yet been associated with any other Microsoft Teams profile. Also, since it’s a mandatory step, you’ll need to put one down if you wish to use the Personal account.

If everything goes according to plan, you’ll be greeted with the Microsoft Teams Personal account page. Tap on ‘Get started’ to begin.

On the next page, you’ll have to confirm your name and add a profile picture. You could change both by hitting the ‘Pen’ / ‘Edit’ icon respectively. After finalizing, tap on ‘Continue.’

Teams offers you the option to find your friends. It’ll need to sync your contacts app to do so. Check the ‘Yes! Sync my contacts’ option and tap on ‘Continue’ to begin. Once you’ve checked all the aforementioned boxes, you’ll be taken to the Microsoft Teams landing page.

That’s it! You’ll now be able to chat with your friends and family right from the mobile application.


If you have the Microsoft Teams application on your desktop, log in with your username and password. For assistance, feel free to check out our extensive guide on creating a free account in Microsoft Teams.

After signing in successfully, Microsoft Teams would open a new Window, containing all your personal texts and calls. 

What are the differences between Personal and Professional accounts?

Microsoft Teams believes it’s important for us to keep our professional and personal accounts separate. When you switch over to your personal account, not only will you not have work-related disturbances, but Microsoft Teams will also launch a completely new instance — window — with your Personal Account contacts.

The company has gone to great lengths to assure your peace of mind, which means the differences will not be very subtle.

Time limit

Microsoft Team free account allows you to connect to up to 100 people at a time for 60 minutes. If you exceed the 30-minute mark, you’ll be thrown out of the meeting.

Through the personal account, you can connect to up to 300 people for up to 24 hours. Group chats, on the other hand, can accommodate up to 250 people.  Microsoft hasn’t yet confirmed how long its generosity would last, but we are hopeful of seeing it outlast the pandemic. Microsoft believes the Personal account to be an integral part of its community and wishes to keep it accessible as long as possible.


The Personal Account section in Microsoft Teams looks and feels a lot different than its professional counterpart. When you switch to your personal account, a separate instance of Teams gets launched, which makes it easier to keep a tab on both your personal and professional messages.

Of course, there aren’t Channels in the Personal Account, and chats are given the highest priority. Unlike the professional version, you won’t have quick access to calls in Personal Account, but there is a neat calendar baked in for convenience. 


Signing up for Microsoft Teams is easy. You go to the website, sign up, or download one of the clients to sign up from there. Once you’ve logged in, you would be able to all the features, in all their glory from any client you like. 

Your Personal Account, on the other hand, requires a lot more finesse. Since it’s not a separate app — and lives within the Microsoft Teams app — you cannot download it exclusively from the website. After you’ve downloaded and installed Microsoft Teams on your smartphone, you would be able to register your Personal Account from there. As of now, the desktop client isn’t capable of creating a Personal Account, but it can register the account your created through the mobile app pretty easily. Once the account is linked, you’ll be able to receive personal messages on your computer. 

Calling and recording

The professional end of Microsoft Teams allows you to send an invite link to potential meeting participants, even if they don’t have Teams. You can do the same through your Personal Account as well — call someone even if they don’t have access to Teams. However, video recording hasn’t yet arrived for Personal Accounts. 

You can chat, start an audio/video call with any user you like and screen sharing is also permitted. Microsoft hasn’t revealed its plans for video recording yet. 

Why don’t you have the option to ‘Add Personal Account’? 

In the guide above, we talked in length about adding your Personal Account through the desktop client, about how the verification is done through the ‘Add Personal Account’ button. However, there’s a chance of not seeing the button entirely, and we’ll tell you why that is. 

As of now, the ‘Add Personal Account’ button is only available to premium account holders. So, if you happen to have a free account, you’ll not have the option to verify your credential through the desktop client. Thankfully, the mobile client doesn’t discriminate between free and premium users. You would be able to sign up for your Personal Account from the mobile client and then carry it over to your computer. 

That’s it! Your personal account would be launched in a separate window. 


How To Delete Chat Or Message In Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is one of the applications that digitalized our workspace. With digitalization, users get to enjoy several features such as meeting alerts, real-time chats, and file sharing.

Additionally, you also get to delete chats that are no longer useful to you. It’s a big contrast to what we’re used to in a physical office. You’re on the right page if you’re interested in learning more about how you can delete chats in teams.

This article will cover how you can delete chats from the desktop, Android, and iOS/iPad OS versions of Microsoft Teams, so keep reading!

There are a few things you must keep in mind before you delete messages on Teams. This includes certain restrictions and the accessibility of your deleted chats. We recommend you skim through this before you start deleting chats:

The selected messages will only be deleted for you.

The recipients won’t know that you’ve deleted the chats.

The chats you delete will be wiped out from all of your devices.

When you export your Teams data, the deleted chats aren’t exported alongside other data.

You can delete the messages from the Chat section in Teams. Remember, you must log in to the Teams organization with the chat. You can access messages from other organizations if you’re logged in to a different account. 

You do not have to own a certain device to remove messages from Teams. The delete feature is available across all versions of Teams; Desktop, Android, and iOS/iPad OS.

You can delete selected messages on Teams. This is handy when you accidentally send a wrong message to a colleague or a channel. Deleting individual messages is supported in all versions of Teams.

Here are ways you can delete messages on Teams:

On Desktop Version

If you use the desktop version of Teams, refer to these steps to remove messages from a conversation:

On Android/iOS Version

Deleting messages on Teams is the same for Teams’ Android and iOS versions. Here are the steps you can refer to delete chats from your mobile application:

If you have a conversation with a user you have no use for, you can delete your copy of it. You might use this feature, especially when a colleague has left your organization.

When you delete conversations, they will be removed from the Chat section. This will help declutter your space for other important chats. 

You can delete chat for all versions of Teams, including the desktop, Android, and iOS/iPad OS versions.

On Desktop Version

For desktop users, follow these steps to delete the entire conversation with a user on MS Teams:

Open the desktop version of MS Teams.

Hop on to Chat from the left sidebar.

Hover your cursor over the conversation you want to remove.

Select the three-dot menu (More Options) and select Delete.

To validate your action, select Yes, delete on the pop-up.

On iOS/iPad OS Version

If you use an iPhone or an iPad to use Microsoft Teams, here are the steps you can refer to delete conversations:

On Android Version

The option of deleting conversations is also available in the Android version of Microsoft Teams. Follow these steps to delete conversations in Teams using an Android device:

Deleting messages is permanent and very difficult to recover. If you do not wish to lose the chats permanently, you can try other options such as Hide or Mute.

Using the Hide feature keeps the conversation away from the Chat section until the other person posts a new message. If you have a conversation with a user that has been inactive for a long time, you can use this feature.

The Hide feature is available in all versions of Microsoft Teams.

On Desktop Version

If you use a desktop while using MS Teams, follow these steps to hide a conversation:

On iOS/iPadOS Version

For iPhone and iPad users, here are the steps you can follow to hide conversations in Microsoft Teams:

On Android Version

You can also hide conversations if you own an Android device. Follow these steps to hide chats from an Android device:

The Mute feature is used to block notifications from the conversations you’ve enabled this feature for. You can mute conversations that aren’t as urgent as the rest. This will allow you to turn more attention to urgent conversations.

Like other features, Mute is available in all Microsoft Teams versions.

On Desktop Version

Here are the steps you can refer to mute conversations in the desktop version of MS Teams:

On iOS/iPad Version

For iPhone and iPad users, refer to these steps to mute a conversation in MS Teams:

On Android Version

If you use an Android device to use Microsoft Teams, follow these steps to mute a conversation:

If you do not find a Delete option when trying these methods, you either have a guest account, or the admin hasn’t granted you the permission required to delete the conversation. 

Sign in with your Microsoft credentials to open a user account on MS Teams. A user is free to use all free-to-use functions if they own a free version of MS Teams. 

If you have the Delete right revoked, we suggest you contact the administrator to request for change.

WordPress Core Vulnerabilities Hits Millions Of Sites

WordPress announced it has patched four vulnerabilities that are rated as high as 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. The vulnerabilities are in the WordPress core itself and are due to flaws introduced by the WordPress development team itself.

Four WordPress Vulnerabilities

The WordPress announcement was short of details of how severe the vulnerabilities were and the details were scant.

However the United States Government National Vulnerability Database where vulnerabilities are logged and publicized rated the vulnerabilities as high as 8.0 on a scale of 1 to 10, with ten representing the highest danger level.

The four vulnerabilities are:

SQL injection due to lack of data sanitization in WP_Meta_Query (severity level rated high, 7.4)

Authenticated Object Injection in Multisites (severity level rated medium 6.6)

Stored Cross Site Scripting (XSS) through authenticated users (severity level rated high, 8.0)

SQL Injection through WP_Query due to improper sanitization (severity level rated high, 8.0)

Three out of four of the vulnerabilities were discovered by security researchers outside of WordPress. WordPress had no idea until they were notified.

The vulnerabilities were privately disclosed to WordPress, which allowed WordPress to fix the problems before they became widely known.

WordPress Development Rushed in a Dangerous Way?

WordPress development slowed down in 2023 because they were unable to finish work on the latest release, 5.9, which saw that version of WordPress pushed back to later in 2023.

There has been talk within WordPress of slowing down the pace of development because of concern for the ability to keep up.

The WordPress core developers themselves raised the alarm in late 2023 about the pace of development, pleading for more time.

One of the developers warned:

“Overall, it seems like right now we are rushing things in a dangerous way.”

Data Sanitization Problems in WordPress

Data sanitization is way to control what kind of information gets through inputs and into the database. The database is what holds information about the site, including passwords, usernames, user information, content and other information that is necessary for the site to function.

WordPress documentation describes data sanitization:

“Sanitization is the process of cleaning or filtering your input data. Whether the data is from a user or an API or web service, you use sanitizing when you don’t know what to expect or you don’t want to be strict with data validation.”

The documentation states that WordPress provides built-in helper functions to protect against malicious inputs and that the use of these helper functions requires minimal effort.

WordPress anticipates sixteen kinds of input vulnerabilities and provides solutions to block them.

So it’s surprising that the input sanitization issues should still appear in the very core of WordPress itself.

There were two high level vulnerabilities related to improper sanitization:

Due to lack of proper sanitization in WP_Meta_Query, there’s potential for blind SQL Injection

Due to improper sanitization in WP_Query, there can be cases where SQL injection is possible through plugins or themes that use it in a certain way.

The other vulnerabilities are:

On a multisite, users with Super Admin role can bypass explicit/additional hardening under certain conditions through object injection.

Low-privileged authenticated users (like author) in WordPress core are able to execute JavaScript/perform stored XSS attack, which can affect high-privileged users.

WordPress Recommends Updating Right Away

Because the vulnerabilities are now in the open it is important that WordPress users make sure their WordPress installation is updated to the latest version, currently 5.8.3.

Citations Read the Official WordPress Notice

WordPress 5.8.3 Security Release

National Vulnerability Database Reports

Authenticated Object Injection in Multisites

Stored XSS through authenticated users

Improper sanitization in WP_Query

SQL injection due to improper sanitization in WP_Meta_Query

Maximizing The Power Of Salesforce For Sales Teams


Salesforce is one of the most popular customer relationship management (CRM) systems available, used by businesses of all sizes and industries. It provides companies with a powerful platform to manage their sales process, customer interactions, and data.

Understand Your Sales Process

The first step in maximizing the power of Salesforce is to understand your sales process. This involves mapping out your sales funnel, identifying key stages, and defining the actions and metrics associated with each stage. By doing so, you can determine which Salesforce features and tools are most relevant and valuable for your sales team.

For example, if your sales process involves lead generation, you may want to focus on Salesforce’s lead management tools, such as lead scoring and qualification. If your process includes extensive collaboration between sales reps and other teams, you may want to leverage Salesforce’s collaboration and communication tools, such as Chatter and Communities.

Customize Your Salesforce Instance

Salesforce provides a wealth of customization options that can be tailored to the unique needs and workflows of your sales team. Customization can range from simple tweaks to page layouts and fields, to more complex automations and integrations with other systems.

Some examples of customization options include −

Customizing fields and page layouts to match your sales process and data requirements.

Creating custom objects to track additional data points, such as product details or customer feedback.

Developing custom workflows and automations to streamline repetitive tasks, such as lead routing or follow-up emails.

Integrating Salesforce with other systems, such as marketing automation platforms or accounting software.

Leverage Data Insights

Some of the data insights that Salesforce can provide include −

Lead and opportunity tracking, including stage, value, and win/loss rates.

Sales rep performance metrics, such as activity levels and close rates

Sales forecasting and pipeline analysis, including expected revenue and projected close dates.

By regularly reviewing and analyzing this data, sales teams can identify patterns and trends, adjust their strategies accordingly, and ultimately improve their sales performance.

Use Salesforce Mobile

By using Salesforce Mobile, sales reps can −

Quickly access and update customer information while on the go.

Collaborate with team members and share information in real-time.

Monitor sales performance and progress towards goals.

Salesforce Mobile can help sales teams stay productive and efficient, even when they are away from their desks.

Train Your Sales Team

To fully leverage the power of Salesforce, it is essential to train your sales team on the platform’s features and capabilities. Salesforce offers a wide range of training resources, including online courses, webinars, and certification programs.

Some key areas to focus on when training your sales team include −

Salesforce basics, such as navigating the platform.

Creating and updating records.

Advanced features, such as workflows and automations, reporting, and integrations with other systems.

Best practices for using Salesforce to support the sales process, such as lead and opportunity management, account planning, and customer engagement.

By investing in training and education, sales teams can become more confident and proficient in using Salesforce, leading to increased productivity and better results.

Integrate with Marketing Automation

Some of the benefits of integrating Salesforce with marketing automation include −

More targeted and personalized communication with customers, based on their interests and behavior.

Better alignment and collaboration between sales and marketing teams, by sharing data and insights.

Integrating Salesforce with marketing automation can help sales teams close more deals and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Some of the ways that AI can help sales teams include −

Providing personalized and targeted recommendations for sales reps, such as which products or services to offer to specific customers.

Analyzing data and providing insights on sales performance, pipeline management, and customer behavior.

By embracing AI, sales teams can gain a competitive edge and improve their ability to generate revenue and drive growth.

Overall Synopsis

Salesforce is a powerful tool for sales teams, providing a wide range of features and capabilities that can support and enhance the sales process.

By understanding your sales process, customizing your Salesforce instance, leveraging data insights, using Salesforce Mobile, training your sales team, integrating with marketing automation, and embracing AI, you can maximize the power of Salesforce and achieve better results for your business.

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