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OnePlus team official announced their plans for the Marshmallow update today, and revealed the expected dates for its OnePlus One, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X.

If you were hoping for a sooner and quick Marshmallow update for OnePlus X, you’ll be disappointed to know the release company is targeting.

The company said on their forums today that they are looking to roll out the Marshmallow OTA for OnePlus X as soon as possible.

Without context, hopefuls fans would think of November-end release, while more matured and knowledgeable would understand that development work is full-fledged, and update could be release by December-end.

But only you bring in the context, you get to know what it means. Before talking about Android 6.0 update for OnePlus X, the team made it clear that they are targeting Marshmallow update for OnePlus One in Q1 2024 (Cyanogen OS), and that’s the same for OnePlus 2 too (Oxygen OS).

We know that OnePlus 2 will be the first device to receive Marshmallow update, because it is company’s flagship device. And we also understand that OnePlus X should be getting the Marshmallow update about a month later than OnePlus 2.

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So, that makes the ‘as soon as possible’ release of Marshmallow update for OnePlus X, a Q1 2024 release at best, or practically, April 2024 release — if OnePlus team didn’t mention Q1 2024 release for OnePlus X, than it means that it will happen only in April or May 2024.

Well, the only reason we could think of is the size of the company. OnePlus aren’t a big OEM, they have countable-on-fingers no. of devices, and we guess easily-countable no. of employees, what if not countable-on-fingers.

The company has limited resources, that’s well known and given how their invite system works and falls short of expectations, their ability to do things timely looks doubting.

Otherwise of that, they shouldn’t be having this much trouble. After all, the company’s builds are close to pure stock Android like that of Motorola, and when Motorola could already push Marshmallow update to its Moto X2 and Moto X3 Style, then why OnePlus couldn’t.

Well, you could give unofficial updates a though. OnePlus X isa developer friendly device, which is why it’s got root and TWRP recovery of its own already. And that’s why we are hopeful that a CM13 or any other AOSP based Marshmallow ROM would arrive for the device.

As an example, check out the OnePlus One AOSP ROM, that has brought the 6.0 update already to the device, albeit unofficially. We hope OnePlus X gets a similar one, or even better a CM13 ROM.

Whenever an Android 6.0 ROM comes for OnePlus X, we would be sure to share it with you guys. And we’ll also update this post with link. So, don’t forget to check this post, and follow the blog for latest on Marshmallow for your OnePlus X.

Over the course of time, we’ll definitely see many cool Marshmallow ROMs for the OnePlus X, mainly because it’s developer friendly device, just like OnePlus One and OnePlus 2.

It looks like OnePlus X users won’t get to taste the Marshmallow update this year for definite, and most probably, it won’t likely happen in first quarter of 2024 either.

So, April 2024 or May 2024 is when OnePlus X will be running Android 6.0 Marshmallow update.

Ironically, by that time, Nexus 6, 6P and 5X would be running developer builds of Android N, 7.0, as Google developer I/O is normally held in May-June every year, and for the past two years, Google has released the developer build of upcoming OS at the event.

Till then, CM13 and other AOSP Marshmallow ROMs are your best choice to entertain yourself with 6.0 update on your OnePlus X.

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Cyanogenmod 13 (Cm13) And Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update

With Marshmallow update plans officially out for HTC and Sony devices, and also one from T-Mobile because it’s trendy right now, we now have a good idea of which devices will get Marshmallow update which will be left out for major companies.

Those missing out will have to rely on custom ROMs based on AOSP of Android 6.0, that Google released a day before to the public under open source.

AOSP ROMs will be a huge hit fir many Android phones and tablets, as it’s Marshmallow show for next two-three months. So let’s take stock of where the world’s most popular AOSP ROM, the CyanogenMod, stands right now.

CM13 Current status

There is nothing the CyanogenMod team has spoken about as regards Marshmallow update development status, features portability to 6.0 and expected release dates.

Naturally, we would have to wait until someone from team opens up a little about Android 6.0 plans. Hence, we have no CM13 release date to share with you guys, but by experience, it’s easy tell it’s around the corner.

The development is yet to begin as of today, October 6, 2024.

But expect that to happen soon, and thus you can also expect the unofficial CM builds to be released within a month, by October end or November beginning. While official builds for popular sets like Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 shouldn’t be much behind, let’s say, November first half.

We’re sure the work has started internally already, but because it will take time to edit all their features for full compatibility with Android 6.0 code, and the wait is completely worth too.

Well, normally, we start seeing at least unofficial builds of CM or any other AOSP based start popping up after one or two weeks of Google releasing its latest Android update to AOSP.

So, if you ask us about the CM13 release date, we’d say you have to wait for over a month for official CM13 builds to appear for popular developer friendly devices like Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 6.

Then we could start seeing CM13 for other developer friendly devices like OnePlus One and OnePlus 2, Nexus tablets, and devices powered by Cyanogen OS. Older Samsung devices like Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm processor one) and HTC devices like One M8 and One M7 should be getting to taste CM13 within two months.

Even if official builds will take time, like over a month for popular Nexus devices and some two months for other devices, the unofficial builds should be available for large no. of devices in a month or so.

So, if you wanna test Marshmallow, that would be possible in next 30-40 days. That’s our guess, and there is no official word from CM team available on this.

Official builds of CM13 will be available here, btw.

CM13 Expected devices

Almost every Qualcomm processor powered Android device is a good go for CM13. Same for most of MediaTek powered devices too. But Samsung’s Exynos processor, that’s a different scenario altogether.

So, for HTC, we’re looking at HTC One M7, M8, M9 and Desire series, as also Butterfly and other sets, as the most eligible devices for CM13 ROM. HTC is a developer friendly company, and so CM13 should be available easily on most of its devices, unless those particular devices have already grown out of favor with developers for one reason or another.

For Motorola, all generations of Moto X, Moto G, Moto E, Moto X Play and Style, Droid Turbo and Moto Maxx, etc. should be getting CM13 release within two months, officially or not.

As regards Sony, well the company is very, very developer friendly. Expect CM13 to be available for Sony devices like Xperia Z, Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4 and Z5 without a fuss. Moreover, most of Sony’s popular mid-range and low-range sets should have no trouble bagging a Marshmallow update via CM13 custom ROM.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the big one, Samsung. You have to break Samsung’s huge lineup of Android devices in two types: one powered by Samsung’s own Exynos processor, and other powered by Qualcomm processor. Samsung and Exynos being not developer friendly, you can’t expect CM13 to arrive on Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, Note 5, etc. anytime soon.

Further, sets like Galaxy S4 and S5, powered by Exynos processor can’t be hoping for CM13 just yet.

While, variants of many Samsung devices are powered by Qualcomm processor too, including Galaxy S3, S4 and S5, and all of them should be getting CM13 within two months or so. That is, before November end.

Picking up LG, well, you would see CM13 on some, and then not on others. Popular sets like LG G3 and LG G2 should have their CM13 ROM sooner than later, but you can’t be too sure for other LG devices, although the outlook is favorable than Samsung Exynos devices.

For other OEMs like Xiaomi, Huawei, Xolo, MicroMax, etc. CM13 would make way to popular sets of each OEM, but it could take time depending on how the development has been so far, and how many developers still own those devices to developer CM13 on. But you can be hopeful, if you have TWRP for those devices.

CM13 Requirements

Well, you should have TWRP recovery, or any other custom recovery like Cyanogen or CWM or Philz installed on, or available for your device. Without custom recovery, you cannot flash CM13, or any other ROM for that matter.

You may have to unlock your device’s bootloader — which is easy, unless your device is from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint in USA — after which you can install TWRP via a fastboot command. While, for Samsung devices, there is no need to unlock bootloader, you just have to flash TWRP from Download mode.

In both cases, warranty of your device void. So, installing CM13 results in voiding warranty, which is okay given the benefits you get. And anyway, your device could be already more than one year old if it’s not getting Marshmallow update officially, which is why you are looking towards CM13 and other AOSP based ROMs.

CM13 wait..

Well, yes, that’s all we can do at this moment. But keep your devices fired up with TWRP recovery, as soon you might need it. Who knows, the very next day a CM13 build could drop in the wild. Be prepared, right?

Do let us know which AOSP ROM you are looking forward to the most, apart from CM13?

Galaxy S10 Release Date Blues

Galaxy S10 release date blues

Today we’re taking a peek at what it’ll mean for the Samsung Galaxy S10 to release in its entirety come early March, 2023. This is the likely timeframe for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10E, and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, after all. At that time we’ll get three new phones and, when it comes down to it, not a whole lot of change from one year to the next.

Those of you that pay close attention to the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones and indeed the entire industry might be saying “HOW DARE YOU!” Especially when it’s also assumed that because I’ve written about Apple in the past without vitriol, that I must be a hardened addict. In fact I’m sort of disillusioned with the whole industry, really. What’s new in the world today?

The Samsung Galaxy S10, E, and Plus will bring some of the best smartphones to the world that’ve ever existed. They’ll have such features as super-great cameras, displays that cascade over their sides, and in-display fingerprint readers. They’re going to be utterly invaluable components of hundreds of thousands of people’s lives by the second quarter of the year, make no mistake.

But since 2007, what’s really changed? We’ve got devices that do the same things the first round of smartphones did, only better. Now the cameras are, at times, better for the average person than any massive multi-thousand-dollar camera. Internet speeds are quick enough to bring us information about any subject in an instant, and we can learn about anything with great ease.

But what happens when another set of phones comes out that only slightly improves upon last year’s models? Have a peek at the specs below and see what we’re likely going to be delivered by Samsung on the 20th of February.

Samsung Galaxy S10E (Lite):

• Display: 5.8-inches (flat)

• Back Cameras: 2x lens

• Front Camera: 1x punch-hole lens

• Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855/Exynos 9820

• Fingerprint Sensor: Side-mounted

• Connectivity: 4G LTE

• Back: Glass

• Battery: 3000mAh

Samsung Galaxy S10:

• Display: 6.1-inches (curved)

• Back Cameras: 2x lens

• Front Camera: 1x punch-hole lens

• Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855/Exynos 9820

• Fingerprint Sensor: Ultrasonic in-display

• Connectivity: 4G LTE

• Back: Glass

• Battery: 3500mAh

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:

• Display: 6.44-inches (curved)

• Back Cameras: 3x lens

• Front Cameras: 2x punch-hole lens (pill shaped)

• Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855/Exynos 9820

• Fingerprint Sensor: Ultrasonic in-display

• Connectivity: 4G LTE

• Back: Glass

• Battery: 4000mAh

The specs above are not official, they come from anonymous sources with information on the subject as well as educated guesswork based on precedent. The Samsung Galaxy S10 collection will be the best in the industry for a short time, and they won’t take any chances that they’ll loose Samsung’s spot as the world’s most profitable Android smartphone manufacturer.

The same goes for each of the other major smartphone makers – at least those outside of China. Inside China there’s a burgeoning market for new smartphones, and innovation happens at a speed well ahead that of most of the rest of the world.

This is why we keep our eyes on what China’s got going on – not because we’re going to be able to buy these phones today, but because we’ll see the technology inside USA-aimed phones tomorrow. Because when everyone’s been trained to accept a new phone each year with minimal major change, the speed at which brands in the USA need to move is that of a lumpy old overweight gorilla, fat from all the food it’s been fed from mindless zoo-goers.

We’re expecting that the Samsung event on February 20th will yield the Galaxy S10, S10E, and S10 Plus. We might also get to see the foldable Galaxy smartphone, and might year about the Galaxy S10 X with 5G connectivity. We’ll very likely see the Galaxy S10 family go on pre-order the same day, with a release date around March 8th, or thereabouts.

Ios 16.2 Release Date And Ios 16.2 Release Time Estimate

iOS 16.2 release date and iOS 16.2 release time estimate

All the latest iOS 16.2 release date & iOS 16.2 release time info

The iOS 16.2 release date is just round the corner, but when exactly is it and what time of the day can we expect to see the latest OS update released for iPhones?

We still don’t have any official information from Apple about the release date, though everything points to next week (beginning on the 12th December) as the time it comes out. Read below for predictions and estimates of the more precise time we might see the iOS 16.2 update drop.

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Apple tends to release new iOS versions in the first part of the week, so our personal prediction is the iOS 16.2 release date will fall between 12th – 14th December, 2023.

iOS 16.2 release time prediction

Usually Apple likes to release its iOS updates around 10AM Pacific US time, give or take (it’s not always bang on). Although Apple may choose to pick a different time for iOS 16.2, the most likely release time (depending on your timezone) is as follows:

iOS 16.2 Beta release

Before we’re able to get our hands on the final, stable version of iOS 16.2, the iOS 16.2 beta program has been running for nearly a couple of months now, both the iOS 16.2 public beta and the iOS 16.2 Developer beta. These gave people a chance to try out the unfinished version of the operating system with all its new features. Although it’s a bit late in the day now, given the full release is imminent, if you really want to you can sign up to either (but be aware of the risks and make sure you back up your data)

Features included in iOS 16.2 for iPhone

Most of these features have been tested over the course of the last couple of months as part of the beta programs, however both Apple Music Sing and Advanced Data Protection have only recently been added.

Freeform App: A new digital whiteboard app.

Sleep & Medications Lock Screen widgets: These new widgets on the lock screen let you view data on your sleep sessions and easily access your medication schedule.

SharePlay support: Accessible via the Game Center, this allows you to play Multiplayer online games with people whilst you’re on a FaceTime call together.

Live Activities sports scores with Apple TV: The Apple TV app now lets you see live sports scores updated on the lock screen.

AirDrop ‘Everyone’ setting now ‘Everyone for 10 minutes’.

Apple News added to the Weather app.

Improved Home App architecture & efficiency.

Improved image search in Messages.

5G support for Indian networks.

Apple Music Sing (new): A karaoke app which lets you quieten the vocals on a track so you can sing over them, plus adds lyrics on the screen (compatible with iPhone 11 and later).

Advanced Data Protection (new): Provides end-to-end encryption for messages, reminders, voice memos, notes, and photos (a US only feature until Q1 2023).

When does iOS 16.2 release?

There’s no official release date for iOS 16.2, but all signs point to mid-December, which would make its launch imminent.

Read our piece for our iOS 16.2 release date window prediction.

What’s the difference between iOS 16.2 vs iOS 16.1?

iOS 16.2 vs iOS 16.1 comes with a raft of new features and upgrades to existing features, including (but not limited to) a new Freeform App, SharePlay support, Live Activities sports scores for the lock screen, Apple Music Sing, and Advanced Data Protection.

We hope this iOS 16.2 release date and iOS 16.2 release time guide has left you a bit more enlightened about when to expect this latest update from Apple. Stay tuned to WePC for the latest in smartphone updates and OS info.

Oneplus X Vs Nexus 5X Comparison Preview

Our Verdict

Although the Nexus 5X offers good value for money, there’s no denying that the OnePlus X is an incredible deal at under £200. The design is gorgeous and it offers expandable storage, a similar screen and decent cameras. However, if things like the fingerprint scanner, NFC, the latest Wi-Fi and a faster processor are important then the Nexus 5X might be worth paying extra for.

We’re excited by the launch of the new Nexus phones but things have changed and Google has serious competition and OnePlus is a notable spanner in the works. The Nexus 5X is now on sale but the OnePlus X will soon rival it so which should you buy? Here’s our OnePlus X vs Nexus 5X comparison review. See also: Best phones of 2024.

OnePlus X vs Nexus 5X price

In the past, Google’s Nexus phones have been the best value for money you can find on the smartphone market. However, things have changed dramatically and there are a lot of rivals offering handsets with decent specs for reasonable price tags.

OnePlus is a name which immediately springs to mind on this front with its flagship devices both launching at outrageous prices.

The flagship OnePlus 2 is just £239 but the OnePlus X is even cheaper starting at just £199 so it’s nearly in budget territory here.

Google’s Nexus prices have increased over time and although the Nexus 5X is pretty good value for money, it’s a decent chunk more than the OnePlus X. It’s yours starting at £339 so that’s more than 50 percent extra in comparison. You will, as usual, need an invite to buy one though so sign up quick.

This alone may have made your mind up but read on to see how they compare in design, hardware and software before you hit they buy button.

OnePlus X vs Nexus 5X design and build

The Nexus 5X looks at feel like a successor to the original, partly down to LG building both devices for Google. It has the same soft rubbery plastic finish but with a more rounded case which is available in three colours: Carbon, Quartz and Ice.

Google’s new phone is 7.9mm and 136g which is nicely compact for a reasonably big phone. The OnePlus X is almost identical at 138g and slightly thinner at 6.6mm. Since these are so close, it’s more the style and materials that make them different.

Instead of plastic, OnePlus has gone for a very premium build starting with a brushed aluminium frame which runs round the edge. It then has dark bevelled glass on the front and back but you can opt for a ceramic model which will be limited edition with just 10,000 units.

While this option goes through a meticulous 25-day process, it does weigh more at 160g and costs more too at £269.

So far it’s the OnePlus X out in front with a stunning design for less money, but can the Nexus 5X make a comeback with hardware and software?

OnePlus X vs Nexus 5X hardware and specs

While the Nexus 5X has a slightly larger screen than its predecessor at 5.2in, the idea of the OnePlus X is that it’s smaller than the firm’s other phones at 5in. It’s essentially the OnePlus mini. Both offer a Full HD resolution so the OnePlus X has a slightly higher pixel density but it’s not really a noticeable difference.

Both phones come with 16GB of storage as standard and while the Nexus 5X is available in a 32GB capacity, it only has 2GB of RAM compare to the OnePlus X’s 3GB. Google still doesn’t offer expandable storage but OnePlus gives you the ability to insert two SIM cards or use one slot for a Micro-SD card (up to 128GB) which is a cheaper way of adding more space.

Although the OnePlus X has more memory and a card slot, it uses an older Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor which is outpaced by the Nexus 5X’s Snapdragon 808.

The Nexus 5X also boasts NFC, USB Type-C, 11ac Wi-Fi and a fingerprint scanner which are all missing from the OnePlus X. It’s more of a design feature but the OnePlus X instead offers an Alert Slider so you can quickly change your sound profile.

Moving onto photography and both the Nexus 5X and OnePlus X offer a 13Mp rear camera. Well technically it’s 12.3Mp on the 5X but Google provides 1.55µm pixels, a larger f/2 aperture, dual- LED flash, IR laser-assisted autofocus and 4K video recording.

Selfie fans might be swayed by the 8Mp front camera on the OnePlus X though with 5Mp available on the Nexus 5X.

That’s a strong comeback by Google with a number of things on the hardware line-up being superior to the OnePlus X or not available at all. The sore point is the lack of expandable storage which might be key for some.

OnePlus X vs Nexus 5X software and apps

As you probably already know, buying a Google Nexus phones means getting the latest version of Android and exactly as it’s been intended – so no extra bits, tweaked design or bloatware in the form of third-party apps.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow with its new features including Doze Mode for better battery life and Now on Tap for using Google Now whatever you’re doing. You’ll also be first in the queue when future versions of Android are released.

OnePlus uses its own Oxygen OS instead. It might sound completely different but it’s based on Android 5.1 Lollipop currently and is actually pretty stock so close to a Nexus experience. It adds things like gestures which can be used when the screen is off, a Dark Mode and Shelf which gives you quick access to your most used apps and contacts.

Reasons to buy the Nexus 5X Reasons to buy the OnePlus X

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Specs Google Nexus 5X: Specs

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

5.2in Full HD screen

Qualcomm Snapdragon 808, six-core processor


16/32GB storage

12.3Mp rear camera with dual-tone LED

5Mp front camera

Fingerprint scanner


11ac Wi-Fi

Bluetooth 4.2

2700mAh battery



Starfield Release Date & Everything We Know

Starfield Release date & Everything We Know

Starfield is a game about exploration as you go throughout the universe visiting various planets along the way. Bethesda Game Studios, the developers of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout, have created a stunning RPG that takes you beyond the realm of Earth and into the stars.

Previous games from Bethesda pale in comparison to the size and scope of Starfield. The game shares aspects of older Bethesda titles such as combat, factions, and the quest system. As you explore the galaxy, you will meet multiple companions and hear interesting stories from those in the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective.

Starfield’s story is sure to be one that astounds many. The game is coming to multiple systems including PC and Xbox Series X/S. Will it also be on Game Pass? You can pre-order the game to get bonuses and even possibly get early access. Here is everything we know about Starfield from the release date to the story and gameplay.

When does Starfield release?

Starfield will officially launch on September 6, 2023. The original release date for the game was planned to be November 2023 but got pushed back to the first half of 2023. Since then, the release date has been set for September 2023.

Microsoft and Bethesda have confirmed the release date on multiple occasions and shared more information about the game’s different editions during the June showcase.

Everything we know so far

Starfield is a very customizable game that will have gameplay similar to Fallout and Elder Scrolls. Bethesda has stated that the game will feature over 1,000 planets that you will be able to visit and explore. There is much to the game such as the story, gameplay, and settings. We do know one thing, this game will be anything but ordinary.


In Starfield, you are a member of Constellation – a group that is focused on tracking down rare artifacts throughout the galaxy. The game takes place in the year 2330, a time when humanity has already explored our galaxy and is navigating to others.

As you explore the universe, you will encounter multiple factions trying to stop your progress and others trying to help you on your journey.


There has been a full gameplay trailer released that shows off how Starfield plays. Multiple Starfield trailers have revealed small bits of gameplay with it appearing to be similar to a mix of Skyrim and Fallout.

Throughout the gameplay trailer, the player can be seen shooting multiple guns similar to how you do in Fallout. There is even a way to switch from third-person and first-person viewpoints.

There has even been an in-depth look into things such as outposts, NPCs, Romance, and more. When interacting with NPCs, there is a new persuasion system that involves spending points. You will also be able to get companions such as Vasco who was shown during the direct.

Finally, Starfield will feature thrilling space battles. You will get the opportunity to fly your ship around the cosmos and take place in spaceship battles. From the trailer, it seems these can also be switched between first and third-person POVs.


A few cities have been mentioned that will play a role in the game. The following cities have been showcased:

New Atlantis

Akila City


These are three of the four major cities that will play a large role in the story. Of course, you will visit many other planets as you make your way around the galaxy.


Below you can find the official Starfield gameplay trailer that shows what you can expect when the game releases.

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