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Megamind: Bridging the Gap Between Digital Vision and Reality with Technological Services

Megamind IT Solutions is a healthcare IT Solutions provider with experience in technical, managed services, Development teams, and Senior Management teams. Megamind is backed with a vast knowledge base and experience. The company is re-engineering business processes and optimizing resources, developing and deploying user-friendly, flexible, cost-efficient industry-specific solutions. Megamind has helped many clients across the region to increase productivity, and efficiency and helps them to adopt next-generation technology solutions.

Megamind ’s mission is to champion its customer’s success in today’s dynamic marketplace by providing smart solutions and automating their complex business processes.

The company is a distinguished partner to some of the most prestigious names in the IT and Healthcare technology industry, ensuring a collaborative approach toward future strategies and solutions. Some benefits derived from the partnership include access to cost-effective and innovative solutions addressing the client’s priority and accessing subject matter experts worldwide to address the challenges of the ever-changing technological landscape.

Value Proposition, Products & IT Solutions

Megamind integrates people and technologies to deliver quality products and innovative solutions to business challenges in the GCC region. We support our customers technologically in today’s competitive business world and keep them abreast with digitization in:

A Visionary Business Leader Steering Towards Growth Trajectory

Hamza has worked his way through all the spoke wheels of the business. This gave him a clear and in-depth insight into not only the business aspect of the industry but also the working models of different departments and their integrated functions that are required for the business entity’s success. With a specialization in Global Business Management, a graduate of Regent Business School, London, he is a keen observer of numbers with an eye for detail.

Hamza envisions the future of excellence at Megamind and wants the company to be the Leader of the Digital Transformation Healthcare Business in the region.

Having the Ability to Manage the Unexpected

In the past few years, Megamind faced stagnant markets, new challenges, competition, and inflationary and pandemic-related pressures. The firm was unable to determine if this was a transitory problem that would inevitably fade or if was it a more fundamental and potentially permanent shift to have the ability to manage the unexpected. In the first months of 2023 and during the entire of 2023, it became increasingly apparent that this year and next—and possibly longer— that these problems will be prevalent in the market, particularly affecting the tech industry and also causing stress on the healthcare segment, where it primarily operates.

Hamza was particularly challenged about the future of the organization in the short & long term with the following questions:

Where will customers see value in investing in technology? How can they design our products, services, and experiences to deliver this value?

What is the fastest way to stabilize, and redesign stretched and, in some cases, broken technology implementation?

What capabilities will he need to increase his company’s innovation and control costs?

What direction should he give to help healthcare leaders create value?

How is the new technological landscape affecting the health and care of the people?

What can he do to attract and retain employees in the shifting labor market?

How can he form a through-cycle and strategic mindset for my customer relationships?

How can he set priorities and organize to direct all this activity?

These questions enabled Hamza to be the integrator, allowing him to play a pivotal role in setting a clear direction, aligning the organization, managing stakeholders, and serving as the “Chief Motivator.” One of the significant achievements was to invest in upgrading their Health Information System (HIS) to meet the standard of HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society), a cutting-edge healthcare transformation by measuring clinical outcomes, patient engagement, and clinician use of EMR technology to strengthen organizational performance, health outcomes across patient populations, optimize digital work environments, improve performance and financial sustainability, build a sustainable workforce, and support an exceptional patient experience. Leveraging digital health information enhanced patient safety and clinician satisfaction, and reduced errors in care, length of stay for patients, and duplicated care orders while streamlining the access and use of data to inform care delivery.

Owing to the investment, Megamind achieved the HIMSS Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) Level 6 for five hospitals across Saudi Arabia. The firm will continue to upgrade the standards and information & security management in line with the health ministry regulations in KSA and across the globe.

Scaling Back on Growth Plans Post Pandemic

The chief executive officer is the most powerful and sought-after title in business, more exciting, rewarding, and influential than any other. As President & CEO, Hamza controls the biggest moves and accounted for a major share of the company’s performance. For him, serving as a CEO was all-consuming, lonely, and stressful and the high standards and broad expectations of shareholders, customers, and employees created an environment of relentless pressure.

Hamza’s job as CEO is like no other in the organization. It was infinite, being responsible for every decision and action of every member of the company, including their decisions and actions. And by the very definition of the position, he was allowed a few mistakes.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought new challenges and dynamics, with a new and potent disruption that seems to arrive every other day. Managing this complexity made it much harder to decide what needed to be done now and what could wait.

Post the pandemic the firm had to move much faster. Inflation affected its purchases and in large part to depleted supply chains. It forced the firm to build resilience in finance, operations, technology, organization, business model, and reputation. Megamind used a two-pronged strategy: benchmark its performance to the industry and disrupt the industry.

Six Dynamic Practices to Ensure a Leader’s Influence

These six revolving, interdependent, and inclusive practices can determine the leader’s reach and influence:

Leadership is not defined as an outgrowth of a charismatic personality, a talent born and not made. Leadership includes continual learning and encourages learning in the organization. While some are naturally given to inspiring, leaders must continually develop themselves. Leaders must also create a clear purpose and direction for an organization. Once the purpose is set, leaders must align all corporate systems to that direction, for a sustained period and build commitment to goals.

Developing Tech-Enabled Processes to Accelerate Growth

Megamind IT Solutions provide success to its customers in the healthcare sector with digital transformations, and the company’s focus is on the strategic importance that digital technologies accelerate growth dramatically.

The company creates technology and applications in healthcare business areas/functions that can be used by mature clients and clients with little experience in digital technology transformations. Looking closely at challenges to digital transformation, Hamza created three primary factors that emerged as critical to capturing value for their customers in health care, today – and going forward.

The use of digital tech to achieve strategic differentiation in doctor-nurse-patient engagement and innovation. This ground-level and direct patient care drove in-depth patient health interaction and made time, and cost efficiencies in health, medicine & therapy management.

The development of proprietary health assets via AI, data, and software.

Focus on developing tech-healthcare staff (doctors, nurses, pharmaceutics, radiology, and other executives) with better overall integration of tech talent into the varied health sector functions.

These tech-enabled processes drove the bottom line to fare better for all three types of digital transformations that we implemented: building new heath digital functions, strategically transforming the core functions in patient care with digital tech and updating the core health tech to ensure future competitiveness.

Megamind’s various interactions and survey results with its customer base suggested that the health sectors are building new digital transformation for reasons other than strictly financial ones, which could explain why a significant change in the patient’s overall experience with health management showed motivating results.

Leaders Going Hand-in-Hand with Emerging Technologies

Leadership is critical for implementation management, and digital transformation accelerators are also important. Megamind underscores the importance that organizational leadership understands and supports digital transformation efforts and follows through with appropriate resources, staffing, and decision-making authority. This allows digital transformation leaders to think outside the box, speed up product development cycles, and change the organizational culture around digitalization.

Leaders are important to change managers in the process of digital transformation. Without coordination and communication across teams, implementation becomes much more difficult. It is imperative for multiple teams, including digital transformation, IT, cybersecurity, innovation, clinical, and health care, to be involved in tech initiatives, and governance should be in place to prioritize projects and set defined goals:

Digital leadership aligned to overall business strategy.

Leadership driving through communication and transparency.

Ready next-generation talent of the right quantity and quality.

Integrate Cybersecurity in digital implementation.

Be flexible and scalable to gauge ever-evolving technologies.

Create and measure KPIs for digital initiatives

The impact of digital transformation will be felt across all sectors of health care, enabling access to care, enhancing quality, and reducing the cost of care. Health seekers and health managers can connect quickly and conveniently with their preferred providers, generating operational and financial efficiencies.

AI, Big data, and Robotics are going to be huge in healthcare, and are poised to provide numerous potential benefits for individuals and the health sector alike, including:

Empowering patient self-service with chatbots

Diagnosing patients with faster computer-aided design

Analyzing image data to examine the molecular structure in drug discovery, and by radiologists to analyze and diagnose patients.

Personalizing treatments with more insightful clinical data

Preventative Health Care

In-Patient Mobility Monitoring

Quality of Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Disease Prediction and Big Data

Chatbots for mental well-being.

Robotic surgeons

A Future in Tech Adoption in Healthcare

Hamza says, “To organize ourselves for a better future, we should embrace the imperatives that will define “who we are“; “how we operate“; and “how we grow”.

Hamza sees a large opportunity and the pressure to change has been building, with businesses worried their organizations are too slow, too siloed, too bogged down in complicated matrix structures, and too bureaucratic. Many leaders feared, and the pandemic confirmed, that their companies were organized for a world that is disappearing—an era of standardization and predictability that’s being overwritten by four big trends: a combination of heightened connectivity, lower transaction costs, unprecedented automation, and shifting demographics.

Hamza sees this future particularly in tech adoption in health care: four interrelated trends are the front runners in the success of his company and the industry at large.

Digitally enabled care is at the heart of the health-tech transformation. AI will support clinical decision-making, improve care orchestration and efficiency, and power workflow automation. Digital healthcare transformation is already presenting opportunities for a greater shift to remote patient care through telehealth. Health improvements in community social health will be enabled through coaching and gamification.

The future of tech health is poised to move into the following domains:

Technology will work harder, developing solutions that reach more patients in new ways (e.g., remote screenings), and enabling community healthcare workers to provide remote care (e.g., virtual training).

Digital transformation is essential to improving health care and strengthening customer, health care workers, and patient relationships. In addition to investments in technology, this will result in changes in industry and organizational-wide culture.

Planning Strategically to Face the Future Uncertainties

Hamza says, “It’s incumbent on the leader to set the direction for the company – to have a plan in the face of uncertainty.” According to him, the CEO should try to reduce strategic uncertainty by focusing on options with the firmest business cases, as follows:

Vision: Reframe what winning means

The CEO is the ultimate decision-maker when it comes to setting a company’s vision and mission. CEOs can do this by considering their mandate and expectations, their company’s relative strengths and purpose, a clear understanding of what enables the business to generate value, opportunities, and trends in the marketplace, and their aspirations and values.

Strategy: Make bold moves early

The best correlation to success is by formulating a strategy around resource reallocation; programmatic mergers, acquisitions, divestitures; capital expenditure; productivity improvements; and differentiation improvements. To move “boldly” is to shift at least 20 to 25 percent more than the industry median. Furthermore, CEOs must make these moves earlier to outperform those who move later. CEOs must explicitly ask and answer the question, “What would the market do?” as they determine their strategic moves.

Resource allocation: Stay active

Resource reallocation is an essential enabler of the other strategic moves. CEOs must dynamically reallocate capital and ensure that resources are swiftly reallocated to where they will deliver the most value rather than spread thinly across businesses and operations. CEOs must institute an ongoing stage-gate process to take a granular view, make comparisons using quantitative metrics, prompt when to stop funding and when to continue it, and should have the personal resolve to continually optimize the company’s allocation of resources.

Organizational alignment: Manage performance and health with equal rigor

It is wise to invest in an average strategy with great talent than in a great strategy with average talent. CEOs should put equal rigor and discipline into achieving greatness in both strategy and talent. To beat the best, CEOs must think systematically about their people: which roles they play, what they can achieve, and how the company should operate to increase people’s impact.

Hamza believes that the CEO Excellence Template should consist of five elements. Within these five elements we can demonstrate 15 strategic approaches:

An aspiring CEO should know that he or she is the company’s ultimate strategist and integrator, in charge of defining the issues that span the corporate and formulating the right resources. He or she should build a broad range of contradictory perspectives: outside in and inside out; a telescope to see the world and a microscope to break it down; a snapshot view of the immediate issues and a time-lapse series to see into the future.

Management: Hamza Sobhi Batterjee, President of Megamind IT Solutions

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Back To School 2023: The Best Tech And Accessories For A Successful School Year

Back to school season is moving full steam ahead, with many universities and schools just a  month away from heading back to class. This day and age, its crucial to start the year off on the right foot tech-wise. Read on as we round-up some of the best back to school tech and accessories for the 2023-2024 school year.


As always, Apple is running its annual Back to School Promotion, offering a free pair of Beats headphones with the purchase of an eligible Mac or iPad. My personal recommendation for college students is the 2023 MacBook Air. Apple just dropped the price to $1,099 and added True Tone. Its thin and light profile is great for an always on-the-go college student.

If you’d rather save a few bucks than get a free pair of Beats headphones, the 2023 MacBook Air is still an excellent choice. You miss out on True Tone display technology, but you can pick on up in refurbished condition for $949.99. Read our full review here.

The new MacBooks all ship with USB-C connectivity, which means you might need some adapters if this us your first USB-C Mac. Here are some of our recommendations:

If you’re in a field that will require heavy mouse use such as video editing and creation, I can’t recommend the Logitech MX Master mouse highly enough. It’s incredibly ergonomic and versatile mouse that you can pair with up to three devices.


If you already have a Mac, or are looking to go the iPad route this year, the 10.5-inch iPad Air is a great choice. You can read our full review for more details, but you get Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil support, the powerful A12 Bionic chip, Touch ID, and more.

Meanwhile, the 2023 iPad Pro is also an excellent choice if you’re looking for the most power available in the iPad form factor. Of course, it’s pricey and likely overkill for most students, but you can’t go wrong with nearly bezel-less design, Face ID, and more. Check out our full review.

In terms of integrating an iPad into your workflow, the upcoming releases of iOS 13 and macOS Catalina will include a new feature called Sidecar, which turns your iPad into a second display for your Mac. For students especially, this has the ability to give you an easy, two-display solution when on-the-go.


One must-have tech for every student during back to school season is a decent pair of headphones. My personal pick remains Apple’s AirPods (full review), which are incredibly small and portable, packing 24 hours of battery life in their case. If you plan to be a bit more active this year, the Powerbeats Pro are also an excellent choice. We loved them in our full review. The BeatsX also remain a popular choice, and are a bit more affordable at $99.

In terms of noise cancellation, I continue to love the Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones – they’re pricy, but you really do get what you pay for with noise cancellation, Alexa integration, and more. Another popular choice are the Cowin E7 headphones, which are far more affordable than the Bose.

In terms of speaker for your back to school tech haul, HomePod is an expensive option that lacks portability – which is often a requirement of students. My personal top pick for an ultra-portable, yet incredibly powerful speaker is the Ultimate Ears Megablast, which works with Alexa and supports up to 16 hours of on-the-go playback.

Smart Home

Adopting smart home technology while living in a dorm is challenging, but if you’re living in an off-campus apartment, there are a few things that are worth investing in.

You never know what might happen in a college town, and one way to help make sure you can always have an eye on your house or apartment is with a smart camera. If HomeKit support is a must-have, the Logitech Circle 2 is a great option. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, however, the Wyze Cam is an excellent choice at just $26. Read our full review here.

In terms of other smart home solutions, fun accent lighting options like the Nanoleaf Aurora are a great way to make your college living situation stand out. Traditional smart bulbs are also an affordable way to give your home some basic “smarts.”


Last but not least, an external battery pack is crucial if you’re going to have long days of class and studying. There are a few different options here worth recommending. For keeping your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air charged on the go, the Anker PowerCore+ is an excellent solution, but it is a tad bulky.

Mophie’s new Powerstation Hub is one of my favorite portable chargers due to its versatility. It packs a Qi charging surface, two USB-A ports, and USB-C to charge virtually anything while on-the-go.


When it comes to apps, everyone has different needs and wants – but two of my must-have applications are GoodNotes 5 and Things. The former is an excellent note-taking app with incredible power, especially if you plan to truly integrate the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil into your workflow.

Things is a versatile task manager that can be used for everything from organizing your assignments to making grocery lists and more. One thing you’ll also need for group projects is a cross-platform messaging solution. The most popular solution is GroupMe, but other options do exist.

Wrap up

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

Top 10 Crypto Icos To Invest In The Year 2023

The top 10 Crypto ICOs to invest in the year 2023 is also considered to be the best future cryptos

ICOs, short for initial coin offerings, are events where a project raises capital by selling crypto coins. Given that people can choose the top crypto ICOs to invest in, the top crypto ICOs have the potential to provide large profits.

In this article, we have enlisted the top Crypto ICOs to invest in the year 2023. Metacade

The first of its type in Web3, Metacade is a friendly gathering place where gamers and community members may congregate, take pleasure in one another’s company, play a range of crypto games, and possibly profit from investments. As would generally be the case, numerous projects are housed under one roof, giving investors more diverse possibilities as opposed to placing all of their eggs in one basket by betting on the success or failure of a single project/game title.

2. Kryptview

By allowing users to contribute their insights on digital tokens, this research-to-earn platform ensures accuracy and transparency. By merely writing evaluations about different businesses in an unregulated field, it offers individuals an unheard-of opportunity to get involved with blockchain technology.

3. O-MEE

O-MEE is a cutting-edge ICO that debuted in 2023 and delivered a potent combination of social media and the NFT marketplace to help creators monetize their digital output. The O-MEE platform, which offers features like subscription models and private hubs as well as access to revenue-generating opportunities in the NFT market via $OME token power, is entirely usable by content providers.


A financial quant ecosystem called chúng tôi includes traders, investors, and developers. To assist traders and investors in making wise trading and investing decisions, the product line comprises analytical tools and platforms. These tools and platforms offer insights and analytics utilizing cutting-edge financial prediction algorithms and metrics created using alternative data.

5. SubQuery

The best all-in-one toolset for developers wanting to build decentralized apps is SubQuery. With a simple “Hero Course” that walks users through every step of constructing their dApps without the need for difficult backend technologies, it provides a “decentralized data service.” Don’t pass up this wonderful resource. Investors will have the chance to get ahead of the game and buy tokens during SubQuery’s forthcoming ICO before the business takes off.

6. WolfPad

A launchpad with a focus on STOs is called WolfPad. With the help of this cutting-edge platform, startups, dealers, brokers, and business owners may generate money through STOs. Investors have access to safe and asset-backed investment possibilities. To deliver more, the platform uses distributed ledger technology and smart contracts.

7. Hedera Helix

Hedera is a ground-breaking blockchain platform that enables people and businesses to actualize their most creative ideas. Decentralized applications spanning Web2 and Web3 domains may be developed with the help of its many applications, which range from token service to smart contracts and NFT creation and maintenance. By offering a precise timestamping capability that may be utilized to create projects that are resistant to manipulation or data tampering efforts, the HCS tool gives users more control.

 8. NEAR Protocol

By making it simple for people to access decentralized apps, NEAR Protocol ushers in a new age for the internet. This platform revolutionizes how we utilize technology by enabling developers to swiftly build dApps with the best outcomes thanks to its novel Layer 1 blockchain and distinctive scaling mechanism. NEAR is the ultimate developer toolkit, providing both experienced coders and newcomers with everything they need to swiftly and effectively create Web 3.0 apps. Users may create smart contracts in any language they want with the use of robust CLI tools and straightforward SDKs. No need to learn Vyper or Solidity.

9. Heisenberg Research Fund

Heisenberg Research offers software and data solutions for the financial markets that are intelligence-driven. These solutions are supported by their trading lab and combine impartial data, artificial intelligence, and expertise. Their trading lab typically trades stocks on a worldwide scale and generates returns that outperform the market, enabling them to develop important solutions and promote capital growth.

10. FindScan

Top 10 Web3 Development Companies In The Middle East To Follow In 2023

The top Web3 development companies in the Middle East that delivered on ambitious visions

Blockchain technology underpins Web3, a decentralized version of the internet that gives individuals ownership over their data. Web3 development companies are not under the control of a single entity. Instead, a copy of the data is kept by several distributed nodes of the blockchain, enabling transparency to the data owners.

The need for innovative and cutting-edge web3 development apps has increased dramatically with the rise in web3’s popularity around the world. Companies alike invest in the creation of full-fledged web3-based products and proofs-of-concept. Finding the proper web3 development companies in the Middle East to execute your idea into a useful web3-based application might not be simple because the web3 market is always changing and welcoming new companies. You can find up accepting a contract with a company that cannot meet your needs for web3 development. List of the top web3 development companies in the middle east to follow in 2023.

1.AstroTech Labs

Top-tier blockchain development consulting company AstroTech Labs is committed to influencing the direction of Web 3. By utilizing our know-how in designing financial incentives and developing blockchain infrastructure, they assist clients in delivering high-impact solutions.


The world they want to create by using Web3.0 to empower Creator DAO. is a world where each creative, even one who works digitally, can demonstrate the ownership of their work, a society in which everyone may digitally substantiate their claim to the creative property. a setting where the worth and contribution are seen. During the interview, Crastonic will go over the precise services they will offer to carry out this ambition. They take on the challenge of transforming the world collectively at Crastonic!


EVE WORLD is a digital platform for women to develop their right to free expression while maintaining their independence, identity, and inclusion, bridging the gap and offering “freedom” in the online environment. They promote sisterhood, companionship, and the freedom for women to be themselves through relatable multi-format, entertaining content, creator, and community tools.

4.Glip 5.Hypergrowth

They encourage innovative concepts. Growth is neither a secret nor a miracle. It is the outcome of diligent work and sincere collaboration. They are prepared to assist you in becoming a leader in your field and are knowledgeable about both. They are committed to leveling the playing field for entrepreneurship and ensuring the success of good ideas.


Interexy will help to adapt to innovative technologies immediately and provide next-gen expertise to save your time and money on app development. They combine your business ideas, new market challenges, answers, and next-gen technologies and transform them into specifications and product prototypes to illuminate all risks and create strong solutions.


Plavno is an international full-cycle software development company that combines solid technical skills with 14 years old expertise gained over the years and across various industries. They solve problems of all complexity and scale. Plavno delivers Web and Mobile solutions, always following the highest standards to make the businesses of their customers more innovative and successful.

8.Olilo Technologies

Web 3.0 has revolutionized the tech industry with data privacy and transparency with decentralization. Olilo Technologies has been frontier in leading the platform migration to the next level by bridging this gap, by delivering Web 3.0 solutions for any business model that needs to scale up to the latest tech to get the best results. Olilo Technologies was established in 2014 and headquartered in UAE, engineering applications that are solely built on blockchain technology, which is scalable, reliable, cost-efficient, and more secure to handle masses of transactions and data in their chain system. 


Bedu is a Web3.0 pioneer based in the UAE, providing a wide range of products and services to help its partners build meaningful and innovative Metaverse, Blockchain, and NFT solutions. Their team brings decades of international experience and leadership within the Web3.0 space.


Top 10 Cryptocurrencies To Buy Before New Year 2023

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies to Buy Before New year 2023

A cryptocurrency (or “crypto”) is a digital currency that can be used to buy goods and services but uses an online ledger with strong cryptography to secure online transactions. Much of the interest in these unregulated currencies is to trade for profit, with speculators at times driving prices skyward. The most popular


, bitcoin, has had volatile price moves this year, reaching nearly US$65,000 in April before losing nearly half its value in May. By mid-October, the price had risen rapidly again: it hit an all-time high above US$66,000 before falling back. Here are the top cryptocurrencies you can buy today.

Bitcoin Ethereum

Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) ranks as a somewhat distant No. 2 to Bitcoin on the list of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Its market cap is hovering around US$500 billion, less than half the size of Bitcoin. But some believe that Ethereum will be the next Bitcoin. The key edge for Ethereum is its real-world utility. Its blockchain supports

smart contracts

that can be used in a wide range of applications. In particular, Ethereum is well-suited for creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Whether or not the cryptocurrency knocks Bitcoin out of the top spot in the future, Ethereum appears to be in a good position to stand the test of time.

Binance Coin

Binance operates the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. It makes sense, therefore, that Binance Coin (CRYPTO: BNB) is the third-most-popular digital coin on the market. It’s the native coin on the Binance exchange and currently has a market cap of over $96 billion. Investors who pay transaction fees with Binance Coin receive discounts. Each quarter, Binance reduces the supply of digital coins based on trading volume. Over time, these quarterly coin “burns” will remove 100 million coins, which amounts to half of the total supply. These moves are intended to increase the value of Binance Coin.


Tether (CRYPTO: USDT) ranks as the No. 4 most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Its market cap is around US$73 billion. But among

stable coins

, Tether takes the top spot. All stable coins tie their value to another asset. For Tether, that asset is the U.S. dollar. In theory, Tether is like a “crypto-dollar” that should maintain its value in a similar way as physical U.S. dollars do. However, there has been some controversy over whether or not Tether has sufficient reserves to back all of its digital coins. The U.S. Treasury Department recently called on Congress to take action to address the risks that could be posed to the economy by stable coins such as Tether.


Solana (CRYPTO: SOL) rounds out our list of the top five most popular cryptocurrencies. Its market cap currently stands near US$65 billion. Solana has been the biggest winner of these top cryptocurrencies over the last year with a gain of well over 10,000%. Many investors have flocked to Solana as an alternative to Ethereum. Both blockchains support smart contracts. However, Solana offers much faster processing speeds and lower transaction fees than Ethereum.


Avalanche, along with Solana, is another example of a crypto that has a clear purpose, as opposed to meme coins like Dogecoin, which have no purpose at all. Avalanche is one of the many projects seeking to “Uunseat Ethereum,” as one of the most widely used blockchain platforms, according to the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini. A Blockchain, part of the technology underlying cryptocurrencies, stores information — like the history of cryptocurrency transactions — in a way that ensures no one individual or group has control of that information. Ethereum is the most-used blockchain network. A US$220 million fund was just launched to fund the development of Avalanche, which boasts of much faster transactions than Ethereum (4,500 transactions per second versus Ethereum’s roughly 13 per second).

Axie Infinity

Want to quit your day job and play video games to make money? Well, technically, you can. In the game Axie Infinity, players buy monsters and have them fight one another to win tokens, which can then be turned back into real money. During the pandemic, many Filipinos turned to play into their full-time jobs.


Meme coins rely on internet hype and therefore it’s near impossible to predict which ones will take off. But the meme coin Samoyedcoin has piqued the interest of Daniel Polotsky, founder of CoinFlip, a Bitcoin ATM company. Like Dogecoin, it bears the face of a cute dog and is intended to be a lighthearted and fun ambassador for Solana. 

chúng tôi is a decentralized machine learning platform for applications like asset trading, according to CoinBase. For example, one of’s applications helps users of the crypto exchange Uniswap automate their trading. FET is an Ethereum-based token that powers chúng tôi It’s gained more than 1,500% in the last year. chúng tôi is using its technology to back real-world applications, says Ahmed Shabana, managing partner for Parkpine Capital.


USD Coin (USDC) is a type of cryptocurrency that is referred to as a stablecoin. You can always redeem 1 USD Coin for US$1.00, giving it a stable price. On Coinbase, eligible customers can earn rewards for every USD Coin they hold. Each USDC is backed by one dollar or asset with equivalent fair value, which is held in accounts with US-regulated financial institutions. 

Why 2023 Is The Year Of Next

Cloud computing is on-demand internet access to computing resources — servers, applications, information capacity, improvement instruments, and organizing abilities- and that’s just the beginning — facilitated at a far-off data centre overseen by the cloud service provider.

Organizations are quickly reconsidering their available assets, turning their concentration to regions where they can convey the best worth in the most sensitive period.

The transition to the cloud — to some degree to a limited extent — was driven by realism, even with this remarkable information development and the requirement for quick experiences. In 2023 and then some, that equivalent realism will be a vital driver behind a more noteworthy reception of democratized in-cloud examination, settling the test presented by progressively worn out and exhausted information science groups now unfit to stay up with the size of information development.

Organizations now have areas of strength to convey ideal experiences from their information and an essential drive to stay cutthroat in a gigantically upset serious scene. 2023 is the year when cloud computing, at last, meets its actual potential — consolidating both ease of use and far-reaching openness. By and by, this incorporates information researchers working with state-of-the-art cloud innovation mixes and upskilling in-division information specialists and information labourers to tackle their concerns with in-cloud information.

Trends that make 2023 the year of the next-level cloud Serverless Computing

Serverless Computing came into the processing business because of the rise of the sharing economy. This implies that the association pays for the assets they use instead of keeping up with its servers. Moreover, serverless cloud arrangements are becoming famous because of their usability and capacity to construct, send, and scale cloud arrangements rapidly. In general, innovation is an arising pattern filling in prevalence long term.

ML and AI Kubernetes Blockchain

Blockchain is a connected rundown of blocks containing records and continues to develop as clients add to it. Cryptography is utilized to store information in blocks. It offers astounding security, straightforwardness, and decentralization. It is currently progressively utilized in formation with the cloud. It can deal with tremendous measures of information and exercise command over reports financially and safely. The innovation is turning into an enormous commitment for a few modern applications.

Edge Computing Multi and Hybrid Cloud Solution

Many ventures have embraced multi-cloud and Half and half IT procedure which joins on-premise, devoted private mists, a few public mists, and inheritance stages. They offer a mix of public and confidential mists devoted to a particular organization whose information is a key business driver, like protection, banks, and so forth; thus, multi and hybrid cloud arrangements will be among the top cloud computing patterns in 2023 and the next few years.

Cloud Gaming

Video gaming administrations are given by Microsoft, Sony, Nvidia, and Amazon. Be that as it may, web-based computer games require higher data transfer capacity and can be conceivable just with rapid web access. Cloud gaming will become a critical industry in 2023 with the presentation of 5G.


Associations are beyond the purpose of discussing the benefit of moving to the cloud. Whether it’s to use trend-setting innovations like AI and ML, gain the upper hand, or exploit a protected harbor during seasons of monetary disturbance, associations must move to the cloud.

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