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Google’s Chrome browser and Chromium are both infamous in their own right in the browsing space. One is a free (albeit fairly commercial) closed source browser, and the other an open source browser project from which Google draws Chrome’s code.

They’re both available on Linux, but which one should you use? And more importantly, is Chromium a suitable alternative to Chrome? This article will attempt to answer that question.

The case for Chromium on Linux

Chromium looks exactly like Google Chrome on the surface. Like Chrome, the only real differences are what the browser has under the hood. Chromium doesn’t come with a lot of the things that Chrome ships with (video codecs and other things). For example: Google distributes a specially-made version of Adobe’s Flash plugin; Chromium does not as it is proprietary.

So, it doesn’t come with flash; that sounds really inconvenient. How could this be a suitable alternative to Google Chrome? Well, for starters, the Chromium browser is more readily available for more Linux distributions. Chrome is not. Most (if not all) Linux-based operating systems have a natively compiled version of the browser that you’ll be able to easily install from the software repositories.

When using Chrome on operating systems not officially supported by Google, you’ll have to convert the browser’s files so you can run it. This limits Chrome’s usefulness, and it sounds like a real pain even getting it to work if you don’t want to use Ubuntu, Open SUSE or Fedora.

In most cases, Chromium works as an awesome alternative to Google’s popular browser. Why? When you use this browser, you’re still getting everything you love about Chrome. You’ll still get Google’s browser sync with all its convenient features (incognito, password sync, form data, extensions, history, etc.).

Without describing every minute technical detail, it’s safe to say that Chromium really is the Google Chrome browser with a different icon and all of the closed source stuff ripped right out of it. I’m not wrong when I say that most people would barely be able to tell the difference.

The case against Chromium on Linux

With all the praises I’ve given Chromium, there are also some really harsh negatives for choosing it over Chrome. Perhaps one of the most important to bring up is that you can’t use Netflix. It just flat out doesn’t work. The Netflix website recognizes Chrome only when trying to play content through it. This is because Chromium is not packaged with the necessary closed source video codecs to play Netflix content. If that bothers you, don’t use Chromium.

The Chromium browser has very poor multimedia support, not just Netflix. As stated above, it lacks a decent version of flash. The good news is that you can install it and get it working. The bad news is you have to install it to get it working.

It isn’t just multimedia issues that Chromium suffers from. The built-in PDF viewer (which is closed source) isn’t included with the software. This is kind of a bummer, as it’s most certainly convenient to be able to pull up a PDF document right in your browser.

Overall, Chromium is a good browser and a good alternative where it counts, but it could never totally replace Google Chrome without a user making some key sacrifices. It’s a tradeoff, for sure.

One more thing. We have been talking about Linux distribution, but the fact is that installing Chromium on Windows and Mac is not as straightforward as Chrome.

Pros and Cons


Open source and without proprietary codecs (if you like that kind of thing)

Browser is more widely available on Linux than Chrome

Includes almost all of the Google-centric features shipped with Chrome


No proprietary codecs included means no HTML5 video support (e.g. Netflix and the like)

No closed source plugins means no Adobe Flash included or the built-in PDF reader

Updates aren’t as fast to ship as Chrome

Not readily available on Windows and Mac


If proprietary codecs and plugins are important to you, and you’re on an operating system that is supported by Google, there’s no question that Chrome is the way to go. If you aren’t, however, Chromium most certainly is an adequate alternative.

There’s no question that the Chromium browser couldn’t replace Chrome in all use cases. It just doesn’t have everything that everyone needs 100 percent of the time. When you need a Chrome-like experience and don’t have Google’s own software, this browser can do the job just fine.

Derrik Diener

Derrik Diener is a freelance technology blogger.

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How To Fix A Chrome

Google Chrome’s “chrome-error://chromewebdata/” error might seem daunting at first, but it’s easy to deal with this issue in your web browser. You can change a few options here and there in your browser and make a few changes on your system to resolve your issue. Here are all the ways to do that.

Some reasons you can’t access your site in Chrome and get an error may be that your web link (URL) or port number is incorrect, your server is down, Chrome’s cached files are faulty, your browser extensions are malfunctioning, your computer has a malware infection, or your Chrome profile is corrupt.

Table of Contents

Ensure Your Web Link (URL) and Port Number Are Correct

When you get a “chrome-error://chromewebdata/” error, the first thing to do is check and ensure your entered web address and port number are correct. An invalid URL and/or port number can cause Chrome to display the above error message.

If your web address is correct, ensure the port number is also correct. Certain server functions require using specific port numbers, and you must use a valid number to ensure Chrome can make your connection.

You can reach out to your server administrator to find the correct hostname and port number.

Ensure Your Web Server Is Up and Running

Once you’ve verified that your server URL and port number are correct, ensure your server is up and running. It’s possible your server is experiencing downtime, causing Chrome to display an error message.

There are various reasons a server may go down. In this scenario, contact your server company and check the server’s status. If your server is facing an outage, wait until your company fixes the issue and brings the server back up.

Remove Google Chrome Web Browser’s Cached Content

Chrome’s corrupted cache can make accessing sites difficult. Your “chrome-error://chromewebdata/” error may be the result of a bad Chrome cache. In this case, you can clear your browser’s cached files to fix your issue.



, select the three dots in the top-right corner, and choose




Privacy and security

on the left and

Clear browsing data

on the right.


All time

from the

Time range

drop-down menu, enable

Cached images and files

, and choose

Clear data




and try to access your site.

Fix Your Google Chrome Error by Turning Off Extensions

You can install various extensions in Chrome to add more functionalities to your browser. It’s possible you have installed a buggy extension, causing Chrome to display an error message while accessing your sites.

In this case, turn off all your Chrome extensions, then enable one extension at a time to find the culprit.

Disable the toggle for all your extensions.

Keep enabling extensions until your site stops loading. When that happens, remove the extension you last enabled by selecting



Run a Virus and Malware Scan on Your Computer

Chrome’s “chrome-error://chromewebdata/” can be caused by a virus or malware sitting on your system. You may have got this threat from a downloaded file or another source, causing various issues on your computer.

One way to deal with those viruses and malware is to run a full virus scan and find and remove all the threats from your machine. You can use Windows’ built-in Microsoft Defender Antivirus to do that.

Open your PC’s

Windows Security



Virus & threat protection

in the app.


Scan options

on the following screen.

Enable the

Full scan

option and choose

Scan now

at the bottom.

Wait for the scanner to find and remove viruses from your machine.

Restart your PC, launch


, and try to access your site.

Update Google Chrome

Chrome’s older app version can cause various issues, including a “chrome-error://chromewebdata/” error. In this case, you can update your browser to the latest version, which brings with it many bug fixes, to resolve your problem.

Updating Chrome is free and easy, and here’s how to do that.

Chrome will automatically check for the latest updates.

Let Chrome install the available updates, and then restart your browser.

Create and Use a New Chrome Profile



, select the profile icon in the top-right corner, and choose




Sign in

on the open window to log in to your Google account.

Enter your Google account username and password to sign in to your account.

Reset Chrome’s Settings

If your “chrome-error://chromewebdata/” error still isn’t resolved, Chrome’s browser settings might be faulty. You or someone else may have incorrectly configured these settings, causing your browser to display an error message.



, select the three dots in the top-right corner, and choose




Reset settings

in the left sidebar.


Restore settings to their original defaults

on the right.


Reset settings

in the prompt.

Remove and Reinstall Chrome on Your Computer

If your Chrome error isn’t resolved, your last resort is to delete and reinstall the browser on your computer. Doing this removes all the browser files from your computer, eliminating any issues caused by those files.


Control Panel

on your Windows PC.


Uninstall a program

in the tool.


Google Chrome

on the list and select


at the top.



in the

User Account Control


After removing Chrome, launch the Chrome download site and download and reinstall the browser on your computer.

Resolve Chrome’s Web Data Error Using Various Methods

Chrome’s “chrome-error://chromewebdata/” is undoubtedly frustrating, but you can deal with this error using various methods, as described above. Once you’ve made the required changes to fix the error, the issue should be gone, and you can access all your preferred sites in your favorite web browser.

A New Shot Can Be A Safe And Effective Alternative To Surgical Spaying

A staggering 80 percent of the world’s 600 million estimated domestic cats are stray or feral animals. These cats face a number of problems including cars, infectious diseases, and predators. As game show host Bob Barker said at the end countless episodes of The Price is Right, spaying or neutering can help control the homeless pet population, in addition to overcrowding at shelters. Not to mention, keeping the feral cat population in check minimizes the risk of the critters preying on wild animals and threatening the ecosystem. 

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Now, a potential new method of kitty contraception that uses long-lasting injections to prevent ovulation is showing early promise. According to a study published June 6 in the journal Nature Communications, a single dose of anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) gene therapy can induce long-term contraception in domestic cats. This potentially provides a safe and effective alternative to surgical spaying. 

AMH is a naturally occurring non-steroidal hormone produced in the ovaries of female mammals and inside the testes in males. Scientists had previously researched AMH as a way to protect ovarian reserve in those undergoing chemotherapy. This background helped the authors discover that raising AMH levels beyond a certain threshold suppressed the growth of ovarian follicles. This effectively prevents ovulation and thus conception. 

After switching their attention from rodents to felines, the team created an adeno-associated viral (AAV) gene therapy vector that has a slightly altered version of the feline AMH gene. The Food and Drug Administration has approved human therapies that use similar AAV vectors to deliver therapeutic genes.

“A single injection of the gene therapy vector causes the cat’s muscles to produce AMH, which is normally only produced in the ovaries, and raises the overall level of AMH about 100 times higher than normal,” co-author and associate director of the Pediatric Surgical Research Laboratories at Massachusetts General Hospital David Pépin said in a statement. Pépin is also an associate professor at Harvard Medical School.

In the study, six female cats were treated with the gene therapy at two different doses, while three cats were the controls. The team brought a male cat into the female colony for two four-month long mating trials. They followed the female cats for over two years, assessing the effect of the treatment on reproductive hormones, ovarian cycles, and fertility.

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“The treatment maintained high AMH levels for over two years, and we’re confident that those contraceptive levels will be sustained in the animals for much longer,” co-author, veterinarian, and Massachusetts General Hospital research fellow Philippe Godin said in a statement. Godin added that more studies in a larger number of cats are needed to confirm these promising findings.

The team also notes that this technology may be a bit ahead of its time, as the infrastructure needed to produce enough doses to sterilize millions of cats with gene therapy has yet to be built. 

“Our goal is to show that safe and effective permanent contraception in companion animals can be achieved using gene therapy,” said Pépin. “And we hope that as the manufacturing capability of producing viral vectors increases with the rise of gene therapy in humans, delivering this contraceptive in the field to control unowned outdoor cat populations will become feasible.”

Everything You Need To Know About Chromium

There are many different types of chromium since it is a mineral. While industrial pollution is a harmful source, many foods naturally contain a harmless version.

The pancreas secretes a chemical called insulin, which plays a crucial role in how your body handles carbohydrates, fat, and protein. Nevertheless, less than 2.5% of ingested chromium is absorbed in the intestines, a significant barrier to adequate chromium levels. On the other hand, Chromium picolinate is a more absorbable form of the mineral. Because of this, you’ll often find it in nutritional supplements.

Chromium picolinate consists of chromium bound to three molecules of picolinic acid.

It may help Curb Appetite and Food Cravings

Those who have attempted and succeeded in maintaining a weight loss plan know all too well the struggles with hunger and cravings accompanying such an endeavor. So, there is widespread curiosity about potential anti-craving aids such as food, supplements, and drugs. Whether or not chromium picolinate can serve this purpose has been the subject of several research works.

An 8-week research found that healthy overweight women who took 1,000 g of chromium per day (as chromium picolinate) had a reduction in food intake, appetite, and cravings.

According to the study’s authors, these outcomes may have resulted from chromium’s effects on the brain. Those with binge-eating disorder and depressed individuals have been the focus of other studies because they may benefit most from reducing their appetite. One hundred and thirteen depressed participants were given either 600 micrograms per day of chromium picolinate or a placebo for eight weeks. Supplementing with chromium picolinate, as opposed to a placebo, significantly decreased hunger and food cravings.

Benefits were also shown in a short study of persons with binge-eating disorders. A decrease in binge eating episodes and depressive symptoms may have resulted in dosages of 600 to 1,000 g/day.

As a Result, Blood Sugar Levels may go Down

To signal glucose transport from the blood into the body’s cells, insulin plays a crucial role in the body’s normal functioning.

Diabetics have trouble responding normally to insulin, which causes various health complications. Using chromium supplements has been shown in many trials to reduce glucose levels in people with diabetes. According to single research, taking 200 micrograms of chromium daily for 16 weeks improved insulin sensitivity and decreased blood sugar levels.

According to other studies, supplement chromium may work better for those with more excellent blood sugar and lesser insulin sensitivity. In addition, individuals who took chromium supplements were 27% less likely to develop diabetes in a massive research including over 62,000 people.

Studies of chromium supplementation in individuals with type 2 diabetes lasting three months or more have shown conflicting results.

In addition, studies in overweight persons without diabetes showed that chromium picolinate at 1,000 g/day had no effect on insulin sensitivity.

An extensive study including 425 healthy participants concluded that chromium supplementation did not affect blood sugar or insulin levels.

In persons with diabetes, using these supplements has been linked to some positive outcomes.

Does It Assist in Weight Loss?

Several research works have looked into chromium’s efficacy as a weight reduction supplement because of its function in nutrition metabolism and potential impacts on eating behavior.

To determine whether this mineral is helpful for weight reduction, a meta-analysis pooled data from 9 independent research including 622 overweight or obese participants.

In these experiments, chromium picolinate doses as high as one thousand micrograms per day were employed. After 12-16 weeks, chromium picolinate led to modest weight reduction (2.4 lb., or 1.1 kg) in persons who were overweight or obese. The researchers found that this level of weight reduction was not very significant and that the supplement’s efficacy still needed to be determined.

The results of another comprehensive review of studies on chromium and weight reduction were consistent with the first. Researchers examined chromium supplementation’s effects on weight reduction over 8-26 weeks and found a measly 1.1 pounds (0.5 kg) lost. Several additional studies conducted on healthy individuals have shown that this supplement, even in conjunction with exercise, has no impact on body composition (fat and lean mass).

Chromium Supplements: Do You Need Them?

Because of its vital functions, many people have questioned whether or not supplementing with chromium is an intelligent way to improve their health.

A Maximum Allowable Concentration of Chromium Has Not To Be Determined

Much research has gone into chromium’s potential to help with glucose regulation and weight reduction.

An Upper Limit, or safe maximum consumption limit, is typically established for certain nutrients by the National Academy of Medicine. Toxic effects or other health concerns may occur if this threshold is exceeded.

As a result of data gaps, however, no UL has been established for chromium.

Chromium Picolinate, a Safe Supplement

Several scientists have doubted the safety of chromium picolinate, the form of the mineral most often seen in supplements since there is no established UL for it.

This type of chromium may lead to the formation of free radicals termed hydroxyl radicals, depending on their metabolism in the human body.

Several issues may arise from exposure to these substances, including harm to your DNA.

Further to these worries, a case study found severe renal difficulties in a lady who took 1,200 to 2,400 g/day of chromium picolinate for weight reduction.

There have been sporadic reports that this supplement may cause other health issues.

How To Use Chromecast On Microsoft Edge Chromium.

If you have switched over to Edge Chromium from Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and are currently trying to figure out how to use your Chromecast device. This article will show you how to use Chromecast in the latest version of Microsoft Edge Chromium, a newly added feature very much sort after.

How to Add Pictures to Sticky Notes on Windows 10.

Google Chrome has held the title of ‘most used browser’ for a long, long time now having dethroned Firefox more than ten years ago. That may all be about to change soon though, with Microsoft’s brand new Chrome-based version of Edge taking the world by storm. Even Linus from Linus tech tips gave it a good wrap in one of his recent YouTube videos. So if you haven’t checked it out yet, Edge Chromium is certainly worth trying.

One of the most notable, yet still unreported benefits of Edge Chromium is its ability to play Netflix content without any audio and video sync issues. Something that every other browser including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox can’t seem to do consistently.

Although Edge Chromium is getting a lot of positive feedback already, there are a few minor things that are missing from the browser which you may find annoying, including an easy way to install Chrome themes. Thankfully however extensions can quickly and easily be added without any fuss. It’s also now possible to use Chromecast devices with Edge Chromium so follow along as this article guides you through the process for getting and enabling the feature.

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How Do You Use Chromecast With Microsoft Edge Chromium? (Chromecast in Edge Chromium)

Starting from Edge Chromium build, Chromecast will be available by default. So if you are using a slightly older version you’ll need to update it to get access to the feature. At this stage you’ll also need to be using the Canary build of Edge Chromium, as it is is the first to receive the Chromecast feature. However, if you don’t mind waiting, you’ll be able to start using it from Dev and Beta soon enough.

On a Side Note…

While you are getting to know Microsoft Edge Chromium, make sure you check out some of our other helpful articles, which will guide you through a range of different Microsoft Edge Chromium features and settings.

How to Create Extra Profiles in Microsoft Edge Chromium.

How to Disable Data Collection in Microsoft Edge Chromium.

How to Install Chrome Extensions on Microsoft Edge Chromium.

How to Clear the Cache and Cookies in Microsoft Edge Chromium.

How to Use Google Chrome Themes on Microsoft Edge Chromium.

How to Change the Address Bar Search Engine in Edge Chromium.

How to Install a Website as an App on Windows 10 Using Edge Chromium.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Microsoft Edge Chromium. (Edge Chromium Night Mode)

How to Enable Sync Between Edge Chromium and Edge Android. (Enable Edge Chromium to Edge Android Sync)



Alternative Method To Hide Files And Folders In Windows

It seems like people just can’t get enough of the how-to guides on creating hidden folders or locked folders in Windows. I’ve already written two guides on how to hide a folder, one by using a very simple built-in feature of Windows and another by using some Windows scripts. In the latter article, I also mentioned a free program that you can use called Folder Hide to completely remove a folder from visibility. Lastly, I’ve written about hiding an entire drive letter in Windows too.

But there’s yet ANOTHER way you can hide a files and folders, which is similar to the first post I mentioned above, but is a little bit more secure. It actually involves using the command prompt and a built-in Windows function to change certain attributes of a file or folder. Once the attributes have been changed, the files cannot be seen by the system.

Table of Contents

The reason I like this method is because it does not involve any third-party software, which people may notice, and it’s not as simplistic as the first method I wrote about where you simply change the properties of the file or folder to hidden and anyone can easily un-hide the folder by configuring the Windows Explorer setting to “Show Hidden Files and Folders”.

Here’s how you can create a hidden folder in Windows for free that is fairly secure:

1. Go to Start, Run and then type in CMD to open the command prompt window

2. Now navigate to the parent folder of the folder you want to hide. If you want to hide a file, navigate to the folder where the file is located. For example, I want to hide a file in C:Test, so I would type in the following:

CD C:Test

3. Now type in the following command, replacing the word filename with the name of the file you want to hide.

attrib filename +s +h

And that’s it! Your file or folder is now completely hidden! It won’t show up in My Computer, it won’t show up if you browse via the command prompt and it won’t even show up if you select “Show all Hidden Files and Folders“.

If you want to un-hide the folder, you simply follow the same steps, expect now you’ll run this command:

attrib filename -s -h

You can use this command for both files and for folders. In our example, if I wanted to hide C:Test, I would go one level above to C: and then type in:

attrib Test +s +h.

So you’ll notice that I had said this procedure is “fairly secure” above and the reason for that is you can still un-hide the hidden files or folders in a very simple way. When we change the attributes of the file/folder in the above method, we are actually just making it a hidden protected system file. In order to show protected system files, all you have to do is go to Folder Options, View tab and uncheck the Hide protected operating system files box.

Now if you were to browse into that directory with the hidden file or folder, you would see it listed there with a greyed out icon. As mentioned previously, all of these are very simplistic ways to hide data in Windows, but they can come in handy for short-term situations or for hiding content from kids, etc. It’s also rare for people to un-hide system protected files whereas a lot of people do enable the Show Hidden Files and Folders option in Windows.

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