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Our Review Pros Can help you mirror Android and iPhone screens to your PC You can control your PC with your mobile or vice-versa Easy transfer of files and multimedia content Record content from connected devices easily Cons Some differences between iPhone and Android users (for the same app) Is ApowerMirror free?

The good news about ApowerMirror is that it offers you a free version. Well, technically it’s a demo since most of its functionality is disabled, but you can still use it. Therefore, you can download and use it on your PC/mobile device before deciding if you want to pay for extra features.

How to install ApowerMirror PC app

Now come installation. Deploying ApowerMirror on your PC is a walk in the park. Granted you’ve already downloaded the installer, launch it, define the destination path, accept the EULA, and hit “Install.” That’ it, no extra steps, no needless configuration steps.

However, note that you also need to install it on a mobile device. The mobile setup process is different depending on the device you’re installing it on. However, it’s pretty much the same: visiting a store page and tapping a couple of buttons.

Sleek, user-friendly interface

You’ll notice that ApowerMirror not only comes with a stylish smartphone-like interface, but it also comprises intuitive features. Most of the app’s control are easy to figure out, even without prior PC operating experience.

The icons displayed in the side menu are rather self-explanatory. However, if you have any doubts regarding each feature’s usability, just hover your mouse cursor over it. ApowerMirror will display a tooltip with a brief presentation of the tool you’re interested in.

How to use ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror provides you with two ways of mirroring your screen. You could either connect your mobile device to your PC via USB cable or via Wi-Fi. The latter requires you to bring both devices on the same wireless network. Using a USB cable is generally less complicated and offers greater speeds.

Long story short, you can either see on your PC what happens on your phone or the other way around.

ApowerMirror remote control

Additionally, ApowerMirror doesn’t just let you perform screen mirroring. You can also use it to control your connected devices remotely or perform file transfers. One particular feature that we found interesting is that you can use your smartphone as a power-point remote control.

Furthermore, if you need to perform screen recordings, that’s also possible. Just make sure you use the appropriate option from the side menu. If you want to control your other device from the one you’re currently using, you also need to use the side menu.

Plenty of configuration options

For instance, you can set ApowerMirror to run at startup, prompt you with a warning when closing its window, start mirroring automatically when you connect a device, enable call/message notifications, adjust the resolution, choose your favorite screenshot and video formats, define the output directory, or enable hard coding usage for performance improvement.

FAQ: learn more about ApowerMirror

What is ApowerMirror?

ApowerMirror is a program that you can use to mirror your Android or iOS devices’ screen on your PC. It also works in reverse, meaning that you can see your PC screen from your mobile device. You can use this tool to stream videos or photos from your phone to a larger screen, but it has additional functions, as well.

Can I use ApowerMirror on my TV?

Yes, you can use this tool on your TV, but only if it’s an Android or Apple TV. After you install the app on your TV, locate the PIN code shown on your TV, type it in your mobile app, and you’re set.

Can I stream the audio from my iPhone/Android to my TV?

You can stream audio to your TV if you use a DLNA streaming app. However, if you use ApowerMirror to mirror your screen directly to your TV, you can only stream audio if you have an iPhone. Android users can’t stream audio straight to the TV using the screen mirroring feature.

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20 Best Free Typing Software & App For Pc In 2023

Typing Tutor is a software which helps you to improve your typing skills by taking lessons, playing a game, or conducting typing test.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Typing Tutor Program, with their popular features and typing tutor download links. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software with typing tutor free download links.

Top Pick


Typesy is the interactive typing software that combines videos, games, and exercises. It stores everything in the cloud and automatically syncs on your computer.

Visit Typesy

BEST Typing Tutor Software Download for PC

Typesy is the interactive typing software that combines videos, games, and exercises. It stores everything in the cloud and automatically syncs on your computer.


Offers 7 learning strategies

Provides ultra-personal help via video technology.

Offers 16 entertaining games and activities that will help enhance typing skills.

Allows unlimited installs on your Mac, Linux, Windows, and Chrome.

Offers 5,242 Typing lessons

On completion of your course, you are provided with a Diploma certificate.

7 Day Free Trial

Type master is a website that helps you to double your typing speed. It is one of the best typing software for PC which allows you to test your wpm (word per minute) speed and accuracy.


This free typing software helps you to analyze and trains your skills.

Pro version offers wpm testing tool for all your business recruitment and training purposes.

Typing Games Zone offers a sperate selection of fun typing games.

Support platforms: Windows

Visit Typing Master

KAZ is an awarding touch typing software where you can learn typing in just a few days. It was tested on nearly 18,000 students in 3 years and then made public. Kaz offers different editions targeted to Dyslexia learners, Schools, businesses, and Families.


Provides a detailed admin panel for constant monitoring

Offers age grouped related vocabulary, phrases, and imagery.

Uses “Brain balance” system, which enhances the major sense of sound, sight, and touches simultaneously, initially enhancing memory retention.

Provides short modules designed to keep concentration rate stable

Your data is completely secure

It supports USA and UK keyboards.

Software is designed to Retrains fingers to get rid of bad habits

#4) Animal Typing – Lite

Animal Typing is a simple, most straightforward, and funny way to learn touch for people of all ages. You will get the Anila like snail, rabbit, horse according to your typing speed. The tool also rewards your accuracy.


Animated fingers help you to know the proper typing technique.

Offer various keyword layouts: Qwerty (US/UK), Dvorak, Colemak, Workman, Qwertz, Azerty, etc.

Helps users to login system to switch between multiple users.

Supported platform: iOS


Keyboarding, Digital Literacy, and Coding

Powerful district and classroom management

Teaches valuable technology fundamentals to the students.

It offers faster, more accurate typing.

Provide instructions and lessons in English and Spanish language.

Supported platforms: web

#6) TypingClub

TypingClub is web-based free typing tool. This tool helps teachers to manage several classes using TypingClub. You can monitor the progress of students and customize lessons using this typing tutorial tool.


It offers mobile apps and has tools that help teachers to design lessons.

A proper hand posture guide allows you to see the correct hand posture on keys according to your type.

Offers various levels to keep you motivated and build your muscle memory.

It allows you to view past performances and even play them back.

Offer a wide range of experiences from games, videos, and different typing challenges.

Supported platform: web

#7) The Typing Cat

Typing Cat is a Keyboarding tutor that helps you to improve your typing speed. It offers various types of keyboard layouts and helps you to learn to computer keys online.


Improve typing speed and accuracy

It helps you to enhance your overall computer skills.

User can expand their keyboard layouts to Dvorak, Colemak, and Workman.

Supported platforms: web

#8) Ratatype

Ratatype is an online typing tutorial tool that focuses more on that each finger has its area on the keyboard. It is a simple and intuitive interface that doesn’t distract you from studying the layout.


Offer proper sitting posture for typing.

The color-coded keyboard under the lesson input field will help you to understand which finger should press each key.

Helps you to learn touch typing

It allows you to conduct a typing test to find out your typing speed.

Supported platforms: Windows, Web

#9) RapidTyping

The rapid typing tutor is free typing. This software comes with many sessions and games, which helps you to grow your typing skill. It offers extensive training statistics and customized lessons.


A virtual keyboard feature helps you to learn how to place your fingers on the keyboard.

It displays one or two moving hands over the keyboard.

This tool helps you to track the learning progress and allows you to view the results at any time.

It offers a multi-language interface.

Supported platforms: Windows

#10) TypeLift

TypeLift is free touch-typing courseware that runs directly in your browser. It assists you in practicing your keyboard skills efficiently and helps you to increase your typing speed immensely.


Typing test to check your skill

Create your typing lessons

You can view the total overview, which is calculated based on all your previous typing exercises.

Instantly display your writing progress.

Support platforms: Windows

#11) Key Hero

Key Hero is a great typing tutor tool which helps you to improve your typing skills. The software game keeps track of all your performances (WPM and accuracy) and enables you to understand your mistakes.


Touch typing is typing without the need to look at the keyboard.

Site structure and content optimization

Recognize the type of query

Keyword and traffic analysis

Support platforms: Windows

Goodtyping is a typing tutorial tool. This tool offers 23 different keyboard layouts. The tool offer typing practice in multiple languages like English, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.


Learn how to type correctly in just a few hours using your fingers.

You will able to learn the art of fast typing.

Support platforms: Windows

#13) Touch Typing Study

Touch typing study typing tutorial tool, which offers accurate typing lesions and practice to update your typing skill. It also has a speed test to evaluate your typing proficiency.


It offers 15 free typing lessons available in different languages.

In this typing tutorial software, all lessons are broken down into topics to see what’s coming next.

Offers different keyboard layouts to choose from and games to keep you glued.

Support platform: Windows

#14) Speed Typing Online

Speed typing online is a typing tutor that has 17 timeless lessons. These lessons allow you to learn all the letters on the keyboard before your skills get tested through reviews.


Custom and interesting text to type

Helps you to personalize and save the report

A broad range of test round times

Supported platform: Windows

#15) The Vehicles Typing

Vehicles Typing is a typing tool for kids who would enjoy watching vehicles down the road. You just need to type letters given in the balloons to keep the car running. The tool also offers corresponding hints for the keys to be pressed.


It offers more than thirty lessons.

Animation of various vehicles like cars, trains, airplanes, and ships, etc.

It allows users to switch up to 3 people.

Supported platform: iOS

#16) Typing Bolt

Typing Bolt is your web typing tutor tool that helps you to learn touch typing with the help of Bolt AI. This engine typing bolt could offer a typing course according to the user’s skill.


Optimized Words For Each Individual User

Smart Beginner Friendly UI

This computer typing software offers real-time statistics of your performance.

Helps you to adjust in various levels automatically

Supported Platform: Windows

#17) Typing Fingers LT

Typing Fingers is a free typing app for Mac. It helps you to make typing fun, is interactive and works with modern technologies and a new teaching method.


It helps you to type accurately without looking at your screen.

Ready for US/EN QWERTY keyboard layout

Ideal for homeschooling.

It contains typing games.

Supported platform: Mac ,iOS

A keyboard is a web application that will help you teach touch typing. The tool helps you to improve any individual’s typing speed and accuracy dramatically.


Helps you to design practice according to your skill

You can select the layout according to your choice.

This typing app for PC allows users to add their profile

Supported platform: Windows

#19) KTouch Typing Tutor

KTouch is an open-source typing tutor software for Linux only. This tool displays the keyboard and indicates which key to press next and the correct finger to use.


It allows you to learn typing with all fingers, step by step, without need to see the keyboard to find your keys.

Lightweight typing software which helps you to learn typing.

Helps you to collect comprehensive statistical information

This typing practice software offers more than twelve courses in many languages

Supported platform: Linux

#20) GNU Typist

GNU typist is free typing program released under the GNU General Public License. By using this typing tutorial tool, you can learn correct typing and improve your skills by practicing its exercises regularly.


It comes with various typing tutorials: in Czech, English Russian and Spanish, French, etc.

It helps you to interprets a simple and intuitive scripting language.

This free typing software allows you to modify existing tutorials or create new ones according to your needs.

Supported platforms: Windows

#21) Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

Klavaro touch typing is easy to use flexible too. It supports customizable keyboard layouts. This typing tutorial software allows you to edit and save new or unknown keyboard layouts, as the basic typing course was designed for everyone.


Offer multi-keyboard

Support for multi-language

This typing software for PC offers four different types of practicing activities

Accepts external text

Supported platforms: Windows, Linux

#22) Typing Trainer

TypingTes is a free online tool which offers typing Test and exciting typing games and keyboarding practice. It is one of the best free typing programs that allows you to learn and practice touch typing in the most effective way.


This typing learning software helps user to learn various typing skills

Allows you to increase your typing speed

You can discover over 700+ typing activities.

Play typing games

Supported platforms: Windows

#23) Typeracer

Typeracer is an online typing competition software. The tool allows people to race each-other by typing quotes from books, movies, and songs. It is the perhaps first multiplayer typing game on the web.


Offers private learning environment on the web just

for your students, which they could access from

home, school, or the library.

This typing test software allows the teacher to determine who gets access

To run this tool, you don’t need any installation.

It works on any computer with a web browser.

Helps student to motivate each other

Supported platform: Windows


Typing tutor is a software which helps you to improve your typing skills by taking lessons, playing the game, or conducting typing test.

Following are some of the best typing tutor software and websites:


Typing Master


Animal Typing – Lite


The Typing Cat


Rapid Typing


WPM is a short form of Word Per Minute. It attributes the time that you take the type number of words in a single minute.

Here, are benefits of typing tutor software:

Get access to expert knowledge and proven techniques.

Helps you to learn step by step

Helps you to enhance coordination and motor skills

Systematically build muscle memory.

Get motivated and entertained with typing games, drills.

Evaluation of progress through tracking technology

Typing is one of the fundamental skills, which can help you improve focus and time management. This is a must-have skill who wants to manage computers in full capacity.

Below is a step by step process on how to learn typing on a Computer:

Step 1) Download typing tutor from any of the above-listed software on your computer or go to the typing software website

Step 2) Install the software on your computer or sign up if you are visiting the website

Step 3) Follow the instructions if provided and start with the basic typing tests

Step 4) Practice on a daily basis and improve your level of typing and typing speed as well

Top Pick


Typesy is the interactive typing software that combines videos, games, and exercises. It stores everything in the cloud and automatically syncs on your computer.

Visit Typesy

Google Meet Video Conferencing App Is Now Free For Users

Google Meet Video Conferencing App is Now Free for Users Google Meet Video Conferencing Is Free Now

Recently, due to immense demand, Google is planning to open Meet for all the people. Initially launched by the giant as a premium based service, Google started the app for paid users only. Now, due to the COVID-19 lockdown & people working from home, the demand has risen like never before. Since the blind attempt from the public to try almost every video calling service has made them vulnerable to data privacy & security. Probably, that’s why the giant had to step in & make its video conferencing service free for everyone.

“Today, we’re making Google Meet, our premium video conferencing product, free for everyone, with availability rolling out over the coming weeks. We’ve invested years in making Meet a secure and reliable video conferencing solution that’s trusted by schools, governments and enterprises around the world, and in recent months we’ve accelerated the release of top-requested features to make it even more helpful. Starting in early May, anyone with an email address can sign up for Meet and enjoy many of the same features available to our business and education users, such as simple scheduling and screen sharing, real-time captions, and layouts that adapt to your preference, including an expanded tiled view. 

It’s important that everyone who uses Meet has a secure and reliable experience from the start, so beginning next week, we’ll be gradually expanding its availability to more and more people over the following weeks. This means you might not be able to create meetings at chúng tôi right away, but you can sign up to be notified when it’s available.”

With the limit of letting 100 people present on a single call at a time, Google Meet has proved itself for security purpose as well as quality. 

What Does This Mean For Google Meet Users?

Previously, users had to have either a Google Business or education account in order to make calls on Google Meet, however, now you don’t need any of that to make calls. All you need is either the Google Meet webpage or an app (Android & iOS mobile platforms) that lets you make calls without having any other supporting account.

Do you want to know how to schedule a google meet? In case you are using or used to scheduling events on Google Calendar, it will literally be a piece of cake for you to start as well as join the calls from there.

Checkout the new top-requested Google Meet Features (mentioned below) that had been rolled out by Google last week only:

Tiled layout for larger calls

Present higher-quality video content with audio

Low-light mode

Noise Cancellation

Director of Product Management, Google Meet, Voice & Calendar

Wrapping Up

Google has rolled out the video conferencing feature Google Meet free for everyone from today. Because of the sudden & immense demand in using the video calling service across the globe due to COVID-19 pandemic, Google made it FREE instead of a premium service anymore.

Don’t forget to enroll yourself to get notified about you using the Google Meet video calling software for free.

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Ankit Agarwal

Bibisco Is A Free Novel Writing Software For Windows Pc

Creative writing can be difficult. Writer’s block can last for months at a stretch. And as much as one may argue that a story’s idea is the main thing, the environment around which it is created plays an equally important role, if not bigger. Recently I came across a tool that can help all the budding writers out there with just that, finding a place for them to bring their thoughts together and construct something around them. Today, I’ll be reviewing Bibisco.

Bibisco is a free Novel writing software which can help writers organize chapters and scenes, manage revisions, export novel in pdf, docx, and epub.

Free Novel writing software

Bibisco is an open-sourced software used for writing novels. The first thing that will appear on your screen once you launch Bibisco is a tray of options allowing you to either start a new project or import a project already in progress.

Bibisco Review

On the home screen of Bibisco you get to name your novel and the language in which you want to write it. Bear in mind that once set, you can’t change the language you have selected. On the top of the screen, you get a panel of options like architecture, locations, characters, etc. each serving a very key function when it comes to novel writing. Let’s go over them one by one.


Under Project, you’re given certain tips that you can go through before you get started with your write-up. These include having a deep relationship with your characters, defining the Fabula, and establishing continuity and points of view, among other things. It is just the basic, elementary stuff to be kept in mind while working on a story. This is where you get started with your project.


This is one of the most key things to be kept in mind while drafting a novel, it’s structure. This feature allows you to construct your thoughts and help present them in a meaningful way. Herein, you get an option to define your novel’s premise (a brief account of what it is about), the fibula (the various events that transpire sorted in either a chronological or logical manner), the setting (a brief account of the scenarios and situations under which the story takes place) and some notes which would help in creating linkages.

The notes option comes with Bibisco’s Supporters edition, which works around a Pay-As-You-Wish model. Our review, however, is restricted only to the free version. You can also set up Narrative strands in context to the various situations in your novel.


As the name suggests, you get to construct your characters here. Each novel has a set of main characters and a set of secondary characters, which is what this seeks to help out in too. After you enter the name of a primary character, you get to design it in very fine detail.

This part really excited me because it helps you establish great details about your characters and really delve deep into their attributes, from their birthplace and financial conditions to their political ideologies and inclinations to their lives before the story takes place. You can also add images for your character.


As you head towards the end of drafting an overview of your novel, you get to analyze your plot points, the length of your chapters, your location distributions, character distributions, the way the points of view come into play, etc.

Certain features like ‘timeline’, ‘search’, and ‘objects’ are a part of the Supporters package only. It is, in fact, a rather extensive pack, the Supporters edition, and from what it shows on paper, it seems to be worth the extra buck.

How To Download Windows 10 Iso For Free

Did you know you can download a Windows 10 disc image free from Microsoft? This is seemingly little known, but yes you can download a complete legitimate Windows 10 ISO without registering or even having a product key, and you can install and run the entirety of Windows 10 using the image too.

Once you have the Windows 10 ISO downloaded to a computer, you can then use it to install into a virtual machine, create an installer drive, use it for Boot Camp, or install it onto a PC. What you do with the Windows 10 disc image after you download it is up to you, but there are no practical limitations on the file as it’s a full official release as a disc image, downloaded directly from Microsoft. Activation can be skipped and performed later.

How to Download Windows 10 Disc Image ISO Free from Microsoft

You can download the Windows 10 disc image using any web browser from just about any operating system, we’re showing this on a Mac but you can download it on another Windows PC or Linux machine too. The file arrives as a standard .iso disk image file. Here’s what you’ll want to do:

Go to this chúng tôi official download page for Windows 10

Choose the Windows 10 edition you want to download, then choose the language for which to download the Windows 10 ISO for and choose confirm

After you have downloaded the operating system you’re able to use the ISO file for whatever purpose you want, whether that is it to install Windows 10 into Boot Camp on Mac, to install Windows 10 into VirtualBox on a Mac (or PC), make a Windows 10 USB install drive from a Mac, make an installer DVD by burning the iso, install into Boot Camp on a different Mac entirely, or even use the ISO to update, reinstall, or install Windows 10 onto a PC. It’s a full Windows 10 ISO and is therefore compatible with anything that Windows would normally be compatible with.

Activating Windows 10, or not

It’s important to note that if you choose to not activate Windows 10, the release has limited usage, and certain features of the operating system will be unavailable until you do activate the release. Activating Windows 10 can be done after installing by entering a product key either obtained from the Microsoft ordering process or elsewhere.

Of course if you plan on using Windows 10 beyond a test run or want the full set of features, like the ability to continuously use it, change wallpaper, and personalize the system, you’ll want to buy the full release and a product key, which you can then enter into the already installed Windows 10 release.

Microsoft offering Windows 10 as a free download this way offers a great way to test out the Windows 10 experience before committing to buying it. It’s also helpful for developers or those who need to just run Windows 10 for a specific purpose, perhaps for testing a particular single game or particular application. Do note that web developers have another option available which is to run Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 in a dedicated virtual machine as described here, which is also an official download from Microsoft. That solution may be easier for some users if the primary intention of downloading Windows 10 is to run in a virtual machine anyway, since it arrives as pre-configured VM that only needs to be launched into VirtualBox or VMware. For optimal performance however, you’ll want to run Windows 10 directly, either on a PC or through Boot Camp on a Mac.


Best Free Children’s Games For Windows Pc

Microsoft has come a long way since its Math Zone Days, and the children’s games it offers now are terrifically competent and exciting. Especially since children are now skilled enough with the Internet and can find games to their liking, it has been essential for Microsoft to up its game, and that’s exactly what it has done. As the games can be played in an app format and kids can access it on phones, it also proves to be a good replacement for the TV and video games. From IQ games to preschool games to dress up, children’s games are undergoing a whole new range of new updates. Let’s have a look at some of the free children’s games on the Microsoft Store.

Free Children’s Games for Windows 11/10

Here are some of the best free Children’s Games for Windows 10 available at the Microsoft Store. Some preschool apps, some educational but mostly all fun for kids!

1] Hexagon Puzzle

The most comprehensive and educational puzzle of all, this game is incredible for flexing a child’s reflexes and color senses. It is very responsive, and it takes little time to understand the game’s rules. Kids can even figure it out by playing it themselves. This game makes score-keeping a fun activity. It’s also a multiplayer game and kids can actually play it with their friends. Find more about Hexagon Puzzle here.

2] Cooking for Kids

A fun, colorful activity game, which is also educational, Cooking for Kids is something that makes the children smarter in the simple things, which they also use and consume. For instance, ice cream or sandwich. The game teaches them how ice cream or burgers are actually made, and what goes into their making. Since it’s a very exciting do-it-yourself game, children find it fascinating. They can basically make their own burger or ice cream and play with the ingredients. This gives them a good grasp of their daily foods as well. Check out details about Cooking For Kids here.

3] Farm animals coloring: learning games for children

The most useful coloring exercise there is – Farm Animals Coloring is a very easy DIY activity game and replaces the good old coloring book. Best suited for kindergarteners or preschoolers, this game lets the children color in animals and parents can even share their kid’s work. Learn more about Farm animals coloring: learning games for children here.

4] Dress Up Pretty Dancer

Another activity game which can replace video games as a pass time. This app lets children dress up several characters, anyway they please. The app also lets kids develop their senses of color and what goes where. It’s better than a preschool salon game as it is more comprehensive and has incredible detailing. Learn more about Dress Up Pretty Dancer here.

5] Talking John Dog & Soundboard

One of the best free games available for children, Talking John Dog, is an incredible interactive game. It basically involves a talking dog who does things his own way. The game includes 3D graphics and very good animations. The game has several features and is perfect for children who love playing animal-based games. It might also be useful to let your child play this game before you welcome a pet into your family. Learn more about Talking John Dog here.

6] GS Preschool Games

The perfect preschooler’s game, this game is a complete experience as it has multiple features. From math games to coordination games to memory and matching, this game alone can be a multitasker in developing your child’s acumen. This game is also exceptionally well conceptualized and a fun pastime game. Find more details about GS Preschool Games here.

7] Happy Bear Supermarket

The most exciting scavenger hunt game for children, the supermarket game is incredible. This also works like a coloring game or a DIY cooking game, as children have to find out different items from the supermarket. Kids are basically required to locate hidden items. This game also teaches children what it takes to be a good supermarket employee and handle customers, keep vegetables clean, etc. Learn more about Happy Bear Supermarket here.

8] Zumas Royale – Marble Blast

One of the most exciting marble shooter game, Zumas has multiple levels and stunning graphics. The game teaches kids the importance of speed and time management and even figuring out maps. It is very easy to catch up to, and is almost addictive and is a terrific game for children between 6-8. Learn more about Zumas Royale here.

9] Desserts for Kids

A dessert game for children can hardly go wrong. This free game lets kids make their own kind of dessert. It is almost like cooking for kids and is a perfect kindergarteners game. It basically teaches kids how desserts are made and lets them have fun while making it, as they can experiment with ingredients. Children can make their own donuts, cupcakes, and pastries and can play with toppings and frosting, etc. Find out more about Desserts for Kids here.

10] Beauty Girl Salon

Another fun way to keep the kids bust and develop their color senses and tastes. This dress up game is amazingly detailed and almost addictive. It basically requires the user to dress up a character in a salon, so kids can choose her dresses, her makeup and even experiment with backgrounds. Parents can even share their children’s work after they are done dressing up the character. Find more about Beauty Girl Salon here.

Let us know if you have any suggestions to make!

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