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Without iCloud credentials, it’s impossible to pull data. If you can have the iPhone that you want to track at your disposal for several minutes, it will be enough to get the needed info! Here is a quick instruction:

How to find Apple ID: Go to Settings;

– Search for the email under the name of a person (that’s the Apple ID).

How to find Apple ID password:

– Among the list of all saved passwords, there may be that very one able to grant the needed Apple ID.

There is also a chance to get the needed password by getting in the target Google Chrome browser:

– If it’s not locked, you will see the Apple ID password displayed on the list.

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Nucleon: Safeguarding Enterprises With Innovative Ai

Cyber intelligence is rapidly becoming an ever-higher business priority helping organizations collect and analyze information regarding any potential or current attacks threatening the safety of a business or its assets. With the value of damages caused by cyber-attacks growing rapidly, adopting new approaches to cyber security has become more important than ever. A company which offers a comprehensive approach to threat identification, intelligence gathering and validation, and response to protect critical client information is Nucleon. Nucleon was founded in 2024 to revolutionize cyber intelligence technologies, with the ultimate goal of enabling enterprises and governments to predict threats before they become breaches. The company was established after three years of research & development, resulting two patents and unique self-learning system that predict threats. Nucleon is founded by veterans in the security community with more than 20 years of experience making products aimed for security experts. The company was established to innovate the cyber threat intelligence market. It presents a new approach to enable organizations receive high-quality intelligence that they can act upon without needing human intervention. The company has its headquarters located in Israel with a sales office in Tampa, Florida and development teams in Israel and Europe.  

Meet the Dynamic Leaders of Nucleon

Nucleon was founded by veterans in the information security field. The company is the second startup of the founders after having their first startup successfully acquired several years ago. Moran Zavdi, the CEO of Nucleon is a world-recognized cyber security expert who discovered many unknown software security vulnerabilities globally. By his vision of providing cyber threat intelligence to all organizations, Nucleon creates a significant impact as its offering not only provides a reliable intelligence but also affordable for any size of business. Roy Heller is the Director of Sales at Nucleon, responsible for building market expansion strategies, partnerships, domain expertise and security capabilities across the company’s platforms.  

A Unique Methodology to Monitor Threats

Using innovative tools, Nucleon is the next generation of collecting and analyzing cyber threats. Nucleon constantly monitors attacks coming from professional hackers, governments and other highly skilled professionals that might cause significant damage to networks. By alerting about the source of these attacks, Nucleon enables enterprises to block the attacks before they get into the networks. Nucleon’s unique AI is able to gather data and reach conclusions about threats autonomously without any human intervention, allowing organizations to have access to quality reliable threat intelligence that can be acted upon automatically and quickly.  

Embracing AI to Deliver Real-Time Cyber Intelligence

Nucleon developed new methodologies for analyzing large quantities of data. By mimicking the neural network of the human brain, Nucleon systems are able to analyze and learn about unknown threats and alert clients. Nucleon systems are able to detect previously unknown threats and alert about the indicators of attacks to targeted clients before the attacker launches the attack. Nucleon is running chúng tôi which offers free security feeds and enables developers to easily implement the intelligence in their own security products. It offers several indicators that are being collected from the web and provided by commercial vendors running honeypots and honeynets. As a result, more and more vendors are choosing to implement the new layer of security Nucleon is offering in order to secure their products better and/or offer their clients additional protection. By using chúng tôi anyone, anywhere can start learning about threat intelligence and implement.  

Driving Innovation Globally

Nucleon filed two patents with four more in progress. By filing the patents, Nucleon is able to show and explain many details about its innovative one of its kind polymorphic sensors as well as methods for analyzing data. Nucleon is working with several key industry partners, for example, financial institutes in Europe to offer their clients an innovative affordable cyber service by the company. Nucleon’s esteemed partners include leading organizations including Mashape, Rackspace, Virustotal, Recorded Future and Check Point Software, to name a few.  

Enhancing Security Through Disruption

Roy believes with today’s fast pace progress of both hardware and software; innovative technologies are able to utilize new resources that weren’t around a few years ago to introduce a significant jump in the use of it.  

Reflection of Customer Satisfaction

Nucleon is being recognized by more and more customers as a leading company and is being chosen over other solutions. chúng tôi provides today threat intelligence to hundreds of users around the world including governments, enterprises, and small and medium businesses.  

Turning Challenges into Industry Solutions

Roy feels detecting and alerting about attacks that are unknown and can come from anywhere are difficult to properly identify, especially when new cyber attacks that haven’t been seen before are introduced. Nucleon solutions proved themselves already during several crises, one of which was during WannaCry malware attack. Nucleon was able to alert and provide indicators about the attacks early enough for its clients to respond and be prepared properly.  

Unveiling the Future

Cyber attacks continue to be on the rise at an alarming rate with considerable costs. Thus, enterprises need to evaluate whether they are incorporating the right measures to cyber security when it comes to attacks. Nucleon is aiming to become a leading provider of Threat Intelligence solutions helping organizations detect serious vulnerabilities within their systems.

What Is Beacons Ai: Empowering Creators With Innovative Tools

In today’s digital age, content creators are continually seeking ways to effectively manage and monetize their online presence. chúng tôi emerges as a comprehensive suite of tools designed to empower creators and streamline their business operations. This all-in-one platform, driven by AI, offers an array of features that cater to the diverse needs of creators across various social media platforms. From link-in-bio tools to media kit builders, chúng tôi provides a holistic solution that helps creators optimize their workflows and maximize their revenue potential.

See More : What Is The Meaning Of Generative AI? is a groundbreaking platform that equips creators with the necessary tools to thrive in the digital landscape. Founded in 2023 by David Zeng, Jesse Zeng, and Neal Jean, Beacons AI operates from its headquarters in Stanford, California. By leveraging machine learning and AI technology, chúng tôi aims to enhance brand reach and foster meaningful connections between influencers and their fanbase. stands out as an all-inclusive platform that brings together various tools and resources under one roof. Creators can seamlessly access these tools from a single free Beacons account, eliminating the need to juggle multiple platforms and accounts. Whether you’re an aspiring YouTuber, Instagram influencer, or Twitter maven, chúng tôi offers a suite of easy-to-use tools tailored to suit your specific needs.

At the core of chúng tôi lies the innovative Beacons Cortex. This powerful AI-driven system provides creators with personalized insights that align with their unique interests and goals. The Beacons Cortex analyzes data and offers valuable recommendations on optimizing work processes and revenue generation. By harnessing the capabilities of AI, chúng tôi empowers creators to make data-driven decisions that drive success.

Let’s delve into the key features that make chúng tôi a go-to platform for creators:

A suite of easy-to-use tools made for creators to run their businesses seamlessly.

All tools are integrated with each other and connected to the Beacons Cortex, enabling a streamlined workflow.

A single interface allows creators to manage all their tools effortlessly within their free Beacons account.

The Beacons Cortex offers personalized insights on the topics and metrics that matter most to creators, ensuring data-driven decision-making. serves as a valuable resource for monetizing bio links across popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. The platform enables creators and influencers to maximize their revenue potential by incorporating built-in e-commerce monetization features. By leveraging chúng tôi creators can transform their bio links into powerful marketing assets that drive conversions and generate income.

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Signing up for chúng tôi is a hassle-free process, requiring users to answer a few simple questions, most of which only require “Yes” or “No” responses. Once registered, creators can set up a stunning web page in just one minute, showcasing their brand and content. Additionally, chúng tôi provides a comprehensive web analytics solution that offers insights into social media performance and audience engagement, aiding creators in refining their online strategies.

As a link aggregator, chúng tôi enables influencers to centralize all their URLs meant for their followers. This simplifies the sharing process, ensuring that followers have easy access to the content and resources provided by their favorite influencers. With chúng tôi influencers can curate and manage all their links effortlessly, enhancing their online presence and fostering a more engaging relationship with their audience.

Unlike traditional models, chúng tôi does not charge users for access to its tools. Instead, the platform employs a unique pricing model. Creators are charged based on the value they gain from the platform and the revenue they generate. This innovative approach ensures that creators of all sizes can benefit from chúng tôi without being hindered by upfront costs.

Beacons AI has revolutionized influencer marketing by leveraging cutting-edge machine learning technology. The platform connects brands and influencers with their fans through custom video responses, enhancing engagement and fostering authentic connections. By harnessing the power of AI, Beacons AI has paved the way for a new era in influencer marketing, where data-driven strategies and personalized interactions drive success.

In today’s digital landscape, creators need tools that streamline their workflows and empower them to succeed. chúng tôi emerges as a game-changing platform that offers creators a range of tools and resources to build and optimize their businesses. With personalized insights, integrated features, and a commitment to revolutionizing influencer marketing, chúng tôi equips creators with the tools they need to thrive in the ever-evolving world of content creation.

Q. Is chúng tôi a free platform?

Yes, chúng tôi provides its suite of tools for free. However, the pricing model is based on the value creators gain and the revenue they generate.

Q. How can Beacons Cortex benefit creators?

The Beacons Cortex offers personalized insights to creators, helping them optimize their work processes and revenue generation strategies.

Q. Which social media platforms can chúng tôi help monetize? enables creators to monetize their bio links on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Q. Can chúng tôi help with web analytics?

Yes, chúng tôi provides creators with a web analytics solution that offers insights into social media performance and audience engagement.

Q. Where is Beacons AI headquartered?

Beacons AI is headquartered in Stanford, California.

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Iphone 14 Pros: Discover The 10 Coolest Hidden Features

From the power on/off sound to Emergency SOS via satellite and beyond, here are the ten coolest hidden features of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Watch the video and read along to learn about ten hidden features of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max that you’ll like, and how to enable and use them.

The ten coolest hidden iPhone 14 Pro features to discover

1. Enable the power on/off sound

To hear a sound when turning the phone on/off, go to Settings → Accessibility → Audio/Visual, then slide the switch next to Power On & Off Sound to ON.

The device will now play different sounds when you power it on or off. The sound plays right before the phone shuts down and immediately after being turned on—handy if you are unsure whether your iPhone has shut down completely.

2. Customize your Always-On display

In Settings → Display & Brightness → Always-On Display, you can customize how your iPhone 14 Pro display works. By default, the Always-On Display switch is turned on, dimming your Lock Screen wallpaper when the phone is idle.

Toggle it off to shut the display down when the phone is idle. You can choose whether to see notifications and your wallpaper on the Lock Screen when the Always-On feature is active. Turning both off will create a minimalist Lock Screen with just the current time and widgets, saving a bit of battery life.

3. Multitask with two activities in the Dynamic Island

Dynamic Island can host two apps at once. If you’re playing a song in the Music app, for instance, and then switch to the Clock app and start a timer, the Dynamic Island will split into two portions—your timer in a smaller bubble on the right and your music in a pill-shaped area on the left. A smaller bubble will appear whenever you have an app running in Dynamic Island and then start a second one.

4. Interact with the Dynamic Island

With an activity running in the Dynamic Island, press and hold anywhere within the Dynamic Island to reveal additional controls. If listening to music, for example, this action will expand the playback controls, album art and the scrubber. If you have a timer going, the expanded controls let you cancel or pause it.

5. Dismiss anything from the Dynamic Island

You cannot permanently turn off the Dynamic Island, but you can immediately dismiss any interaction or animation by swiping inward or outward across it.

This will stop the animation and shrink the Dynamic Island area to its standard size. So, for instance, you can easily dismiss the pulsing red dot animation in the Dynamic Island when using the Screen Recording feature until you stop recording.

6. Shoot steady video with Action Mode

If you don’t use a gimbal, the Action Mode feature in the Camera app will help you capture steadier video, but you’ll have to put up with some aggressive cropping—Action Mode shoots in either 1080p or 2.8k resolution at up to 60 frames per second (so no 4K Action Mode video for you, sorry!). Swipe to Video in the Camera app and hit the Action Mode icon in the top-left corner that resembles a runner.

This feature requires lots of light to produce good results. You’ll see “More light required” in the Camera app if it’s too dark. When using Action Mode in low-light situations, turn on the Action Mode Lower Light switch in Settings → Camera. Doing so will decrease the stabilization to optimize for less bright scenes.

7. Enable peak brightness outdoors

The iPhone’s OLED display is Apple’s brightest mobile screen at 1000 nits typical brightness. iOS will boost the display to 1200 nits when watching HDR video (to stop this behavior, disable the View Full HDR toggle in Settings → Photos).

Your iPhone 14 is also capable of 2000 nits of peak brightness, but only when iOS is set to automatically adjust the brightness—go to Settings → Accessibility → Display & Text Size and turn on the Auto-Brightness switch at the bottom.

Now when you’re outside, and direct sunlight makes it challenging to discern what’s displayed on the screen, iOS will crank up the brightness. Peak 2000-nit brightness isn’t sustainable, so you may notice a brightness drop after a few minutes.

8. See how Emergency SOS via satellite works

The iPhone 14 family provides satellite connectivity to message 911 and update your location in the Find My app. The feature automatically kicks into action when you try to use the Emergency SOS feature in an area with no cellular and Wi-Fi networks available. You can also try it out without actually calling emergency services.

To do so, go to Settings → Emergency SOS and choose Try Demo at the bottom, provided you live in one of the supported regions for Emergency SOS via satellite. If you don’t see this option, the feature is unavailable in your area.

9. Turn on the 48-megapixel photo capture

Your iPhone 14 Pro has a 48-megapixel camera, but iOS defaults the Camera app to shoot 12-megapixel photos. This uses the pixel binning technique, which merges four pixels into one to improve light sensitivity on images.

To get 48-megapixel images, go to Settings → Camera → Formats and turn on Apple ProRAW under Photo Capture, then set ProRAW Resolution to 48 MP. You’ll now see the RAW indicator in the top-right corner of the Camera app, which you can toggle whenever you’d like to shoot 48-megapixel photos.

The stock Photos app and third-party ones like Darkroom let you edit RAW images. However, each 48-megapixel ProRAW image will take up about 75 megabytes of storage, or 25 megabytes for 12-megapixel ProRAW shots, versus two megabytes or less for regular 12-megapixel HEIFF photos (High Efficiency).

You can only capture 48-megapixel photos with the main rear camera. Images taken in Night Mode and flash and macro shots are always saved at twelve megapixels.

10. Cinematic Mode upgraded to 4K resolution

Cinematic Mode debuted on the iPhone 13 Pros as a way to shoot video with the cinematic depth-of-field effect. To use it, simply swipe to Cinematic in the Camera app and start capturing video. Your iPhone will dynamically focus on the frontmost subject, but you can adjust the focus afterwards in the stock Photos app.

The new phones boost Cinematic Mode from 1080p to 4K resolution. To adjust your Cinematic Mode resolution, go to Settings → Camera → Record Cinematic, then choose between 1080p HD at 30 fps, 4K at 24 fps and 4K at 30 fps.

What are your favorite iPhone 14 Pro features?

These are some of the coolest, underrated features available on the iPhone 14 family. Most of them require the Pro models, but some like Emergency SOS via satellite are available across the regular and Pro models. Some of the listed features, like the power on/off sound, may also be available on older iPhones.

Android Features That Are Yet To Come On Iphone

Android Features That Are Yet To Come On iPhone USB Access & File Manager

Accessing your files and folders is easy when it comes to Android. All you need to do is connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable. You can copy, move and perform other file operations with ease.

However, on iOS devices, it is different when you connect it to your computer. As you can only check camera contents.

However, you can access all files on Android with the help of the file manager. Also, you can perform all the file operations such as copying a file, moving a file, deleting a file on your Android. There are many File managers available on the Play Store.

This makes a device simple and easy to use, which is missing on the iPhone.

Rise To Wake Versus Glance

Then comes this feature on Android, where you can turn the phone’s display on with a simple glance. You can check time, date, notifications and more, awesome isn’t it?

This feature is quite new and available with flagship phones. You can also disable the feature in case you don’t want it.

Though both of the platforms make accessibility better but glancing on the screen is better than picking a phone to turn on the display.

Multiple Users

If you have Android 5.0 or above, then you can allow another user to access their information, apps, without messing up the main user account and settings.

Also, you can hand over your phone to anyone which the hesitation of other people accessing personal information, by using Guest Mode. With this mode, a guest user can perform simple functions without your alerting anything on the primary account.

This is what Android can do, but when it comes to the iPhone, there is no such thing as a secondary account or guest mode. As iPhone is not meant for multiple users. However, on iPad, it could be useful to have multiple user accounts.

Default App Choices

When it comes to setting a default browser, Android takes the cookie in this category as well. Whenever you download a browser on Android, a prompt lets you set it as default for opening links. You can also set default apps for messaging app, phone app, keyboard, digital assistant and many more. Also, you can change them anytime you like.

Wherein on iPhone, you can download other browsers but are not given the option to set it as default. Similarly, you can’t set keyboard preferences as well.

Customize Your Home Screen

The customization is another aspect which iOS doesn’t have. In iOS, you can only change the place of icons and group them in folders to organize your home screen neatly. Wherein on Android, along with arranging and grouping icons, you can revamp the entire home screen by adding widgets.  Also, there are various Android launchers available in Google Play Store which changes the entire home screen layout.

So, these are some of the features which Android has and therefore make it more user-oriented then Apple. We are not saying iOS is not a worthy platform, but there are certain limitations to the user accessibility.

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Twitter Emulates Tiktok With Two New Features

Twitter announced that it will be rolling out two updates that will incorporate video discovery with a new video carousel and improve the user experience of watching full screen videos.

It was immediately noted by users to resemble a TikTok-style of discovering and watching videos.

The response was both positive and skeptical.

Twitter Explore

The two changes will be available in the Twitter Explore feature, with both features now available on Apple’s iOS.

Explore is a Twitter feed that features a curated stream of tweets that are selected according to a user’s interests.

It’s available on the Twitter app and mobile site through a magnifying glass icon where tabs reveals categories of trending topics such as, For you, Trending and News.

New Video Carousel

Twitter will begin adding a new video carousel from which a user can select popular videos to watch, including movie teasers.

Twitter announced in a tweet:

“Now on iOS, videos on your timeline will open in our full screen immersive video player, where you can swipe up to keep discovering more content.”

Twitter described how the new feature will make it easy to keep discovering more videos.

“Some of you on iOS and Android will also see recommended content in a new video carousel on the Explore “For You” page.

Want to go back to scrolling? Tap the back arrow in the top left corner to exit the player to go right back to where you left off.”

Immersive Video Player

The second change is to update Twitter’s video playback.

Now all it takes to expand a video when using the app is to tap in order to enjoy a video in full screen mode.

The update also adds a functionality that makes it easier to keep on watching more videos.

According to the official Twitter blog announcement:

“Once the video has been launched in full screen mode, we’ve made video discovery easier as well.

Just scroll up to start browsing more engaging video content.

User Response to Twitter’s Announcement

The new video feed was immediately and understandably compared to TikTok by Twitter users.

Tiktok on twitter

— ⚡️ Wumpus ⚡️ (@notwumpus) October 5, 2023

ah yes. tiktok.

— abdul 🌌📷 (@Advil) October 5, 2023

Anecdotally, the responses to the announcement appeared to be evenly split between users who appreciated being able to spend time on videos and those who disliked it because it felt like Twitter was changing to become Twitter.

Just saw this when I uploaded a vid. Very cool 🙏

— Youtubable (@Youtubable) October 5, 2023

Unfortunately, Twitter is selling itself to other “fashionable” social networks and losing all its originality. It was my favorite social network, precisely because it differs from the others, now it’s becoming more of the same.

— Kássio Frazão (@kassiofrazao) October 5, 2023

Videos on Twitter

Videos have always been a part of the Twitter experience.

But Twitter’s lack of a feature to discover and enjoy videos made discovering videos secondary to the text experience of reading tweets.

The lack of video discovery seemed to be an oversight since videos were available but difficult to discover as a separate form of content medium, other than stumbling upon the interesting ones by random chance.

While comparisons to TikTok are seemingly inevitable, it’s also somewhat inevitable that videos should become easier to discovery and watch on Twitter.

Featured image by Shutterstock/Dean Drobot

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