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If Microsoft Edge is your primary Internet browser you will be happy to know that it is now getting a built-in VPN called Secure Network. The new feature is currently being tested in the Canary version of Edge but will finally bring VPN connections to the average Internet user, though Edge’s VPN does have some limitations and restrictions.

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VPN connections have become very popular over the last few years as they increase user privacy and allow access to content that is often restricted in certain regions. Although there are plenty of VPN options available, finding safe, well priced, VPNs is a little more tricky. Which is why Microsoft’s brand new Secure Network VPN built into Microsoft Edge is going to be very handy for a lot of users.

At the moment the Secure Network VPN in Microsoft Edge is still being rolled out and tested in the Canary version, however, it will eventually make its way to the stable release. Unlike most other VPNs, Edge’s VPN will have some specific limitations as it is powered by Cloudflare which will automatically pick the closest server to you. This will replace your geolocation and your IP but keep you in the same region. This is great from a privacy point of view but doesn’t help if you are trying to escape region blocks.

Microsoft Edge’s Secure Network VPN is also limited to 1GB per month of free usage. After that, you will need to pay for the service to continue using it. And if you’re paying to use a VPN, you’ll want to get more for your money so something like BoxPNis far better value. As you still get 1GB free per month you might as well use it so follow along as we show you how to use the built-in VPN in Microsoft Edge.

Do you use Microsoft Edge’s ‘Secure Network’ built-in VPN? Microsoft Edge VPN.

As we mentioned above, this feature is currently only available to selected Microsoft Edge Canary users (at the time of writing) however it is rolling out to all users so it may be available by the time you read this.

This will enable the built-in Cloudflare VPN and allow you to use it until you have burnt through our free 1GB quota for the month. Once you have used your free data, you will get prompts asking you to pay in order to continue using it. As we mentioned above, you’re better off signing up for a proper VPN service rather than sticking with the Microsoft option at least for now.

Other Internet browsers with built-in VPNs?

Although Microsoft Edge’s Secure Network VPN feature is a nice start, TOR browser is still the best option by far. It allows you to do everything the Microsoft Edge one does but also randomly assigns a VPN to a random international location. If you haven’t used TOR before, it’s super easy to use as everything is done automatically for you.

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How I Built A Six

The market for influencer marketing is incredibly lucrative in the social media industry. It has grown from $1.7 billion in 2024 to a whopping $16.4 billion dollar industry in 2023. However, online influencers are not the only ones who can make money through social media.  

Erika Cramer. Image: Supplied

Here are the steps I took to build a six-figure plus business on social media without ever being an influencer: 

1. Be where your prospects are

The first step is to identify the social media platform where your ideal clients are already spending their time. There are multiple platforms to choose from, but being where your ideal client is will help you grow exponentially. Facebook’s audience is shifting as users over 65 are the platform’s fastest-growing demographic. Instagram maintains an audience that varies from 25-40 year-olds, whereas TikTok is where the younger crowd hangs out, varying from 16-34 year-olds. LinkedIn continues to be the platform for all-aged professionals. The key here is that it’s not about where YOU like to hang out, it’s being where your client is spending most of their time. 

2. Get crystal clear on your message

Marketing is all about how you communicate your message. You’ll want to be clear on who you help and what problem you solve. What do you want to be known for? What do you specialise in? Social media is a loud and noisy ocean, and you can get lost at sea if you aren’t clear on this. Getting to know your client’s pain and pleasure points and showing up online with answers to their questions will be one of the keys to gaining the “know, like and trust” factor that gets clients to hire you. When you have too many messages or specialise in multiple areas, it confuses your audience. Do one thing and do it well. 

3. Show up live, daily

Which brings me to my next point, let your followers in. If you aren’t sharing your story, your likes, dislikes, what you’re up to in your day-to-day, you will struggle to build trust with your audience online. Many business owners miss this opportunity. Maybe someone told you that business is not personal and that you need to be “professional”. But I am here to tell you that the more your audience on social media knows YOU, the more they will like you (or dislike which is a good thing btw) and the more they will trust you. If people don’t trust you, there will not be a sale. This is the secret sauce to growing an engaged community on social media that you can monetize. But this does not happen if there is no “know, like, and trust”. Stop hiding and worrying about what other people have to say, just go live. 

4. Give people results ahead of time

Next up is adding massive value in the form of content. Content creation is king, and you need to make sure you’re creating content that addresses your prospect’s pain points so that you can position yourself as an authority in the space. You want your audience to know that you understand their world, you get their problems, and your service is the solution. If I can learn something from you by just following you on Instagram that actually changes my life, I am definitely going to hire you. You can do this by showing up weekly for a Q&A show where you answer your ideal client’s burning questions, you can show up on stories and take them behind the scenes of your events, coaching calls, and content process. 

5. Selling on socials

Social media is a powerful tool. By adding value through content creation, engaging with your audience, and selling on social media, you can build trust and authority with your audience. With the right strategy and approach, you can use social media to grow your business to six-figures and beyond and influence others without ever being an “influencer.” 

How To Use The Google Security Check

If you hold a Google account and haven’t spent much time making sure it is safely secured, this article will guide you through the process of using the Google Security Check-up tool. A tool specifically designed to take you through all of Google’s important account security options.

How to Fix Microsoft OneDrive Not Installing on Windows 10.

Your main email account should be one of the most secure accounts you have and should be treated with the same respect as your online banking information. If your email account has a weak password, without two-factor authentication, you are leaving yourself wide open for easy, unauthorized access and some serious flow-on effects.

For example, if someone gains access to your email account, they can use it to reset the passwords for just about every other service you have linked to it, Facebook, Tinder, Google Plus, cryptocurrency exchanges, and just about any other online service that requires a linked email address.

Although having a strong password will help secure your account dramatically there are a variety of other tools you need to be using as well, all of which Google’s Check-up tool will guide you through. So without further adieu let’s begin.

Note: Even though this article is specifically focusing on Google Gmail accounts, Microsoft, Yahoo, and most other large email providers have similar systems in place.

How Do You Use Google’s Security Check-up Tool?

To begin, you will need to visit the following Google page and make sure you are signed in with the account you wish to check.

Once you are on the Google Security Check-up page and signed in to your account, you will see a short list of four categories.

Your devices

Recent security events

& recovery

Third-party access

Any categories that aren’t marked with a green tick need to be checked and action taken immediately. However, you should spend a few minutes exploring all the categories, even if they do have a green tick. As you can see in the screenshot below, steps need to be taken under Devices.

Once you have removed any old devices, you can move onto the next category that doesn’t have a green tick. Sign-in and recovery being the most important, so make sure you have a phone number listed and a recovery email set. You should also make sure you remove any apps you are no longer using or no longer trust from the Third-Party Apps section. Generally, this category will always show with a green tick even though some of the permissions may be old and unused.

Learn How To Use The Laravel Insert?

Introduction to Laravel Insert

Larvel is executed on PHP and a web framework that is free and available as an open-source. It is primarily used for developing customized web applications using PHP and a web framework to manage multiple things like authentication, routing, and templating in HTML. It is completely on the server-side, which executes on PHP and manages the complexities of data manipulation and fixing to the model-view-controller design. It is similar to the react framework, which focuses mostly on user interaction. This article explains the laravel insert function in the database and gives an overview of Laravel.

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What is a laravel insert?

Laravel is the best web framework executed in PHP and other frameworks in distinct languages. On the server-end render framework, Rail is used effectively and is similar to Laravel and based on Ruby. Angular, Vue, and React work on the client-end, and the framework of Javascript is configured to render on the server-end. If the user application works towards a blogging style with different text-based portfolios, it is based on WordPress and executed on PHP. But here, Laravel does not force the user to use the unrequired features; it offers the tools to develop some reliable and effective tools by the user itself.

How to use the laravel insert?


bool insert ( string $ query, array $ binding = array () )

The parameters are $ query in a string format, a query to be executed in the database.

The $ binding, which is in the array format used as a value to be bound with queries.

It returns the bool function, and the description can be filled to execute the insert statement against the database.

Laravel insert data:

To insert data in Laravel, the following steps need to be executed.

Execute the following commands to build a controller called stud insert controller

The following output is obtained once it is created successfully without any bugs.

Copy the below code to the new file:

Then create a view file known as resources/ views/ stud_new.php and copy the code to the file.

resources/ views/ stud_new.php

Insert the below command in the file app/ HTTP/ routes.php

Then the required output is displayed in the below image.

Laravel insert data Framework

The insert data to the table is made in Laravel by the following methods. It is simple in Laravel 7 and can be executed with complete information, source code, and examples.

The laravel database query is also used to insert the laravel query in MySQL. The PHP framework works effectively to insert the data into the database. First, the user must create a database table to insert data. Then he should use Insert Into statement to add the raw data to the Mysql table in the required database.

Statement for INSERT INTO:

INSERT INTO name of the table (columnA, columnB, columnC,.....) VALUES (value01, value02, value03,.....)

It will be easy to use Laravel if the user knows SQL

The SQL query to create a table and table member details is as follows,

Create Table_member_details CREATE TABLE­_member_details ( id int NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, profile _nm varchar(30), real _nm varchar(30), full _address varchar(30), email_address varchar(30), primary key (id) }

Member insert chúng tôi – it is located under /app /HTTP/Controllers/ Member insert controller.php

Member_create .php – it is located in resources-views – member_create .php

To view the file, execute the following query

@if (session(‘status of the query’)) {{ session(‘status of the alert’) }} @elseif(session(‘failed’)) {{ session(‘failed’) }} @endif

Add the script for the controller file.

<?php namespace  App Http Controllers; use  App Member Insert; use Illuminate Http Request; use Illuminate Http Response; use Illuminate Support Validator; use Illuminate validate policy; class Member Insert Controller extends Controller { public function insert() { $data of the url = getURLList(); return view('Member _create new'); } public function create(Request $request) { $policy = [ ]; { return redirect('insert') }

Then the model file should be executed as a query

After, the routes file should be executed as a query

<?PHP /* | Web Routes |

Here the user can save the web route for the application, and they are loaded in the route service provider inside the group, which comprises the web middleware group.


If the user wants to insert a huge amount of data into a database in Laravel, it can be implemented effectively with the help of the Laravel 6 version. Hence, the brief discussion of inserting data in Laravel is explained, and the user can work on it effectively.

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How To Use The Tee Command In Linux

If you ever use pipes and redirections under your Linux shell, chances are you will also sometimes need to make use of the tee utility.

What Does Tee Do?

A command such as


will display the contents of your current directory. In other words, it displays these contents to stdout (standard output), which is normally your screen, or to be more precise, your virtual terminal display.

A command like

To display the contents of your directory on the screen and write this to a file, you use two commands. With tee you can do both of these things at once.

Another situation, often encountered, when you might need tee, is this: you want to write the output of a command to a location where only the root user can read or write. This won’t work.

The first thing to know is that tee, by default, always overwrites a file. If you run

Permission denied messages are written to stderr. The only thing written to stdout is the highlighted text. That’s why you will notice that the contents of “somefile” are what is shown in the below image.


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Fell in love with computers when he was four years old. 27 years later, the passion is still burning, fueling constant learning. Spends most of his time in terminal windows and SSH sessions, managing Linux desktops and servers.

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How To Use The Xbox Family Settings App

The Xbox Console is part of many families, and managing it from the console is a tough job. That’s where the Xbox Family Settings app comes into the picture. Similar to the Microsoft Family app for PC, this Xbox App allows you to manage settings for your kid. In this post, we are looking at how the app works, benefits, and drawbacks.

How to use the Xbox Family Settings app

I have been using Windows Family features for a long time. It had allowed me to make sure that the inappropriate content doesn’t reach on his computer, and he doesn’t overuse the computer. It gives a detailed analysis of what has been using and where he had been going. There are few drawbacks, but it works out at the end.

When it comes to Xbox, it is a bit hard to manage because everything is deep in the menus and settings. Its a console and not a PC, so things are not straightforward. That’s where the Xbox Family Settings app rolls in.

1] Setup

You will be able to set screen time, manage what games to play, and their spending. There are more, which we have talked about in the features section.

Done that, the dashboard will offer your list of kids in the account along with their gamertag, current usage, and the organizers. You have quick access to notifications and settings.

2] Managing Kids using the app

Tap on the kid’s account, and it will instantly display three things—Screen time, Content Restrictions, and Friends.

Screen Time:  It lets you see both Xbox and Windows total usage in the same progress bar.  Right under is the schedule, which displays the amount of time set for the account.  You can tap on it and set days of the week, time limit, and time range for the console usage.

Note: You cannot set a limit for PC from here. You will have to use Family  Safety App.

Content Restrictions: This section allows you to configure the content based on age, followed by list individual games that have been allowed based on age or on the console. There is a small problem here. You cannot block individual games from here.

Friends: This feature makes sure kids don’t fall into strangers’ tap. You can choose who they can accept and if they can play online games with them.

Grant Screen Permission: It was one of the most requested features which I always wanted for PC. Usually, the kids needed to make a request which sent out an email that you needed confirm; too many steps. Now you get a request in the mobile app, and you can proactively grant your child more screen time.

3] Features of Xbox Family Settings

Here is a summary of the list of features you get with Xbox Family Settings:

Accept or decline friends

Screen time limits can be set different for every day

Content filters based on age which allows kids to play games without much of permission issue

Play and communication settings such as multi-layer, cross-network

Activity reports let you view daily, and weekly activity reports for each child to understand how they are spending their time on Xbox

Conclusion and Drawbacks of Xbox Family App

Honestly, there was no need for the Xbox Family App when the Microsoft Family Settings app does most of the heavy lifting. I do get that not everyone has a PC, and not everyone has an Xbox, but this is something easy to detect. As soon as I logged into Xbox App, it will able to figure out child accounts as it is connected to Microsoft Family.

The Xbox App also shows PC usage, which is pointless. If I don’t use a PC, and I only use Mac, then I would not need it. The app doesn’t allow me to block games; instead, I need to use the Family Safety app to block it. Simply put, Microsoft should merge the apps and have a dedicated Xbox and PC section.

While it’s great to have the Xbox Family App, it is still work in progress. If nothing else, you can quickly grant permission without leaving your bed or from anywhere you wish.

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