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When it comes to Windows, text passwords have always been used traditionally to logon to Windows user accounts. And the text passwords should be long and complex so that people can’t guess them easily. Remembering a long and complex password is not easy. It becomes a headache especially when you have to logoff and logon to the computer frequently.

Although Windows 8 offers new forms of authentication like a picture password or a PIN code, the previous versions of Windows still use the text password authentication system. Windows can also use finger print security but you need a separate hardware device for setting up finger print security.

Rohos Logon Key is a fantastic free utility which turns your USB flash drive into a logon key. This means that you don’t have to enter your password again and again manually. Just insert the USB flash drive and you’re logged on automatically.

There are a few things that I would like to clear before proceeding further. If there is any data stored in the USB flash drive, it will not be lost and will stay intact. Rohos Logon Key will only create its own files for use and not touch the current data.

If you are concerned with the security, Rohos Logon Key does not store the actual user passwords in text form in the USB drive. The application data is stored with AES 256-bit encryption on the drive. So most probably, your user account will remain safe even if you lose access to the USB drive.

Let’s go to the USB drive and see what has been created there. Normally, you will not see anything additional in the USB drive. To see what Rohos Logon Key has added to the USB drive, you will need to go to “Folder Options” and uncheck “Hide protected operating system files” under View tab. You will also need to select “Show hidden files”, folders and drives. After that, you will be able to see a hidden folder called “_rohos”. It will contain a single file called “roh.roh”. If you try to open the file in a text editor, you will see some gibberish text which means that the file is encrypted.

There is one caution that I should give here. The free version of Rohos Logon Key does not provide an emergency logon that helps to access the computer in case you lost the USB drive. As an additional security measure, you should create an additional administrative user and keep its password in a safe place so that you can access the computer in case of emergency.

The professional version of Rohos Logon Key also provides a 2 factor authentication (USB Key + password) but it is needed only when you want to work in a very highly secure environment. Otherwise you can safely implement the free version security to make your user account more secure.

What methods do you use to secure your Windows accounts?

Rohos Logon Key

Usman Khurshid

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How To Encrypt And Decrypt A Usb Drive In Windows

Encrypting a USB drive protects your sensitive files and data when they’re transferred between different locations. This tutorial shows how to encrypt a USB drive in Windows 10 and Windows 11 so that no one can read or access the data stored inside without entering the right password. You can later decrypt the USB with a password or recovery key, which is also very easy to do.

Tip: protect your personal information with mail encryption. Find out how it works and the best services that offer it.

Why You Should Encrypt Your Flash Drive

A USB drive is a portable device that offers a convenient way of storing and/or transferring your data, though this can come with several security risks. If you don’t encrypt your flash drive, anyone can get their hands on it and check your private files on their computer without your knowledge or consent.

Encrypting the USB stick is a reliable means of protecting it from data theft or exposure. It also allows you to delete your data more securely before discarding your drive, as it’s near impossible to recover deleted data from an encrypted drive.

Use BitLocker to Go

Windows 10 and 11 come with BitLocker, a feature that makes it easy to encrypt your hard drives When used for USB drives, it is technically called “BitLocker To Go.” BitLocker is only available in the Windows 10 and 11 Pro versions. If you’re using Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 Home, scroll down for other alternatives.

To encrypt your USB drive using BitLocker To Go in supported Windows versions, follow the steps below:

1. Plug in USB Drive and Open in File Explorer

Select “Open folder to view files.” It will open the USB drive in File Explorer.

2. Turn On BitLocker

Open Control Panel in Windows.

You’ll be taken directly to Control Panel.

Tip: need a new flash drive? These are the best portable USB options that you can buy.

3. Use BitLocker to Encrypt USB Drive

Wait a few seconds for BitLocker to initialize the drive. Don’t remove your USB during this setup.

Check the “Use a password to unlock the drive” box.

You’ll get a prompt to back up a recovery key. This key allows you to access the USB drive in the event that you lose the encryption password. Save this key or print it out, but remember to store it safely.

Choose either New encryption mode or Compatible mode for the BitLocker drive. If you’re going to use the USB drive on the same computer, choose the new encryption mode. However, if you want to use it on other computers running old Windows versions, select “Compatible mode.”

Wait a few minutes for the encryption to complete. You can pause it in the middle of the process.

Once the device is encrypted and you try to open your USB drive in Windows File Explorer, you’ll see a lock button showing that it is securely encrypted. To access the drive now, you’ll be prompted to enter the password you created initially.

There are other options such as a smart card that will automatically unlock the drive on your computer or a recovery key if you forgot the password.

Good to know: learn how to enable quick removal of USB drives in Windows.

Use USB Drive Encryption Software

If you’re on a Windows Home edition, you won’t have access to BitLocker to Go. consider using an encryption manager to encrypt your USB drive in Windows. We have two of the best recommendations below.

1. VeraCrypt

VeraCrypt is one of the best USB encryption alternatives for Windows. It also supports macOS and Linux. It uses 256-bit AES encryption, which is very strong and can’t be cracked by brute force. You don’t have to install it on your Windows PC, just download it to your USB drive directly.

Download whichever is the latest stable release of the “VeraCrypt.exe” installer for Windows. In this case, we are downloading the Portable version.

As soon as you see the home screen, select “Create new volume.” This will open a new pop-up window for VeraCrypt Volume Creation Wizard. Choose the “Encrypt a non-system partition/drive” option.

Select the removable media flash drive for volume location.

After entering the volume size in MB, you will need to enter the password for the USB drive volume.

Select “Change volume password” for the USB drive.

Rename the password.

Tip: USB ports not working? We have a few tips you may want to try that will help you fix the issue.

2. HasLeo BitLocker Anywhere

HasLeo BitLocker Anywhere is a third-party BitLocker solution that resembles the Windows Pro BitLocker. Apart from Windows Pro, it also supports all editions of Windows Home ranging from Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11. This makes it very easy to use.

Download and install the trial version of HasLeo BitLocker Anywhere.

Wait for the USB encryption to complete.

How to Decrypt Your USB Drive in Windows

After encrypting your USB drive, if you want to make it usable and sharable once again, you will need to decrypt it.

If you’re using Windows BitLocker or a third-party BitLocker software, such as HasLeo, go to the BitLocker Drive Encryption folder.

Wait a couple of minutes for the USB decrypting process to continue. You should see a status percentage message.

Once finished, you will see a “Decryption of the [USB] drive is complete” message alert. This means BitLocker has been disabled for the USB drive.

If you’re using VeraCrypt, it has a “Permanently Decrypt” option that you can access from the top of the “Volumes” tab.

Tip: did you know that you can back up your data by creating a USB image? We show you how.

Frequently Asked Questions What encryption does BitLocker use?

BitLocker has used the powerful 256-bit XTS-AES encryption mode since Windows 10 version 1511, which has continued all the way to Windows 11’s latest versions. It is impossible to break this with brute force attacks. With the improved algorithm, it also offers integrity support. Windows versions older than 1511 don’t have this new encryption mode. You can also use a lower 128-bit encryption standard with BitLocker.

After entering a password, the encryption process should start automatically.

Can qn encrypted USB be hacked?

An encrypted USB created using BitLocker, VeraCrypt, or similar powerful tools can never be hacked by brute force attacks. However, encryption doesn’t protect your data and files from human error. Disclosing your password to unauthorized users can cause data breaches, so you should consider using a password manager.

Image credit: Pixabay. All screenshots by Sayak Boral.

Sayak Boral

Sayak Boral is a technology writer with over eleven years of experience working in different industries including semiconductors, IoT, enterprise IT, telecommunications OSS/BSS, and network security. He has been writing for MakeTechEasier on a wide range of technical topics including Windows, Android, Internet, Hardware Guides, Browsers, Software Tools, and Product Reviews.

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How To Fix Usb Error Code 43 On Windows 10

How to Fix USB Error Code 43 on Windows 10 Updating your graphics driver should fix this issue quickly




If you are getting the code 43 USB error on Windows 10, it might be because of faulty drivers.

You can fix this issue effectively by updating your USB drivers.

Another excellent solution is to disable the fast startup feature.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Most external devices, such as external hard drives, webcams, mice, and more depend on USB connectivity. However, some users are complaining of a code 43 USB error on Windows 10.

This error prevents you from connecting to your external devices. Thankfully, it is an error you can fix quickly with the solutions in this guide.

What is device status code 43 Windows 10?

Below are some of the factors that can cause the code 43 error for USB devices on Windows 10:

Outdated driver: In some cases, this issue is due to faulty or outdated USB drivers. The solution to this is to uninstall or update your drivers.

Issues with power settings: Sometimes, this issue can be due to the fast startup feature. Many users have been able to fix it by disabling the feature.

Hardware issues: On rare occasions, this error code might be due to problems with your hardware components. You can fix this by running the hardware and devices troubleshooter.

How do I solve Error Code 43 for USB devices on Windows 10?

Before delving into the solutions in this section of this guide, there are some preliminary troubleshooting steps that might fix this issue. They are listed below:

Insert the USB Device into an Alternative USB Slot

Restart Your Laptop or Desktop

If the steps above do not solve the problem, proceed to the solutions below:

1. Run the Hardware and Device Troubleshooter

If you are facing the code 43 USB error on Windows 10, it might be due to hardware issues. Running the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter should help you diagnose and fix this issue.

2. Update the USB device drivers

It might be the case that the USB Device has an outdated driver. If that’s so, that’s probably why you’re getting this code 43 USB error on Windows 10.

You can update the driver by downloading it from the USB device manufacturer’s website or update it with the Device Manager by following the steps above.

3. Uninstall the USB Drivers

Expert tip:

4. Restore Windows to the Previous Date

If the USB device worked fine a few weeks back, the System Restore tool in Windows 10 could feasibly fix error code 43. It could fix any hardware that Windows isn’t recognizing.

5. Switch off the Fast Startup

At times, the code 43 USB error on Windows 10 can be due to the fast startup feature. While this feature improves your PC startup time considerably, it can sometimes lead to issues.

Hence, you need to disable the feature.

6. Adjust the USB Selective Suspend Settings

If the fixes above fail to solve the code 43 USB error on Windows 10, it might be because of your power settings. This is because your power setting might be set to suspend your USB to save power.

Hence, you need to change this feature to restore normalcy.

With this, we can conclude this guide on how to fix the code 43 USB error on Windows 10. You only need to follow the steps above and everything should be back to normal.

If you are facing the error code 43 on your graphics card, check our detailed guide to fix it.

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How To Use Text Predictions In Windows 11? – Webnots

Text predictions is the artificial intelligence feature in Windows that helps to suggest the words as you type. Instead of typing the complete word, you can select from the predicted matches and finish your documents faster. Another aspect is to avoid spelling mistakes when you type complex words. By default, Microsoft Office apps will highlight spelling mistakes and allow you to correct before finalizing your task. However, this is not the case with other apps and you may need to proofread or review your document manually for spelling errors. With the help of text predictions, you can choose correct words from the suggestions without worrying about spelling mistakes.

Text Predictions in Microsoft Word

Earlier, Microsoft Editor had a separate text suggestion tool that you can use within Word document (enable in Word Options and turn on/off from status bar). However, this feature was removed from Microsoft Editor as it is available as part of Windows OS.

Enabling Text Predictions in Windows 11

Follow the below instructions to enable text predictions in Windows 11:

Windows 11 Typing Settings

On the next screen, turn on the switch against “Show text suggestions when typing on the physical keyboard” option.

Enabling Text Suggestions in Windows 11

If you use multiple language inputs, then enable “Multilingual text suggestions” option. This will help to show text predictions for the language you currently select from the language bar.

How to Use Text Predictions?

Now that you have enabled text predictions in your system. The usage is pretty simple.

Open Word, Notepad and a chat message where you can type.

Start typing the word and you will see a small pop-up showing all suggestions.

Text Predictions in Microsoft Word

To select a word from the list of suggestions, use the up arrow to go to the pop-up. This will highlight the first word in the list, press enter key to select the first word. If you want to select other words, use the right or left arrow keys to navigate. If you do not want to select any suggested words, simply continue to type or press escape move the focus back to typing. Alternatively, you can use mouse or touch for selecting the word.

You can select each word while typing from the predictions to quickly finish the sentences and hence the document.

Use Arrows to Select Suggested Word

The cool part is that you can insert emoji symbols using the text suggestions without searching. For example, type checkmark to insert checkmark emoji or type rose to insert rose flower emoji symbol.

Select Emoji from Text Suggestions in Windows 11

Learn more on how to insert emoji using text predictions in iPhone.

Enabling Text Predictions in Windows 10

If you are still using Windows 10, then the instructions are little bit different.

Press “Windows + I” keys to open Settings app.

Select “Devices” and then “Typing” option.

Enable “Show text suggestions as I type on the software keyboard” option under “Typing” section. Similarly, enable “show text suggestions as I type” under “Hardware keyboard” section.

You can also enable “Multilingual text suggestions” to get text predictions for all installed languages on your computer.

Enable Text Suggestions in Windows 10

Viewing Typing Insights Details

View Typing Insights in Windows 11

Final Words

Though people use English as a communication language, it is not their native language. Due to this fact, there could be possibilities of spelling mistakes when you send emails or prepare documents. In addition, every time typing repetitive words may also take time. Windows operating system offers text predictions to manage these situations. However, if your primary objective is to avoid spelling mistakes and save time with that, then voice typing may work better for you. There is also “Dictate” function available in Microsoft Word which you can make use for voice typing.

How To Backup Gmail To Hard Drive On Windows 11/10

In the world of information technology, we use digital data constantly. The online products used for creating digital contents are so vital that it has become an integral part of our life. The data is created using online digital tools that are constantly updated, stored, and shared online. There is a need to make a copy of these valuable data before deleting it completely. Backing up of the data is given the utmost importance in order to be prepared for future emergencies where data may be completely lost. It is required to archive these files and folders to restore the data in case of data loss.

Of all the applications and services you use online, Gmail is one of the important ones where you store all the important contacts and have important messages. Some of the email messages may contain sensitive information, and it may be required to backup or download these data either for business deals, legal reasons or for any personal reasons. Email backup is also quintessential if you are switching your account to the new mail service or if you want to transfer the data to another account. In some cases, you may want to backup the entire mail locally.

Luckily,  Gmail provides an option to backup the data using third-party apps or you can also backup the files entirely to your Local hard drive or External Hard Drive using Google’s Data tool. In this article, we discuss how to download the Gmail contacts and messages using Gmail Data Backup Tool provided by Google. All it requires is to archive the email data which you wish to safeguard at the local storage and export these archives to the drive via Data Tools.

Backup Gmail to Hard Drive

If you are looking for a way to download or backup your Gmail emails, contacts & messages to your local Hard Drive on your computer, then you can do so using the Gmail Data Backup Tool. Let us take a look at the method involved:

Open Gmail account.

Select the Delivery method.

Let us take a look at this in detail.

Open your Gmail account.

Navigate to Personal info & privacy.

Now scroll down to locate Mail and toggle the button to select.

Select the file type as .zip or .tgz. Usually, .zip files are preferred because it can be easily opened in most of the computers.

Select the Delivery method from the list of options. You are provided with options to download link via email, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.

It will take an approximate time of a day or more to generate your data archive depending on the number of emails and send a download link to the chosen delivery method.

Save email and attachments browser extension

If you want to save Gmail emails and attachments then you may have to make use of this Chrome extension called Save emails and attachments.

There is another tool that may interest you. Gmail Backup is a third-party freeware that copies all emails from your Gmail account to a local drive or removable disk. You can download it from here.

That’s all!

How To Make And Use A Grindstone In Minecraft

The use of enchantments in Minecraft is pretty much the best thing for upgrading your gear in-game. Until it isn’t. Thanks to the rigidity of the game’s mechanics, you can’t put anything better on your gear once you have used one enchantment on it. This leaves players in a tricky situation when they find better enchantments but have no non-enchanted gear to use it on. If you have been in that situation, you just need to learn how to make and use a grindstone in Minecraft to solve this problem. And well, that’s not all. This multi-purpose utility block can do a variety of things for you and your gear. But let’s not jump ahead of ourselves and first discover how you can make a grindstone in Minecraft.

Make a Grindstone in Minecraft (2024)

Grindstone is a unique functional block that can help you repair equipment and disenchant them as well. It also doubles as a job site block for villagers with jobs in Minecraft. Let’s understand how to obtain and use the grindstone in Minecraft Java and Bedrock.

Why Do You Need a Grindstone in Minecraft?

Grindstone is a powerful block that allows you to repair your tools and equipment. This block does so by combining two items of the same material and adding up their overall durability. While doing so, grindstone also adds bonus durability to the repaired item, which varies according to the material the item is made up of. You can find a detailed table of all item durability bonuses on Minecraft Wiki.

In addition to repairing, the grindstone block also allows you to disenchant enchanted items by combining them with other enchanted or non-enchanted items. Though, a grindstone can’t remove curses in Minecraft, including the Curse of Vanishing and the Curse of Binding. However, if you wish to learn how to remove enchantments in Minecraft, refer to our dedicated article on this topic.

Grindstone As a Job Site Block Materials Required to Make a Grindstone

To craft a grindstone in Minecraft, you only require three items. The main ingredients for the crafting recipe of a grindstone are:

2 Sticks

2 Planks (any wood)

1 Stone Slab

You can get four wooden planks by placing a wooden log anywhere on your crafting table in Minecraft. We just need two planks to make a grindstone. Meanwhile, you can place the other two planks vertically next to each other in the crafting area to get two sticks. Now, all that’s left to learn is how to make stone slabs.

How to Get a Stone Slab

Follow the steps below to get cobblestone blocks, which you can smelt to make a stone slab in Minecraft. Here’s how the process goes:

1. First, collect 3 cobblestone blocks in Minecraft by breaking them with a wooden pickaxe.

3. Finally, use a stonecutter or place the three stone blocks in the bottommost cells of the crafting area to turn them into stone slabs. We only need one stone slab to make a grindstone in Minecraft.

How to Make a Grindstone in Minecraft

After collecting the ingredients, you need to combine them on the crafting table to make a grindstone in Minecraft.

To do so, you first need to place the sticks in the corner slots to the top row of the crafting area and then place a plank beneath each stick in the second row. These planks don’t have to be of the same type of wood. Finally, place the stone slab in the middle cell of the top row to finish the recipe.

Once the grindstone is ready, you have to place it on a solid block to use it. We recommend you do so inside a village, so that you can also get a weaponsmith villager without any effort.

How to Use a Grindstone in Minecraft

A grindstone in Minecraft features two input slots where you can put items to combine them to get additional durability and remove enchantments.

You can’t use it to combine two non-identical items (like a pickaxe and a sword) and neither can you use it to combine items made of different materials (like a diamond sword and a wooden sword).

Other than combining the durability of placed items, the grindstone also provides bonus durability depending upon the material of the items.

Lastly, even though you have to place two items on the grindstone to make it work, the final result is always a single item.

Unlike most utility blocks, the grindstone has more than one function and they depend upon the combination of items put into it. Let’s understand this concept with a few use cases.

Enchanted Item + Enchanted Item

If you place two enchanted items in a grindstone in Minecraft, the result will always be a non-enchanted item. Depending upon the number and level of enchantments, you also get some experience alongside the output item. Not to forget, you don’t get any experience if the enchantments on your items are curses as they can’t be removed with a grindstone.

Enchanted Item + Non-Enchanted Item

If you combine an enchanted item with a non-enchanted item on the grindstone, the output will be again a non-enchanted item. However, if the enchanted item had a curse on it, it will automatically get applied to the output item. The resulting item will still have the curse, and you will have an enchanted item at your disposal.

In either case, you will get some experience based on the number and level of enchantments on the item. And the output will have the combined durability of the two items.

Non-Enchanted Item + Non-Enchanted Item Use Grindstone in Minecraft to Repair Your Gear

Update the detailed information about How To Use A Usb Drive To Logon In Windows on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!