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It gives you immense pleasure at any age to read Comics. Nowadays, we are blessed with a huge range of super-entertaining webcomics with innovative and creativity level!

One convenient feature is that they are easily accessible on your device you have great options to find one according to your choice and preferences.

Through this article, let us explore some feasible comic viewer windows. 

The programs are created to support the comic book file formats like – CBR, CBZ or CB7.

You have several options like: Icecream Ebook Reader, Amazon Best Sellers, Mangameeya Comic Reader or Comixology and many other to choose from. 

If you read comic occasionally, and thinking how to read comics on pc for free ,Icecream eBook Reader is probably the best choice for you. The app is introduced with some useful features that allow you to manage your library of comic books in a much better manner.

The tools support night mode and are perfect for you to often read in low light. You are provided with other reading features including single and double-page support, page navigation, full-screen reading, zoom or even continue from where you left off!

One of the most interesting features is if you are reading a comic book that is not your mother tongue, you can easily select the text, copy it, and translate it.

This is a particularly good option to read comics online. Most of the first issues are free here and you are provided with several options to buy a series according to your choice of style and genre.

But one drawback is there that Marvel and DC are unavailable in the list of publishers. From the available filters in the search menu, you can browse genres, publishers, formats, or prices.

The comics that are not free, are accessible on a pay-what-you-want basis.

Manga is Japanese comics and MangaMeeya is specially designed for manga. This is a solid comic book reader and being a portable tool and no installation is required.

Even though MMCE has been designed to display manga, you are allowed to open all types of comics here.  It supports various image formats with CBR, CBZ, ZIP, and RAR archives.

MangaMeeya has three comic display modes, a slideshow mode, filters, and aspect ratio configuration. It supports page-flipping animation effects. MMCE is much stable being a lightweight application consisting of minimum system requirements.

But the drawback is MangaMeeya lacks library management options.

Whenever you re wondering how to read comics on pc for free, choose ComiXology. It is an online comic shop, perhaps one of the best apps for digital comics. A vast, frequently updated collection of free issues are available here.

You can choose from giant publishers like Marvel, Dark Horse, and some other variations of independent releases, from smaller publishers. Sometimes, you may have to pay for the rest of your preferred series. 

You will be surprised to note that a large amount of comic books is free on Amazon if you know where to look for. Comics and Graphic Novels Best Sellers list is a good place to start.

You may choose from Top 100 Free to see the most popular free titles feasible for download.

You may also filter the list by genre on the left of the screen. This list is updated hourly, so we recommend checking back regularly for the latest updates.

Adobe Digital Editions is one of the early adopters of ePub format. It is the most popular eBook format today along with PDF and Kindle Adobe Digital Editions.

With the help of this edition, you can create filtered grouping and custom bookshelves based on publisher or author.

ComicRack is a good bet if you are looking for comic viewer windows. It is one of the most highly-rated software packages for opening digital comics that includes a full-screen mode.

You are provided with various zoom modes, multiple view formats, database management options, and many more options. Besides, it supports a variety of formats such as PDF, CBR, RAR, TAR, ZIP, CBT, etc.

It is freeware so, you are allowed to add to Windows, iOS, and Android platforms from this website page. Here, you are enabled to open multiple comics in the same window.

The MComix comic book updates itself on regular basis and is open-source software that is compatible with both –  Linux and Windows.

This comic viewer window’s a portable program you can run from USB sticks and the developers have designed MComix to open both Western and manga comics in various archive formats such as CBZ, CBR, CBT, PDF, ZIP, and RAR.

Comox also supports JPEG, PNG, and GIF image file formats. To your surprise, its UI layout displays comic page thumbnails that runs down the left of the window, with a large pane on the right, has the current page also.

You are also allowed to reconfigure the UI by adjusting thumbnail scales, removing toolbars, or even select background colors and may get multiple comic views like double-page, fit image to a window, or manual zoom modes.

Comic Seer, a multiplatform software comes with extensive options and is freely available for Windows and Linux.  It has an effective UI design and users can open CBZ, CBR, RAR, and ZIP graphical novel file formats.

You will be surprised to note that with this feature, you can open seven comics in one window. You can freely rotate, zoom, double- or single-page display and Browse mode options.

Comic Seer also provides you a library management panel to set up and organize comic books according to your choice and preferences.

This comic viewer window preserves as much window space for the comic display as possible with minimal toolbar options.

Here you are! I hope by now you are able to find out a comic viewer window of your taste and preference from the article.

For any such related ideas or suggestions feel free to contact us in the section provided below.

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Free Pdf To Word Converters For Windows Pc

PDF to Word is one of the most frequently used search terms concerning PDFs; the reason is; that everybody wants to edit a PDF in a familiar format, and it is complicated to edit on a PDF. When people try to make changes in PDF files, they typically respond in two ways: they will look for a program that will allow them to edit the document directly, or they will attempt to convert the PDF to another file. There are simple online solutions if PDF editors don’t suit your needs. This article will cover the most popular and easy PDF-to-Word converters available online for free.

Free PDF to Word Converters For Windows PC

Here is the list of some of the best PDF to Word Converters For Windows PC. Since these are free services, you might face a limit on the PDF size. Hence it is recommended to use it for small files.

Adobe website

Microsoft Word

PDF to Doc


Small PDF

Try each to find out what works best for you, then choose one. Some tools may offer better formatting, while others may offer a larger file size.

1] Adobe website

Adobe Acrobat online converter is a quick and simple tool to convert a PDF file into a Word document. Drag and drop your PDF, and your Word document should be ready for download. Acrobat quickly converts PDF files to DOCX file format while keeping the format of the original documents. You can check out their PDF to Word converter in any web browser.

To convert a PDF file into a Microsoft Word document, follow these simple steps:

Drag the PDF into the drop point or select a file.

Choose the PDF that you wish to convert to a DOCX file.

Observe as Acrobat immediately converts the File from a PDF to a Word document.

Download the Word document after conversion.

2] Microsoft Word

Microsoft has a free PDF conversion feature that lets you save your documents in PDF format. So, you can open a PDF in Word to make the necessary edits required for your document. PDFs that are primarily text-based work best for this. Word won’t format PDFs of book chapters or documents that appear to be copies of manuscripts. Check out the following steps to edit PDF in Word.

Open Word and select Open on the left pane.

Find the PDF file you want to edit and press Open. Press OK to change your File into a Word document.

In the converted document, some details may change—for example, line breaks or page breaks.

3] PDF to Doc

PDF to DOC converter enables you to save a PDF file as an editable document in Microsoft Word DOC format. It ensures better quality when compared to other tools. Both college students and professionals can easily use to tool to make edits. The following steps will guide you on uploading and converting a PDF to a Word document.

As given in the image, go to the UPLOAD FILES button.

You can select up to 20 PDF files you want to convert and wait for the conversion process to get over.

Download the outputs, one File at a time or all of them simultaneously in a ZIP file by using the DOWNLOAD ALL option.

4] Zamzar

Zamzar is another converter that can easily convert images or documents. Using Zamzar, it is possible to convert PDF files to a variety of other formats: PDF to BMP (Windows bitmap), PDF to CSV (Comma Separated Values), PDF to DWG (AutoCAD Drawing Database), etc. One of the methods listed below makes it simple to convert your files:

By using the converting tool found on their homepage.

By using their desktop application.

By utilizing their email conversions service.

Follow the steps below to convert the file using Zamzar:

In the second step, choose a format from the drop-down menu, i.e., WORD

Select Convert Now, which is Step 3.

Once your file has been converted, you can download it from our website. You can optionally give an email address in Step 3 if you prefer to get a link to your converted file.

5] Small PDF

Follow these steps given below to convert your files into Small PDFs.

Your PDF file will be converted into a Word doc and ready for editing.

Check out the online converter.

Thus, you can visit any website mentioned in the article, and that should get the job done.

How to Add a PDF to your Office file?

Insert a PDF file as an object to add it to your Word document. By doing this, the PDF effectively merges with the Word document. It implies that unless you link to the source PDF file, any changes you make to the source PDF file won’t be reflected in the embedded file in the Word document.

What are the restrictions of any PDF to Word Converter?

As a result of things being virtually printed onto a blank piece of paper to create PDF files, maintaining the original formatting of your PDF is a very challenging issue after converting it into a Word doc. There are no guidelines on where objects are placed on the page compared to most other file formats (such as papers, presentations, etc.)—because of this, converting PDFs to other file formats is quite challenging.

Best Free Children’s Games For Windows Pc

Microsoft has come a long way since its Math Zone Days, and the children’s games it offers now are terrifically competent and exciting. Especially since children are now skilled enough with the Internet and can find games to their liking, it has been essential for Microsoft to up its game, and that’s exactly what it has done. As the games can be played in an app format and kids can access it on phones, it also proves to be a good replacement for the TV and video games. From IQ games to preschool games to dress up, children’s games are undergoing a whole new range of new updates. Let’s have a look at some of the free children’s games on the Microsoft Store.

Free Children’s Games for Windows 11/10

Here are some of the best free Children’s Games for Windows 10 available at the Microsoft Store. Some preschool apps, some educational but mostly all fun for kids!

1] Hexagon Puzzle

The most comprehensive and educational puzzle of all, this game is incredible for flexing a child’s reflexes and color senses. It is very responsive, and it takes little time to understand the game’s rules. Kids can even figure it out by playing it themselves. This game makes score-keeping a fun activity. It’s also a multiplayer game and kids can actually play it with their friends. Find more about Hexagon Puzzle here.

2] Cooking for Kids

A fun, colorful activity game, which is also educational, Cooking for Kids is something that makes the children smarter in the simple things, which they also use and consume. For instance, ice cream or sandwich. The game teaches them how ice cream or burgers are actually made, and what goes into their making. Since it’s a very exciting do-it-yourself game, children find it fascinating. They can basically make their own burger or ice cream and play with the ingredients. This gives them a good grasp of their daily foods as well. Check out details about Cooking For Kids here.

3] Farm animals coloring: learning games for children

The most useful coloring exercise there is – Farm Animals Coloring is a very easy DIY activity game and replaces the good old coloring book. Best suited for kindergarteners or preschoolers, this game lets the children color in animals and parents can even share their kid’s work. Learn more about Farm animals coloring: learning games for children here.

4] Dress Up Pretty Dancer

Another activity game which can replace video games as a pass time. This app lets children dress up several characters, anyway they please. The app also lets kids develop their senses of color and what goes where. It’s better than a preschool salon game as it is more comprehensive and has incredible detailing. Learn more about Dress Up Pretty Dancer here.

5] Talking John Dog & Soundboard

One of the best free games available for children, Talking John Dog, is an incredible interactive game. It basically involves a talking dog who does things his own way. The game includes 3D graphics and very good animations. The game has several features and is perfect for children who love playing animal-based games. It might also be useful to let your child play this game before you welcome a pet into your family. Learn more about Talking John Dog here.

6] GS Preschool Games

The perfect preschooler’s game, this game is a complete experience as it has multiple features. From math games to coordination games to memory and matching, this game alone can be a multitasker in developing your child’s acumen. This game is also exceptionally well conceptualized and a fun pastime game. Find more details about GS Preschool Games here.

7] Happy Bear Supermarket

The most exciting scavenger hunt game for children, the supermarket game is incredible. This also works like a coloring game or a DIY cooking game, as children have to find out different items from the supermarket. Kids are basically required to locate hidden items. This game also teaches children what it takes to be a good supermarket employee and handle customers, keep vegetables clean, etc. Learn more about Happy Bear Supermarket here.

8] Zumas Royale – Marble Blast

One of the most exciting marble shooter game, Zumas has multiple levels and stunning graphics. The game teaches kids the importance of speed and time management and even figuring out maps. It is very easy to catch up to, and is almost addictive and is a terrific game for children between 6-8. Learn more about Zumas Royale here.

9] Desserts for Kids

A dessert game for children can hardly go wrong. This free game lets kids make their own kind of dessert. It is almost like cooking for kids and is a perfect kindergarteners game. It basically teaches kids how desserts are made and lets them have fun while making it, as they can experiment with ingredients. Children can make their own donuts, cupcakes, and pastries and can play with toppings and frosting, etc. Find out more about Desserts for Kids here.

10] Beauty Girl Salon

Another fun way to keep the kids bust and develop their color senses and tastes. This dress up game is amazingly detailed and almost addictive. It basically requires the user to dress up a character in a salon, so kids can choose her dresses, her makeup and even experiment with backgrounds. Parents can even share their children’s work after they are done dressing up the character. Find more about Beauty Girl Salon here.

Let us know if you have any suggestions to make!

Avast Free Antivirus For Windows Pc Review

Avast Free AntiVirus has been updated to support Windows 11/10 and is now available as a free download. Although Windows Defender is capable of providing good protection as the first line of defense against malware and other unwanted software, many prefer to use free 3rd-party antivirus software which offers a better set of features. Avast Free Antivirus is one such program that offers all the essential security you require to protect your PC from hackers and thieves.

Avast Free AntiVirus for Windows PC

The latest version Avast Antivirus Free now supports Windows 11/10, apart from earlier versions of Windows, and gives you access to useful features while retaining the same interface as its predecessor.

Once downloaded, you may choose the Express install or the Custom installation. I recommend the latter as it will allow you to select or deselect the features you don’t want to be installed on your computer.

The freeware still has the customizable home page, as well as the side menu to access the program’s features with one change – it includes the Smart Scan feature, which combines all the essential scans into one single unified scan.

Besides this, in the latest version the protection capability has not just been extended to devices, but network devices and routers too which you have installed for accessing Internet services. Its Home Network Security module will scan your home network for weak spots.

Moreover, the added utilities to the existing set of security tools include:

Browser cleanup

The option is powered to clean your browser’s toolbar for any add-on that comes bundled with other apps you may have installed. So, for a quick clean up you can use the new feature available in the Avast 2024 version. This toolbar remover is great for removing unwanted toolbars and other plugins.

The features available for cleaning up your browsers are,

VPN Secure Line

VPN service


The above 3 features allow you to browse securely and privately online and make purchases with no risks involved.

Remote Assistant

From now on you don’t have to install any third-party application to help your relatives or perhaps your friends. You can do this directly from the Avast Antivirus if the other person uses the same version of the antivirus.

The Software Updater pre-empts potential exploitation of vulnerabilities in outdated applications by checking up your installed software and offering to update them to their latest secure, stable versions if any updates are found.

I particularly find File Shredder feature of potent use since it removes a file completely if it is found to be corrupt or infected.

Apart from this, in the paid version, you can find Anti-Fraud and Hijack protection that provides Fraud and Hijack protection while doing any internet transaction, as outlined above and Anti-Spam which offers protection against any spam over the internet and emails.

The important features that are included in Avast Free Antivirus are,

Passwords manage your passwords and syncs data across your devices. The new tool checks your password security, stores passwords securely, and includes browser extensions for easier login and form filling. Additionally, it offers a password generator.

SafeZone Browser replaces the old SafeZone to protect your online shopping and banking. Pay mode isolates your browser session and protects you from potential keyloggers or spyware. Shielded windows offer a safe space to visit untrusted websites.

The user interface has been revamped with more space for content and easier control.

Feedback can be given directly via the user interface to report bugs, request features, or offer other suggestions more easily.

Avast Free Antivirus offline installer free download

The web installer of Avast Antivirus Free may ask you to install Google Chrome and Google toolbar for your Chrome browser if it is set as your default browser. Simply uncheck those options during Avast installation if you do not want it to be installed. Alternatively, if you wish, you can download the 151 MB offline installer from here.

Is Apowermirror Safe? Download Free App For Pc

Our Review Pros Can help you mirror Android and iPhone screens to your PC You can control your PC with your mobile or vice-versa Easy transfer of files and multimedia content Record content from connected devices easily Cons Some differences between iPhone and Android users (for the same app) Is ApowerMirror free?

The good news about ApowerMirror is that it offers you a free version. Well, technically it’s a demo since most of its functionality is disabled, but you can still use it. Therefore, you can download and use it on your PC/mobile device before deciding if you want to pay for extra features.

How to install ApowerMirror PC app

Now come installation. Deploying ApowerMirror on your PC is a walk in the park. Granted you’ve already downloaded the installer, launch it, define the destination path, accept the EULA, and hit “Install.” That’ it, no extra steps, no needless configuration steps.

However, note that you also need to install it on a mobile device. The mobile setup process is different depending on the device you’re installing it on. However, it’s pretty much the same: visiting a store page and tapping a couple of buttons.

Sleek, user-friendly interface

You’ll notice that ApowerMirror not only comes with a stylish smartphone-like interface, but it also comprises intuitive features. Most of the app’s control are easy to figure out, even without prior PC operating experience.

The icons displayed in the side menu are rather self-explanatory. However, if you have any doubts regarding each feature’s usability, just hover your mouse cursor over it. ApowerMirror will display a tooltip with a brief presentation of the tool you’re interested in.

How to use ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror provides you with two ways of mirroring your screen. You could either connect your mobile device to your PC via USB cable or via Wi-Fi. The latter requires you to bring both devices on the same wireless network. Using a USB cable is generally less complicated and offers greater speeds.

Long story short, you can either see on your PC what happens on your phone or the other way around.

ApowerMirror remote control

Additionally, ApowerMirror doesn’t just let you perform screen mirroring. You can also use it to control your connected devices remotely or perform file transfers. One particular feature that we found interesting is that you can use your smartphone as a power-point remote control.

Furthermore, if you need to perform screen recordings, that’s also possible. Just make sure you use the appropriate option from the side menu. If you want to control your other device from the one you’re currently using, you also need to use the side menu.

Plenty of configuration options

For instance, you can set ApowerMirror to run at startup, prompt you with a warning when closing its window, start mirroring automatically when you connect a device, enable call/message notifications, adjust the resolution, choose your favorite screenshot and video formats, define the output directory, or enable hard coding usage for performance improvement.

FAQ: learn more about ApowerMirror

What is ApowerMirror?

ApowerMirror is a program that you can use to mirror your Android or iOS devices’ screen on your PC. It also works in reverse, meaning that you can see your PC screen from your mobile device. You can use this tool to stream videos or photos from your phone to a larger screen, but it has additional functions, as well.

Can I use ApowerMirror on my TV?

Yes, you can use this tool on your TV, but only if it’s an Android or Apple TV. After you install the app on your TV, locate the PIN code shown on your TV, type it in your mobile app, and you’re set.

Can I stream the audio from my iPhone/Android to my TV?

You can stream audio to your TV if you use a DLNA streaming app. However, if you use ApowerMirror to mirror your screen directly to your TV, you can only stream audio if you have an iPhone. Android users can’t stream audio straight to the TV using the screen mirroring feature.

How To Record Your Screen On A Mac For Free

Recording your screen on a Mac used to be a real trial, but it’s now a straightforward process. In fact, there’s a native solution to record the screen on your Mac with high-quality video to boot. For this post, we show you how to record the screen on your Mac using the built-in tools and a few choice third-party ones.

Using the Native Screenshot App to Record Your Screen on a Mac

For the unaware, the native Screenshot app can also record your screen. You can find it using the keyboard shortcut or open Screenshot through Spotlight or your usual preferred method for opening apps.

Press Command + Shift + 5 to open Screenshot. It will display as a floating toolbar at the bottom of your screen.

There are two options to record your screen: record the entire screen

or a selected portion of your screen.

Your recording will start. Note that there will be no sound in your video by default.

When you finish the recording, press the Stop button in the menu bar (or Touch Bar, if you have one). The toolbar may disappear for you. If this happens, use the Command + Shift + 5 shortcut to bring it back up.

This will reveal a preview pane with an icon to trim the video.

The Screenshot Options Menu

The following are notable screen recording options:

While there aren’t many options to wade into, there’s enough here to make functional recordings. However, there are other solutions – also free – that give you more flexibility.

Using QuickTime Player to Record the Screen on Your Mac

For Mac users, QuickTime Player is a stalwart for the whole macOS experience. It’s a functional way to view all sorts of media. In this case, we can use it to capture the screen.

However, once you open this, you’ll notice the layout is familiar. This is because the Screenshot app and the QuickTime Player’s capture algorithm are one and the same. As such, the process to record your screen is as we outlined in the last section.

It’s worth noting that once you finish the recording, the resultant video shows as a QuickTime file.

Using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to Record the Screen on Your Mac

Those who stream will know OBS – it’s a fantastic, open-source way to capture your screen on Mac. The software is complex, but capturing the screen can be straightforward.

Open OBS and look to the Sources section at the bottom of the window.

Once you choose this, name your recording, then decide whether you want to view your screen during the recording. In most cases, you won’t.

Using VLC Media Player to Record the Screen on Your Mac

The VLC Media Player is an open-source solution. We have previously shown how to use VLC as a video editor. By extension, this app can also record the screen on your Mac.

This will display the “Open Source” screen, specifically the “Capture” tab:

From the drop-down at the top, change “Input Sources” to “Screen.”

This gives you a few setup options, with the most important being the choice of screen and the Frames Per Second (FPS). You can also toggle audio for your video recording.

Check the “Stream output” box, then move into the Settings screen.

As covered in our article on using VLC as a video editor, you can use a wide range of options to edit your screen recording. However, the Transform option is on by default. To turn this off, follow the instructions below.

Head to the Geometry tab and uncheck the “Transform” setting.

From here, view your video – it will look as intended.

Four Third-Party Screenshot Apps to Help You Record the Screen on Your Mac

If you want a little more out of your screen recordings, there are a few apps available. We are highlighting four we think will do the job well.

1. CleanShot X

CleanShot X is a fantastic premium app for capturing the screen with images or video.

You can choose to record the screen from the toolbar menu.

This will bring up a full screen menu to help you set things up as you’d like.

The app is $29 for a one-time payment, and for this price, it’s a steal. There’s also an option to use cloud storage to host your captures, starting at $8 per month.

2. Screenflow

Screenflow is a true professional-level video capture tool. At $228, it’s a pricey app. However, you’re getting a lot of features for those dollars, and there’s a free trial to give it a whirl.

The app includes a full video editor, including titles, transitions, animations, multi-channel audio, and more. With the built-in stock library and streamlined media management, you can create highly produced videos from your desktop.

If you need high production value screen recordings and don’t want to mess around with a separate editor, ScreenFlow will cover almost all of your needs.

3. Snagit

Snagit marries power and ease of use in a friendly, practical interface that’s easy to use and navigate. It comes with a price tag of around $50 but is inexpensive compared to other applications, and there’s a free trial available to take the app for a test drive.

Snagit’s editing tools are way more powerful than Screenshot, with an actual timeline and a wealth of editing tools. You can also record audio from your system output or your external microphone.

Snagit is ideal for any kind of tutorial or instructional video or capturing streaming video playback for archival or distribution. Its balanced cost and performance makes it a reliable favorite for anyone who writes instructional content.

4. GIPHY Capture

For very simple jobs, you could consider using GIPHY Capture. While the name makes it clear that it’s a GIF-making app, it can also record video.

The app’s simplicity makes it uniquely useful. It won’t capture any audio, and output options only include GIF, MP4, and animated JPEG. The editing tools are extremely simple but functional enough, with basic trim controls and options for superimposed title cards.

If you only need a few seconds of video, GIPHY Capture may give you what you need. That it’s free means you have nothing to lose!

How to Record Your Screen With Sound

A few of the apps on this list will let you also record sound along with your video. In many cases, the functionality is rudimentary, but it’s fit for everyone.

Here, you’ll check the “Capture Audio” box, then select your device from the drop-down menu.

CleanShot X also offers surprising flexibility, allowing you to record with a microphone and your computer’s audio independently from one another. Once you choose to record your screen, you’ll select the correct options from the menu overlay in the middle of the screen.

The computer audio recording requires a driver that the app will administrate, and the results are solid. This is another reason why CleanShot X is such a great tool, as is Snagit, which offers the same functionality.

Of course, Screenflow and OBS also provide you with the functionality to record audio, albeit on a grander scale. OBS gives you two Sources: Audio Input Capture and Audio Output Capture:

This provides you track selection, whether your microphone records in mono or stereo, and some basic audio monitoring options for specific use cases, among other settings.


For most users, the native macOS Screenshot tool will provide almost everything you need to record the screen on your Mac. Because there are so many free options, you’ll have many other solutions at your disposal. However, you may also have the need for a premium solution, especially if you have a professional need to record the screen, such as streaming.

If you’re looking for the best live game streaming platform, we have a great article on the subject. Also check out our review of Video Proc Vlogger, easy and free video editing software.

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