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The only problem with GIFs is that not all of the social networks support this format and allow you to easily use GIFs on their site. In this article, you’ll learn how to post a GIF on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter and will never have to Google it again. 

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How to Post a GIF on Facebook

Before you post your GIF anywhere, you’ll need to create it. There are multiple ways to create a GIF. You can use Photoshop to create a GIF out of images or videos. If you’re not an experienced Photoshop user, you can use one of the online GIF makers instead. Some of the most popular options are GIPHY and Make a GIF. 

After you’ve created and downloaded the GIF on your device, you can post it on Facebook. To post a GIF on your Facebook timeline as a status update, follow the steps below.

Open Facebook and log into your account.

Select to Create post. 

    Under Add to your post select Photo/Video. 

      Find your GIF and select Open. 

      The GIF will then appear as an attachment to your post. Select Post to upload it on Facebook. 

      You can then browse the gallery or use the Search bar to find the GIF that you need. You’ll find the same GIF gallery in Facebook Messenger chat when you want to send a GIF to someone on Facebook as a message. 

      How to Post a GIF on Instagram

      Unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t make it easy to post GIFs. The network doesn’t support the GIF format, and when you try to upload it to Instagram, it appears as a still image.

      However, it’s not impossible. You can upload a GIF as an Instagram Story, as well as a normal post on your feed. You can do all of that using the app called GIPHY. First, download and install it on your smartphone. To upload a GIF on Instagram using GIPHY follow the steps below.

      Open GIPHY. Log into your account or create a new one.

        Giphy has its own GIF gallery that you can use to find a GIF that you want to post. To make a custom GIF and post it on Instagram, select Create. 

          Select a GIF that you previously created from your device’s gallery or choose a video that you want to turn into a GIF. 

          On the Upload Your GIF page, select Share GIF. 

            Select the Instagram icon to post your GIF on Instagram. Select to either share it on your Feed or Stories. 

            GIPHY will then redirect you to Instagram where you can upload your GIF. You can use the same method to upload GIFs that you create in GIPHY on Facebook or Snapchat. 

            How to Post a GIF on Reddit

            Open Reddit and log into your account.

            Select Create Post. 

              Under Choose a community select the community page where you want to post your GIF. 

                Select Images & Video. Drag and drop your GIF, or select Upload to open it.

                Go back to the Post tab, fill in Title and Text (optional). 

                  When you’re happy with the contents of your post, select Post.

                  The GIF will then appear on the community page as a normal post on Reddit.

                  How to Post a GIF on Twitter

                  Open Twitter and log into your account.

                  Under What’s happening select GIF to choose a GIF from Twitter’s gallery. You can browse GIFs according to popular search results or use the Search bar to find the GIF you want to post. 

                    If you want to post a custom GIF that you created, select Media. 

                    Find your GIF and select Open.

                    The GIF will then appear as an attachment to your post. Select Tweet to upload it on Twitter. 

                    If you want to use a GIF to reply to someone’s Tweet, follow the steps below.

                    Open Twitter and find the Tweet that you want to reply to.

                    Select Reply under the Tweet. 

                    Select GIF to choose a GIF from Twitter’s gallery, or select Media to upload your own. 

                    The GIF will then appear as a reply to the selected Tweet. 

                    How to Post a GIF on Any Site

                    GIFs are great when you want to express yourself quickly without having to type out long messages or replies. If you’re trying to post a GIF on a site or platform that doesn’t support the format and the methods we mentioned don’t work, you can convert the GIF back into a video and upload it online.

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                    How To Share A Reel To Your Story (Instagram And Facebook)

                    Bonus: Claim your pack of free animated Instagram Reels templates created by Hootsuite’s professional designers. Easily customize them in Canva, and take your Reels game to the next level today.

                    Can you share a Reel to your Story?

                    Yes! You can share your own, or someone else’s, Instagram Reel to your Story directly from the Instagram app. You can also schedule Reels to your Story to post later using some additional tools.

                    How to share a Reel to Instagram Stories Sharing your own Reel to Instagram Stories Step 1: Choose a Reel

                    In the Instagram app, scroll to find the Reel you want to share to your Story.

                    Step 2: Tap the share button

                    It’s the paper airplane icon. To start creating a Story with this Reel right now, tap Add reel to your Story.

                    You can also copy the Reel’s link from here to schedule it for later in Hootsuite. I’ll cover how to do that in a bit.

                    Step 3: Create your Instagram Story

                    You can also add anything else you want to your Story like usual, including text, GIFs, Instagram stickers, and more.

                    Step 4: Share your Story

                    After you’re done, share it by tapping Your Story at the bottom.

                    Sharing someone else’s Reel to Instagram Stories Step 1: Tap the share icon underneath a Reel

                    If you’re scrolling the Instagram feed, the share button is underneath the Reel video. If you’re watching full-screen, it’s on the right side.

                    Source: Instagram

                    Step 2: Create your Instagram Story

                    Important: Always credit the original creator when sharing someone else’s Reel. Their username will appear at the bottom of the frame, but it’s quite small and depending on your background color, may be illegible.

                    Show your respect by playing it safe and tagging their username in either a link sticker or text. Bonus: They’ll get an Instagram notification from you and may re-share your Story on their account, too.

                    Step 3: Share your Story

                    Tap Your Story or Close Friends to post it.

                    Okay, but want to post it later? There are a few ways to schedule Reels with Hootsuite.

                    Scheduling a Reel to Instagram Stories

                    First, grab your free 30-day Hootsuite trial. Done?

                    Step 1: Download the Reel

                    To get the Reel video, tap the share icon and then Copy link. Paste that link into an Instagram Reels downloader app, then save the video file to your phone.

                    Step 2: Create your Story

                    Create a new Instagram Story post in Hootsuite.

                    Head to your Hootsuite dashboard and select

                    Create → Post

                    from the left-hand side menu. 

                    In the Composer window, select the account you want to post your Story to.

                    In the Content section, switch to the Story editor.

                    Videos must be between 1 second and 60 minutes long. Both have a recommended aspect ratio of 9:16. You can only add one Reel per Story. 

                    Note: If you want to add text or stickers to the Reel, make sure they’re part of your image or video file. Text included in the caption field of Composer will not be included in your Story. (But no sweat — you can easily edit the video file using Canva without leaving your Hootsuite dashboard.)

                    Step 3: Schedule your Instagram Story

                    You can now view, edit, or delete your scheduled Story in your Hootsuite calendar. 

                    Start your free 30-day trial

                    Scheduling Instagram Reels keeps your content calendar consistent, friends.

                    Bonus: How to share a FULL Reel to Instagram Stories

                    Thankfully, there’s an easy way around this:

                    The trick is simple. If you want to share more than the first 15 seconds of a Reel to your Stories, download the Reel and upload it to Stories from your camera roll. Don’t forget to credit the original creator!

                    Individually sharing your own Reel to Facebook Stories Step 1: Copy the link to the Reel you want to share

                    Tap the share icon on the Reel, then Copy link.

                    Step 2: Download the Reel

                    Here’s the how to download a Reel post again so you don’t have to scroll up.

                    Step 3: Post your Facebook Story

                    Open Facebook and create a new Story with the video you just saved. Remember to credit the original creator and tag them in your Story.

                    Automatically sharing your own Reel to Facebook Stories

                    Yes, there’s a much easier way to share Reels to Facebook Stories: Automatically!

                    You only have to set up Instagram to Facebook Story automatic sharing once. Then all your future Stories, including Reels you share, will appear on Facebook, too.

                    Step 1: Link your Instagram and Facebook accounts

                    To enable automatic sharing, connect your Instagram account to your Facebook profile or Page. Learn the various ways to do this depending which type of account you have.

                    Step 2: In the Instagram app, go to Settings

                    Tap the menu icon at the top right, then Settings.

                    Step 3: Go to Meta Accounts Center

                    Scroll down to the bottom and tap on the blue Accounts Center link. Then, tap Sharing across profiles.

                    Step 4: Turn on automatic Instagram Story sharing

                    Toggle the Instagram Story option on, and from now on your Instagram Stories will automatically show up on your Facebook Page, too.

                    You can choose to share only your Story, posts, or Reels to Facebook, or enable all three. I recommend auto-sharing all three for maximum visibility.

                    Sharing someone else’s Reel to Facebook Stories

                    The process is the same as sharing your own Reel as a Facebook Story:

                    Step 1: Tap the share icon, then copy link

                    Step 2: Download the Reel video

                    Step 3: Upload it as a new Facebook Story (with a credit tag to the original creator!)

                    Setting up automatic Instagram to Facebook Story sharing is the easiest way, though, whether you’re sharing your own content or someone else’s.

                    Manage all your social marketing effortlessly with Hootsuite. Plan, curate, and schedule Instagram Stories — plus all your other social media content — in one streamlined dashboard, complete with a unified Inbox to tackle DMs, analytics, and much more. Try it free today.

                    Get Started

                    Save time and stress less with easy Reels scheduling and performance monitoring from Hootsuite. Trust us, it’s reely easy.

                    How To Create A Broadcast Channel On Instagram

                    Instagram offers a bunch of different ways to share pictures, videos, and thoughts on the platform. If you’re a creator on Instagram, you can share a post on your profile, create a story for the day, share short-form reels, and even go live with your followers. To help you establish a better bond with your audience, Instagram now provides creators with a new option called Broadcast channels which as the name aptly says lets you broadcast messages and other content to people who follow you. 

                    In this post, we’ll explain what Broadcast Channels are all about, how you can create one, and invite people to it. 

                    What are Broadcast Channels on Instagram

                    To offer creators a way to interact with their followers more conveniently, Instagram has added a new tool – Broadcast channels to its platform. The tool is designed to help creators reach their followers and form deeper connections with them by offering a one-to-many messaging service that will be available publicly for anyone who follows the creator. 

                    This way, creators can share their latest updates, event details, future collaborations, and behind-the-scenes moments with their followers via texts, photos, videos, and voice notes. Creators will also be able to create polls that others can vote on as feedback. 

                    Although broadcast channels are public and can be discovered by anyone on Instagram, only people who follow a creator can join their channel. Likewise, the content that’s shared on these broadcast channels will only be available to people who follow the creator and won’t be visible on their public profile.

                    When a broadcast channel is created, only the creator of the channel can send messages for their followers to see. Their followers cannot send messages inside this channel but can react to the content shared and vote on their polls.

                    If you follow a creator and they create a broadcast channel, you will receive a one-time notification when they send the first message inside it. From there, you will only receive future notifications when you join the channel. 

                    What do you need to create a Broadcast Channel

                    To use a Broadcast Channel on your account, you need to meet some requirements:

                    Broadcast Channels are only available in the US, for now. Support for other regions should arrive in the coming months. 

                    Broadcast Channels can only be created using the Instagram app on Android or iOS. It’s not available on the web version of Instagram. 

                    How to create a Broadcast Channel on Instagram

                    If you’ve met the aforementioned requirements, you can create a Broadcast Channel on Instagram directly from the Instagram app. To get started, open Instagram on your iPhone or Android device. 

                    Inside Instagram, tap on the Inbox icon at the top right corner. This icon will either be marked with an arrow sign or may resemble that of the Facebook Messenger logo.  

                    This will open the Direct Messages screen on your account. Here, tap on the compose icon (marked with a pencil sign surrounded by a square) at the top right corner. 

                    On the next screen, tap on Create broadcast channel. 

                    From here, you can enter the name of your broadcast channel, choose the audience type, and whether or not you want the channel to appear inside your profile. Once you’ve entered all the details, tap on Create broadcast channel at the bottom to proceed. 

                    When you’re inside the newly created channel, you can send text messages and share photos, videos, and voice notes with your followers on the channel. 

                    How to invite people to your Broadcast Channel

                    Once a broadcast channel is created, the next step is to invite people to join your channel. There are three ways to invite people to your broadcast channel – by sending the first message inside your channel, sharing channel invite links, and adding the channel to your Instagram Story. 

                    Method 1: Send first messages inside a broadcast channel 

                    When you create a broadcast channel on Instagram, it will be publicly accessible to anyone on Instagram but others wouldn’t know unless they view your public profile. The easiest way to invite your followers to join your channel is by sending your first message inside a broadcast channel. When you send this message, all of your followers will receive a one-time notification asking them to join your channel. 

                    To send a message inside your broadcast channel, open the Instagram app on iOS or Android. Inside Instagram, tap on the Inbox icon at the top right corner of the screen. 

                    When your Instagram DMs open, select Channels at the top of the screen. 

                    On the next screen, tap on the broadcast channel you just created. 

                    You’ll now arrive at the broadcast channel screen. Here, tap on the Messages box at the bottom and type your first message inside the channel. This announcement message will be visible to everyone who follows you as they’ll receive a notification about the channel for the very first time.

                    Once you’ve typed the welcome message, tap on Send at the bottom right corner. 

                    The message you created will be sent inside the broadcast channel. All of your followers will now receive a one-time notification to join your channel.

                    Method 2: Share channel link with others 

                    Another way you can invite people to your channel is by using the invite link available inside your broadcast channel. You can share the link that’s generated for your channel on your Instagram profile or other social media platforms to reach a wider audience. 

                    To share a link to your broadcast channel, open the Instagram app on iOS or Android. Inside Instagram, tap on the Inbox icon at the top right corner of the screen. 

                    You’ll now arrive at the broadcast channel screen. Here, scroll to the top of the channel and tap on Copy link. 

                    The link to your broadcast channel will now be copied onto your device clipboard and you can paste it and share it with people on other platforms. 

                    Method 3: Add channel to your Instagram Story

                    You can also invite people who view your public content on Instagram to your broadcast channel by sharing the channel to your Instagram story. For this, open the Instagram app on iOS or Android. Inside Instagram, tap on the Inbox icon at the top right corner of the screen. 

                    On the next screen, tap on the broadcast channel you just created. 

                    On the next screen, you’ll be able to add a background to your Instagram story alongside your broadcast channel invite which appears as a sticker on the screen.

                    When the story is ready to be shared, you can upload it by selecting Your story and then tapping on the right arrow icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. 

                    How to join someone’s broadcast channel

                    You can join someone’s broadcast channel from the notification you received when this person created the channel for the first time or by using the channel link they shared on their profile or story. If you follow the person whose channel you want to join, you will automatically receive a one-time notification with a Join channel button.

                    If you don’t follow the person whose broadcast channel you want to join, you can access their channel from the channel link they may have shared on their Instagram story, bio, or from their posts on other social media.

                    When you access the channel link on your phone, you will be taken to their broadcast channel. You can tap on Join broadcast channel at the bottom of the screen to access all the messages and media they’ve shared on the channel. 

                    When you become a part of someone’s broadcast channel, this channel will be visible alongside all of your existing messages and group chats on your Instagram inbox. 

                    How to delete a broadcast channel from Instagram

                    On the next screen, swipe leftwards on the broadcast channel you want to remove on the iPhone. On Android, tap and hold on the channel to get additional options.  

                    In the options that appear on the screen, tap on Delete. 

                    To confirm your action, tap on Delete in the prompt that appears. 

                    The broadcast channel will be removed from your account and will disappear from the inboxes of people who were part of your channel. 

                    That’s all you need to know about creating broadcast channels on Instagram. 

                    Images source: Instagram

                    Why Twitter, Facebook And Google Need To Be More Social

                    Google did something both inevitable and unexpected this week: They announced the integration of Google+ into Google Search.

                    That’s the inevitable part. They call the new feature Search plus Your World.

                    The unexpected part is that Google gives easy controls for turning off the social features. Two new buttons appear to the right of search results. One turns “Your World” on, and the other turns it off.

                    When I search for my own name on the new Google Search, the first result is a link to my Google+ profile.

                    (Note that the new social integration is available only to English-language users for now, and is still being rolled out. You may not have it yet.)

                    All four are captioned with “You.” The reason is that I’m logged in with my universal Google username and password, and I’ve been tagged in the pictures. Google knows who I am, and knows who’s in the pictures. It also knows who’s granted what permissions on Google+. And that’s what “Search plus Your World” does. It shows you what Google knows you have permission to see, and favors what Google believes are content sources you’re close to.

                    While the ill-informed may experience an emotional reaction at first upon seeing private pictures in a space where they’re used to seeing only public ones, and charge invasion of privacy, actually the opposite is true.

                    So while Google plus Your World makes it easy for me to see which pictures of me are being shared on Google+, it does not tell me which pictures of me are being shared on Facebook. That’s a much harder thing to figure out.

                    By surfacing pictures of your self after an ego search, it becomes clearer than ever exactly which pictures are public and which are private. Ignorance about what’s being shared doesn’t increase privacy.

                    Critics charge that Google’s new social search option gives preferential treatment to Google+ over social rivals Twitter and Facebook and represents an example of a complaint now being explored by the FTC. The complaint is that Google favors its own services in search results.

                    The loudest critic to date has been Twitter. The company issued an angry statement this week blasting Google for “Your World.”

                    Twitter wrote (in a post too long for Twitter, ironically): “We’re concerned that as a result of Google’s changes, finding this information will be much harder for everyone. We think that’s bad for people, publishers, news organizations and Twitter users.”

                    A prior agreement, which ended last year, enabled Google to offer Twitter results as Google’s “real-time search” feature.

                    Google says, in a nutshell, that Twitter social signals aren’t integrated as completely as Google+ data is because Twitter opted out. Twitter chose not to participate and actively blocks Google from integrating the information in Google Search results.

                    It’s unknowable how accurate Google’s position is.

                    That the two companies failed to agree on Twitter integration doesn’t mean Twitter was unreasonable in its negotiations. Maybe Google was unreasonable. This is a judgment call most of us aren’t in a position to make.

                    This is the under-appreciated controversy of this whole mess.

                    It’s not that Google is using the exclusive social signals of its own Google+ social network, and excluding others, as critics charge.

                    And it’s not that Twitter has decided to opt out of Google Search results, as Google claims.

                    The truth is that the companies failed to agree on the terms of a business deal that would have fully integrated Twitter into Search results.

                    How To Download Videos Online From Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Etc.

                    Watching videos online is a habit growing substantially these days. The world has seen an astonishing increase in the number of PC/Phone users watching videos online. However, sometimes you feel the need of downloading these videos for offline viewing. Now, downloading any video usually calls for a need of software but you also have numerous online video downloading tools available at your command. In this post, we will talk about a few websites that allow you to download videos online from various sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Netflix, Vimeo, etc., without the need of installing any software.

                    Download Videos Online

                    Most of the video websites especially the big giants like YouTube, Dailymotion, etc., allow you to save a video for offline viewing but it gets stored in the various cloud storage services – but none of these sites offer an option to save videos offline on your PC. Mentioned below are some of the best video downloading websites that help you grab any video by feeding its URL to the website. Take a look!

                    Free online video downloaders 1. VideoGrabber

                    VideoGrabber is one of the most used online video downloading tools. Revamped over the time, this website takes the video URL as an input and provides you with an option of downloading the video in different file formats and resolution.

                    2. SaveFrom.Net

                    SaveFrom.Net is one of the faster ways to download online videos. Within seconds of putting in the video URL, you get the various video formats and resolution options to download. What I personally like about this website is that it also allows you to download subtitles for the video that you are downloading in different languages. It supports most of the video resource websites so you can feed any video URL into the website and sit back while it gets downloaded.

                    Another great feature about this website is that you don’t even need to open the website to download the video. Just add “” or “” before the video URL and press Enter. It also provides the browser add-ons to port the functionality native to browsers.

                    3. VideoGrabby

                    Minimalistic in design, chúng tôi offers a plain sailing approach to download the video in best-suited file format and resolution based upon your network. You can also download MP3 file by feeding in the video URL. It goes recommended from our side if you want a neat and effortless way to download videos online.

                    Same as other sites, just copy the video URL and paste it into the search box. VideoGrabby automatically captures the video description if the corresponding website is supported (yes, it does support many!). You can also switch to the HQ (High Quality) mode for better resolution.

                    Read: How to download LinkedIn videos to computer.

                    4. KeepVid

                    This is another hot favorite on our list. With the wide range of download option, KeepVid allows you to batch download full YouTube playlist videos where you just need to provide the playlist URL. You can also convert the video files into several audio formats online itself. Providing support for a spectrum of video sites, KeepVid also supports downloading 1080p and 4K videos.

                    If you are interested, it also offers Desktop and Mobile downloader versions, and Browser extension support for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and more.

                    Read: 4K Video Downloader review.

                    5. Yoo Download

                    Bonus Tips:

                    1] VidPaw is a free online video downloader & MP3 converter site you want to check out.

                    2] FreeGrapApp offers freeware that let you download videos from Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Twitch, Vimeo, XVideos, and MySpass.

                    Go here and download the app you want for the specific service. The freeware for each is around 40-50MB, and they need to be downloaded and installed.

                    While on this topic, take a look at this post if you want to download Facebook Videos without using any Software or Online service.

                    How To Block Someone On Instagram

                    If you don’t fee like changing the privacy settings on your Instagram account, but you also don’t want a certain user to access your pictures, you always have the option of blocking that person. The following guide will show you how easy it is, and in no time that annoying user will be a thing of the past.

                    To block any user on Instagram, you will need to launch the Instagram app and go to the profile of the person you want to block. (You can do this as well if you wish to block a regular user or any organization).

                    How to Unblock Someone on Instagram

                    Have you forgiven that user for being so annoying and want to give him or her a second chance? If you do, unblocking someone is as easy as blocking them. To unblock someone, you just need to follow the same steps you did when you blocked them in the first place, but “Block” will now be replaced by “Unblock.” Just tap on the wanted action and you are good to go. Remember, you can only block and unblock users from the official Instagram app and not from the web app.

                    What Happens After you Block Someone on Instagram Conclusion

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