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The PlayStation Network is a critical component of the PlayStation ecosystem. So, you may be here because you can’t access it. How to fix error code WS-37388-0?

In particular, the WS-37388-0 error code occurs when you can’t access the PlayStation Network. It appears on the PS5 and the PS4 alike -it’s indifferent, as it’s mostly a server or account bug.

And, in most cases, it’s a server error, and there’s nothing to do. In other instances, bugs on your network or your console may damage your connection to the PSN services.

So, when you see it, you won’t be able to get online and use PlayStation’s online services. That includes multiplayer, PS Now, browsing the store or buying from the store. 

Network errors are perhaps the most frustrating issue you can find on consoles. That’s because the error is often out of your control, therefore, challenging to solve.

The issue has been happening since April 2023. Users cannot play online, download games, manage their accounts, or open the PlayStation Store whenever this happens. 

The first time it happened, PlayStation fixed the error on their side. However, users have been reporting the error since last year. We’ve seen cases of in-house problems causing the error code. 

Therefore, let’s see the possible causes:

The PSN server is down. Sony may take down the server for maintenance, which can last for hours. Also, rarely do the servers go down due to random errors. 

There’s a random error on your PSN account, which is preventing the servers from connecting with your PlayStation.

As you see, there’s nothing wrong with your PlayStation. Most probably, the only thing you’d need to do is wait until the error goes away. 

If you check the server status and the servers are okay, you’ll need to continue the troubleshooting. The solutions are waiting for the PSN server to return or erasing and re-adding your account to the PlayStation.

Sony allows you to check the status of the PSN servers and see if they are down, up, or limited.

Another way to check the server is by going to the DownDetector page. The site will clearly indicate if there’re any errors on the servers.

Lastly, you can check PlayStation’s Twitter account to know the latest issues and developments. If the servers are up, but you still get the problem, follow the step below.

Let’s begin this step with a trusty power cycle to erase any potential bugs. It will help delete network errors on your PSN account.

Press and hold the console’s power button for five seconds to turn it off.

Unplug all of its cables, as well as every peripheral.

Leave the console unplugged for one minute at least.

Plug back the console and turn it on.

If power cycling the console did not yield the best result for you, it’s time to erase your account from the PS4 or the PS5. Here’re the steps you need to follow:

On PS4

Let’s also start by closing the games or apps you’re using:

Press the controller’s PS button if you’re playing a game or within an app. It will take you to the dashboard.

Hover over to the app or game you were using.

Press the controller’s Options button.

Select the “Close,” “Close game,” or “Close application.”

Then, let’s erase your account.

On PS5

Let’s start by closing any game you might be using.

Afterward, follow these steps:

Return to the home screen.

Select the gear icon at the top to go to Settings.

Select Users and Accounts.

Select Users.

On the right side of the screen, you’ll see the users on your PS5. Press the trash icon to delete your user.

The last part of the troubleshooting is adding your account back to the console. Before following the steps, make sure you remember your password. If you don’t, you can check the last section of the article to recover your password.

On PS4

To log back into your account, here’re the steps:

Press the PS button.

Select “Power” on the left.

Select Switch User.

Select “New User.”

Select “Create a User.”

Type your PSN credentials and confirm.

Lastly, you can verify that you’re using the correct account on the same Power menu:

Press the PS button on the controller.

Go to Power.

Select Switch User.

Verify that you’re using your account.

On PS5

Go to Settings.

Select Users and Accounts.

Go to Users.

On the right side of the screen, select “+Add user.”

Select “Get started.”

Type your PSN credentials.

Then, let’s check that you’re using the proper account.

If you don’t remember your password, you can reset your credentials on Sony’s web page:

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Fix Office Error Code 30015

Like any other software, Office is prone to issues and temporary errors. In this post, we look at different solutions to fix Office error code 30015-26 or 30015-45 that occur in the installation or updating process of the Office suite.

The Office error code 30015-26 or 30015-45 may show a message saying that something went wrong and directing you to go online for assistance.

What causes Office error code 30015-26 or 30015-45?

Software conflicts, missing or corrupted system file, poor connectivity, and insufficient disk space are some of the reasons that can cause error codes 30015-26 or 30015-45 while updating or installing your Microsoft Office.

Fix Office error code 30015-26 or 30015-45

We recommend that you check your internet connection and disable your antivirus and firewall temporarily while performing the solutions in this post to fix Office error code 30015-26 or 30015-45:

Run the Disk Cleanup tool

Repair Office

Use Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant.

Let us dive deep into these solutions in detail

1] Run the Disk Cleanup tool

Running the Disk Cleanup tool creates more space in your disks allowing your Office installation to have ample storage for its app files. This will consequently resolve the Office error code 30015-26 or 30015-45.

2] Repair Office

If you already have Office installed but you cannot update it, then try repairing Office.

To repair Office using Control Panel:

Select Quick Repair or Online Repair to initiate the process.

3] Use Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

If repairing Office does not help, download and run the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant to completely uninstall Office from your computer.

After uninstalling your Office suite, you can now go ahead and reinstall it. To start the installation process, download Office from the official Microsoft 365 website and select Install apps. Make sure you sign in or sign up with the account associated with your Office. Follow the prompts to download Office on your PC.

To install Office you need to select Run in Edge, Save File in Firefox, or Setup in Chrome. You might get a UAC prompt; select Yes to continue. The installation will start, and all you need is to follow the on-screen directions to complete all steps until you launch your Microsoft 365 apps.

We hope one of the solutions helps you fix the Office error code 30015-26 or 30015-45.

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How to repair Office 365 using CMD?

To repair Microsoft 365 using CMD, search Command Prompt and open it as an administrator. Copy and paste the chúng tôi file path on the Command Prompt and press Enter. For example, the path and the command line can be something like this:

The repair option will be invoked and you can choose Online Repair or Quick Repair.

How to uninstall Office using PowerShell?

Type PowerShell on the Windows search box and choose Run as administrator.

On the PowerShell window, copy and paste the following command line and press Enter:

Wait for the process to finish.

You can verify if the Office was removed by copy-pasting the following command on PowerShell and pressing Enter: Get-AppxPackage -name “Microsoft.Office.Desktop”

Fix: Office Update error code 30088-28,30088-29 or 30016-29.

0X8007054F: How To Fix This Windows Update Error Code

0x8007054f: How to Fix This Windows Update Error Code Sometimes, third-party apps may interfere with the update process






Repair all Windows Updates Errors with Fortect:

Windows update failures can be annoying! With Fortect, you will get rid of errors caused by missing or corrupted files after an update. The utility maintains a repository of the original Windows system file versions, and it uses a reverse algorithm to swap out the damaged ones for good ones.

Download Fortect and install it on your PC

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of the issues

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Updating the Windows operating system helps it fix bugs affecting the current version and install new features to improve performance. However, our readers report a Windows update error 0x8007054F preventing them from doing that.

Alternatively, we have a detailed article about Windows 10/11 not installing and effective ways to fix it.

Many factors can cause the error message Something went wrong. You can contact Microsoft support for help with this error. Here is the error code: 0x8007054F on your PC. Some are:

Network-related issues – The error may occur due to network connection issues causing the Windows Update services not to connect to the server.

Corrupt system files – When the system files are corrupt, it makes them inaccessible or damaged. Hence, it can prevent the Windows update process from accessing them when needed, resulting in the 0x8007054F error.

Third-party app interference – The Windows update process on your PC may be impeded by installing third-party apps like antivirus software. They are liable to interfere with the connection between your PC and the Windows update service, resulting in error 0x8007054F.

Issues with Windows Update components – If the services are not running or intact, it can cause the Windows Update error because it won’t have any support on your PC.

Fortunately, we have come up with some effective and easy fixes you can use for resolving the 0x8007054f error.

If you can’t resolve the error, go ahead with the solutions below:

Running the Windows Update troubleshooter will find and resolve issues impeding the updates process on your computer. Read our guide on other ways to run the Windows Update troubleshooter on Windows 11.

Expert tip:

If you encounter issues running the Command Prompt as an administrator on Windows 11, read our guide for quick fixes.

3. Run an SFC scan

An SFC scan will find and repair corrupt system files preventing the computer from installing the Windows update. Do not hesitate to check our guide on how to repair corrupt system files on your PC.

As a time-saving option, you can try dependable software, such as Fortect, which will help you find all corrupt files after a thorough scan and replace them with fresh parts from its repository.

Deleting the Windows update cache files will clear the corrupt files affecting the update process and allow the system to write new files.

Read our article on what to do if File Explorer keeps crashing your PC.

Further, you may be interested in our article about fixing slow Windows updates on PCs. Also, we have a detailed guide on Windows Update error 0x8007045b and some fixes.

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How To Fix Roku Error Code 003 Or 0033

Roku users are experiencing some errors as of late. In this guide, we will be discussing two of those errors, 003 and 0033, and ways to resolve this. In this article, we will see ways to fix Roku Error Codes 003 and 0033.

Fix Roku Error Code 003, Unable to update software

Roku Error Code 003 is seen while updating the Roku application. Sometimes, a poor Internet connection can be the culprit, but more often than not, users have reported that they are experiencing this error even if the Internet is working fine.

After researching a bit, there can be two reasons. The server might be down or if Roku is not connecting to the Internet. The following is the exact error message.

Unable to update software

Please try updating again in a message.

For more help, visit

These are the things you can do to fix Roku Error Code 003, unable to update software.

Check if Roku is down

Switch to TKIP

Allow Roku through Firewall

Use Wired Network

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Check if Roku is down

There are a few things that we will do later in this article to rectify the issue, but first, you need to make sure that Roku is not down. You can use a website down detector and check if the website is down.

If the server is down or under maintenance, you need to wait for it to be fixed. It may take hours or sometimes days, so keep checking to keep streaming.

2] Switch to TKIP

Roku is not compatible with AES, but it works perfectly with TKIP. So, you need to make sure that your “Security Options” is not set to WPAK2-PSK (AES). To do that, you can follow the given steps.

Go to your Router’s settings. The easiest way to do that is by pasting one of these IP-address “,,,,,” in your Browser’s search bar.

Go to the Security tab and change Security Options to WPAK2-PSK (TKIP).

Now, close the Settings and restart your device.

Finally, check if the issue is fixed.

3] Allow Roku through Firewall

If you are using Roku on a Windows device and facing the issue, try allowing Roku through Firewall and see if the issue persists. To do that, you can follow the given steps to do the same.

Open Settings by Win + I.

Now, restart your computer and see if the issue persists.

4] Use Wired Network

Roku or any other streaming service works better with a wired network than with a wireless network. Setting up the connection is fairly easy; you just have to take an ethernet cable, plug it one end into your Router, and another end into the device you are streaming on. Now, retry updating Roku; hopefully, it will work this time.

Hopefully, you can fix the Roku Error with the help of the solutions mentioned here.

Fix Roku Error Code 0033, The customer is not authorized for the content requested

You may get Error Code 0033 “The customer is not authorized for the content requested” in Roku because of various reasons, but usually, they are a result of package shift. If your billing location is different from the location of your ISP, you will see this error. However, we have accumulated a list of different solutions to rectify this error.

These are the things you can do to fix Roku Error Code 0033, The customer is not authorized for the content requested.

Update Roblox

Sign Out and Sign In

Clear Cache

Authenticate Channel

Use Mobile Internet

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Update Roblox

The first thing you need to do is to update Roblox. The easiest way to update Roblox is by following the given steps.

Press the home button of your remote 5-6 times.

Tap the Fast Forward button-3 times and the Rewind button-2 times.

It will fix the issue; if it doesn’t, continue reading.

2] Sign Out and Sign In

Another solution that you can do to fix the issue is to Sign Out and Sign back Into your Roku account. You need to make sure that you are giving the right credentials.

If this is to no avail, try changing your password as well.

3] Clear Cache

Sometimes, Signing out and Signing in is not enough to start from scratch. So, you need to make sure that you are clearing Cache and see if the issue persists.

4] Authenticate Channel

Authenticating the channel with the help of the correct activation code will resolve the issue. To do that, you can follow the given steps.

In Roku devices, from the list of channels, you need to select a channel.

A window will ask you to enter the correct activation code.

Now, sign in using your credentials, and you will be good to go.

Now, check if the issue is fixed.

5] Use Mobile Internet

This might sound a bit counterintuitive but bear with me on this one. If you are at a location different from your billing location, you need to make sure that you use Mobile Internet and not WiFi. This will fix the issue.

Hopefully, you will be able to fix Roku Error Code 0033, “the customer is not authorized for the content requested” with these solutions.

Why is my Roku not connecting to the Internet?

There can be multiple reasons why  Roku is not connecting to the Internet. But to troubleshoot the error, you need to make sure your router is perfectly working. You can also use an Ethernet cable.

However, if the issue persists, try checking if the issue is global to all the devices connected to your network. For that, you can go to a browser, search “Internet Speed test”, and use them to check your Internet speed with it.

Finally, check if the issue is fixed.

If the issue persists, change your “Security Options” to WPAK2-PSK (TKIP) (the steps were aforementioned).

How to perform Factory Reset on TCL Roku TV?

Sometimes, you want to perform Factory Reset to fix an error on Roku TV. You can follow the given steps to perform Factory Reset on TCL Roku TV.

Press the “Home” button on your Remote.

Go to Settings.

Finally, you can restart your device and see if the issue you are dealing with persists.

Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you can fix Roku Error Codes 003 and 0033.

How To Fix The New Bing Error Code E010006

How to Fix the New Bing Error Code E010006 Disable your VPN if you can’t access Bing AI




Some Bing users report being thrown into the waitlist in a new error code when they try to access the Bing chat AI.

This could be a server issue, so you can either disable your VPN or use one and set your location to a different server.

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Here’s what Opera One can do:

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Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

When using Bing AI, you may come across the error code E010006. This error prevents you from making any further queries. Some users even reported that they found themselves back on the waitlist after encountering this error.

Most Bing AI error codes have something to do with an overloaded server, given the high number of people trying out the feature. Still, we look at other possible causes of this issue and subsequent fixes in this article.

What is the Bing error code E010006?

From what we have gathered from most community groups, users are facing a new Bing error code, E010006. Users are being kicked out of their accounts and back on the waitlist.

If you’ve been following closely on Bing AI, Microsoft had introduced a waitlist for users to be among the first to try it out before it was made available to the general public.

Now that they gained access and started using it, they have since been kicked out, and whenever they try to log in again, they find themselves on the waitlist.

Speculations indicate it could be a region/location issue, as most of the complaints received were predominantly from one area.

How can I fix the Bing error code E010006?

Before you embark on the slightly complex solutions, try the following:

Sign out, sign in again from your account, and check if the issue persists.

Refresh your browser.

Check for any browser updates and update accordingly.

Try the Bing AI from another device or another browser.

1. Clear browser cache and cookies  2. Disable your VPN

With the VPN issue, if disabling it does not work, try enabling it and selecting different server locations. Sometimes, servers from a particular location may be experiencing downtime, and switching to another can resolve the issue as you wait.

To that effect, we have an excellent recommendation for VPNs that are not geo-restricted.

3. Reinstall the Bing AI app 

If you were using the Bing AI app on your phone, you can reinstall it. Android and iOS users can download the Bing AI app from the Google Play store and Apple store, respectively.

Also, when downloading the Bing app, ensure you’re not downloading from untrusted third-party sites, as they could come bundled with malware. Further, check your phone for any viruses that may infect the program and prevent it from working properly.

With some errors, Bing support may be able to help, especially if it’s a new error code not listed on their website. You can leave feedback through their Email, Facebook, or any other channel provided by the Microsoft page. 

That’s all we had for this article and the Bing error code E010006. If you’re enjoying the AI wave, we have more AI software that could help you automate your tasks on Windows.

Also, check out how Bing AI compares to ChatGPT 4 if you’re still deciding which AI to settle for.

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Here’s How To Fix Gopro Video Export Error Code 30

Here’s how to fix GoPro video export error code 30




Are you getting GoPro Studio error code 30? Worry not, because there’s a way to fix it.

Go through the troubleshooting steps listed below to fix it or go for a different video editor altogether such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

Lack of storage space is one of the causes for this issue, so keep a close eye on available storage space.

If you’re getting There was a problem preparing your video GoPro error, you can also try changing your import and export settings.

GoPro is a great device, but many users reported GoPro video export error code 30 error on their PC. This can be a problem since you won’t be able to transfer your videos.

In this article, we’re going to tackle this issue and show you how to fix it.

What can I do if GoPro Studio won’t export video? 1. Switch to another video editor

Indeed, this is not a fixing solution, but more of a quick tip to rid you of the pesky export error code 30. Plus, you will enjoy numerous capabilities that make video editing easy and fast.

A comprehensive video editing toolset, integration with other apps and services, and support for every camera, format, and platform are just some of the features that come along with this industry-leading video editing software.

2. Check your storage space

GoPro Studio and Quik like other video software allow you to change the default storage location on your hard drive.

However, the software requires enough space on your main drive to render the temporary .avi file. In case you don’t have enough space, you might get There was a problem preparing your video GoPro error.

To fix this, try to move some large and unnecessary files from C: drive to some other partition to free up enough storage. After freeing up some space, check if the problem is still there.

3. Update graphics card driver

Video editing software makes uses of GPU for video rendering. If your graphics card driver is outdated or incompatible with the video editing software, it may result in GoPro Studio code 30 error.

To update your drivers, visit the graphics card manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers for your model.

⇒  Get Outbyte Driver Updater

Disclaimer: some functions of this tool might not be free

4. Change video import and export location

Expert tip:

If the video goes through, change the export location again to an external hard drive and check for the error.

This also applies to your import location. Make sure your videos are on the internal hard drive and not on your external hard drive when importing them.

This is a simple solution, but it might help you fix GoPro Studio code 30 error, so be sure to try it out.

5. Update GoPro Studio

If you haven’t updated the editing software recently, this might be the cause for GoPro Studio error code 30. By updating the software, you can get rid of any glitches and errors.

You can update GoPro Studio directly from the update screen in the software or download the latest version from the official website.

6. Check for media corruption

Make sure you save the project (Save as) with a different name before making the changes.

If the error occurs at 50%, then go to this point in your project and remove some video frames.

Export the video. If the video exports successfully, then you have found the bad segments.

If you need to add bad frames to the project, follow these steps.

Create a new project and add/create removed frames from the previous video and save it with a new name.

Now open your working project and import the newly created frames and insert them into your project.

There was a problem preparing your video GoPro error can occur if any part of your video project is corrupted.

One way to find out if the video is corrupted is to remove the suspicious segments from the file and then export it.

7. Disable power-saving mode

In case you don’t see this option, follow these steps instead.

If you are have enabled power saving mode on Windows, it may limit the use of graphics processor in order to save power, so be sure to change that.

GoPro video export error code 30 can be problematic, but we hope that you managed to fix it using one of our solutions.

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