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Group Policy is an important security tool that allows administrators to set, configure, and apply certain security settings to computers and users in Active Directory. In this article, we will see what you must do if you find that Group Policy does not save the changes made but keeps reverting on Windows 11/10.

Some users have reported that when they try to modify the default Domain or Local Group Policy, it reverts to the default version’s value within minutes or when you reboot your computer. This is quite annoying and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. If the changes you made in the Local Domain settings keep reverting or cannot be changed, you might face an issue with your Group Policy.

Why does Domain or Local Group Policy keep reverting to default?

There can be several causes of the Domain or Local Group Policy reverting to default. The main reasons are if the policies are not applied properly, if there is an issue with GPO, if your admin profile is corrupted, or if you don’t have administrative account permissions. The other reason why the Group Policy keeps reverting is the incorrect policy settings. If you are dealing with several domain controllers, there can be instances of replication causing delays or policy settings only applied in some domain controllers and failing in others. If there is a conflict between one GPO and another in your Group Policy Management Console (GPMC), there can be an error that reverts Group Policy settings to their previous value.

How to fix Group Policy that keeps reverting on Windows 11/10

Domain or Local Group Policy is an important security tool. Any solution should be well-thought to ensure you don’t make any mistakes. So start with the simple steps before going to the complex ones. To fix Group Policy does not save the changes made but keeps reverting, try the following solutions:

Perform preliminary steps

Update the computer and user policies

Restart the Group Policy service

Apply the settings in Clean Boot State

Repair Windows System Image.

Let us look at each solution in detail.

1] Perform preliminary steps

Performing initial steps will help fix Group Policy that keeps on reverting. These steps may include:

Check if you have administrative permissions to set up new GPOs. If you are not using the admin account, your changes will not be affected and they will revert to the previous ones.

You can try to boot in Safe Mode. This can fix an issue if it’s not critical, especially if it’s caused by third-party apps.

You may create a new user profile with administrative privileges. This will enable you to have permission to set up new Local or Domain Group policies.

If none of the methods here didn’t solve the issues, consider using the next solutions below.

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2] Update the computer and user policies

Here you need to refresh and reset your policy settings using the Command Prompt to prevent the Group Policy from reverting. Here is how:

Copy and paste the following command line and hit Enter: gpupdate/force

Wait for the process to end and restart your PC.

If that doesn’t work, you can reset the Group Policy Editor by running a command.

To reset the Group Policy Editor, open the Command prompt and run the following commands and then press Enter after each:

RD /S /Q "%WinDir%System32GroupPolicyUsers" && RD /S /Q "%WinDir%System32GroupPolicy" gpupdate /force

Once the process is over, the command prompt will show a message of a successful computer and user policy update. Restart your PC after that.

You can also run the command above using Windows PowerShell.

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3] Restart the Group Policy service

Restarting the Group Policy service ensure that the service restarts without an error if it’s a huge problem, and this can resolve a Group Policy that keeps reverting. Here is how:

You will see a list of items. At the bottom, select Properties and a new small window will pop up.

Now, select Start and then followed by OK and Apply to ensure the changes are saved.

NOTE: We do not recommend editing the Group Policy unless it is necessary. Instead, set up a new one that can override the default one.

4] Apply the settings in Clean Boot State

Perform Clean Boot and then try to apply the GPO. Again reboot in Clean Boot State and see if the settings remain. If they do, then you need to identify and disable the problematic process that is interfering.

5] Repair Windows System Image.

Run DISM Tool to repair Windows System Image and see if it helps.

We hope something here helps you fix the Group Policy that keeps reverting to default or previous values.

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Why is Group Policy failing?

The Group Policy may fail because it’s corrupted, lacks network connection to the domain controller, or there is an issue with the policy settings. You can resolve this by checking your policy settings, ensuring the network connection to the domain controller is seamless, and running an SFC scan to find and fix corrupted files and registries.

Fix: Group Policy is not creating or updating Registry keys

How do you force a Group Policy?

To force a Group Policy to update, run the command gpupdate/force on the Command Prompt as an administrator. After the process, you will get a message to restart or log off your PC. The command gpupdate/force forces the Group Policy to update, preventing any lags or delays in the policy settings.

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Intel Graphics Driver Keeps Crashing On Windows 11/10

Intel is one of the biggest CPU and GPU manufacturers in the world. Some users have reported that their Intel Graphics Driver keeps crashing on their computers. In this article, we are going to address this issue in detail and see what you need to do to resolve the issue.

Why does my Intel graphics driver keep crashing?

Drivers are not supposed to crash on a system, but if they are doing that there is something wrong. The first cause of this issue is a bug. There can be a bug in the latest version of the software making it crash. The bug can also be in the Windows Operating System. Whatever the case is, the only thing we can do is wait for the developers to deploy an update, and then download and install that update to fix this problem. Hereinafter, we have mentioned several methods to update the driver.

The next cause of this issue is corruption. Your driver can get corrupted because of reasons such as missing files in the installation media, viruses and malware, and force shutdown in the middle of a process. The best part is that Windows allows you to remove the corrupted piece of software and replace it with a new one. Check the second solution to see how to do the same.

Some other reasons include incompatibility and conflicting software, both of which are addressed later in this article.

Fix Intel Graphics Driver keeps crashing

If Intel Graphics Driver keeps crashing on your Windows 11/10 computer system, check out the following solutions to resolve the issue.

Update your Windows computer and Graphics Drivers

Uninstall and Reinstall Graphics Driver

Try Compatibility Mode

Troubleshoot in Clean Boot

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Update your Windows computer and Graphics Drivers

First of all, check if there are any OS updates. If there is an update available, install it and check the issue status. If it persists, try any one of the following methods to update the Graphics Driver.

Download Driver and Optional Updates.

Go to chúng tôi and use their automatic driver updater to update your drivers. You may be asked to install Intel Driver & Support Assistant.

After updating the driver, see if the issue persists.

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2] Uninstall and reinstall Graphics Driver

You may also experience abrupt crashes of the Intel Graphics Driver if it is corrupted. We need to uninstall the driver and see if it works. Be aware of the fact that your screen will go blank for a few seconds. So, to uninstall Graphics Driver, follow the prescribed steps.

Open Device Manager.

Expand Display Adapter.

Hopefully, this solution will do the trick for you.

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3] Try Compatibility Mode

Some users were able to resolve the issue by running the driver setup file in Compatibility Mode of an older Windows, we are going to do the same and see if that works. Follow the given steps to do the same.

Tick Run this program in compatibility mode for and select an older version of Windows from the drop-down menu.

Then, restart your computer and check if the issue persists.

You could also run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter.

4] Troubleshoot in Clean Boot

As mentioned earlier, a third-party application can interfere with your Intel Graphics Driver and make it crash. This issue is pretty common and Microsoft is aware of it. That’s why they have Clean Boot. In this, you need to stop all the processes excluding that Windows and Intel Graphics. Then keep on enabling five of them at a time to boil down the possibility and eventually find out the culprit. So, troubleshoot the issue in Clean Boot and see if it works.

This post offers more suggestions to troubleshoot Intel Graphics Drivers’ problems.

Hopefully, these solutions will do the trick for you.

Is it safe to uninstall Intel Graphics Driver?

Uninstalling Intel Graphics Driver won’t have an effect on the general performance of your computer. However, you will that the generic graphics are inferior and that a task that demands a bit of Graphical power, such as games, won’t run smoothly on your system. So, while it may be safe to uninstall Intel Graphics Driver the effects may be unwanted.

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Wildermyth Keeps Crashing Or Freezing On Windows 11/10

According to a lot of users, Wildermyth keeps crashing or freezing on their computers. The problem occurs when the gamer is playing the game and suddenly out of nowhere it crashes, however, there are instances reported where the game crashes at startup. Whatever your case is, we got a solution for you. In this article, we are going to see what you need to do if the game keeps crashing or freezing on your computer.

Fix Wildermyth keeps crashing or freezing on Windows 11/10

If Wildermyth keeps crashing or freezing on your computer, try the following solutions.

Run the game on dedicated Graphics

Repair Widermyth game files

Update Graphics Drivers

Try running the game at a lower Graphics Settings

Install the latest version of Visual C++ Redistributable and DirectX

Troubleshoot in Clean Boot

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Run the game on dedicated Graphics

Wildermyth requires a bit of the power of your dedicated Graphics card. So, it is pretty obvious that if it’s running on the integrated GPU, which is not that very powerful, it will end up crashing. What, we need to do is force the game to run on the dedicated GPU and see if that works. Follow the given steps to do the same.

Launch Settings.

Hopefully, this will do the job for you.

2] Repair Wildermyth game files

Next up, we need to scan and repair Wildermyth files. This can be easily done using your Steam launcher without any hidden caveat. So, go ahead and follow the prescribed steps to repair Wildermyth game files.

Open Steam.

Go to the Library.

Go to the Local Files tab and select Verify integrity of game files.

It may take some time, once it’s done and your game files are repaired, they won’t crash again.

3] Update Graphics Drivers

As mentioned earlier, GPU is very important for your game and so are its drivers. If they are outdated, your game will crash because of incompatibility. So, make sure to update before starting the game. To do the same, you can pick any of the following methods.

Hopefully, this will do the job for you.

4] Try running the game at a lower Graphics Settings

If you are constantly noticing that your game crashes after freezing for some time, then to its settings and turn down the Graphics Settings as your system is unable to render them. Once you do that, Wildermyth should work just fine. This case is noticed in systems that are just meeting the minimum system requirements.

5] Install the latest version of Visual C++ Redistributable and DirectX

Both DirectX and Visual C++ Redistributable are must-haves for creating the environment required to run the files. If these tools are not there or are outdated on your computer, Wildermyth won’t be able to create the required environment and hence will crash. Therefore, install the latest version of DirectX and Visual C++ Redistributable on your computer and check if the issue persists.

6] Troubleshoot in Clean Boot

A third-party app such as an overclock app can interfere with your game and cause issues. Since we are not sure, we would recommend you perform Clean Boot and then try enabling processes one by one. This will be able to find the culprit, remove it and resolve the issue.

Hopefully, these solutions will do the job for you.

What are the system requirements of Wildermyth?

Following are the system requirements of Wildermyth that you need to match in order to play the game

OS: Windows 7+

Processor: i3 or better

Memory: 3 GB RAM

Graphics: Open GL 3.2

Storage: 2 GB available space

If your computer is compatible, you should not face any problems while playing Wildermyth.

Why does my games keep crashing on Windows 11?

Usually, a game would crash on your computer if it’s not matching the system requirements. You need to make sure that your game is perfectly compatible before buying it. However, meeting the requirement doesn’t ensure smooth gameplay, but it’s important to keep tools such as Graphics Drivers, DirectX, and Visual C++ Redistributable updated. Every crash is different, so, you may have to do all of this and check the game files to make sure that they are not corrupted.

How do I fix Warzone crashing on Windows 11?

There are various things you can do to fix Warzone as the game crashes due to various reasons. We have curated a separate guide to see what you can do if Warzone is freezing or crashing on your computer, so, do check that one out.

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Fix: Windows 11 Bluetooth Mouse Keeps Disconnecting

Fix: Windows 11 Bluetooth Mouse Keeps Disconnecting Corrupt drivers can cause Windows 11 Bluetooth mouse issues




The Bluetooth mouse can encounter difficulties if there’s a computer boot error.

Disabling the Power Management system can fix the Windows 11’s Bluetooth mouse that keeps disconnecting.

Restarting your computer is a simple solution for Bluetooth mouse issues.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Connecting a mouse to your computer allows you to extend the range and reachability of your PC or computer screen. Moreover, the users’ prominent issue is the Bluetooth mouse that keeps disconnecting in Windows 11.

Using external devices with your computer allows you to make the best of it. Hardware like mouse and keyboard gives you more features to use on your computer. However, users may encounter issues while using this hardware with the computer.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth mouse keeps losing connection on Windows 10/11 error may occur due to hardware issues, outdated driver issues, boot errors, and lots more.

However, the causes may differ in different mouse products like Logitech, Apple, or Dell Bluetooth mice.

Nonetheless, this article will discuss the causes and some fixes for the ‘Logitech/Dell/Apple Bluetooth mouse keeps disconnecting’ issue.

Why does my Bluetooth mouse keep disconnecting in Windows 11?

Computer boot error: Many things can go wrong while booting. Hence, it can make the computer act up and not function properly, resulting in the Windows 11 Bluetooth mouse keeps disconnecting issue. Furthermore, the computer can go through a faulty shutdown which may affect you whenever it comes up again. So, how you shut down and start your computer can affect its Bluetooth connection with the mouse.

Connection error between the mouse and the computer: When the mouse is not correctly connected to the computer, it can make the Bluetooth mouse keep disconnecting and reconnecting. Likewise, a wireless mouse can encounter some issues if it is connected to another device without being adequately disconnected from your computer,

Windows Power Management interference: Latest Windows computers come with an inbuilt Power management system that helps it disconnect or end tasks for programs that consume more power. However, the power management system can disconnect the mouse from your computer because it uses a noticeable amount of power.

Mouse driver issues: Mouse drivers may become corrupt or faulty. Hence, it can make the Bluetooth mouse keep losing connection to Windows 10/11.

Many other things may be responsible for the Windows 11 Bluetooth mouse’s keeps disconnecting issue. However, we recommend that users read through ways to fix Bluetooth mouse lag in Windows 11.

How do I stop my Bluetooth mouse from disconnecting in Windows 11?

1. Restart your computer

Restarting your computer will help fix any boot error that causes the Bluetooth mouse keeps disconnecting and reconnecting issues.

Expert tip:

Often, your computer system might not be able to update the generic drivers for your hardware and peripherals correctly. There are vital differences between a generic driver and a manufacturer’s driver. Finding the correct driver versions for every hardware component can become tiresome.

That’s why a dependable updater can help you find and update your drivers automatically. We strongly suggest the Outbyte Driver Updater, and here’s how to do it:

Download and install the Outbyte Driver Updater app.

Launch the software and wait for the app to detect all incompatible drivers.

Now, it will show you a list of all outdated drivers to select the ones to Update or Ignore.

Restart your PC to ensure the applied changes.

Outbyte Driver Updater

Maintain your device healthy by letting OutByte Driver Updater find the latest driver options.

Free trial Download now

Disclaimer: You may need to upgrade the app from the free version to perform specific actions.

3. Uninstall the mouse in the Device Manager

Uninstalling the Bluetooth mouse driver from your computer flushed the faulty files on it. However, restart your computer and try to connect the mouse. The computer will install the missing driver automatically.

4. Disable Windows Power Management

We recommend that you restart your computer and see if the issue persists.

Windows will automatically search and download updates if there are any available.

Where can I find mouse settings in Windows 11?

However, we recommend you check our article regarding how to change mouse settings in Windows 11. It’ll help you toggle more features in your mouse settings.

Conclusively, there are lots of Bluetooth mouse products in the market that users can buy. However, users can read our guide on the best Bluetooth mice.

Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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Miracast Keeps Disconnecting Randomly On Windows Pc

During Miracast set up on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC, you may encounter the Your PC doesn’t support Miracast error. If you set it up successfully but find that Miracast disconnects randomly then this post is sure to help you resolve the issue.

Miracast keeps disconnecting randomly on Windows PC

If Miracast randomly disconnects on your Windows 11/10 device, you can try our recommended solutions below in no particular order and see if that helps to resolve the issue.

Run Network Troubleshooter

Update driver

Change Network Adapter Power Management

Configure Unicast Response

Reset Network Adapter

Run Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter

Let’s take a look at the description of the process involved concerning each of the listed solutions.

Before you try the solutions below, you can do the following, and after each task see if Miracast can successfully connect normally and stay connected without issues:

Restart PC. Also turn off, then turn on your wireless display.

Update TV/display software. Refer to the user manual. Software updates enable you to get the latest updates and features that can help you deal with the mirroring issue.

Check your wireless connection. Ensure that the display and your PC are not more than 15.2 meters and remove any obstacle in this space. Otherwise, consider using a wireless booster. If you’re using Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, see the guide on how to fix Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter issues.

Check the display Power Saving mode. When a device is on power-saving mode, most features won’t work.

Update Windows. Check for updates and install any available bits on your Windows 11/10 device and see if the issue in hand is resolved. On the other hand, if the error started after a recent Windows update, you can perform System Restore or uninstall the update – you may want to perform either of the task as a last resort.

Disable AV. This largely depends on the security software you have installed. Refer to the instruction manual.

1] Run Network Troubleshooter

Since Miracast runs on the Wi-Fi network, you can run the Network Troubleshooter and see if the Miracast randomly disconnects issue on your Windows 11/10 device will be resolved. If not, try the next solution.

2] Update driver

Your Miracast not working problem is probably being caused by driver issues – you may have the wrong, outdated or corrupt device drivers on your computer. So you should update your device drivers to see if it fixes your problem. Below are your options to carry out this task:

If updating drivers wasn’t helpful or your drivers are already updated, but the issue persists, you can proceed with the next solution.

3] Change Network Adapter Power Management

To change network adapter power management simply entails turning off Network Adapter Power Saving mode. Here’s how:

Press Windows key + X to open the Power User Menu.

Tap M key on the keyboard to open Device Manager.

Once you’re inside Device Manager, scroll down through the list of installed devices and expand the Network adapters section.

Now, uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option.

Exit Device Manager.

Restart PC.

4] Configure Unicast Response

Unicast is a one-to-one transmission from one point in the network to another point; that is, one sender and one receiver, each identified by a network address. Unicast Response option is useful if you need to control whether your PC receives unicast responses to its outgoing multicast or broadcast messages. The recommended state for this setting is: No.

If this setting is enabled and your PC sends multicast or broadcast messages to other computers, Windows Firewall with Advanced Security waits as long as three seconds for unicast responses from the other computers and then blocks all later responses. On the other hand, if the option is disabled, and your computer sends a multicast or broadcast message to other computers, Windows Firewall with Advanced Security will block the unicast responses sent by those other computers

To configure Unicast Response, do the following:

Press Windows key + R to invoke the Run dialog.

In the Run dialog box, type chúng tôi and hit Enter to open Local Security Policy Editor.

Select Properties from the context menu.

Restart PC.

If the issue in view persists, try the next solution.

5] Reset Network Adapter

Miracast uses WiFi Direct technology and Bluetooth. However, both are part of the protocol stack or network stack which is an implementation of a computer networking protocol suite or protocol family.

This solution requires you to reset the network adapter and see if that helps. If resetting the network adapter on your Windows 11/10 PC didn’t help to resolve the issue at hand, you can try a wireless USB dongle. If that solves the problem, you can have a PC hardware technician replace your inbuilt wireless adapter or simply keep using the dongle.

6] Run Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter

To rule out the possibility of a faulty display, that might require replacing, you can run the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter. You can also try connecting the wireless display to another PC and see if the issue in focus persists.

Hope this post helps you!

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Why does my Miracast keep disconnecting?

If Miracast keeps disconnecting or not working on your Windows 11/10 device, it is probably due to driver issues – which could be outdated or corrupt device drivers on your computer. In this case, you should update your device drivers to see if it fixes your problem.

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Does Windows 10 support Miracast?

Windows 10 supports Miracast from a software perspective. This means it has all the abilities for Miracast built-in, and it does not require further software. However, the specific hardware that ships with your computer must also support the Miracast standard.

How do I mirror screen in Windows 11?

To mirror the screen in Windows 11, do the following:

Under Add the Wireless Display optional feature to project to this PC, select Optional features.

Select Add a feature, then enter wireless display.

Select the check box next to Wireless Display from the list of results.

Select Install.

Is Miracast safe?

Miracast is a peer-to-peer wireless screen casting standard supported in Windows devices with WPA2 encryption support so shared information is safe.

Fix: Skype Error 0Xc00007B On Windows 10/11

FIX: Skype Error 0xc00007b on Windows 10/11




Some users complained that they encounter the 0xc00007b error when launching Skype.

Try a dedicated third-party registry cleaner to repair your invalid Windows registry keys.

You should also install an essential component to run Skype efficiently and error-free.

Use the System File Checker utility to check for errors in system files and repair them.

Keep your PC always working the optimum level CCLeaner is one of the most trusted software that keeps your PC clean and optimized while not interfering with essential system elements. Download it now to:

Clear your cache and cookies for a flawless browsing

Clean registry errors and broken settings

Work and play faster with a quicker PC startup

Check your PC’s health

Update drivers and software to avoid common errors

Keep your system fully functional

How do I fix 0xc00007b Skype error (Application unable to start correctly) on my Windows 10 PC?

Did you get  Skype error 0xc00007b whenever you want to launch Skype? Do not worry about this issue.

Usually, this error normally takes place after a recent upgrade or after new installation in some cases. The reason for this Skype error is due to glitches emanating from system files, components, or certain programs.

However, WR team has enlisted effective solutions to eliminate Skype error 0xc00007b without stress.

SOLVED: Skype error 0xc00007b Solution 1: Run Quick Fixes

Here are some quick fixes you should try out to fix ‘Skype error 0xc00007b’ issue:

Restart your PC and then Skype

Temporarily disable your antivirus

Launch few programs at a time

End Skype process in ‘Task Manager’ and then launch Skype again

Meanwhile, if any of the quick fixes did not solve the Skype problem, you can proceed to other technical fixes enlisted below.

Solution 2: Run SFC Scan/DISM

Firstly, you need to run SFC scan to resolve the Skype error 0xc00007b issue. Sometimes, the reason for the error problem is due to missing, modified, or corrupted system files. System File Checker utility program on the other hand, checks for system files errors and repairs them technically.

Here’s how to run an SFC scan on Windows 10:

Sometimes, some system file errors are not detected by SFC scan, therefore you need Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM); this tool can also be utilized in checking for system files errors and fixing them as well.

Here’s how to run DISM in Windows:

Press Windows key + X and run Command Prompt (Admin).

Copy and paste the following command on the command line:

exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

In case the DISM can’t obtain files online, try using your installation USB or DVD. Insert media and type following command:

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:C:RepairSourceWindows /LimitAccess

Be sure to replace “C:RepairSourceWindows” path of your DVD or USB.

Note: Ensure that you replaced repair source path with your own.

Solution 3: Use CCleaner

Some Windows users reported success in utilizing CCleaner to fix Skype error 0xc00007b. This tool developed and maintained by Piriform Ltd is renowned for fixing several system issues. The software repairs PC registry, fixes missing DLLs and invalid Windows registry keys.

Therefore, CCleaner is efficient in resolving the ‘Skype error 0xc00007b’ problem because it repairs the damaged Skype program file which may be corrupted.

Here’s how to download, install, and use CCleaner:

You can also use other third-party registry cleaners to fix Skype error 0xc00007b. We have a dedicated post on the best registry cleaners for your Windows PC.

Solution 4: Run Skype as an administrator

Expert tip:

Solution 5: Reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft .NET framework is an essential component to run Skype efficiently without errors. Sometimes, this component can give Skype users issues such as the ‘Skype error 0xc00007b’.

Nevertheless, installing the latest .NET framework version seems to resolve the ‘Skype error 0xc00007b’ glitch. However, there are several .NET framework versions out there; therefore, you may have to try any of them out to see which version works. Also, for this purpose, you can check out our guide on ‘How to download and install .NET Framework on Windows 10, 8?.

Solution 6: Update system drivers

As we stated earlier, some outdated system components such as .NET Framework, redistributables, DirectX or certain system drivers may cause the ‘Skype error 0xc00007b’ issue.

Meanwhile, it is tasking to manually identify outdated components or system drivers, also if care is not taken, installing the wrong driver versions may damage your PC. Therefore, you need to make use of an automated tool to update system drivers.

On the other hand, you can manually update your system drivers in ‘Device Manager’. Also, we’ve a post on how to manually update system drivers.

However, TweakBit’s Driver Updater is our recommended automated tool which would scan your PC and give you the best driver versions that you should install. This is because it is approved by Microsoft and Norton for automatic driver updates on Windows PC.

Disclaimer: Some features of this tool are not free.

Solution 7: Reinstall Skype

Reinstalling Skype is another method of resolving ‘Skype error 0xc00007b’ error. All you have to do is uninstall Skype, and then install Skype afresh from its official website.

Here’s how to reinstall Skype:

Alternatively, check out 5 ways you can uninstall Skype from your Windows PC.

Solution 8: Run Windows Update

In addition, it improves system performance and stability; therefore, you should run Windows update in a bid to fix ‘Skype error 0xc00007b’ problem.

Finally, updating your Windows OS can fix ‘Skype error 0xc00007b’ problem. Here’s how to update your Windows OS:

For more Windows 10 workarounds, and additional info, make sure to check our How-To hub.

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