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David Imel / Android Authority

We recently unboxed the Google Pixel 4a 5G. That phone seemed like the Goldilocks device of this year’s Pixel lineup, with the biggest display, a wide-angle camera, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset with 5G connectivity. Nevertheless, some people want a more premium device than the Pixel 4a 5G. And for those people, there’s the Google Pixel 5.

Join us as we go hands-on with the new Google Pixel 5.

What’s in the box?

David Imel / Android Authority

Inside the box for the Pixel 5, you’ll find the phone, alongside a quick start guide, an 18W power brick, a power cable, and a female USB-A to male USB-C adapter. This is pretty much the standard fare for Pixels these days. The same collection of accessories came in the box of the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G too. Some might be a bit bummed that Google didn’t include any USB-C headphones for the device, but it seems the company is going fairly minimalist this year.

While 18W is passable for charging speeds, it’s beginning to feel slow when compared to other devices. Even budget phones like the OnePlus Nord commonly see 25W, 30W, or more. It would be nice to see Google move to faster charging soon, especially on its most expensive Pixel of the year. We’re hoping the 4,080mAh battery lasts longer than previous Pixels did, but still, faster charging would be appreciated.

One major downside of the Pixel 5 is the fact that Google ditched the headphone jack on this model. I’m not sure why companies always ditch this jack on their most premium phones, but I would presume it’s because they want to sell more true wireless earbuds. If you still want a headphone jack, you’ve got a pretty small pool of premium devices to choose from in 2023.

On the back, you’ve got a fairly clean device, save a fingerprint reader and camera module. That’s right, Google cut the Soli radar chip this year in favor of fingerprint unlock. While I’m a bit sad to see the tech die, it was mostly a battery hog on the Pixel 4, and fingerprint unlocking is a better option in the age of COVID-19.

David Imel / Android Authority

The rear camera setup houses the 12MP sensor that Google has been using for years, alongside a new 16MP wide-angle sensor. The wide-angle is in the Pixel 4a 5G as well, making it one of the key similarities between these two devices. I would have liked to see a physically larger sensor in the flagship Pixel this year, mostly because many other companies have caught up or exceeded the image quality Google can provide. Images are still fantastic, but I feel they would be even better if the sensor could get more light.

David Imel / Android Authority

Next to the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G, I was surprised at how small the Pixel 5 is. It’s got almost the exact same footprint as the Pixel 4a, but its bezels are just a bit smaller on the top and bottom, giving it a larger 6-inch display versus the 5.8-inch display on the Pixel 4a. The smaller bezels aren’t incredibly noticeable, but they help solidify the Pixel 5 as the flagship Google phone compared to the other two devices.

How’s the screen?

David Imel / Android Authority

Compared to the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G, the display on the Pixel 5 has similar brightness, color, and contrast. It looks fantastic in my opinion, even if it’s only FHD+. The Pixel 4a has one of the best displays we’ve tested this year, and we expect the Pixel 5 to perform similarly. We’ll be sure to perform our full objective testing suite on this device in the full Pixel 5 review.

One nice thing about the Pixel 5 compared to the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G is its 90Hz display. It is an adaptive OLED display, which means it will dynamically change between 60Hz and 90Hz depending on the situation to save battery. It would have been nice to see a 120Hz display on Google’s 2023 flagship, but considering Google is marketing this as an upper mid-range device, 90Hz is acceptable.

You’ll also notice a punch-hole camera cutout in the top-left portion of the Pixel 5’s display, housing an 8MP shooter. I’m a fan of this selfie camera design because the cutout is about the same size as a notification icon, which means it doesn’t really feel in the way.

Overall, I think Google has done a great job with its displays this year. While there is technically a resolution drop compared to the Pixel 4 XL, I can’t notice it during daily use. They look great.

What about the internals?

David Imel / Android Authority

Inside, the Pixel 5 is effectively a souped-up version of the Pixel 4a 5G. It has the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor you’ll find in the Pixel 4a 5G, which gives it 5G connectivity and faster overall speeds compared to the Snapdragon 730G in the Pixel 4a. Look at RAM though, and you’ll find 8GB, which is 2GB more than that of the Pixel 4a 5G. 8GB of RAM should be plenty for the next few years, and it’s nice that Google included this in the Pixel 5, especially since the Pixel 4 only had 6GB of RAM.

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10 Google Pixel And Pixel Xl Accessories You Should Buy

Now that Google has announced phones that are “Made By Google”, the Android ecosystem might finally have a true iPhone killer. The phones feature top of the line specs, AMOLED displays, and a camera that has been rated by DxOMark as the best smartphone camera. So, if you’re planning on buying the Google Pixel, or Pixel XL phones, you should check out these accessories for your smartphone.

1. WizGear Magnetic Car Mount

The WizGear Car Mount is a reinforced magnetic holder which produces a strong force of attraction. This ensures that the phone remains attached safely to the mount. The mount will allow you to freely rotate the orientation of your Pixel, or Pixel XL. The base of the mount attaches to the vents in the car, and holds the mount in place. Unlike most other mounts that attach to the windscreen or the dashboard, the WizGear mount attaches on the vent, and does not cause obstructions while driving.

Buy on chúng tôi ($6.99)

2. iBenzer Water Resistant Armband

This armband is designed such that it can hold any phone, up to 5.5″, which means it is perfect for the Google Pixel, and Pixel XL phones. It has a built-in key holder, which can be used to store keys, while running. The armband has another pocket on the rear, that can easily hold your ID, cards, and some cash. The plastic cover on the front will allow you to easily access the touchscreen, so you can easily answer calls, on the go.

Buy on chúng tôi ($4.99)

3. Google Pixel, and Pixel XL Case DGtle Google Pixel Case

The DGtle Google Pixel case is made from flexible TPU material. The cover snaps right onto the Google Pixel, and with its precise cutouts, ensures that you have access to all the ports on your device. The case provides shock absorption, to make sure that your phone is protected from impact, even if you drop it.

The case is available in a variety of colors, and you can easily choose the one that you like best. You may also check out our post on best Google Pixel cases, if you want to check out more options.

Buy on chúng tôi ($7.99)

Tauri Google Pixel XL Case

This Google Pixel XL case from Tauri is a scratch-resistant case. The case has a dotted texture on the inside, which prevents air bubbles from forming inside the cover. The case is shock resistant, as well, and uses a scratch resistant gel, thereby protecting the phone from scraps and bumps. It has a slim profile, and adds minimum bulk to the phone, while providing great protection.

We have a dedicated article on best Google Pixel XL cases, be sure to check it out as well.

4. OMOTON Screen Protector

The OMOTON Screen Protector for the Google Pixel is a laser cut screen protector. The screen protector has a 9H hardness rating, and will protect your phone against scratches and scuffs, even from knives, and keys. The protector comes with bubble-free adhesive, so installation won’t leave any bubbles on the screen. It also comes with hydrophobic, and oleophobic coating to protect your phone from sweat, and oil residue from fingerprints. Along with that, the screen protector comes with a lifetime warranty.

OMOTON also makes a screen protector for the Google Pixel XL, which has the same features.

Buy for Pixel XL on chúng tôi ($7.99)

5. Encased Google Pixel Dock

This dock from Encased has a sleek design, therefore being the perfect dock to be used as a night-stand, or desk dock. It comes with a USB Type-C port, to charge your Pixel, or Pixel XL while it is docked. The dock also features a design that makes it compatible with most cases, therefore making it easy to use if you use a case. Encased offers a lifetime warranty on the dock, as well.

Buy on chúng tôi ($23.30)

6. Bose Bluetooth Speaker

Buy on chúng tôi ($116.00)

7. SanDisk 32 GB Flash Drive

If you like watching movies on your smartphone, an OTG enabled flash drive never goes amiss. The SanDisk 32 GB flash drive comes with the standard USB connector, as well as a Type-C connector, which can plug into your Pixel, or Pixel XL. The flash drive is immediately detected by phones that support USB OTG, and will allow you to enjoy your favourite movies on the AMOLED display of the Pixel, and Pixel XL phones.

8. Anker PowerCore+ 20100

The Anker PowerCore+ 20100 is an aluminium clad beast that stores 20100 mAh of juice for your devices. The power bank has a total of three ports, two of which are standard USB Type A output ports, to charge all your non USB Type C devices. The third is a USB Type C port that is capable of charging USB Type C compatible devices, as well as the power bank itself.

Buy on chúng tôi ($59.99)

9. EasyULT USB-C Adapter

Another great accessory to have for your Google Pixel, and Pixel XL smartphones, the EasyULT adapter will allow you to use any microUSB cable to charge your Google Pixel, or Pixel XL smartphones. The adapter comes in a pack of three. This can come in handy when you forget to carry your USB Type C cable, and need to charge your Pixel smartphone.

Buy on chúng tôi ($6.99)

10. Meagoes USB Type C Car Charger

Car chargers can come in extremely handy, and can let you charge your phone while you drive. The Meagoes USB Type C car charger will allow you to charge your phone using the Type-C to Type-C USB cable, or a standard USB to USB Type C cable that you might have. It also features a blue LED ring, so you can easily locate it when you’re driving at night. The ports are rated for 2.4A, therefore they will charge your device pretty quickly.

Buy on chúng tôi ($11.99)

Use These Accessories to Improve Your Experience with Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Apple Watch Series 5 Hands

Apple Watch Series 5 hands-on: Always-on display is a keeper

There’s probably a long German word for the act of refining something which is already at the top of its segment, and if I knew what it was I’d be using it for the Apple Watch Series 5. Despite the best efforts of Google, Samsung, and others, the Apple Watch tends to be the go-to in smartwatches, not least for its combination of fitness tracking, design, and app functionality.

Now, it’s getting an update. As someone who has been wearing the Apple Watch Series 4 since it launched last year – something of a record for my wrist and any one wearable – I was curious to see whether Apple could coax enough out of the replacement to capture my interest.

Turns out, they did – though the differences are fairly small. The big news is the Apple Watch Series 5’s always-on display, which addresses one of the most-frequent frustrations of users of the earlier smartwatches. While their displays have generally been bright and clear, they’re only active when you tilt your wrist and wake them up.

Most of the time, that’s a casual “oh, I shall check the time” movement. Sometimes, though, the Apple Watch simply seems determined to be stubborn, and you have to do a massively exaggerated arm-roll just to get the screen to come on so that you can check the time. The new Series 5 fixes that.

It’s because of a new display, which is low-power enough to run 24/7 while you’re wearing it, without cutting into the roughly 18 hours of battery life of the old model. Tilt your wrist and, like before the screen comes on fully. But, if all you wanted to see was the time, you can do that at a glance.

Apple isn’t the first to offer such a display, but the Apple Watch Series 5’s implementation feels the most rounded I’ve seen so far. For a start, the company’s designers went to the effort of creating special versions of every preloaded watch face for the low-power mode, and they’re not just dimmer. Some have graphics that are wireframe normally and then fill in when you wake the smartwatch properly; others pare back to more minimalistic complications. It makes it all feel very intentional and considered.

When it comes to bedtime, though, there’s something still missing. The rumor-mill had suggested sleep tracking would be a feature on this iteration of Apple Watch, it turns out to be absent still. Now, I’m not someone who finds it comfortable to wear a watch while I’m trying to sleep, so that’s no great omission for me, but I know a lot of people were looking forward to Apple enabling it and joining up the 24 hour dots.

The other change I didn’t expect to find much value in, but which surprised me, is the new compass. That turns out to be useful for navigation on the Apple Watch – now it knows what direction you’re facing, and the mapping instructions can rotate accordingly – and it’s also opened up to third-party developers, too. Apple didn’t have much to demo on that front, but a new version of Night Sky looked amazing automatically panning around to frame where I was holding up my wrist.

As for the new finishes, the ceramic feels surprisingly weighty and premium, while the brushed titanium is handsome and elegant. Maybe more important is the Apple Studio idea, where you can piece together your own case and strap combination rather than having to go for a preconfigured pairing. Apple had always said that was a logistical nightmare, but I suspect it’s something buyers will like.

Even without sleep tracking, I still suspect the Apple Watch will remain top of the tree for wearables. Yes, there are fitness-specific models which offer deeper tracking, and if you’re an Android user you’re still out of luck, but for all-round functionality Apple’s wearable still pulls ahead. We’ll see how easy the always-on display is to live with when we have the Apple Watch Series 5 in for review.

Best Leather And Wallet Cases For Google Pixel 3A

Google recently stepped into the budget smartphone market by launching the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. Both these smartphones are available for sale on Verizon, Google store, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

If you have a thing for leather and wallet cases, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of some great leather and wallet cases for the Google Pixel 3a to help you choose the perfect one for your:

BTW, if you are looking for some top accessories for your device besides cases, check out this → best Pixel 3a XL accessories.

Best Pixel 3a leather and wallet cases

Here is our list of the Pixel 3a leather cases as well as wallet cases.


Leather Case

Made from premium soft flexible TPU DDJ’s case is designed to be scratch resistant and shock absorbent. The case surrounds all the edges and covers the whole phone providing full body protection. It also includes 1 pocket which can either be used as a card slot or money holder. Besides black, it is also available in many different colors: Champagne, Blue, Gray, and Rose.

Buy on Amazon: $9.99 


Wallet Stand Case

This one is a lightweight wallet stand case with a classy appearance. It has two interior slip pockets to store your valuable cards and other receipts.


Wallet Case

Made from premium synthetic PU leather Feitenn’s wallet case provides decent protection to the Pixel 3a against bumps and scratches.

The raised edges of the case prevent the camera and screen from being scratched. This case also includes 3 card holders and 1 cash holder making it easy to carry your credit cards and cash, so now you need not worry about your bulky wallet.

Buy on Amazon: $10.99 


Wallet Case

Janmitta’s leather case provides all-round protection to your phone. The inner side of the leather case is made of smooth soft leather designed to protect your screen from scratches.

It has three card slots and a large note slot on the inside of the wallet. The case also enables you to use the Pixel 3a in landscape mode for a better view of your media. With accurate cutouts, the leather cover allows access to all its ports very easily.

Buy on Amazon: $10.99 

Olixar Attache 

Leather Case

Look no further than this case for high-quality faux leather. Installation and removal of the case is very simple.

It has tactile texture on the back which gives a grippy feel to the phone. With precise cutouts for all the ports including camera and fingerprint sensor this cover also adds in a protective layer making Pixel 3a immune to drops and other impacts.

Really cheap cases

PEIBIN Luxury Crocodile Skin Case

Peibin’s Crocodile Skin Leather case is the most unique design in the list. With its elegant construction and comfortable feel, this can easily be an attractive addition to your pixel 3a. The case has an edge to edge protection and is shockproof as well.

Buy on Aliexpress: $2


Wallet Case

It has a unique design with precise cuttings of all the ports including camera and fingerprint so that they can be accessed easily. The case is lightweight and easy to attach to your Pixel 3a.

Buy on Aliexpress: $2.40

Qoosea Wallet Case

If you are curious for a case that is decent looking and offers superior protection, then Qoosea’s leather wallet case is here for you. It is made of durable PU leather with and provides cushion protection.

The interior includes 3 slots for your credit cards and a bigger slot to put in some cash. The clear cutouts for all the ports make it easier to operate the smartphone in an efficient way.

Fix: Google Pixel Battery Draining Fast

Google Pixel has definitely got more flavor than other Android phones. Motion Sense works flawlessly, allowing you to control the device without even touching it. Face Unlock works every time you need it, and you can take perfect photos even in low-light environments. But that doesn’t mean the Pixel is perfect. Users may sometimes experience various battery issues. Some of these battery problems are minor, and users can simply ignore them, while others are quite severe.

Why Is My Google Pixel Battery Draining So Fast?

There could be multiple causes for your Pixel battery issues. We’ll list some of the most common ones below.

Certain apps are using too much battery power. Not all the apps installed on your device are battery-friendly. Some of them literally suck the battery life out of your Pixel. Video meeting and streaming apps are known to quickly drain your battery, so make sure they’re not running in the background.

Your battery is faulty. Maybe your battery got damaged, and it can no longer hold the charge properly. For example, using third-party chargers may damage your battery. The same is valid if you use your Pixel in an environment where it’s either too hot or too cold, or you expose it to moisture and water. Or maybe your phone is just old, and you need to replace the battery.

User behavior. If you keep your cellular data and Bluetooth on all the time, don’t be surprised if you need to charge your Pixel phone quite often. Needless to say, web browsing and video calls will drain your battery faster than voice calls.

How to Fix Google Pixel Battery Drain Quit Battery-Hogging Apps

First of all, identify the apps that are putting a strain on your battery. Go to Settings, select Battery, and then tap Battery usage. Go to App usage since full charge, and check the battery percentage used by each app.

Force quit the problematic apps if they’re still running in the background. Next time, make sure to close them as soon as you no longer need them to prevent them from running in the background. Additionally, you may want to look for battery-friendly alternative apps.

Update and Restart Your Pixel Phone

Make sure you’re running the latest Android version available for your Pixel phone. Go to Settings → System → tap Advanced → select System update.

The latest Pixel updates may also bring battery and performance improvements that could help you to alleviate or solve your battery issues.

Then launch the Google Play Store app, tap the Menu icon and select My apps & games. Update all the apps that have the “Update” label next to them.

Change Your Phone Settings

Next on the list, review your current phone settings and edit or disable those that might be draining your battery faster than usual. For example, if your Bluetooth, hotspot, and location services are always on, don’t be surprised if your Pixel can’t power you for more than eight or nine hours.

How Can I Make My Google Pixels Battery Last Longer?

Disable your cellular data and Bluetooth when you’re not actively using these features.

Limit the number of apps that can send you notifications. Each notification that you get has a small but constant drain on your battery life.

Force quit unnecessary background apps. If you don’t use them, why let them run in the background anyway?

Running too many apps with active geo-locators will eat up your battery.

Enable Battery optimization and Optimize for battery health (Android 11 and up) from Battery Settings.

Enable Dark theme, disable live wallpapers and smooth display, reduce screen brightness, and turn off your screen when you’re not using the phone.

Turn off keyboard sound and vibration, and disable Motion Sense.

Learn More About Google Pixel’s Battery

How long should a Google Pixel battery last? The battery life expectancy varies depending on your Google Pixel model and usage patterns.

Expect about 10 hours of web browsing and video playback for the following phone models: Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and 2 XL, Pixel 3 and 3 XL, Pixel 4 and 4 XL, Pixel 4A and 4A (5G).

You should get about 14 hours of web browsing and video playback on the Google Pixel 3A XL.

The Pixel 5 should power you for about 11 hours when heavily browsing the web and playing videos.

If you use your device for voice calls only, add an extra 10 hours to each Pixel model.

How do I check battery health in Google pixels? Navigate to your Pixel phone’s Settings → , select Battery → , tap Battery again, and you should see a quick report about your battery health. If all is well, you should get a message saying that your “Battery is in good shape.” For more information about battery use, tap More and then Battery Usage.


Hands On With The Samsung Chromebook Series 5

Hang on, folks, because mobile computing has just got a bit more interesting. Google’s Chrome OS is finally ready for the wild–two years after its launch—and the Samsung Chromebook Series 5, due out on June 15, will be one of two laptops to showcase Google’s Web-based operating system.

From the outside, the Chromebook looks like any other ultralight laptop, save for the Google Chrome logo on the outside cover. It measures 11.6 by 8.6 by 0.8 inches, compact, but not especially svelte.

Its weight doesn’t impress, either. At 3.3 pounds, it’s no featherweight like the Apple MacBook Air; however, at least the Chromebook felt deceptively lighter than it is, a phenomenon I’d credit to how well-balanced the laptop felt in hand. I was surprised by how easily I could grip the Chromebook in one hand, actually.

One of the big selling points of Chromebook is its near-instant-on capability. It starts up in under 10 seconds from a cold boot, and it’s ready to use as soon as you open the lid to wake it from sleep. The latter mirrors the sense of immediacy one gets with a Google Android 3.0 tablet, but that cold boot time remains an important differentiator. Android continues to have overhead bottlenecks that cause startup and shutdown times to take some time. None of the Android 3.0 tablets I’ve tested have wowed me with their boot times; and for a couple, I literally was able to grab some iced tea and down half of it before the tablet came to life again.

While some of the Chromebook’s startup zippiness has to be credited to the design of Google’s Chrome OS, some of it, perhaps, could be due to the components inside. The Series 5 actually runs components that echo today’s netbooks: It has a 1.66GHz dual-core Intel Atom N570 processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 16GB mSATA SSD (used for caching data locally). Those specs are meatier than what you’ll find in an Android tablet today.

I was encouraged at the Google I/O keynote introducing the Chromebook to hear about the file manager that’s been added to Chromebook. I’ve been tracking the challenges of native file handling in mobile operating systems, and was eager to give this feature a try on Chromebook.

While nosing around the Chrome OS interface, I looked at how apps appear in the Chrome browser (see the image above) I also tried replicating my usual Web browsing experience in the Chromebook’s Chrome browser. (Hrm. I think I just tested how many times one can put Chrome into a sentence.) The usage I was trying to gauge here was the scenario that sees 30-some-odd tabs open simultaneously–and that’s just in one window. While I learned about a couple of interface shortcuts, like jumping to a different tab by pressing the tab number and a key combo, while talking with Google reps about this scenario, I learned that right now, it’s not easy to move among scores of open tabs. Those tabs were reduced down to tiny tabs with just “…” as a tab identifier—and that’s no way to figure out what’s actually on that tab.

I’m not convinced that everyone will want, or even need, a Chromebook. But what I saw so far looks to have promise. And with pricing for Samsung’s models starting at $430 for the Wi-Fi version, and $499 for the 3G version, the Chromebok looks set to give standard netbooks and ultralight laptops some new competition.

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