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Google Meet Video Conferencing App is Now Free for Users Google Meet Video Conferencing Is Free Now

Recently, due to immense demand, Google is planning to open Meet for all the people. Initially launched by the giant as a premium based service, Google started the app for paid users only. Now, due to the COVID-19 lockdown & people working from home, the demand has risen like never before. Since the blind attempt from the public to try almost every video calling service has made them vulnerable to data privacy & security. Probably, that’s why the giant had to step in & make its video conferencing service free for everyone.

“Today, we’re making Google Meet, our premium video conferencing product, free for everyone, with availability rolling out over the coming weeks. We’ve invested years in making Meet a secure and reliable video conferencing solution that’s trusted by schools, governments and enterprises around the world, and in recent months we’ve accelerated the release of top-requested features to make it even more helpful. Starting in early May, anyone with an email address can sign up for Meet and enjoy many of the same features available to our business and education users, such as simple scheduling and screen sharing, real-time captions, and layouts that adapt to your preference, including an expanded tiled view. 

It’s important that everyone who uses Meet has a secure and reliable experience from the start, so beginning next week, we’ll be gradually expanding its availability to more and more people over the following weeks. This means you might not be able to create meetings at chúng tôi right away, but you can sign up to be notified when it’s available.”

With the limit of letting 100 people present on a single call at a time, Google Meet has proved itself for security purpose as well as quality. 

What Does This Mean For Google Meet Users?

Previously, users had to have either a Google Business or education account in order to make calls on Google Meet, however, now you don’t need any of that to make calls. All you need is either the Google Meet webpage or an app (Android & iOS mobile platforms) that lets you make calls without having any other supporting account.

Do you want to know how to schedule a google meet? In case you are using or used to scheduling events on Google Calendar, it will literally be a piece of cake for you to start as well as join the calls from there.

Checkout the new top-requested Google Meet Features (mentioned below) that had been rolled out by Google last week only:

Tiled layout for larger calls

Present higher-quality video content with audio

Low-light mode

Noise Cancellation

Director of Product Management, Google Meet, Voice & Calendar

Wrapping Up

Google has rolled out the video conferencing feature Google Meet free for everyone from today. Because of the sudden & immense demand in using the video calling service across the globe due to COVID-19 pandemic, Google made it FREE instead of a premium service anymore.

Don’t forget to enroll yourself to get notified about you using the Google Meet video calling software for free.

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Is Apowermirror Safe? Download Free App For Pc

Our Review Pros Can help you mirror Android and iPhone screens to your PC You can control your PC with your mobile or vice-versa Easy transfer of files and multimedia content Record content from connected devices easily Cons Some differences between iPhone and Android users (for the same app) Is ApowerMirror free?

The good news about ApowerMirror is that it offers you a free version. Well, technically it’s a demo since most of its functionality is disabled, but you can still use it. Therefore, you can download and use it on your PC/mobile device before deciding if you want to pay for extra features.

How to install ApowerMirror PC app

Now come installation. Deploying ApowerMirror on your PC is a walk in the park. Granted you’ve already downloaded the installer, launch it, define the destination path, accept the EULA, and hit “Install.” That’ it, no extra steps, no needless configuration steps.

However, note that you also need to install it on a mobile device. The mobile setup process is different depending on the device you’re installing it on. However, it’s pretty much the same: visiting a store page and tapping a couple of buttons.

Sleek, user-friendly interface

You’ll notice that ApowerMirror not only comes with a stylish smartphone-like interface, but it also comprises intuitive features. Most of the app’s control are easy to figure out, even without prior PC operating experience.

The icons displayed in the side menu are rather self-explanatory. However, if you have any doubts regarding each feature’s usability, just hover your mouse cursor over it. ApowerMirror will display a tooltip with a brief presentation of the tool you’re interested in.

How to use ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror provides you with two ways of mirroring your screen. You could either connect your mobile device to your PC via USB cable or via Wi-Fi. The latter requires you to bring both devices on the same wireless network. Using a USB cable is generally less complicated and offers greater speeds.

Long story short, you can either see on your PC what happens on your phone or the other way around.

ApowerMirror remote control

Additionally, ApowerMirror doesn’t just let you perform screen mirroring. You can also use it to control your connected devices remotely or perform file transfers. One particular feature that we found interesting is that you can use your smartphone as a power-point remote control.

Furthermore, if you need to perform screen recordings, that’s also possible. Just make sure you use the appropriate option from the side menu. If you want to control your other device from the one you’re currently using, you also need to use the side menu.

Plenty of configuration options

For instance, you can set ApowerMirror to run at startup, prompt you with a warning when closing its window, start mirroring automatically when you connect a device, enable call/message notifications, adjust the resolution, choose your favorite screenshot and video formats, define the output directory, or enable hard coding usage for performance improvement.

FAQ: learn more about ApowerMirror

What is ApowerMirror?

ApowerMirror is a program that you can use to mirror your Android or iOS devices’ screen on your PC. It also works in reverse, meaning that you can see your PC screen from your mobile device. You can use this tool to stream videos or photos from your phone to a larger screen, but it has additional functions, as well.

Can I use ApowerMirror on my TV?

Yes, you can use this tool on your TV, but only if it’s an Android or Apple TV. After you install the app on your TV, locate the PIN code shown on your TV, type it in your mobile app, and you’re set.

Can I stream the audio from my iPhone/Android to my TV?

You can stream audio to your TV if you use a DLNA streaming app. However, if you use ApowerMirror to mirror your screen directly to your TV, you can only stream audio if you have an iPhone. Android users can’t stream audio straight to the TV using the screen mirroring feature.

The Best Phone Stands For All Of Your Video Conferencing Needs

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

If you’re stuck in a Zoom meeting, the last thing you want to do is hold your phone the entire time. Two free hands make it easier to take notes, and you don’t have to worry about a shaky picture. Sure, you could stack books into a careful — or dangerous — stand, but what if it falls? Here are the best phone stands to support your phone when using Zoom, Google Meet, or other platforms.

These handy phone stands allow you to position your device just right, and you can adjust the angles as much as you want. We’ve selected a few business-ready options as well as one or two fun stands to take your mind off of work.

Looking for even more mobile accessories? We have a guide for that!

The best phone stands:

Editor’s note: We’ll update this list of the best phone mounts as new options launch.

 1. Moko stand

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

You may be locked at a fixed height with Moko’s stand, but you can adjust between six different viewing angles in seconds. The stand is crafted from aluminum alloy with carefully placed silicone to keep your phone locked in place. Cable management lovers will be pleased to know that there’s a carefully placed hole to keep those chargers tucked out of sight. Moko’s phone stand can support devices between 3.5 and 11-inches wide, but you’ll have to be careful of your case.

 2. Omoton C3

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Omoton’s C3 stand bears a solid resemblance to Moko’s offering with a fixed height and aluminum design. However, the C3 is taller, and it comes in three colors — black, silver, and pink. You’ll still be able to stash those unwanted cables out of sight, and the case is designed to vent air easily while charging. The Omoton C3 features a wider cradle than the Moko stand, so you should have no problem supporting devices with even the bulkiest cases.

See also: Omoton C3 Phone Stand review

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5. Saiji Gooseneck Phone Holder

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

 This gooseneck mount is impressively well-built, with a durable wire that’s easy to reposition all day long. Even the desk clamp is as rugged as they get, and we never felt like the mount was going to fall off during our testing. Saiji’s flexible neck measures 33-inches long at full stretch, which is more than enough for use in bed or at a desk. If there’s one drawback, it’s that the phone holder can’t accommodate small tablets, but it’s still more than enough for average phones.

See also: Saiji Gooseneck Phone Holder review

6. Lamicall gooseneck mount


Adjustable shafts aren’t always the easiest way to choose an angle, and this Lamicall phone mount drops them entirely. Instead, it sports a gooseneck design that’s somewhat like a bendy straw. You can adjust the 33-inch neck to any height or angle you want, and the clamp opens up to 2.36-inches to attach onto nearly any surface. Lamicall’s mount won’t work for tablets or other heavy devices, though — it maxes out at 3.9-inches wide.

 7. Superone magnetic phone stand


While most options on this list employ either clamps or a cradle design, this Superone stand makes the most of a magnetic pad. You’ll first have to attach the magnet to your phone, but then you have the freedom to choose any angle you can imagine. Superone’s phone stand comes in either gray or woodgrain finishes, and the wide base keeps your phone from toppling over. It’s recommended for devices between four and eight inches wide.

 8. Stress toy stand


We’ve already chosen several business-ready stands, so why not a few fun options? This first choice could do double duty, though, as it’s also a stress toy. It comes in a pack of three, and you can give the little man a tight squeeze if the Zoom meeting takes a turn for the worse. The stress toy stand is four inches tall, so it should work well with most phones, but it’s not adjustable in any way. You’re stuck with one angle, but at least the red, blue, and yellow versions can brighten up your desk.

 9. Puppy phone stand


You may not be able to bring your dog to work — and you certainly can’t use a dog as a phone stand — so this might be the next best thing. Available as a husky or a Shiba Inu, your furry friend’s head doubles as the adjustable stand. It may have worked better as an owl, though, because you have to turn the head back to change the angle significantly.

 10. Deadpool stand


Today’s last phone stand might be the least workplace-friendly, but it’s easily the coolest. You can choose from many pop culture heroes right here — all of which are brilliantly designed by Exquisite Gaming. We opted for the Deadpool stand, though you’ll have to remember that the stand itself isn’t adjustable. It’s wide enough to handle all manner of devices, and you can mount your Xbox or Playstation controller as well.

Google Chrome : Now Available For Download

Google set off the weekend Labor Day hype with a (perhaps well planned) leaked announcement of their new browser, Google Chrome, which hit the news outlets yesterday and is now, after a good 20 hours, finally available for download by those who are just dying to try it out. The Google Chrome browser prides itself on a simple design with minimal browser load and lots user security; which reminds me of the Netscape / Mozilla positioning of the late 90’s.

Google Chrome has the ability to change the market as we know it, and after almost a decade of Google stating that they were not interested in launching their own browser, they have finally delivered what might be the perfect end all of the browser wars, and will most definitely make the next round of Dell partnership discussions quite exciting.

Here’s a video of how Chrome works, including its OneBox features and the total Google web browsing experience all rolled into one application (more on Chrome features) :

I’m downloading Chrome right now, and conversing with some of the top folks in the search engine industry on their thoughts on the new Google browser and how it will effect web usage and search as a whole.

Frank Watson : “Without firefox plugins it will be a backup at best for now – guess they want users to adapt them using their open source”

Dave Snyder : “Chrome is fast as @$#%, I think the “omni=box” could freaking change search forever though .. could be good could be bad”

Ken Savage : “I think it’s a great step ahead for browsers. Now if they can improve on that!”

Chris Hooley : “Google Chrome is lightweight and fast. First impressions: typical of a Google release. Simple = better.”

John Carcutt : “Google Chrome Rocks the pants off of IE … jurry still out on FireFox … But its closing fast.”

Sebastian X : “From what I’ve seen so far Google Chrome is a great browser, and incredible fast. As a developer I’ve a couple items on my wish list, but I guess they will deliver most of it quite fast.”

Patrick Altoft : Awesome. Going to beat Firefox within months, the only sticking point is the extensions and even those are coming soon.

Jim Hedger : The Third Keystroke of the Googopalypse

What do you think of Google Chrome? Feel free to leave a response in the Comments below.

The 8 Best Free Video Media Players For Windows

I know we’re all here because we love a good video binge session. Ah yes, there’s something truly special about immersing yourself in a captivating movie, catching up on your favorite TV series, or exploring the endless labyrinth of YouTube. And, let’s be real, most of us have our trusty Windows PC as a loyal companion in this endless stream of digital joy. But are we maximizing the potential of this beautiful machine?

It wasn’t until one frustrating afternoon (you know, the kind where the video buffers every few seconds) that I realized – it wasn’t my internet that was the problem, it was my video player! I began a quest, a quest to discover the best free video media players that would bring my Windows PC to life. I knew I was asking for a lot. I wanted the smoothest playback, the sharpest images, and the most powerful performance. Yet, I didn’t want to spend a dime. Tough, right?

Ready to revolutionize your video viewing experience? Grab a cup of coffee, settle into your favorite chair, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together. Because who said you can’t find quality without splurging?

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a highly popular and versatile media player that supports a wide range of audio and video formats. It is a cross-platform software available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. VLC Media Player is known for its simplicity, extensive codec support, and ability to play damaged or incomplete files.

Key Features

Wide Format Support: VLC Media Player can handle almost any audio or video format you throw at it, including popular formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, MP3, FLAC, and more.

Customizable Interface: The player offers a variety of skins and themes to customize its appearance according to your preferences. You can also rearrange the toolbar buttons and enable or disable specific features.

Streaming Capabilities: With VLC Media Player, you can easily stream content over the network using various protocols like HTTP, RTSP, FTP, and more. It also supports streaming from online platforms like YouTube.

Extensive Audio and Video Settings: The player allows you to tweak various audio and video settings such as equalizer adjustments, video effects (brightness/contrast/saturation), audio synchronization controls, and more.


VLC Media Player is completely free to download and use. It is an open-source project developed by VideoLAN.


VLC Media Player stands out among the best free video media players for Windows due to its exceptional versatility in handling numerous file formats. Its extensive codec support ensures that you can play almost any media file without the need for additional codecs or plugins. Additionally, its streaming capabilities make it convenient for accessing online content directly from the player itself.


PotPlayer is a free media player for Windows that offers a wide range of features and capabilities. Developed by the South Korean company Kakao, PotPlayer has gained popularity among users due to its user-friendly interface, extensive format support, and customizable options. Whether you’re watching videos, listening to music, or streaming content online, PotPlayer provides a seamless playback experience with its robust set of features.

Key Features of PotPlayer

Wide Format Support: PotPlayer supports a vast array of audio and video formats, including popular ones like MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, FLAC, MP3, and more. This ensures that you can play almost any media file without the need for additional codecs or plugins.

Customizable Interface: With PotPlayer’s highly customizable interface, you can personalize your viewing experience according to your preferences. You can change the skin, layout, and even customize hotkeys to navigate through the player effortlessly.

Subtitle Support: PotPlayer provides comprehensive subtitle support with options to adjust font size, color, style, and synchronization. It also offers automatic subtitle downloading from popular subtitle databases like

Streaming Capabilities: In addition to local media playback, PotPlayer allows you to stream online content directly within the player using protocols like HTTP or RTMP. This feature eliminates the need for switching between different applications when you want to watch live streams or online videos.


PotPlayer is completely free to download and use without any limitations or hidden costs. It is an open-source software available for Windows platforms.

Verdict KMPlayer

Whether you’re a movie buff, a casual viewer, or an aspiring filmmaker, having a reliable and feature-packed video media player is essential. One of the standout options in this category is KMPlayer. With its sleek design and comprehensive set of features, KMPlayer aims to provide you with the ultimate video playback experience on Windows.

Key Features of KMPlayer

Here are five key features that make KMPlayer stand out among the competition:

Wide Format Support: KMPlayer supports a wide range of audio and video formats, including popular ones like MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, MP3, FLAC, and more. This means you can play virtually any media file without worrying about compatibility issues.

Customizable Interface: With KMPlayer’s user-friendly interface, you have the flexibility to customize your viewing experience. You can change skins, adjust playback settings, and even personalize keyboard shortcuts to suit your preferences.

Subtitle Support: If you’re watching foreign films or TV shows without subtitles embedded in them, KMPlayer has got you covered. It allows you to import external subtitle files and adjust their timing for seamless integration with your video playback.


The best part about KMPlayer is that it’s completely free! You can enjoy all the features mentioned above without spending a dime. This makes it an excellent choice for budget-conscious users who don’t want to compromise on quality.

The Verdict: Why Choose KMPlayer?

Whether you’re watching movies, TV shows, or your own videos, KMPlayer provides a seamless playback experience with a wide range of customization options. With its ability to handle various formats and its comprehensive feature set, KMPlayer is truly an all-in-one solution for your video media needs.

Give KMPlayer a try today and elevate your video playback experience to new heights!

GOM Player Key Features of GOM Player

Wide Format Support: GOM Player supports a vast array of video formats, including popular ones like MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, and more. This ensures that you can play almost any video file without the need for additional codecs or plugins.

Customizable User Interface: GOM Player allows you to personalize your viewing experience by customizing the player’s interface. You can choose from different skins and themes to match your preferences and even create your own skin using the Skin Builder feature.

Advanced Playback Controls: With GOM Player, you have full control over your playback experience. You can easily adjust playback speed, jump to specific scenes using the timeline slider, capture screenshots, and even repeat sections of a video for better understanding or learning purposes.

Subtitle Support: GOM Player offers comprehensive subtitle support with options for adjusting font size, color, position, and synchronization. It also has an integrated subtitle search feature that allows you to find subtitles online directly within the player.

360-Degree VR Playback: One of the unique features of GOM Player is its support for 360-degree virtual reality (VR) videos. You can enjoy immersive VR content by simply dragging and rotating the screen or using keyboard shortcuts for navigation.


GOM Player is available as a free software without any hidden costs or limitations. You can download it directly from their official website.

Verdict DivX Player

If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile video media player that offers a seamless playback experience on your Windows device, look no further than DivX Player. With its impressive range of features and user-friendly interface, DivX Player stands out as one of the top choices in the market.

Key Features of DivX Player

Enhanced Audio Experience: With support for multi-channel audio and various audio formats like AAC, FLAC, and MP3, DivX Player delivers an immersive audio experience. You can also customize the sound settings to suit your preferences.

Subtitle Support: Enjoy watching movies or TV shows in different languages with DivX Player’s subtitle support. You can easily load external subtitle files or search for subtitles online directly from the player.

Video Streaming: In addition to local playback, DivX Player also allows you to stream videos from popular streaming platforms like YouTube directly within the player interface. This feature makes it convenient to discover and watch online content without leaving the application.


DivX Player is available for free, offering all its features without any limitations or hidden costs. It stands out as a reliable option for users who want a high-quality video media player without having to spend any money.


DivX Player is an excellent choice for Windows users seeking a free video media player that combines exceptional playback quality with a user-friendly interface. Its support for various video and audio formats, subtitle integration, and convenient media library management make it a versatile tool for both casual viewers and media enthusiasts.


When it comes to video media players for Windows, 5KPlayer is a top contender that stands out from the rest. With its extensive range of features and user-friendly interface, this media player offers a seamless video playback experience. Whether you’re watching movies, TV shows, or streaming online videos, 5KPlayer has got you covered.

Key Features of 5KPlayer

Support for a wide range of formats: 5KPlayer can handle almost any video format you throw at it, ensuring compatibility with your existing media library.

High-quality video playback: With support for up to 4K Ultra HD videos and HDR content, 5KPlayer delivers stunning visuals that bring your favorite movies and shows to life.

Built-in AirPlay and DLNA streaming: One of the standout features of 5KPlayer is its ability to stream media wirelessly using AirPlay and DLNA. This means you can effortlessly mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to your Windows PC or stream videos from your computer to your smart TV.

YouTube downloader: Want to save your favorite YouTube videos for offline viewing? With 5KPlayer’s built-in YouTube downloader, you can easily download videos from YouTube and other popular video-sharing platforms.

Online radio player: In addition to its video playback capabilities, 5KPlayer also includes an online radio player that allows you to listen to thousands of radio stations from around the world.


The best part about 5KPlayer is that it is completely free! You don’t have to worry about any hidden costs or subscription fees. Simply download the software from the official website and start enjoying all of its features without spending a dime.

Verdict: A Versatile Video Player with Extra Features

5KPlayer is the perfect choice for Windows users who are looking for a versatile video media player that goes beyond just playing videos. With its support for a wide range of formats, high-quality video playback, and additional features like AirPlay and DLNA streaming, YouTube downloading, and online radio streaming, 5KPlayer offers a comprehensive multimedia experience.

What sets 5KPlayer apart from other media players is its seamless integration of AirPlay and DLNA streaming. This feature allows you to effortlessly stream media between different devices in your home network, making it incredibly convenient for those who want to enjoy their favorite content on multiple screens.


Are you tired of constantly searching for the perfect media player to meet your video playback needs? Look no further than SMPlayer. This free and open-source video media player is specifically designed for Windows users, offering a wide range of features and capabilities that make it stand out from the crowd.

Key Features of SMPlayer

Versatile Playback: SMPlayer supports a wide variety of video formats, allowing you to play virtually any type of media file effortlessly. From popular formats like MP4 and AVI to lesser-known ones like MKV and FLV, SMPlayer has got you covered.

Advanced Playback Controls: With SMPlayer, you have full control over your video playback experience. You can adjust playback speed, choose audio and subtitle tracks, and even apply filters to enhance the visual quality of your videos.

Customizable Interface: SMPlayer offers a highly customizable user interface that allows you to personalize your viewing experience. You can change the color scheme, layout, and even assign custom shortcuts to streamline your workflow.


SMPlayer is completely free to download and use. There are no hidden costs or premium versions; all features are available to every user.

The Verdict: Why Choose SMPlayer?

Moreover, the integration of YouTube within SMPlayer eliminates the need for switching between different applications. You can conveniently search for and watch YouTube videos directly within the player interface.


MPV is a powerful and versatile media player that offers a wide range of features and customization options. It is known for its simplicity, lightweight design, and ability to handle various video formats with ease. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a tech-savvy user, MPV provides an excellent playback experience on Windows.

Key Features

Minimalistic Interface: MPV has a clean and straightforward interface, making it easy to navigate and use. The minimalist design allows you to focus on your media without any distractions.

Wide Format Support: One of the standout features of MPV is its extensive format support. It can handle almost any video format you throw at it, including popular ones like MKV, AVI, MP4, and more. This ensures that you can play your favorite videos without worrying about compatibility issues.

Customization Options: MPV offers a plethora of customization options to enhance your viewing experience. You can tweak settings like aspect ratio, subtitles, audio tracks, video filters, and more. These options allow you to personalize the player according to your preferences.

GPU Acceleration: MPV leverages hardware acceleration for smooth playback even when dealing with high-resolution videos or demanding codecs. This ensures that you can enjoy your videos without any lag or stuttering.

Pricing: MPV is completely free and open-source software released under the GNU General Public License (GPLv2).


When choosing a free video media player, consider factors like the user interface, ease of use, codec support, and additional features. Some media players offer video editing tools, subtitle support, and streaming capabilities. It’s also crucial to check whether the player supports the video formats you frequently use.

Most modern free video media players support high-definition video, but the exact formats and resolutions can vary. Players should support 720p and 1080p, and many now also support 4K and even 8K video. Always check the specifications of the player for the details.

Yes, many free video media players for Windows allow you to stream online videos. Some players can even integrate with popular streaming platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. However, the availability of this feature can differ from player to player.

Most free video media players provide subtitle support, which includes the ability to load subtitle files in various formats, adjust their timing, and customize their appearance. Some players even have the ability to search and download subtitles from the internet.

Best Free Chatgpt Extensions For Google Chrome

Here is a list of the best free ChatGPT extensions available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. ChatGPT has undoubtedly taken AI chatbots to another level. It is a recently launched AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI, which is a large language generation model based on GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture. The primary goal of ChatGPT is to generate human-like text that can respond to a wide range of prompts in a conversational manner.

While ChatGPT is already amazing, you can further enhance its functionalities by using a web extension in your Chrome browser. There are several Chrome extensions that you can install and use as per your requirements. So, let us check out these free ChatGPT extensions now.

Best free ChatGPT extensions for Google Chrome

Here is a list of the best free ChatGPT extensions for different purposes that you can install and use in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge:

WebChatGPT: ChatGPT with internet access

ChatGPT for Google

Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT powered assistant


ChatGPT Writer

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT


ChatGPT Prompt Genius




1] WebChatGPT: ChatGPT with internet access

It is a great free extension that allows you to further enhance the functionality of ChatGPT. So, do give it a try.

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2] ChatGPT for Google

You can use ChatGPT for Google. It is a free web extension for Chrome that enables you to use ChatGPT directly on Google, Bing and various other search engines. It displays responses to your queries from ChatGPT along with Google and other search engine results. This ChatGPT extension also supports Bing, DuckDuckGo, and a few other search engines.

Just add this extension to your Chrome browser and then it will start showing your search results with a ChatGPT tab on your search engine. However, you will first have to log in to your ChatGPT account to use it.

Some nice features that you get with this extension are Markdown rendering, Code highlights, Dark mode, and Custom trigger mode. You can also copy the result to the clipboard and paste it into a document editor. All in all, it is a nice extension to add ChatGPT to your search engine.

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3] Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT powered assistant

Another Chrome extension for ChatGPT is Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT powered assistant. This extension works on all websites through your entire web browser. You can even select a specific text on a website and query about it to Merlin. It will answer quickly.

To get started, you can install this free ChatGPT Chrome extension from here. After that, simply login to Merlin to be able to use it. It has two hotkeys for two different functions. When you want to call Merlin for action on a web page, simply press the Ctrl + M and it will display a prompt where you can ask a question. The second hotkey is Ctrl + Shift + R which is used to refresh a web page before calling Merlin.

You can copy the results to the clipboard. In case you don’t like a specific answer, you can refresh the answer and let it regenerate a new answer to your query.

This extension has a limitation in its free plan. You can ask up to 15 queries per day. To remove this restriction, you will have to make a purchase for its PRO plan.

4] tweetGPT

It also lets you select the tone of the tweets that you want to create through this ChatGPT extension. Funny, snarky, optimistic, excited, smart, controversial, and more are the ones that you can choose from. If you are replying to a tweet, it will autogenerate a reply based on the original tweet you are replying to.

So, add tweetGPT to Chrome and start autogenerating tweets within seconds.

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5] ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer is yet another free ChatGPT extension that you can use in Google Chrome. As clear by its name, this extension is specially designed for writers to autotype emails and messages. It lets you briefly describe the content of your message and then it automatically generates a response that you can use for emailing and messaging. It supports multiple languages as mentioned on its official page on Chrome Web Store.

To use it, simply add it to Chrome and then log in to your OpenAI account. It will then work as a standalone extension that you can use on websites as well as email services like Gmail. You can generate emails/messages and then copy the responses to use them for emailing or messaging purposes.

Get it here.

6] YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

To quickly view and learn about the summary of a YouTube video, you can use this free Chrome extension called YouTube Summary with ChatGPT. It shows the transcript of the YouTube video you are currently watching. Once added to the browser, you can refresh your YouTube video and there will be a Transcript & Summary block on the right side. From here, you can view the transcript of the video with the timestamp.

It offers a Jump to Current Time option using which you can move to the summary of the currently played frame in the video. Plus, you can also copy the transcript to the clipboard or open it in a new tab.

Liked it? You can add it to your Chrome browser from here.

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7] Summarize

Summarize is the next free ChatGPT extension for Google Chrome. It is an AI-powered summarization technology powered by ChatGPT that automatically generates summaries for articles and text. This tool generates a comprehensive, accurate, reliable, and high-quality summary within seconds.

Get it here.

8] ChatGPT Prompt Genius

ChatGPT Prompt Genius is a free and open-source extension that allows you to use the best prompts for ChatGPT. It lets you create new prompts for ChatGPT and share the prompt on Reddit. You can add ChatGPTPromptGenius to Chrome, log in to your ChatGPT account, and then start using prompts for ChatGPT in different categories. These categories include Academic Writing, Fun & Games, Social Media & Blogging, Poetry, Philosophy & Logic, Education & learning, etc.

It also offers various Prompt Templates that you can use. You can also search for a required prompt and then import it into ChatGPT. It also lets you browse public prompts and use them. You can also toggle between dark and light modes. Furthermore, a dedicated History section is provided to check out all your previous prompts. It even allows you to set up various configurations.

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9] FancyGPT

The next ChatGPT extension on this list is FancyGPT. It is a nice free Chrome extension that lets you create ChatGPT snippets in a beautiful layout. You can download the created ChatGPT snippets in different formats including image (JPG), PDF, and text files.

10] Promptheus

Promptheus is a free Chrome extension to converse with ChatGPT. It allows you to use voice chat instead of typing to talk to ChatGPT. It is an efficient way to talk to ChatGPT. Just open your ChatGPT page, hold the spacebar, and then talk through your mic to enter your instructions to ChatGPT.

It is a simple extension, however, is effective if you want to give instructions to ChatGPT through your voice.

11] WritingMate

Use the WritingMate extension which is a ChatGPT writing assistant for the Chrome browser. You can use it to create reviews, autogenerate replies for messages, write tweets, create emails, get explanations on a topic, and much more. It comes with several templates that you can use, such as Fixing Grammar in a sentence, Generating a list of gift ideas, Writing a review, and many more.

To get started with this ChatGPT extension, add it to Chrome, and then open a tab and press Ctrl+M to open this tool. You can then enter your instructions and it will answer within a second. It lets you copy the response, send it as a prompt, and add it to your favorites.

Do note that the free plan of WritingMate lets you send only 10 messages per day. For more messages, you can upgrade to its premium plan.

What can I do with ChatGPT?

You can Generate summaries of books you want to read, Write a song with a description, Write stories, Generate jokes, Write code, Find mistakes in code, Play games, Create a resume, Translate languages, and more with ChatGPT.

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