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Google set off the weekend Labor Day hype with a (perhaps well planned) leaked announcement of their new browser, Google Chrome, which hit the news outlets yesterday and is now, after a good 20 hours, finally available for download by those who are just dying to try it out. The Google Chrome browser prides itself on a simple design with minimal browser load and lots user security; which reminds me of the Netscape / Mozilla positioning of the late 90’s.

Google Chrome has the ability to change the market as we know it, and after almost a decade of Google stating that they were not interested in launching their own browser, they have finally delivered what might be the perfect end all of the browser wars, and will most definitely make the next round of Dell partnership discussions quite exciting.

Here’s a video of how Chrome works, including its OneBox features and the total Google web browsing experience all rolled into one application (more on Chrome features) :

I’m downloading Chrome right now, and conversing with some of the top folks in the search engine industry on their thoughts on the new Google browser and how it will effect web usage and search as a whole.

Frank Watson : “Without firefox plugins it will be a backup at best for now – guess they want users to adapt them using their open source”

Dave Snyder : “Chrome is fast as @$#%, I think the “omni=box” could freaking change search forever though .. could be good could be bad”

Ken Savage : “I think it’s a great step ahead for browsers. Now if they can improve on that!”

Chris Hooley : “Google Chrome is lightweight and fast. First impressions: typical of a Google release. Simple = better.”

John Carcutt : “Google Chrome Rocks the pants off of IE … jurry still out on FireFox … But its closing fast.”

Sebastian X : “From what I’ve seen so far Google Chrome is a great browser, and incredible fast. As a developer I’ve a couple items on my wish list, but I guess they will deliver most of it quite fast.”

Patrick Altoft : Awesome. Going to beat Firefox within months, the only sticking point is the extensions and even those are coming soon.

Jim Hedger : The Third Keystroke of the Googopalypse

What do you think of Google Chrome? Feel free to leave a response in the Comments below.

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Galaxy A5 Firmware Download: Android 8.0 Oreo Now Available

Update [June 18, 2023]: Samsung has released Android Oreo update for the Galaxy A5 2023 mode. Please note that the 2024 (SM-A500) and 2023 (SM-A510) models are not expected to be given Android 8.0 build.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Firmware

Galaxy A5 2023

Model Date Free Download Link

SM-A520F 10 May 2023

SM-A520F 19 Apr 2023

SM-A520F 03 Apr 2023

SM-A520F 30 Mar 2023

SM-A520F 09 Mar 2023

SM-A520F 07 Feb 2023

SM-A520F 06 Mar 2023

SM-A520F 26 Jun 2023

SM-A520F 13 Jun 2023

SM-A520F 09 Jun 2023

SM-A520F 08 Jun 2023

SM-A520F 08 Jun 2023

SM-A520F 08 Jun 2023

SM-A520F 05 Jun 2023

SM-A520F 10 May 2023

SM-A520F 11 Jun 2023

SM-A520F 21 Mar 2023

SM-A520F 08 Jun 2023

SM-A520K 08 May 2023

SM-A520K 09 Feb 2023

SM-A520K 16 Jun 2023

SM-A520L 19 Apr 2023

SM-A520L 09 Feb 2023

SM-A520L 16 Jun 2023

SM-A520S 19 Apr 2023

SM-A520S 09 Feb 2023

SM-A520S 16 Jun 2023

SM-A520W 01 Sep 2023

SM-A520W 18 May 2023

SM-A520W 27 Feb 2023

SM-A520W 09 Apr 2023

SM-A520W 05 Mar 2023

SM-A520W 23 Sep 2023

SM-A520W 16 Jan 2023

SM-A520W 16 Jun 2023

SM-A520W 03 Aug 2023

SM-A520W 07 Jul 2023

Galaxy A5 2024

Model Date Free Download Link

SM-A510F –

SM-A510F –

SM-A510F 13 Jun 2023

SM-A510F 29 Jun 2023

SM-A510F 18 May 2023

SM-A510F 10 May 2023

SM-A510F 03 May 2023

SM-A510F 25 Apr 2023

SM-A510F 20 Apr 2023

SM-A510F 13 Apr 2023

SM-A510F 30 Mar 2023

SM-A510F 24 Mar 2023

SM-A510F –

SM-A510F –

SM-A510F –

SM-A510F –

SM-A510F –

SM-A510F –

SM-A510F 06 Jun 2023

SM-A510F 11 Apr 2023

SM-A510FD –

SM-A510FD 12 Jan 2023

SM-A510FD 27 Oct 2023

SM-A510FD 23 Jun 2023

SM-A510FD 09 Jun 2023

SM-A510FD 08 May 2023

SM-A510FD 12 Apr 2023

SM-A510FD 06 Mar 2023

SM-A510FD 10 Jan 2023

SM-A510FD –

SM-A510FD –

SM-A510FD –

SM-A510FD 13 Dec 2023

SM-A510FD 17 Nov 2023

SM-A510FD 07 Jun 2023

SM-A510FD 22 Mar 2023

SM-A510FD 06 Dec 2024

SM-A510K 13 Dec 2023

SM-A510K 17 Mar 2024

SM-A510K 07 Apr 2023

SM-A510L 13 Dec 2023

SM-A510L 17 Mar 2024

SM-A510L 07 Apr 2023

SM-A510M –

SM-A510M 12 Jun 2023

SM-A510M 04 May 2023

SM-A510M 23 Mar 2023

SM-A510M 20 Mar 2023

SM-A510M 10 Feb 2023

SM-A510M 31 Jan 2023

SM-A510M 05 Jan 2023

SM-A510M 13 Dec 2024

SM-A510M 10 Nov 2024

SM-A510M 30 May 2023

SM-A510M 06 Apr 2023

SM-A510M 31 Mar 2023

SM-A510M 03 Mar 2023

SM-A510M 30 Jan 2023

SM-A510S 13 Dec 2023

SM-A510S 17 Mar 2024

SM-A510S 07 Apr 2023

SM-A510Y –

SM-A510Y 10 Oct 2024

SM-A510Y 20 Nov 2023

SM-A510Y 26 Apr 2023

SM-A510Y 09 Mar 2023

SM-A510Y 20 Jan 2023

SM-A510Y 02 Dec 2024

SM-A510Y 04 Oct 2024

SM-A510Y 17 Jun 2024

SM-A510Y 08 Apr 2024

SM-A510Y 14 Feb 2024

SM-A510Y 05 Jun 2023

Galaxy A5 2024

Model Date Free Download Link

SM-A500F 21 Nov 2024

SM-A500F 25 Oct 2024

SM-A500F 24 Oct 2024

SM-A500F 30 Aug 2024

SM-A500F 05 Aug 2024

SM-A500F 19 Jul 2024

SM-A500F 08 Jun 2024

SM-A500F 23 Jan 2024

SM-A500F 19 Nov 2024

SM-A500F 30 Oct 2024

SM-A500F 24 Mar 2023

SM-A500F 24 Mar 2023

SM-A500F 06 Mar 2023

SM-A500F 28 Dec 2024

SM-A500F 08 Dec 2024

SM-A500F 21 Nov 2024

SM-A500F 13 Oct 2024

SM-A500FU 14 Jun 2023

SM-A500FU 07 Jun 2023

SM-A500FU 22 Mar 2023

SM-A500FU 17 Mar 2023

SM-A500G 10 May 2023

SM-A500G 07 Feb 2023

SM-A500G 18 Oct 2024

SM-A500G 17 Aug 2024

SM-A500G 25 May 2024

SM-A500G 19 Apr 2024

SM-A500G 21 Mar 2024

SM-A500G 05 Feb 2024

SM-A500G 14 Dec 2024

SM-A500G 05 Oct 2024

SM-A500G 18 May 2024

SM-A500G 26 Feb 2024

SM-A500G 28 Jan 2024

SM-A500G 09 Jan 2024

SM-A500G 08 Dec 2014

SM-A500G 03 Nov 2014

SM-A500G 02 Mar 2023

SM-A500G 19 Dec 2024

SM-A500G 12 Sep 2024

SM-A500H 29 Dec 2024

SM-A500H 15 Nov 2024

SM-A500H 11 Nov 2024

SM-A500H 20 Aug 2024

SM-A500H 17 Aug 2024

SM-A500H 12 Aug 2024

SM-A500H 05 Aug 2024

SM-A500H 16 Jun 2024

SM-A500H 03 May 2024

SM-A500H 22 Feb 2024

SM-A500H 27 Mar 2023

SM-A500H 22 Mar 2023

SM-A500H 17 Mar 2023

SM-A500H 07 Mar 2023

SM-A500H 13 Dec 2024

SM-A500M 09 Mar 2023

SM-A500W 13 Jul 2024

SM-A500W 15 Nov 2024

SM-A500Y 28 Mar 2023

SM-A500Y 16 Mar 2023

SM-A500Y 05 Jan 2023

SM-A500Y 29 Nov 2024

SM-A500Y 10 Oct 2024

SM-A500Y 14 Sep 2024

SM-A500Y 26 Aug 2024

SM-A500Y 15 Aug 2024

SM-A500Y 05 Jul 2024

SM-A500Y 15 Dec 2024

SM-A500Y 03 Nov 2024

SM-A500Y 08 Sep 2024

SM-A500Y 26 Aug 2024

SM-A500Y 07 Apr 2024

SM-A500Y 24 Jan 2024

SM-A500Y 01 Mar 2023

How to download the correct firmware file

This is an important part!

Be sure to check and find the correct model no. of your Galaxy A5. Then, based on your device’s model no., look for the appropriate firmware build from above.

Now that you know the model no., download the latest firmware from above for that model no. exactly.

Next, install the firmware on your Galaxy A5 by following the guide linked right below.

How to install a firmware

First, read our disclaimer, then take backup and then follow the guide below to install the firmware.

Disclaimer: Installing an official firmware through Odin doesn’t void your device’s warranty, but it remains an unofficial process and thus you need to be cautious of it. In any case, you only are responsible for your device. We won’t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.

Backup, backup, backup! Create an appropriate backup of contacts, pictures, videos, songs and other important files stored on your device before proceeding with the steps below, so that in case something goes wrong you’ll have a backup of all your important files. Sometimes, firmware installation may delete everything on your device! Like, when you change the CSC of your device, knowingly or not.

Step-by-step Firmware Installation Guide

Let’s see how to install the firmware on your Galaxy A5. Make sure you have more than 30% battery on your device.

Step 1. Make sure you have downloaded the correct firmware file on your PC. See above for how to download correct firmware file for your Galaxy A5 and download links.

Step 3. Also, download Odin PC software (latest version).

Step 5. Extract the Odin file. You should get the Odin exe file (other files could be hidden, hence not visible).

Step 6. Disconnect your Galaxy A5 from PC if it is connected.

Step 7. Boot into download mode:

Power off your device. Wait for 6-7 seconds after screen goes off.

Press and hold the three buttons Volume down + Home + Power together until you see the Warning screen.

Press Volume Up to continue to download mode.

Step 9. Connect your device now using the USB cable. Odin should recognize your device. It’s a must. When it recognizes, you will see Added!! message appearing in the Log box in the bottom left, and the first box under ID:COM will also show a no. and turn its background blue. Look at the pic below.

You cannot proceed until you get the Added!! message, which confirms that Odin has recognized your device.

If you don’t get Added!! message, you need to install/re-install drivers again, and use the original cable that came with the device. Mostly, drivers are the problem (look at step 2 above).

You can try different USB ports on your PC too.

Load the firmware files(s) on your device. This depends on how many files you got in step 4 above upon extracting the firmware .zip file.

Case 1: If you got a single .tar/.tar.md5 file, then load this into AP tab of your Odin software. Then go to next step.

Case 2: If you got more than one .tar/.tar.md5 file, then you must be having files starting with AP, CSC, Home_CSC, BL, CP, etc. stuff. In this case, choose the files as follows. Select the firmware files as follows.

About CSC file: Using the HOME_CSC file won’t reset your device, and data on the phone shouldn’t be deleted. However, when we select regular CSC file, and it results in CSC on the device being different than that in CSC file, your phone will be formatted automatically. You can even choose to ignore loading the CSC file, that may do alright too. But if it doesn’t work out, repeat the whole process and select CSC file this time around.

Info: When you load files, Odin checks the md5 of firmware file, which takes time. So, simply wait until that’s done and the firmware file is loaded. Don’t worry if Odin gets unresponsive for a while, it’s normal. Binary size will also show up in Odin.

Go back to Log tab now, as it will show the progress of firmware installation when you hit the start button in next step.

Wait till installation is finished, after which your device will reboot automatically. You’ll get PASS message as shown below upon successful installation from Odin.

Some errors you may run into, and with respective solution.

If Odin gets stuck at setup connection, then you need to do this all again. Disconnect your device, close Odin, boot device into download mode again, open Odin, and then select the file and flash it again as said above.

If you get FAIL in the top left box, then also you need to flash the file again as stated just above.

That’s it. Let device restart automatically.

Firmware Benefits

You can use the firmware for a variety of purposes, which includes:

Fix your Galaxy A5 if it’s giving you force closes errors and restarts randomly.

Unbrick your Galaxy A5 if it’s bootlooping and stuck at logo when restarting.

Go Back to Stock on your Galaxy A5 — helps when looking to sell the device, or fix installing OTA updates if broken.

Restore Galaxy A5 to factory state.

Upgrade your Galaxy A5 to newer Android version.

Downgrade your Galaxy A5 to lower build no. at same Android version.

Unroot your Galaxy A5.

Remove custom recovery like TWRP and CWM, if installed, on your Galaxy A5.

Ten Google Chrome Apps To Check Out Right Now

Everyone loves apps, right? Google is the first to launch a desktop app store (though Apple and Microsoft aren’t far behind), the Chrome Web Store, expressly designed for their Chrome browser. It looks pretty much like any other app store, with games, utilities, news, and other categories, except Chrome apps run right in your browser, in their own tab. There are hundreds already, so combing through the lists to get to the good stuff can be tricky. Here are ten of our favorites.

Aviary Advanced Image Editor

Aviary is a great bullet point in Google’s argument that the web browser is the modern computer. Why download other software when you can handle all of your work within the browser? The crown jewel of Aviary’s suite (also including a music creator and vector editor) is a pretty unbelievable photo editor, one with extensive controls and impressive speed that can easily replace Photoshop for a large percentage of users. The layer-based editor has more than 30 rich editing tools, and while it is not (and may never be) as good as Photoshop for power users, it is a worthy alternative, one that won’t show its limitations to most users. Plus, it’s free, which Photoshop is assuredly not. Check out the screen-capture Chrome extension as well–it’s a nice companion piece to the app.

New York Times

The flagship Web App offering from America’s flagship newspaper, the free NYTimes app is very much in the vein of the paper’s Adobe Air-powered TimesReader. Stories are presented in a more structured visual format than the web site, laid out in tiles. Each story, when brought fullscreen, uses a more newspaper-like column format, with a nice little sliding animation when you change pages. The app as a whole is more approachable than the web site, but lacks the site’s breadth and, oddly, its video content. For now, if you want to see Mark Bittman’s endearingly dry wit, you’ll have to go to the site–a definite problem. But for sheer news-reading, I prefer it.


TweetDeck makes some of the best social-networking apps out there for every platform you can name–iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, etc–and ChromeDeck, the company’s Chrome app, is a worthy addition. TweetDeck monitors feeds from several different social networking services, including Twitter, Facebook, and (if you’re some kind of weirdo who actually uses it) Google Buzz. It’s a power user’s app, letting you post to multiple accounts at once, geo-tag photos, and customize your experience more than any human really needs to. It’s a great replacement for the desktop software–it does pretty much the same thing, within the browser.



eBuddy’s Chrome app is another in the vein of Aviary: Why have a separate program when an app can do it just as well? Available on the major mobile platforms already, eBuddy is a multi-protocol instant messenger service, combining all of your chat services (like AIM, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo!, and Facebook) into one nice buddy list. The free Chrome app has just the right amount of customization, and looks way prettier than other in-browser offerings like Meebo.

The Onion News Network

The Onion News Network takes the long-running mock-AP style of the print and online articles and tweaks them for a video audience, in the form of insaner-than-usual pundits, oblivious local news anchors, and sports shows that mostly consist of high-energy delirium. The ONN’s hit-to-miss ratio is better than just about any other comedy group out there (my personal favorite: crotchety pundit Joad Cressbeckler), and an iPhone and Android app have both proven pretty successful. The new Chrome app brings all of the best segments (best title: Today Now!) with an easy-to-use large button interface. It might even be better on a touchscreen, but it works just fine with a typical keyboard-and-mouse setup.


Gilt is a discount designer clothing shopping service, run a bit like the more electronically-focused Woot: A set few designers offer goods at a huge discount (often as much as 70% off), rotated daily. Gilt’s classy black-and-gold design works well here, much more elegant than the website, and allows easier and quicker browsing. The app is free, but be warned: The clothes still aren’t.


It wouldn’t be an app store without lots and lots of time-killing games, right? One of the best is Entanglement, a very pretty puzzle game in which you rotate hexagonal squares to try to extend the length of a tangled line. It’s hard to explain, but this video makes it pretty clear. The game is a ton of fun to play, and can even be played offline–one of the oddest things about this Chrome Web Store is that it encourages opening a browser without Internet access. Regardless, this is a fun one.

WikiHow Survival Kit

Oh, WikiHow, what an invaluable service you provide. Elsewhere on the Internet, WikiHow is a giant wiki database of how-to articles, ranging from “how to stop a baby from drowning” to “how to escape a bear” to “how to escape from handcuffs.” The new Chrome app is a thoughtfully designed collection of these articles, organized by category in a sort of playing card layout. The articles are often educational and funny, and the free app (though a little bit pokey on my computer) is a lot more pleasurable to use than the wiki.


WordSquared is a great multiplayer game that really lives up to its “massively multiplayer” billing. Somewhere between Scrabble and Bananagrams, WordSquared takes place on a giant global board, with everyone playing at once. You won’t likely run out of space, so it’s not as challenging as Scrabble, and you don’t have to work quite as fast as Bananagrams, but you do have to concentrate and make your move quickly–otherwise that great spot might get snatched up. It’s a pretty epic timewaster, given its lack of many boundaries, so be careful while playing it at work–before you know it, an hour of playtime can easily pass.

10 Best Security Extensions For Google Chrome

There are tons of Google Chrome extensions out there that can enhance your browser in various ways. They include specific extensions and tools for web designers, writers, gamers, and users who want to improve their productivity. 

Some extensions can improve the user experience of absolutely anyone, like the security extensions for Google Chrome. These include virus scanners, extensions that protect you from malware, ad blockers, anti-tracking extensions that help you maintain your privacy online, and even password managers to create and store unique passwords for your accounts. Here are the best Chrome extensions for added security of your online browsing. 

Table of Contents

How to Add & Remove an Extension from Google Chrome

The downside of having too many extensions added to Google Chrome is that they can slow your browser down. Luckily, both installing and uninstalling Chrome extensions is easy, and you can do that in minutes. 

All Google Chrome extensions live in the Chrome Web Store. Find the extension you want to add and select Add to Chrome to download and install it. 

If you later decide that you want to get rid of a particular extension, find it in your browser in the Extensions menu and select Remove from Chrome. 

The Best Security Extensions for Google Chrome

Now that you know how to add and remove Chrome extensions and where to find them, here are the best security extensions for Google Chrome to start with.

Avast Online Security is the first Chrome security extension that we recommend installing. It’s a standalone security extension from Avast that doesn’t require an Avast license, so you can use it in Chrome for free. 

The HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol secure) ensures that your login information and other personal data are encrypted when you browse the web. Unfortunately, not all websites have made the switch from a less secure protocol HTTP to HTTPS. HTTPS Everywhere is a Chrome extension that automatically applies HTTPS encryption when you open websites that don’t provide it. This can help prevent people from spying on your browsing activity. 

A VPN Chrome extension is essential for anyone who cares about their online security. uVPN is a free extension that helps you browse websites securely by keeping your IP and location private. The free version includes two free locations that you can choose uVPN to connect you to: Germany and Spain. Other locations are available in various subscription plans.

uVPN also allows you to surpass geographical restrictions and unblock websites that you couldn’t access from your location before. 

Disconnect automatically blocks the most “harmful” trackers, and you can choose to block the rest manually. 

Privacy Badger is among the best browser tools for protecting your online privacy. Privacy Badger is a tool that learns about your online activity while you’re browsing. So the more you use it, the better it is at identifying and blocking trackers on the websites you visit. 

You don’t need to choose which trackers to block manually. Privacy Badger has a three-strike rule that allows the extension to block the harmful trackers while also leaving the harmless first-party trackers untouched. To see the list of the trackers on a particular website, open it in Google Chrome, open the Extensions menu and select Privacy Badger. 

DuckDuckGo is a Google Chrome extension that helps you protect your privacy when browsing. As part of the extension, you can set DuckDuckGo to be your default privacy search engine, which in turn will allow you to search the internet without being tracked. 

When enabled, DuckDuckGo also blocks third-party trackers and forces the websites to use an encrypted connection when you visit them. 

Blur is an essential Chrome security extension for anyone who wants to secure their online accounts and keep their online payments safe. Blur is a secure password manager tool that you use in Google Chrome for free. It helps you generate strong, unique passwords for your online accounts and store them so that you don’t have to memorize them or keep a list of them on your device. 

Blur also offers other security features, like tracker blocking and email masking. The latter masks your real data by generating random fake credentials. If you opt for a premium subscription, you can access other useful privacy features, including phone number masking. 

Removing your download history

Erasing temporary files

Deleting client-side Web SQL Databases

Removing flash cookies 

Cleaning up all traces of your online activity

Scanning your device for malware. 

Enhance Your Browser with the Best Security Extensions for Chrome 

If you become more curious about what else Chrome can do after adding security extensions to your browser, give some of these excellent universal Chrome extensions a try. They’re bound to enhance your browser and improve your user experience in Google Chrome further.

Best Free Chatgpt Extensions For Google Chrome

Here is a list of the best free ChatGPT extensions available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. ChatGPT has undoubtedly taken AI chatbots to another level. It is a recently launched AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI, which is a large language generation model based on GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture. The primary goal of ChatGPT is to generate human-like text that can respond to a wide range of prompts in a conversational manner.

While ChatGPT is already amazing, you can further enhance its functionalities by using a web extension in your Chrome browser. There are several Chrome extensions that you can install and use as per your requirements. So, let us check out these free ChatGPT extensions now.

Best free ChatGPT extensions for Google Chrome

Here is a list of the best free ChatGPT extensions for different purposes that you can install and use in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge:

WebChatGPT: ChatGPT with internet access

ChatGPT for Google

Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT powered assistant


ChatGPT Writer

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT


ChatGPT Prompt Genius




1] WebChatGPT: ChatGPT with internet access

It is a great free extension that allows you to further enhance the functionality of ChatGPT. So, do give it a try.

Read: How to use ChatGPT – Beginners Guide.

2] ChatGPT for Google

You can use ChatGPT for Google. It is a free web extension for Chrome that enables you to use ChatGPT directly on Google, Bing and various other search engines. It displays responses to your queries from ChatGPT along with Google and other search engine results. This ChatGPT extension also supports Bing, DuckDuckGo, and a few other search engines.

Just add this extension to your Chrome browser and then it will start showing your search results with a ChatGPT tab on your search engine. However, you will first have to log in to your ChatGPT account to use it.

Some nice features that you get with this extension are Markdown rendering, Code highlights, Dark mode, and Custom trigger mode. You can also copy the result to the clipboard and paste it into a document editor. All in all, it is a nice extension to add ChatGPT to your search engine.

Read: ChatGPT Desktop App for Windows

3] Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT powered assistant

Another Chrome extension for ChatGPT is Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT powered assistant. This extension works on all websites through your entire web browser. You can even select a specific text on a website and query about it to Merlin. It will answer quickly.

To get started, you can install this free ChatGPT Chrome extension from here. After that, simply login to Merlin to be able to use it. It has two hotkeys for two different functions. When you want to call Merlin for action on a web page, simply press the Ctrl + M and it will display a prompt where you can ask a question. The second hotkey is Ctrl + Shift + R which is used to refresh a web page before calling Merlin.

You can copy the results to the clipboard. In case you don’t like a specific answer, you can refresh the answer and let it regenerate a new answer to your query.

This extension has a limitation in its free plan. You can ask up to 15 queries per day. To remove this restriction, you will have to make a purchase for its PRO plan.

4] tweetGPT

It also lets you select the tone of the tweets that you want to create through this ChatGPT extension. Funny, snarky, optimistic, excited, smart, controversial, and more are the ones that you can choose from. If you are replying to a tweet, it will autogenerate a reply based on the original tweet you are replying to.

So, add tweetGPT to Chrome and start autogenerating tweets within seconds.

Read: ChatGPT is at capacity right now; How to bypass?

5] ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer is yet another free ChatGPT extension that you can use in Google Chrome. As clear by its name, this extension is specially designed for writers to autotype emails and messages. It lets you briefly describe the content of your message and then it automatically generates a response that you can use for emailing and messaging. It supports multiple languages as mentioned on its official page on Chrome Web Store.

To use it, simply add it to Chrome and then log in to your OpenAI account. It will then work as a standalone extension that you can use on websites as well as email services like Gmail. You can generate emails/messages and then copy the responses to use them for emailing or messaging purposes.

Get it here.

6] YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

To quickly view and learn about the summary of a YouTube video, you can use this free Chrome extension called YouTube Summary with ChatGPT. It shows the transcript of the YouTube video you are currently watching. Once added to the browser, you can refresh your YouTube video and there will be a Transcript & Summary block on the right side. From here, you can view the transcript of the video with the timestamp.

It offers a Jump to Current Time option using which you can move to the summary of the currently played frame in the video. Plus, you can also copy the transcript to the clipboard or open it in a new tab.

Liked it? You can add it to your Chrome browser from here.

Read: Best AI tools for Content Writing.

7] Summarize

Summarize is the next free ChatGPT extension for Google Chrome. It is an AI-powered summarization technology powered by ChatGPT that automatically generates summaries for articles and text. This tool generates a comprehensive, accurate, reliable, and high-quality summary within seconds.

Get it here.

8] ChatGPT Prompt Genius

ChatGPT Prompt Genius is a free and open-source extension that allows you to use the best prompts for ChatGPT. It lets you create new prompts for ChatGPT and share the prompt on Reddit. You can add ChatGPTPromptGenius to Chrome, log in to your ChatGPT account, and then start using prompts for ChatGPT in different categories. These categories include Academic Writing, Fun & Games, Social Media & Blogging, Poetry, Philosophy & Logic, Education & learning, etc.

It also offers various Prompt Templates that you can use. You can also search for a required prompt and then import it into ChatGPT. It also lets you browse public prompts and use them. You can also toggle between dark and light modes. Furthermore, a dedicated History section is provided to check out all your previous prompts. It even allows you to set up various configurations.

See: A Guide to OpenAI and its Products and Services.

9] FancyGPT

The next ChatGPT extension on this list is FancyGPT. It is a nice free Chrome extension that lets you create ChatGPT snippets in a beautiful layout. You can download the created ChatGPT snippets in different formats including image (JPG), PDF, and text files.

10] Promptheus

Promptheus is a free Chrome extension to converse with ChatGPT. It allows you to use voice chat instead of typing to talk to ChatGPT. It is an efficient way to talk to ChatGPT. Just open your ChatGPT page, hold the spacebar, and then talk through your mic to enter your instructions to ChatGPT.

It is a simple extension, however, is effective if you want to give instructions to ChatGPT through your voice.

11] WritingMate

Use the WritingMate extension which is a ChatGPT writing assistant for the Chrome browser. You can use it to create reviews, autogenerate replies for messages, write tweets, create emails, get explanations on a topic, and much more. It comes with several templates that you can use, such as Fixing Grammar in a sentence, Generating a list of gift ideas, Writing a review, and many more.

To get started with this ChatGPT extension, add it to Chrome, and then open a tab and press Ctrl+M to open this tool. You can then enter your instructions and it will answer within a second. It lets you copy the response, send it as a prompt, and add it to your favorites.

Do note that the free plan of WritingMate lets you send only 10 messages per day. For more messages, you can upgrade to its premium plan.

What can I do with ChatGPT?

You can Generate summaries of books you want to read, Write a song with a description, Write stories, Generate jokes, Write code, Find mistakes in code, Play games, Create a resume, Translate languages, and more with ChatGPT.

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You Should Download The New Google Drive For Desktop

You might be familiar with Google Drive from its web interface or its mobile apps. But desktop software is available as well, allowing you to seamlessly sync files stored in your Google Drive with the file system on your Windows or macOS computer.

After four years since its last update, that desktop software setup is changing again, and the current tools (Backup & Sync for free account holders, and Drive File Stream for enterprise customers), will be replaced by a new, single platform called Drive for Desktop.

You can carry on accessing Google Drive in your web browser and mobile apps as always—creating Docs, Sheets, and Slides just the same as before. But if you want to keep data from Google Drive on your computer and sync it to the cloud, or if you’ve got large batches of files you need to upload to your Drive, then you’ll want to download the desktop application.

What Drive for Desktop does

Drive for Desktop turns Google Drive into a fully-fledged file syncing service rather than just a cloud storage locker—think Dropbox, OneDrive, and iCloud. When using the software, your documents will be simultaneously on your hard drive and available on the web, though you can choose which files and folders are stored locally and which aren’t.

There are a few reasons to sync files locally rather than just accessing Google Drive through your web browser every time. First, it means that if your computer is offline or has a slow internet connection, you can still watch those HD videos you’ve got stored in your Google Drive folder.

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Using the desktop software also makes the uploading process much easier, as it’s a more automated process. As soon as something new moves into the local folders Google Drive is keeping an eye on, the files will be uploaded to the cloud in the background.

The new Drive for Desktop software can upload files from external drives as well, and it’s smart enough to manage multiple Google accounts at once.

If you have a second computer, then you have double the efficiency—Google Drive will keep all or some of your files and folders synced between your devices, and once you’ve installed and set up the software, everything just works.

Over the next few weeks, Google will start sending prompts in the Backup and Sync and Drive File Stream tools to encourage users to start switching over. You can keep using the old platforms, but that won’t last long—at the start of October 2023, you’ll need to update to the newer application to access your files.

How to install and use Drive for Desktop

If you’re running Backup and Sync or Drive File Stream, get rid of these programs first. 

On Windows, open the main Settings pane and choose Apps, Apps & features, the program to remove, and Uninstall. On macOS, drag the app icon down to the Trash icon on the dock or from Applications in Finder. 

At the time of writing, Google hasn’t put up a proper landing page for the new Drive for Desktop software, but you can download both Windows and macOS versions from the Google blog.

You’ll first need to sign in to your Google account. You’ll go through a series of introduction slides, and after that, the wizard will guide you to the Google Drive folder in File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (macOS), and you’ll be able to browse your files straight away. Anything you add to this Google Drive folder will automatically be uploaded to the cloud.

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If you open files with the cloud symbol, they will be temporarily streamed to your computer (just like a movie or music track) so you can view and edit it. If you leave Google Drive working like this, you’ll minimize the amount of local hard drive space your files take up. The biggest caveat is that larger files may take a while to properly load as Drive for Desktop will have to download them each time you access them.

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