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In a week, Apple will announce the new iPhone 14 series. While many new features have been rumored for this upcoming smartphone, there are some you certainly won’t see with this release as Apple is readying for a future generation.

iPhone 14 won’t be portless

Rumors about a portless iPhone aren’t new. It was suggested that the iPhone 13 could have been portless for a brief moment. Back in 2023, we wrote:

Reports have also suggested that 2023 could be the year that Apple introduces an iPhone without a Lightning port. This would be the first-ever port-less iPhone, and most recently, Bloomberg reported it as something being tested internally at Apple. 

But while Apple is testing a port-less design, it isn’t expected to be released to the public this year. Ming-Chi Kuo has reported that the iPhone 13 will continue to use a Lightning port on all models. This also means that the iPhone 13 will not feature USB-C support.

While a portless iPhone 14 could end the need to switch to USB-C in the European Union, it would also be interesting to see the iPhone being charged strictly in wireless mode. But, don’t worry, it won’t happen this year – and may not ever happen.

USB-C switch? Maybe next year

While the iPhone 14 won’t be portless, it won’t feature a USB-C connector. Rumors point out that the iPhone 15 will be the one making the switch. As the European Union is demanding a standard port for all manufacturers, Apple is said to be planning the switch for the iPhone 15, new AirPods, and more.

In June, the European Union reach an agreement on making the charging port mandatory from 2024:

What about a foldable iPhone 14?

While Samsung is in its fourth iteration of foldable phones, it seems Apple has no rush to enter this segment. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo first predicted it could be “as soon as 2024,” but the analyst expects this rumored product to be released in 2025 “at the earliest.”

Analyst Ross Young shares the same belief. He said Apple had likely delayed its foldable iPhone until 2025, which means, no foldable iPhone 14.

We delayed our expectations for Apple entering the foldable smartphone market by two years to 2025 after discussions with our supply chain contacts. The company does not appear to be in a hurry to enter the foldable smartphone market, and it may even take longer than that.

Under-the-screen camera isn’t happening

The iPhone 14 Pro is said to ditch the notch and have a new hole-punch + pill design. For 2024, with the iPhone 15, all models will have the same design, but a completely notch-less iPhone is not under the radar for the near future.

With that in mind, don’t expect the iPhone 14 to have a similar front-facing camera to the Galaxy Z Fold, which you technically can’t see because it’s under the screen.

Periscope lens for a ‘far out’ iPhone 14 announcement?

When Apple announced it will hold an event on September 7, people started guessing what the invite could mean. Called “Far Out,” it shows a constellation that forms the Apple logo. While this could mean a periscope lens that will finally let iPhone users have a decent zoom camera, it’s more likely that Apple is hinting at an astrophotography mode.

Actually, a periscope lens is rumored for the upcoming iPhone 15. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new periscope lens will be available exclusively on the larger and more expensive iPhone 15 Pro Max, while the smaller iPhone 15 Pro will keep the regular telephoto lens for optical zoom. The analyst says that the 1/3″ sensor will have a 12-megapixel resolution with f/2.8 aperture, sensor-shift stabilization, and up to 6x optical zoom.


These are five features that won’t be available with the iPhone 14, but there is a lot you can be excited about. You can learn more about the September 7 event below:

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Iphone 14 Pros: Discover The 10 Coolest Hidden Features

From the power on/off sound to Emergency SOS via satellite and beyond, here are the ten coolest hidden features of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Watch the video and read along to learn about ten hidden features of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max that you’ll like, and how to enable and use them.

The ten coolest hidden iPhone 14 Pro features to discover

1. Enable the power on/off sound

To hear a sound when turning the phone on/off, go to Settings → Accessibility → Audio/Visual, then slide the switch next to Power On & Off Sound to ON.

The device will now play different sounds when you power it on or off. The sound plays right before the phone shuts down and immediately after being turned on—handy if you are unsure whether your iPhone has shut down completely.

2. Customize your Always-On display

In Settings → Display & Brightness → Always-On Display, you can customize how your iPhone 14 Pro display works. By default, the Always-On Display switch is turned on, dimming your Lock Screen wallpaper when the phone is idle.

Toggle it off to shut the display down when the phone is idle. You can choose whether to see notifications and your wallpaper on the Lock Screen when the Always-On feature is active. Turning both off will create a minimalist Lock Screen with just the current time and widgets, saving a bit of battery life.

3. Multitask with two activities in the Dynamic Island

Dynamic Island can host two apps at once. If you’re playing a song in the Music app, for instance, and then switch to the Clock app and start a timer, the Dynamic Island will split into two portions—your timer in a smaller bubble on the right and your music in a pill-shaped area on the left. A smaller bubble will appear whenever you have an app running in Dynamic Island and then start a second one.

4. Interact with the Dynamic Island

With an activity running in the Dynamic Island, press and hold anywhere within the Dynamic Island to reveal additional controls. If listening to music, for example, this action will expand the playback controls, album art and the scrubber. If you have a timer going, the expanded controls let you cancel or pause it.

5. Dismiss anything from the Dynamic Island

You cannot permanently turn off the Dynamic Island, but you can immediately dismiss any interaction or animation by swiping inward or outward across it.

This will stop the animation and shrink the Dynamic Island area to its standard size. So, for instance, you can easily dismiss the pulsing red dot animation in the Dynamic Island when using the Screen Recording feature until you stop recording.

6. Shoot steady video with Action Mode

If you don’t use a gimbal, the Action Mode feature in the Camera app will help you capture steadier video, but you’ll have to put up with some aggressive cropping—Action Mode shoots in either 1080p or 2.8k resolution at up to 60 frames per second (so no 4K Action Mode video for you, sorry!). Swipe to Video in the Camera app and hit the Action Mode icon in the top-left corner that resembles a runner.

This feature requires lots of light to produce good results. You’ll see “More light required” in the Camera app if it’s too dark. When using Action Mode in low-light situations, turn on the Action Mode Lower Light switch in Settings → Camera. Doing so will decrease the stabilization to optimize for less bright scenes.

7. Enable peak brightness outdoors

The iPhone’s OLED display is Apple’s brightest mobile screen at 1000 nits typical brightness. iOS will boost the display to 1200 nits when watching HDR video (to stop this behavior, disable the View Full HDR toggle in Settings → Photos).

Your iPhone 14 is also capable of 2000 nits of peak brightness, but only when iOS is set to automatically adjust the brightness—go to Settings → Accessibility → Display & Text Size and turn on the Auto-Brightness switch at the bottom.

Now when you’re outside, and direct sunlight makes it challenging to discern what’s displayed on the screen, iOS will crank up the brightness. Peak 2000-nit brightness isn’t sustainable, so you may notice a brightness drop after a few minutes.

8. See how Emergency SOS via satellite works

The iPhone 14 family provides satellite connectivity to message 911 and update your location in the Find My app. The feature automatically kicks into action when you try to use the Emergency SOS feature in an area with no cellular and Wi-Fi networks available. You can also try it out without actually calling emergency services.

To do so, go to Settings → Emergency SOS and choose Try Demo at the bottom, provided you live in one of the supported regions for Emergency SOS via satellite. If you don’t see this option, the feature is unavailable in your area.

9. Turn on the 48-megapixel photo capture

Your iPhone 14 Pro has a 48-megapixel camera, but iOS defaults the Camera app to shoot 12-megapixel photos. This uses the pixel binning technique, which merges four pixels into one to improve light sensitivity on images.

To get 48-megapixel images, go to Settings → Camera → Formats and turn on Apple ProRAW under Photo Capture, then set ProRAW Resolution to 48 MP. You’ll now see the RAW indicator in the top-right corner of the Camera app, which you can toggle whenever you’d like to shoot 48-megapixel photos.

The stock Photos app and third-party ones like Darkroom let you edit RAW images. However, each 48-megapixel ProRAW image will take up about 75 megabytes of storage, or 25 megabytes for 12-megapixel ProRAW shots, versus two megabytes or less for regular 12-megapixel HEIFF photos (High Efficiency).

You can only capture 48-megapixel photos with the main rear camera. Images taken in Night Mode and flash and macro shots are always saved at twelve megapixels.

10. Cinematic Mode upgraded to 4K resolution

Cinematic Mode debuted on the iPhone 13 Pros as a way to shoot video with the cinematic depth-of-field effect. To use it, simply swipe to Cinematic in the Camera app and start capturing video. Your iPhone will dynamically focus on the frontmost subject, but you can adjust the focus afterwards in the stock Photos app.

The new phones boost Cinematic Mode from 1080p to 4K resolution. To adjust your Cinematic Mode resolution, go to Settings → Camera → Record Cinematic, then choose between 1080p HD at 30 fps, 4K at 24 fps and 4K at 30 fps.

What are your favorite iPhone 14 Pro features?

These are some of the coolest, underrated features available on the iPhone 14 family. Most of them require the Pro models, but some like Emergency SOS via satellite are available across the regular and Pro models. Some of the listed features, like the power on/off sound, may also be available on older iPhones.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Specs And Features Rumored!

Earlier today, reports appeared that backed by the relative success of Galaxy Note 4 Edge, Samsung is keen on adding a similar device to its illustrious Galaxy S lineup. Even though there is no official word as regards Galaxy S6 yet, it’s believed that it’ll have a Note Edge like variant of its own too, with not one but two curved sides — each of the left and right side. Remember that Galaxy S6 with model no. G925? The same no. is being touted again, along with a list of new features to Samsung’s software, TouchWiz, to make some sense of the curved edges, which could easily get blatantly reduced to gimmick, which it is.

Even though inspired by the Galaxy Note Edge, the Galaxy S6 Edge will have several extra features to make the edges useful and pleasing.

Since Galaxy S6 Edge will rock both sides as Edges, Samsung would like to give you an option to choose the side you’ll want to use as Edge, as suited to you (lefties got the deal here). Sounds good, right? But does that also imply only one of the two sides could remain active at the moment?

Another feature that Galaxy S6 Edge scores over Note Edge is that when it’s lying upside down, and you receive a call, it will light up the Edge portion of the screen, and same goes for notifications, too. Samsung’s calling it Glance Lighting. Moreover, if you have favorite contacts, and have assigned a color form the available choices, then Glance Lighting will use that color for that contact’s calls and notifications.

Clearly Samsung is trying to make the edges more productive, so do expect the future software tweaks from Samsung on Edge devices to focus more on the sides of the device, than its rather large and center portion of the display. When you hear about customization like that from Samsung coming up, you begin to doubt the report claiming Samsung’s is looking to burn extra code from TouchWiz and make it more like Nexus 6.

If Samsung is to retain its own set of features, we hope it learns from the likes of Asus and Xiaomi, whose tweaks are actually useful. Check out our review of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G to know more.

READ: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G

That’s the story from one leak. There is another rumor about the Samsung Galaxy S6 and its double-edged variant, Galaxy S6 Edge, that the latter will sport 4GB RAM, like the Xiaomi Note Pro and Asus Zenfone 2. The rumor has it that regular Galaxy S6 will feature 3GB RAM, as was also seen on leaked benchmark listing, and that Samsung is believed to pack in 4GB RAM for the sake of specifications only — which isn’t wrong, because people do talk specs first, however unfortunately it is.

So, a double-edge Galaxy S6 Edge along with its new features and massive 4GB RAM is what you can expect from Samsung at MWC, where it may unveil the next Galaxy S phone. HTC, for one, has already made it official that it plans big for its next at MWC, which we think is HTC Hima (One M9). There are reports floating around that Sony Xperia Z4 could also make a grand appearance at MWC.

Rest of the specs remain same for both Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge — they are expected to come laden with 5.5″ display totting Quad HD resolution (1440 x 2560 pixels), 20MP camera at the back, and 5MP shooter in the front — testament to how far we’ve come in the smartphone era, as the very first in the lineup, the Galaxy S feature only a 5MP camera at the back, which now finds it place in S6’s front. And that’s not talking about 13MP camera you find on Desire Eye’s front, which is there for other obvious reasons.

Both Galaxy S6 devices will be powered by an octa-core processor, mostly with Samsung’s own Exynos processor as it’s said that company is looking to postpone use of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 chip until heating issues are sorted out of the latter — which is odd, as Xiaomi is indeed employing the same chip for its Mi Note Pro, while LG G4 looks to ride the same chip, too.

So, what are your thoughts on double-edge Galaxy S6, a double-edge sword of a device? Are you still feeling undone by yesterday’s report that Galaxy S6 will not feature metal unibody design and, will rather try to impress with glass back with metal on the sides (no metal edge for S6 Edge apparently)? Tell us!

Android Features That Are Yet To Come On Iphone

Android Features That Are Yet To Come On iPhone USB Access & File Manager

Accessing your files and folders is easy when it comes to Android. All you need to do is connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable. You can copy, move and perform other file operations with ease.

However, on iOS devices, it is different when you connect it to your computer. As you can only check camera contents.

However, you can access all files on Android with the help of the file manager. Also, you can perform all the file operations such as copying a file, moving a file, deleting a file on your Android. There are many File managers available on the Play Store.

This makes a device simple and easy to use, which is missing on the iPhone.

Rise To Wake Versus Glance

Then comes this feature on Android, where you can turn the phone’s display on with a simple glance. You can check time, date, notifications and more, awesome isn’t it?

This feature is quite new and available with flagship phones. You can also disable the feature in case you don’t want it.

Though both of the platforms make accessibility better but glancing on the screen is better than picking a phone to turn on the display.

Multiple Users

If you have Android 5.0 or above, then you can allow another user to access their information, apps, without messing up the main user account and settings.

Also, you can hand over your phone to anyone which the hesitation of other people accessing personal information, by using Guest Mode. With this mode, a guest user can perform simple functions without your alerting anything on the primary account.

This is what Android can do, but when it comes to the iPhone, there is no such thing as a secondary account or guest mode. As iPhone is not meant for multiple users. However, on iPad, it could be useful to have multiple user accounts.

Default App Choices

When it comes to setting a default browser, Android takes the cookie in this category as well. Whenever you download a browser on Android, a prompt lets you set it as default for opening links. You can also set default apps for messaging app, phone app, keyboard, digital assistant and many more. Also, you can change them anytime you like.

Wherein on iPhone, you can download other browsers but are not given the option to set it as default. Similarly, you can’t set keyboard preferences as well.

Customize Your Home Screen

The customization is another aspect which iOS doesn’t have. In iOS, you can only change the place of icons and group them in folders to organize your home screen neatly. Wherein on Android, along with arranging and grouping icons, you can revamp the entire home screen by adding widgets.  Also, there are various Android launchers available in Google Play Store which changes the entire home screen layout.

So, these are some of the features which Android has and therefore make it more user-oriented then Apple. We are not saying iOS is not a worthy platform, but there are certain limitations to the user accessibility.

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Five Dolls That Changed The World

Popular Science’s Play issue is now available to everyone. Read it now, no app or credit card required.

When scientists bring dolls into the lab, the toys transcend their role as playthings. They can expose racism and unleash aggression. The humanoid forms are easy to identify with, allowing them to serve as scientific stand-ins and therapeutic companions. Their familiar anatomy is also ideal for plotting out technical reference points. From creepy to cute, these five figurines have powered decades of research and innovation.

A doll that had ripple effects for civil rights in the US. Nuria Tamarit

Reveal racism

African American psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Phipps Clark used sets of toy babies—some with white skin, some with brown—to understand how black children living under segregation in the 1940s developed their sense of self. Black kids presented with both options preferred the pale doll; some even cried when asked which looked like them. The Clarks took this as evidence that youths internalized the social values of their environment: They saw themselves as inferior because of their skin color. The tests impressed attorneys in the famous Brown v. Board of Education lawsuit, where Kenneth testified that segregation led to self-hatred. The Supreme Court’s 1954 ruling on that case finally integrated schools and spurred a growing movement for civil rights.

A doll who got beat up over and over for science. Nuria Tamarit

Probe Violence

In the early ’60s, the blow-up Bobo helped psychologist Albert Bandura investigate how children learn from adults. At the time, his peers surmised that people made behavioral choices based on perceived rewards and punishments. Bandura suspected otherwise. His young study subjects instinctively imitated grown-ups who were rough with Bobo, hitting the clown with abandon. Kids were most likely to attack when they saw male adults do so, perhaps because society framed men as ideal role models for aggression. Since test subjects didn’t see violence result in prizes or penalties, Bandura concluded that we sometimes learn complex behaviors by simply copying others. Bobo’s bonks still resonate in research about the impact of violent video games.

A doll to replace messy cadavers in faux car crashes. Nuria Tamarit

Test safety

The history of car safety is splattered with gore. Early automakers dropped cadavers onto windshields to see if their skulls would crack and smashed anesthetized baboons into airbags. That started to change in 1949 with Sierra Sam, the first-ever crash-test dummy. But Sam was tall and had bendy rubber joints, which skewed results, and the lack of industry-standard dummy specs made tests difficult to replicate. The solution was 1972′s Hybrid II, whose weight and height perfectly matched the 50th percentile for American men. Engineers created new instruments to measure strikes to its lifelike joints and posture. Hybrids now come in a variety of sizes, so manufacturers can bring an entire faux family along for the ride.

A doll to help children access the darkest memories. Nuria Tamarit

Support survivors

Most dolls don’t have anatomically correct genitals. But some investigators keep a collection of accurately outfitted toys whose mission is to help survivors of abuse disclose what happened to them. These so-called anatomical dolls lend specificity to kids’ testimonies. In the 1970s, pediatricians, social workers, and psychologists began conducting in-depth dialogues with youths they suspected had been molested. When they weren’t forthcoming, the realistic models encouraged them to reveal more. In one study, the toys made children interviewed about possible abuse twice as likely to name a perpetrator and three times as likely to provide detailed descriptions of their experience. There are, however, ongoing debates about whether the floppy props might spark false claims.

A doll to serve therapy for residents of Alzheimer’s units. Nuria Tamarit

Give comfort

Dementia-unit staff increasingly use ersatz infants to help residents with Alzheimer’s disease. The trend began in the ’90s, after case studies showed improvement in symptoms thanks to dolls. “Within days, this withdrawn, frustrated, and depressed individual gained a new sense of meaning to her life,” wrote one researcher in 1990. In a 2006 pilot study, nursing home employees reported residents with toy companions seemed calmer and happier, and had an improved sense of purpose. In a 2014 experiment, those receiving doll therapy were less agitated when nurses left the room. Psychologists think the playthings may serve as transitional objects that help patients relate more comfortably to the world around them—similarly to a child clinging to their favorite blanket.

Best Folio Cases For Iphone 14 Plus And 14 Pro Max In 2023

Folio cases are a wise choice for your iPhone’s protection. These book-like cases with a flip cover offer 360° protection whether the device falls flat on its face, back, or edges. Additionally, they include a useful wallet. Your smartphone makes it easy to carry important cards and cash with you! I’ve compiled a list of the best folio cases for iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max.

1. Case-Mate wallet folio case – Editor’s choice

Case-Mate folio case has a genuine pebbled leather exterior with an antimicrobial layer, giving it a high-end appearance. So, this sturdy soft cover protects your phone from drops and bumps and has a shockproof 5mm raised edge. Besides, you may attach various MagSafe accessories to this case thanks to its built-in magnets. 


Genuine pebbled leather

High capacity wallet

Ultra slim profile


No color options

2. OtterBox Strada folio series – Sophisticated looks

Besides, it has OtterBox’s signature DROP+ protection that ensures 3X more drops than the standard military grade. The polycarbonate shell is made of 5G compatible material. Also, the metallic latch provides you great convenience for daily usage. After purchasing, you don’t need to worry as it includes a lifetime limited OtterBox warranty.


Looks & feels elegant

One-piece case

3x more drop protection


No kickstand option

No built-in magnets

3. FYY flip folio case – Handcrafted elegance

The FYY folio cover is handcrafted from real cowhide leather and has a comfortable handgrip. It has three card slots and a note pocket in the front flip that is spacious. Besides, the lightweight polycarbonate shell and a powerful magnetic closing guarantee a secure, glove-like fit. FYY has done multiple drop tests to provide mil-grade protection from bumps and scratches. 

In addition to safeguarding your iPhone, it encrypts your cards with RFID shielding technology. Also, you will get a useful kickstand and wireless charging compatibility. It has a useful wrist strap for carrying convenience. And all ports and buttons are easily accessible thanks to the precise cutout. So, choose from the range of hues and designs to suit your style.


Handcrafted cowhide leather

Damping design

Spacious with notes pocket


Bad grip

4. Shieldon flip wallet case – Invisible kickstand

Sheildon’s best folio cases for iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max have precisely crafted grained cowhide leather and offer all-around protection. The case includes a wallet with space for three cards and a long pocket for storing your ID card, driver’s license, and various bills. Besides, when the tap-to-pay feature is turned on, RFID-blocking technology blocks signals and prevents scanners from accessing your cards to shield your data.

Additionally, the sturdy soft interior shell is pleasant to the touch and features strong shockproof edges. So, it can survive drops, scratches, and bumps. Besides, the thicker lips surrounding the lens safeguard the camera. To free up your hands, you can fold it into a kickstand with a customizable viewing angle. Also, all your belongings will be secured in place thanks to the magnetic closure.


Multifunctional wallet design

Dual-layer drop protection

Cushion buffer


Can’t overstuff it as the magnetic closure becomes weaker

MagSafe missing

5. TUCCH PU leather folio case – Soft and flexible

TUCCH has used high-quality synthetic leather for this case so that you will have a good hand feel, and it comes in various eye-catching hues. Also, the robust, flexible TPU dual-layer inner case and shockproof cushioned corners provide 360-degree protection from drops and damage. The flip cover contains 3 card slots and 1 money pocket to keep your everyday necessities together. 

Also, the RFID blocking material on the card slot line protects your cards and personal information. The card slot part features a handy cutout where you can easily reveal your cards with your thumb. Besides, it features a stand function to view movies from various angles. Additionally, TUCCH cases offer wireless charging but don’t support MagSafe chargers.


3D textured design

Effective heat dissipation

Easy to install


Does not support Magsafe chargers

6. Pad & Quill Pocket Book case – Especially for iPhone 14 Pro Max

If you carry cash, cards, and ID proofs, you need iPhone 14 Pro Max folio covers with a spacious wallet. And Pad & Quill Pocket Book wallet case comes with 6 card slots with a fast-access viewing area for an ID card or business card. Besides, the lovely American full-grain leather is long-lasting, attractive, and protective and ages gracefully to develop a rich patina.

Additionally, the exterior leather is attached with a stylish, sturdy polycarbonate tray using UV-resistant, marine-grade nylon stitching. So, you will get a snug fit. Besides, I loved its 0.5″ slim profile with no extra bulk. The case works with MagSafe charging and 3-coil wireless charging. The best part is the brand offers a 25-year leather warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Artisan’s signature

6 card slots

Quality assurance



No color option

Check out on: Pad & Quill

7. TORRO leather wallet case – Vintage vibes

TORRO specializes in high-end leather cases from the finest cowhide leather. To maintain the natural qualities and aesthetic, they use top-grain leather from the best tanneries in the US. So, you don’t need to compromise with the quality. Besides, the folio case includes a TORRO tough TPU frame to absorb shock. Therefore, your new iPhone is safe from falls and bumps. 

Your cards are safe thanks to the side magnetic clasp. Also, the flip cover design minimizes scratches on the screen. Additionally, a raised lip around the edge of the frame makes room for 3 cards and a bigger section for notes. Similarly, a special raised edge around the camera maximizes protection. Besides, the incorporated kickstand allows for horizontal screen viewing.


Top-grain leather

Neat stitching

Durable frame


Slippery bumper

8. Goospery Canvas case – Fabric folio cover

No more leather case suggestions, as I found the best fabric folio cases for iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max! It offers double protection from drops and bumps, thanks to the reinforced canvas fabric outer and the flexible TPU interior shell. Besides, a slim and sleek design with denim fabric will suit everyone’s style. Also, inside the case, there are 3 card slots and 1 side pocket, with an easy-to-use PU leather magnetic closing.

So, all your cards are safe with a secure closure. Additionally, the inner case’s raised lip technology safeguards your back camera and screen from scratches. You can quickly snap on the case, and the ergonomic design offers a good grip to handle your phone easily. Also, use the invisible kickstand to watch movies from various angles. But the turn-off for me was it got stains from minimal use.


Premium denim fabric

Faux leather magnetic closure

Strap hole


Worn out after prolonged use

Gets stained

9. Belemay leather flip case – Waterproof

Belemay premium Italian leather case looks classy with a slim minimalist design. The oil wax technology makes the leather incredibly durable and scratch resistant. Also, it protects against drops, water stains, scratches, and smudges. With no doubt, you will get a rich patina over time. Besides, the soft suede microfiber lining offers a cozy, skin-friendly sensation.

There are three card holders and one bill compartment. Additionally, the card slots are lined with low-frequency RFID Blocking Technology, which makes it the ideal defense against data theft. Besides, it has innovative drop protection against unanticipated slip-offs thanks to shockproof TPU bumpers in four corners and raised edges. But it doesn’t support wireless or MagSafe chargers!



Water resistance

Safe wallet design


No wireless charging

So, that’s all for today, folks!

If you carry multiple cards, ID proofs, and cash, folio cases are the best companions for your iPhone. Besides this utility, it protects the screen from dents and damage. If you find the best iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max Folio Cases a little old school, go through other case options below…

Happy exploring more iPhone 14 Plus and Pro Max cases!

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