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Earlier, my association with ESR was just limited to iPad cases, but now the brand has floored me with a mini, portable wireless charger. So, there are two beautiful products in my hands: a convenient kickstand case for my iPad 7 and a universal wireless charger for my iPhone.


Although iPad 10.2-inch is a low-cost tablet released in 2023, I always count protection as a key feature in any case or cover. Well, ESR’s kickstand case has scored full marks here. I could quickly feel its build quality; it is more powerful than other ordinary protective cases if not those made for kids. And by the way, the case is not for children; hence, ESR stays away from those hand straps and overly bulky edges around the screen and camera.

Strong magnets are for stability and sturdiness. A full-sized kickstand sets this product apart from other cases. On the front flip, there are seven grooves to adjust the iPad screen; you can achieve maximum comfort and fix your eyes on the screen. When you open the lid, you can rest the bumper on the backflip in a single jerk.

Lightweight Ruggedness: A Curious Paradox

Thermoplastic polyurethane adds durability to this case, which adds minimum bulk to the overall profile. Check those raised edges around the screen and camera; the edges protect your iPad’s screen and camera against scratches when you place your tablet on a flat surface.

The Smart Design Saves Your Bucks

Yes, it is true. The design of this case eliminates the need for a keyboard or a keyboard case. When you set your iPad at the right angle, you can easily type or write the text for emails and messages. If you own an Apple Pencil, you can quickly jot down something in the note apps by placing your iPad comfortably. This makes a smart choice for artists and writers.

ESR has painstakingly designed this case to attain precision. Look at the Pencil holder near the hinge of this case. While using your iPad, you can quickly take your pencil out by gently pushing it from behind. The cut-out is big enough to remove a pencil conveniently.

Miscellaneous Features

Home-makers have their field day while watching videos, TV series, movies, and other visual contents. All they need is to hang the case down a hook or peg on kitchen walls. Moreover, the magnets are strong enough to attach the tablet on any metal surface of refrigerators and other electronic appliances. A firm grip enables you to hold your iPad tightly in your hands, even while you are walking through busy streets and crowded corridors in skyscrapers.

Buy it from Amazon

Review of ESR Wireless Charger for iPhone 11, X, and iPhone 8 Series

A wireless charger is one of the fixtures at my home and office when it comes to iPhone accessories. Since my job profile demands a lot of movements, I cannot afford to charge my iPhone 11 Pro Max with a wall adapter and lightning cable. And therefore, a portable wireless charger is always appreciated.

Universal in Nature

We are into the Apple ecosystem – hook, line, and sinker – but that is our professional life. Android has its say in our personal life, and we always admire good things from any corner. For this reason, a universal wireless charger is a friend in need. ESR’s mini wireless charger is universal in nature.

Cable Management

One of the glaring features of this portable charger is effective cable management. A globe-trotter would always like to carry this wireless charger in a travel bag. You can coil the cable around the grooves between silicone cover and take this wireless charger wherever you go. This, however, means you cannot manage the cable if there is no silicone cover.


If you are using a magnetic case for your iPhone, make sure to remove it before you place the device on the charging mat. However, if you don’t want to take the device case off, you can always remove that silicone cover from the charger.

In all other conditions, you can always charge your iPhone with its case on as long as the case is 5mm thick.


You can charge your iPhone as well as other smartphones of Samsung and Pixel. Its fast-charging feature is compatible with a wide range of devices like iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 10, Google Pixel 4, 5W for Pixel 3.

What about your AirPods?

ESR has already thought about it. You can put your AirPods charging case on this charging case; however, your AirPods charging case should be Qi-compatible. So when you are not charging your iPhone, you can place your AirPods and the wireless charger will power up your pods in no time.

It is your nightstand What’s more?

ESR is known for its high-quality accessories. This portable charger gives you more than your expectations. Apart from above-mentioned features, this charger is packed with other security benefits like Qi, CE, FCC, and RoHS certification. The charger also boasts overheating & short-circuit protection, and foreign object detection, which keeps your device safe.

Planning to buy both?

This happens with every true-blue Apple lover. They cannot resist the desire to buy such amazing products that can elevate their lifestyle in a positive way. The protective case and a wireless charger are your constant companion no matter where you are on the earth. Both products pack killer features at an affordable price. Just go for it!

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Would you recommend ESR products to your friends and family? You can share your feedback as well in the Comments section below.

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Review: Zaggmate Ipad Keyboard Case

Many iPad keyboard cases have hit the market in recent weeks and we finally got our hands on ZAGG’s ZAGGMate iPad keyboard case for review… and it’s awesome. The ZAGGMate is an iPad keyboard accessory at heart but doubles as a case. The case aspect of the ZAGGMate is not fantastic but the keyboard part may just be the best third-party implementation we’ve seen. Check out our review after the break:

The Keyboard:

The ZAGGMate’s keyboard is just like your traditional netbook keyboard. The keys do not have much spacing, like Apple’s offerings, but if you can type on a netbook keyboard you can easily type on the ZAGGMate. The keys can be typed on wonderfully with no delay to the iPad. The keyboard uses the standard QWERTY layout and has all the function keys as well as number input. The keyboard also features some iPad-specific shortcuts.

Overall the ZAGGMate keyboard is wonderful to type on and is a breeze if you are used to traditional PC netbook keyboards. You will most likely find that you will type much faster with the ZAGGMate than with Apple’s virtual iPad keyboard making it perfect for e-mail and productivity apps. In terms of traditional Mac and PC typing shortcuts we found that Command-A (select all), Caps lock, Command-C (copy), Command-V (paste), and Command-X (cut) all work perfectly. To get an idea of the keyboard’s size the image above compares it to Apple’s wireless keyboard.

Connectivity and Battery Life:

The ZAGGMate includes a mini-usb port on the bottom for charging with the included mini-USB cable. Charging is done via Apple’s charger included with the iPad. The bluetooth keyboard has fantastic battery life with a 510 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery that can last for weeks without a recharge.

The iPad Case:

The ZAGGMate as a case is not that great. The only thing it truly protects is the iPad’s front. To put the iPad in the ZAGGMate you simply put it screen first into the keyboard portion then it will lock in. We recommend that you get a protective bag to put your iPad in while its being carried in the ZAGGMate for the best security. The case itself has an opening on the bottom for access to the iPad’s dock connector and openings for the mute switch and volume rocker, depending on the direction your place the iPad in the case.

The case is crafted from high-quality aluminum and adds 1/4 of an inch to the iPad’s thickness, which is nice. It is also extremely light making it easy to take around and carry the iPad in.

Pricing and Availability:

The ZAGGMate iPad keyboard case costs $99 and there is also a $69 version without the bluetooth keyboard (great as a stand while using another bluetooth keyboard). Both ZAGGMates are currently available for pre-order on ZAGG’s online store and will ship December 17th. If you cannot wait until then, Best Buy stores already have them!


Overall the ZAGGMate iPad keyboard case is a great bluetooth keyboard accessory for your iPad and is very convenient as it attaches as a case. The great part about the keyboard is the built-in stand for optimal typing. The case itself is not that great and we recommend getting a second case to put everything in for better protection. The $99 price-point is high for a device at this price. If you really want a keyboard/case accessory for your iPad there are a few options that may be better for some:

Apple’s iPad Keyboard Dock ($69) + Apple’s iPad Case (cheaper at Amazon) ($39) = $108

Apple’s Bluetooth Keyboard ($69) + Apple’s iPad Dock ($29) (cheaper at Amazon) = $98

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Best Clear Cases For 10.2

If your iPad Pro 10.2-inch is willing to get rid of the classy sleeves or looking to go past the vintage folio covers, now is the right to check out the clear cases. While most transparent suits are slim for a form-fitting and compact design, quite a few crystal clear covers have fairly durable construction for impact resistance. Let’s check out the best 10.2-inch iPad clear cases.

1. MoKo Shock Absorption Transparent Case

Looking at Moko clear cover for the iPad 7th gen, all I can say that it can be a template for many transparent cases out there. While the clear back showcases the design of the iPad, the rugged frame shields the tablet against shock, so, you can flaunt the looks of your iPad without having to compromise with the protection.

For additional shield against scratches, Moko’s transparent cover features raised lips both on the front and the back. Therefore, the camera, as well as the 10.2-inch display, has the trusted safeguard against scuffs. Not to mention, the bumper design also offers a secure grip to prevent accidental slip offs.

There are a couple of notable features that make ESR stand out of the rest. First and foremost, it has a flexible design thanks to the soft TPU material. Thus, installing and removing the clear case remains an easy affair.

And the second, the transparent cover feels quite comfortable in the hands due mainly to the anti-slip exterior. So, if you don’t trust your butterfingers anymore, it might well turn out to be your savior.

Even though the cover lacks a sturdy construction, it can endure the onslaught of scratches. And the ability to ward off fingerprints play a decisive role in keeping its clarity intact.

A pretty compact and form-fitting clear case like TiMOVO can make an adorable pair with the iPad 7. The transparent design gives the desired liberty to the tablet to shine through, while the precise cutouts offer easy access to all the ports. But can this clear cover hold fort against bumps and scratches?

Though I would say you shouldn’t expect much from this slim cover, it is good enough to withstand some random impact. And, it can also take on scratches with ease. Moreover, TiMOVO can comfortably get along with the Apple Smart Keyboard case. Therefore, you don’t need to take off the cover before transforming your tablet into a handy notebook.

4. MoKo Clear Case with Tri-Fold Design

Yet another cover from Moko that has caught my eyes. Unlike its other sibling mentioned above, it’s got a front cover in the form of soft PU leather.

Aside from protecting the Retina Display from scratches, the front cover also plays the role of a handy tri-fold stand. So, you can use the invisible stand to ideally prop up your iPad 7 for comfortable viewing.

On the rear side, the cover comes with a hard PC back panel that can certainly take some beating. Courtesy the frosted finish; the back also provides the grippy feeling. To further safeguard the screen, it has a smooth microfiber interior. Overall, it’s got everything to stake the claim of being one of the best clear cases for the 10.2″ iPad.

I like its sleek design with sophisticated PU leather front and soft TPU back. With the translucent back, the cover enables the iPad to flaunt the design.

Despite having a comparatively slim form-factor, Dadanism has the durability to take on scratches and even low impact. Besides, the clear case doesn’t turn yellow and also features auto sleep/wake functionality for improving battery life.

This offering from ESR is a completely clear case for iPad 7. The cover is made of faux leather and features a hard back-panel for improved impact resistance. Besides, Yippee has also incorporated soft microfiber to fight out scratches and keep the display protected.

The front cover features strong magnets to support auto sleep/wake functionality. For the comfortable viewing angles, the front cover plays the role of a useful stand – due mainly to the tri-fold design. Lastly, Yippee also offers a secure grip and comes in two hue options namely black and rose gold.

7. Dadanism Clear Back Case

If it’s time to make the iPad 10.2-inch the center of all attention, Dadanism’s compact clear case is the right way to go. The cover sports an ultra-clear profile to showcase everything that your tablet boasts. But has this translucent suit completely given up on protection in favor of style? Nope.

The use of hard PC material has added a bit of resistance to the construction. So, the compact transparent cover can endure scuffs and even low shock. Not to mention the frosted back that makes holding the iPad a little more comfortable.

8. TineeOwl Ultra Slim Clear Case

If a highly protective case for iPad 10.2″ is what you are after, TineeOwl is the one I would recommend you to check out. Featuring a clear back panel coupled with a rugged frame, the case allows your 7th-gen iPad to showcase the design while also making sure it remains shielded against unexpected bumps. And that’s what makes it a fine asset for the tablet.

Beyond design, the clear case features elevated edges to guard the rear camera and the 10.2-inch display from scuffs. As for the buttons, they feel quite tactile. Given these notable specs, $14 price-tag seems reasonable (if not cheap) for TineeOwl.


Protective frame

Extra safeguards for camera and display

Tactile buttons


A bit inconvenient to install and remove

Check out on Amazon

9. Websa Ultra Slim Clear Case

Yet another cheap iPad 10.2-inch clear case in the house. Look-wise, it keeps everything normal just like SimplylinUltra. And with the TPU construction, it’s no pushover when it comes to keeping off scratches.

As for safeguard against impact, it has incorporated slightly protective corners that can withstand minor bumps. At $3.99, it’s clearly a lot cheaper than most transparent iPad 7 covers that are available in the market right now.

So, that concludes the lineup of the clear cases for iPad 10.2-inch.

What’s Your Favorite?

For iPad, I mostly prefer a sleeve or a folio cover as they not only offer more protection but also take care of several things like holding docs and Apple Pencil. However, I do try out a clear cover once in a while just to get rid of the monotonous look.

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So, which clear case has finally settled on your iPad? Do not forget to share your thoughts about it.

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Review: Otterbox Symmetry Series 360 For Ipad Pro — Clear Case Meets Smart Cover

OtterBox was quick to bring versions of its Symmetry Series 360 cases for new iPad Pros to market. OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 combines a protective clear case with a leather-like Smart Cover-style jacket that protects the iPad Pro while offering a stand for typing or watching videos.

iPad Pro gets protection not offered by Apple’s Smart Cover Folio — without adding bulk — and Symmetry Series 360 even accommodates the new Apple Pencil charging and storage method.

OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 is offered in two sizes (one for the 11-inch iPad Pro and one for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro) and two colors: ‘After Dark’ gray and ‘Starry Night’ black. The color applies to the cover and protective border while the back portion of each is clear. We tested the 12.9-inch black version.

When closed, Symmetry Series 360 covers all sides of the iPad Pro including the Apple Pencil portion. This is ideal if you toss your iPad in a bag with other items and want to avoid dinging up the exterior. The iPad Pro is also remarkably thin so adding a front and back case like Symmetry Series 360 keeps the overall size down much better than previous versions.

The portion of Symmetry Series 360 that covers the Apple Pencil doubles as a magnetic latch for keeping the cover in place when closed.

The back of Symmetry Series 360 exposes your iPad Pro visually but not physically. The Smart Connector (which only works with Apple’s new Smart Keyboard Folio) is visible but not accessible. The camera and flash are also accounted for, and the leather portion of the cover reaches either side of the clear rear.

The black leather cover and black rubber edges blend nicely along either side.

When closed, the cover portion that protects the Apple Pencil side integrates well with the over overall design without looking tacked on. Using the same material for both portions of the cover helps a lot.

The rubber portion is at odds with how thin the iPad Pro is at times however. The case border needs to be flexible to allow the iPad to be inserted and removed, but more structure would be useful at times.

The leather cover protects the screen when closed with a microfiber side like Apple’s Smart Cover options. It also folds back to support to viewing angles. Upright for watching video or video chatting on FaceTime is probably the most popular.

If you want a slight incline for easier typing with the on-screen keyboard, you can fold the cover back into a triangle on top too. Note that the Pencil side meets the bottom like with Apple’s Smart Cover Folio.

Want the cover and out of the way? You can fold both flaps back completely when layed flat.

If you don’t have or use an Apple Pencil, the bare side and flap portion can be a bit visually quirky.

If you do have an Apple Pencil, the smaller flap doesn’t fold entirely back during use. It just sort of hangs out when used upright.

While the flappy bit is only a visual critique, the thin rubber portion around each cutout is a mild structural concern. Some sort of reinforcement here that still accommodates taking the iPad Pro in and out of the case would be welcome, but that’s the challenge with an iPad this thin.

In use, the overly flexible rubber portions around the speakers, mics, and USB-C port are noticeable when holding the iPad Pro in landscape orientation. The speaker grill portions are the most noticeable, but also the most common places to grip the iPad based on the Face ID camera location.

While I’d prefer a little more structure around the speaker grills, Symmetry Series 360 for iPad Pro could easily be an Apple-branded Smart Cover plus Clear Case combination. It has an Apple-like balance of protection, design, and function.

Pricing varies between $79.95 to $99.95 depending on which size and where you buy Symmetry Series 360 — roughly in line with the price of Apple’s less protective Smart Cover Folio accessories. Apple Stores carry both sizes of the gray color while OtterBox sells both the gray and black versions directly.

Recommended if you want more protection than Apple’s Smart Folio offers without bulking up your iPad Pro in a more industrially designed solution.

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Best Kickstand Cases For Iphone 11 Pro In 2023

How often you feel that “Ahh, I badly need that kickstand on my iPhone to free my hands and watch multiple episodes of a series or movies on Netflix?” Not just that, even while you’re traveling in a train or a flight with the longer duration with multiple halts, it’s important that you have all the entertainment tools with you to keep yourself rejuvenated! And this is where a kickstand case comes to your life. Getting Kickstand Cases for iPhone 11 Pro would be the smartest thing you would ever do.

1. Spigen

Spigen is one of the clear cases available for iPhone 11 Pro which we reviewed a few days back in our clear cases lineup. And it comes with a kickstand too. Hence, it’s again in today’s list as well. The case is made with hybrid technology, and it has a TPU bumper and a polycarbonate back which is durable.

The kickstand is made of metal, and the magnetic snap makes it easy to use on the go! Its crystal clear design doesn’t let your iPhone 11 Pro lose the charm and look. Moreover, the raised lip and the camera cutout protects the screen and the camera against the flat surfaces, respectively.

It’s available in crystal clear and jet black colors, and it is compatible with wireless charging as well. So right when you have the case on your iPhone, you can charge it with a wireless car charger as well while you’re traveling.

2. SupCase

SupCase’s kickstand case looks like a beast as it comes with a full rugged body. If you’re looking for sturdy protection and meanwhile want a case with kickstand, SupCase is your way to go without any second thoughts. Of course, it might not give you the best look of your iPhone, but it’s damn good in protection, and along with belt clip holster case, it’s just like icing on the cake.

The built-in screen protector safeguards your screen from scratches and ensures that it’s safe from impacts and accidental drops as well. With precise cutouts, it’s easy to access all the buttons and the required ports on your iPhone 11 Pro. It’s available in black, blue, metallic green and metallic red color variants.

3. CoverON

With a modern design, CoverON stands apart from the rest of the cases in today’s lineup. The brushed metal look with perfect finish got my attention right away! It’s a perfect case for everyday use as it comes with a slot to carry your card as well.

Every case has a kickstand at the center of the back, but this one is unique in its design. It has it at the bottom of the case, which gives you the best viewing experience. The dual-layer case design is a perfect recipe to get sturdy protection for your iPhone 11 Pro.

Sudden drops and impacts can be handled easily with this case due to its protective features. The raised lips around the camera ensure that your iPhone doesn’t come into direct contact on flat surfaces. It’s available in black, gunmetal grey, mint teal, and rose gold colors.

4. ESR

WOW! A crystal clear case and that too with a kickstand? Well, you hardly find such cases these days apart from a few companies. ESR has done it again and again with a unique set of cases for iPhone models to date! The two-way stand is what makes this case unique as well. You can either watch your favorite content either horizontally or vertically.

The combination of hard PC and the soft TPU show a bit of bumper protection as well. Not similar to what the bumper cases provide but up to some extent it protects your iPhone 11 Pro from sudden impacts and accidental drops. With raised edges and the raised lip, it protects your screen and camera from flat surfaces.

It supports wireless charging, and it’s available in black, clear, and transparent black color variants. I would definitely go with the clear color variant as it allows me to show off my iPhone.

5. UZ

UZ is an all-in-one case with a lot of features. With a dual-layer hard cover made of hard PC and the soft silicone interior, it’s a perfect combination of an armor case and a bumper case too. And to add on top of it, it comes with a kickstand as well so that you can watch your favorite movies, series, read your favorite books, etc. hands-free.

The first look made me feel that the case is bulky but isn’t that bulky, to be honest! It’s designed for iPhone 11 Pro and the precise cutouts ensure that you get easy access to all the ports and buttons whenever needed. UZ’s case is available in 7 vivid colors.


ZERMU is more like a traditional and a bit funky in design. It made me look odd at the first look, but the protective features with a rugged bumper, hard plastic case, and an armor defender changed my mind. It’s anti-scratch, and it protects your iPhone 11 Pro from high impacts and accidental drops.

The kickstand design is a traditional one, but it has a perfect fit to the case so that it never loosens out! As you can clearly see the colors on the corners are different and those spots provide you a perfect grip making it anti-slip case as well. It’s available in 8 color variants.

7. Spigen Tough Armor

You simply can’t get away with Spigen when it comes to iPhone cases because such is the quality of products provided by them. The combination of TPU and polycarbonate material all together protect your iPhone 11 Pro from sudden impacts and shocks. Besides being protective, it’s slim.

The reinforced kickstand is strong and doesn’t loosen up even when you use for a longer duration. Spigen’s tactile buttons just need a soft touch to access the buttons, and the precise cutouts ensure that you can reach out the ports with ease. The raised lips protect your camera and screen with precision.

It’s available in black, gunmetal, rose gold and satin silver colors. So you have an ample amount of choices to choose from!

8. Zizo

Zizo’s case looks like it’s suitable for gamers who go crazy about gaming! It sports such look that any gamer would go freaky to get this case for their iPhone 11 Pro. The vibrant colors are another thing which got my attention right away, and it was due to the matte finish it has on it.

The lightweight and a heavy duty case which come with a kickstand could be a perfect choice to protect your iPhone. With Zizo, be rest assured about the quality as they have years of experience in manufacturing such sturdy cases! It’s available in black, blue/black and red/black color variants.

9. ArmadilloTek

If you’re looking for military-grade protection along with a full rugged body case and a kickstand included, ArmadilloTek’s case would be a perfect choice for your iPhone 11 Pro. It comes with a screen protector so that your screen is secured as well and ensures the surface is scratch-resistant.

With precise cutouts and raised lips, it’s easy to access all ports and buttons, meanwhile providing perfect protection to the camera against flat surfaces. It supports wireless charging, but not all the chargers work perfectly. So ensure that you cross-check this with the seller before you buy this kickstand case for your iPhone 11 Pro.

So this is it for today!

Summing Up… 

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Nzxt H210 Pc Case Review

The NZXT H210 is a Mini-ITX-only version of the H510 and the smallest in this product range. The H-series has become one of the most iconic lines of cases of recent years and this latest refresh doesn’t disappoint.

A mini-ITX case with plenty of room to water-cool, Let’s take a closer look at the big mini.




Aesthetically amazing

Water-cooling support

Good GPU thermal results

Spacious interior

Well constructed

Premium materials




Large for its declared form factor

Airflow config attracts dust in unwanted places

Screw fittings are too tight

Limited front I/O ports




Case TypeMini-ITX

Dimensions (mm)349 x 210 x 372 (L x W x H)

MaterialsSGCC Steel and Tempered Glass

Available ColoursMatte Black, Matte White, Matte Black/Red

Weight5.9 KG

Expansion Slots2

Drive Bays3 x 2.5″, 1 x 3.5″

Motherboard supportMini-ITX

Maximum GPU length325mm

Front panel USB-C

Tempered glass, PSU shroud, All-steel construction

Cable management Bar

Two pre-installed Aer F120mm fans

Removable radiator bracket

“i” version comes with Smart Device V2

Inside the Box:

NZXT H210 PC case

Audio/Mic jack splitter

User Manual

The Outside

Out of the box, you instantly spot that NZXT design and not only does it look like its bigger brothers (H510/H710), it looks like its predecessor, the H200, too. Now there are a few subtle changes to NZXTs latest refresh, which I will touch up later but overall this is an exquisite looking PC case.

We have the black and red model here but from the front, you wouldn’t be able to tell it apart from the H510 if it wasn’t so small. This identical chassis has that same matte black color and grainy texture, with a subtle logo that is barely visible see at some angles.


The back of the case is quality, but as boring as the H510, with a few minor differences. We see the same 120mm fan vent near the top, however, this time you only get two expansion slots for your GPU. So if you are someone who uses a Wi-Fi card you are going to have to ensure you get a motherboard with onboard Wi-Fi or use a USB adapter.

Down at the bottom, you have to remove the PSU bracket which has been included in case you would like to install an SFF power supply. This bracket was hands down the hardest thing I have ever had to unscrew on a case before, so be prepared for that one.

The Side

The tempered glass panel side window comes off very easily and it’s one of the more user-friendly panels I have come across. You simply undo the single thumb-screw (ouch) and then it pops out nicely. Towards the front, is a large red piece of steel with ventilation running all the way down. This is one of the few flourishes of color and spots for the rear fans to draw air.

The Top

These consist of:

Power Button

1 x USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A

1 x USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C

With the H-series, there are large cutouts that are cleverly hidden with the design of the case. So no need for grommets but we see the cable bar which once again, looks superb. The cable bar is NZXTs final flourish of red on this model and it does more than just neaten up your build. The cable bar is a great spot to mount your reservoir and like the other models, you can completely remove it if you wish.

This case is Mini-ITX only and even that’s a bit of a tight squeeze. Don’t worry, everything fits but you may have to remove the rear fan to plug in your CPU power. Of course, the layout is completely open towards the front end so make sure you tidy your PSU cables properly as you do not want to ruin the clean nature of this NZXT case. The front panel also comes off to reveal the radiator bracket and included dust filter. You can squeeze a 280mm radiator on the front or install two 140mm fans, generous for a case of this size.

At the bottom, we see the familiar PSU shroud with the GPU cable cutout in the appropriate place. During my build, I used a full-sized turbo RX 5700 XT, so I needed to run the cable down the open end which looked much cleaner. Clipped onto the PSU shroud sits a small plastic bracket that you can mount a 2.5” SSD onto and is quite a useful way of getting some extra features in. If, like me, and you want to keep your mini-build as clean as possible, then it is probably best to go for M.2 storage or use the SSD brackets at the back.

The Back Panel

Like the rest of the H210, the back panel is simple and very useful. We see the same cable management brackets to take care of your fan, front panel, and PSU cables. These brackets almost eliminate the use of cable ties but I had to throw a few in there for my own cable management OCD (although not as many as I’d like). Normally I would remove these brackets entirely and run my own cable management but I gave them a go and they work quite well in fairness to NZXT.

As mentioned, there are two more spots to mount 2.5” SSDs and that’s your lot, no HDD cage in this build. Like the other H-series case, the front panel cable is now all one, which was actually a godsend in this mini-ITX case as my hands barely fit inside.

Design – Nzxt has managed to follow that same minimalist and clean look they have achieved with their other cases and fit it into something as small as this. It’s incredible and easily one of the best mini-ITX cases on the market, plus the layout is still very logical. I think the discrete nature of the case contrasts so well with the burst of color from the cable bar and when you’ve got a system in here, just wow. Of course, it isn’t just visually pleasing, it’s easy and somewhat satisfying to build in, even when compared to some bigger competitor cases.

Airflow – Due to the form factor, this will run hotter than standard mid-towers but as long as you slap an AIO on your CPU or fiddle with the configuration, you should be set. As mentioned, this is a superb mini case to water-cool, with the results often being phenomenal. Regardless, you get two preinstalled Aer 120mm fans inside and decent enough out of the box performance.

USB Type-C – While this type of connector is widely used now its one of the main features when comparing this to the older H200. This modern type of connector is great but again, make sure you have a motherboard to support it otherwise just grab yourself the older model. It’s great having this at the front, but it isn’t as important as some of the larger cases we have reviewed as this case would most likely be sat on your desk rather than underneath.

The slightly bigger H510 from NZXT offers the better value but if you are building a new mini rig, the chances are that value is not high on your list of priorities. As previously mentioned, for an easier life go for the H210i with the new and improved smart device but be prepared for the price hike.

Overall, this simplistic case is a beauty and is my favorite in NZXTs H-series.

What chassis did you go for to complete your small form factor build? Head over to the WePC community and share your mini-ITX experiences with us!

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