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Book Value Per Share (BVPS)

The ratio of equity available to common stockholders against the number of shares outstanding

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Published September 6, 2023

Updated June 27, 2023

What is the Book Value Per Share (BVPS)?

The book value per share (BVPS) is calculated by taking the ratio of equity available to common stockholders against the number of shares outstanding. When compared to the current market value per share, the book value per share can provide information on how a company’s stock is valued. If the value of BVPS exceeds the market value per share, the company’s stock is deemed undervalued.

The book value is used as an indicator of the value of a company’s stock, and it can be used to predict the possible market price of a share at a given time in the future.

Understanding Book Value Per Share

When calculating the book value per share of a company, we base the calculation on the common stockholders’ equity, and the preferred stock should be excluded from the value of equity. It is because preferred stockholders are ranked higher than common stockholders during liquidation. The BVPS represents the value of equity that remains after paying up all debts and the company’s assets liquidated.

Formula for Book Value Per Share

The formula for calculating the book value per share is given as follows:

N.B.: We used the “average number of shares outstanding” because the closing period amount may skew results if there was a stock issuance or major stock buyouts. Using the period-end amount (which includes short-term events) may provide incorrect results and may mislead investors into thinking that the stock price is overvalued or undervalued when it is not actually the case.

Practical Example

ABC Limited has $20 million of stockholder’s equity, out of which $5 million are preferred stocks. The company has an average of 3 million shares outstanding during the period. Using this information, we can calculate the BVPS as follows:

BVPS = ($20,000,000 – $5,000,000) / 3,000,000

BVPS = $15,000,000 / 3,000,000

BVPS = $5

How to Increase the Book Value Per Share

A company can use the following two methods to increase its book value per share:

1. Repurchase common stocks

One of the main ways of increasing the book value per share is to buy back common stocks from shareholders. Using the previous example, assume that the company repurchases 500,000 common stocks from its shareholders. It will reduce the current shares outstanding to 2.5 million (3,000,000 – 500,000). The revised BVPS will be as follows:

BVPS = $15,000,000 / 2,500,000

BVPS = $6

Repurchasing 500,000 common stocks from the company’s shareholders increases the BVPS from $5 to $6.

2. Increase assets and reduce liabilities

A company can also increase the book value per share by using the generated profits to buy more assets or reduce liabilities. For example, if ABC Limited generates $1 million in earnings during the year and uses $300,000 to purchase more assets for the company, it will increase the common equity, and hence, raise the BVPS.

Similarly, if the company uses $200,000 of the generated revenues to pay up debts and reduce liabilities, it will also increase the equity available to common stockholders.

Market Value Per Share vs. Book Value Per Share

The book value per share and the market value per share are some of the tools used to evaluate the value of a company’s stocks. The market value per share represents the current price of a company’s shares, and it is the price that investors are willing to pay for common stocks. The market value is forward-looking and considers a company’s earning ability in future periods. As the company’s expected growth and profitability increase, the market value per share is expected to increase further.

On the other hand, book value per share is an accounting-based tool that is calculated using historical costs. Unlike the market value per share, the metric is not forward-looking, and it does not reflect the actual market value of a company’s shares.

The BVPS is a conservative way for investors to measure the real value of a company’s stocks, which is done by calculating what stockholders will own when the company liquidates and all debts paid up. Value investors prefer using the BVPS as a gauge of a stock’s potential value when future growth and earnings projections are less stable.

Drawbacks of Book Value Per Share

One of the limitations of book value per share as a valuation method is that it is based on the book value, and it excludes other material factors that can affect the price of a company’s share. For example, intangible factors affect the value of a company’s shares and are left out when calculating the BVPS.

The BVPS only includes the book value of assets (total assets less intangible assets) to show what common stockholders will own if the company was to be liquidated and debts paid up. It means that tech companies, which own very few tangible assets relative to intangible assets such as copyrights and trademarks, may be undervalued because the value of the intangible assets would be excluded when calculating the BVPS.

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Best Midjourney Coloring Book Prompts

Are you looking for the best Midjourney prompts to create stunning and unique illustrations in your coloring book? Look no further! In this article, we will explore best Midjourney coloring book prompts that will inspire your creativity and help you design beautiful coloring pages. So grab your pencils and let’s dive in!

Midjourney coloring books provide a unique and engaging way to relax, destress, and express creativity during a journey. These prompts can be particularly helpful when you find yourself in the middle of a long trip or a monotonous journey. Coloring can help pass the time, stimulate your imagination, and offer a sense of accomplishment. It can also be a form of mindfulness or meditation, allowing you to focus on the present moment and alleviate any boredom or restlessness.

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Using Midjourney coloring book prompts is simple. First, ensure you have a coloring book and coloring tools such as colored pencils or markers. Then, select a prompt from the coloring book, which could be a specific image or a creative suggestion. Start coloring the image or interpreting the prompt using your preferred colors and techniques. You can choose to color in silence, listen to calming music or an audiobook, or engage in conversation with fellow travelers. The main idea is to enjoy the process and let your creativity flow.

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a. A serene forest scene with towering trees and a bubbling brook.

b. A field of blooming flowers with butterflies fluttering around.

c. A majestic mountain landscape with snow-capped peaks.

d. An underwater world filled with colorful coral reefs and tropical fish.

e. A starry night sky with a glowing full moon and twinkling stars.

a. A magical kingdom with castles, unicorns, and flying dragons.

b. A mystical forest inhabited by fairies and talking animals.

c. An enchanted underwater realm with mermaids and hidden treasures.

e. A dreamy fairy tale castle surrounded by rainbows and fluffy clouds.

a. A bustling cityscape with skyscrapers, busy streets, and iconic landmarks.

b. A tropical island getaway with palm trees, sandy beaches, and crystal-clear waters.

d. A snowy mountain retreat with cabins, skiing, and hot cocoa.

e. A historic European town with cobblestone streets, quaint cafes, and charming architecture.

a. A vibrant spring garden bursting with blooming flowers and chirping birds.

b. A sunny summer beach scene with sandcastles, seashells, and ice cream.

c. A cozy autumn setting with colorful falling leaves and a pumpkin patch.

d. A snowy winter wonderland with snowmen, sledding, and hot chocolate by the fireplace.

e. A transitional scene capturing the beauty of all four seasons in one illustration.

a. A lush jungle landscape featuring lions, elephants, monkeys, and parrots.

b. A farmyard filled with cows, sheep, chickens, and a friendly dog.

c. An Arctic scene showcasing polar bears, penguins, seals, and a majestic orca.

d. A magical forest inhabited by deer, owls, rabbits, and squirrels.

e. A prehistoric world with dinosaurs like the T-Rex, Triceratops, and Brachiosaurus.

A circus tent with acrobats soaring through the air

Clowns with colorful costumes and playful expressions

The circus theme offers a whimsical and lively atmosphere, perfect for coloring book illustrations that capture the magic of the big top. Bring the joy and excitement of the circus to life with these vibrant prompts.

Beautiful landscape with the sun rising from the sea

Line art style in black and white

Nature-themed coloring pages are always a popular choice. Create stunning illustrations with strong lines and flat vector art that showcase the beauty of the natural world. From serene landscapes to intricate floral designs, nature-inspired coloring pages will captivate your audience.

Minimalistic panorama view of a fantasy storybook cottage

Dynamic pose with 100% white fill and swirly folk art style

Embrace the versatility of flat vector and doodle styles for your coloring book pages. These styles offer a clean and contemporary look that is both eye-catching and engaging. From charming storybook cottages to whimsical characters, these prompts will add a touch of magic to your coloring book.

You can use the Coloring Book Prompt Generator to create coloring books and sell them on Amazon. In the past, you had to hire expensive designers or spend time editing stock pictures to bring your ideas to life. With the Coloring Book Prompt Generator, you can generate any image you desire from the comfort of your home, just by learning how to write what you want.

To make the process faster, easier, and more enjoyable, all you need to do is add a little bit of automation. Midjourney, a generative text-to-image tool, uses AI to create beautiful images based on the text prompts you provide. This powerful tool is improving exponentially, and entrepreneurs are discovering innovative ways to leverage it for making money online.

Savvy entrepreneurs are using Midjourney to create stunning coloring book pages, and they’re leveraging self-publishing services like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to sell their creations on the Amazon marketplace. This allows them to reach a wide audience and tap into the growing demand for coloring books.

Relaxation and stress relief: Coloring can have a calming effect on the mind and body, helping to reduce stress and anxiety during a journey.

Creative expression: Coloring provides an outlet for self-expression and allows you to explore your artistic side, even if you don’t consider yourself an artist.

Mindfulness and focus: Engaging in coloring can help you stay present and focused on the task at hand, promoting mindfulness and enhancing concentration.

Entertainment and time pass: Coloring can make time go by faster during long journeys, serving as an enjoyable and immersive activity that keeps you engaged and entertained.

Portable and accessible: Coloring books are portable and can easily fit in your bag, making them accessible for travel. You can use them on various modes of transportation or during breaks in your journey.

Overall, midjourney coloring book prompts offer a pleasurable and therapeutic experience, allowing you to unwind, unleash your creativity, and make your travel time more enjoyable.

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Bing Search Engine Losing Approximately $462,962 Per Hour!

Yesterday, CNN Money released data indicating that Bing and Microsoft Online Services are losing a staggering $1 billion per quarter. This number, which equates to over $11 million per day and $462,962 per hour, is especially concerning since it has occurred in spite of Bing’s steady growth. Since 2007, when Microsoft began tracking the profitability of its search engines, Microsoft search engines have lost a total of $9 billion.

Since Bing launched in late 2009, its market share has nearly doubled. When the “decision engine” debuted its market share was 8.4% and that percentage has steadily grown to 14.7% of the current search market.

However, it is important to note that Bing’s steady growth has not been at the expense of Google, Bing’s primary competitor. Instead, the growth has been at the expense of Yahoo, AOL, and chúng tôi Since Bing’s launch in 2009, Google has only relinquished two-tenths of one percent of its market share and is still the dominant search leader with 64.8% of market share.

In order to be profitable moving forward, Bing must be able to capture market share from Google. Industry experts estimate that Bing must reach approximately 25% to 30% of market share to generate a profit.

Qi Lu, Microsoft’s President of Online Services, said Bing has no desire to “out-Google Google.” Instead, he indicated that strategic search partnerships will help Bing to achieve a greater “semantic understanding” of the Web. Once this semantic understanding is achieved, it will enable Bing to understand queries that are not noun-based and set itself apart from the competition. In addition, Bing recently launched adaptive search and several other new features that appear promising.

If Bing is going to capture market share from Google and become profitable, it has a long journey ahead. For now, Google is a verb and Bing is just another search engine rapidly losing money.

[Sources Include: CNN, ComScore, & ZDNet]

Microsoft To Share Passport Code

Microsoft announced its participation at the first Digital Identity World 2002 Conference Thursday in no small fashion, pledging to open up some of the code for its controversial Passport digital identity chúng tôi announcement was made by the Redmond, Wash. concern’s Craig Mundie, senior vice president and chief technical officer, during a keynote address for the Denver-based trade show.

Under the aegis of the company’s oft-scorned Trustworthy Computinginitiative, Mundie detailed the Passport Manager Licensing Program, which vows to make source code more available so that interested parties can bundle applications with Passport. This play falls under the company’s Microsoft Shared Source Initiative, in which the outfit loosens its grip on code “while preserving the intellectual property rights that sustain a strong software business.”

Specifically, Microsoft plans to offer Passport code freely to customers, partners, developers and academicians as soon as November. With it, they may develop, debug and support both commercial and noncommercial software for the purpose of integration. Businesses must pay if they sign up for Passport use across their enterprise. Microsoft said it hopes its shared source endeavor will be applied as a model for raising the visibility of its code throughout software.

Passport Manager runs at a Passport partner Web site to manage communication and integration with the Passport service. Currently, Microsoft makes versions of the Passport manager available for the Windows operating system and certain versions of UNIX.

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows .NET Server, Windows CE 3.0 , Windows CE .NET, Windows .NET technologies and Microsoft Passport have source code available through the Shared Source Initiative.

The company also unveiled a Passport Password Quality Meter, whereby user names and passwords provide a security mechanism for accessing important user data. Microsoft argues that the strength of a user’s password can be increased by including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, while avoiding commonly used passwords such as a middle name, the name of a pet or a birthday.

Gartner security analyst John Pescatore told

“Shared source at least lets outsiders review MSFT source code — if MSFT includes draconian disclosure restrictions, the community will roar and MSFT will get soundly embarassed,” Pescatore said.

The revelation of the pending code peek was applauded by at least one member of the group known as the Liberty Alliance Project, spearheaded by Sun and a number of firms who propose an open, federated method of digital identity management. The group, which released version 1.0of its ID management technical specifications last month, has been very vocal against Microsoft for not following a similar approach over the last year.

Justin Taylor, chief strategist for directory services for Novell, applauded the decision.

“The announcement coupled with Microsofts decision to integrate WS-Security in their future revisions shows that Microsoft is beginning to understand the need for transparency in identity management,” Taylor told chúng tôi “Making Passport more transparent to the industry will go a long way in making Passport more trusted and make in easier for companies like Novell to support it.”

However, Gartner’s Pescatore said he’s not sure either Passport or Liberty will be embraced.

“We’ve done surveys and found widespread lack of interest in using Passport (or Liberty for that matter),” Pescatore explained. “The real issue is that consumers see no benefit and see a good deal of privacy risk. Enterprises see some benefit but much risk in letting MSFT or Liberty get between the business and their customers.”

Indeed, there is no shortage of privacy concerns when it comes to Passport. While being the most prolific software company in the world, Microsoft’s products are, by extension, the most poked and prodded at by hackers and crackers alike.

Because of this, Microsoft pays the price — above and beyond the $100 million it spent of its Trustworthy Computing initiative. Just last month, Microsoft agreed to 20 years of independent, third-party audits of the Passport identification and authentication system to settle Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges that Microsoft falsely misrepresented the privacy and security of personal information collected from consumers through Passport.

At the time, FTC Commissioner Timothy J. Muris said his agency’s review of Passport procedures found no actual examples of security or privacy breaches but “we found there was potential for both.”

Earthworm Guts May Have Commercial Value

Earthworm guts may have commercial value

Yesterday we wrote about a study on earthworms and the potential for their newly discovered toxin-destroying guts. Today we’ve had a chat with the scientists behind that study, confirming that there really, truly is great potential for said guts. We spoke with Manuel Liebeke, lead author on the study and Research Associate at Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology as well as Jacob G Bundy, Department of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College London, co-author on the study.

Earthworms have been discovered to work with a compound by the name of “drilodefensin.” This compound is used by the worms to metabolize toxins in soil as they retain the useful bits of soil they digest as they move through the ground. This drilodefensin is the big discovery, and the subject of our queries for these scientists.

ABOVE: Drilodefensin (compound 1) distribution in an earthworm, schematic multi-modal three-dimensional model based on micro-computed tomography integrated with IMS data. The colour scale in [the image above] represents the relative abundance of m/z 259.1004. Labelling: ep, epithelium; cm, circular muscle; lm, longitudinal muscle; ge, gut (intestinal) epithelium; gl, gut lumen; np, nephridial tubule profiles (in coelomic cavity); ty, typhlosole fold. doi:10.1038/ncomms8869What potential does this research have for humans, if anything, now that you’re beginning to understand how worms are able to break down these toxins?

Liebeke responded, “We don’t know exactly how they break down the polyphenols, it’s more that we found how the cope with them in their nutrition, although toxic, making most out of their diet. It’s know that bacteria in the earthworm gut helps to degrade the toxic substances.”

“Now that we know about those compounds we can look into other plant-eating animal to search for similar things,” said Liebeke, “[it may be that] this mechanism does occur more frequently than we think.”

“I suspect further applications of the compounds,” added Bundy, “but it’s all speculation at the moment!”

ABOVE: Image 3D modeling of Aporrectodea caliginosa (earthworm) via Outside Museum of Comparative Zoology, Collecting Date: 03.x.2013 (2013-10-03).

“Biosurfactants (i.e. natural detergents produced by living things) do have very useful applications,” continued Bundy, “for instance in helping clear up oil spills by stimulating bioremediation. It’s too early to say yet what the specific applications of earthworm compounds could be, but I definitely think they could have a valuable commercial use.”

“It’s also possible that the earthworm enzymes that degrade the natural earthworm metabolites could also be used to help clean up wastewater, and get rid of (synthetic) detergents before they enter the environment – although I do emphasize that this is still hypothetical!”

If you’d like to know more, head to our first report or move on to the original paper, “Unique metabolites protect earthworms against plant polyphenols”. This paper was written by authors Manuel Liebeke, Nicole Strittmatter, Sarah Fearn, A. John Morgan, Peter Kille, Jens Fuchser, David Wallis, Vitalii Palchykov, Jeremy Robertson, Elma Lahive, David J. Spurgeon, David McPhail, Zoltán Takáts, and Jacob G. Bundy, and published in the scientific journal Nature under code doi:10.1038/ncomms8869.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy Book S

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Book S Samsung Galaxy Book S

Microsoft Surface Pro 6


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Powerful Processing

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is powered up with 8th Gen Intel Core processor which makes it more powerful than The Snapdragon 8cx platform. Though the company claims that Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx processor has equal efficiency to beat Intel 8th generation devices.

Long-Lasting Playback Time

Samsung Galaxy Book S wins the chart with 42Wh battery which could give you playback time of 23 hours on a single charge where on the other hand, Microsoft Windows Surface Pro 6 can only last up to 13.5 hours. You can spend long outdoor hours watching videos, drafting reports or writing lecture notes without thinking about the charger.

Stay in Sync

The same feature is available with Microsoft Surface Pro 6 which can marry with your Android or iOS smartphones and you can sync all your pictures, music, Office documents, favorites, and more.

One-Touch Wake Up

Both the devices allow you to gain access just on a single tap. Now you can put an end to daily rituals of the shutdown and booting up as fast processor and SSD drives allow you to access your device the moment you touch the power button, fingerprint sensor, keyboard or mousepad. It’s similar to the way you access your smartphones.

Elegant, Quiet And Cool

Samsung Galaxy Book S is also claimed to not heat up even while multitasking or continuous 23 Hours of playback. Its Elegant, Quiet and Cool hardware isn’t noisy even in a silent room. The same is witnessed with Microsoft Windows Surface Pro 6 though they didn’t claim such words.

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Both the devices are lightweight with curved edges makes it easy to carry in hand or throw in a travel bag and kickstart your journey. Weight, dimensions and long-lasting battery life makes both the devices portable enough to carry anywhere and everywhere.

Samsung Galaxy Book S Microsoft Surface Pro 6


Display size 13.3”, FHD TFT (16:9) 12.3 inches

Resolution 2160 x 1440 pixels 2736 x 1824 pixels

Pixel density 216 ppi 267 ppi

Technology Super AMOLED

Screen-to-body ratio 73.63% 76.86%

Features HDR video support, Ambient light sensor Ambient light sensor

Touchscreen Capacitive, Multi-touch Capacitive, Multi-touch


Rear Camera Single Single

Main camera 13 megapixels 8 megapixels

Hardware Features Autofocus Autofocus

Specifications Aperture size: F1.9



Video recording 1920×1080 (Full HD) 1920×1080 (Full HD)

Front 5 megapixels 5 megapixels


Dimensions 305.2 x 203.2 x 6.2-11.8mm 11.5 x 7.9 x 0.33 inches (292.1 x 200.7 x 8.4 mm)

Weight 960 g 792 g

Materials Back: Metal Back: Metal


2D Face unlock

Features Stylus

Colors Earthy Gold, Mercury Gray Black, Gray


Headphones 3.5 mm jack 3.5 mm jack

Speakers Multiple speakers Multiple speakers

Features Album art cover, Background playback Album art cover, Background playback

Screen mirroring Wireless screen share Mini Displayport

Additional microphone(s)



System chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Intel Core i7 8650U

Processor 64-bit Octa-core processor, (Max. 2.84 GHz + 1.8GHz) Quad-core, 1900 MHz, 64-bit, 14 nm

GPU Intel HD Intel UHD Graphics 620

RAM 8 GB 8GB / 16 GB

Internal storage 256 / 512GB 128 GB To 1TB

Storage expansion microSDXC up to 1 TB microSDXC

OS Windows (10) Windows (10)


Bluetooth 5.0 4.1

Wi-Fi 802.11 b, g, n, ac, dual-band; Multiple antennas, MIMO, Wi-Fi Direct 802.11 a, b, g, n, ac, dual-band

USB USB 3.1 USB 3.0

Connector USB Type-C (reversible) Full-size USB

Features Mass storage device, USB OTG, USB charging Mass storage device

Location GPS, A-GPS, Glonass, BeiDou, Galileo

Sensors Accelerometer Accelerometer, Gyroscope



Capacity 42Wh

Type Not user replaceable

Charging Yes

Video playback 11.00 hours 9.00 hours


Other features Voice commands, Voice recording Voice commands, Voice recording


Warranty period

12 Months

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