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Pairing your selfie stick with a decent wireless shutter control completes the technology. Whether you’re in for a Zoom call, a distant snapshot, or making a YouTube video, a tap on your wireless selfie remote control is all you need to do it yourself. Plus, a shutter remote helps you take stable, crisp photos since you’ll fix your selfie stick in a position.

Here for the best wireless selfie controls? Go no further. Keep reading, and you’ll find them here.

1. Xenvo Shutterbug – Editor’s choice

The Xenvo Shutterbug commands a handy utility for the job. An essential attribute that makes this a reliable choice is its compatibility with all iPhones, cameras, and other smartphone models. There are also a couple of miniaturized details on this one. For instance, you’ll find its key-holder opening valuable. And once connected, you’ll know instantly via its blue indicator light.

Xenvo has a maximum range of 30 meters for the record, wide enough to cover most camera distances. Another alluring attribute of Xenvo is that it has proof for shutter loss despite its wide-range coverage. So it maintains camera quality, regardless of the distance between you and your selfie stick. Well, all thanks to its built-in Ericson Bluetooth technology.

Ultimately, as expected, Xenvo uses a replaceable lithium battery, but this has a long life span. Of course, once the battery wears out, you can replace it with a new one from a battery store nearby. You only need to open the battery cover on the rear, pull out the old one, and insert another lithium battery. One complaint I have about Xenvo Shutterbug is that its shutter release doesn’t work with Snapchat sometimes for some reason.


The 30-meter distance coverage is suitable for nature capture

Comes with a lifetime warranty

The strong Bluetooth connection prevents shutter control loss

Battery is replaceable

Compatible with a wide range of devices


The shutter release might fails with Snapchat

2. Gadgin Premium Selfie Remote Control – One year warranty

The Gadgin Premium Selfie Remote is a compact gadget that fits the thumb, almost smaller than most selfie remote controls you’d find out there. Its Bluetooth distance cap is fairly impressive, transmitting at an approximate frequency of 2.4835GHz and covering a maximum shutter control distance of 10 meters.

The Gadgin selfie remote uses two replaceable lithium CR2 batteries; pretty ideal for a three-month use at a stretch, as it has a 3-volt capacity. This one also comes with a carrier bag and hand strap, which are handy considering its size and negligible weight of 8.0 grams. This miniaturized gadget is compatible with all smartphone and iPhone models running iOS 6.0 and later. Indeed, this might be all you need, whether you want it for a video or just a random snapshot.

However, an annoying con of the gadget is its control button only starts and stops a video. Hence, you might look further elsewhere if you want something that pauses video recording.



The battery is easily replaceable

Lightweight and handy

There’s no shutter loss within the specified coverage distance


You can’t pause a video while recording

Check out on: Amazon

3. Zttopo Wireless Camera Remote – Most multi-compatible

For a selfie remote control close in size to Gadgin’s, Zttopo is an ideal alternative, and it’s valuable for the price. Of course, also minute enough to fit into your pocket or hand, even when you attach it to a keychain. And you can play, pause, and stop video with this one.

With the Zttopo wireless camera remote, you can stand up to 30 feet away from your selfie stick to make a video or take a picture. Anything beyond this might result in signal loss. Further, it’s also compatible with many devices, including iPhones and smartphones. I also find it intriguing that the shutter control works in-app on social media like Snapchat and Instagram.


Works with Snapchat and Instagram

Offers more value than the price

Impressive Bluetooth coverage

Wide range compatibility

You can play, pause, and stop video recording


Some users have reported seldom signal loss

Check out on: Amazon

4. Aiker Bluetooth Remote Control – Most sturdy

The Aiker Bluetooth remote control connects with your device over a maximum range of 20 meters, and its response speed is impressive at about 0.07 seconds. The operational mode of this Bluetooth selfie remote control is simple, featuring a single, large button that covers almost half its entire surface for taking pictures and recording videos.

There’s an indicator at the top side that lets you know if there’s an established connection. The battery on this one is a replaceable CR2 lithium battery. And the battery cover is easy to remove if you need to replace it. However, one primary problem to look out for in this one is that many users have complained that it takes time for the shutter button to wake your iPhone once your screen goes to sleep. Hence, you might need to move closer to your phone to trigger it back on.


Sturdy and easy to use

20-meter range coverage is ideal for taking long-range pictures and videos

You can easily replace the battery


The shutter control button might not wake your phone once the screen sleeps

Check out on: Amazon

5. TNP Bluetooth Multi-Media -Multifunctional

If you’re in for a multi-endowed device, the TNR Bluetooth Multimedia is all you need. This selfie remote control deviates from the earlier ones in that it has many control buttons and is pretty bigger—not enough to prevent it from fitting in your pocket.

Although the TNP Bluetooth shutter control is a multimedia controller, this doesn’t reduce the quality of its selfie control feature, which is top-notch. Like most control devices, TNP uses Bluetooth connectivity and covers a maximum range of 10 meters. It’s suitable for making zoom calls and taking pictures on social media apps, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

There are many buttons on the panel, but notably, those for playing, pausing, and stopping video recording will receive frequent use. The battery is a replaceable CR-2025-coin cell, which lasts up to 6 months with consistent usage.



The battery is easily replaceable and durable

Works for taking pictures and making videos in-app on social media apps

Compatible with many devices


Not as handier as some other alternatives

6. CamKix Camera Shutter Remote Control – Most compact

CamKix shutter control also has a strap hole for holding your keychain, and what I admire more is that the small device comes in various colors. This doesn’t add to its functionality, though. But you might find the aesthetics alluring when paired with your keychain.

Additionally, the connection speed of the shutter control is impressive. And, of course, you can’t expect a signal loss as far as you don’t exceed the 10-meter range limit. The control device might work with third-party camera apps, depending on the native functionality of the app.


Comes in various colors

Offers value for money

Battery is replaceable

Pocket-friendly and handy


Might fail to work when using the camera in third-party apps

Check out on: Amazon

7. ASHUTB Bluetooth 5.0 Remote Shutter – Best value for money

ASHUTB boasts in this version of its upgraded remote shutter, and it’s worth it. Coming with a newer Bluetooth version 5.0, this upgrade now uses less power, ensuring that its new 3-volts CR2032 coin cell lithium battery lasts up to six months before you replace it.

It’s also worthy of note that ASHUTB didn’t stop at minor upgrades but overhauled the battery with an additional capacity, three times more than the previous shutter. You’ll also find the attached strap valuable for preventing loss, considering that the device only weighs 12 grams. However, this selfie stick’s wireless control isn’t unique to others like it. But its selling point is its reduced price.

The shutter is also sleek to connect, with almost zero lag. You’re also unlikely to experience attenuated signal as far as you don’t exceed a distance of 15 meters from the remote control and your selfie stick. One turndown of the device is that it doesn’t support hybrid third-party cameras.


Instant connection and shutter control

The coverage distance is decent

Cheaper than most shutter controls

The battery model is stronger than most other lithium batteries

Compatible with many smartphones


It doesn’t work with non-native cameras

Check out on: Amazon

8. Selfie World Premium HD Bluetooth Selfie Remote – Lifetime warranty

Selfie World shutter remote control features the typical pattern you’ve seen earlier. However, there’s no denying that this 2-inch long gadget is handy and fancy. And there’s a keychain hole for pairing this with your key or strap to prevent loss.

Selfie World is compatible with any smartphone that has Bluetooth. Its shutter control is impressive and has little chance of signal loss—as far as you don’t separate the shutter longer than 10 meters from your iPhone.

This selfie stick remote control is also easy to use. As with the other brands, all you have to do is switch it on with the power button, connect it to your iPhone, and press or long-press the shutter control button to take a snapshot or make a video. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t work when using social media app-based cameras like TikTok or Snapchat.


Fanciful and handy

An impressively strong shutter control signal

Easy to use with one shutter button


It might not support using non-native third-party cameras

Check out on: Amazon

9. UBeesize Store Bluetooth Camera Remote Shutter – Well-labelled buttons

UBeesize is one of my collections of pocket-friendly selfie stick remote controls. And it’s strong too. This one also delivers all the expected features of shutter control. However, the well-outlined shutter buttons are admirable. So these let you know which button to press for a particular platform (Android or iOS).

It has a maximum Bluetooth range of 10 meters, and the shutter transmits at an average frequency of 2.4GHz, giving your shit speed the optimum boost it needs within the specified distance range. This selfie remote control also uses a CR2032 lithium battery, which lasts up to six months even with consistent use. UBeesize also wins a point in that it works with social apps, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.


Long-lasting replaceable lithium battery

You can use it to take pictures on most social apps

Easy to use and well-delineated buttons


Some users have reported seldom signal loss

Check out on: Amazon

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The 8 Best Selfie Apps For Android

Selfies are  a great form of expressing self love, and a handy way of taking a picture with someone else if you want to be in it as well. The best Android smartphones now come with features that allow you to take good quality selfies even in insufficient or bad lighting conditions. 

However, if you don’t have a phone with a fancy selfie camera, you can use one of the apps that specialize in improving the quality of your selfies. Here are some of the best selfie apps for Android that we found.

Table of Contents

Price: Free.

Best for: Adding masks and filters to your selfies.

People tend to think of Snapchat only as an Instagram-type app for sharing pictures and videos with your friends. However, Snapchat is a great app for taking selfies and enhancing them with the various lenses, emojis, filters, masks, and fonts. The app even allows you to create your own filters if you don’t find what you need on Snapchat.  

If you don’t have it installed yet, you can download Snapchat for free from the Play Store. 

Using Snapchat for taking selfies is easy: Open the app and take a picture as you normally would, using a mask or a filter. Then add text or effects if you like. You can choose to save your Snapchat selfies to Memories or Camera Roll, and then access them in your phone’s gallery. 

Price: Free.

Best for: Taking selfies in low light conditions.

Taking good looking selfies requires good lighting. If your phone doesn’t have the right hardware for taking selfies in low light conditions, Front Flash is a must have.

Price: Free.

Best for: Taking Instagram-friendly selfies.

Afterlight is a photo-editing app that every Instagram fan will appreciate. The editing tools and the overall style of the app is similar to that of Instagram, but Afterlight offers many more editing options. 

If you’re looking to improve your selfies by adding a filter or a texture to it, you can use dozens of unique filters available on the app. Afterlight has frames that are the same format as the ones on Instagram, so you won’t have to crop the selfie to fit the Instagram square. 

Price: Free.

Best for: Taking and editing group selfies. 

YouCam Perfect is probably one of the top selfie apps out there. There isn’t much this app can’t do when it comes to taking beautiful selfies. YouCam Perfect has a real-time beauty camera with special effects designed to enhance your selfies. You can use this app  to take a photo as well as a video-selfie. 

One of the best features this app can offer is the ability to use the beauty camera to take group selfies. It automatically recognizes all of the faces on camera and applies enhancing filters to all of them at once. In case you want to edit someone out of the picture, you can use the app to remove them from the frame. 

Price: Free.

Best for: Taking silent selfies.

Candy Camera is a perfect selfie app for when you need to take a sneaky selfie without anyone around you noticing. The app has a silent camera feature that allows you to take pictures without any sound, even if your phone isn’t in silent mode. 

Aside from the silent camera, Candy Camera has a number of beauty features for enhancing your selfies, like face slim, whitening, smoothing, makeup and more. You can even use this app to add some tan or abs to your pictures. 

Price: Free.

Best for: Removing annoying objects from your selfie’s background. 

PhotoDirector is an AI-powered photo-editing app that can help take your selfies to the next level. One of the best features of PhotoDirector is the Object Removal tool. You don’t need to worry about other people or background objects ruining your selfie, as you can later remove them from the picture using this app.

*06_photo director*

PhotoDirector also has a beauty editor with auto skin toning options, as well as some cool filters and effects to spruce up your photos. 

Price: Free.

Best for: Creating selfie GIFs.

Retrica was originally the photo-editing app that specialized in filters that helped add retro style and atmosphere to your pictures. Now the app offers over a hundred different photo filters that add more texture and color to the photos. 

One feature that makes Retrica truly stand out among the other selfie apps for Android on this list is the ability to create GIFs. Now you can use Retica to create a GIF from a video or an image easily.

Price: Free.

Best for: Putting a smile on your selfie.

FaceTune2 is a selfie editor that has it all. You can apply filters to your selfies, remove blemishes, smoothen your skin, whiten your teeth, and change the shape and size of some of your facial features. You can even tweak your smile to make your selfie look friendlier.

Aside from the beauty options, you can use FaceTune2 to accentuate certain details of your photo, blur the background, and change the lighting of the picture. 

Best Waterproof Cases For Iphone 7 In 2023

Water activities are absolute fun. While some folks go diving to seek joy, some take deeps to remain fit and healthy. I never forget to take my iPhone with me whenever I decide to bathe in the rain or venture into the river with friends during vacation. After all, it’s awesome to listen to music and capture those wonderful moments when playing with water takes center stage.

1. Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES

“Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES” waterproof case defines both quality and performance. With an IP68 ingress protection rating, it’s submersible to 6.6’/2 m for 1 hour.

The solid construction exceeds the military standard. The built-in screen protector is extremely touched sensitive. You will enjoy using your smartphone. It provides complete access to ports and buttons. You can easily charge and sync through the USB port.

2. Fansteck

Fansteck sports a bit slim design to ensure the smartphone doesn’t have extra bulk. Powered by the durable exterior, the case can absorb shock.

With the screen guard being so responsive, you can use your iPhone smoothly. And yes, capturing underwater shots won’t be a big deal either.


When you are enjoying outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, or skiing, you want to have an uncompromised defense for the smartphone. And OUNNE has got all the qualities to be a top-notch cover for the smartphone.

The outer shell features a shock-absorbing design to thwart even nasty bumps. The cover also allows the Apple logo to continue to reveal its presence.

Thanks to the responsive buttons and a clear screen guard, you can use your smartphone without any issue. Moreover, the anti-slip sides help you hold the device conveniently.

4. Temdan

What about choosing a more functional waterproof case? Aside from protecting your smartphone from both water and bumps, Temdan also bolsters your hands-free experience.

You can make the most of the kickstand to watch videos in landscape mode. And if you don’t need to use the stand, you will be able to remove it as well.

The case has tactile buttons and features anti-slip sides to enhance the grip. Therefore, your smartphone has less chance of slipping. Even better, Temdan also comes in some good-looking colors like pink, black, and blue.

5. LifeProof NUUD SERIES

One more waterproof case from LifeProof! Unlike FRĒ SERIES, NUUD SERIES cases flaunt a transparent back to let the smartphone showcase its design.

The form-fitting slim design tries to keep the elegance of the smartphone alive. However, the cover is sturdy enough to fight out the shock.

6. Pelican Marine

Pelican Marine waterproof case is made to excel. What makes it a superior choice is the complete assurance that your iPhone will remain safe in the water and continue to compliment all your moves.

7. Singdo

For providing reliable defense to the iPhone 7 from water and nasty bumps, you can’t go wrong with Singdo. This waterproof case looks really compact and fits firmly around the edges. The solid frame helps it fight out shock with ease, while the grippy sides ensure the smartphone doesn’t slip from hands.

The high-quality screen protector enhances the viewing experience and also offers better sensitivity. As a result, you can use your smartphone smoothly, even when the cover is on. Lastly, Singdo comes in a couple of colors like black and blue.

That’s it! Which of these cases have the quality to pair with your iPhone for a swimming marathon? It would be nice to know your pick.

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Best Pdf Reader Apps For Iphone In 2023

Best PDF Reader Apps For iPhone in 2023 Best PDF Reader Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Keeping in mind the range of features and user interface, here are some of the best PDF readers for iPhone and iPad-

1. PDFelement

Edit or delete text by changing the font, color, and size

Convert PDF to up to 9 formats which include PPT, Excel, Word, EPUB and several others

Easily works across all other platforms – Android/ Mac/ iOS/ Windows

Transfer PDF file to a computer over Wi-Fi using cloud services

Install PDFelement

2. Adobe Acrobat Reader

You can conveniently choose to either scroll a single page or scroll pages continuously

You can highlight and annotate any text on a given PDF, thanks to several drawing tools and sticky notes

You can access files from a variety of cloud services such as Dropbox and Adobe’s own cloud service – Adobe Document Cloud

3. Xodo PDF Reader

Xodo PDF Reader might not be as popular as the above two readers but that doesn’t make Xodo PDF reader any less in features. it is still counted as one of the best PDF reader apps. It is a multi-platform PDF reader app that comes with features, the likes of which are mentioned below.

The iOS PDF reader offers you various reader modes that will enhance your reading experience

There are several tools for adding annotations and electronic signatures, tools for cloud storage and organization which will help you increase your productivity

You can access and transfer files locally and to all cloud platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and various others

You can use Xodo Connect to annotate and share PDFs over any web browser

4. PDF Expert 6

A dedicated text to speech features lets you hear the text on your PDF loud and clear. This can also be used to annotate PDFs as well

Availability of continuous scroll and single page scroll mode

You can enable full-text search, zoom in and out and scroll

You can insert per-designed stamps such as approved, confidential, not approved and many more

5. GoodReader

GoodReader is a PDF reader for all bookworms and for everyone who is immensely passionate about reading. Here you can even discover new books, read reviews about them and chat with a community of readers just like you. The features of this PDF reader include –

Worried about losing out on space, Goodreader has the capability to compress enter folders containing PDFs

It supports all popular cloud storage platforms like OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive. Not just that, you can even access files on SMB and eMail server too

6. iBooks  (now Books)

It would not be fair to not talking about iBooks when talking about PDF reader apps for iPhone and iPad. The reason being, it is the native PDF reader app for both. iBooks supports both PDF and EPUB formats and gives you the functionality to sync books across all devices by using iTunes. It is a simple, no-nonsense iOS PDF reader and promises to deliver the following features –

You can print PDFs with ease using AirPrint

With this iOS PDF reader you can download a plethora of books from iBooks Store

You can make your night reading comfortable by using the auto-night theme

7. Bookari (Android, iOS: Free)

If your iPhone or iPad is filled with digital documents and e-Books, here is a best free PDF reader for iPhone which will help you organize them with ease. You can index your favourite books by rating, tagging and using several other filters. Other features include –

Import books in both PDF and EPUB formats. It also works well with Adobe DRM too

Variety of modes such as landscape, portrait and night

Add your favourite books from website and several other platforms

Let’s say your iPhone is out of battery and you have an urgent PDF to review, what would you do? Although we’ve mentioned  some of the best PDF readers for iPhone that you can install on your device, here is a way you can view your PDFs online. PDFPro lets you access your PDF anywhere. All you have to do is upload your PDF file by dragging and dropping and then you can enjoy reading it. Here are some of the notable features of this online PDF reader –

All uploaded files are encrypted using HTTPS and are stored in a secured database managed by Amazon Cloud Hosting

Works on all platforms

The website always runs on the latest version, so there is no need for any updates

You can even edit up to 3 files per month for free

Also Read – How to convert PDF to word on iPhone and iPad

Give These Apps A Shot

And, you will not be disappointed!  Whether you want to just read the documents or make edits to them or even convert them to other formats, you will have no issues with navigating the reader for all your needs.

Do let us know how your experience has been and which of the following iOS PDF readers according to you gives the best experience.

Next Read: PDF Converter Software for Windows and Mac

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Best Gps Navigation Apps For Iphone In 2023

GPS navigation apps for iPhone and iPad have come a long way. They can help us search locations, turn-by-turn instructions, traffic navigation, and off-road directions. So, whether you’re hiking, traveling, or exploring your area, a map app is a must.

Moreover, some GPS apps allow you to download maps to conserve mobile data and battery life. But you must update your offline maps regularly to get accurate information.

We already have one GPS app for iPhone: Apple Maps. However, more choices are accessible, each with a unique set of qualities. I have listed the best GPS navigation apps for iPhone below.

1. Apple Maps – Editor’s choice

Apple offers a pre-installed default GPS app for iPhone from iOS 6. So, it’s free and accessible to all. I liked its simple UI and turn-by-turn spoken instructions for bicycles, pedestrians, and vehicles. It gives an arrival time by calculating the current speed limit and real-time traffic data.

Besides, you may access real-time transportation information, including the bus or train’s arrival and departure schedules. Also, the interior airport terminal maps show the locations of eateries and bathrooms.

I got a Google Earth-like experience using its Flyover Mode and 3D city views. You may also communicate your ETA while biking, strolling, or using CarPlay with Siri to report a traffic incident while remaining hands-free.


3D Look Around feature

Effective lane guidance and speed limit display

The navigation screen is free of distractions


Can’t download the map

Doesn’t warn drivers of speed traps or roadway obstructions.

Price: Free


2. Google Maps – Best global GPS app

Google Maps offers a highly accurate points-of-interest database and map. Besides, with real-time traffic data and rerouting automation, you may quickly reach your destination and avoid traffic jams. The best part is it shows ongoing construction, accidents, potholes, and police presence.

You may view maps in different modes like traffic, public transportation, satellite, Google Earth, etc. I have made Google Maps default on iPhone as I mostly use the Google Local Search feature to find new locations with their business hours, ratings and reviews, and other important information.

Additionally, it syncs your flagged location lists and search history across your logged-in devices. You may have voice instructions in regional languages, modify volume settings and play through Bluetooth.


Advance voice search

Accurate directions and location updates


Good for online usage

Offline maps take a large storage

Price: Free


3. Waze – Best for drivers

Waze, an offering of Google, provides you the best navigation app for iPhone with the biggest community-based live traffic. In this app, the local drivers update real-time traffic and route information from time to time.

So, plan your journey accordingly with dynamic routing and save time. Besides, you can find the cheapest petrol along your route to save money. But you must have the internet to access the live map and interact with other drivers.

You may also give updates about construction, road hazards, speed traps, etc., by connecting Waze with FourSquare, Twitter, or Facebook. I loved its compatibility with playing music and podcast directly from the app. Besides, you can use it on your car’s display while driving with Apple CarPlay.


Real-time traffic information

Apple CarPlay compatibility

Rerouting automation

Driver’s community


Ads on the screen

Little point-of-interest location information

Price: Free


4. Citymapper – Best for transportation

CityMapper allows planning your journey in the shortest time by comparing transportation alternatives. So, whatever transit mode you choose, including walking, biking, or public transit, you can easily traverse using turn-by-turn instructions.

Besides, the app offers three different map views, official offline maps, and no-parking zone alerts. Therefore, this app is your travel companion if you live in NYC or San Francisco Bay Area. Also, you may compare taxi prices, book a rental car, or locate an e-scooter nearby, thanks to its integration with the bike and car rental apps.

I always plan my journey according to its real-time wait times and ETAs to avoid missing buses or trains during rush hour. Besides, track your bus or train, check the best train car to board, and choose the right entrance and exit at every subway or railway station.


Aggregates all transit systems

Compatible with Apple Watch

Share your live ETA and location via iMessages


Crashes on older iPhones

Drains battery too fast

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $2.99)


5. Avenza – Best offline GPS app

The “trace your steps” feature tracks you down anywhere globally. Besides, you can create geofences worldwide. I liked its integration with what3words to pinpoint your position with custom symbol sets and alternative coordinate display formats.


World’s largest map collection for downloading

Record GPS tracks and mark spots

Import your own maps


The tracking feature obstructs the view of that map

The interface is not user-friendly

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)


6. MapQuest – For night-mode lovers

MapQuest provides every essential feature you need to explore and travel the United States and Canada. You may use voice navigation for walking or driving instructions or explore areas of interest on the map. Besides, it supports Apple CarPlay and live traffic camera.

You can also use custom symbols to designate preferred destinations. While planning, I use its layers bar to find and explore surrounding attractions like restaurants, petrol stations with the lowest costs, etc. Besides, it’s one of the GPS navigation apps for iPhone that lets you discover fantastic hotel offers and reserve them within the app.


Get live traffic updates and alternate routes options

Speed limit display

App shortcuts


Doesn’t work properly with Siri

The navigational capabilities are inoperable in offline mode

Price: Free


7. Sygic – Get 3D downloadable maps

The most sophisticated iPhone GPS app with a great navigation experience, smart tools, stunning 3D downloadable maps, and an intuitive user interface. The GPS multi-lingual voice guidance provides clear instructions and speaks street names.

Also, offline maps get free updates regularly. If you love exploring cities on foot, this app is for you. Because it covers every point-of-interest location and tourist site with walking instructions. Also, you can customize your navigation arrow.

Over 500 million people globally provide real-time traffic information, and Dynamic Lane Assistant helps to avoid traffic congestion. Besides, Speed restriction alerts display the current speed limit. Also, the Sygic app emphasizes your safety. 

The Real View Navigation and Head-up Display technology is helpful in nighttime driving as it projects navigation onto the windshield. After a collision, a dashcam instantly captures a video of the surrounding area.

Besides, Apple CarPlay connectivity display all navigational tools on the in-dash display. I liked its wrong-way alert (developed in collaboration with Bosch) to know if you’re going the incorrect way.


Head-up display

Real-time sign detection

Support for Dashcam and Cockpit

Dynamic Lane Assistant


Costly subscription

Unstable with CarPlay

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $17.99)


8. chúng tôi – Find the best hotel

If you are looking for an offline GPS app that drains your battery, chúng tôi is the one. With its ready-made travel guides, you save time arranging the trip and ensure you never miss a location or outdoor activities.

Besides, the app offers detailed directions to hiking paths, POIs, and other offbeat locations and indicates if a route is uphill or downhill. Also, millions of OpenStreetMap contributors update maps every day. 

It shows hiking trails and other features with MAPS.ME’s extensive tourist spots database. Along with using optimized navigation, you can do offline searches and browse several categories, such as eateries, tourist destinations, hotels, ATMs, and public transportation.


Get the most optimal route

Search location by category

Bookmark favorite spots


Poor navigation in rural areas

Doesn’t choose the shortest route

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)


9. TomTom Go – Drive to your photo

With TomTom GO, you can enjoy downloadable 3D offline maps updated weekly with accurate real-time traffic. Also, the dynamic lane assistance and simple turn-by-turn guidance let you reach your location quickly.

Another unique feature called “Drive to a Photo” gives directions to the locations of your geotagged pictures and the addresses of the contacts on your phone. Along with offline maps, you may search online to find destinations, well-known sights, and crucial POIs.

Using the TomTom Traffic function’s accurate distance and timing estimates, you can discover alternative routes to avoid traffic jams. Besides, you can share your arrival time with others using the messaging service.

But the biggest turnoff for me is you only receive 50 miles of free navigation each month. If you want more, you will need to subscribe.


150+ countries’ downloadable 3D maps with weekly updates

Speed camera alerts

Directions for geotagged photos


The free app includes 50 miles of navigation per month

The iPhone route bar isn’t available on CarPlay

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $4.99)


10. MapFactor – Free offline maps

Mapsfactor is one of the best free GPS navigation apps for iPhone from OpenStreetMaps. It offers free offline maps of more than 200 countries with monthly map updates.

You will get HD live traffic, a door-to-door route, and a summary of the planned trip. Besides, the speed restrictions and camera alerts keep you safe. You can set the intuitive voice turn-by-turn directions in your preferred language. 

The app’s premium offers professional TomTom navigation maps with UK postcodes for more dependable and accurate driving. Also, I liked its day and night map modes with 2D/3D setting to navigate realistic visual maps.


Free maps of more than 200 countries

Customize your vehicle details for accurate routing

Head-up display for night drives


Poor searching

UI is backdated

Price: Free (In-app purchases from $3.49)


So, that’s all for today, folks!

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Best Accessibility Tips For Iphone Users In 2023

Apple has always tried to make its products more accessible for people with physical challenges. Hence, there is a handy value for everyone on the iPhone. Ranging from those that assist seeing and hearing to those that aid quick access to daily routines, you can hardly use it all.

Here are some of the best accessibility tips to help you use your iPhone more productively.

Accessibility tips for visually impaired

With iPhone, you can adjust iPhone accessibility settings to suit your vision requirements. Let me walk you through them.

1. VoiceOver

When you activate VoiceOver, it audibly reports every happening on your iPhone, including every button you touch. When you tap a button or an app, a voice tells you what it is. You can then double-tap that button to activate or launch it.

To activate VoiceOver on iPhone or iPad:

Open Settings.

Tap Accessibility.

From there, select VoiceOver.

If prompted, double-tap OK to activate.

You can also adjust pitch range, change language settings and voice, and more.

2. Adjust text size, buttons, and more

You can also adjust text size, highlight buttons, and bold text. Here’s how:

From Settings, tap Accessibility.

Select Display & Text Size.

To bold texts:

Toggle on Bold Text.

To adjust text size:

Tap Larger Text.

Toggle on Larger Accessibility Sizes.

To underline buttons:

Toggle on Button Shapes.

3. Magnify content

You can use zoom to magnify the entire screen while using apps or typing on your iPhone or iPad. I recommend this option if you have difficulty seeing small texts. Or if you need a more precise focus on icons.

To activate:

Open Settings.

Go to Accessibility.

Select Zoom.

Once active, double-tap with three fingers to switch between zooming in and out. Swipe across the screen with three fingers to move around your device when you zoom icons.

4. Reduce UI motion

It can be hard to visually catch up when actions and movements are too quick on your iPhone. You can slow them down for better comprehension and follow-up. So at least, you’ll know what’s happening next on your device.

To do this:

From the Accessibility menu in Settings, tap Motion.

Toggle on Reduce Motion.

5. Set up Spoken Content

You can also listen to written texts when you activate Spoken Content on your iPhone or iPad. This feature is helpful if you have difficulty reading.

Setting it up is simple:

Open Settings.

Select Spoken Content from the Accessibility menu.

Toggle on Speak Selection.

Switch on Speak Screen.

Select Speech Controller.

Now, go ahead and open a message on your iPhone or online. Long-tap the Speech Controller icon at the top-left to read it in a speech.

Assistive physical features

Assistive features are physical and motor setups that let you create shortcuts for regularly-used functions on your iPhone or iPad. These are some tips to use these accessibility features.

6. Use AssistiveTouch

AssistiveTouch eliminates the need to follow several steps before you can use certain iPhone features. When activated, it spins up a single button on your device for activating gestures like switching the torch, taking screenshots, switching between apps, and more.

And you can also customize what happens when you single-tap, double-tap, or long-press AssistiveTouch. For better insights, you might want to look at our comprehensive guide on how to use AssistiveTouch on iPhone and iPad.

7. Leverage back tap

There have been rumors that the Apple logo at the back of the iPhone works when you tap it. Well, it does! And it’s moderately responsive as well. But it doesn’t work until you set it up.

As you can with AssistiveTouch, you can select what happens when you double- or triple-tap this logo. You’ll also need to go into Accessibility to set up the back tap gesture on your iPhone. But if it doesn’t respond sharply or doesn’t work at all, we have potent back tap fixes you can try as well.

8. Customize what happens when Face ID Unlocks iPhone

You can also modify what happens whenever you open your device with Face ID. For instance, you can set your iPhone to require attention before it opens. This makes your device stricter as it requires a closer gaze before it unlocks.

You can also choose to dim the iPhone light after using it for a long time. And when you switch on Haptic on Successful Authentication, your device plays a sound indicating that it’s now unlocked. That feature is more helpful if you’re always in doubt whether your phone is unlocked or not.

To access these features:

Open Settings.

Go to Accessibility.

Select Face ID & Attention.

9. Tap to wake and activate Vibration

Like the raise to wake feature on iPhone, you can also configure your device to turn on the screen light whenever you tap it. Vibration keeps your iPhone in vibration mode even when the screen is off. So, at least, you can get emergency alerts even when you’re not actively using them.

To activate these features:

Go to Settings.

In the Accessibility menu, select Touch.

You can now wake your iPhone by merely tapping the screen when the screen light is off.

10. Use Voice Control

Perhaps another lazy feature that iPhone has added to our lives. Voice Control listens to everything happening around you and can type them for you.

It’s a valuable function to explore if you hate typing all the time while texting or chatting. You might want to see this comprehensive guide on the use of voice control on the iPhone to get started.

11. Customize side button

Go to Settings → Accessibility.

Tap Side Button.

Choose between Default, Slow, or the Slowest option.

To dictate what happens when you long-press the side button:

Tap Siri to listen for “Hey Siri.”

Aided hearing and other accessibility tips on iPhone

iPhone accessibility also offers features that improve hearing. And you can control the amount of sound that enters your eardrums while using your headphones or earbuds. Besides these, there are also many other general tips you can try to make your iPhone classier.

Let’s explore them.

12. Pair hearing aids

If you use made-for iPhone hearing aids, you can pair them with your iPhone from the Accessibility menu. When you do so, you can improve sound quality on your iPhone while listening to podcasts, music, or making calls.

To pair a hearing aid on iPhone:

Open Settings → Accessibility.

Scroll down and select Hearing Devices.

Select your hearing aid device from the result.

13. Sound Recognition

Sound recognition lets your iPhone notify you via alerts when an event occurs or in case of a sudden event. This could be a fire outbreak or any other emergency.

To activate:

Go to Settings → Accessibility.

Scroll down and tap Sound Recognition.

Toggle on Sound Recognition.

To set alerts for different events, tap Sounds.

Hint: you might want to use different alert tones for various events:

So tap Alert Tones to select a sound for an event.

14. Adjust Audio/Visual settings

The Audio/Visual section of the Accessibility menu lets you improve the quality of sounds that goes in and out of your iPhone.

Here’s how to tweak features in your favor from this section:

Go to Settings → Accessibility.

Tap Audio/Visual.

To play sounds from the left and right speakers, toggle on Mono Audio.

To reduce background noise while making calls, toggle on Phone Noise Cancellation.

15. Lock iPhone to a single app

For an added layer of privacy, you can lock your iPhone to a single app when you don’t want others (your kids, for instance) to access other parts of your phone when they’re using a particular feature.

Once activated, all you need to do when your kid is inside an app is freeze your device with your passcode. Want to know more? Here’s a guide on how to use guided access on iPhone and Pad.

16. Customize shortcuts

Accessibility shortcuts let you access commonly-used gestures whenever you press the side button thrice. To activate:

Open Settings → Accessibility.

Scroll down and select Accessibility Shortcut.

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