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Google recently stepped into the budget smartphone market by launching the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. Both these smartphones are available for sale on Verizon, Google store, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

If you have a thing for leather and wallet cases, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of some great leather and wallet cases for the Google Pixel 3a to help you choose the perfect one for your:

BTW, if you are looking for some top accessories for your device besides cases, check out this → best Pixel 3a XL accessories.

Best Pixel 3a leather and wallet cases

Here is our list of the Pixel 3a leather cases as well as wallet cases.


Leather Case

Made from premium soft flexible TPU DDJ’s case is designed to be scratch resistant and shock absorbent. The case surrounds all the edges and covers the whole phone providing full body protection. It also includes 1 pocket which can either be used as a card slot or money holder. Besides black, it is also available in many different colors: Champagne, Blue, Gray, and Rose.

Buy on Amazon: $9.99 


Wallet Stand Case

This one is a lightweight wallet stand case with a classy appearance. It has two interior slip pockets to store your valuable cards and other receipts.


Wallet Case

Made from premium synthetic PU leather Feitenn’s wallet case provides decent protection to the Pixel 3a against bumps and scratches.

The raised edges of the case prevent the camera and screen from being scratched. This case also includes 3 card holders and 1 cash holder making it easy to carry your credit cards and cash, so now you need not worry about your bulky wallet.

Buy on Amazon: $10.99 


Wallet Case

Janmitta’s leather case provides all-round protection to your phone. The inner side of the leather case is made of smooth soft leather designed to protect your screen from scratches.

It has three card slots and a large note slot on the inside of the wallet. The case also enables you to use the Pixel 3a in landscape mode for a better view of your media. With accurate cutouts, the leather cover allows access to all its ports very easily.

Buy on Amazon: $10.99 

Olixar Attache 

Leather Case

Look no further than this case for high-quality faux leather. Installation and removal of the case is very simple.

It has tactile texture on the back which gives a grippy feel to the phone. With precise cutouts for all the ports including camera and fingerprint sensor this cover also adds in a protective layer making Pixel 3a immune to drops and other impacts.

Really cheap cases

PEIBIN Luxury Crocodile Skin Case

Peibin’s Crocodile Skin Leather case is the most unique design in the list. With its elegant construction and comfortable feel, this can easily be an attractive addition to your pixel 3a. The case has an edge to edge protection and is shockproof as well.

Buy on Aliexpress: $2


Wallet Case

It has a unique design with precise cuttings of all the ports including camera and fingerprint so that they can be accessed easily. The case is lightweight and easy to attach to your Pixel 3a.

Buy on Aliexpress: $2.40

Qoosea Wallet Case

If you are curious for a case that is decent looking and offers superior protection, then Qoosea’s leather wallet case is here for you. It is made of durable PU leather with and provides cushion protection.

The interior includes 3 slots for your credit cards and a bigger slot to put in some cash. The clear cutouts for all the ports make it easier to operate the smartphone in an efficient way.

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Pixel 3A And Pixel 3A Xl: Specs, Features, And Price Leaked

Rumors of Google working on a mid-range Pixel smartphone have been around for quite some time now, starting in the form of Pixel 3 Lite last year. One would think that these might have just been reports, however, the rumored naming has since been updated to Pixel 3a. I know, this branding sounds weird (and may take time getting used to), but 2 listings for this mid-range Pixel has since been spotted on Google’s own websites.

Pixel 3a: Name Sighting

Google appears to be finding it difficult to keep secrets and the Pixel 3a is becoming its worst-kept one – even worse than the Pixel 3 XL. The company itself has confirmed the name of its upcoming mid-range devices on the Google Store website, under the Phone category. The page has since been updated to remove any mention of the Pixel 3a, but screenshots are in abundance on the Internet. You can check out the same below:

Even XDA Developers has found mentions for the higher-end Pixel 3a XL in Android Q’s source code, so the branding seems to be pretty much confirmed as of now. Let’s move ahead and check out the leaked (yet seemingly official) specs of the Pixel 3a series:

Pixel 3a: Specs Leaked

The Pixel 3a (codenamed Sargo) will obviously be smaller, sporting a 5.6-inch Full-HD+ screen with a 2220×1080 pixels resolution and pixel density of 440ppi. The Pixel 3a XL (codenamed Bonito) is expected to feature a 6-inch Full-HD+ screen with a 2160×1080 pixels resolution and 400ppi pixel density.

The Developer console listings, similar to the one seen above, don’t shine a light on the internal specs, except for the 4GB of RAM backing the Pixel 3a lineup. Previous leaks do, however, suggest that the smaller Pixel 3a will be powered by the Snapdragon 660/ 670 SoC wheres the larger Pixel 3a XL will have the backing of the Snapdragon 710 chipset.

These devices, of course, will be powered by Android 9 Pie upon launch and will possibly become some of the few smartphones to run Android 10 Q. You can check out Android Q’s  best features in our dedicated article.

Pixel 3a: Price Speculations

Apart from an official name sighting and leaked specs, we have also stumbled upon leaks suggesting the price of the two Pixel 3a smartphones in India.

Popular tipster Roland Quandt recently tweeted that the Pixel 3a was being tested in India and the price of these mid-range devices, upon import, is said to start at around $300 (roughly translates to Rs 21,000). The Pixel 3a XL, on the other hand, is imported at $350 (roughly translates to Rs 24,500) but they aren’t expected to be the retail prices of these devices.

Google has been testing Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL in India lately. .in might get these at very “low” prices (when compared to pricing in EU/US). 3a valued at 300 USD, 3a XL at 350 USD when imported for testing. No clue if this was based on estimated retail or value of shipment

— Roland Quandt (@rquandt) April 6, 2023

The retail price of smartphones usually is more than the import price, thanks to taxes and similar costs. So, we can expect the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL to launch in India, starting at around Rs 25,000-Rs 27,000. Still, if these include the best-in-class cameras and features which we find in the flagship Pixel 3, then the price sounds pretty great and justified.

10 Best Google Pixel Cases You Can Buy

Google announced the Google Pixel phone with much fanfare at their “Made By Google” event and we aren’t surprised if you plan on getting it. The Pixel comes with the top of the line specs, a great camera, Android 7.1 Nougat and an AMOLED display. Plus, the headphone jack is still there. The phone has been announced at $649 for the 32 GB model, although, users can opt for the 128 GB model, as well. Google is launching the Pixel as a competitor for the iPhone, and if you’re planning on getting the Google Pixel, or if you’ve already pre-ordered it, you should definitely invest in a case, to protect your precious device. So, here are the 10 best Google Pixel cases and covers you can buy:

1. Otterbox Defender Series Case

The Otterbox Defender Series case for Google Pixel is the way to go, if you want a sturdy case for your phone that will survive even the roughest handling that you can put it through. The case comes with drop protection, as it deflects and absorbs impact, keeping your phone safe. The port covers on the case ensure that dust and dirt don’t get into the Pixel’s ports.

The Defender case is built with a polycarbonate shell, a rubber slipcover, and an integrated screen protector. The full coverage of the case ensures that your phone remains safe, no matter what. It also comes with a holster built right in, which can be used as a belt clip, if you want to. The case is currently available for pre-order, and is expected to be in stock by October 28 this year.

2. Otterbox Commuter Series Case

The Otterbox Commuter Series case is meant for people who don’t want a bulky looking case on their Pixel, but still want the highest protection that is possible. The Commuter case comes with Otterbox drop protection, which ensures that any impact is absorbed and deflected by the case, keeping your phone safe. Port covers on the case ensure that dust and dirt do not get inside the ports on the Pixel.

The Commuter case is built with a hard polycarbonate exterior, and synthetic rubber anti-slip cover on the inside. Unlike the Defender case, the Commuter doesn’t offer a full coverage, but otherwise, the protection offered is extremely good. The case is available for pre-order, and is expected to be in stock by October 14, this year.

Buy from chúng tôi ($39.95); Also available for Pixel XL ($49.95)

3. Sparin Google Pixel Case

The case is built from eco-friendly TPU, and comes in a clear body, to retain the original color and look of the Google Pixel phone. The soft coating, and rounded edges on the cover ensure a comfortable grip at all times. The Sparin Google Pixel case offers full protection to the back and edges of the Google Pixel, and comes with air-cushioned corners to protect the phone in case you drop it. Along with that, Sparin offers a lifetime warranty on the case.

Buy from chúng tôi ($7.81)

4. DGtle Google Pixel Case

The DGtle Google Pixel case is made from flexible TPU material. The cover snaps right onto the Google Pixel, and with its precise cutouts, ensures that you have access to all the ports on your device. The case provides shock absorption, to make sure that your phone is protected from impact, even if you drop it.

The DGtle Google Pixel case comes in a wide variety of colors that you can choose from, and also comes in a clear version, to make sure that the look of the device is not lost.

Buy from chúng tôi ($7.99)

5. Cimo Slim Google Pixel Case

The Cimo Slim Google Pixel case is made from lightweight, slim, and durable polycarbonate material. The design of the case is slim, and it preserves the look and feel of the Google Pixel smartphone. The case features raised bezels, to protect the screen from impact. The Cimo Slim Google Pixel case also features precise cutouts for all the ports, speakers and camera on the Google Pixel, to ensure that users have unrestricted access to all of these, even with the cover on.

6. Google Pixel Silicone case

This official case from Google comes in 5 different colors, so you can choose the one that you like best. The Silicone case from Google is built with three layers. The outermost layer is made out of silicone to protect the phone from impact, as well as for grip; there is a polycarbonate interior for added support, and to top it all off, the case comes with a premium microfibre interior.

If you’re looking for official cases for your Pixel smartphone, then you should definitely check this one out. You can choose your own color, and rest easy, knowing that the case will protect your phone from most wear and tear while you’re on the go. The Pixel Silicone case is not yet available on the Google Store, and you will need to visit the it to place the order, once it comes in stock.

Buy from Google Store (TBA)

7. Google Live Cases

The Google Live cases are not yet available for the Google Pixel, and you will need to visit the Google Store to place the order, once they come in stock.

Buy from Google Store (TBA)

8. Incipio DualPro Case

The Incipio DualPro case for the Google Pixel smartphone comes with a shock absorbing inner core, to protect from drops and bumps. The DualPro is a two layered case with a scratch resistant hard polycarbonate outer shell, and silicone on the inside for added grip, and protection.

The DualPro case for the Google Pixel features a soft-touch finish on the case, making sure that the phone is not too slippery to hold, and the case feels natural in the hands. The case is available in two colors, and will soon be available on the Incipio website.

9. Incipio Octane Case

The Incipio Octane is another really great case for the Google Pixel. It is built with polycarbonate on the outside to provide protection to the phone, while featuring a TPU bumper on all sides of the in case, for added drop protection, as well as better grip. The TPU bumper on the case comes in contrasting colors, which really add to the look of the case, as a whole.

10. Incipio Carnaby Case

Another really great case for the Google Pixel, is the Incipio Carnaby. The case is aimed at people who don’t want to compromise on looks for protection, and is actually called the Incipio Carnaby Esquire Series case. The case is crafted by Incipio for reliable protection and durability, and features a sleek, co-molded design that comprises of a sturdy hard shell, and polymer materials for shock absorption.

The case comes with TPU button covers, and features a very soft cotton-finish, to give it a sleek and sophisticated look. The TPU frame of the cover absorbs and deflects shock to make sure that the phone doesn’t get affected from impact and bumps.

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Protect Your Google Pixel Smartphone With These Cases

Well, those were the best cases available for the Google Pixel. If you’re buying the smartphone, it’ll be a good idea to get one if these cases as well, in order to protect your phone, and keep it safe. The Pixel features a very iPhone-like aluminium body, and it will get scratched over time, unless covered with a case, especially if you’re planning on getting the “Really Blue” variant of the Pixel.

Best Iphone 7 Plus Leather Cases In 2023

Genuine iPhone 7 Plus leather cases have the defining quality that makes for a lasting experience. The improved design along with unmatched comfort is their forte for which they are widely known for. And, that really rings true! If you have a penchant for the purist profile, leather cases can be a fitting pick for your hunt. Be it needed protection, ultra-convenience or sophistication, they can be a complete package for your all-new iPhone 7 Plus. So, why wait? Let’s handpick the one that deserves your attention!


ZOVER’s beauty lies in its refined and suave design. Top quality grain leather feels pretty comfy to the touch, while also offering enhanced grip. Hence, your palm will comfortable holding the case.

Strong frame endows it the needed strength to survive bumps, whereas three card slots, as well as a cash pocket, allow you to leave your purse at home. With magnetic closure onboard, all of your stuff is perfectly inside. On top of all, you have seven vibrant color options like black, brown, dark brown to pick from.

2. Pierre Cardin

What charms me the most about Pierre Cardin wallet case is the excellent handcrafted design. The premium cowhide construction elegantly complemented by beautiful stitching makes this case a real deal. The velvet inner lining helps it protect your iPhone from scratch.

Being extremely slim, it makes a form-fitting match with your iPhone. Raised lip work as an essential safeguard for the screen. Five color variants such as black, red, brown, gray, coffee brown offer you more options to pick the most suitable choice for your iPhone.

Besides, four color variants such as black, brown, gray, coffee brown offer you more options to pick the most suitable choice for your iPhone.

3. Luxury Book from Pad & Quill

If premium quality is at the top of your demand, you can’t go wrong with Luxury Book. The unique combination of full-grain American leather and real baltic birch hardwood make it stand out. The genuine leather outer shell boasts appreciable workmanship, while the wooden cradle boosts the casing to survive bumps.

When the cover starts aging, the gracious patina helps it retain its class. Therefore, you will like using the cover for long.

The wallet case comes with several interior slots for storing up to 6-8 cards. Check out the large pocket which can securely keep your dollar bills. With the five color combinations on offer, you will choose a perfect Luxury Book for your iPhone 7 Plus.


“SHIELDON” leather case has been made of genuine cowhide leather. It sports a professional profile that looks nice on your smartphone.

This cover features three card slots and one inside pocket to let you keep some cash. The precise cut-outs offer hassle-free access to all functions. The raised edge protects the camera from scratches.

You can pick this vintage leather case in three nice-looking colors: black, brown and red. Furthermore, SHIELDON comes with a lifetime warranty.

5. FYY Case

Showcasing an eye-catching appearance, “FYY” leather case has the desired quality to be a durable partner for your iPhone. It has RFID shielding technology which is equipped to protect the information of your cards.

Carved with genuine leather, it offers your device the essential safeguard from bumps or scratch. The handmade case has kickstand function to let you enjoy watching your favorite movies. FYY cover allows you to keep a couple of cards and some cash inside the pocket. Better still, it comes in as many as eight vibrant colors like wine red, black, brown and more.

Better still, FYY wallet case comes in as many as five vibrant colors like navy, black, purple, rose gold and wine red.

6. Bella Fino from Pad & Quill

When it comes to producing one of the most admirable leather cases, Pad & Quill is a well-known name. And its “Bella Fino” has got all the ingredients to be a high-quality leather cover.

The full-grain American leather construction features refined craftsmanship. Due mainly to the UV resistance as well as timeless patina, the wallet case remains an adorable suit for the iPhone for long.

The interior slots can securely carry up to 6-8 cards. With the large cash pocket at the disposal, you will also keep some cash. Plus, there are some classy color options such as galloper black, whiskey and more.

7. Sena Heritage Walletbook

If money is not a constraint for you, Sena Heritage Walletbook can be worth looking at. The finest leather and soft herringbone lining make this wallet case a great pick for business people or professionals.

The Walletbook comes with three card slots and a money sleeve. The raised bezel keeps the touchscreen protected. The wallet can also double up for a cool landscape viewing. Walletbook is available in three colors namely denim, black, and cognac.

That’s not all; you can choose Walletbook in three colors: black, cognac and praline.

8. iPulse Full Grain Leather

Flaunting vintage book design, iPulse is a pro-looking wallet case which you would love to have during your travel. Italian full grain leather not only enhances its profile but also makes it strong enough to offer complete protection to your device.

This folio case has three card slots and features magnetic closure to keep all of your valuables securely inside. The stand function is great for watching your favorite video. Lastly, iPulse comes in five colors like cognac, classic brown, tan, vintage black, and wine red.

9. Benuo Vintage Series

Don’t like a traditional looking wallet case? Vintage Series has both the refined design and pleasing quality to be an ultra-modern pick.

Carved out of genuine leather and microfiber, this wallet has a minimalist appearance. It sports three card slots on the back. It fits snuggly and offers the peace of mind to carry your iPhone. Vintage Series wallet case comes in six color variants.

Vintage Series wallet cases come in two color variants like black and brown.

10. DavisCase

This wallet book showcases the true class of a useful wallet case. Engineered with genuine vintage leather, it is robust enough to survive the wear and wear; providing all the necessary protection to your device from bumps or scratches.

The retro-looking wallet book has slots for ID and credit cards. The money sleeve can let you stash some cash inside. Handmade design enriches its appearance. The hand strap makes it easy to carry the phone. Kickstand feature is great for your video time.

Besides, you can prop up your smartphone to light up your video time.

11. Dockem

Dockem is a modern looking wallet case that doesn’t add any bulk to your smartphone, while also taking care of your basic needs admirably. Pretty soft synthetic leather gives a sophisticated look, and the snap-on design helps it fit snuggly on the iPhone.

A couple of slots on the back let you carry your cards with ease. As for protection, you can trust this minimalist wallet case to resist scrape thanks to the smooth interior. Besides, the pronounced buttons have a crispy feel, and the cutouts are as precise as you would want.

That’s all for now!

Signing Off

Genuine leather cases may be slightly expensive, but they have the quality to become a professional suit for your iPhone. Whether it’s durability, protection or convenience, leather cases score pretty good marks on all the aspects, don’t they? Is your favorite leather case included in this list? Do let us know its name.

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Best Iphone 7 Wallet Cases Roundup In 2023

Most iPhone users love wallet cases for various reasons like high protection, more comfort, etc. To me, they are arguably the most luxurious suit an iPhone can ask for. What do you think? Would you like to handpick an ultra-modern wallet case for your iPhone 7? I guess you are willing to bargain. These cases have been picked up to ensure all requirements are fully addressed and need. Let’s have a look!

1. Dreem Fibonacci Luxury Series

Dreem wallet case excels both in terms of making an endearing pair and providing the required safeguard from falls. The premium fox leather has been beautified by the handcrafted design.

You can put 3-6 cards and 5-10 dollar bills into the slots. RFID blocking ensures complete protection to your card information. It features two kickstand stands that make video watching a delightful experience. More importantly, it’s designed to work with most car mounts and selfie sticks.

2. Luxury Pocket Book from Pad & Quill

Should you think of buying a luxurious wallet case, keep Pad & Quill’s Luxury Pocket Book at the top of your radar. The case is carved out of full-grain American leather and Baltic birch wood.

Thanks to the solid wooden cradle, the case can survive drops with ease. The UV resistant leather develops a nice patina when gets old. As a result, you will never find the case to go out of touch.

The inner slots can reside up to five cards and it also has a compartment wherein your cash can rest securely. Moreover, you will select Luxury Pocket Book in five adorable color combinations including whiskey, deep sea blue and more.

3. Bella Fino from Pad & Quill

Bella Fino belongs to the same league as the Luxury Pocket Book. The only major difference is the lack of wooden cradle.

The full-grain American leather is designed to be UV resistant. And courtesy the classy patina, the wallet case continues to be the favorite for your smartphone.

With the multiple inner pockets at the disposal, you will be able to carry 5-7 cards and cash. Moreover, the availability six color options like dark chocolate, galloper black, deep sea blue help you select an ideal wallet cover for your iPhone 7.

4. Vena vCommute

Vena vCommute is both powerful and stylish. The dual-layer casing enriched by top-grade polycarbonate and TPU material can withstand the impact of the 4-feet drop. The corner guard helps it absorb shock.

The hidden slots on the back are ideal for securely keeping credit cards. With the multi-angle lock stand, you will have a fabulous time watching your cool videos. The wallet case is available in three nice-looking colors— gold, rose gold, and space gray.


LAMEEKU wallet case is specifically designed for the minimalist. Constructed with the quality leather and TPU leather, it’s highly durable. The wallet case sports hidden card slots.

It feels very soft to the touch and offers a better grip. With five captivating colors like black, mint green brown, blue, brown and light brown, you will be able to handpick the right choice for your smartphone.

6. Crosspace

Is stylish design and comfort on top of your hot list? Check out Crosspace wallet case.

The fascinating pattern coupled with the finest PU leather material, this wallet case has the quality to be a good buy. As many as nine slots for cards and two money pockets are just enough. The interior hard shell is equipped to offer protection from fall.

7. Bear Motion

Crafted with the quality PU leather, Bear Motion wallet case feels very soft to the touch. The impressive stitching brings elegance to it.

The two card slots are just fine. The built-in stand makes it very comfortable to use your smartphone in landscape mode. The microfiber liner prevents scratch. All the buttons and ports are easily accessible thanks to the precise cutouts. It comes in three colors.

8. Silk

Silk has a minimalist profile. The sophisticated design is its major highlight. The high grip textured sides allow you to hold the iPhone comfortably. Despite having just one-piece construction, it is strong enough to guard against minor falls. Silk has three slots for cash and a pocket for cash.

9. ZVE

ZVE is a highly protective hybrid wallet case. It is claimed to be both shockproof and anti-scratch.

The soft-textured design makes it look quite fashionable. ZVE wallet case has a slot on the back for cards and cash. The release button makes it easy to access your cards. This hybrid case is available in four charming colors.


What makes GOOSPERY wallet case a real is the high-grade canvas fabric material. The case is lined with the soft synthetic leather that adds more charm to its appearance.

The delicate TPU interior is able to absorb shock and keep scratch at bay. You can convert it into a media stand to get the best out of your fun-loving videos. The availability of eight gorgeous colors helps you pick the fabulous companion for your iPhone.

That’s all, folks!

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, these cases have been able to catch a serious look from you. I find them exceptionally user-friendly. Depending on your need and budget, you can pick the case that makes a great match with your iPhone.

You wouldn’t like to miss out:

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Best Cases For Galaxy J3 Star: Clear, Rugged, Slim, Leather, Unique, And More Types

This summer Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2024) mid-range smartphone. The handset features a 5-inch HD display, a quad-core 1.4GHz processor and runs Android Oreo out of the box.

Even if the Galaxy J3 Star costs only $175, it would be still wise to invest in a case for the phone to make sure the device lasts you as long as you need it to.

If you’re looking to buy such an accessory for your device, you came to the right place, because we’ve assembled a long list of cases for the Galaxy J3 Star. Pick your favorite from the list below which includes clear, leather, slim cases and more.

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Best Galaxy J3 Star cases

Slim cases

Otterbox Symmetry Series Case

Otterbox is one of the better-known mobile accessory makers that offers an ultra-slim, but also the ultra-protective case for the Galaxy J3. Made of durable material, the case will not only protect your investment but also perfectly complement your fashion-focused style. Customers can grab it in Black or the two-toned Muted Waters option.

Buy at Otterbox ($39.95)

Spigen Slim Armor Case

This slim case provides ultra-drop protection thanks to the shock-absorbent interior and rigid exterior. What’s more, Spigen uses Air Cushion Technology in all four corners of the device. Furthermore, the product features a built-in kickstand, so you can watch videos in peace. Available in Black and Metal Slate.

Buy at Spigen ($34.99)

Vinve Case

The Vinve Case is slim and stylish and made from high-quality carbon fiber material, as well as soft TPU to keep dust and scratches at bay. What’s more, the product features a subtle wiredrawing pattern design which improves grip and makes the phone feel very comfortable in hand. While the Galaxy J3 isn’t the most stylish of phones out there, the Vinve case will certainly add a little bit of class. The case is available in four colors including Black, Blue, Gray, and Red.

Buy at Amazon ($6.98)

Anccer Case

Buy at Amazon ($11.99)

Incipio DualPro Case

Incipio is another well-known case maker that’s offering the means to protect your Galaxy J3. And to add some personality to it, while you’re at it. The case combines a Plextonium frame with a silicone core to prevent any harm from coming to the phone. It also boasts a soft touch finish, which provides adequate grip too. It’s available in Iridescent Champagne and Gray accents.

Buy at chúng tôi ($29.99)

Clear Cases

Olixar ExoShield Case

Prefer clear cases that don’t hide the original design of your phone? No problem, there are plenty of options available online for your Galaxy J7. Like the Olixar ExoShield, which is available in all-Clear or with a Black frame. Olixar has used a combination of reinforced bonded TPU and quality polycarbonate to make this case. The result is a flexible accessory that can take a beating.

Corners are usually the most vulnerable parts of a phone, so the case reinforces them with corner bumpers. What’s more, the ExoShield boasts raised bezels to shield the screen and camera from scratches, but also dirt.

Buy at MobileFun ($10.99)

Walmart Transparent Case

Walmart sells a straightforward clear case for the Galaxy J3, which is quite affordable. It’s a minimalist product made of flexible TPU material which shock absorbent and dent resistant. The interior of the case features a pin-hole pattern that allows for the air disposal, so the case won’t form those annoying air bubbles on the back.

Buy at Walmart ($8.95)

Poetic Heavy-duty case

Check out this heavy-duty clear case from Poetic that also includes a built-in screen protector. The product also features a polycarbonate back, TPU lining and bumpers for the edges. The case is sold with a clear back and with Black, Blue, Green or Pink accents.

Buy at Amazon ($16.95)

Dretal Clear Case

Dretal also offers a clear case with reinforced edges for extra protection. The accessory is crafted from high-grade TPU to protect against scratches, cracks and abrasions of all kinds. The case also boasts a raised frame to prevent the camera and display from getting scratched. It’s available with Black, Green, Purple or Red accents.

Buy at Amazon ($7.98)

Rugged cases

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

In need of rugged protection for your Galaxy J3? Then you might want to check out this slim rugged case from Spigen. It boasts the company’s signature matte black look with carbon fiber and gloss detailing, and of course Air Cushion Technology at the edges to safeguard against impact.

Buy at Spigen ($19.99)

Zizo Static Series Case

Blending dual-layer protection, the Static Series can and will absorb the shock from all your accidental drops, while keeping your device in perfect condition. Comes in Black, Blue, Red or Silver.

Buy at Zizo Wireless ($24.99)

Zizo Magnetic Connect Armor Series

Another rugged case for the Galaxy J3 from Zizo Wireless. The product comes boasting a premium metallic coating on the back, which has been crafted to sustain almost any kind of injury while keeping the phone unharmed. What’s special about this case is that it’s magnetic, so it will attach itself to any magnetic surfaces like for example, car mounts. Get in Black, Gold, Red or Silver.

Buy at Zizo Wireless ($34.99)

UAG Outback series

UAG is one of the better known rugged case makers and you can get one for your Galaxy J3. Crafted from impact-resistant rubber and boasting a traction grip exterior, the case will protect your device even in the toughest conditions. No wonder its MIL-STD 810G 516.6 certified. Despite being rugged, the case is super light, so it won’t make your phone feel a lot heavier.

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Buy at UAG ($24.95)

Wallet/Leather cases

Eraglow Case

No case roundup is complete without a bunch of stylish wallet cases made of leather. Those who are a fan of elegance can encase their Galaxy J3 in this beautiful accessory by Eraglow. Boasting a smooth leather finish on the outside, and a high-quality TPU inner skin shell, the case will absorb shock, as well as protect the phone from dust, dirt and scratches. It also includes slots for cards and cash and can act as a kickstand too. Get it in Black, Purple, Red or Rose Gold.

Buy at Amazon ($8.99)

Dux Ducis Case

Didn’t have enough of leather cases? Here’s another one for your Galaxy J3 by Dux Ducis.  On the outside, the case is made of synthetic PU leather that comes in different color options including Deep Blue, Black or Rose Gold. The product is multi-functional and can act as a stand, and also as a wallet, thanks to the inner card slots.

Buy at Amazon ($6.99)

Zizo Wallet Leather Pouch

The Zizo leather pouch is a 2-in-1 affair. It’s a protective case for your phone, but it can also act as a wallet holding your credit cards, IDs and cash. A magnetic flap keeps the bundle in place. What’s more, the accessory can also be used as a stand. Zizo Wireless is offering the product in Black, Blue, Pink and Purple.

Buy at Zizo Wireless ($19.99)

Leather Wallet Case from China

This Chinese seller on eBay is offering a collection of two-tone leather wallet cases for the Galaxy J3. Combing cloth, PU leather and TPU, the case protects not only against drops and collisions but also from fingerprints and scratches. The accessories also serve as stands. Available in Light/Dark Gray and Light/Dark Blue.

Buy at eBay ($4.99)

Standout cases

SunStory Glitter Case

This case is perfect for any lady who wants to turn her phone into a more glamorous device. The SunStory product is basically a clear case made special by the quicksand glitter bottom. The case is made of high-quality durable TPU that has been infused with liquid and glitter to make it look extra special. There are an additional PC layer and TPU bumper for extra protection. It’s available with Purple, Blue, Gray or Rose Gold glitter.

Buy at Amazon ($7.98)

NageBee Case

A unique hybrid case that features wood on top and fabric at the bottom. The product actually uses real natural wood, as well as premium PU canvas leather to give your phone an attention-grabbing look. Equipped with dual layer silicone technology, the case should provide long-lasting durability and adequate protection against shock. It also features a minimalist profile, so it shouldn’t add more bulk to your phone. It also includes a tempered glass screen protector.

Buy at Amazon ($9.97)

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