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Web Development IDE’s help programmers to easily code and debug websites/web apps. They help manage a large codebase and achieve quick deployment. Website development IDE supports a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, CMS, and web applications.

Following is a handpicked list of Top IDE for Web Development, with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software.

Best Web Development IDE (Code Editors)

Dreamweaver is a popular Web Development IDE Tool. This tool helps you to create, publish, and manage websites. A website created with DreamWeaver can be uploaded to any web server.

#1 Top Pick



Supported programming languages: Java, Kotlin, Scala, and Groovy

Drag-and-drop interface: Yes

Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS

Free Trial: 7 Days Free Trial

Visit Dreamweaver


Dynamic websites can be quickly developed using Dreamweaver.

You can create a website that fits any screen size.

This tool helps you to customize workspace the way you like.

It has an inbuilt HTML validator to validate your code.

Supports compliance standard such as GDPR

Seamlessly integrates with Fireworks and Flash

Offers ready-made templates for blogs, ecommerce, newsletters and portfolios

Dreamweaver was founded in 1997 and developed by Macromedia

Provides Drag-and-drop interface, Syntax Highlighting, Error-highlighting, Custom Hotkeys, Git Integration, and Live Preview

Support plugins like PVII and Code View

Provides Fast, flexible coding, Seamless Live View editing, Multi-monitor support, Redesigned, and modern UI

Offers multiple programming languages such as HTML, XML, CSS, and JavaScript

It provides customer support via Chat, Phone, and Email

Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS

Price: Plans start at $20.99 a month.

Free Trial: 7 Days Free Trial

7-Days Free Trial

2) IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is a HTML IDE that is designed to increase the productivity of developer. This application offers intelligent coding assistance. The tool can perform data flow analysis. It helps you to maintain the versions of the program you have written.


It can suggest the name of the class, keywords, and fields.

IDEA can support numerous built-in tools and frameworks.

It allows you to use shortcuts.

The software can detect duplicate code.

It helps you to maintain the flow of the program.

IntelliJ IDEA was founded in 2000 and developed by JetBrains

Seamlessly integrate with Imports, Mailbox, Build Server, Upsource, VCS, and Zendesk

Provides Advanced Editor, Deep Code Understanding, Collaborative & Remote, Out-Of-The-Box Experience, and Easy start up

Support plugins like TVariable, Yip, Slt, and LayoutInspector

Provides Drag-and-drop interface, Syntax Highlighting, Error-highlighting, Customizable Themes, and Git Integration

Offers multiple programming languages such as Java, Kotlin, Scala, SQL, HTML, JPQL, and Groovy

It provides customer support via Email, Phone, and Contact Form

Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Price: Plans start at $16.90 a month. 17% Discount on Yearly Payment.

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

3) CodePen

CodePen is an online web development environment for front-end designers and developers. It is all about faster and smoother development. It allows you to build, deploy a website, and build test cases.


It offers to build components to use elsewhere later.

Allows live view and live sync.

It includes some awesome features to write CSS faster.

Prefill API feature allows adding links and demo pages without the need to code anything.

CodePen was founded in 2012 and developed by Alex Vazquez and Tim Sabat and front-end designer Chris Coyier

Seamlessly integrate with WordPress, Circle, and MeisterNote

Provides Live View, Asset Hosting, Collab Mode, Embed Themes, Professor Mode, and Private Everything

Support plugins like Picturefill and PhotoSwipe

Offers multiple programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Provides Drag-and-drop interface, Syntax Highlighting, Error-highlighting, Custom Hotkeys,

Customizable Themes, Autocomplete, Live Collaboration, and Live Preview

It provides customer support via Contact Form

Supported platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux

Price: Plans start at $8 a month.

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

4) JSFiddle

JSFiddle is a free online JavaScript IDE. It allows you to apply CSS and HTML code to JavaScript. This app enables you to create a new program using the current code as a base.


You can share code with others.

It offers various JavaScript libraries, including Prototype, MooTools, YUI (User Interface Library), and more.

You can add title and description while saving or sharing.

It provides good and easy to use user interface.

JSFiddle was founded in 2009 and developed by Piotr Zalewa JSFiddle was founded in 2009 and

developed by Piotr Zalewa

Seamlessly integrate with GitHub, Niice, and ECharts

Provides Drag-and-drop interface, Syntax Highlighting, Custom Hotkeys, Customizable Themes, Git Integration, Autocomplete, Live Collaboration, and Live Preview

Support plugins like requireJS

Provides lots of JS libraries & frameworks, creation of private fiddles/ code snippets, Easy collaboration, and create dummy AJAX requests

Offers multiple programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

It provides customer support via Contact Form

Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Price: Plans start at $8 a month. 9% Discount on Yearly Payment.

Free Trial: Free Web Code Editor

CodeLobster is an editor for developing web applications. This application enables you to validate the code locally. The tool can automatically detect the setting of the current server and configure corresponding files.


CodeLobster can autocomplete attributes, functions, arguments, and more.

It supports numerous types of frameworks and CMS.

You can collapse the code.

This IDE enables you to find and replace the text in the current as well as all opened documents.

CodeLobster was founded in 2003 and developed by Codelobster Software

Seamlessly integrate with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PHP, TypeScript, JavaScript, and HTML

Provides Code Collapsing, Function parameters display, Macro recording, Visual style customization, Mixed code support, and Code validator

Support plugins like AngularJS, Ember JS, Phalcon, AngularTS, Emmet (Zen Coding), Smarty, and Backbone JS

Provides Drag-and-drop interface, Syntax Highlighting, Error-highlighting, Custom Hotkeys, Git Integration, and Autocomplete

Offers multiple programming languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

It provides customer support via Contact Form and Email

Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Free Trial: Free Download

Free Download

6) Eclipse

Eclipse CDT framework is a website development tool. It highlights the syntax you have written. This tool enables you to easily debug the program.


This IDE software provides you readymade code template.

It supports code refactoring. (A process of improving internal code structure).

This tool automatically validates syntax.

You can download Eclipse to manage the project remotely.

Eclipse was founded in 2004 and developed by IBM

Seamlessly integrate with JBoss, EGradle IDE, Red Hat CodeReady Studio, Cantata, and Industrial TSI

Provides Coding Shortcuts, Refactoring, Diffing Files, Organizing Imports, and Formatting Source Code

Support plugins like AJAX, AV, iFrame, NOOP, Picture, Script, Vimeo, and YouTube

Offers multiple programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Provides Drag-and-drop interface, Syntax Highlighting, Error-highlighting, Custom Hotkeys,

Customizable Themes, Git Integration, Autocomplete, Live Collaboration, and Live Preview

It provides customer support via Phone and Email

Supported platforms: Linux, macOS, and Windows

Price: Request a Quote from Sales

Free Trial: Free Download

7) RJ TextEd

RJ TextEd is a Unicode source code IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It supports a wide range of programming languages to develop websites. It enables you to open or save the UTF-8 file without any hassle.


It automatically completes the code.

RJ TextEd provides tools like color picker and syntax editor.

It offers FTP and SFT clients.

RJ TextEd was founded in 2023 and developed by Rickard Johansson

It can highlight color in SASS and LESS (Leaner Style Sheets).

Provides Fully Unicode compliant, High DPI aware, hex mode, Document map, Advanced sorting, and Column mode

Support plugins like CSS33 Generator

Provides Drag-and-drop interface, Syntax Highlighting, Custom Hotkeys, Autocomplete, and Live Collaboration

Offers multiple programming languages such as PHP, ASP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

It provides customer support via Contact Form

Supported platforms: Linux and Windows

Free Trial: Free Download

8) NetBeans

NetBeans is a popular, free, open-source website IDE. It is one of the best free IDE for web development that allows developing desktop, mobile, and web applications.


Support for fast & smart code editing.

Easy & Efficient Project Management process.

Rapid User Interface Development

It helps to write bug-free code.

NetBeans was founded in 2023 and developed by Apache Software Foundation Oracle Corporation

Seamlessly integrate with SonarLint and Mantis

Provides NetBeans CSV Editor

Support plugins like NetBeans CSV Editor, NB Figletize, NB SpringBoot, Codename One NetBeans, and Twig Linter

Provides Drag-and-drop interface, Syntax Highlighting, Error-highlighting, Customizable Themes, and Live Collaboration

Offers multiple programming languages such as Java, HTML5, PHP and C++

It provides customer support via Email

Supported platforms: Linux, macOS, and Windows

Free Trial: Free Download

9) Komodo Edit

Komodo edit is an easy to use and powerful code editing tool. It allows you to do debugging, unit testing, code refactoring. It also provides code profile, plus integrations with other technologies like Grunt, PhoneGap, Docker, Vagrant, and many more.

Multi-Language Editor

A lot of contemporary color schemes

Native Unicode support and Unicode compatibility checking

Komodo IDE allows you to instantly track changes.

You can easily manage the project with the manager.

This tool offers many themes and icon sets.

Komodo Edit was founded in 2007 and developed by ActiveState

Seamlessly integrate with Docker containers, GitHub, Visual Studio Code, Pycharm, Eclipse, and JFrog Artifactory

Provides Multi-Language Editor, Calltips, Skins & Icon Sets, Print Debugging, Dependency Detector, and Custom Workspaces

Support plugins like chúng tôi pylib, and udl

Provides Drag-and-drop interface, Custom Hotkeys, Autocomplete, Live Collaboration, and Live Preview

Offers multiple programming languages such as Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Tcl, SQL, Smarty, CSS, HTML, and XML

It provides customer support via Contact Form

Supported platforms: Linux, macOS, and Windows

Price: Plans start at $84 a month.

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

10) AWS Cloud9

Cloud9 is a cloud-based editor that enables you to write, run, and debug code with any browser. It helps you to work from anywhere using an internet-connected machine. It is one of the best editors for web development.


You can adjust panels in any direction by simple drag and drop.

It has an integrated debugger to set a breakpoint.

This tool has a built-in terminal that enables you to see the command output from the server.

It supports keyboard shortcuts for easy access.

You can share the development environment with your development team.

Cloud9 offers a variety of themes.

It has an inbuilt image editor to resize, crop or rotate images.

AWS Cloud9 was founded in 2006 and developed by Amazon Web Services

Provides Fully-featured Editor, Broad Selection of Run Configurations, Integrated Debugger, Built-in Terminal, Continuous Delivery Toolchain, and Built-in Image Editor

Seamlessly integrate with AWS CodeCommit and ApiGateway

Provides Drag-and-drop interface, Syntax Highlighting, Custom Hotkeys, Customizable Themes, Git Integration, Autocomplete, and Live Collaboration

Offers multiple programming languages such as Script, Python, PHP, Ruby, Go, and C++

It provides customer support via Chat, Contact Form

Supported platforms: Linux, macOS, and Windows

Price: Request a Quote from Sales

Free Trial: 30-Days Free Trial

11) Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio is a web design ide. It is fast and easy to plan, build, and ship software across a variety of platforms. These software development tools allow the organization to create the perfect development environment.


Track and manage all ideas on kanban or scrum boards with agile tools

Improve code quality and catch issues early

Build, manage, secure and share software components

Automate and simplify Azure deployments

Tools for manual, performance and automated testing

It provides a version control system with private repositories.

Visual Studio Code was founded in 2024 and developed by Microsoft with the Electron Framework

Seamlessly integrate with Make, Ant, Gulp, Jake, Rake, and MSBuild

Provides Drag-and-drop interface, Syntax Highlighting, Error-highlighting, Custom Hotkeys,

Customizable Themes, Git Integration, Autocomplete, Live Collaboration, and Live Preview

Support plugins like GitHub Copilot, Batch Rename, Gatito Theme, and Nightwatch

Provides Extensible, bracket-matching, auto-indentation, box-selection, snippets, and customizable

Offers multiple programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, C, C#, CSS, and TypeScript

It provides customer support via Email

Supported platforms: Linux, macOS, and Windows

Price: Plans start at $45 a month.

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

12) Notepad++

Notepad++ is a popular free to use code editor written in C++. It is one of the best editor for web development that uses pure win32 API, which offers greater execution speed and small program size. It runs only in the window’s environment, and it uses the GPL License.


Auto-completion: Word completion, Function completion.

This integrated development environment offers macro recording and playback.

It provides user-defined Syntax highlighting and folding.

Entirely customizable GUI.

It supports multi-view and multi-language.

Notepad++ was founded in 2003 and developed by Don Ho

Seamlessly integrate with Git

Provides Drag-and-drop interface, Syntax Highlighting, Custom Hotkeys, Customizable Themes, and Git Integration

Support plugins like NppCrypt and bplist

Provides Collaborative editing, code folding, scripting, Extensibility, Cross-platform, and Security

Offers multiple programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, C, C#, Perl, CSS, and PHP

It provides customer support via Email

Supported platforms: Windows

Free Trial: Free Download


Sublime Text 3 is a code editor that supports many languages. It has basic built-in support for Python. Customization of Sublime Text 3 is available for creating create a full-fledged web development environment.


This tool allows you to highlight syntax.

It has command Palette implementation that accepts text input from users.

Handle UTF8 BOMs in .gitignore files

Display badges for folders and file to indicate Git status

Changes to a file are represented by markers available in the gutter.

SUBLIME TEXT 3 was founded in 2008 and developed by Jon Skinner

Seamlessly integrate with MATLAB, Python, Kite, Tabnine, Sublime Merge, and Sourcetrail

Provides Drag-and-drop interface, Syntax Highlighting, Error-highlighting, Custom Hotkeys, Customizable Themes, Git Integration, Autocomplete, Live Collaboration, and Live Preview

Support plugins like Tabnine, Emmet, JSHint, GitGutter, and Themr

Provides Gpu Rendering, Tab Multi-select, Refreshed Ui, and Superpowered Syntax Definitions

Offers multiple programming languages such as Python, C, and Java

It provides customer support via Email

Supported platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux

Price: Plans start at $80 a month.

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

14) CKEditor

Ckeditor is a smart WYSIWYG editor that has components with collaborative editing. It allows you to paste from Excel, Word, tables, etc.


It provides full control over content: HTML filtering and view source mode.

Custom output format and Markdown support.

Extensible and customizable by design.

It helps you to boost productivity with auto-formatting and collaboration.

This tool supports rich text features, including media and tables.

You can manage files and folders with no hassle.

CKEditor was founded in 2003 and developed by Frederico Caldeira Knabben

Provides Drag-and-drop interface, Syntax Highlighting, Error-highlighting, Custom Hotkeys,

Customizable Themes, Autocomplete, Live Collaboration, and Live Preview

Support plugins like Cowriter and FontAwesome6

Provides Collaboration, File Management, and Spell and grammar check

Offers multiple programming languages such as JavaScript

It provides customer support via Chat, Contact Form, and Phone

Supported platforms: Windows, iOS, and Android

Price: Request a Quote from Sales

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

15) GNU Emacs

Emacs is a Unix based text editor tool which is used by programmers, engineers, students, and system administrators. It is one of the best web development editor that allows you to add, modify, delete, insert, words, letters, lines, and other units of text.


This program has complete built-in documentation.

It provides a packaging system for installing and downloading numerous extensions.

The tool is customizable using Emacs Lisp code.

It offers a tutorial for new users.

Supports Unicode for numerous human scripts.

You can customize this app using the Emacs Lisp code.

GNU Emacs was founded in 1985 and developed by Richard Stallman

Provides Drag-and-drop interface, Syntax Highlighting, Custom Hotkeys, Customizable Themes, and Live Collaboration

Support plugins like Dehydra, MELT, gcc-vcg, StarPU, and CTraps

Provides Content-aware editing modes, Complete built-in documentation, Full Unicode support, and Highly customizable

Offers multiple programming languages such as C and Lisp

It provides customer support via Email, Phone

Supported platforms: Linux, MacOS and Windows

Free Trial: Free Download

16) Codeanywhere

Codeanywhere is a Web IDE that helps you to easily set a customized development environment for any project. It offers more than 75 programming language syntax. It is extremely useful for web page development.


It supports all browsers and devices.

This application offers a customizable color scheme.

The tool offers multiple layouts.

It helps you to make application quicker.

You can manage the code easily.

Codeanywhere was founded in 2013 and developed by Ivan Burazin and Vedran Jukić

Provides Code Formatting, Refactor, Navigate, Code editor, Linter, Multiple cursors, and Zen coding support

Seamlessly integrate with DigitalOcean

Provides Drag-and-drop interface, Syntax Highlighting, Git Integration, Autocomplete, Live Collaboration, and Live Preview

Offers multiple programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, Java, C/C++, and C#

It provides customer support via Chat, Contact Form

Supported platforms: Linux and Window

Price: Plans start at $6 a month. 20% Discount on Yearly Payment.

Free Trial: 7-Days Free Trial


Web Development IDEs are software applications that help developers and programmers to easily code and debug websites and web applications. They help manage a large codebase and achieve quick deployment. Website development IDEs support a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, CMS, and web applications.

Below are some of the best web development IDEs:


IntelliJ IDEA





RJ TextEd

HTML editing can be done with the help of a simple text editor without using any specific tool or IDE. However, IDE is a better way for HTML editing as it provides various helpful features like auto-complete functions, built-in libraries, built-in debugging and testing features, syntax highlight, etc. features for easy and efficient code editing.

Best Web Development IDE (Code Editors)

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The Significance Of Artificial Intelligence In Web Development

The rise of artificial intelligence has been evident in recent years as humans have become more reliant on technology. This trend has led to automating processes that used to be manually done by humans. An example is the usage of chatbots to respond to customers instead of living customer service agents. In most cases, AI implementation boosts efficiency and productivity, so its

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that makes computers simulate human intelligence to perform various tasks. Computers use

Benefits of Developing Websites With AI Implementation

As implied earlier, AI can be used in different stages of

1. Improved User Experience

AI can adapt to website user preferences and tailor content to suit their taste. Web developers implement this feature into websites so they can improve every user’s experience. On social networks, AI generates suggestions on people or pages users can follow to improve their experience. Consequently, showing them the content they want to see would make them spend more time on the website.

2. Better Search Results

Most websites have search features that help people find the information they need. Developers use AI to make websites display search results related to what the searcher wants. Different people might enter the same search query, but results may vary based on the data the AI system has gathered about the user. This data can be location, age, and interests.

3. Effective Website Building

Designing websites from scratch can be tedious, but AI can make the process bearable. The backend of web pages contains many lines of code which might need periodic adjustments. Developers can scan the web pages with AI-based software during the building phase to detect and deal with errors. This will optimize the website for the device it will be viewed on.

4. Efficient Marketing Strategy 5. Customized Online Store Experience

Similar to the above point, this is exclusive to e-commerce sites. Implementing AI allows the website to tailor product recommendations to user preferences. This allows the user to feel like the store was designed just for them.

6. Enhanced Communication

Websites have different designs, and some can be difficult to navigate. AI, in the form of chatbots, has helped with this issue. Chatbots can act as customer support to assist all users who simultaneously visit a website without any delay. Machine learning allows these

Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over Web Development?

This is unlikely to happen because human intelligence still supersedes computers. Also, human wants are diverse and insatiable, so AI might find it challenging to deal with every problem it encounters. However, it is a valuable addition to web development. It helps to simplify complex coding problems and suggest layouts to web designers. These allow websites to be developed faster.

What Is the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Web Development?

The role of AI in web development is massive. Its prominence has created business opportunities that would not have otherwise existed. For example, ride-sharing platforms like Uber and Lyft use AI to pair drivers and riders in real-time. Their machine learning algorithm can predict when there will be demand for the service, so drivers can use this information to maximize their income. Now, these companies are amongst the largest in the world. Many enterprises use artificial intelligence to gather online insights to improve their operations and surpass their competitors. With all these benefits, it is difficult to predict that AI will lose its prominence in web development. It is likely to be used more and improved over time.


Best Free Children’s Games For Windows Pc

Microsoft has come a long way since its Math Zone Days, and the children’s games it offers now are terrifically competent and exciting. Especially since children are now skilled enough with the Internet and can find games to their liking, it has been essential for Microsoft to up its game, and that’s exactly what it has done. As the games can be played in an app format and kids can access it on phones, it also proves to be a good replacement for the TV and video games. From IQ games to preschool games to dress up, children’s games are undergoing a whole new range of new updates. Let’s have a look at some of the free children’s games on the Microsoft Store.

Free Children’s Games for Windows 11/10

Here are some of the best free Children’s Games for Windows 10 available at the Microsoft Store. Some preschool apps, some educational but mostly all fun for kids!

1] Hexagon Puzzle

The most comprehensive and educational puzzle of all, this game is incredible for flexing a child’s reflexes and color senses. It is very responsive, and it takes little time to understand the game’s rules. Kids can even figure it out by playing it themselves. This game makes score-keeping a fun activity. It’s also a multiplayer game and kids can actually play it with their friends. Find more about Hexagon Puzzle here.

2] Cooking for Kids

A fun, colorful activity game, which is also educational, Cooking for Kids is something that makes the children smarter in the simple things, which they also use and consume. For instance, ice cream or sandwich. The game teaches them how ice cream or burgers are actually made, and what goes into their making. Since it’s a very exciting do-it-yourself game, children find it fascinating. They can basically make their own burger or ice cream and play with the ingredients. This gives them a good grasp of their daily foods as well. Check out details about Cooking For Kids here.

3] Farm animals coloring: learning games for children

The most useful coloring exercise there is – Farm Animals Coloring is a very easy DIY activity game and replaces the good old coloring book. Best suited for kindergarteners or preschoolers, this game lets the children color in animals and parents can even share their kid’s work. Learn more about Farm animals coloring: learning games for children here.

4] Dress Up Pretty Dancer

Another activity game which can replace video games as a pass time. This app lets children dress up several characters, anyway they please. The app also lets kids develop their senses of color and what goes where. It’s better than a preschool salon game as it is more comprehensive and has incredible detailing. Learn more about Dress Up Pretty Dancer here.

5] Talking John Dog & Soundboard

One of the best free games available for children, Talking John Dog, is an incredible interactive game. It basically involves a talking dog who does things his own way. The game includes 3D graphics and very good animations. The game has several features and is perfect for children who love playing animal-based games. It might also be useful to let your child play this game before you welcome a pet into your family. Learn more about Talking John Dog here.

6] GS Preschool Games

The perfect preschooler’s game, this game is a complete experience as it has multiple features. From math games to coordination games to memory and matching, this game alone can be a multitasker in developing your child’s acumen. This game is also exceptionally well conceptualized and a fun pastime game. Find more details about GS Preschool Games here.

7] Happy Bear Supermarket

The most exciting scavenger hunt game for children, the supermarket game is incredible. This also works like a coloring game or a DIY cooking game, as children have to find out different items from the supermarket. Kids are basically required to locate hidden items. This game also teaches children what it takes to be a good supermarket employee and handle customers, keep vegetables clean, etc. Learn more about Happy Bear Supermarket here.

8] Zumas Royale – Marble Blast

One of the most exciting marble shooter game, Zumas has multiple levels and stunning graphics. The game teaches kids the importance of speed and time management and even figuring out maps. It is very easy to catch up to, and is almost addictive and is a terrific game for children between 6-8. Learn more about Zumas Royale here.

9] Desserts for Kids

A dessert game for children can hardly go wrong. This free game lets kids make their own kind of dessert. It is almost like cooking for kids and is a perfect kindergarteners game. It basically teaches kids how desserts are made and lets them have fun while making it, as they can experiment with ingredients. Children can make their own donuts, cupcakes, and pastries and can play with toppings and frosting, etc. Find out more about Desserts for Kids here.

10] Beauty Girl Salon

Another fun way to keep the kids bust and develop their color senses and tastes. This dress up game is amazingly detailed and almost addictive. It basically requires the user to dress up a character in a salon, so kids can choose her dresses, her makeup and even experiment with backgrounds. Parents can even share their children’s work after they are done dressing up the character. Find more about Beauty Girl Salon here.

Let us know if you have any suggestions to make!

5 Best Free Benchmarking Programs For Windows

A PC benchmarking program allows you to evaluate the overall performance of your Windows computer as well as the efficiency of its various parts. This post gathers the best free benchmarking programs for Windows 10 and 11.

Tip: HDR looking awful on your PC? Learn how to fix it.

Why You Should Use a Benchmarking Program on Your Windows PC

The term “benchmarking” refers to the practice of using software to measure the performance of various parts of your computer, such as the CPU and GPU. By comparing your PC’s score to that of other computers that have gone through the same test, you may get a sense of where you stand in the grand scheme of things.

Benchmarking tools can be also handy if you’re looking to evaluate your computer’s performance to identify potential upgrades for your system.

1. CPU-Z

Price: Free

CPU-Z is a free benchmarking tool that provides you with a comprehensive overview of your computer’s hardware, with a focus on the CPU. It can generate reports through either a command-line interface or a graphical user interface (GUI.) CPU-Z also includes motherboards and graphics card details. The program allows you to see how fast both single- and multi-threaded CPUs are able to process data. There is also an option to stress test your CPU. What’s more, it is possible to export the reports to TXT or HTML files.


Android app offers similar features

User-friendly interface

Includes a system updater that notifies you of new BIOS and driver updates


Offers no information on CPU temperature

2. HWMonitor

Price: Free / starting at $21.20

HWMonitor displays the model of each piece of hardware in your system, along with other useful information. It records data about temperature, percentage of use, and fan speed. This is crucial, as issues like overheating components can cause frequent system failures. HWMonitor also displays important system indicators, including voltage, power usage, and clock rates. If you need more options, such as being able to remotely monitor equipment, you will have to pay for a premium subscription.


Displays FPS (frames per second) counter during gaming sessions

Lets you save data as a graph in .BMP format


Android app only available as a paid offering

Tip: want to benchmark your Android device? These are the best benchmarking apps for your Android.

3. SiSoftware Sandra Lite

Price: Free

SiSoftware Sandra Lite is a comprehensive benchmark program designed to perform in-depth tests on PCs. The program offers a wide range of benchmarking tests, including the “Overall Computer Score,” which rates your PC’s performance – although this test will put considerable stress on your system. Sandra also allows you to test various components by providing dedicated tests for your processor, network, storage devices, and video adapter. For example, the Processor Power Management measures the efficiency of the power management system of processors, while the Network (LAN) test assesses the data transfer performance to host/devices on the local network. The program can also be used to view system hardware and software data.


Wizard suggests ways to improve your PC’s efficiency


Many features may confuse less technically inclined users

PC may freeze during the benchmarking process

4. Speccy

Price: Free / $19.95 annually


Allows you to retrieve system information quickly

Lightweight program

User-friendly interface


Updates are rare

5. CineBench

Price: Free

If you need a reliable benchmarking tool, you can also check out CineBench. For decades it was the go-to tool for graphical benchmarking. Whether you’re looking to check the status of your graphics card or just want to see how your computer performs overall, this free GPU benchmark software is a great resource. In contrast to other benchmark programs, CineBench evaluates your PC’s performance in under 10 minutes, testing all of your CPU’s processing cores as well as your GPU. Once that’s done, the program gives your system a rating – the higher the rating, the better.


Single-core performance testing

Faster than other programs


No easy way to run continuous tests using the GUI

Tip: does your computer keep crashing? Find out why and what you can do about it.

Frequently Asked Questions What are the sign of a malfunctioning or dying GPU?

One of the signs that your GPU is close to death is the appearance of graphical glitches. At the same time, if your computer is crashing more often than usual, it may be a sign that your GPU is slowly dying. For instance, if you’re experiencing frequent crashing and freezing during gameplay, you should immediately be concerned.

The failure of your GPU’s fans can also indicate its impending demis. Note that a defective fan is not a sign in itself, but it can lead to a failing GPU if not addressed in time. A Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) can also signal major GPU issues. However, if you’re seeing error code 43 in Windows, there may be a few things to try before looking for a new graphics card.

Why can’t my PC detect the GPU?

The “GPU not detected” error message may appear for various reasons. For instance, this could happen after installing a recent driver update that has its own set of problems. Further, your system may not recognize the GPU if you are using an older BIOS or UEFI version, which spells incompatibility. Disabling the GPU in Device Manager also prevents Windows from recognizing it.

Sometimes Windows updates will break your device. This could be another source for the “GPU not detected” error, so you may want to roll back to an older Windows version before the issue manifesets. You can also try performing a System Restore.

Image credit: Pixabay All screenshots by Oluwatokiloba Folami.

Oluwatokiloba Folami

Oluwatokiloba is a skilled writer and editor who is goal-oriented and innovative. Seeing how far he can go to find new, creative ways to address problems motivates and fascinates him. He likes to workout and listen to music when he is not tinkering.

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Best Free Chatgpt Extensions For Google Chrome

Here is a list of the best free ChatGPT extensions available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. ChatGPT has undoubtedly taken AI chatbots to another level. It is a recently launched AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI, which is a large language generation model based on GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture. The primary goal of ChatGPT is to generate human-like text that can respond to a wide range of prompts in a conversational manner.

While ChatGPT is already amazing, you can further enhance its functionalities by using a web extension in your Chrome browser. There are several Chrome extensions that you can install and use as per your requirements. So, let us check out these free ChatGPT extensions now.

Best free ChatGPT extensions for Google Chrome

Here is a list of the best free ChatGPT extensions for different purposes that you can install and use in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge:

WebChatGPT: ChatGPT with internet access

ChatGPT for Google

Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT powered assistant


ChatGPT Writer

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT


ChatGPT Prompt Genius




1] WebChatGPT: ChatGPT with internet access

It is a great free extension that allows you to further enhance the functionality of ChatGPT. So, do give it a try.

Read: How to use ChatGPT – Beginners Guide.

2] ChatGPT for Google

You can use ChatGPT for Google. It is a free web extension for Chrome that enables you to use ChatGPT directly on Google, Bing and various other search engines. It displays responses to your queries from ChatGPT along with Google and other search engine results. This ChatGPT extension also supports Bing, DuckDuckGo, and a few other search engines.

Just add this extension to your Chrome browser and then it will start showing your search results with a ChatGPT tab on your search engine. However, you will first have to log in to your ChatGPT account to use it.

Some nice features that you get with this extension are Markdown rendering, Code highlights, Dark mode, and Custom trigger mode. You can also copy the result to the clipboard and paste it into a document editor. All in all, it is a nice extension to add ChatGPT to your search engine.

Read: ChatGPT Desktop App for Windows

3] Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT powered assistant

Another Chrome extension for ChatGPT is Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT powered assistant. This extension works on all websites through your entire web browser. You can even select a specific text on a website and query about it to Merlin. It will answer quickly.

To get started, you can install this free ChatGPT Chrome extension from here. After that, simply login to Merlin to be able to use it. It has two hotkeys for two different functions. When you want to call Merlin for action on a web page, simply press the Ctrl + M and it will display a prompt where you can ask a question. The second hotkey is Ctrl + Shift + R which is used to refresh a web page before calling Merlin.

You can copy the results to the clipboard. In case you don’t like a specific answer, you can refresh the answer and let it regenerate a new answer to your query.

This extension has a limitation in its free plan. You can ask up to 15 queries per day. To remove this restriction, you will have to make a purchase for its PRO plan.

4] tweetGPT

It also lets you select the tone of the tweets that you want to create through this ChatGPT extension. Funny, snarky, optimistic, excited, smart, controversial, and more are the ones that you can choose from. If you are replying to a tweet, it will autogenerate a reply based on the original tweet you are replying to.

So, add tweetGPT to Chrome and start autogenerating tweets within seconds.

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5] ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer is yet another free ChatGPT extension that you can use in Google Chrome. As clear by its name, this extension is specially designed for writers to autotype emails and messages. It lets you briefly describe the content of your message and then it automatically generates a response that you can use for emailing and messaging. It supports multiple languages as mentioned on its official page on Chrome Web Store.

To use it, simply add it to Chrome and then log in to your OpenAI account. It will then work as a standalone extension that you can use on websites as well as email services like Gmail. You can generate emails/messages and then copy the responses to use them for emailing or messaging purposes.

Get it here.

6] YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

To quickly view and learn about the summary of a YouTube video, you can use this free Chrome extension called YouTube Summary with ChatGPT. It shows the transcript of the YouTube video you are currently watching. Once added to the browser, you can refresh your YouTube video and there will be a Transcript & Summary block on the right side. From here, you can view the transcript of the video with the timestamp.

It offers a Jump to Current Time option using which you can move to the summary of the currently played frame in the video. Plus, you can also copy the transcript to the clipboard or open it in a new tab.

Liked it? You can add it to your Chrome browser from here.

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7] Summarize

Summarize is the next free ChatGPT extension for Google Chrome. It is an AI-powered summarization technology powered by ChatGPT that automatically generates summaries for articles and text. This tool generates a comprehensive, accurate, reliable, and high-quality summary within seconds.

Get it here.

8] ChatGPT Prompt Genius

ChatGPT Prompt Genius is a free and open-source extension that allows you to use the best prompts for ChatGPT. It lets you create new prompts for ChatGPT and share the prompt on Reddit. You can add ChatGPTPromptGenius to Chrome, log in to your ChatGPT account, and then start using prompts for ChatGPT in different categories. These categories include Academic Writing, Fun & Games, Social Media & Blogging, Poetry, Philosophy & Logic, Education & learning, etc.

It also offers various Prompt Templates that you can use. You can also search for a required prompt and then import it into ChatGPT. It also lets you browse public prompts and use them. You can also toggle between dark and light modes. Furthermore, a dedicated History section is provided to check out all your previous prompts. It even allows you to set up various configurations.

See: A Guide to OpenAI and its Products and Services.

9] FancyGPT

The next ChatGPT extension on this list is FancyGPT. It is a nice free Chrome extension that lets you create ChatGPT snippets in a beautiful layout. You can download the created ChatGPT snippets in different formats including image (JPG), PDF, and text files.

10] Promptheus

Promptheus is a free Chrome extension to converse with ChatGPT. It allows you to use voice chat instead of typing to talk to ChatGPT. It is an efficient way to talk to ChatGPT. Just open your ChatGPT page, hold the spacebar, and then talk through your mic to enter your instructions to ChatGPT.

It is a simple extension, however, is effective if you want to give instructions to ChatGPT through your voice.

11] WritingMate

Use the WritingMate extension which is a ChatGPT writing assistant for the Chrome browser. You can use it to create reviews, autogenerate replies for messages, write tweets, create emails, get explanations on a topic, and much more. It comes with several templates that you can use, such as Fixing Grammar in a sentence, Generating a list of gift ideas, Writing a review, and many more.

To get started with this ChatGPT extension, add it to Chrome, and then open a tab and press Ctrl+M to open this tool. You can then enter your instructions and it will answer within a second. It lets you copy the response, send it as a prompt, and add it to your favorites.

Do note that the free plan of WritingMate lets you send only 10 messages per day. For more messages, you can upgrade to its premium plan.

What can I do with ChatGPT?

You can Generate summaries of books you want to read, Write a song with a description, Write stories, Generate jokes, Write code, Find mistakes in code, Play games, Create a resume, Translate languages, and more with ChatGPT.

Now read: Fix ChatGPT Error Codes 1020, 524, 404, 403.

50 Best Free Apps For Blackberry Smartphones

Here we introduce 50 free hand-picked apps out of the 25,000+ total in the BlackBerry store.

Keep in mind these are designed for the BlackBerry SmartPhone. The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has it’s own 3,000+ apps in the store. And there’s soon to be much more when Android apps can easily be ported over to the PlayBook OS by developers and offered in the BlackBerry store —also a possibly for the BlackBerry SmartPhones within the next year.

Productivity and Business

1) Cortado Workplace

This app and service lets you store and synchronize files on up to 2 GB of free online storage, also giving you access on computers via the website or Webdav. The cloud printing capability lets you send print jobs from your phone to your home or office.

2) Evernote

Lets you store, synchronize, search, and access your personal database of text notes, photos and images, and voice recordings. Everything is synchronized and also available via the website and the Windows desktop app. Helps you remember and stay organized in your personal and professional life’s.

3) Rove Mobile SSH

Gives you a SSH and Telnet client on your BlackBerry. Connect to Unix and Linux machines, mainframes, routers, switches, and other hardware. Supports SSH2 with public key authentication, user-definable shortcut keys, and terminal emulation.

4) YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus

This enhances your voicemail experience. Read and/or play your messages in any order from your phone or the website. It also offers organization, sharing, and blocking chúng tôi integration with Facebook, shows photos of your friends with their messages.

5) Photo Editor Ultimate FREE

Let’s you edit and share photos right on your BlackBerry. You can zoom, rotate, resize, combine, change lighting and colors, and apply effects. Open images when browsing in the native file explorer or via the editor’s open dialog with thumbnail previews.

6) HandyLogs Money – Expense Time and Mileage Tracker

Helps you track and report on expenses, time, and mileage. Great for business trips and traveling or personal use on vacations. You can even synchronize the data to the website so you can view, print, and share reports from any computer.

7) SmartGlance

View and analyze real time data from Excel, SAP, SQL, Oracle, CRM, and ERP databases. Share reports, charts and snapshots via e-mail. Great for sales, marketing, finance, operations, manufacturing, and other business activities.

8) Upvise

Helps you manage your business operations, organization, and collaboration. The free service includes Contacts, Notebooks, Wikipedia, RSS News Reader, Shopping Lists, and Debts and Credits. Web access is also offered via other mobile platforms and their website.

9) Real Estate Powered By Smarter Agent

Gives you access to MLS, recently sold, apartment listings. Great when buying, renting, selling, or just watching the market. The GPS functionality can show nearby properties, favorites can save listings, and Call to See can connect you to the real estate agent.

Fun, Entertainment, and Enjoyment

10) Hangman

Play the classic Hangman game when you or your friends are sitting around. Exercise your brain and discover new words on the topic of your choice. Its packed with enough words and phrases to keep you occupied on every occasion, and even download new ones with Daily Packs.

11) Memory

Sharpen your memory skills while having fun. This memory matching game comes with multiple themes and difficulty levels with score tracking and comparison. It even features a Child Lock so others can’t mess with the phone functions while playing.

12) Free Solitaire

Looking for the classic card game Solitaire? This one offers draw 1 or 3, timed moves, and standard and vegas scoring. It also has a resume function to pick up where you left off.

13) FiOS TV Remote DVR

14) TiVo DVR Scheduler

Gives TiVo users mobile access to their DVR. Set and manage recordings with the familiar TiVo look, feel and features. Browse and search through recording and channel listings programs by title, keyword, actor or category. Even add show or movie reminders to your calendar.

15) U-verse Mobile

AT&T U-verse customers can access their DVR and watch hit TV shows. Like FiOS and TiVo, it offers the basic DVR management and TV listing features. But you can also download and watch some shows with select packages and devices.

16) Pandora

Gives you the same music experience as with their website. Enter your favorite songs or artists and it plays similar music. You can rate the songs to better customize your personalized radio station.

17) Shazam

Hear a tune but don’t know the artist? Well this app will capture the audio, identify the song (up to 5 tags per month), and let you view the lyrics. You can also manually search for songs and artists. You can read the track and album reviews, watch YouTube videos, buy music, share tags with friends.

News, Searching, and Information

18) CBS News

If you’re a CBS News fan, download their app for breaking news and developing stories from CBS News and station affiliates. You can also stay update-t-date with the CBS Evening News and the CBS Early Show.

19) AP Mobile

Gives you access to national and international news and weather from the AP and more than 1,000 newspapers and sources. Updates are downloaded throughout the day, great when you don’t have an Internet connection. You can also set news alerts and share stories and photos via email, SMS, and Twitter.

20) AccuWeather

Lets you view current weather conditions and forecasts for your current location (automatically taken using GPS if available) or search for other places which you can save. You can also get daily reports via messages and/or integrate the five-day forecast into your calendar. You also get alerts for severe weather watches and warnings.

21) The Weather Channel

If you’re already a fan of The Weather Channel, you might opt for their app. View current conditions and forecasts, see the radar maps, view local and national severe weather alerts, check airport delays, and more. It also integrates with your calendar and address book.


Customizable feed reader with several categories and feeds pre-installed. Supports non-standard feeds (such as Twitter and LinkedIn), multiple feed search methods, copy and paste, and in-app email sharing.

23) eBay

Buyers can search, watch, bid, or buy. They also receive alerts on other bids and the ending status. They even get reminders on the calendar for ending of listings. Sellers can watch and review sale items and respond to questions.

24) QR Code Scanner Pro – Free

Scan those funky looking square bar codes (called QR Codes) with your BlackBerry’s camera. You can see this app’s QR Code below. You don’t have to snap a picture, just put the code in the camera’s view and it will scan instantly. Then it will take the given action, such as launching your browser, dialing a number, sending a text or email, or importing contact info.

Social Apps

25) Facebook

26) Twitter

Lets you do the Twitter basics, such as update your status, share links from the browser, and upload photos from the camera. You can also follow your friends, search for others, and edit re-tweets. You get instant alerts of new messages and mentions.

27) FriendChat (formally FaceChat)

This gives you one of the only missing features from the Facebook app above—support for Facebook Chat. It supports multi-person chatting with customized colors, emoticons, and alerts. It also lets you quickly post to your FaceBook wall within the app.

28) Message Prevue: Free

This is an ad-supported app that enhances BlackBerry Messenger. It replaces the native email alerts with a pop-up that shows the sender and subject line of incoming messages. Thus you can quickly see if it needs your attention without opening the entire message. It even works when using other apps so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing unless you see it’s necessary.

29) Lock for BlackBerry Messenger

Allows you to password protect access to BlackBerry Messenger. The privacy of your texting can be protected when others use your BlackBerry. You can quickly Lock and Unlock on the Application switcher.

30) WhatsApp

This is a cross-platform messenger, also available for iPhone, Android, and Nokia Symbian, free for the first year. Its an enhanced version of SMS and MMS that uses your 3G/EDGE internet data plan (or Wi-Fi if available). Chat and share with another WhatsApp user or a group—among all the supported platforms. Send videos, photos, voice notes, contacts, and your locations.

31) IMPlus Lite

If you’re a instant messaging junkie, this will help save time and effort when chatting or sharing across multiple services. It supports AIM/iChat, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk, MySpaceIM, Facebook, Skype, and Twitter. Talk one-on-one or create/join a group. You also get access web-based access from your desktop or laptop.

32) DUB

Gives you central access, sharing, and backup of your contacts. Pulls contact info from your social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and email services (GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo). This can help you network and keep in contact with others.

Tools and Utilities

33) BlackBerry Protect

Protects your device and info if it becomes lost, stolen, or broken.Works with a free service offered by RIM. Schedule automatic backups of most data. If your device is misplaced or stolen, you can remotely lock, locate or wipe it via the Internet. You can even make it ring loud to help find it and display a message in case someone else finds it.

34) SmrtGuard Mobile Security

This offers a host of security and privacy features, including device locking and recovery, emergency call button, and call blocking. Plus during a 30-day trial of the Pro edition, you get mobile virus and SPAM protection, backup and restore, and remote wiping.

35) Telicost Lite

Keeps track of your data, voice, and SMS usage. It compares it to your plan and provides alerts and alarms when you reach the limits. This can be a great money-saver.

36) Memory Booster Pro

Recovers the lost and used up memory of your BlackBerry device. Boosts performance and makes applications run faster and smoother. You can run on-demand and on a schedule.

37) BlackBerry Bridge

This installs onto your BlackBerry Smartphone and enables you to access and view your data from your BlackBerry PlayBook. Access your email, calendar, files, contacts, memo pad, and tasks on the larger tablet display. You can even use the smartphone’s data plan to browse the Internet on the PlayBook.

38) Who Is It

See who’s calling, emailing, or texting by the color of the front LED light on your BlackBerry. Its faster and easier than reading the caller ID, especially if the phone is out of your reach. You can assign up to 10 colors to different people.

39) Menu Clock

This adds a clock to the BlackBerry menus of all apps. Check the time while playing a game or browsing the web without having to exit the app.

40) Screen Shot FREE

Lets you take, save, and email screen shots of your BlackBerry screen. Maybe capture a high score on a game to showboat to your friends, discuss your favorite apps on a blog, or use to capture an error message for tech support.

41) DriveSafely


42) ScoreMobile for BlackBerry

Lookup real-time sports scores, player stats, league standings, recaps, and other sports info and news. You can also track live games with push alerts.

43) Sports Illustrated (SI)

44) Free Golf GPS Range Finder

Shows the distance to the green and any obstacles on thousands of different courses. You can also tap your touch screen for it to calculate the distance to that point from your current GPS location. You can even checkout a satellite photos of the course and holes.

45) MultiStopWatch

Easily track time for up to 15 athletes or participates at once. Simply hit Start to begin timing all and then hit each person’s individual Stop button. Then you’ll get a table and ranking info which you can email or upload to Google Docs.

46) SmartRunner

Measures distance, estimated calories burned, and current, average, and maximum speeds. Great for biking, hiking, walking, and other outdoor activities. You can even publish the data to the SmartRunner site, Facebook, or Twitter.


47) BlackBerry Travel

Helps you plan, book, manage, and share your travel info. Find flights, hotels, and destination information. It can even scan and automatically pull travel info from your emailed itineraries. You get alerts if a flight is delayed or there’s connection changes. You can email your travel plans or post them to LinkedIn.

48) BlackBerry Maps

Gives you access to maps, directions, and info on nearby businesses and restaurants. GPS support gives you route planning, turn-by-turn directions, and location updates. You can save locations for later use and share maps via email or text messages.

49) Navita Translator

This ad-supported app can translate and speak words or phrases in more than 50 languages. In addition to typing the words or phrases, you can translate from e-mails, the browser, or SMS messages. Then you can share your translations via Twitter, email, SMS, or memos.

50) BlackBerry Traffic

Input or import an address from your contacts to get info on road closures, alternate routes, and the ETA. You can even quickly email or text the ETA info if someone is excepting you.

Eric Geier is a freelance tech writer—become a Twitter follower or use the RSS Feed to keep up with his writings. He is also the founder of NoWiresSecurity, which helps businesses easily protect their Wi-Fi networks.

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