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Folio cases are a wise choice for your iPhone’s protection. These book-like cases with a flip cover offer 360° protection whether the device falls flat on its face, back, or edges. Additionally, they include a useful wallet. Your smartphone makes it easy to carry important cards and cash with you! I’ve compiled a list of the best folio cases for iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max.

1. Case-Mate wallet folio case – Editor’s choice

Case-Mate folio case has a genuine pebbled leather exterior with an antimicrobial layer, giving it a high-end appearance. So, this sturdy soft cover protects your phone from drops and bumps and has a shockproof 5mm raised edge. Besides, you may attach various MagSafe accessories to this case thanks to its built-in magnets. 


Genuine pebbled leather

High capacity wallet

Ultra slim profile


No color options

2. OtterBox Strada folio series – Sophisticated looks

Besides, it has OtterBox’s signature DROP+ protection that ensures 3X more drops than the standard military grade. The polycarbonate shell is made of 5G compatible material. Also, the metallic latch provides you great convenience for daily usage. After purchasing, you don’t need to worry as it includes a lifetime limited OtterBox warranty.


Looks & feels elegant

One-piece case

3x more drop protection


No kickstand option

No built-in magnets

3. FYY flip folio case – Handcrafted elegance

The FYY folio cover is handcrafted from real cowhide leather and has a comfortable handgrip. It has three card slots and a note pocket in the front flip that is spacious. Besides, the lightweight polycarbonate shell and a powerful magnetic closing guarantee a secure, glove-like fit. FYY has done multiple drop tests to provide mil-grade protection from bumps and scratches. 

In addition to safeguarding your iPhone, it encrypts your cards with RFID shielding technology. Also, you will get a useful kickstand and wireless charging compatibility. It has a useful wrist strap for carrying convenience. And all ports and buttons are easily accessible thanks to the precise cutout. So, choose from the range of hues and designs to suit your style.


Handcrafted cowhide leather

Damping design

Spacious with notes pocket


Bad grip

4. Shieldon flip wallet case – Invisible kickstand

Sheildon’s best folio cases for iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max have precisely crafted grained cowhide leather and offer all-around protection. The case includes a wallet with space for three cards and a long pocket for storing your ID card, driver’s license, and various bills. Besides, when the tap-to-pay feature is turned on, RFID-blocking technology blocks signals and prevents scanners from accessing your cards to shield your data.

Additionally, the sturdy soft interior shell is pleasant to the touch and features strong shockproof edges. So, it can survive drops, scratches, and bumps. Besides, the thicker lips surrounding the lens safeguard the camera. To free up your hands, you can fold it into a kickstand with a customizable viewing angle. Also, all your belongings will be secured in place thanks to the magnetic closure.


Multifunctional wallet design

Dual-layer drop protection

Cushion buffer


Can’t overstuff it as the magnetic closure becomes weaker

MagSafe missing

5. TUCCH PU leather folio case – Soft and flexible

TUCCH has used high-quality synthetic leather for this case so that you will have a good hand feel, and it comes in various eye-catching hues. Also, the robust, flexible TPU dual-layer inner case and shockproof cushioned corners provide 360-degree protection from drops and damage. The flip cover contains 3 card slots and 1 money pocket to keep your everyday necessities together. 

Also, the RFID blocking material on the card slot line protects your cards and personal information. The card slot part features a handy cutout where you can easily reveal your cards with your thumb. Besides, it features a stand function to view movies from various angles. Additionally, TUCCH cases offer wireless charging but don’t support MagSafe chargers.


3D textured design

Effective heat dissipation

Easy to install


Does not support Magsafe chargers

6. Pad & Quill Pocket Book case – Especially for iPhone 14 Pro Max

If you carry cash, cards, and ID proofs, you need iPhone 14 Pro Max folio covers with a spacious wallet. And Pad & Quill Pocket Book wallet case comes with 6 card slots with a fast-access viewing area for an ID card or business card. Besides, the lovely American full-grain leather is long-lasting, attractive, and protective and ages gracefully to develop a rich patina.

Additionally, the exterior leather is attached with a stylish, sturdy polycarbonate tray using UV-resistant, marine-grade nylon stitching. So, you will get a snug fit. Besides, I loved its 0.5″ slim profile with no extra bulk. The case works with MagSafe charging and 3-coil wireless charging. The best part is the brand offers a 25-year leather warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Artisan’s signature

6 card slots

Quality assurance



No color option

Check out on: Pad & Quill

7. TORRO leather wallet case – Vintage vibes

TORRO specializes in high-end leather cases from the finest cowhide leather. To maintain the natural qualities and aesthetic, they use top-grain leather from the best tanneries in the US. So, you don’t need to compromise with the quality. Besides, the folio case includes a TORRO tough TPU frame to absorb shock. Therefore, your new iPhone is safe from falls and bumps. 

Your cards are safe thanks to the side magnetic clasp. Also, the flip cover design minimizes scratches on the screen. Additionally, a raised lip around the edge of the frame makes room for 3 cards and a bigger section for notes. Similarly, a special raised edge around the camera maximizes protection. Besides, the incorporated kickstand allows for horizontal screen viewing.


Top-grain leather

Neat stitching

Durable frame


Slippery bumper

8. Goospery Canvas case – Fabric folio cover

No more leather case suggestions, as I found the best fabric folio cases for iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max! It offers double protection from drops and bumps, thanks to the reinforced canvas fabric outer and the flexible TPU interior shell. Besides, a slim and sleek design with denim fabric will suit everyone’s style. Also, inside the case, there are 3 card slots and 1 side pocket, with an easy-to-use PU leather magnetic closing.

So, all your cards are safe with a secure closure. Additionally, the inner case’s raised lip technology safeguards your back camera and screen from scratches. You can quickly snap on the case, and the ergonomic design offers a good grip to handle your phone easily. Also, use the invisible kickstand to watch movies from various angles. But the turn-off for me was it got stains from minimal use.


Premium denim fabric

Faux leather magnetic closure

Strap hole


Worn out after prolonged use

Gets stained

9. Belemay leather flip case – Waterproof

Belemay premium Italian leather case looks classy with a slim minimalist design. The oil wax technology makes the leather incredibly durable and scratch resistant. Also, it protects against drops, water stains, scratches, and smudges. With no doubt, you will get a rich patina over time. Besides, the soft suede microfiber lining offers a cozy, skin-friendly sensation.

There are three card holders and one bill compartment. Additionally, the card slots are lined with low-frequency RFID Blocking Technology, which makes it the ideal defense against data theft. Besides, it has innovative drop protection against unanticipated slip-offs thanks to shockproof TPU bumpers in four corners and raised edges. But it doesn’t support wireless or MagSafe chargers!



Water resistance

Safe wallet design


No wireless charging

So, that’s all for today, folks!

If you carry multiple cards, ID proofs, and cash, folio cases are the best companions for your iPhone. Besides this utility, it protects the screen from dents and damage. If you find the best iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max Folio Cases a little old school, go through other case options below…

Happy exploring more iPhone 14 Plus and Pro Max cases!

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Iphone 14 Pro Max Mid

While the upgrades are subtle, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is a processing powerhouse, with a chipset that will give it some serious longevity.

It’s been a little under half a year since the release of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Full disclosure: we should have reviewed this phone back in October when the phone launched but, with a new house, a new dog and a new job, life got in the way. Instead, we decided to hold off for a mid-term review, to report in on whether the iPhone 14 Pro Max, six months after its launch, is still at the top of the smartphone pile.


When it went on sale, the initial critical reception to the iPhone 14 Pro Max was largely positive: it instantly became the most powerful smartphone on the market, with an incredible 48MP camera packaged into a smart design with more-than-healthy battery life.

Though, some critics bemoaned the iPhone’s lack of flexibility: still no ports or expandable memory available. But then I suspect we might wait forever for those to show up on an iPhone. At such a high price, there were a few grumbles that 14, and the upgrades it offered over its predecessor, were an evolution and not a revolution.

So what’s the situation six months down the line? Is the phone still a worthy upgrade, or should you wait for something better to come along?

The quick answer

If you’re short on time here’s the meat of it. This phone is exceptional at nearly everything it does. Indeed, I’ve become more impressed with the iPhone 14 Pro Max the longer I’ve spent with it.

It’s a multi-tool like no other. It’s been my camera abroad, snapping photos of a wedding late into the night, and editing them morning after. It’s replaced my webcam for all my video calls, thanks to Apple’s new Continuity Camera software.

I’ve even used it to scan my living room, take measurements and build a 3D model, with the help of the Polycam app, to make redecorating and furnishing my home a breeze.

When I moved home it became my TV and even my games console letting me play Diablo Immortal online with my brother. And for once, the iPhone has done all the above without me having to worry about when I’m next going to be able to plug in. You can use this model intensely and expect it to get to the end of the day.

Ultimately, at the ripe old age of 14, the iPhone’s software and hardware are a marriage made in heaven. You could argue that the hardware, particularly the chipset inside, has outpaced what the software on the phone really needs.

What’s new?

If you’re considering moving up from a 13 Pro Max, the new features will feel like refinements.

The most noticeable addition is the dynamic island: a small black lozenge at the top of the display behind which the front-facing camera hides. It’s the replacement for the widely derided “notch” used to make sure screens can span from edge to edge over the top of the camera.

It’s a big design upgrade, and it’s also been used in the iPhone’s UI rather smartly. For example, if you set a timer and return to the cooking video you were watching, the timer scoots up to next to the camera. Ditto for music, phone calls, directions and more.

You also can also see a little green dot there whenever your camera is in use. Just in case, you know, you think someone’s spying on you.

As features go, it’s a subtle upgrade on paper, but in use it’s one of those quality-of-life adjustments that make it hard to back to any phone with a notch design.

Another new addition is the always-on display: the screen fades out leaving the clock and notifications screen as the only visible information.

It’s a subtle upgrade, and one I expected I’d turn off. But it’s an OS refinement that means you don’t always need to unlock and access your phone to get information – useful for those who find themselves diving into Twitter or Tik Tok once they’ve opened up their phone.

The Super Retina XDR display is, as usual, crisp and responsive and works particularly well on a bright day.

Crash detection, which notices if you’ve experienced some severe deceleration and calls the emergency services, was also added this year. Luckily this hasn’t been tested, and we didn’t feel like we needed to hop on a rollercoaster to find out if we could set it off.

Lastly is the camera, for me the most significant upgrade. It’s noticeably smarter than previous iterations and other devices we’ve tested.

Colours seem so lifelike on the iPhone display, they’re almost radiant, particularly when you try out some macro-photography and really get in close to your subject.

Night photography is a breeze, capturing remarkable detail – even of dark-coloured objects at dusk. Where other flagship phones produce muddy browned-out images, the 14 Pro Max, produces crisp, detailed photos.

Indeed, head out at the magic hour with your phone, set it to cinematic mode and you’ll capture some mesmerising video that’s a level above what competitors can manage.

Finally, the neatest trick the iPhone 14 Pro Max pulls off is the continuity camera. If you’ve got a Macbook, you can add a clip to your iPhone that attaches it to the lid of your laptop. Sat there, you can tell your Mac to use the phone’s camera and microphone instead of its webcam – a definite upgrade to your next video meeting’s sound and picture.

What’s missing?

The novelty factor. Long gone are the days when a smartphone would really surprise you with an ingenious new design or feature: something you needed to have.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Just look at flexible phones – a fantastic idea on paper that struggles to work in the real world. Plus this is also great news for your wallet and the electronics scrapheap. Our phones have a longer life if there’s not the same demand to upgrade every two years or so to get the latest and best features.

The only weakness in the camera is the lack of a zoom greater than 3x, which you can find in other smartphones. If that’s important to you then you might want to reconsider.

Clearly, if you do want something with upgradable memory – an SD card slot in other words, or more ports or other hardware flexibility – the 14 Pro Max (or any future iPhone) won’t be suitable for you. More than ever this phone is at its best nestled into the Apple eco-system – paired with a Macbook for example.

Final verdict

This is one of the most complete devices we’ve ever tested. As a reviewer, it’s becoming harder and harder to fault these things.

Clearly, for consumers who desire adaptability in their software and flexibility in their hardware, the iPhone will never be the phone for them. But for everyone else this is still the best smartphone money can buy.

If you’re inside Apple’s ecosystem already, with iCloud and a Mac, then this phone becomes a no-brainer. The privacy options, the continuity features – like switching cameras or audio between devices – and the ease of setup elevate this phone to a whole other level.

Halfway through the phone’s lifecycle, there’ll be some more attractive deals out there for the iPhone 14 Pro Max which begs the question, should you pick one up or wait for a 15?

My vote would be to wait. Not because I think anyone would be disappointed with this device, but because It’ll be even cheaper when the 15 rears its head.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max’s benchmarks across the board are so impressive that I think it’ll easily feel like a top-of-the-range model for two or three years more, meaning it might be the best value model in Apple’s lineup… in about 6 months.

Apple’s most refined smartphone yet has enough processing power to outlive many of its competitors. Indeed, it’s so good, it begs the question, do we really need a new iPhone every year?

Best accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro Max  Backbone gaming controller

If you commute for more than half an hour and you like to game, grab one of these and download Diablo Immortal. It’s a blast.

Most smartphone game controllers feel flimsy and clumsy, but the backbone feels sharp and well-built – it isn’t a far cry from a PlayStation or Xbox remote.

Indeed, it’s a must if you want to make use of your Xbox One or PS5’s cloud gaming features that mean you can port your games over to your phone.

Bonus: it adds a 3.5mm headphone slot for those of us still clinging on to wires.

If you own a Macbook and you find yourself on Teams, Hangouts, Webex or another video calling software every day then this accessory is worth considering. It acts as a mount that can clip to your laptop lid or as a stand.

From there you tell your Mac can to use the superior camera and microphone in the iPhone 14 Pro Max instead. Basically, you’ll look and sound much more like yourself on video calls with this little clip.


Best Iphone 11 Pro Max Magnetic Cases In 2023

A magnetic case is an all-season friend for your iPhone. The primary purpose of this case is to attach your iPhone with a car mount. A magnetic plate inside the case does all this wonder. Apart from its attachment with a car mount. Magnetic case installed on a folio of a wallet case. Some magnetic cases have card slots to store your credit/debit cards. If you are intrigued by this description, you would like to explore some of the best iPhone 11 Pro Max magnetic cases.

1. PITAKA MagEZ Magnetic Case

PITAKA has carved a niche in iPhone accessories by launching extraordinary products. This case is made of Aramid fiber, which is used in manufacturing military materials like a bulletproof vest. You can rely on its performance as the robust material will always protect your phone against scratches and scrapes.

A notable feature of this case is built-in metal plates; you can place your iPhone on PITAKA’s in-vehicle holder. This case is ultra-slim (0.13in) and lightweight.

2. SQMCase Clear Case with Magnetic Car Mount

Usually, a ring holder case does not work with a magnetic car mount. But SQMCase has achieved this feat effortlessly. The rotary finger ring holder not only attaches to a car mount but also works as a kickstand. With its 360-degree rotation, you can adjust your iPhone conveniently to watch videos, photos, browse websites, and read iBooks.

The finger ring, however, does not support wireless charging; hence, you need to remove the case before you place your iPhone on a wireless charging mat.

3. Spigen Thin Magnetic Case

When it comes to iPhone accessories, Spigen makes its presence felt. Whether it is a bumper case or a simple clear case, this brand surprises users pleasantly. A magnetic case from Spigen is your best bet if you appreciate simplicity.

With its QNMP compatible slot, this case supports magnetic car mounts. But the same metal plat can disrupt wireless charging. So better remove the case before you place your iPhone on a wireless charging pad.

4. SQMCase Magnetic Car Mount Case

SQMCase has paid enough attention to details while designing this magnetic case with ring holder. A hard PC material is holed to install a bracket base, a bracket, a finger ring, metal plate, and CD texture. With this precision, you get the best magnetic case in the world.

A crystal clear and anti-scratch body protects your iPhone against all the odds. And a ring holder doubles as a kickstand. A metal plate allows you to place your iPhone on a car mount.

5. Dockem Luxe Magnetic Wallet Case

At first glance, the product looks like a cardholder case for your iPhone. Dockem is known for manufacturing high-quality fabric cases and sleeves. But installing a magnetic charging feature on a fabric is an achievement in itself.

Dockem has built an invisible metal plate, which can be attached to a car mount. A slim canvas style synthetic leather is your wallet case, as you can store two credit/debit cards.

6. HONTECH Slim Fit Magnetic Case

HONTECH has come up with a slim privacy magnetic case with a back tempered glass and a built-in screen protector. An anti-peeping front glass makes all the difference. This protects your privacy while you are browsing websites and social media apps on your device. Only the readers who view content from the front can read the contents.

7. JUQITECH Magnetic PU Leather Case

JUQITECH has crafted a wallet case with RFID protection PU leather. The material is durable and shockproof, keeping your iPhone secure inside the folio. Equipped with a card slot holder, the case allows you to store your plastic cards and banknotes.

The phone case is detachable, so that you can conveniently use it as a separate cover. Since the detachable case has magnetic plate, you can place it on a car mount. Moreover, it is wireless charging compatible.

8. Ghostek Magnetic Wallet Case

It is your premium modular magnetic wallet case with four slots to store your plastic money. A scratch-resistant back protects your device against injuries. A military-grade shockproof case has raised bezel to protect your phone’s touchscreen.

9. Alapmk Ring Kickstand Case

Alapmk brings 3D pattern design, which makes your phone personal and eye-catching. Ultra-violet printing technology creates vibrant colors, which never fade. For comprehensive protection, Alapmk uses TPU shockproof material, which keeps your device thin and lightweight.

The flexible material is highly durable and provides ultimate protection to your iPhone. Never worry about accidental drops and falls of your device; the case is strong enough to endure such unintentional impacts.

That’s all friends!

Signing off…

Magnetic cases are primarily used for placing iPhones on a car mount. Apart from the mount, users can put their iPhones on other household appliances like fridge. All in all, a single magnetic case has multiple benefits.

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Best Iphone Xs Max Cases For Women In 2023

The other day, I came across some gorgeous cases while making a roundup of professional covers. Exhibiting soft and sleek design, they looked pretty nice on the iPhone Xs Max. Impressed with their elegance, I decided to list out some charming iPhone Xs Max cases for women. The following collection features not just some eye-grabbing designer cases but also protective yet adorable suits. Plus, some incredibly thin covers make your phablet reveal its look but without putting protection on the backburner.

1. Case-Mate WATERFALL

Case-Mate has come up some of the gorgeous cases for girls. And WATERFALL is one of them. The case features a stunning globe effect that is adorned by tumbling glitter and cascading sparkle.

The designer cover has a pretty compact look and can fight out drops of up to 10 feet. Due to the trusted drop protection, your Xs Max will remain secure.

WATERFALL also plays nicely with wireless charging so that you don’t have to remove the case before charging the iPhone. What’s more, this beautiful cover comes in four color options and has the support for a lifetime warranty.

2. Sonix

Sonix’s wide range of cases for iPhone Xs Max look fascinating and make a great match with the phablet. They boast an attractive pattern and fit the smartphone snuggly like a comfy glove.

However, the best thing about these covers is that they have got enough strength to survive bumps. With the sturdy casing and shock-absorbent sides, these cases provide certified military-grade protection.

Plus, Sonix cases feature anti-scratch UV coating that ensures the covers can retain their glowing charm for long. Just like Caste-Mate, this accessory maker also offers a reliable lifetime warranty.

3. Speck Presidio Inked

I find Speck’s “Presidio Inked” a very desirable case for women. Sporting eye-catching design, it’s an attention grabber.

But if you think that this charming case would be too delicate or fragile, you need to get your assessment right. It can survive the drops of up to 10 feet thanks to the reinforced structure.

The mix of rugged PC shell and shock-absorbing rubber, Presidio Inked has got enough cushion to endure bumps. Aside from reliable protection, this case comes in a couple of patterns topped by a lifetime warranty.


If the captivating flower pattern lights up your eyes, chances are GVIEWIN’s offerings will win you over in the very first glance.

The soft TPU material makes it very flexible, while the transparent look allows the smartphone to glow. And with the smooth-touch, it ensures your palm has the needed comfort while holding the phablet.

Courtesy the beveled edged, both the dual camera and OLED display can keep off scuffs. With the rubberized frame, the case should absorb low-volume impact. Lastly, you get to choose from as many as eight nice-looking flower patterns.

5. ProCase

Do you want to go for an elegant wallet case that can take care of most of your needs? If yes, ProCase should be a nice pick.

This PU leather cover has an impressive design and comes with two card slots. Plus, there is a big side pocket wherein your dollar bills can stay safely.

With the useful strap, you will be able to carry your smartphone comfortably. The durable inner shell enables it to thwart impact, while strong flap securely fastens the cover to keep your valuables inside.

ProCase also features a built-in mirror so that you can take a glance at your makeup. And the five dark hues let you choose a charming companion for your smartphone!


Yet another wallet case that showcases adorable design. COCASES’ offering is crafted out of PU leather and feature soft-textured finish.

With multiple card holders, the case can work as your full-fledged wallet. The RFID blocking technology safeguards the information of your cards.

Powered by the solid inner shell, it should resist impact with ease. You can use the wrist strap to carry your smartphone more conveniently. You will also detach the folio to flaunt your device in style. Moreover, this fashionable wallet case comes in more than 40 color options.

7. Ruky

If it’s time to make the smartphone match your enchanting look, Ruky would be a great pick. The case has glitter liquid pattern that gives it a unique look. And with the pretty soft material, the cover feels remarkably comfy in the palm.

The rubberized bumper enables this designer case to withstand bumps. Both the dual camera and the large 6.5-inch screen stay protected due to the raised lip.

As for color variants, Ruky offers this case in seven different patterns like aqua, gradient teal, gradient pink and more.

8. totallee

Touted as the thinnest (0.02 inches) case in the world, this offering from “totallee” is designed to steal the heart. It’s not just pretty thin but also incredibly form-fitting.

The higher quality polypropylene material can resist scuffs and also offers more convenient hold. Being semi-transparent, it allows your beast to show its look in style.

It has a unique ring on the back that’s designed to shield the protruding camera. Better still, totallee offers this sleek iPhone Xs Max case in nine color options and the one that appears appealing are red, jet black, and the cool frosted black.


Love watching videos hands-free? Why not go for a good-looking ring holder case to enhance your movie time.

The case has got a sturdy structure thanks to the combination of rugged PC and shock-absorbent TPU. With the super handy ring at your disposal, you will prop-up your device to relish both vertical and horizontal viewing angles.

ICONFLANG case features metal plate on the back so that you will be able to use your device with magnetic car mounts. If you take the help of navigation apps like Google Maps, Waze on the drive, this feature could be very helpful to you.


It is readied with top-quality German TPU material that is fully capable of fighting out even brutal scratches. It doesn’t get yellow either, thereby keeping the HD clarity alive for long.

TORRAS clear case also features smooth microdot that prevents smudges and grime. And with the secure lip, it gives the desired safeguard to the delicate screen and the dual camera.

That’s pretty much it!

Did you find the most charming cover for your iPhone Xs Max? If yes, do not forget to spill some beans about your adorable pick.

Stay Tuned With Us to Explore More Accessory Roundups…

We have ensured the collection contains a variety of cases. But if you think that something is missing, tell us about that. Plus, you can also offer up the names of your favorite cases that could be worth including in the above lineup.

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Best Iphone 7 Plus Leather Cases In 2023

Genuine iPhone 7 Plus leather cases have the defining quality that makes for a lasting experience. The improved design along with unmatched comfort is their forte for which they are widely known for. And, that really rings true! If you have a penchant for the purist profile, leather cases can be a fitting pick for your hunt. Be it needed protection, ultra-convenience or sophistication, they can be a complete package for your all-new iPhone 7 Plus. So, why wait? Let’s handpick the one that deserves your attention!


ZOVER’s beauty lies in its refined and suave design. Top quality grain leather feels pretty comfy to the touch, while also offering enhanced grip. Hence, your palm will comfortable holding the case.

Strong frame endows it the needed strength to survive bumps, whereas three card slots, as well as a cash pocket, allow you to leave your purse at home. With magnetic closure onboard, all of your stuff is perfectly inside. On top of all, you have seven vibrant color options like black, brown, dark brown to pick from.

2. Pierre Cardin

What charms me the most about Pierre Cardin wallet case is the excellent handcrafted design. The premium cowhide construction elegantly complemented by beautiful stitching makes this case a real deal. The velvet inner lining helps it protect your iPhone from scratch.

Being extremely slim, it makes a form-fitting match with your iPhone. Raised lip work as an essential safeguard for the screen. Five color variants such as black, red, brown, gray, coffee brown offer you more options to pick the most suitable choice for your iPhone.

Besides, four color variants such as black, brown, gray, coffee brown offer you more options to pick the most suitable choice for your iPhone.

3. Luxury Book from Pad & Quill

If premium quality is at the top of your demand, you can’t go wrong with Luxury Book. The unique combination of full-grain American leather and real baltic birch hardwood make it stand out. The genuine leather outer shell boasts appreciable workmanship, while the wooden cradle boosts the casing to survive bumps.

When the cover starts aging, the gracious patina helps it retain its class. Therefore, you will like using the cover for long.

The wallet case comes with several interior slots for storing up to 6-8 cards. Check out the large pocket which can securely keep your dollar bills. With the five color combinations on offer, you will choose a perfect Luxury Book for your iPhone 7 Plus.


“SHIELDON” leather case has been made of genuine cowhide leather. It sports a professional profile that looks nice on your smartphone.

This cover features three card slots and one inside pocket to let you keep some cash. The precise cut-outs offer hassle-free access to all functions. The raised edge protects the camera from scratches.

You can pick this vintage leather case in three nice-looking colors: black, brown and red. Furthermore, SHIELDON comes with a lifetime warranty.

5. FYY Case

Showcasing an eye-catching appearance, “FYY” leather case has the desired quality to be a durable partner for your iPhone. It has RFID shielding technology which is equipped to protect the information of your cards.

Carved with genuine leather, it offers your device the essential safeguard from bumps or scratch. The handmade case has kickstand function to let you enjoy watching your favorite movies. FYY cover allows you to keep a couple of cards and some cash inside the pocket. Better still, it comes in as many as eight vibrant colors like wine red, black, brown and more.

Better still, FYY wallet case comes in as many as five vibrant colors like navy, black, purple, rose gold and wine red.

6. Bella Fino from Pad & Quill

When it comes to producing one of the most admirable leather cases, Pad & Quill is a well-known name. And its “Bella Fino” has got all the ingredients to be a high-quality leather cover.

The full-grain American leather construction features refined craftsmanship. Due mainly to the UV resistance as well as timeless patina, the wallet case remains an adorable suit for the iPhone for long.

The interior slots can securely carry up to 6-8 cards. With the large cash pocket at the disposal, you will also keep some cash. Plus, there are some classy color options such as galloper black, whiskey and more.

7. Sena Heritage Walletbook

If money is not a constraint for you, Sena Heritage Walletbook can be worth looking at. The finest leather and soft herringbone lining make this wallet case a great pick for business people or professionals.

The Walletbook comes with three card slots and a money sleeve. The raised bezel keeps the touchscreen protected. The wallet can also double up for a cool landscape viewing. Walletbook is available in three colors namely denim, black, and cognac.

That’s not all; you can choose Walletbook in three colors: black, cognac and praline.

8. iPulse Full Grain Leather

Flaunting vintage book design, iPulse is a pro-looking wallet case which you would love to have during your travel. Italian full grain leather not only enhances its profile but also makes it strong enough to offer complete protection to your device.

This folio case has three card slots and features magnetic closure to keep all of your valuables securely inside. The stand function is great for watching your favorite video. Lastly, iPulse comes in five colors like cognac, classic brown, tan, vintage black, and wine red.

9. Benuo Vintage Series

Don’t like a traditional looking wallet case? Vintage Series has both the refined design and pleasing quality to be an ultra-modern pick.

Carved out of genuine leather and microfiber, this wallet has a minimalist appearance. It sports three card slots on the back. It fits snuggly and offers the peace of mind to carry your iPhone. Vintage Series wallet case comes in six color variants.

Vintage Series wallet cases come in two color variants like black and brown.

10. DavisCase

This wallet book showcases the true class of a useful wallet case. Engineered with genuine vintage leather, it is robust enough to survive the wear and wear; providing all the necessary protection to your device from bumps or scratches.

The retro-looking wallet book has slots for ID and credit cards. The money sleeve can let you stash some cash inside. Handmade design enriches its appearance. The hand strap makes it easy to carry the phone. Kickstand feature is great for your video time.

Besides, you can prop up your smartphone to light up your video time.

11. Dockem

Dockem is a modern looking wallet case that doesn’t add any bulk to your smartphone, while also taking care of your basic needs admirably. Pretty soft synthetic leather gives a sophisticated look, and the snap-on design helps it fit snuggly on the iPhone.

A couple of slots on the back let you carry your cards with ease. As for protection, you can trust this minimalist wallet case to resist scrape thanks to the smooth interior. Besides, the pronounced buttons have a crispy feel, and the cutouts are as precise as you would want.

That’s all for now!

Signing Off

Genuine leather cases may be slightly expensive, but they have the quality to become a professional suit for your iPhone. Whether it’s durability, protection or convenience, leather cases score pretty good marks on all the aspects, don’t they? Is your favorite leather case included in this list? Do let us know its name.

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Best Kickstand Cases For Iphone 11 Pro In 2023

How often you feel that “Ahh, I badly need that kickstand on my iPhone to free my hands and watch multiple episodes of a series or movies on Netflix?” Not just that, even while you’re traveling in a train or a flight with the longer duration with multiple halts, it’s important that you have all the entertainment tools with you to keep yourself rejuvenated! And this is where a kickstand case comes to your life. Getting Kickstand Cases for iPhone 11 Pro would be the smartest thing you would ever do.

1. Spigen

Spigen is one of the clear cases available for iPhone 11 Pro which we reviewed a few days back in our clear cases lineup. And it comes with a kickstand too. Hence, it’s again in today’s list as well. The case is made with hybrid technology, and it has a TPU bumper and a polycarbonate back which is durable.

The kickstand is made of metal, and the magnetic snap makes it easy to use on the go! Its crystal clear design doesn’t let your iPhone 11 Pro lose the charm and look. Moreover, the raised lip and the camera cutout protects the screen and the camera against the flat surfaces, respectively.

It’s available in crystal clear and jet black colors, and it is compatible with wireless charging as well. So right when you have the case on your iPhone, you can charge it with a wireless car charger as well while you’re traveling.

2. SupCase

SupCase’s kickstand case looks like a beast as it comes with a full rugged body. If you’re looking for sturdy protection and meanwhile want a case with kickstand, SupCase is your way to go without any second thoughts. Of course, it might not give you the best look of your iPhone, but it’s damn good in protection, and along with belt clip holster case, it’s just like icing on the cake.

The built-in screen protector safeguards your screen from scratches and ensures that it’s safe from impacts and accidental drops as well. With precise cutouts, it’s easy to access all the buttons and the required ports on your iPhone 11 Pro. It’s available in black, blue, metallic green and metallic red color variants.

3. CoverON

With a modern design, CoverON stands apart from the rest of the cases in today’s lineup. The brushed metal look with perfect finish got my attention right away! It’s a perfect case for everyday use as it comes with a slot to carry your card as well.

Every case has a kickstand at the center of the back, but this one is unique in its design. It has it at the bottom of the case, which gives you the best viewing experience. The dual-layer case design is a perfect recipe to get sturdy protection for your iPhone 11 Pro.

Sudden drops and impacts can be handled easily with this case due to its protective features. The raised lips around the camera ensure that your iPhone doesn’t come into direct contact on flat surfaces. It’s available in black, gunmetal grey, mint teal, and rose gold colors.

4. ESR

WOW! A crystal clear case and that too with a kickstand? Well, you hardly find such cases these days apart from a few companies. ESR has done it again and again with a unique set of cases for iPhone models to date! The two-way stand is what makes this case unique as well. You can either watch your favorite content either horizontally or vertically.

The combination of hard PC and the soft TPU show a bit of bumper protection as well. Not similar to what the bumper cases provide but up to some extent it protects your iPhone 11 Pro from sudden impacts and accidental drops. With raised edges and the raised lip, it protects your screen and camera from flat surfaces.

It supports wireless charging, and it’s available in black, clear, and transparent black color variants. I would definitely go with the clear color variant as it allows me to show off my iPhone.

5. UZ

UZ is an all-in-one case with a lot of features. With a dual-layer hard cover made of hard PC and the soft silicone interior, it’s a perfect combination of an armor case and a bumper case too. And to add on top of it, it comes with a kickstand as well so that you can watch your favorite movies, series, read your favorite books, etc. hands-free.

The first look made me feel that the case is bulky but isn’t that bulky, to be honest! It’s designed for iPhone 11 Pro and the precise cutouts ensure that you get easy access to all the ports and buttons whenever needed. UZ’s case is available in 7 vivid colors.


ZERMU is more like a traditional and a bit funky in design. It made me look odd at the first look, but the protective features with a rugged bumper, hard plastic case, and an armor defender changed my mind. It’s anti-scratch, and it protects your iPhone 11 Pro from high impacts and accidental drops.

The kickstand design is a traditional one, but it has a perfect fit to the case so that it never loosens out! As you can clearly see the colors on the corners are different and those spots provide you a perfect grip making it anti-slip case as well. It’s available in 8 color variants.

7. Spigen Tough Armor

You simply can’t get away with Spigen when it comes to iPhone cases because such is the quality of products provided by them. The combination of TPU and polycarbonate material all together protect your iPhone 11 Pro from sudden impacts and shocks. Besides being protective, it’s slim.

The reinforced kickstand is strong and doesn’t loosen up even when you use for a longer duration. Spigen’s tactile buttons just need a soft touch to access the buttons, and the precise cutouts ensure that you can reach out the ports with ease. The raised lips protect your camera and screen with precision.

It’s available in black, gunmetal, rose gold and satin silver colors. So you have an ample amount of choices to choose from!

8. Zizo

Zizo’s case looks like it’s suitable for gamers who go crazy about gaming! It sports such look that any gamer would go freaky to get this case for their iPhone 11 Pro. The vibrant colors are another thing which got my attention right away, and it was due to the matte finish it has on it.

The lightweight and a heavy duty case which come with a kickstand could be a perfect choice to protect your iPhone. With Zizo, be rest assured about the quality as they have years of experience in manufacturing such sturdy cases! It’s available in black, blue/black and red/black color variants.

9. ArmadilloTek

If you’re looking for military-grade protection along with a full rugged body case and a kickstand included, ArmadilloTek’s case would be a perfect choice for your iPhone 11 Pro. It comes with a screen protector so that your screen is secured as well and ensures the surface is scratch-resistant.

With precise cutouts and raised lips, it’s easy to access all ports and buttons, meanwhile providing perfect protection to the camera against flat surfaces. It supports wireless charging, but not all the chargers work perfectly. So ensure that you cross-check this with the seller before you buy this kickstand case for your iPhone 11 Pro.

So this is it for today!

Summing Up… 

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