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Windows 11 comes with a decent browser, Microsoft Edge. It is light, fast, and secure. The revamped Edge browser is easy to use, has a lot of customization options, and comes with an easy-to-understand privacy and security policy. You also get three modes of tracking prevention modes that are Basic, Balanced, and Strict. 

However, you can always switch to another browser if Edge doesn’t have what you’re looking for or you just want to try a new style. Either way, we’ve scoured the web and tried dozens of browsers to help you find the right one for you. 

So, here are some of our recommendations for the best browser for Windows 11. 

What to Look for in the Best Browser for Windows 11

The perfect browser is a combination of all essentials, like privacy, speed, and performance. But, you can choose the single best browser for you depending on one highlighting factor and your needs.

Which is the Best Browser for Windows 11?

There is an overwhelming amount of browsers on the market. So, we’ve narrowed down our picks to the best five to save you time. Here are some of the competitive browsers you can try: 

Brave – Best Browser for Privacy 

What adds to the privacy factor is that Brave lets users use the reputed browser engine, Tor. Brave makes your surfing experience better by never playing a pre-roll ad when using YouTube. Additionally, it claims to be three times faster than Chrome and also relatively consumes less battery. 


Curated Ads 

Tracker and ad blockers

Crypto tokens


Enhanced Privacy


Personalized Ad Revenue System

Loss for Content Creators

Consumes a lot of RAM

Some features are not yet official.

Opera GX – Best Gaming Browser 

If you want a browser that’s great for gaming as well as other aspects, Opera GX is a good option. Opera GX has many attractive features and customization tools. You can choose how the browser operates for you. 

As soon as you install Opera GX, you can add browser sounds and background music as well. For easy access, you can add social media apps, like Messenger, Twitter, and Instagram to the left sidebar. The GX cleaner feature helps get rid of unnecessary files and optimizes performance. 


Less RAM usage due to GX Control

Fun customization tools

Better Speed

Quick access to social media 

Built-in VPN


Overwhelming UI Design 

Sometimes network speed is compromised.

Common minor lags

Mozilla Firefox – Best Lightweight Browser 

If you often use Incognito mode, Firefox is relatively a better choice since its Incognito mode is more secure than other browsers. 


Advanced security features 

Wide variety of extensions

Clean UI design


High RAM usage

Common download errors

Difficulty reading HTML5

Chrome – One of the Fastest Browsers

Google’s very own browser, Chrome, has been around for the longest time, and yet it is one of the most loved browsers. It’s very easy to use due to the Google Account Integration, especially if you’re most active on your Google accounts. In this way, all your data is synced seamlessly. 


Better Speed

Cross-Platform browser

Unlimited options for extensions and add-ons

Simple UI design

Seamless Integration with Google Apps


Your browsing data may not be secure.

Considerable amount of RAM usage

Increased power usage

Vivaldi – Best Browser for Customization

If you want a new browser that you can customize to the fullest, we recommend trying out Vivaldi. With this browser, you get to choose how your browser looks and operates. You can assign the location of your tabs and address bar. You can also choose where you want the browser tabs to show. 

Besides, you also get privacy-focused features, like the non-tracking search tool in Privacy mode. Similarly, you also get additional security features, like adblocker, tracker blocker, and more. 

You can have a more productive experience browsing with Vivaldi due to the new updates, like the Break Mode, Notes, and Manager. The Web Panels feature allows you to save your frequently-visited websites in one desired location of the browser for easy, quick access.  


Wide range of customization options

Exclusive tools and features

Balanced UI design

Privacy and Security features


Might consume high RAM usage

Tab management options might seem confusing to some.

Our Verdict – Which Browser to Choose? 

When using a new browser, we like to use premium VPNs for added security. 

Which Browsers Should I Avoid?

It’s very common for hackers to use a browser as a medium to attack your personal data. So, it’s always best to be cautious when installing a new browser. Firstly, check the reviews, research the developer team, and look for the ratings. 

If a browser is not much popular and seems to have low ratings or fewer reviews, chances are it’s malicious. One such browser that unleashes viruses and manipulates your data is the Wave browser. So, we recommend staying safe from such browsers. 

How Do I Protect My Browser From Malware?

Although it’s tricky to guarantee that you can take some actions to be safe from viruses permanently, here are some preventive measures to try: 

How to Change the Default Browser in Windows 11?

If you want to make your new browser your default one, here is one of many ways to do so: 

We’re using the Vivaldi browser as default for demonstration. 

Note: Some settings may have different names depending on the browser. However, the ‘Set as Default’ option is usually easy to find under the first settings.

Some settings may have different names depending on the browser. However, the ‘Set as Default’ option is usually easy to find under the first settings.

You're reading Best Browser For Windows 11

Browser Based Animation Software For Windows 10 & 11: Best 5

Browser Based Animation Software for Windows 10 & 11: Best 5




Instead of installing a resource-demanding tool on your computer, use browser animation software to unleash your creativity online.

Allowing you to produce

professional-looking animation,

Marionette’s app is a great browser-based animation software.

Our list also includes an excellent choice







You’ll find below a web-based animation software used in

Oscar-nominated movies, with an easy-to-use interface.

Animation software is becoming more and more popular these days. Such tools are not used just for fun, but they’re also gaining popularity in more directions as well.

For instance, we can use animation for other purposes such as running effective marketing campaigns or congratulating a friend of ours with the most creative animated video message.

There are plenty of software that can be downloaded to meet your expectations, and we gathered the best ones that you can currently find that you can use in your browser.

So, make sure to take a look at their best features and then make an informed decision that will make you happy and suit all of your needs. Good luck and have fun!

Quick Tip:

If you’re interested in working with animation and were wondering what browser would serve it justice, Opera is something we can stand behind.

Opera is based on the Chromium project, with a privacy and security focus. And we, at WindowsReport, have a lot of praises for it and can’t recommend it enough.


Use a browser with enhanced security features, built-in virus scanner and fast loading pages.

Free Download

Marionette is one of the smartest ways to animate characters and environments as well.

You will get a great chance of benefiting from an automated animation pipeline this way, you can create a great animation in no time.

You can check out even more amazing and exciting functionalities that are packed in this tool by heading over to Marionette Studio’s official website and taking a look around.

Take a look at the best features that are included in this software below:

You can experience the look and feel of an installed app straight from your browser with the enhanced GPU performance of Marionette

Using this tool, you will be able to drag and drop images in the editor and rename them in your own scene

You will also be able to define the frames that you find the most important for your animation

Marionette allows you to play and refine motions in the animations curve tool

You can follow the shape of your scene objects and define a sort of skeleton for them

You can save the animation as a video, GIF, image pack, or game engine

Marionette will allow you to export the animations in all kinds of formats and use them as you wish


Check out one of the best tools to create amazing animations and export them in all kinds of formats.

Free trial Visit website

BrashMonkey’s Sprinter is another fantastic animation app that is packed with lots of interesting and exciting features. Animation creation will become a breeze using this efficient tool.

The character’s body parts can be easily rotated and moved. You will see that it’s much easier to make some tweaks that would otherwise be unnecessary during the gameplay testing.

Here are a few of the best features that you’ll be able to enjoy if you decide to try this tool:

To successfully use this software, you don’t have to be the most experienced game design artist

You will be able to spend less time polishing your game if you’re using this tool because it allows users to reuse various modular images.

If for instance, you will have to change the game’s character’s head configuration during the final design stage, you will see that this tool becomes your best friend

You only have to change a small bit of the image because the models are set to be used across various frames

Professional game designers will also find it really easy to deal with various tweaks

This tool allows fast creation of characters based on data from other characters

⇒ Get BrashMonkey’s Sprinter

Creature is another amazing animation software that is designed to add some amazingly fluid animation to all kinds of digital content that you may have.

Expert tip:

Learning this tool will eventually become a pleasant journey into the fantastic and fascinating world of 2D animation.

On the official website of this software, you will find lots of in-depth documentation on how this robust tool is used for the best results. You can also find there a few video tutorials.

Take a look at the fey features and main functionalities that are in included in this software:

Creature is the perfect tool for digital artists, game developers, and also web designers who want to add some magic to their content via animation

After trying out this tool, you will definitely reconsider everything you thought you knew about making 2D animation

The Directable Automated Animation Engine that we mentioned above is the tool’s core technology that lets users produce motion that you never thought was possible with traditional skeletal animation software

Using this software, you will be able to export your art in various formats that will be ready to enter your content

You can export your animation into image sequences. Movie files, sprite sheets, and more

Creature provides enhanced flexibility and power

⇒ Get Creature

Moho Pro 12 is another goodie for digital artists and professionals. It’s interesting to note that it was used in the Oscar-nominated movie, The Breadwinner for the Best Animated Feature Film.

We believe that this says a lot about this tool’s amazing quality. The program is packed with a bunch of brand-new features that you will be able to analyze on its official website.

The best features include: Bezier handles, smart warp, enhanced freehand drawing tools, pin bones, realistic motion blur, the ability to animate more layers at the same time, and many, many more.

Check out the most exciting features that you will be able to enjoy while using this animation software:

⇒ Moho Pro 12

This small software is excellent for generating animations frame by frame. It offers modules for managing the colors, pixels, creating motion, and for importing animations.

Even if this is a small tool compared to the more powerful ones that we presented above it’s still an excellent solution for creating animations.

Check out more key features included in this software:

You can use paint and draw tools and scaling functions as well.

Another amazing thing is that Fusion Character Animator comes with a collection of pre-built animations and the user will require only to supply images for each of the body parts because this small but intelligent tool will take care of the rest.

Fusion Character Animator is easy to manage, and the file manager can deal with easily generated pictures.

You will also get an additional control power the color palette.

⇒ Get Fusion Character Animator

These are the best five tools that we’re currently recommending for browser-based animation, and they’re all packed with lots of great and useful features.

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Best Photo Editors For Windows 11

If you are using Windows 11 and searching for a new photo editing tool to create visually appealing images perfect for sharing on social platforms, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll delve into the top 5 photo editing software options for Windows 11, catering to both beginners and professionals, irrespective of their budget.

As we now live in the age of digital photography, almost everyone has a camera on their smartphone. Taking good-looking photographs, though, is only half the challenge. If you are a user of the latest computer OS version, Windows 11, and looking for a decent photo editor to create images worth sharing on social media, then this post is for you. Here, we will explore the 5 best photo editing software for Windows 11, both for novices and pros, whether free or paid.

1. Luminar

Luminar is a user-friendly image editing software that is packed with a plethora of AI-based tools and features. You can modify the appearance of the sky, add life-like fog, or remove motion blur without much hassle. The program also has some tools for smoothing and removing blemishes & acne scars, but overall portrait retouching is pretty basic. What’s more, this software consumes a lot of PC power, so it requires a high-end computer to run smoothly.

2. PhotoWorks

PhotoWorks is an easy-to-use photo editor for Windows 11 that lets even newbies create gorgeous images in a snap. With this software, you can change the backdrop, get rid of unwanted objects and bystanders from images, apply design filters and 3D LUTs, and much more. Use content-aware autocorrection to fix exposure, contrast, and vibrance. Retouch your portraits with a single slider drag: reshape face & body features, whiten teeth, remove wrinkles and dark circles, etc. What’s more, you can enhance several photographs at once with batch mode.

3. Lightroom

Lightroom is one of the most well-known Windows 11 photo editors in the professional field. Its extensive collection of free and paid presets lets you easily and effectively color-correct each photo individually or in batches. Thanks to Adobe Creative Cloud, you can start and continue editing your photos on different devices since your images are synced between them. Despite Lightroom’s popularity, its workflow is too cumbersome for newcomers, and its subscription is quite expensive for infrequent use.

4. DxO PhotoLab



Whether you are a professional photographer or a complete novice, we hope you have found the photo editing program that suits your needs and budget. If you need more Windows 11 photo editors, follow the link to check out reviews of other programs. No matter what editor you pick, don’t forget to have fun and get creative with your photos!

Best Free Monitor Calibration Tools For Windows 11/10

If you are not satisfied with the way your monitor shows color then there are some free Color or Monitor calibration tools that you should download on your Windows PC. With the help of these color calibration tools, you can change your computer’s color temperature, white balance, and other things to enhance your viewing experience.

 Monitor Calibration Tools for Windows 11/10

These are some of the best free color calibration tools for Windows 11/10.


Natural Color Pro



Lagom LCD Monitor.

The list is in no particular order as all of them have different features appealing to different audiences.

Let us look at them in detail.

How to calibrate your monitor

Learn how to calibrate your monitor using these free Color or Monitor calibration tools for your Windows 11/10 PC.

1] QuickGamma

QuickGamma is a free and simple to use tool. It allows you to have an exact measure of what you need from your display.

When you download and install the software on your computer, you will be greeted with a scale that depicts GAMMA and BLACK LEVEL. Before changing the gamma you should know that the standard gamma level of a normal display is 2.2.

This software can be downloaded from their official website.

Read: Computer Monitor has a Yellow tint on the screen.

2] Natural Color Pro

A Samsung’s product, Natural Color Pro, is a universal software that works well on all types of screens. Be it CRT, CDT, LCD, or LED it works perfectly fine on all of them.

When you install this software on your computer, it will ask you to restart, in order to read your display. This way the calibration will be accurate.

With NC Pro you can change your screen’s brightness, Gamma, and contrast of your screen. There is a lot more to the software than that. So, to know more you should download the software from here.

Read: Monitors showing different colors in dual monitor setup.

3] DisplayCAL

It doesn’t let you customize every single thing about your display, but you can change color temperature, chromaticity coordinates, White level, and some other things such as Tone Curve.

This is one of the very few software that works perfectly on OLED and Plasma monitors. They have optimized their software in a way that it takes into account all the variable pixels of OLED screen and changes things accordingly, unlike other apps that work perfectly with LCD screens but not with OLEDs.

This application can be downloaded from DisplayCAL’s official website.

Read: How to Calibrate the display for HDR video.

4] W4ZT

W4ZT is a simple but effective application that can help you in calibrating your screen. It doesn’t have all the features that most of the software on this list has, but they are more than enough.

With W4ZT you can change the brightness, contrast, and gamma of your screen. They also have a sample of colors and gamma, so, from there you can equate your screen to be as close to reality as possible.

This application can be downloaded from their official website.

Read: How to restore default Display Color settings.

5] Lagom LCD Monitor

If you don’t want to download any third-party software then Lagom LCD Monitor is what you need. Lagom LCD Monitor has both an Online and Offline tool, so you don’t have to install this application on your computer.

You can change Contrast, Display Setting, Sharpness, Gamma Calibration, and many other display-related settings.

The only caveat is that, if you have an LED monitor then this tool is not for you as it doesn’t do a good job in analyzing variable pixels.

You can access Lagom LCD Monitor from their official website.


A bad screen can destroy the fun of using a computer. Even though you can not change your screen completely, there are certain tools by which you can alter the display calibration to improve your viewing experience.

Best Free Markdown Editor Software For Windows 11/10

This post contains some best free Markdown Editor software for Windows 11/10. You can easily open, view, as well as edit Markdown (.md) format files using these tools. These Markdown viewers and editor tools also have a viewer panel that shows the HTML version (output) of the Markdown files. Also, the viewer panel shows all the changes or editing done by you in the Markdown file in real-time.

Some of these tools can also be used as Markdown converters. It is so because such tools let you export Markdown files to PDF, HTML, ePub, etc.

Free Markdown Editor software for Windows 11/10

We have added the 10 best Markdown Editor tools for Windows 11/10 to this list. They are:







Markdown Editor




Let’s check all these tools one by one.

1] Typora

Typora is also a useful Markdown editor tool. It also has both editor and viewer modes but you can view only one mode at a time. So, you have to switch from the editor mode to the viewer mode if you want to view the changes that you have made.

To switch between editor and viewer modes, access Source Code Mode available under the View menu. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + / for the same.

You can download this tool from its official website chúng tôi Launch the tool and add a Markdown file to start editing it. After you finish editing the file, you can save the file in MD format or export it into multiple file formats, like PDF, Word, RTF, ePub, LaTeX, etc.

Read our detailed Typora Markdown Editor Review.

2] Haroopad

Haroopad is a free Markdown file editor software that lets you edit a Markdown file and save it in different formats. The left pane of this tool lets you edit a Markdown file and the right pane displays the real-time preview of the output file.

If you want, you can also swap both of these panes. For this, access the Mode option under the View menu and select the desired option. All the options required to edit a Markdown file are available in the Insert menu.

After you finish editing a Markdown file, you can save it in Markdown format or export it in Plain HTML and Style HTML formats. In addition, you can also email the MD file in HTML and Markdown formats.

3] MdCharm

MdCharm is another free Markdown editor software for Windows OS. By default, it displays both editor and viewer modes, but if you want, you can disable any one of them. You can open multiple Markdown files in different tabs and start editing separately which is a good feature.

It also has a Spell Check tool available on the toolbar. Once you are done with editing, you can use that tool to find spelling mistakes and correct them.

Finally, you can save the Markdown file in original format, or export it in HTML, PDF, and ODT format files.

4] CuteMarkEd

CuteMarkEd tool also comes with a built-in Spell-Check tool to find and correct spelling mistakes. Like most of the Markdown editing tools present on this list, it also displays a real-time preview of the MD file.

Some additional features are also available in the Extras menu like Code Highlighting, Word Wrap, Markdown Extensions, Math Support, etc.

In CuteMarkEd, two different layouts are available to display the editor and viewer modes, namely, horizontal layout and vertical layout. You can save a file in Markdown format. Apart from that, it also lets you export Markdown to PDF and HTML format files.

CuteMarkEd is available on chúng tôi for download.

Read: How to convert Markdown to Word document


MARKDOWN EDIT is a very simple tool. It also has a Spell Check tool that supports spell checking in more than 10 languages, including, English, French, Italian, Danish, German, etc. By default, this feature remains enabled, but you can disable it in Settings.

There are some other interesting features also present in editor panel settings such as Word Wrap, Auto Save, Show, and Hide Line Numbers, Show and Hide Tasks, Remember Cursor Position, etc.

After editing the document, you can save it in Markdown, PDF, HTML, and DOCX formats.

6] Ghostwriter

Ghostwriter is a portable software that edits a Markdown file and displays the statistics for the same. These statistics include:

Number of words

Number of characters

Total number of sentences

Percentage of complex words

Reading time, etc.

For every Markdown file, it displays three panes, outline pane, editor pane, and viewer pane. The outline pane provides the users with a facility to quickly jump to a particular line or instruction in the input Markdown file.

It also has a Spell Check tool. In addition to this, Ghostwriter also features the Find and Replace option. When you feel the strain on your eyes while editing the file, you can also enable the dark mode, which I like a lot.

Once the editing is finished, you can save the file or export it in HTML format. You can also enable and disable the Smart Typography while converting the document into HTML format.

Download this portable tool from its official website,

7] Markdown Editor

Markdown Editor is another portable Markdown editing tool. There is no option to open a Markdown file. Hence, you can either start a project from scratch or copy the content of the Markdown file and paste it into the software interface.

All the tools required to edit a Markdown file are available on its toolbar. It also has a light and a dark theme. The dark theme is beneficial for working at night because it reduces the strain on the eyes.

Get this tool from

8] MDE

MDE is a simple software to edit Markdown files on Windows 11/10 computers. It displays a preview panel on the right side where you can view the changes made to the Markdown file in real-time.

It also comes with a black and white theme. Moreover, the Search and Find & Replace options are also available in MDE.

Besides saving a file in Markdown format, the export as an HTML option is also available.

Visit chúng tôi to grab this tool.

9] Abricotine

Abricotine tool comes with an Auto Saving feature which is good. It has a number of Markdown document editing tools. There are two themes also available in the software, namely, Abricotine and Abricotine Dark.

ABRICOTINE Markdown Editor also has a built-in Spell-Check tool that supports two languages, English and Hindi. To view the output or HTML version of your Markdown file, use View Document in Browser present under View option.

You can download this freeware from

10] MarkPad

MarkPad is a free Windows 11/10 app that lets you edit a Markdown file. It is available at the Microsoft Store. You can open multiple Markdown files in this app and edit them.

You can access all the opened documents from the left pane. It also displays both editor and viewer panes together. Every change that you make in a Markdown file will be reflected in the viewer pane in real-time.

Where can I edit Markdown?

The Markdown files use the *.md extension. You can open these files in Microsoft Word, Notepad++, and some other text editing software. But such tools do not show you the real-time preview of the Markdown file. This may lead to errors.

There are many Markdown editor software available on the internet. These software show you the real-time preview of the Markdown document and provides many other features. We have mentioned such tools in this post that you can try.

Is Markdown better than Word?

Microsoft Word is a word processing software developed by Microsoft Corporation. It comes with a bulk of features that are necessary and required for DOC and DOCX format files. But, when you have to edit Markdown format files, then such files require separate features that are present in Markdown editor tools.

Therefore, when it comes to working with the Markdown files, then Markdown editing software are always the right choice. And, when you have to work with DOCX and DOC format files, then MS Word is probably the better choice.

Hope it helps.

Also read:

Best Windows 11 Desktop Computers

Even though this device comes with a small SSD, it is backed up b a 1TB HDD that operates at high speeds, and the medium range CPU and GPU are able to tackle a variety of tasks inlcluding gaming with medium-range graphics settings, at an affordable cost.

This device provides an incredible processor which trumps even the best option in this list, but includes a slower GPU, and a small SSD. Considering that these elements can always be updated, it is still a very useful device.

The SkyTech Prism II, even though might not offer enough RAM for the most gaming-inclined people, still provides decent processing power, a good GPU, and is equipped with 6 powerful AIO coolers to ensure logevity.

Even though the CPU found on this device scores a bit lower than the one installed on the previous model, its combination with a more powerful GPU and a free upgrade to Windows 11 makes it one of the best options in this list.

The high cost of this machine is fully justified by the best CPU found in this guide, and also provides great graphics-processing with the usage of a 12GB RAM GPU, making it one of the best overall options on the market.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

If the portability of your Windows 11 PC is an important factor for you, then choosing a powerful Windows 11 laptop can be far more efficient than investing in a desktop setup.

As desktops are bulkier and thus have more space for components, you can invest in an incredibly powerful machine that would be able to tackle any task without any problems for the next years at least.

As an alternative, you could choose to go with a proven brand like Razer which already produced laptops that allow a free upgrade to Windows 11.

The capabilities of the laptops in the mentions above could persuade you into going on the laptop route, but if that’s not the case, in today’s guide we will dive deeper into the subject of Windows 11 desktop PCs. You can also improve the performance of Windows 11 with some simple tricks.

We make sure to include various setups, which would prove helpful and accessible for users with different circumstances and preferences, but also those of you who don’t want to break the bank for this experience.

How we chose the best Windows 11 desktop PCs

Our team of expert testers worked tirelessly to ensure that the list of Windows 11 desktops they created was built containing the most objective and thorough information available, and their 15 years of combined experience has been used fully.

Every product presented in this guide will have good overall capabilities and will be able to run Windows 11 without any problems.

The points of difference between the devices will be evident based on a few important criteria which need to be considered every time a PC purchase is in your interest.


Carefully choosing the right configuration by looking at the elements mentioned above will surely help you choose the perfect setup for your needs, and also fit perfectly into your desired price range.

What to consider when choosing the best Windows 11 desktop CPU power

As in the case of all PCs, the power of your processor will make an enormous difference when it comes down to how your system will react to any task you expose it to.

The speed and accuracy when reading data from the hard drive is of paramount importance no matter if you’re going to play games or simply explore the web. You can always resort to some useful techniques to make Windows 11 faster, but having a good CPU installed will help considerably.

Investing in a system that has a powerful CPU will also prove to be a better idea in the long term, as new software, apps, OSs, and games are released with upgraded system requirements.

Optimal CPU temperatures are extremely important to consider when analyzing CPUs, as this will impact the way your system will react to tasks.

Even though a cooling system will effectively reduce the overall temperature of your system, here are some of the ranges for CPU temperatures:

As you can see from the graph above, a normal CPU temperature is constantly between 40 to 65 degrees Celsius, and the average (depending on PC cooling system type), will clock in at about 65-70 degrees Celsius.

The entire set of CPUs we will present to you in this guide can run Windows 11 without any problems, and we included affordable options, medium-range setups, and high-end powerhouses which will cost more.

GPU capabilities

The GPU, or graphics processing unit is another very important component of a good PC, which impacts a whole spectrum of activities to their core.

This hardware element provides you with the entire visual experience offered by your device, including everyday usage, and also movies, games, and Internet browsing. Even more, if you are interested in mining cryptocurrency, the GPU is responsible for the processing of digital coins.

Diving into this subject a bit further, if you want to start mining crypto by using your PC, we have also written extensively about how to protect your crypto mining operations from third parties.

In some cases, computer systems have multiple GPU slots on the motherboard, but most have only one. Extending the GPU capabilities can also be done by using a powerful eGPU (external GPU), which can double, and even triple your system capabilities just by plugging it into one of your computer’s ports.


The rapid access memory, also known as RAM is another very important element found in your PC. This piece of hardware ensures that your system can process a variety of different data subsets at once.

Most people think about RAM in the context of gaming, which is not wrong at all, as running a game will require your system to process a wide range of different data at the same time – images, sounds, game engine, rendering the character’s actions, the virtual world reacting to the user’s actions, etc.

The same principle applies to running multiple applications on your PC, each of them requiring a different subset of data to be processed in a synchronized fashion.

For this reason, having a good amount of RAM can improve your overall PC experience, even though running the latest games will require a lot more memory than running simple apps.

Storage capacity and type

Data storage is a very important aspect of any computer, as this allows the operating system to be installed and used, keeps all the files of any program you install, and beyond that, all the personal files of the user – photos, videos, music, etc.

Being able to access all that data whenever you need it will require that the storage runs optimally, and at a high speed. Of course, better speeds are always good when it comes to processing data, and this is where the storage type makes a huge difference.

There are two main types of storage options, as your system will have an HDD (hard drive disk), an SSD (solid-state drive), or a combination of both.

The two types vary a lot both in terms of speed, stability, and price, and the graph below will give you a useful overview of these differences.

As you can see from the image presented above, SSDs stand out on every level, ensuring faster transfer and data reading speeds, an increased storage capability, and have proven to also be more durable, as no moving parts are present.

Now that we know that SSDs are better options when it comes to storage for your PC, we need to mention another important element, which is that not all SSDs are the same either.

SATA SSD – an older version of SSDs, which uses the SATA interface. These interfaces only allow data to be transfered thorugh one channel. Even though a lot faster than HDDs, with a speed of 500 MB/s they can’t match the newer type.

NVMe SSD – using the newly-developed NVMe interface, SSDs with this interface allow data to be transfered by using multiple channels, thus incresing the speeds for both witing and reading information (3,500 MB/s).

Cooling system setup

The cooling system installed on your desktop PC will have a huge impact on the overall performance of your setup, as the temperature of the hardware needs to be maintained for optimal efficiency.

That being said, cooling systems are mostly installed next to the CPU, which tends to get very hot while using your PC at maximum capacity.

The maximum temperature for a PC is somewhere between 80 and 90 degrees Celsius. These are values that should not be reached by a system if you want it to perform and maintain in the long term. Starting from 80 degrees, your CPU will start to malfunction, and can even permanently stop working.

This is why having a good cooling system installed on your PC can not only make a huge difference in performance but also when it comes to the longevity of your device.

Not all cooling systems are the same, and in the graphic below you can see some of the main features for each of the main types:

Depending on your preference, you can choose either of them, but generally, air-based cooling system effects are more pronounced when it comes to other hardware components, but will cause your device to be considerably louder.

On the other hand, a water-based cooling system occupies less space, and, even though efficient while cooling the CPU, it is comparatively more expensive than the other option.


The design of your desktop PC doesn’t only imply looking good on your desk, but can also improve the overall performance of the system.

When it comes to choosing a Windows 11 desktop PC for your home, both types of design elements are very important:

Aesthetics – choosing a device that not only fits the design of your home/room, but also occupies the exact amount of space you need it to, is a very important aspect. This applies even more when it comes to investing a large sum in your desktop PC, as a larger price might also involve using a device for a longer period of time.

Functional design – even though it might seem that design only deals with aesthetics, a well thought-through structure for your desktop PC’s case can also mean enough cooling vents, and other features. Added to this, a larger PC case will require more cooling power, but a smaller case will also heat up faster.

As you can see, a balance between the above-mentioned elements of the design needs to be achieved to have a satisfactory desktop PC experience while using Windows 11.


To get a full understanding of why the desktop PCs were chosen, and which are better than others, let’s now dive deeper into their specs:

Intel Core i9-10900KF CPU

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti – 12GB



Comes with a wired gaming keyboard and a mouse

Small SSD, even though accompanied by a 2TB HDD

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The Continuum desktop PC from CUK is one of the best systems you can invest your hard-earned cash in, without worrying about upgrades and lagging for at least the next couple of years. This timeframe of course will vary depending on how updated you want to keep your hardware.

This device comes with a powerful Intel Core i9-10900KF processor with 10 cores, and our tests have shown that it can reach speeds of up to 5.3 GHz, with the lowest value coming in at about 3.7 GHz. This 20MB cache 125 W setup offers great processing speeds that can enable you to explore the latest games, run high-impact applications, and even works well for crypto-mining.

When it comes to the benchmark scores, this CPU has proven to be 2% better than the CPU found in our next selection, and the fact that it has a liquid cooling system provides a bit more of an extra edge.

The graphics hardware installed on this device features an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti board, with 12GB GDDR6X memory, which ensures that all graphics-intensive

Even though this CPU offers all the power you will need for the time being, the benchmark results from our tests show that it comes in at a 1% lower overall score when compared to the GPU installed on the next device in this list.

To ensure that you will be able to run all the latest games, and run multiple other applications at the same time, it comes with 32GB DDR4 2933MHz CL16 RAM. Even though there are systems out there that have greater value in this department, the frequency at which it runs will surely provide you with an all-around immersive experience.

This device comes packed with a wired gaming keyboard and mouse, and also features a 512GB NVMe SSD, with a bonus of a 2TB HDD running at 7200rpm.

Intel Core i9-10850K CPU

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 GPU – 24 GB


1 TB of PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD

Free upgrade to Windows 11

Storage space could be bigger

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This HP Omen device uses a powerful 10th Generation Intel Core i9-10850K CPU, which allows you to create digital art of a variety of types, use it for gaming, or any other activity you choose.

The benchmark scores for this CPU scored 2% lower than the model presented above but ensures 3% overall better scores when compared to the following model in the list.

When it comes to graphics, the HP Omen GT13 30L uses an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 GPU which offers amazing performance both when it comes to gaming, and graphic-intensive applications like 3D rendering tools, image processing, video processing, etc. This GPU has a whopping 24 GB GDDR6X dedicated memory, which managed to score 1% better at overall benchmark tests than the GPU found in the previous device, and also 1% better scores than the next model. 

The 32 GB RAM HyperX DDR4 you will never be stopped from running multiple applications at the same time and has offered more than enough power to run the latest games without any sort of lagging.

To ensure fast data reading and writing speeds, the 1 TB of PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD storage rounds up this device nicely, ensuring that you will not have storage space issues. If you need even more space, you can always invest in another M.2 SSD to expand it even further.

This device also comes with a free upgrade to Windows 11, which can prove to be an extremely useful feature for those of you that do not want to invest in the newly-developed OS as well.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X CPU

GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GPU – 12 GB



6 RGB 360mm AIO coolers

Medium-range amount of RAM

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SkyTech Prism II is another powerful desktop PC that can help you experience some of the games you’ve wanted to play for a while, while also proving to be versatile enough to tackle many other tasks as well.

It comes with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core processor which operates at 3.8 GHz and is capable of reaching 4.7 GHz by using Boost. Even though this CPU scored 3% lower benchmark results than the previous desktop model, the accessible price makes it a very good option.

The GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GPU offers a 12GB GDDR6X setup, making it 1% less powerful than the GPU installed on the previously-mentioned desktop system, and a whopping 41% better test results compared to the next. 

To ensure that you will be able to run multiple applications at the same time, and have enough power to run some of the latest games, the 16GB DDR4 RAM doesn’t disappoint. Running at 3200MHz ensures fast processing speeds even at medium to high graphics settings.

The 1TB Gen4 NVMe SSD allows you more than enough space to keep your files, download and install games, store personal files, and even collect some 4K quality videos.

This desktop impressed us with the beautifully designed Phanteks Qube case, which comes in a white finish. This design allows you to showcase the inner workings of this PC and fits almost any environment without sticking out too much.

To round this device up completely, it also comes equipped with 6 RGB 360mm AIO cooler fans that improve performance and look great as well.

Intel Core i9-11900 CPU

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti GPU – 8GB



LED backlit USB gaming keyboard + mouse

Slower GPU than other options

Small SSD, even though accompanied by a high-speed HDD

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The Empowered PC Sentinel from CUK comes with an Intel Core i9-11900 Eight-Core Processor, making it the most powerful CPU on this list. It uses a 16MB Cache, running from 2.5GHz to 5.2GHz, and has the temperature kept in check with a 65W liquid cooling system.

When compared to the first option on our list, this CPU is 11% better in overall benchmark tests, and a whopping  28% better score than the next option in the list.

When it comes to graphics, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti GPU with 8GB GDDR6X memory has good overall scores and allows you to explore some of the latest games, but it had 41% worse scores than the previous setup, and an amazing 71% score above the next desktop presented in this guide.

The 32GB DDR4 RAM  running at 3000MHz ensures that you will be able to run multiple applications at the same time without worrying about lagging or having your system getting stuck.

With this setup, you also receive a 512GB NVMe Solid State Drive which ensures fast writing and reading speeds for the data stored on it, and also a 2TB 7200rpm HDD.

This device also comes with a wired LED backlit USB gaming keyboard, and a mouse, so the setup is ready to tackle any task as soon as the delivery reaches your home.

Even more, to ensure no worries whatsoever, this desktop comes with a 3-year limited warranty from CUK, which is a very good addition to the sturdy package that’s already offered for the price.

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 GPU – 12GB



AllyFlex Mousepad

Small SSD

Medium-range CPU

Medium-range GPU

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The HP OMEN 25L uses an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X processor with 8 cores and has a base frequency of 3.60 GHz which can be increased to up to 4.4 GHz with Max Boost.  Even though the CPU is 28% slower than the previous model mentioned in this list, it still provides great processing power if not planning to run games at high graphics settings.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 GPU which has 12GB RAM has been able to run some of the latest games without too much lagging, even though the refresh frame rate can’t be compared with the other options presented in this guide. If you don’t mind reducing the quality of your games, then this piece of hardware provides everything you need.

To run some of the most recent games, the 16 GB DDR4 RAM ensures that you will be able to run games, open multiple applications at the same time, and provide enough memory for daily tasks without any issues.

When it comes to storage, the HP OMEN 25L uses a 1 TB 7200RPM SATA HDD and a 512 GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD, which can also be extended to fit your needs.

As a bonus, you also get great connectivity ports, including USB Type-A, USB SuperSpeed Type-C, and a high-speed Ethernet port. Even more, an AllyFlex mousepad is added to the package for your enjoyment.

Bottom runners

Even though our team of testers has chosen some of the best Windows 11 desktop PCs on the market to create this list, some other options didn’t make the list but are still worth mentioning.

Here are some other options which could be a very good choice for some users:

➡ SkyTech Shadow 3.0

This device hasn’t made our list, as the price-quality ratio was surpassed by other models, but still provides a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU, and a decent GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060.

➡ SkyTech Blaze II

With a Ryzen 5 3600 GPU clocking in at 3.6 GHz and an NVIDIA 1660 Super with 6GB video RAM, this desktop comes in at an accessible price and provides great capabilities.

As you can see from the list above, there are a variety of measuring points when it comes to choosing the best Windows 11 desktop PC for you, but we made sure to include all the information you would need to make an informed decision.

We made sure to include options for you even if you want high-end gaming machines, but also more accessible middle-range and low-end PCs that still do the job.

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