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Apple Music Sing is a new feature that enhances the lyrics experience on the streaming service, which will soon be available on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV 4K.

What’s happening? Apple Music’s lyrics experience will soon become better with multiple lyric views and other new features coming to the platform.

Why care? Apple Music already has a pretty robust lyrics experience, and now Apple is looking to take it to the next level with the upcoming Sing feature.

What to do? Keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned to iDownloadBlog. We’ll be sure to ping you when this feature becomes available.

What is Apple Music Sing?

Nearly every song that’s available in the Apple Music catalog has embedded lyrics. In the Music app, you can see the lyrics animated in fullscreen mode, perfectly synchronized to the music. You can touch a verse to jump straight to that part, share a few lines of lyrics and more.

Apple Music Sing will boost your lyrics experience even further. The announcement published in the Apple Newsroom on December 6, 2023, says this feature will make it easier to sing along to tens of millions of songs on the streaming service.

Apple Music Sing offers multiple lyric views to help fans take the lead, perform duets, sing backup and more—all integrated within Apple Music’s unparalleled lyrics experience. Coupled with an ever-expanding catalog that features tens of millions of the world’s most singable songs, Apple Music Sing makes it fun and easy for anyone to participate, however and wherever they choose.

What features does Apple Music Sing support?

Apple Music Sing combines several features, most new and some old, to create a better lyrics experience for subscribers. You can turn up the volume of the vocals, view lyrics for background vocals and even sing along with other people to your favorite tracks. Read: How to listen to Spotify offline on Apple Watch

Adjustable vocals: This feature permits you to make the vocals louder or quieter so you can sing with the original artist vocals or take the lead if you like.

Real-time lyrics: We know animated Apple Music lyrics from before, but real-time lyrics in Apple Music Sing actually dance to the rhythm of the vocals.

Background vocals: Apple Music separates vocal lines sung simultaneously from the main vocals, with background vocals independently animated.

Duet view: This feature enables two persons to sing duets, with vocalists showing on opposite sides of the screen. Or, multiple people can sing along to tracks originally sung by multiple singers.

Apple will publish 50+ playlists created to support the Sing feature. These playlists will include “all of the epic songs, duets, choruses, and anthems that have been compelling people all around the world to sing,” according to the announcement.

When will Apple Music Sing become available?

Apple Music Sing will launch sometime in December 2023. It’s probably going to require iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2 and tvOS 16.2, currently in testing and potentially releasing publicly in mid-December. Apple Music Sing isn’t a free feature. Instead, using it will require an Apple Music subscription.

Devices and countries that support Apple Music Sing

Apple Music Sing will be available in all of the countries where Apple Music is available. Compatible devices include the iPhone, iPad and the third-generation Apple TV 4K. Read: How to watch Apple Music TV on all your devices

You're reading Apple Music Sing Launching With Multiple Lyric Views On Iphone, Ipad And Apple Tv

Best Apple Music Alternatives For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

If you are a music junkie, then always double-check before you buy. There are always better alternatives. Music is something that relates to every moment and every emotion, so don’t overlook the alternatives. We have listed some of the “old players” of this industry to make your decision much more comfortable. You can compare features that fit your need. Some of the music apps given below can be good streaming alternatives to Apple Music, for sure.

1. Spotify Music

2. Pandora

3. Shazam

Shazam has one of the largest user bases across the globe. Get lyrics and music at a single spot. You can even follow top artists like Calvin Harris, Pitbull, Meghan Trainor, Avicii, Jason Derulo, Wiz Khalifa, and others, so now see what they see or listen to what they listen. The interesting part is that even if you are a Spotify user you can move to Shazam without losing your soundtrack. Connect with Facebook and check what your friends are listening to. In my opinion, Shazam is a much better alternative than Apple Music.

Let’s see here how to use Shazam with Apple Music, Snapchat and more.

4. Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a worthy contender not just to challenge the supremacy of Apple Music but also to be the best in the business. Featuring millions of songs, it’s the one-stop platform where you would be able to find all of your special songs and albums. Explore the curated contents to find the tracks that interest you the most easily. With weekly new releases, the already-gigantic library continues to get richer. There is also an option to download songs and playlists to catch up with them offline.

5. SoundCloud

With SoundCloud, you can follow your friends and favorite artists, discover podcasts and news. A separate segment for most trending music, so now follow the trend and be part of it. Search is simple and effective; you can search by track name or by the artist. You can access basic play, pause, and skip options from your lock screen itself.


TIDAL is pure fun and the ideal choice for those who love listening to music with high fidelity sound quality. The unlimited access to more than 40 million tracks is more than good enough to keep your music time thrilled. The high definition music videos with superb sound quality are ideal for enjoying music at its very best. The curated editorial by experts and artists ideally take care of your specific penchant. Moreover, the integrated music articles and offline mode help you discover the spectacle of your favorite music at your pace.

7. Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio has been specifically readied to liven up your music time. With smartly curated music programming, it perfectly takes care of your particular interest. And just in case, you aren’t quite happy with the offerings; you have the option to customize it to suit your particular taste. It features several highly interactive music stations that would never let you run out of options. Better still; the exclusively hosted music shows weekly are exactly what you would want to remain upbeat.

8. Napster

Napster may not be as feature-rich and elegant as some of these rivals, but it has what it takes to spice up your music experience. It allows you to stream music on demand. If you don’t want to burn the data of your device, you can download your all-time favorite music to listen to it offline. Boasting of more than 30 million songs, the music streaming app can carry out the job of entertaining your music time with aplomb.

9. Deezer

Deezer is one of the finest music apps that have been primed to enhance your music experience. With it, you can quickly discover music and stream it on your iPhone. It provides you unlimited access to millions of tracks. If you like to sing along with songs, the on-screen lyrics will help match the rhythm. To let you quickly discover the songs that win your heart, it features curated playlists. The premium version allows you to skip an unlimited number of songs and listen to music offline.

10. Google Play Music

Here’s another Apple Music alternative that offers 70 million songs and many other kinds of music content such as live performances, remixes, covers, etc. You can also add your own music collection, and your playlists, artists, and albums get neatly organized and synced across devices.

Further, discover new music through personalized recommendations across genres. You can connect the service to other apps like Google Maps and Google Assistant to listen anywhere, anytime.

Wrapping Up!

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How To Get Spotify On Apple Tv

If you invested in an Apple TV for exclusive content and high-quality streams, one way to leverage your existing technology is to play your Spotify account through it. It’s great for parties because you can use your sound bar or other external speakers to bump up the volume, and having the song choices on the screen lets everyone vote on the next selection.

If you have an Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD, the procedure for using Spotify on it is quick and painless. And if you have an older Apple TV, it’s only a little bit more complex. We’ll review both situations below, and you’ll be streaming your Spotify music and podcasts through your Apple TV in no time.



How to get Spotify on Apple TV (1st, 2nd & 3rd generation)

How to get Spotify on Apple TV 4th generation

How to get Spotify on Apple TV (1st, 2nd & 3rd generation)

Unfortunately, the first three generations of Apple TV are not able to download apps. They are limited to the apps built in by Apple, and Spotify is not one of them. You can still use your Spotify account with your Apple TV, though. The solution is to use Airplay (if you have an iPhone or iPad) or Spotify Connect (on an Android device).

On an iPhone

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Open Spotify and begin to play something. Make sure you are on the same network as the Apple TV. Go to your iPhone’s Control Center, tap the group of controls in the upper right, and then tap on AirPlay. Select your Apple TV as the device to stream to. Now you should hear your Spotify selection through your TV’s speakers via your Apple TV.

On a Mac

Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

Make sure your computer and the Apple TV are on the same network. Launch Spotify and play some music. Expand the song’s tab by tapping on it, and you will see the speaker icon. Tap on the speaker icon to see all the devices you can cast the music to. Choose the Apple TV and you should begin to hear your music through your TV’s speakers almost immediately.

On an Android phone

Kevin Convery / Android Authority

Open Spotify and play any song. In the song’s play bar at the bottom, you will see the speaker icon that will let you choose where to send the music you are currently playing. Tap on it and choose Apple TV from the list that comes up.


HD, as it usually does, means 1,920 x 1,080 is the maximum resolution the Apple TV HD can deliver. Apple TV 4K is what you need if you want to watch native 4K content.

Yes, you can. You don’t need an iPhone or Mac either. The Apple TV app is available on most smart TVs, as well as for Mac OS and iOS devices. It is not available for Android devices, but Android users can go to chúng tôi and subscribe and watch Apple TV through a web browser.

There are two ways to do this. One is to join the Spotify Family Plan, which will let you have up to six people listening at once. The other is to download the content you want to stream and go to offline mode. You will only be able to stream what you have downloaded this way.

If you do not have a better option, go ahead and use your TV’s speakers. You might find the sound a little flat due to the design of TV speakers. Check your TV’s audio settings to see if there is an EQ option to compensate for this. Look for a Music setting.

How To Share Apple Music With Your Family

Apple Music has become a viable competitor to Spotify and similar streaming services, especially when it comes to account sharing. Using that option, you can share your subscription with friends and family so that everyone can access their version of the music streaming service. Here we show you how to share Apple Music via Family Sharing, a feature built into every Apple-made device.

Who Can Share Apple Music Using Family Sharing?

Before we proceed further, there’s something important for you to consider. Not every Apple Music account can use Family Sharing, as you must have a “Family” subscription to Apple Music (priced at $14.99/month) to use Family Sharing. This is not applicable for “Student” or “Individual” subscription plans.

Alternatively, Apple One lets you subscribe to Apple Music (and a bunch of other services). However, to use Family Sharing, you need either a “Family” ($19.95/month) or a “Premier” account ($29.95/month).

Subscribers to the applicable Apple One plans can share Apple Music with up to five individuals. Those directly subscribed to the Apple Music Family plan can share their subscription with up to six individuals.

Set Up Family Sharing

As soon as you set up Family Sharing on your iPhone or iPhone, you can start to share eligible Apple digital services, and that includes Apple Music. Here is what you need to do:

1. On your iPhone or iPad, launch the Settings app. Tap on your name, which should be visible at the top of your device’s screen.

2. Select “Family Sharing.” If you haven’t used that feature before, you’ll see an option to “Set Up Your Family.” Your device will now display which services you’re allowed to share, and Apple Music should be there.

3. During the last step of setting up Family Share, you’ll get to invite people. Select the “Invite People” option, then choose how you’d like to share your invitation. It can be done via a text message, email, AirDrop, or in-person.

From this moment on, you have started sharing your Apple Music subscription. However, for others to start using this streaming service, they need to accept your invitation. Once they tap on “Join Family,” they’ll get access to Apple Music and any other service.

How to Share Apple Music by Adding New Members to Your Family Sharing Group

Now that you have set up your Family Sharing group, you can delete or add new members to it. If you decide to share your Apple Music with someone at a later time, do the following:

1. On your iPhone or iPad, navigate to the Settings app. Select you name at the top and pick “Family Sharing” among the options present on your screen.

2. At this moment, you’ll see your Family Sharing group. To add someone else to that group, select “+ Add Member.” A setup screen will appear giving you an overview of how many “free slots” are left in your subscription.

3. Tap “Invite People,” and choose how you’d like to send your invitation (you can do that via a message, email, or AirDrop). The recipient will need to interact with your invitation, activating their account along the way. That’s it!

Wrapping Up

That would be all on how to share Apple Music via Family Sharing. For more on Apple Music, here’s how to create your own radio station in Apple Music, as well as download Apple Music songs for offline listening.

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How To Cancel Apple Music

Last Updated on May 17, 2023

Apple Music is a subscription service that costs $9.99 per month, and it’s one of the most popular music streaming services out there. With Spotify in the first place, Apple Music comes second as the most used music streaming service out there! 


How To Cancel On iOS Devices



Open Settings

If you have an iPhone or iPad running iOS 12 or later, then you should be able to easily find the option to cancel your subscription from within the Settings app. Simply go to “Settings” and tap at the top of the screen that contains your name.



Navigate to Subscriptions

From there, you’ll see ‘Subscriptions’ and once you select it, you will see all of your paid app subscriptions.

If you aren’t able to see these options, then go directly to your Apple Music app on your phone. From there, select ‘listen now’, and then go to the profile icon located at the top right-hand corner. You will see an option once you select this icon where you can manage your subscription.


How To Cancel On An Android Device



Open Google Play Store, and search for Apple Music.

Those who own Android devices can also subscribe to Apple Music. To cancel this subscription on this device, simply open up the Google Play Store and search for ‘Apple Music’.





Delete the app on your phone

Once you’ve done this, you can delete the app from your phone.

If you would rather not use the app again, you can uninstall it by selecting ‘uninstall’ under the ‘app info’ section.

You can also do this by accessing the Apple Music app itself. Like with the iOS devices, select ‘listen now’, and then tap on the three dots in the menu and tap on ‘Account’. Here, you will be able to manage your subscription.


How To Cancel Through The Web



Open Apple Music on your web browser

Enter your details, and you should be able to sign in. 



Navigate to Settings

Once you have done this, select the profile icon on the page, and navigate your way to ‘Settings’. When you scroll through this page, you are to select ‘Manage’ where the subscriptions section is. 

Here, you will be able to cancel your subscription. 


How To Cancel On A Mac



Open the Mac App Store

You can also cancel your Apple Music subscription from your Mac. Simply go to the App Store on your Mac and select your name.



Navigate to View Information

Then you’ll see an option that says ‘View Information’. Select this, and after scrolling down, select ‘Manage’. 

Here, you will see the option for ‘Subscriptions’.

Select ‘Manage’ and then scroll until you find ‘Apple Music’.


How To Cancel Using Windows



Open iTunes

If you are using a PC, as long as you have iTunes installed, you can cancel this subscription from here. 

Go to your iTunes, and navigate to the menu bar.



Navigate to Account



Choose Settings

From there you will find the ‘Settings’ option. On this page, you’ll see a section that is titled ‘Subscriptions’.

From here, you can cancel the subscription. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you have found another music streaming service, or simply don’t use Apple Music enough to justify the money you are spending on it each month, it is important to know how to cancel this subscription. 

While it is not the most straightforward app to cancel, the process is simple once you know how to navigate your way! 

How To Find And Delete Duplicates In Apple Music On Mac

One of Apple Music’s best features is its ability to quickly and efficiently track down duplicates hiding in your library. Duplicates can be a big problem, as they not only use up extra hard drive space but also make your Apple Music library messy, which many users find bothersome. With a couple of quick tips, though, you can clean up your library. This tutorial shows two ways to find and delete the bothersome duplicates in Apple Music.

How to Display Duplicates in Apple Music

The first way to clean duplicates from your library is to have Apple Music show you the copies in your library. These may result from accidentally adding the same song twice. Follow the steps below.

Open the “Apple Music” app on your Mac.

This will open a window that shows every music file you have saved in Apple Music that can be matched to another file with the same name. Feel free to go through the list, then select and delete the duplicate songs in your library.

This method is excellent for smaller libraries or if you’re just trying to see how many duplicate files and associated wasted space (as displayed at the bottom of the screen) your library has.

Where this becomes difficult, though, are instances where repeats are acceptable. For example, an actual studio album versus a live record. The songs in common between these tracks may have the same name but are entirely different. What do we do in this instance? We explain in the next section.

Tip: deciding which music streaming service to use can be difficult. Discover who wins the music war between Spotify and Apple Music to learn more.

How to Display Exact Duplicates

Choose this method if you have remixes or live tracks that share song names with albums. While this method is slightly more time-consuming, it’s a more specific method of isolating tracks and yields better results.

Go through the list selecting items to delete the specific songs that are exact duplicates in your library.

Good to know: discover how to test drive an Apple Music subscription for free.

Frequently Asked Questions How can I delete duplicates on my iPhone

Frustratingly, there is no native solution to locating and deleting duplicate songs from Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad. You will either have to delete them from your library on a Mac or PC or use a third-party program.

How can I prevent duplicating songs in the future?

As a built-in feature of Apple Music, saving a song to your library that is already in there will now raise a prompt alerting you to the potential duplicate track. You will have the option to proceed or decline to add the song. This works with songs you are adding to your library and playlists.

Image credit: Pexels. All screenshots by Daniel Bott.

Daniel Bott

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