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Android Features That Are Yet To Come On iPhone USB Access & File Manager

Accessing your files and folders is easy when it comes to Android. All you need to do is connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable. You can copy, move and perform other file operations with ease.

However, on iOS devices, it is different when you connect it to your computer. As you can only check camera contents.

However, you can access all files on Android with the help of the file manager. Also, you can perform all the file operations such as copying a file, moving a file, deleting a file on your Android. There are many File managers available on the Play Store.

This makes a device simple and easy to use, which is missing on the iPhone.

Rise To Wake Versus Glance

Then comes this feature on Android, where you can turn the phone’s display on with a simple glance. You can check time, date, notifications and more, awesome isn’t it?

This feature is quite new and available with flagship phones. You can also disable the feature in case you don’t want it.

Though both of the platforms make accessibility better but glancing on the screen is better than picking a phone to turn on the display.

Multiple Users

If you have Android 5.0 or above, then you can allow another user to access their information, apps, without messing up the main user account and settings.

Also, you can hand over your phone to anyone which the hesitation of other people accessing personal information, by using Guest Mode. With this mode, a guest user can perform simple functions without your alerting anything on the primary account.

This is what Android can do, but when it comes to the iPhone, there is no such thing as a secondary account or guest mode. As iPhone is not meant for multiple users. However, on iPad, it could be useful to have multiple user accounts.

Default App Choices

When it comes to setting a default browser, Android takes the cookie in this category as well. Whenever you download a browser on Android, a prompt lets you set it as default for opening links. You can also set default apps for messaging app, phone app, keyboard, digital assistant and many more. Also, you can change them anytime you like.

Wherein on iPhone, you can download other browsers but are not given the option to set it as default. Similarly, you can’t set keyboard preferences as well.

Customize Your Home Screen

The customization is another aspect which iOS doesn’t have. In iOS, you can only change the place of icons and group them in folders to organize your home screen neatly. Wherein on Android, along with arranging and grouping icons, you can revamp the entire home screen by adding widgets.  Also, there are various Android launchers available in Google Play Store which changes the entire home screen layout.

So, these are some of the features which Android has and therefore make it more user-oriented then Apple. We are not saying iOS is not a worthy platform, but there are certain limitations to the user accessibility.

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How To Get Android Oreo Features On Older Devices

Google has officially launched the Android 8.0 Oreo version which has already been rolled out to a few devices. This version of Android has some very good features that everyone would like to have, but unfortunately cannot on their old devices. If you are using an older phone that has no chance to get Android Oreo, here are some ways you can get Android Oreo’s features on your device.

Notification Snoozing

Android Oreo allows the user to snooze notifications and make them appear again later. On older devices you can install Boomerang Notifications. This is developed at Cardiff University and brings the notifications snoozing feature to your phone. Once installed, make sure you select the applications whose notifications you would like to snooze.

After completing the setup, go to your notifications window and swipe a notification. It will then send you a prompt, asking if you want to save the notification or get notified later.

Picture in Picture

This is a very nice feature on Android 8.0 that allows one to shrink something, like a video, into a small window that appears on top of other applications. This can be replicated on older phones with Floating Apps. It has a free version and a paid one that goes for $4.

Tap on the application you would like to float. In my case I have two applications, the calculator and the File Manager. The diagram below shows the two apps.

WiFi Toggling

Android 8.0 comes with a very amazing WiFi toggling feature. It allows one to turn on and connect to a previously-connected WiFi network automatically whenever they are in range. With this feature you don’t have to keep your WiFi on all the time. The Smart WiFi Toggler brings this feature to older phones. Download this app from Google Play Store and enable it.

Home Screen Menu Expanded and Notification Dots

Google’s Pixel Launcher comes with Android 8.0 in their Pixel phone. This launcher has a feature that enables you to see some dots or lines on application icons that enables you to know which applications have pending notifications. Apart from this feature, pressing and holding on an icon on the home screen allows you to see notifications there and still get any widgets related to the app.

These two features do not come in older devices, but you can get them by installing a launcher called Action Launcher. It has a free and paid version that costs almost $5. In the screenshots below take a look at applications like Play Store; they have a slight three lines symbol showing that there are notifications.

Night Light Mode

The Android Nougat release introduced the ability to have the display automatically adjust itself to have optimal reading at night. However, Android 8.0 has an intensity fine-tuning that takes this feature a notch higher. To get similar features on any Android device, go to Google Play Store and install Twilight. This app will give you the exact same features just like in Android 8.0.

With the above-mentioned apps you can now enjoy Android Oreo’s features without your phone physically running Android 8.0. This is much better to have while waiting for the upgrade for your device to arrive.

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There Are 10 Iot Business Opportunities That Are On The Rise

As a connected device, the Internet of Things (IoT), is rapidly gaining popularity. Smart home and office gadgets are dominating the market.

Statista predicts that the global Internet of Things (IoT), sector will reach $1 trillion in value by 2030. This increased income offers new opportunities for businesses to use IoT technology. As IoT devices are more widely used, business-to-customer relationships will change.

You might consider using modern voice technologies such as Siri, Alexa, and Cortana for searching for items while a customer orders.

1. Voice-Powered Tech

This one aspect of IoT is going to explode in the future. Will you be caught unaware? Voice-powered tech can save time and increase productivity, which in turn can help you save money.

This will make it easier for tech-savvy companies to use this technology — so they won’t be left behind.

Voice technology will replace virtual assistants and customer support, representatives. This is already taking place.

Voice-powered tech can improve customer service, offer consistency, and increase efficiency. This should be obvious to everyone.

2. Analyse Retail Data

The data is collected by connecting smartwatches and digital thermostats to smart speakers.

These devices are common, so data from retail businesses may be easily available. This makes it easy to conduct a detailed analysis.

Business owners may find it useful to track customer behavior in physical businesses. It’s a game-changer everywhere.

Data from cash registers and store cameras is used to develop customer care solutions. It’s better than taking a survey.

The data can be used to optimize labor and inventory needs based on peak client activity hours for the week or day. Warehouse operations will be revolutionized if peak client activity hours data is used effectively.

3. Security

Every gadget connected to the internet increases the vulnerability of any system. Many new cyber-specialist businesses have emerged, promising to protect your company and you.

The best way to choose the right cyber company for your company is by “merging houses” with someone.

Companies are looking to insure against cyber risk.

Coverage for cybersecurity must be faster and more selective. You could also be the right insurance for companies and be right next to them.

4. Netphone

The office phone has evolved to be a versatile communication tool. But, phone calls are only one of many benefits mobile phones offer.

Depending on where you are located, the increased use of mobile phones has led to a more proactive social media usage.

Marketers and sales professionals need to communicate with each other before problems or questions arise. You may find a VoIP service is a good option for your company. Or, you might be able to build future tech around this type of system.

5. Real Estate

The demand for environmentally-friendly industrial constructions is high. We are blind to opportunities because of the supply chain crisis. The novelty of crisis is making people more courageous. Industrial constructions are popping up like mushrooms.

While many investors don’t know the requirements of industrial businesses, any entrepreneur can quickly see and make a decision to create something.

You should make sure that you have enough IoT devices in your facility to maximize the potential profit margins. They are tempting.

When you think about real estate, think of smart shelves and temperature sensors. Smart floors are on the horizon, but who’s to say smart windows won’t be next? I was able to see some smart windowpane designs in a business last week.

Smart home devices have significantly improved our business structure and increased the value of businesses‘ properties. This is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs and realtors.

6. Seasonal Retail

Smart speakers are becoming more popular. Smart speakers are becoming more popular.

Voice search software is on the rise and more people will be able to use their voices to purchase gifts for loved ones. Any type of voice speaker that assists the consumer will increase sales all year round, as well as during holidays.

7. Health Surveillance

More patient monitoring is on the horizon. This is a crucial moment in the nation’s healthcare system.

Healthcare has improved dramatically because it is now possible to monitor patients. This great resignation has had a devastating impact on the healthcare system, just as it has had a negative effect on other businesses. It is sometimes impossible to require a patient to visit a hospital or healthcare provider’s office.

The system has been streamlined by surveillance and surveillance products. The new products and services for healthcare surveillance have helped to reduce costs for both the business as well as the patient. All healthcare system improvements can also improve the quality of treatment.

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8. Telemedicine

It is important to use IoT in healthcare because it allows doctors to provide therapy remotely.

Even if the doctor isn’t there physically, it’s possible to remotely operate on patients and monitor their health.

The sector has been transformed in specific ways by the use of Internet-of-Things (IoT) in medical services.

9. Inventory Management

IoT is a great tool for shops to improve their inventory management. It’s expensive to keep track of inventory and store items in traditional retail environments or e-commerce.

10. ElderCare

IoT is a way to help the elderly or anyone else who needs outside assistance. It makes independent living more possible for a growing number.

IoT devices are able to assist senior-care businesses in keeping track of food and other needs, which can help avoid shortages. Smart devices can also be used to schedule appointments and work with telemedicine. Because of the large number of people who are aging, innovations in elder care will only continue to grow.

Five Features Rumored For Iphone 14 That Definitely Won’t Happen This Year

In a week, Apple will announce the new iPhone 14 series. While many new features have been rumored for this upcoming smartphone, there are some you certainly won’t see with this release as Apple is readying for a future generation.

iPhone 14 won’t be portless

Rumors about a portless iPhone aren’t new. It was suggested that the iPhone 13 could have been portless for a brief moment. Back in 2023, we wrote:

Reports have also suggested that 2023 could be the year that Apple introduces an iPhone without a Lightning port. This would be the first-ever port-less iPhone, and most recently, Bloomberg reported it as something being tested internally at Apple. 

But while Apple is testing a port-less design, it isn’t expected to be released to the public this year. Ming-Chi Kuo has reported that the iPhone 13 will continue to use a Lightning port on all models. This also means that the iPhone 13 will not feature USB-C support.

While a portless iPhone 14 could end the need to switch to USB-C in the European Union, it would also be interesting to see the iPhone being charged strictly in wireless mode. But, don’t worry, it won’t happen this year – and may not ever happen.

USB-C switch? Maybe next year

While the iPhone 14 won’t be portless, it won’t feature a USB-C connector. Rumors point out that the iPhone 15 will be the one making the switch. As the European Union is demanding a standard port for all manufacturers, Apple is said to be planning the switch for the iPhone 15, new AirPods, and more.

In June, the European Union reach an agreement on making the charging port mandatory from 2024:

What about a foldable iPhone 14?

While Samsung is in its fourth iteration of foldable phones, it seems Apple has no rush to enter this segment. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo first predicted it could be “as soon as 2024,” but the analyst expects this rumored product to be released in 2025 “at the earliest.”

Analyst Ross Young shares the same belief. He said Apple had likely delayed its foldable iPhone until 2025, which means, no foldable iPhone 14.

We delayed our expectations for Apple entering the foldable smartphone market by two years to 2025 after discussions with our supply chain contacts. The company does not appear to be in a hurry to enter the foldable smartphone market, and it may even take longer than that.

Under-the-screen camera isn’t happening

The iPhone 14 Pro is said to ditch the notch and have a new hole-punch + pill design. For 2024, with the iPhone 15, all models will have the same design, but a completely notch-less iPhone is not under the radar for the near future.

With that in mind, don’t expect the iPhone 14 to have a similar front-facing camera to the Galaxy Z Fold, which you technically can’t see because it’s under the screen.

Periscope lens for a ‘far out’ iPhone 14 announcement?

When Apple announced it will hold an event on September 7, people started guessing what the invite could mean. Called “Far Out,” it shows a constellation that forms the Apple logo. While this could mean a periscope lens that will finally let iPhone users have a decent zoom camera, it’s more likely that Apple is hinting at an astrophotography mode.

Actually, a periscope lens is rumored for the upcoming iPhone 15. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new periscope lens will be available exclusively on the larger and more expensive iPhone 15 Pro Max, while the smaller iPhone 15 Pro will keep the regular telephoto lens for optical zoom. The analyst says that the 1/3″ sensor will have a 12-megapixel resolution with f/2.8 aperture, sensor-shift stabilization, and up to 6x optical zoom.


These are five features that won’t be available with the iPhone 14, but there is a lot you can be excited about. You can learn more about the September 7 event below:

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How To Make Your Screen Stay On Longer On Android And Iphone

By default, the screen timeout on most Android and iPhone devices is 30 seconds. You could wonder why it’s so low and why the system doesn’t set the screen timeout for a longer period or for that matter never turn off the screen. Well, there is a very important reason behind it.

So, let’s jump right into the article to learn about the reasons behind your problem and various techniques to lengthen the screen time on your device.

How to Make Your Screen Stay Longer on Android

Nonetheless, you can easily increase your screen timeout. From manually configuring the screen timeout settings to using features like Stay awake and Smart stay, we have listed various solutions to fix your issue. Let’s learn more about them in detail.

From the Screen Timeout Settings

Open the Settings app.

Tap on Display.

Select a longer screen timeout depending upon your preference.

Note: The screen timeout options can vary according to your device and the android version. The maximum screen timeout can be 10 minutes or even 30 minutes on some devices.

Disable the Smart Stay Feature

Most Samsung Phones have a smart stay feature that prevents the screen from turning off no matter what you have set in the screen timeout settings. You may think that it helps make your screen turn on for a longer time, but there is a caveat to it.

The screen only remains turned on as long as you are staring right at the screen. The moment you look somewhere else, the screen is turned off automatically. Furthermore, it doesn’t work if you are in a dark environment or the camera fails to sense your eyes.

Hence, you can disable the smart stay feature to get rid of the phone screen from shutting down too quickly when you are not looking at it.

Here’s how you can disable this feature.

Open the Settings app.

Then, tap on Smart stay to turn it off.

Using the Stay Awake Feature

Stay awake is a feature that allows the phone screen to never turn off while charging. So, you can put the phone in charging mode and turn on the screen for a longer time with this feature.

Here’s how you can enable this feature in your settings.

Open the Settings app.

Tap on Developer options and turn it on.

If you have already unlocked the Developer options, skip directly to Step 5 otherwise continue the steps in sequential order.

If you do not have the Developer options enabled, go to About device and tap on the Build number for multiple times.

Finally, tap on the Stay awake to enable it.

How to Make Your Screen Stay Longer on iPhone

Just like the android devices iPhone also has the feature to make your screen stay longer. You can make use of the auto-lock feature on iPhone.

Using the Auto-lock Feature On iPhone

Here’re the steps you need to follow:

Open the Settings app.

Tap on Display & Brightness and then on the Auto-lock option.

Now, if that option is grayed out and you cannot access it continue the steps in the sequential order. Otherwise, you can skip directly to Step 6.

Navigate back to Settings and tap on the Battery option.

Tap on Low Power Mode to turn it off.

Then, select a longer screen timeout according to your preference.

Note: You can set the screen timeout options to Never to prevent the screen from ever shutting down.

How To Create Apple Id On Android, Windows & Iphone

An Apple ID is something that every Apple user, no matter new or old, needs to experience the full potential of the ecosystem. The Apple ID is used to access the App Store, iCloud, iTunes, and every other service that Apple offers. If you want to switch to an iPhone or have already bought a new iPhone or Mac, creating an Apple ID is the first thing you need to do. So, in this article, we will walk you through the different ways to create an Apple ID.

How to Create an Apple ID on Android

1. Open your preferred web browser and go to  chúng tôi .

2. Enter your first and last names, “Region,” and “Birthday.” Then, enter your email address, create a strong password, and enter your phone number.

4. Once done, you can use your Apple ID to sign in to iCloud, iTunes, App Store, and more.

Note: The email address you provided is your Apple ID, and you can use any valid email address, be it Gmail, Yahoo, or other.

How to Create an Apple ID via iCloud

2. Enter your first and last names, device “Region,” and “Birthday.”

5. Once done, you can use your newly created Apple ID to sign in to iCloud, iTunes, App Store, and more.

How to Create an Apple ID on Windows

While you can use the method mentioned above to make an Apple ID on Windows, you can also use iTunes to create your new Apple ID on a Windows PC. Here are the detailed the steps for the same:

1. First, install the iTunes software (Free) on Windows PC and open it.

How to Create an Apple ID on iPhone or iPad

You can create Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad while setting up your iPhone or later using the App Store on your device. Below, we have explained both in detail.

Create Apple ID on iPhone During Set Up

1. Power on your new iPhone and select the language.

2. At the “Quick Start” page, select “Set Up Manually.”

2. Now, at the sign-in page, tap the “Forgot password or don’t have an Apple ID?” option.

4. Enter your “name” and “date of birth” and tap “Continue.”

5. Now, tap the “Use phone number” or “Use email address” option at your convenience. Fro this tutorial, we have chosen the phone number to make an Apple ID. Please note that you can change the phone number on your Apple ID even after creating it, check out how to change your Apple ID phone number for the steps.

6. Enter your phone number along with the country code to create a new Apple ID. You can enable the Announcements toggle to receive emails and communications from Apple.

7. Now, verify your phone number by entering the six-digit code received on your mobile number.

Create Apple ID on iPhone Using App Store

If you don’t want to make a new Apple ID during the setup process, you can choose the “Set up later in Settings” option and proceed with the setup process. Alternatively, if you have bought a used iPhone, you can log out of the existing Apple ID and make a new Apple ID via the App Store.

1. Open the App Store app on your iPhone and tap the “account” icon at the top right corner.

2. Next, tap the “Create New Apple ID” option.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions, enter all the necessary details, and tap “Next.”

Once done, you can use your Apple ID to sign in to iCloud, iTunes, App Store, and more. While you are here, also check how to change Apple ID password on your iPhone.

How to Create an Apple ID on Your Mac

3. Now, follow the on-screen instructions and, enter all the necessary details, verify your “phone number” and “email address.” These steps will be similar to the steps mentioned in the above sections.

Why do I need an Apple ID?

You need to sign in with your Apple ID to access Apple services, including iCloud backup, App Store, FaceTime, iMessages, and more. Without an Apple ID, you cannot access these services or sync content across your other Apple devices.

Which email is the best for Apple ID?

You can use any email address for your Apple ID as long as that email ID isn’t already in use with another Apple ID as primary or recovery email.

Can I use a Gmail account to create Apple ID?

You can use any of your existing email IDs, including Gmail, to make the Apple ID.

Is Apple ID and Gmail ID the same?

No, your Apple ID is completely separate from your Gmail ID even if you use the same email or password. Your Gmail ID offers access to your Google email, docs, and more. Whereas your Apple ID allows you to access Apple services like iCloud, iTunes, FaceTime, and more.

Can I create Apple ID with Android phone?

Yes, you can visit chúng tôi to create your Apple ID with an Android phone or tablet.

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