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A great storm has swept the crypto world, forcing the overall market’s capitalization to go just under the $1 trillion chúng tôi bear market effects have plagued the cypto market unusually in the current trading year. This has prompted many crypto experts to describe it as one of the worst crypto winters.

The rising inflation and the war in Europe were other catalysts that pushed back the seemingly recovering market conditions to its crypto winter status quo.

However, in the wake of this rising storm, there was one project, Budblockz, that, against all odds, sustained all the major blowbacks and is currently looking to dominate the crypto scenery.

Many crypto investor and experts are refocusing their attention on Budblockz, as most other cryptocurrencies, such as Zcash (Zec) and Hedera (Hbar), crumble during bearish market conditions.

While anticipating the bull market, experts have tipped Budblockz (BLUNT) as one of the crypto assets to invest in these bearish market conditions.

What is Budblockz (BLUNT)?

There are several reasons why Budblockz resonates with the crypto flock. The platform is creating a secure ecosystem to buy, sell and trade virtual and physical cannabis products.

It is underpinned by BudBlockz’s native token, BLUNT, which will be available for all investors and users to use in a growing global sector that is forecast to surpass $200bn within the next ten years.

According to many analysts, Budblockz (BLUNT) is one of the best things to happen to the market. The token boasts NFTs and DeFi-related use cases, which should hugely contribute to its market success.

Zcash (ZEC) and Hedera (HBAR) have had stages of dominance in previous years, and it is more likely that the coming year might be Budblockz (BLUNT) turn. BudBlockz has what it takes to achieve this feat, as it boasts needed utilities and a committed team of developers in the booming crypto spaces.

It has created an ecosystem capable of attracting various cannabis enthusiasts, which will contribute heavily to its growth.

The crypto project is community-focused and will ensure users and community members find it beneficial by providing valuable resources and organizing events they can access to maximize their financial benefits and growth.

Budblockz: Crypto Project with Limitless Potential

BudBlockz is looking to surpass the work already done by others in the field and is taking giant steps toward helping grow the cannabis industry for farms, dispensaries, consumers, suppliers, and investors alike.

BudBlockz’s features are not limited to the marijuana community or supporting cannabis users. By utilizing blockchain technology to facilitate encrypted peer-to-peer purchasing, its potential to support a range of sectors as the reliance on digital tech is enormous.

BudBlockz was built on the Ethereum blockchain, and it can support a range of innovative ideas through a decentralized NFT marketplace, eCommerce, and digital trading. These attributes and fractional shares could quickly support sectors like NFT art and online selling outside of marijuana products.

Finally, the innovative marketing strategy that makes this project stand out, taking the cannabis industry to a new level, is part of BudBlockz ‘s core objective. A sense of unity and solidarity will help the fans around the project build a strong community, which has always been the founding pillar of any crypto token.

BudBlockz is currently holding its presale, where you can buy tokens at $0.0275 each; it is a great opportunity for investors to tap into two of the fastest-growing markets in marijuana and cryptocurrency.

Learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) at the links below:

You're reading Analysts Refocus Their Attention On Budblockz, While Zcash (Zec) And Hedera (Hbar) Lose Traction

Google Cloud Platform Lightens The Burden On Data Engineers And Analysts

How Google cloud platforms are reducing the burden on data engineers and analysts

Lately, the market for

What is the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?


What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is an on-request conveyance of figure power, information base capacity, applications, and other IT assets through a cloud administration stage by means of the web with pay-more only as costs arise valuing. It is the utilization of far-off servers on the web to store, oversee and deal with information instead of a neighbourhood server or your PC. Cloud computing permits organizations to stay away from or limit front and centre IT foundation expenses to keep their applications ready quicker, with further developed sensibility and less support, and it empowers IT groups, to change assets quickly to satisfy fluctuating and unusual needs. Cloud computing suppliers offer their administrations as indicated by various models, of which the three standard models for each NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) are:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Platform as a Service (PaaS), and

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Why Google Cloud Platform?

Since you have a concise thought of what is Google Cloud Platform and Cloud Computing, we should comprehend the reason why one should pull out all the stops. Google Cloud Platform, is a set-up of distributed computing administrations that sudden spike in demand for the very foundation that Google utilizes inside for its end-client applications, for example, Google Search, Gmail, Google Photos and YouTube.  

What are Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Services?

Google offers a wide array of services. Following are the significant Google Cloud Services:



Capacity and Databases

Huge Data


Personality and Security

The board and Developer Tools

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is set to deliver two new arrangements focused on the assembling area and expecting to ease information designing and investigation assignments, binding together information from assorted machine learning resources to offer business bits of knowledge to industrial facility supervisors. GCP’s new contributions come when ventures in the assembling area are taking on frameworks to address the difficulty of unpredictable, questionable, complicated and uncertain (otherwise called VUCA) conditions emerging from worldwide peculiarities including the pandemic and the “Incomparable Resignation”.  

Edge-cloud association helps information extraction

Most endeavours, nonetheless, utilize different sorts of machine resources, frequently alluded to as functional innovation (OT), to gather information. To tackle the test of social affairs unique sorts of information from these resources, GCP has sent off the Manufacturing Connect instrument. Created in organization with modern edge information stage supplier Litmus Automation, the Manufacturing Connect apparatus is intended to interface with any OT resource, with a backend library that comprises more than 250 machine conventions.  

Fabricating applications, to incorporate other Google contributions

Ventures can likewise involve the Manufacturing Data Engine in blending with other GCP items to produce more experiences, do prescient support, and identify machine-level oddities. The Manufacturing Data Engine accompanies a prepared to-utilize mix with layouts from Google’s no-code Looked BI stage, intended to permit fabricating architects and plant directors to rapidly make and adjust custom dashboards, and add new machines, arrangements, and production lines. To perform prescient upkeep, undertakings can send prebuilt AI models and refine them with the assistance of Google Cloud engineers. To assist producing groups with finding machine-level inconsistencies, the organization has assembled a combination supporting GCP’s Time Series Insights API on the ongoing machine and sensor information that distinguishes inappropriate changes and gives alarms.  

Google faces rival industry-explicit arrangements

Google Cloud’s assembling arrangements will rival contributions from the pens of AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, and IBM, which offer comparable arrangements packaged with additional flat abilities, said Holger Mueller, ahead examiner at Constellation Research. Google had begun the pattern of sending off industry-centered arrangements back in 2023 when Thomans Kurian was in charge, Mueller said, adding that these sorts of industry arrangements assist CIOs with opening the genuine capability of their cloud venture by assisting with guaranteeing a quicker time-to-showcase technique. Some of Google Cloud’s accomplices for assembling arrangements incorporate Intel, Splunk, Quant phi, Cognizant, Litmus Automation, Sotec, GFT and Soft serve. The organization has not given any sign about the overall accessibility of these arrangements, however, is supposed to feature them toward the finish of this current month.  

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6 Ways To Capture And Keep Your Audience’s Attention Online

There are currently just under 1 billion websites on the Internet. To put that in perspective, one billion months ago, dinosaurs walked the earth. One billion minutes ago was the height of the Roman Empire. If you sat down and counted from one to one billion, it would take you a total of 95 years. That is a lot of websites.

With nearly a billion websites online, there is a lot of competition vying for your audience’s attention. Granted, many of those websites won’t be your direct competitors, but they do create plenty of distractions you need to break through if you want to capture and keep your audience’s attention.

Here are six ways to do just that.

1. Be Surprisingly Awesome

It really is about the little things. For example, earlier this year my husband saw an ad for Silvercar, an Audi car rental service, while surfing online (Great targeting, by the way, we were planning a trip to Chicago at the time!), so he called the number and got a messaging service. It was 11 pm, so it was pretty understandable that we didn’t get a live person. No big deal.

Ten minutes later, the phone rang—it was Silvercar calling him back to see what he needed. Such a small gesture, but it meant quite a bit to us. It showed they really cared. We weren’t even upset they didn’t answer, so this surprisingly awesome gesture really stuck out.

From a website perspective, this might mean a personalized follow up for an abandoned shopping cart or offering readers a well-targeted recommendation.

The point is to not be salesy, be truly helpful—and surprisingly awesome.

2. Build Your Reputation

This isn’t a new idea, but it can make a huge difference. I think reputation gets overlooked as something that will happen organically, when there are actually a lot of steps you can take to help build your reputation and trust.

Building a trustworthy reputation online can look a lot different for different brands in different markets. For example, a restaurant will want a lot of good Yelp reviews (and may even want to embed them on their website), while an e-commerce store may want a lot of reviews on their site, and a service-based company may want to highlight reviews from customers on social media sites like Facebook.

Building your reputation is about making your audience feel comfortable parting with their hard-earned dollars, and asking for customers to share their experience is one of the first steps to building your reputation.

To entice customers to leave a review, tell them how much that review will mean to you. “Hey, honest reviews really make a huge difference when other shoppers are trying to decide whether or not to give us a try. If you have a moment and feel so inclined, we would really appreciate your thoughts on our service.”

A few other ways to build your reputation include sending out reminder emails, including your Yelp URL on your receipts, and thanking positive reviewers on social media for leaving you feedback.

Just remember to ask for a “fair” or “honest” review, not a “good” review, to avoid going against the terms and conditions of most review sites.

3. Don’t Make Them Think

This is one of our favorite books here at SEJ, and with good reason. Your customers shouldn’t have to chase you down to give you money. Make it obvious and simple for them to download your book, make a purchase, or whatever you consider converting.

If you want to keep their attention make sure the next step is obvious and clutter-free. A good place to start is with UX testing to see if your site and conversion path are as user-friendly as they should be.

4. Show Your Human Side

There is a fine line between being professional and being stiff and unapproachable. Showing your human side does not necessarily mean being tongue-in-cheek if that isn’t the tone your business sets. It can mean having your social team sign their names when they respond to posts, or sending a “Thank You” box of chocolates to a big client.

@AskCapitalOne does a great job of showing their human side.

Their Twitter team signs on and off each day, and initials each post. Their audience knows they are talking to real people, not just another faceless “corporate lackey”.

5. Get Personal

With so many brands vying for attention, getting personal is an effective method to gain and keep the attention of your target audience. Instead of shouting your message at everyone, whittle your target audience down to your ideal audience and speak directly to them.

Too many business owners define their target audience as “Whoever will give me money!” That approach is like shooting a shotgun—you sort of hit everything, but you don’t really do any damage at all. Using a direct, targeted approach to marketing is more powerful—and more effective.

6. Be Unexpected

Since when is rocking the boat a bad thing? Being a little disruptive helps your brand be memorable, which makes it easier to stand out. Also called disruptive or guerrilla marketing, these marketing strategies stand out because they are different. Instead of just saying “Hey, buy my product!”, these strategies grab on to your audience’s attention and hold tight.

A great example of this is Patagonia’s “Don’t Buy This Jacket” campaign.

What kind of company tells you not to buy their product? The type of company that wants you to stop and think about the environmental impact of all the shopping that happen on cyber Monday instead of making another —and also the type of company people remember.

Want to Learn More About Reaching Your Audience?

Check out our recap of SEJ ThinkTank webinar by Erin Everhart of Home Depot titled “ Are You Really Reaching Your Audience? ” to learn more about strategies to ensure your messages are communicated to your target customers.

Or, you can watch the whole presentation below:

Erin has a lot of great tips to share about how to find and keep your audience engaged – and what you should be testing to ensure they stick around.

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8 Awesome Tips On Productivity While Working From Home

Working From Home

Working while enjoying the weather and homemade tea without hesitating about the break timing is awesome. Do all these things fascinate you too? I am sure they do. Working at home is overwhelming. No traffic hosh-posh and certainly no formal office wear. You don’t need to get up according to the alarm clock, rush to the transport or probably your car even you do not need to remember about all the things you probably have forgotten to shut off while leaving your house in a hurry.

Start Your Free Human Resource (HR) Course

Many organizations, big or small, and new start-ups, offer their employees to work at home. It is the third way and one of the most convenient options employers can give their employees. By opting for this, employers don’t need to be worried about hiring extra staff such as an office boy, a guard, or other supporting staff (this is completely applicable to the people who employ all freelancers, not regular employees). Considering all the benefits and employees’ interests, few of the world’s top companies offer their employees to work at home, permanently or partly. A few of the best US healthcare companies, such as Aetna, Humana, and United Healthcare Group, and MNCs like Amazon and Convergys, also allow their employees to work from home.

I understand how comfortable and cool it sounds when you hear that somebody operates their work at home. It is luxuries, but on the flip side, working outside a traditional office environment creates many challenges in front of the employee. We will discuss in detail how to cope with these situations; however, let’s first discuss what kind of consequences we face while working from home and why?-

Consequences of Working From Home 1. Isolation

Working out of the office environment is one of the major issues that even sometimes becomes a nightmare for people working from home, which is quite understandable. Many people fight this issue by staying connected with their colleagues. When we work from the office, we follow a basic routine such as getting dressed, meeting new people (applies to some), greeting office members, and enjoying Fridays, etc. Though it does not affect our lifestyle entirely, for some, this routine is a part of their day, which makes them feel alive.

2. Bound to work even after working hours

Professionals are working from home, often likely to exceed their work hours. There can be multiple reasons behind it, but one which is considered is we don’t have to hurry to get back home and meet the family as we are already around them, so it doesn’t matter for us to exceed the working hours. However, it is only good when you are not making a habit of it. This way, you will also exceed the false expectations of your office.

3. Being overlooked for promotion

How many people do we meet in a day, and out of that number, how many do we remember by face or personality? Executives working from home are often overlooked for promotion, especially when only a few works from home in the office. This is not you don’t work hard while working from home, but when you start working from home gradually, your PR skills go down. You are not around people; neither shake hands, do not ask about their wellness, or hang out in free/break time. We don’t consider it, but these habits play a major role in your promotion.

4. Need to self-discipline

One has to be highly self-disciplined while working from home. Remember, you are surrounded by distractions or an environment where working from is not considered working for the office. Self-discipline is the only thing that can keep you up and help you be consistent. It would help if you motivated yourself to avoid distraction and keep self-control. The best way to do it is to connect yourself with your colleagues, especially your boss/manager/supervisors. You will be under the impression that they are watching. It is the easiest motivation you can opt for to keep yourself disciplined.

5. Avoiding distractions 6. Difficulty in separating work from home duties

The temptation of being engaged in household matters. You are in front of your family, and you can’t avoid a few things, such as responding to doors when the bell rings, answering the telephone, picking up kids from school, taking care of your pet for a while, cooking something instantly and all other necessary and urgent work you can think of. These come under responsibility, and you can’t avoid them. Also, when working from home, you start realizing to do household and socializing, which is common. You must be thinking then, what should we do to avoid these? It is complex, but you must draw a line between your household, family time, and work hours. Always remember both are important, and both deserve your full attention.

Working from home is certainly not as a piece of cake as it looks. It is not for anyone. Unfortunately, you don’t understand this until you start working from home. There is one more thing I have noticed in years. Once you have worked from home for a long time, you can’t just go back to an office environment and start working. You hate wearing formal wear; you don’t like eating from your canteen’s limited menu and start avoiding traveling. Working from home is unhealthy for single people as it increases your introverted personality and creates an isolated you. That is not bad, but it is not the best either.

Tips to Boost your Productivity While Working at Home 1. Get Started Early

Starting your work early is one of the best things you can use for yourself while working from home. If you are a morning person, this will help you boost your productivity. Start working as soon as you get up or after your gym, and take a break after a few hours to prepare breakfast for yourself. This way, your mind will stay productive without interruption, at least for these beginning hours, and you can finish your work early to enjoy some time with your family.

2. Pretend like you are going to the Office 3. Organize your Work Space

Organizing your workspace is one of the most important things when working from home. Remember, you can work from home, but that doesn’t mean you can work from your bed. Stay away from all the possible furniture that makes you lazy. Design your work area with some manuals, pictures, memos, etc., whatever gives you the feeling of office. Keep essential items like a table and chair, table lamp, pinboard, and a poster full of motivational quotes. It would help to keep yourself out of your home’s comfort zone. One more thing, design your workplace a bit away from the living room and TV.

4. Communication is Essential 5. Stay Focused

Minimize all possible distractions. I understand you are home. You have all the liberties like creating a rock playlist or unlimited surfing on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and using all other restrictive websites. Still, you do not want to become a Dj or a social media manager, would you? Make conscious efforts to limit the use of these tools during your work hours. Apart from that, there are some uninvited distractions that you can’t possibly avoid at an early stage, like pets, children, and a visitor.

A quick chat with children is always fine or pat, but a dog in your lap or your family standing behind your desk and probably making plans for dinner or next weekend will surely impede your productivity. It would help if you made your family, especially children, understand your work’s seriousness and be free to attend to only some visitors you have.

6. Eat Healthy Stay Healthy 7. Take Necessary Breaks

You will read a contradictory sentence with whatever I have discussed above. It is very much important to take a break during your productivity time. This way, you will increase your concentration on your work. Research has shown that the most productive workers focus for 52 minutes and then disengage for at least 15-17 minutes. It works as a mind refreshment, and you start working with a less tired mind when you return to work. By saying ‘take a break’, I mean leaving your chair, laptop/computer, and phone at your desk for 15 minutes. Stretch your body, drink plenty of water, and walk around, then come back and start working.

8. Don’t Forget to Enjoy your Liberty Recommended Articles

Here are some articles that will help you get more detail about working from home, so just go through the link.

Analyzing The Marketing Activities And Their Impact

To reach and interact with their target audience, firms utilize a variety of methods and strategies, which are referred to as marketing activities. Building brand recognition is the goal of these initiatives, which also attempt to promote the company’s goods and services. Here are a few such marketing initiatives −

Advertising − Advertising is the practice of promoting goods and services using a variety of media, including print, radio, television, the internet, and even street signs.

Content Marketing − Material marketing is the process of producing and disseminating worthwhile, timely, and consistent content in order to draw in, hold and eventually motivate a target audience to take lucrative action.

Community Relations − In order to improve the brand’s reputation and image, public relations entails establishing and maintaining connections with the media and other stakeholders.

Event Marketing − Event marketing is the practice of organizing occasions, such as trade exhibits or product debuts, to foster client connections and promote goods and services.

Direct Marketing − Using targeted communications like telemarketing, direct mail, or email to communicate with clients directly is known as “direct marketing.”

A company’s ability to attract and keep consumers, increase brand recognition, and boost revenue is directly correlated to the effectiveness of its marketing initiatives.

Analyzing the Marketing Activities

The steps listed below can be used to examine marketing activities −

Define Goals − Set clear objectives and use them as a benchmark for success to determine the particular objectives you wish to accomplish through your marketing initiatives.

Data Collection − Compile information on every aspect of your marketing efforts, such as costs, audience size, metrics for audience engagement, and sales figures.

Data Analyze − Analyze the data to ascertain the success of each marketing initiative using methods like site analytics, client feedback, and surveys.

Strength and Weakness − Determine your marketing strategy’s strengths and weaknesses by determining which marketing efforts succeeded in attaining your goals and which ones failed. You can then utilize this data to make adjustments to your future marketing plans.

Compared to Industry Standards − Understanding how your performance stacks up against others in your area requires comparing your marketing campaign outcomes to industry benchmarks.

Refine Strategy − In light of the study, make necessary revisions to your marketing plan in order to increase the efficiency of the next promotional efforts.

Utilizing these methods, you can assess the results of your marketing efforts and use the information to inform data-driven decisions that will enhance subsequent campaigns.

Analyzing the Marketing Activities and Their Impact

The following techniques can be used to evaluate the effects of marketing efforts −

Analysis of Sales Data − To assess the effect of marketing activities on revenue, compare sales data from before and after the marketing activity.

Customer Feedback − Feedback from customers should be gathered regarding the marketing campaign’s effects on how they view the brand.

Web Page Analytics − Analytical tools for websites: Use them to gauge the rise in visitors and interaction on your site following marketing campaigns.

Surveys − Use surveys to learn more about the success of marketing initiatives and how they affect consumer behavior.

Calculate ROI − Calculate the return on investment (ROI) of a marketing campaign to see how it will affect the company as a whole.

With the help of these techniques, you may clearly comprehend the effects of your marketing initiatives and decide on the direction of subsequent campaigns.

Track the Marketing Activities

There are several ways to measure marketing activity, including −

Google Analytics − Website traffic, conversions, and other campaign-related information may be tracked using web analytics solutions like Google Analytics.

Conversion Monitoring − Install pixels for conversion tracking on your website to monitor specific events that signify success, such as form submissions, sales, or phone calls.

A/B Testing − Comparing the effectiveness of various marketing strategies and methods using A/B testing.

Conduct Surveys − Ask clients and potential clients questions to get their opinions on your marketing initiatives and pinpoint areas that need work.

Analyzing Social Media − In order to evaluate the success of your social media marketing strategies, keep an eye on social media metrics like likes, shares, and engagement.

How is Marketing Related to Sales?


Finally, in order to increase the efficacy and efficiency of your marketing efforts, it is crucial to analyze marketing actions and their effects. You may improve your grasp of what’s working and what isn’t by monitoring important metrics and utilizing data to guide your decisions. You can then make the required modifications to optimize your efforts. This improves resource utilization, increases return on investment, and ultimately produces better outcomes for your company. In order to keep ahead of the competition and consistently enhance your marketing plan, regular analysis also helps you stay current with the most recent industry trends and customer behavior.

5 Common Microsoft Outlook Issues And Their Solutions

Microsoft Outlook, while popular, is not a perfect email tool. There are many common issues that users face that can spoil the experience. Here is a list of the common issues of Microsoft Outlook and the best approaches.

Note: due to various Outlook versions on the market, there are different approaches to solve the common issues. Our solutions here work best with Outlook 2024 and above.

1. Outlook Send/Receive Error

The Outlook Send/Receive error is the most common annoying problem that many users have reported. According to the Microsoft Support website, there are many solutions. We will cover the most useful ones below. But before that, check the following solutions first, which are easier and will fix the error in most cases.

Ensure that you are connected to the Internet.

Clean up any messages that are stuck in your Outbox.

Ensure that your Outlook email settings are correct.

Only when these simple solutions don’t work, should you proceed to one of the following methods.

Solution A: Use Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool

Go to the “View” tab and check “Show hidden files, folders, and drives.”

Solution B: Open Microsoft Outlook in Safe Mode

Another way to fix the Send/Receive error is to open Microsoft Outlook in Safe mode. It will help bypass any bugs in the client that will not go away before the next restart/update.

Go to the Start menu and enter outlook.exe /safe. This will launch Outlook in Safe mode, which is the older Outlook client.

Solution C: Terminate and Restart the Outlook App

As a last resort, you can go to the Start menu in Windows 10 and search “Apps & Features.”

In the extremely rare case none of these methods work, go to “Step 5,” which is Microsoft’s latest approach to make Outlook failure-free.

2. Cannot Open Outlook Window/Outlook Won’t Open

This is a common error indicating the data file where all Outlook information has been stored cannot be opened. The problem can be fixed simply by restarting Outlook in safe mode (see above).

Another method is to use “reset navigation pane,” a feature that resets the navigation pane settings to its default settings. This is effective in doing a clean start to the Outlook client.

Enter outlook.exe /resetnavpane in the Start menu to reset the navigation pane.

You can also close the Taskbar window display of the chúng tôi file using a simple Ctrl + Alt + Del. On a successful restart, the problem should be resolved.

3. Increasing PST File Size 4. Slowdown by Add-in Applications

Often, without our knowledge, we install many extra programs to Outlook which cause slowdown issues. If you don’t need the add-ins, you can easily get rid of them to ensure the message window is not cluttered and the emails open quickly.

In the dialog box that opens, you can remove any unnecessary add-ins by checking it. On the other hand, if you uncheck any items, they will become inactive and will not show up while starting the Outlook client.

5. Outlook Crashes Frequently

Although much rarer with Outlook 2024 and the latest Outlook 2023 client, this error may sometimes show up, crashing your Outlook window suddenly, forcing you to restart the client. To solve the Outlook crashing problem, Microsoft has recently introduced an excellent single-window solution it hopes to extend for all possible Outlook issues.

Download Microsoft’s Outlook Advanced Diagnostics. Close the Outlook client and Run the diagnostics tool .exe in Administrator mode.

Once installed, the tool will run a set of diagnostic checks and then return some possible solutions for you to try to fix Outlook connectivity issues.

Select “Outlook” among the applications that have problems.

Select the concerned “Outlook crashing problem” from the menu. In the next step, you will have to authenticate your Outlook account with Microsoft credentials.

Walk through the next few steps, and Outlook will have resolved any issues that cause crashing. The same tool can be used for many other issues including:

Any Outlook Calendar issues

Outlook continually asking for password

Outlook continually trying to connect or getting disconnected

All of these issues are rarely encountered if you have Outlook 2024 and above. If for some reason you’re not satisfied with Outlook’s performance, check out some of its alternatives or switch to Mozilla Thunderbird. To speed up your workflows, also have a look at Outlook keyboard shortcuts.

Sayak Boral

Sayak Boral is a technology writer with over eleven years of experience working in different industries including semiconductors, IoT, enterprise IT, telecommunications OSS/BSS, and network security. He has been writing for MakeTechEasier on a wide range of technical topics including Windows, Android, Internet, Hardware Guides, Browsers, Software Tools, and Product Reviews.

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