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AMD Drivers Not Installing: 7 Ways to Fix This Issue There are four confirmed ways to install your AMD drivers








When trying to install the AMD driver on your Windows 10 PC you might sometimes get a Detection



The problem appears if you’re connected to the Internet when installing Windows 10.

There are several tools and methods to force-install it, and will be detailing them below.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

If you’re using an AMD graphics card you might face some problems after installing Windows 10/11.

Some users report that when they try to install their AMD drivers, the installation couldn’t be finished because of an error involving a detection driver.

Fortunately, the solution for this problem is very simple and it works not just on Windows 10/11, but also on older versions.

Why is my AMD driver not working?

More specifically, the problem appears if you’re connected to the Internet when installing Windows 10 because the setup wizard automatically installs Microsoft AMD drivers.

After the detection phase, your screen might turn black and you’ll be forced to restart your computer, or you’ll simply get a Detection Driver error. Below are some of the variations of the issue:

AMD driver install black screen

AMD driver install stuck

AMD driver install factory reset

AMD driver install error 1603, 192, 182

How do I fix my AMD driver if it’s not installing? 1. Uninstall your current driver

When the utility finishes uninstalling all the AMD drivers, your screen should look as if it had a standard VGA driver installed.

Then restart the AMD Catalyst setup and you should be able to install your AMD Catalyst drivers normally.

If you don’t have to worry about residual data and files, then we suggest you try a high-quality driver uninstaller. A professional tool will quickly scan your system for all installed drivers and it will let you select one or more drivers at once for removal.

2. Download the new driver with a third-party application

If you do not have the necessary computer skills to update/fix the drivers manually, we strongly suggest doing it automatically with a professional tool.

Here’s how to do it:

Download and install the Outbyte Driver Updater app.

Launch the software.

Wait for the app to detect all incompatible drivers.

Afterward, it will show you a list of the drivers found to select the ones to Update or Ignore.

Restart your PC to ensure the applied changes.

Outbyte Driver Updater

Use this software and solve all driver-related issues from your PC.

Free trial Download now

Disclaimer: You may need to upgrade the app from the free version to perform specific actions.

3. Download the new driver using AMD Radeon Settings

The easiest way to update your AMD drivers is by using AMD’s official support software, AMD Radeon Settings.

There’s a big chance you have this software installed on your computer already. Especially if you installed your first driver from a DVD.

You can download it from their website. Then, simply open the program and, if a new update is available, you will be notified.

Expert tip:

4. Download the new driver manually

If AMD Radeon Settings doesn’t show a new update, or you simply don’t prefer using this software, always download drivers and install them manually.

Just go to AMD’s Driver Support website, choose your graphics card, and download drivers.

Install drivers normally, as you would any other program. Just follow the wizard instructions, restart your computer, and that’s all.

5. Download the new driver with Device Manager

This is the old-fashioned and probably the most used method of installing and updating drivers on Windows. Once you’re done, the AMD drivers not installing error will be solved.

3. Follow further on-screen instructions then restart your computer.

6. Turn off your Firewall and antivirus

If you’re unable to install or update your drivers using any method mentioned above, try to disable your antivirus and Windows Firewall, only temporarily.

7. Try installing drivers in Compatibility mode How do I fix my AMD driver problem in Windows 11?

Even in Windows 11, you can apply the above methods, moreover, making sure the OS is up-to-date is adamant in solving the AMD driver not installing situation.

How do you know if AMD driver is installed?

That’s about it. We certainly hope at least one of these solutions helped you resolve the problem with the AMD drivers.

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8 Ways To Fix “This Video Is Currently Unavailable” Issue On Prime Video

Isn’t it annoying when you finally decide on a movie to watch on Amazon, but it says the video isn’t available? Multiple reasons cause this problem on Amazon Prime Video, such as streaming rights for a particular show or technical issues. As the problem can arise for several reasons, you can solve it using several methods. In this article, I will discuss some straightforward and a few unconventional ways to solve this problem. So, let’s take a look at how to fix the “this video is currently unavailable” issue on Prime Video.

How to Fix “This Video Is Currently Unavailable on Amazon”

Imagine binge-watching a great series, and after a few episodes, you see an error stating, “This video is currently unavailable on Amazon.” It can be because of a technical issue, or you might have changed your region while watching the show. There are numerous ways to fix this problem, depending on its cause. Let’s see how to check the root cause of a video being unavailable and resolve it in no time. 

How to Fix Amazon Video Currently Unavailable Issue

If the video you’re trying to watch is not unavailable, fret not. Here are eight working methods that will make the show or movie available for you. Or, you will at least be able to pinpoint the problem and consider taking proper steps to resolve them. All the methods mentioned below will tackle a different situation. Therefore, if you are already sure of the issue, choose the solution accordingly.

Check If Amazon Servers are Down

You can use this site to check if Amazon servers are down in your area. The site graphically shows outage data for the last 24 hours for various streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBOmax, and more. It will also state the number of reports about server outages for the service you mention. Moreover, you can see in which areas the problem is persistent. A few pie charts show the exact issue with the service like streaming problems, buffering, crashing, sign in, and video quality. We should look for streaming problems with Amazon to verify server outages. For instance, the below example shows Playback Issues in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, for Amazon Prime Video. It means you can get a similar issue if you reside in the locality.

Restart Your Device or System

Power off your device and router and unplug it from the power outlet.

Now, wait one or two minutes and plug it back.

Switch on the device and open only the Amazon Prime Video app.

It should effectively refresh your app, and you will be able to stream without any issues. Read further if the problem persists.

Enable/Disable VPN Connection

If you use a free or unreliable VPN connection, Amazon will indeed restrain you from watching any video. The same is applicable if you are using DNS or a proxy setting. Besides, all titles on Amazon Prime Video are not available in each country. You may be connected to a different region where your favourite movie or TV show isn’t available. You can quickly turn off your VPN service to resolve this issue.

Open your VPN application.

Disconnect the VPN.

Then, clear the browser data or clear app data if you are using the Prime Video app. It will reset the cookies, and Amazon will now locate you to your current location.

You should be able to stream effortlessly now. Additionally, if the content you want to watch isn’t available in your country/region, you can use a VPN to make that video available for you. Please read our detailed guide on changing your Prime Video country to know how to watch titles unavailable in your region.

Add a Show to The Watchlist

Often the video unavailability error on Amazon Prime Video occurs due to minor glitches on the app. A quirky way to bypass this problem is by adding the show you want to see to the watchlist.

Open Amazon Prime Video website or app.

Now, go to your watchlist by hovering over your profile icon in the browser or the “My Stuff” section in the smartphone app. 

Start streaming the content from here.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

The hardware acceleration feature is available on the Prime Video smartphone application. The function is necessary to play HD and 4K UHD videos if your device supports them. However, if your device can’t support the feature, then enabling this option might lead to the infamous “this video is unavailable” error on Amazon. Therefore, follow the steps to disable hardware acceleration on your smartphone app.

Open the Amazon Prime Video application on your phone. Then, go to the “My Stuff” section.

Here, select the “Stream and download” option.

Toggle the switch for Hardware Acceleration to the left.

Now that you have disabled hardware acceleration for Prime Video on your smartphone, check if the problem has been fixed. However, do note that disabling this feature can cause HD and 4K UHD videos to not behave properly.

Sometimes, the “this video is unavailable on Amazon” error can also be caused by an outdated browser. If you’re running an outdated version of your web browser of choice, make sure you update it to the latest available version. You can also try streaming Prime Video on an secondary browser to see if the issue is arising because of your browser version.

Here’s how to update your browser. We’re showing these steps with Google Chrome, but they’re largely the same for every browser out there.

Now, open Settings from the drop-down menu.

Scroll down and open the “About page.”

Here, you can check your browser version and update it if a later version is available.

Clear Browsing Data

If Prime Video is working on a secondary browser, but not on your primary browser, and if your browser is already updated to the latest version, the issue may lie with browser cookies. Fortunately, deleting cookies is not a difficult task.

Note: Deleting browsing cookies will also log you out of pretty much every website you’re logged in on. Make sure you have passwords memorised, or better yet, use a good password manager.

Now re-login to the Prime Video website using your credentials. 

It will clear all the browsing data on your browser and reset the website settings. If the “video currently unavailable” issue were due to improper cookies, this method would resolve it, and you can stream the content without any problem. If you’re using the Prime Video app on your Android phone, you can also try clearing the app data and cache.

Disable Antivirus/Firewall

Sometimes, when many people abuse an Amazon server using a VPN, antivirus applications might prevent any traffic coming from that server. It usually happens for people from densely populated areas of countries like the USA. The number of available titles on Amazon Prime Video is the highest in the US. Therefore, people tend to use a US server for streaming content unavailable in their region. It might raise a false alarm for the antivirus applications causing them to block specific servers from Amazon. You can quickly get rid of this problem by temporarily disabling the Firewall on your computer.

Open your Antivirus program. I am using McAfee. 

Go to the Protection settings and open Real-time scan and Firewall.

Turn off both the settings one by one.

Note: The steps to disable Antivirus and Firewall may vary for every Antivirus program.

Many antivirus programs let you turn off the protection temporarily. You can decide the time period for which you want to disable the security and proceed. Once done, close the application and open Prime Video to check if the video is playing.

Reasons Why Amazon Video is Currently Unavailable

If you’re wondering why the annoying “this video is unavailable on Amazon” error is showing up for you, read on. We will discuss some of the primary reasons why a video may be currently unavailable for you on Prime Video.

Server Outage

Every website in the world can sometimes go offline due to server outages. Whether due to a scheduled maintenance, a misconfiguration, DNS errors, or even something sinister like a DDoS attack. Fortunately, such outages usually don’t last long, and companies are quick to update users about such problems with their services.

Domain Extension Issue (TLD) Show Taken Down

Streaming rights for shows vary for each country. Therefore, it is possible that a show is taken down in a matter of a day when the streaming contract is over. In such cases, you will get a “video unavailable” error.

Cookie Permission

Amazon Prime and other streaming services need to store cookies on your browser if you want to stream without any error. It is worthwhile to check if you have provided the necessary permissions.

Using VPN/Proxy 

If Amazon detects any proxy settings or if you are using VPN, only global titles will be available to you on Prime Video. In some cases, it won’t even allow you to open the website. Therefore, it would be best to either use a fast, secure VPN or none at all.


An antivirus program or a Firewall will block traffic from any server it finds suspicious. It can happen if viewers abuse a particular server to access Amazon Prime illegally. 

Hardware Acceleration HDMI Cable

While connecting to a TV from a streaming device like Firestick, using a suitable HDMI cable is crucial. Otherwise, the TV will block you from showing any video, especially if you want to stream 4K UHD content.

This Video is Currently Unavailable on Prime Video: Fixed!

Bluestacks Not Installing: 6 Ways To Get It Working Again

BlueStacks Not Installing: 6 Ways to Get it Working Again Every solution here is recommended by BlueStacks




BlueStacks is a popular emulator but many reported that it’s not installing and throwing errors.

In most cases, it’s a corrupt installer, conflicting apps, or the temporary files to blame.

To fix things, run the installer in compatibility mode or use the dedicated uninstaller, amongst other solutions.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

BlueStacks is one of the best emulators for Windows and allows users to run apps developed for Android. But many reported that BlueStacks is not installing, a problem that’s affected a large bunch of users.

In many cases, the installer thew the message, There was an error while trying to download BlueStacks. However, the problem is usually easily fixable, and we will walk you through the solutions that work for others.

Why is BlueStacks 5 not installing on my PC?

Here are the most common reasons BlueStacks is not installing properly:

Compatibility issues – If your PC doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for BlueStacks, it will lead to trouble installing the app.

Apps conflicting with the installation – Several third-party apps can conflict with the installation of BlueStacks, and the setup would, as a result, throw errors.

Critical features not enabled – BlueStacks requires Virtualization support, and if the feature is not enabled, it won’t install.

What can I do if BlueStacks is not installing?

Before we head to the slightly complex solutions when BlueStacks is not installing, let’s first try a few quick ones:

Make sure your computer fulfills the minimum requirements for BlueStacks. It would be even better if the PC matches the recommended requirements.

Restart the computer and then try installing BlueStacks.

Disable any third-party antivirus or other security software installed on the computer. If that works, we recommend you switch to a friendlier antivirus.

Check your connection and make sure you are suffering from a slow Internet speed.

If none of these work, head to the solutions listed next.

1. Delete the current installer and download a fresh one

Navigate to the location where the installer is stored, select it, and hit Del.

Choose the appropriate response in case a confirmation prompt pops up.

Now, go to

BlueStacks’ official website

, and download the installer.

Once done, launch the setup and proceed with the installation.

There were cases when the downloaded installer itself was corrupt, and BlueStacks was not installing as a result. Simply clearing the temporary files and getting a new installer should fix things.

2. Try a different emulator

If you’re having issues installing BlueStacks, perhaps a different Android emulator might be a good choice. LDPlayer is a great alternative to BlueStacks since it’s completely optimized for gaming.

With this emulator, you can enjoy in Android games with your keyboard and mouse. The software supports multitasking, so you can have multiple games open at the same time.

There’s also multi-instance sync, allowing you to control multiple games simultaneously. Of course, the software offers a great FPS and lag-free experience, so you can enjoy in gaming without stuttering.

Expert tip:

Other great features:

Simple to use

Support for keyboard and mouse

A wide array of supported games and apps

Support for macros

Multitasking support

⇒ Get LDPlayer

3. Get the offline installer

Download the BlueStacks’ offline installer.

Navigate to the location the installer is downloaded, type cmd in the address bar, and then hit Enter.

Now, paste either of the two commands to get the relevant version of BlueStacks and hit Enter:

Nougat – BlueStacksFullInstaller_5.9.410.1001_amd64_native.exe --defaultImageName Nougat64 --imageToLaunch Nougat64 --defaultImageName Nougat64 --imageToLaunch Nougat64

Pie – BlueStacksFullInstaller_5.9.410.1001_amd64_native.exe --defaultImageName Nougat64 --imageToLaunch Nougat64 --defaultImageName Pie64 --imageToLaunch Pie64

Once done, wait for the installation to complete.

4. Use the dedicated uninstaller

This method works when BlueStacks claims that a version of it is already present on the computer and is subsequently not installing when you try. Alternatively, you could use a third-party uninstaller tool for the job.

5. Run the installer in compatibility mode

Running the installer in compatibility mode can fix things when BlueStacks is not working or installing in Windows.

In many cases, updating the graphics driver did the trick when BlueStacks was not installing in Windows. Sometimes, Windows won’t be able to find a better version, and that’s when manually updating the driver comes into the picture.

Alternatively, you can use driver updater software and seamlessly update all the drivers in one go!

⇒ Get Outbyte Driver Updater

By now, the problem should be resolved, and BlueStacks up and running the way it should. Though some users reported that BlueStacks is stuck on loading, that, too, is easily fixable.

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7 Ways To Fix Voicemod When The Login Is Not Working

7 Ways to fix Voicemod when the Login is not Working All the solutions in this article were tested by our experts




Voicemod is a nice way of changing your voice by applying voice filters and having fun with your friends on supported communication platforms.

However, some users have reported that they are unable to log in to Voicemod, even after multiple attempts.

Thankfully, this guide lists down the effective as well as tested solutions that will help you fix the problem.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

Are you having problems with Voicemod login and looking for solutions? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Because this guide will show you the effective solutions that have helped multiple users fix the login not working problem with Voicemod.

Voicemod is a real-time voice changer for Windows gamers and content creators, mainly used with popular communication platforms such as Zoom, Discord, Skype, ASMR, VR Chat, TeamSpeak, etc.

It comes with built-in voice filters, which you can apply and change your voice in real-time as you speak with your friends. This is a nice app to add some fun to your streams.

Well, users who are facing issues with Voicemod not recognizing their microphone, can check out this guide and get their issue resolved.

Now there are some users that have reported that when they try to log in, often the Voicemod app continues to show Almost there! We’re just verifying your social account. Once complete, we’ll take you back to the Voicemod app message.

In such a case, you can apply the solutions mentioned in this guide, and hopefully, get the issue resolved.

What are some useful tips to sound like a pro in Voicemod?

While using voice filters will help you change your voice in real-time and use it on various communication platforms, there are a few tips that you can make use of to sound more professional.

Moreover, in order to sound professional, you do not require any professional setup. Using the Voicemod application, you can do that simply by tweaking a few settings.

By professional, we do not mean you will actually sound like you are in a professional setting, but it will help you negate the unwanted sounds and distortions that may creep up while you communicate using Voicemod.

Here are the settings that you need to tweak to sound like a pro in Voicemod.

How can I fix the Voicemod login not working issue? 1. Restart PC

Start off by restarting your PC. Restarting will load all the system files and files important for Voicemod back from scratch, which might have failed to load during the previous session.

Restarting also removes the temporary files that may be in conflict with the smooth functioning of Voicemod. If this doesn’t help, check the next method.

2. Set a default browser

Expert tip:

If setting a browser, i.e., Chrome, does not work, you can try setting a different web browser as default and check if this fixes the Voicemod login not working problem.

3. Unblock Voicemod in Windows Firewall 4. Clear browser cache

In any case, you can utilize a faster method to clean your browsing data like cache or cookies using a renowned cleaning tool, CCleaner.

You have smart functionality that detects your browser and lets you choose to erase cookies, cache, or temporary files.

5. Use a Reddit solution

This solution has been suggested by a community manager on Reddit, and probably has helped quite a few users.

6. Reinstall Voicemod 7. Write to Voicemod support

Head over to this website.

Select the topic of the query, enter your issue, along with your name, email address, country, etc., and expect a reply from their end for a solution.

Are there any alternatives to Voicemod?

If for some reason, you do not like Voicemod and are looking for an alternative to it, then you are in luck.

Because there is actually a couple of voice changer software that are simple to use and a good alternative to Voicemod.

➡ AV Voice Changer Software

Clever voice morphing algorithms

Batch file Morpher to select multiple audio files

Voice recorder/Voice editor tools

Connect with Skype, Twitch, or any VoIP programs

Modify pitch and timber with smart output controllers

⇒ Get AV Voice Changer Software

➡ Clownfish

It is freeware available on the internet with barebones features.

Clownfish voice changer supports Steam, Skype, Viber, Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Discord, etc.

It features around 14 voices to choose from.

Clownfish comes with text to speech feature, which Voicemod doesn’t have.

⇒ Get Clownfish

➡ MorphVOX

MorphVOX is a paid voice changer app the subscription of which starts at $19.99.

It features low bandwidth and CPU usage for excellent performance.

You can add background noises such as war, city, nature, and workplace sounds.

MorphVOX Pro comes with a timbre slider that can drastically help you sound original and this feature isn’t available in Voicemod.

⇒ Get MorphVOX

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How To Fix Windows Not Genuine Issue Effortlessly

While using a Windows operating system, you may be plagued with a message that states your Windows is “not genuine.” If you’re using older versions of Windows, the desktop may turn black, a small message at the bottom-right will warn you that it’s not genuine, and you’ll be locked out of viewing the system’s properties. In this case you might be interested in how to fix Windows’ not genuine errors. If this happens to you, there are a few reasons this could have happened.

You’re using a copy of Windows that you downloaded off the Internet for free.

You bought a PC or Windows product key from a seller, and the error message has appeared since first boot.

You bought and used a genuine copy of Windows, but it suddenly claimed it’s not genuine.

The computer’s hardware changed in some way.

Fixing the ”Windows is not genuine” error depends on which of the above categories you fall into.

1. If you downloaded Windows off the Internet

As of this writing, there’s no legitimate and legal way outside of student plans to download and install a Windows operating system for free. Any methods claiming you can do so are illegal, and as such, the copy of Windows you downloaded is claiming it’s “not genuine” because you didn’t pay for it. This is akin to when people download movies, CDs, and games off the Internet for free. As such, this is not an ideal situation to be in.

What do I do?

If you’re in this situation, what paths of action can you take to rectify it?

For one, it’s still not too late to purchase a legitimate copy of Windows. You can buy the operating system either as a disk from your favourite computer store or as a download or license through the Microsoft store. Once bought, you can use the license to validate your copy of Windows. This will fix Windows’ not genuine messages for good.

Unfortunately, Windows keys don’t come very cheap; they usually sell for around $100-$200. If you need an operating system for your computer but don’t have the money for one, you can always try Linux instead. Linux operating systems are available to legally download free of charge, so you can use them without being hassled for money. You can read our beginner’s guide to Linux distros to get an understanding of what they can offer you.

If you’re using an operating system older than Windows 10, you may be able to rearm the license so you can continue to use it. To do this, open a command prompt and type slmgr -rearm in it. Be warned, however – this will only reactivate Windows for 30 days, and you can only do it three times, so use this only as a temporary solution to fix Windows’ not genuine messages while you get a more permanent fix sorted.

2. If you bought a computer or key with the error message

Sometimes, however, you purchase a computer legally with the promise that it comes with Windows, or you buy a Windows key from a key dealer. When you use it, you find out that Windows is marked as not genuine. This is particularly harsh, as you’ve gone out of your way to buy a copy of Windows, only to find that it’s counterfeit.

What do I do?

First, contact those who sold you the computer or key. Hopefully there was just a mistake within the transaction, and the person who sold you the product will take the steps necessary to rectify the problem.

If, however, you believe they may have intentionally sold you a counterfeit copy of Windows, you can report them using the Windows Piracy Reporting website. Microsoft will investigate your case and check to see if the person you bought it from is selling counterfeit computers. If you purchased the product using PayPal (such as on eBay), you can refute the purchase within forty-five days of buying it and get your money back.

3. If your copy of Windows was genuine but suddenly changed

Sometimes, a copy of Windows you know is genuine suddenly claims it’s not. If this sounds like you, first make sure that you have not changed any hardware within your PC. If you have, skip to the section below which may suit your needs better. Otherwise, see if the following tips manage to fix Windows’ not genuine errors.

What do I do?

Sometimes it’ll let you know whats wrong with the license so you can fix it. Sometimes simply checking this screen then resetting your PC can fix any glitches in the licensing system.

If this doesn’t work, check if the Plug and Play policy is interrupting your licensing. Microsoft has detailed the steps you need to take to fix this here.

In some cases the result of a virus infecting your computer can corrupt the licensing. Make sure your computer is virus- and malware-free by running your favourite antivirus on your PC. Hopefully, if any viruses are found and removed, removing them should fix the issue.

If this doesn’t work, your best bet is probably re-activating your PC. Locate your Windows product key (and if you can’t, we have your back!) then either go through the official activation process or call Microsoft support and let them know of your predicament.

4. If you changed the hardware in your PC

Sometimes after you’ve changed a key component within your computer, you’ll be greeted with a “Windows is not genuine” error message, despite the fact that it was genuine before. What has probably happened here is that your PC’s Windows key was an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) key. These keys aren’t like regular retail keys, as they’re only valid for the PC they’re installed on. As a result, they’re cheaper for computer manufacturers to use. As soon as the license detects it has changed computers, the key is invalid. Given you’ve changed the internal hardware within the PC, your license thinks it’s on a different computer and becomes invalid.

What do I do?

First of all, you need to ask yourself if you will you be changing your hardware frequently. If so, you may want to consider purchasing a retail copy of Windows instead. This allows you to modify the hardware within your PC without the license expiring.

If you’d rather not shell out for a copy of Windows, don’t fret just yet. You can call Microsoft support and let them know what happened and what you changed on your PC. If they deem your case as valid, they’ll help you reactivate your copy of Windows.


As much as the “Windows is not genuine” error sounds like the operating system was pirated, sometimes a well-meaning or even legitimate user will see this error pop up. Now you know how to tackle and fix Windows’ not genuine errors should they appear for you.

Have you ever had a copy of Windows that either wasn’t genuine or claimed that it wasn’t? Let us know your stories (and fixes!) below.

Simon Batt

Simon Batt is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for cybersecurity.

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Hdmi Port Is Not Working On Pc: 7 Ways To Fix It

HDMI Port is not Working on PC: 7 Ways to Fix it Try these tested solutions to HDMI problems on Windows 10




If your HDMI port is not working, recently installed apps may interfere and need to be uninstalled.

It would be best if you used to try easy checks such as restarting your device and cleaning out dirt from the HDMI head before venturing into more complex fixes. 



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

You must have encountered a problem that has led to your HDMI port not working on windows 10. This is a problem other users have experienced.

This port is handy for connectivity, especially with modern equipment, so we will show you how to fix this problem.

Why is my HDMI port not working on my PC?

There are multiple reasons why the HDMI port isn’t working on Windows, and in most cases, this is just a glitch with your graphics card, so you might want to check your drivers.

This issue can affect any PC, and many reported that HDMI isn’t working on laptops. If drivers aren’t the issue, a solid workaround would be to use a specialized adapter.

However, that’s not always the best solution since sometimes the USB to HDMI adapter won’t work, so it’s essential to find the core cause of this issue.

Here are some quick examples of how these issues can manifest:

The most common problem with HDMI is that audio or video is missing, and in most cases, that’s caused by driver incompatibility, but there are a few things you can do to fix this problem.

How do I test my HDMI port?

Check for damage along the length of the chord.

Check for particles in the head of the chord and the port on the device. You can spray some compressed air to remove these particles.

Insert one end of the chord in the source device and the other in the display device.

Boot the display device and ensure it is set to HDMI mode.

Boot your source device and ensure it is set to export images.

If the image and sound quality are fine, nothing is wrong with your HDMI chord.

If there’s no sound, video is missing, or your HDMI port is not working on your PC, follow the below steps to refresh your audio and video drivers.

How can I fix the HDMI port if it’s not working on PC?

Before you go into any of the solutions provided, make sure you do the following:

Enable your HDMI port on Windows 10

Restart your computer

Make sure to select the correct HDMI port on the display device

Check the hardware and make sure the HDMI cable is not slipping out

1. Set your HDMI device as the Default Device

First, the HDMI port will not work on your monitor if your HDMI device is not set as the default device.

2. Update your drivers

2. Expand any section with outdated devices (Start with the Display adapters).

5. Install the drivers found by the wizard.

Expert tip:

You can also update your video and audio drivers using the Device Manager, as shown above.

One common factor that can generate your HDMI port not to function correctly is out-of-date drivers. Therefore, updating your device is crucial, and we recommend you do this by using professional software.

Often, your computer system might not be able to update the generic drivers for your hardware and peripherals correctly. There are vital differences between a generic driver and a manufacturer’s driver. Finding the correct driver versions for every hardware component can become tiresome.

That’s why a dependable updater can help you find and update your drivers automatically. We strongly suggest the Outbyte Driver Updater, and here’s how to do it:

Download and install the Outbyte Driver Updater app.

Launch the software and wait for the app to detect all incompatible drivers.

Now, it will show you a list of all outdated drivers to select the ones to Update or Ignore.

Restart your PC to ensure the applied changes.

Outbyte Driver Updater

Maintain your device healthy by letting OutByte Driver Updater find the latest driver options.

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Disclaimer: You may need to upgrade the app from the free version to perform specific actions.

3. Rollback to the older driver

Sometimes, it’s better to use the default driver to avoid compatibility issues. You’ll need to uninstall the current driver, and the default one will install itself.

However, using the Roll Back feature is also an effective method of getting back an old driver. Check if this resolves the issue of the HDMI port not working on Windows 10.

4. Uninstall the graphics driver

Check if this resolves the issue of the HDMI port not working on Windows 10.

5. Remove recently installed software

If you recently installed new software on your computer, try uninstalling it. Then, check if this resolves the issue of the HDMI port not working on Windows 10.

This solution may work if the HDMI port is not showing in your Device Manager. Sometimes, newly installed software may trigger compatibility issues and various connection problems.

6. Run System Restore

The System Restore option allows you to restore the previous well-performing system configuration without losing files, except for a few customizable features and settings.

7. Replace your cable

Also, there might be situations when your problem is hardware-related. In this case, we recommend you look at some highly-rated products you could buy.

This way, you can ensure the HDMI output works great on your Windows 10 devices.

That would be all; we hope these solutions helped you solve any problem you may encounter regarding your HDMI port not working on your Windows 10 device.

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