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Too many people use the same easy-to-remember password for every website. It’s convenient but makes life too easy for hackers and identity thieves. If one of your accounts is hacked, you’ve given away access to all of them! Creating a strong, unique password for every website is a lot of work, but password managers make it achievable.

1Password is one of the most popular apps out there. It has cultivated a strong following from the Mac community over several years and is now available for Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, iOS, and Android. A 1Password subscription costs $35.88/year or $59.88 for families.

1Password automatically fills in your username and password at any login screen. It can learn new passwords by watching you log in and create a strong, unique password whenever you create a new login on a website or app. All of your passwords will be synced across devices so they’re available whenever you need them.

That means there’s only one password you need to remember: 1Password’s master password. The app stores your private documents and personal information. It also warns you if any of the web services you use have been hacked, then prompts you to change your password immediately.

In short, it enables you to maintain safer passwords without the usual effort and frustration. But it’s not the only app that can do so. Is 1Password the best solution for you and your business?

Why Choose an Alternative?

1Password is popular and works well. Why would you consider using an alternative? Here are a few reasons a different app may suit you better.

There Are Free Alternatives

One of 1Password’s biggest competitors is LastPass. The biggest thing that sets LastPass apart is its generous free plan, which offers all the features many users need. There are also several open-source password managers worth considering, including KeePass and Bitwarden.

There Are More Affordable Alternatives

1Password’s subscription price is in line with other market leaders, but many alternatives are more affordable. RoboForm, True Key, and Sticky Password have significantly cheaper premium plans. However, they also have fewer features, so check carefully to make sure they do what you need.

There Are Premium Alternatives

Some Alternatives Allow You to Avoid the Cloud

Cloud-based password management systems like 1Password employ well-developed security strategies to ensure your sensitive data is safe. They use a master password and encryption to make sure no one but you can access your information, and 2FA (two-factor authentication) so that if someone manages to guess or steal your password, they are still locked out.

However, some organizations and Government departments may prefer not to keep such sensitive information in the cloud, or entrust their security needs to a third party. Password managers like KeePass, Bitwarden, and Sticky Password allow you to store your data locally and manage your security.

Top Alternatives to 1Password

What are the best alternatives to 1Password? Here are some password managers that may suit you better.

Best Free Alternative: LastPass

LastPass offers a full-featured free plan that will meet the needs of many users. It was named the best free password manager in our Best Mac Password Manager roundup and was PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice for multiple years. It runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Its free plan will auto-fill your passwords and sync them across all your devices. LastPass also stores your sensitive information, including documents, free-form notes, and structured data. The app lets you safely share your passwords with others and will warn you of compromised, duplicated, or weak passwords.

LastPass’s Premium plan costs $36/year ($48/year for families) and adds enhanced security, sharing, and storage. Want to learn more? Read our full LastPass review.

Premium Alternative: Dashlane

Dashlane is the winner of our Best Password Manager roundup and is similar to 1Password in many ways, including cost. A personal license costs around $40/year, only slightly more expensive than 1Password’s $35.88.

Both apps generate strong passwords, store sensitive information and documents, and support many platforms. In my opinion, Dashlane has the edge. It’s more configurable, can automatically fill in web forms, and can automatically change your passwords when it’s time.

Want to learn more? Read our Dashlane review.

Alternatives for Those Who Want to Avoid the Cloud

Some organizations have security policies that don’t let them store sensitive information on other companies’ servers. They need a password manager that allows them to store their data locally or on their servers rather than in the cloud.

KeePass is an open-source app that focuses on security and stores your passwords locally on your hard drive. However, it’s more technical than 1Password. You need to create databases, choose the desired security protocol, and work out a syncing service if you need one.

Sticky Password ($29.99/year) allows you to store your data locally on your hard drive and sync it to your other devices over a local network. It’s also the only option I’m aware of that allows you to purchase the software outright with a $199.99 lifetime license.

Bitwarden is open-source, though easier to use than KeePass. It allows you to host passwords on your server or computer and sync them between your devices over the internet using the Docker infrastructure.

Other Alternatives

Keeper Password Manager ($29.99/year) offers basic features cheaply and allows you to add on the extras that you need through optional paid services (though the cost does add up quite quickly). You can reset your master password if you forget it and Self-Destruct your passwords after five login attempts.

Roboform ($23.88/year) is an older, affordable app with many loyal users. Because of its age, it does look a little dated, especially on the desktop.

McAfee True Key ($19.99/year) is a simple application that’s perfect for those who prioritize ease of use. It attempts to make authentication easy and secure by using two factors and lets you reset your master password if you forget it.

Abine Blur ($39/year) is a privacy service that includes password management. It blocks ad trackers; it also masks your contact and financial details, such as your email address, phone number, and credit card number. Be aware that not all of these features are available to those living outside of the United States.

Final Verdict

1Password is a popular, competitive password manager for Mac, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, iOS, and Android, and can also be accessed from your web browser. It has a comprehensive feature set and deserves your serious consideration, but it’s not your only option.

LastPass is one strong competitor and offers enough features for many users with its free plan. Dashlane is another; its Premium plan provides more functionality in a polished interface for just a little more money. In my opinion, these three apps—1Password, LastPass, and Dashlane—are the best password managers available.

You don’t want your passwords to fall into the wrong hands. Even though these apps store them on the cloud, they take strong security precautions so that no one except you can access them.

But if you’d prefer not to store your passwords in someone else’s cloud storage, three password managers allow you to host your passwords locally or on your own server. These are KeePass, Sticky Password, and Bitwarden.

Who you decide to trust to keep your passwords safe is a big decision. If you’d like to do more research before deciding, we compare your main options thoroughly in three detailed roundup reviews: Best Password Manager for Mac, iPhone, and Android.

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11 Best Tableau Alternatives (Open Source & Free) In 2023

Tableau is a data visualization tool that can connect to almost any data source. However, its licensing costs could be restrictive.

Here is a curated list of Top Alternative tools and software that can replace Tableau. This Tableau Alternative list includes both commercial as well as open-source Tableau alternative tools with popular features and latest download links.

Best Free Tableau Alternatives

Zoho Analytics is a complete self-service BI and analytics platform, and is a worthy alternative to Tableau. Zoho Analytics allows users to prepare and cleanse data, and to visually analyze it in minutes. It uses AI extensively to assist users in every step – from managing data, to creating reports, to giving automated insights.


Wide variety of visualization options–charts, pivot tables, summary views, KPI widgets and custom themed dashboards.

Do everything with just a browser, no need to install a desktop client like Tableau.

50+ readymade connectors for popular business apps with 100+ prebuilt reports in each.

Augmented analytics using AI, ML and NLP.

White label BI portals and embedded analytics solutions.

Visit Zoho Analytics

2) Sisense

Sisense is a business intelligence tool which analyses and visualizes both big and disparate datasets, in real-time. It is an ideal tool for preparing complex data for creating dashboards with a wide variety of visualizations.


Unify unrelated data into one centralized place

Create a single version of truth with seamless data

Allows to build interactive dashboards with no tech skills

Query big data at very high speed

Possible to access dashboards even in the mobile device

Drag-and-drop user interface

Eye-grabbing visualization

Enables to deliver interactive terabyte-scale analytics

Exports data to Excel, CSV, PDF Images and other formats

Ad-hoc analysis of high-volume data

Handles data at scale on a single commodity server

Identifies critical metrics using filtering and calculations

3) Oracle

Oracle data warehouse software is a collection of data which is treated as a unit. The purpose of this database is to store and retrieve related information. It is very useful Tableau alternative that helps the server to reliably manage huge amounts of data so that multiple users can access the same data.


Distributes data in the same way across disks to offer uniform performance

Works for single-instance and real application clusters

Offers real application testing

Common architecture between any Private Cloud and Oracle’s public cloud

Hi-Speed Connection to move large data

Works seamlessly with UNIX/Linux and Windows platforms

It provides support for virtualization

Allows connecting to the remote database, table, or view

4) SAS

SAS is good alternative to Tableau which is a leading Datawarehousing tool that allows accessing data across multiple sources. It can perform sophisticated analyses and deliver information across the organization.


Activities managed from central locations. Hence, user can access applications remotely via the Internet

Application delivery typically closer to a one-to-many model instead of one-to-one model

Centralized feature updating, allows the users to download patches and upgrades.

Allows viewing raw data files in external databases

Display data using reports and statistical graphics

5) Pentaho

Pentaho is a Data Warehousing and Business Analytics Platform. It is an open source alternative to Tableau tool that has a simplified and interactive approach which empowers business users to access, discover and merge all types and sizes of data.


Enterprise platform to accelerate the data pipeline

Community Dashboard Editor allows the fast and efficient development and deployment

Big data integration without a need for coding

Simplified embedded analytics

Visualize data with custom dashboards

Ease of use with the power to integrate all data

Operational reporting for mongo dB

Platform to accelerate the data pipeline

6) QlikView

Qlik is one of the Tableau competitors that allows creating visualizations, dashboards, and apps. It also allows seeing the entire story that lives within data.


Simple drag-and-drop interfaces to create flexible, interactive data visualizations

Use natural search to navigate complex information

Instantly respond to interactions and changes

Supports multiple data sources and file types

It allows easy security for data and content across all devices

It shares relevant analyses, including apps and stories using centralized hub

7) Dundas BI

Dundas is an alternative to Tableau which is an enterprise-ready Business Intelligence platform. It is used for building and viewing interactive dashboards, reports, scorecards and more. It is possible to deploy Dundas BI as the central data portal for the organization or integrate it into an existing website as a custom BI solution.


Easy access through web browser

Allows to use sample or Excel data

Server application with full product functionality

Integrate and access all kind of data sources

Ad hoc reporting tools

Customizable data visualizations

Smart drag and drop tools

Visualize data through maps

8) Board

Board is a Management Intelligence Toolkit. It combines features of business intelligence and corporate performance management. It is designed to deliver business intelligence and business analytics in a single package.


Analyse, simulate, plan and predict using a single platform

To build customized analytical and planning applications

Board All-In-One combines BI, Corporate Performance Management, and Business analytics

It empowers businesses to develop and maintain sophisticated analytical and planning applications

Proprietary platform helps to report by accessing multiple data sources

9) Profitbase BI

Profitbase is a business intelligence solution that delivers critical business information. It is one of the Tableau software competitors which allows companies to monitor and manage their business performance. It is appropriate for many commercial markets, including manufacturing and retail.


It helps make faster decisions based on continuously updated and accurate data

It provides visibility into KPIs in finance, sales, AR/AP, as well as performance measures

It is modular, scalable, and consists of a Data Warehouse augmented with OLAP cubes

The BI software allows adding new business systems through acquisition or system upgrades

It is a module based BI tool so that customers can select the analytic tools best suited for their requirements

10) LongView

LongView Enterprise is a business intelligence reporting and analytics platform. It one of the Tableau competitors that allows rapid creation of custom applications like reports, dashboards, etc.


Delivers actionable, contextual knowledge to decision-makers at every level

It analyzes information from multiple data sources such as ERP, OLAP, relational databases, and web services

Single-sign-on if integrated with Windows or LDAP

It is available on all web servers

It allows exporting data and reports to Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF

It allows users to share ad-hoc reports with other users

Live data pulled from server and automatically refreshed in real time

Automatic alerts based on thresholds

Display data in animation and motion charts

11) Birst

Birst is a web-based networked BI and analytics solution. It connects insights from various teams and helps in making informed decisions. It is a software like Tableau that allows decentralized users to augment the enterprise data model. It also offers a unified semantic layer to maintain definitions and key metrics.


Enable Data as a Service

Everyone is Cloud-Connected

Helps end users to access and blend their data with IT-owned data

Rapidly refine enterprise data

Create trusted, governed user data

Create corporate wide metrics

Create top-down Virtual BI instances

Blend corporate and local data

It supports individual agility, transparently governed working with trusted corporate and departmental data

12) SAP Business Intelligence

SAP BI is an integrated business Intelligence software. It is an enterprise level application for open client/server systems. It is one of the Tableau alternatives that has set new standards for providing the best business information management solutions.


It provides highly flexible and most transparent business solutions

The application developed using SAP can integrate with any system

It follows modular concept for the easy setup and space utilization

Allows to create next-generation database system that combines analytics and transactions

Provide support for On-premise or cloud deployment

Simplified data warehouse architecture

Easy Integration with SAP and non-SAP applications

FAQ: ❓ What is the use of Tableau?

Tableau is used for data visualization. The main purpose of this tool is to help users to see and visualize the data. Tableau helps people to solve data by visualizing it in many ways. Tableau data is to convert the whole raw data into a very understandable format.

🚀 Which are the Best Tableau Alternatives?

Below are some of the Best Tableau Alternatives:

Zoho Analytics






Dundas BI


Profitbase BI

🏅 Which factors should you consider while selecting Tableau Alternatives?

You should consider the following factors before selecting Tableau Alternative:

License Cost, if applicable.

Quality of Customer support.

The cost involved in training employees on the tool.

Support and Update the policy of the tool vendor.

Reviews of the company.

9 Best Data Extraction Tools In 2023 (Free & Paid)

Data extraction is an essential part of running any business. We have researched more than 43+ software and cherry-picked the best data extraction tools. The list is curated after considering multiple factors, including scrapping capability, free trial period, pricing, data retention, and customer support.

Best FREE Data Extraction Tools & Software 1) Bright Data – Best for retrieving public web data

Bright Data uses flexible, reliable, and efficient data extraction methods that offer a range of features, including no-code data tools and robust infrastructure. Bright Data is used widely by Fortune 500 companies widely use it, and academic institutions aid them in retrieving web data from the public domain.


Provide feature Document Extraction

Extraction of images is made seamless with this tool.

The Extraction of web data is one of the significant features of this tool.

It is one of the best tools for data extraction that accurately extracts pricing data information

Helps create distributed traffic.

Offers No-Code, and JavaScript rendering

Provides customer support via contact form

Pricing: Pay as a you-go model.

Free Trial: 7 Days Free Trial.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It helps significantly in creating distributed traffic. Port expansions could cause issues with LPM (Local Patterns Mining.)

Premium technical support that will resolve your issues as soon as humanly possible. API documentation is hard to understand.

Allows you to combine services with other applications.  

7 Days Free Trial

2) Apify – Best for performing Automating tasks




Integrations: PHP, chúng tôi and proxy

Export Format: JSON, XML, Excel, and CSV

Free Trial: Life Time Free Basic Plan

Visit Apify


Allows IP Rotation for scraping purposes.

Machine/AI learning feature is available.

Effective scraping of Instagram

This data extract software has versatile automation abilities.

Optical Character Recognition feature.

Supports shared data center IPs.

Offers JavaScript rendering

Provides customer support via contact form, and FAQs

Pricing: Plans start at $49/month.

Free Trial: 30 Days Free Trial.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Helps reach a broader audience. User interface is not intuitive.

Quick support response time. It does not work on websites with restricted IP-related services

Versatility in various scraping and automation tasks.  

Uniquely effective in scraping Instagram  

30 Days Free Trial

3) ScrapingBee – Best for handling headless browsers

ScrapingBee is a tool that was developed in France with the intent of making web scraping easy. The tool helps eliminate the headache of handling headless browsers and proxies that bog down your speed.

ScrapingBee streamlines the data extraction by rendering your web page like a web browser. It offers a large proxy pool that helps you to lower your chances of getting blocked significantly by hiding your bots better. Scaling up relatively easily when your bots’ blocked chances decrease.


Ability to extract other details like Phone/cell number.

Extraction of pricing details

Automates data pulling from publishing sites

Effective image extraction

Detailed Extraction of phone numbers and email addresses.

It is one of the best data extractor software that creates a utility-driven yet simple workflow.

Offers No-Code, and JavaScript rendering

Provides export formats like websites, documents, emails, and phone numbers

Provides customer support via contact form

Pricing: Plans start at $49/month.

Free Trial: Yes, up to 1000 API calls.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

ScrapingBee makes for the perfect Black Box solution. Internal server errors can be frustrating.

Good technical support  

Makes automated pulling of data from sites that publish  

Periodical and human-readable Data is considerably easier.  

Yes, up to 1000 API calls.

4) ScraperAPI – Best for retrieving webpage HTML

ScraperAPI has made it easy to use proxies as it just needs the URL of the webpage that you plan on scraping, and it will return with the HTML of the webpage. It helps you to give undivided attention to the Data that is being scraped instead of having to keep checking proxies constantly. The API has built-in anti-bot detection and bypassing features, guaranteeing that your requests never get blocked again.

By constantly removing proxies that have grown slow or become sluggish, ScraperAPI maintains a tremendous speed that can easily reach up to 1000MBps. It is one of the best data retention tools that help collect data and organize it in the desired format.


This data extraction software offers easy extraction of web data

It enables you to customize the headers of each request as well as the request type

IP rotation feature keeps your IP from getting blocked.

Allows you to customize every header for requests.

Offers No-Code, and JavaScript rendering

Provides customer support via documentation, FAQs, and contact form

Pricing: Plans start at $49/per month.

Free Trial: 7 Days Free Trial.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

The IP rotation feature keeps your requests from getting blocked. Due to IP cycling, sometimes a few weird results might pop up.

Easy to set up and get started. Some errors do not have a detailed summary.

7 Days Free Trial.

5) DocParser – Best for parsing docs, pdfs, and many other formats

DocParser is a comprehensive solution for your automation and document parsing needs. It makes it easy to collect data from docs, scanned versions of image files, and PDFs. It also allows you to directly export data – be it Excel or any other format like JSON, CSV, or XML.

You can connect to 100% of endpoints with the help of native and third-party integrations. Batch processing helps in gathering data from multiple data sources.


Phone, email, document, and pricing extraction.

Multi-factor authentication features offer an added layer of security

Structures incoming data from tools

Multi-factor authentication

It is one of the best extraction tools that allow third-party integrations

Offers No-Code, and JavaScript rendering

Provides customer support via live chat, and contact form

Pricing: Plans start at $32.50 per month.

Free Trial: 21 Days Free Trial (No credit card required)

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It is easy to set up and use. Creation of the custom filters requires coding knowledge.

Helps structure data smoothly from incoming documents Customer service is lacking at times.

Reporting on the progress has been made easy with a comprehensive history.  

21 Days Free Trial (No credit card required)

6) ScrapeOwl – Best for Automating workflows

ScrapeOwl is known for efficiently managing proxies and headless browsers. It uses intuitive and straightforward ways to help businesses extract data.

You must input the target URL and the element you want to be scrapped, and the tool will handle the rest for you. It is one of the best solutions for all your data extraction, transfer, web scraping, and automation needs.


Helps you optimally scale operations.

You can automate online processes.

Performs repetitive work in an automated fashion.

Streamlines your workflow to aid your productivity.

Offers No-Code, and JavaScript rendering

Provides customer support via documentation, live chat, and contact form

Pricing: Plan Start from $29/month.

Free Trial: Yes, up to 1000 credit

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It makes web scraping simple. Lacks prompt customer support.

Web automation has been made easy. Misses out on tools to deal with unstructured data.

Data extraction and storing in proper format have been streamlined.  

7) Import – Best for scaling eCommerce Business is a highly efficient medium for scraping semi-structured data from web pages and arranging them in a properly structured format. It offers the facility of real-time data retrieval with the help of its streaming and JSON REST-based APIs.

If you are looking to integrate tools for data analysis and common programming languages into your web scraping mechanism, chúng tôi will offer you the best platform for you.


Allows you to extract IP addresses.

Intelligent API masks scrapper as a regular user.

Document and Email extraction features are also available.

Extracting image and pricing details is another prominent feature of this tool.

This tool also facilitates web data and phone number extraction.

Scrapes specific information from websites.

Masks scrapper with intelligent API.

Allows Extraction of IP addresses.

Offers No-Code, and JavaScript rendering

Provides customer support via contact form

Pricing: Request a free quote from sales.

Free Trial: 14 Days Free Trial

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

This platform boasts of a responsive and efficient support team. You cannot put your account on pause.

Helps scrape specific information from websites. Relatively expensive.

It is an ideal software for data mining.  

Data analysis of multiple URLs has been made easy.  

8) WebScraper – Best for web data extraction


Comes with both a manual and automatic mode.

Allows IP rotation with access to thousands of addresses.

Easy Website scraping

Allows you to set automated scraping at regular time intervals.

IP rotation with access to over a thousand IPs.

Offers No-Code, and JavaScript rendering

Provides customer support via contact form, documentation, tutorials, and forums

Pricing: Plans start at $50/ per month.

Free Trial: Lifetime free browser extension.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Requires no additional space on your system. This tool is not helpful if you wish to do anything other than website scraping.

It is pretty basic, which means everybody can use it with ease.  

Reporting on the progress has been made easy with a comprehensive history.  

9) Mail Parser – Best for extracting information from emails

Mail Parser is one of the most effective tools to scrape information from emails. It helps extract helpful information from incoming emails and then stores them in a structured way in your desired format.


Third-party integrations are allowed.

Routing feature lets you forward emails automatically.

Allows for archiving and retention.

Comprehensive dashboard for activities

Allows transfer of data to multiple points

Simplifies solving of complex parsing issues.

Offers No-Code, and JavaScript rendering

Provides customer support via documentation, email, and contact form

Pricing: Plans start at $79/year.

Free Trial: 30 Days Free Trial.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Helps increase productivity. Unreliable servers can cause a loss of data.

Allows the transfer of crucial data to multiple points. It can be a bit tricky to understand its best workings initially.

Solves complex parsing issues with great simplicity.  


Here are the best Data extraction tools:

Bright Data





There are two primary types of data extraction –

Physical: Physical Extraction is a process of extracting data bit-by-bit. Although, It is complex but more effective than logical Extraction.

Logical: This extraction method is used to infiltrate API and extract data. Logical Extraction is easier than Physical Extraction. However, it is also less accurate, and the chances of data extraction are reduced.

Here are some important reasons for using data extraction tools:

News Monitoring: Use python scripts to scrap news websites. The real time public data can be used for risk mitigation.

Lead generation: Automate lead generation and increase conversion rates. Track across multiple URLs with relative ease.

Tracking prices from multiple markets: Track prices offered by your competitors. Very useful if you run a drop shipping company.

Data collection for market research: Crawl websites at lightning speed and harvest data. The result can be fed into a funnel and used for further market research.

Data Extraction Tools are a heterogeneous bunch, with each one the best suited for a particular type of job. Before choosing a data extraction tool, you should look for the following aspects. To help you make an informed decision, consider exploring this comprehensive list of web scraping tools

Data Export Formats: You must check thoroughly whether the kind of Data you need to be extracted is supported by the tool before you end up purchasing the tool.

Scraping capability: The primary job of a data extraction tool involves scraping data from the target website or document.

Proxies: Some websites have a rate limitation feature and will block your bots after a certain point. However, the high number of proxies will help you bot stay undetected.

Scheduling: This will help you schedule extractions even when you are not actively using the system. It is a vital feature if you wish to extract data from periodical publications (websites that publish data at regular intervals)

Data Retention: Data Retention is the tool’s feature that stores data for a specific period. The higher the data retention period, the better it is for you.

Code Free: This is an essential criterion. Code-free data extraction tools are considerably easier to use and require no coding skills on the user’s part.

Customer support: Customer support is an essential criterion for any purchase. If the customer support of a specific tool is not up to the mark, you should steer clear of it no matter how good its other features are.

Free Trial: The free trial period is for you to decide whether you want to purchase the product or not. If a product does not provide a free trial period, you will be purchasing it blind and will have no idea about its features and usage.

Best Data Extraction Tools & Software

Top 5 Alternatives To Automic Automation In 2023

In the IT automation landscape, selecting an appropriate solution is critical to efficiently manage tasks, mitigate risks, and enhance overall operational efficiency. Automic Automation is one of ~30 workload automation software in the WLA market, providing automation capabilities across various platforms and applications. However, given the unique and often niche requirements of businesses in the current environment, it is essential to explore several alternatives. 

Our goal is to examine the leading alternatives to Automic Automation in 2023. We assess each competitor’s user reviews and indicators of their market presence in WLA to determine their strengths and benefits. This enables businesses to streamline their evaluation process and make informed decisions.

Comparison of Automic Automation and Top 5 Alternatives

VendorRating* ActiveBatch4.6/5 Redwood RunMyJobs4.6/5 OpCon Workload Automation4.6/5 Tidal Workload Automation (TWA)4.6/5 Automic Automation4.1/5 IBM Workload Automation4.0/5

*Ratings are based on Capterra, Gartner, G2, TrustRadius and Peerspot

Automic Automation Review

Automic Automation, now known as Broadcom Automation, is an enterprise-grade job scheduling platform that helps organizations streamline and automate their business processes. Automic Automation offers features and capabilities to enhance business operations, productivity, efficiency, and reliability in cloud environments.

Automic Automation has a long history of changing names and ownership:

Initially, Software Beratung Beranek (SBB) developed a product named “UC4”. As that product grew; the company named itself after this best-known product to facilitate recognition by audiences and customers in Europe in 2004.

In 2013, the company changed its name to Automic Automation.

In 2024, CA Technologies bought Automic Automation.

In 2023, CA Technologies were bought by Broadcom. Automic Automation is now officially owned by Broadcom.   

User Ratings:

Capterra: N/A

Gartner: 4.6/5 based on 3 Reviews

G2: 4.4/5 based on 14 Reviews

PeerSpot: 4.1/5 based on 13 Reviews

TrustRadius: 6.8/10 based on 13 Reviews and Ratings


Operates both on Windows and UNIX systems.

Offers a complete scripting language with ready-made blocks of code.

Offers plug-ins and ready-made workflows, which allows the multi-client concept to prevail. (See Figure 1)

The software is integrated to manage and automate applications on the market, such as: Apache, Tomcat, Remedy, VMWare, SAP, MySql, Jenkins, Office365, NetScaler, Siebel, SSH, and Oracle.


The file transfer area is not up to par with other solutions in the market and requires improvement (See Figure 1).

The debugger could be improved via more analytical and descriptive features.

Troubleshooting could be more guided.

Dashboard building features could be improved by introducing more options.

The web interface suffers from network downtime when it’s too crowded.

Figure 1: A Wipro Limited Employee’s Review of Automic Automation

Source: PeerSpot

Top 5 Automic Automation alternatives 1-ActiveBatch

ActiveBatch provides a job scheduling solution designed with extensive compatibility with enterprise applications. ActiveBatch can execute command-line operations without compromising its user-friendly nature. This implies that current open-source job schedulers can be integrated or streamlined into the ActiveBatch system.

Figure 1: ActiveBatch UI

User Ratings

Capterra:4.8/5.0 based on 52 reviews

Gartner:4.3/5.0 based on 61 Reviews

G2: 4.6/5 based on 171 Reviews

PeerSpot: 4.6/5 based on 16 reviews

TrustRadius: 9.1/10 based on 29 votes


ActiveBatch works on nearly every operating system, including Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS, and IBM iSeries AS/400.

It offers comprehensive scalability and extensibility

It has a low-code approach 

Seamless monitoring and managing activities and workflows.

The dashboard is easy to access and has a comprehensive file transfer system.

ActiveBatch is a centralized workload automation.


While integration with third-party tools and systems is available, the process can be developed. 

Getting used to the UI and some features and functions requires training.

Customization options could be improved.

2-Redwood RunMyJobs

Check out their offering:

User Ratings:

Capterra: 4.8/5.0 based on 33 reviews.

Gartner: N/A 

G2: 4.7/5 based on 117 reviews.

PeerSpot: 4.8/5 based on 19 reviews.

TrustRadius: 9.5/10 based on 28 votes.


Customizable workflows

Setting up resilient parallel and dependent processes

RunMyJobs can seamlessly link to several outside/Legacy systems. There won’t be any delays after the job is booked, therefore disruption of the work.

Supports all browsers.


While monitoring and alert services are useful, they could be improved.

Reporting features could be improved.

3-IBM Workload Automation

This solution provides a comprehensive and scalable approach to scheduling and performing various jobs, tasks, cloud resources, and processes in distributed environments. It incorporates numerous capabilities and functionalities designed to improve workload execution, optimize resource utilization, increase efficiency, and ensure the timely completion of crucial business activities.

User Ratings:

Capterra: 4.0/5 based on 8 Reviews

Gartner: N/A

G2: 4.3/5 based on 13 Reviews

PeerSpot: 4.0/5 based on 4 Reviews

TrustRadius: 7.3/5.0 based on 7 Reviews


Enables straightforward operations.

Features a user-friendly interface that is both simple and efficient.

IBM Workload Scheduler enables event-based automation, triggering jobs based on real-time events or specific conditions.


While working with the REST API and obtaining responses, there may still be a need for manual tasks and optimization.

4-OpCon Workload Automation

OpCon Workload Automation is a solution designed to manage and automate IT and business processes within organizations. It is a software platform developed by SMA Technologies that provides control and monitoring capabilities for workload scheduling configuration management, job execution, infrastructure management, and process automation.

OpCon offers features and functionalities to streamline operations and improve efficiency. It also supports event-based workflow automation, triggering automated processing workflows based on real-time events or specific conditions.

User Ratings:

Capterra: 4.8/5 based on 4 Reviews

Gartner: 4.9/5 based on 69 Ratings

G2: 4.6/5 based on 30 Reviews

PeerSpot: 4.5/5 based on 16 Reviews

TrustRadius: N/A


It can be leveraged to call batch scripts, access SFTP, monitor email accounts, and perform specific actions based on filtering incoming emails to trigger events.


The learning curve could be steep for administrators.

5-Tidal Workload Automation (TWA)

Tidal Workload Automation is a job and workflow orchestration and automation tool crafted to assist companies in handling intricate IT tasks effectively. It is compatible with a variety of platforms, databases, and applications. The platform provides features like intelligent automation triggered by events, in-depth reporting, and a unified control panel for managing jobs.

User Ratings:

Capterra: 4.8/5 based on 13 Reviews

Gartner:5/5 based on 1 Review

G2: 4.8/5 based on 24 Reviews

PeerSpot:4.7/5.0 based on 18 Reviews

TrustRadius: 8.3/10 based on 26 Reviews


Flexibility and customization options also make it popular for businesses looking to tailor automation to their specific needs.


The UI can be improved

Job failure alerts are not comprehensive

Reporting in terms of production statistics can be improved

More alternatives

Automic Automation is a workload automation tool with functionality that can be categorized under the categories below. You can learn about more alternatives on the pages that explain a few top vendors in detail:

Or check out complete vendor lists in these categories:

AIMultiple analyzed WLA vendors using relevant, public, and verifiable criteria covering vendor market presence and functionality. You can download the whitepaper to identify the market leaders to help you make your business decision.

Transparency statement

Numerous emerging tech firms, such as Redwood, are sponsors of AIMultiple.

He received his bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public Administration from Bilkent University and he received his master’s degree in International Politics from KU Leuven .





17 Alternatives To Dupeguru (Free And Paid Options)

Duplicate files are a pain. They eat up disk space and cause confusion. It’s hard to know where they came from—maybe you downloaded the same file more than once, maybe an app duplicated it when syncing your documents with the cloud, or maybe you have misplaced backups. You shouldn’t go blindly deleting duplicates—you need specialized software.

dupeGuru is a free, cross-platform application designed to find duplicate files. The price is right, and it’s quite popular. While it’s not perfect, the issues we had with the app are fairly minor.

First, be aware that it’s no longer maintained by the original developer, Virgil Dupras of Hardcoded Software. Initially, there was concern about the application’s future. Since Andrew Senetar took over the project, though, there’s hope that it won’t disappear any time soon.

Second, when we reviewed the app for our Best Duplicate File Finder, JP found the interface a little laggy. He also thought that working with the app can be time-consuming. After finding duplicates, it doesn’t select the redundant copies automatically—you have to pick them one by one.

Finally, the app relies on external libraries, which can lead to frustration during the initial setup. JP relates that when Kristen attempted to run it on her Windows-based ASUS PC, it wouldn’t run at all. She first had to download and install the latest version of Visual Basic C++.

It’s free and does the job. It scans both filenames and the file contents and can perform fuzzy scans. Is there any point in switching to an alternative? Yes—other apps are easier to install and use, run faster, offer more options, and provide more features. Read on to see if one of them might suit you better.

Commercial Duplicate Finders

1. Gemini 2 (Mac)

Gemini 2 is an intelligent duplicate file finder by MacPaw and was the Mac winner of our Best Duplicate File Finder roundup. It helps you locate files that are exact duplicates as well as those that are similar to help you free up wasted hard drive space.

You can search your entire home folder for duplicates or save time by specifying the Pictures Folder, Music Folder, or a custom folder. While reviewing the app, JP was able to free up over 10 GB in just 10 minutes.

If your cleanup needs to go beyond deleting duplicates, the company also offers CleanMyMac, an application we also tested and reviewed. When determining the Best Mac Cleaner Software, we found it was the combination of CleanMyMac X and Gemini 2. However, we wish both apps’ features were combined.

Gemini 2 can be purchased for $44.95, or a yearly subscription costs $19.95 for a single Mac. CleanMyMac X costs $34.95/year for one computer.

2. Duplicate Cleaner Pro (Windows)

Duplicate Cleaner Pro is the winner of our best recommendation for Windows users. It’s developed by the UK-based DigitalVolcano and matches the Gemini 2 Mac app in features and ease of use. A range of helpful video and text tutorials have been curated by the support team.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro can be purchased outright (including four updates) for $29.95.

3. Easy Duplicate Finder (Mac, Windows)

Easy Duplicate Finder works on Mac and Windows. As its name suggests, it has a focus on usability, and its interface reflects this. It can also locate and remove duplicate files from cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Learn more in our Easy Duplicate Finder Review.

4. Wise Duplicate Finder (Windows)

Wise Duplicate Finder gives Windows a head start by providing pre-loaded scans such as file name and size match (fast), partial match (slower), and exact match (much slower). You can let the app automatically decide which duplicates get deleted or select them manually.

Wise Duplicate Finder can be purchased for $19.95.

5. Duplicate Sweeper (Windows, Mac)

Duplicate Sweeper makes removing duplicate files quick and easy on both Windows and Mac. You can narrow the search by selecting specific folders. Like dupeGuru, dupes aren’t chosen automatically, making the process more tedious than it needs to be.

The full version of Duplicate Sweeper can be purchased from the official website for $19.99. The Mac version is also available from the Mac App Store for $9.99.

6. Duplicate Detective (Mac)

Duplicate Detective is easy to use, inexpensive, and only available from the Mac App Store. It looks a little dated and doesn’t let you specify what types of files to scan for or look for similar files rather than exact matches.

Duplicate Detective is available from the Mac App Store for $4.99.

7. Duplicate File Finder (Mac)

Duplicate File Finder is an easy-to-use Mac utility that lets you find and remove duplicate files, folders, and similar photos. One useful feature is Merge Folders, which takes content from similar folders and merges everything into just one that contains every file.

Download Duplicate File Finder for free from the Mac App Store. Enjoy all the features by upgrading to PRO through a $19.99 in-app purchase.

8. PhotoSweeper (Mac)

Commercial Cleanup Apps that Find Duplicate Files

9. Drive Genius (Mac)

Prosoft Engineering’s Drive Genius is a close competitor to CleanMyMac but includes the Find Duplicates feature without needing a separate purchase. Drive Genius costs $79 per computer per year.

10. MacBooster (Mac)

MacBooster is another close competitor to CleanMyMac that can help you locate and eliminate duplicate files. When he tested the app, JP particularly liked the Duplicates Finder and Photo Sweeper features. He found them similar to what Gemini 2 offers.

MacBooster Lite costs $89.95 and covers three Macs for life without support. MacBooster Standard is a subscription service for a single Mac that does include support and costs $39.95/year. A Premium plan covers three Macs for $59.95/year.

11. AVG TuneUp (Windows, Mac)

AVG TuneUp is a cross-platform cleanup app from a well-known antivirus company. It now includes removing duplicate files. It is a subscription service that costs $39.99 per year.

12. MacClean (Mac)

iMobie MacClean is a Mac cleanup application that finds duplicate files. Unfortunately, the first time I ran the scan, it crashed my computer. After that, it took just seven minutes to locate every duplicate file on my Mac. Its Smart Select feature can decide which versions to clean, or you can make that choice yourself.

A free download of MacClean will locate duplicate files but not remove them. To do that, choose one of these purchasing options: one Mac with one year of support for $19.99, one Mac with unlimited support for $29.99, up to five Macs with unlimited priority support for $39.99.

13. Tidy Up (Mac)

Tidy Up is a duplicate remover designed for pro users. It can search Lightroom, Photos, Aperture, iPhoto, iTunes, Mail, folders, and specific file types. Advanced search criteria are available, and a five-page introduction takes you through all its features.

Tidy Up starts from $29.99 for a single computer and can be purchased from the Hyperbolic Software website.

Free Alternatives to dupeGuru

14. Glary Duplicate Cleaner (Windows)

15. CCleaner (Windows, Mac)

CCleaner can be downloaded for free from its official website. CCleaner Pro is a subscription service that costs $19.95/year for a single computer.

16. SearchMyFiles (Windows)

SearchMyFiles is free. Download links can be found at the bottom of the official website.

17. CloneSpy (Windows)

CloneSpy is another free duplicate cleanup tool for Windows. While its interface isn’t easy to navigate, it offers a wide range of search options.

CloneSpy can be downloaded for free from the official website’s download page.

So What Should You Do?

dupeGuru is one of the better free duplicate file utilities that’s available. It’s an open-source project available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It seems that it will continue to be available for the foreseeable future.

However, you’ll have a better experience using a commercial application. We recommend Gemini 2 for Mac users. You can purchase it outright for $44.95 from the MacPaw Store or subscribe for $19.95/year. Windows users are directed to Duplicate Cleaner Pro, which costs $29.95 from the official website.

Alternatively, Easy Duplicate Finder is a good solution for Mac and Windows users that has a greater focus on usability.

17 Best Adobe Acrobat Alternatives In 2023

Adobe Acrobat DC is a software that helps you to create, secure, and distribute PDF files. It also allows you to change content or images in PDF files. However, the biggest drawback of the adobe acrobat is the cost.

Following is a handpicked list of the Top Adobe Acrobat Pro alternatives, with popular features and latest download links. This list includes commercial(paid) as well as open-source (free) software.

Icecream Apps PDF-Editor is an intuitive software that enables you to create and make changes in the PDF file. This application helps you to edit, manage pages, annotate, and more.


Combine PDF pages.

It allows you to move, rotate, and resize objects.

This application allows you to set a password to protect PDF files.

Offers built-in forms in PDF documents.

Add notes in the PDF.

You can search through the document before making changes in it.

You can export in your edited PDF in JPG, PNG, TIFF, or RTF formats

Supports Add notes, Highlight, Strikethrough or Highlight text, Comments, and more.

Supported Platform: Windows, Mac and Android

Price: $49 One-time Payment, No Time Limit

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Lifetime Free Basic Plan

pdfFiller is a web-based PDF management solution that doesn’t require installation. It is fully compatible with most operating systems and devices. Unlike most of the alternatives to Adobe Acrobat, pdfFiller offers multiple features for professional PDF editing, signing, converting, team collaboration, and sharing. It offers users a free 30-day trial to test drive its functionality.

pdfFiller vs Adobe Acrobat features comparison:

Capabilities pdfFiller Adobe Acrobat

Fill out PDFs online Yes No

PDF editing Yes Yes

Sign PDFs online Yes No

Unlimited cloud storage Yes No

Annotate PDF Yes Yes

Free mobile app Yes No

Track sent documents Yes No


You can Print, Email, Fax, or Download your PDF

Supports Highlight and Annotate Documents

Supported Platform: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Price: Plans start at $8 a month. 67% Discount on Yearly Payment.

Free Trial: 30-Days

30-Days Free Trial

Wondershare PDFelement is a software tool which makes creating, editing, converting, and signing PDF files easy. It runs on both Windows and Mac operating system. There are three plans: 1) Individual 2) Team and 3) Education.


You can control your PDF file with no hassle.

This software provides a simple way to distribute forms and combine them for analysis.

Protect your file from unintended access.

Express yourself verbally and visually word processor so that you can easily edit PDFs.

You can export in your edited PDF in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, text and image file formats

Supports Highlight, Underline, Strikethrough, Note, Shapes, Callout, and more

Supported Platform: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Price: Plans start at $49.99 a month. 50% Discount on Yearly Payment.

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Nitro Pro is a replacement for Adobe PDF Editor. This software allows the business team to work in a better way with various documents and each other. This software comes with OCR engine for scanning paper documents. It makes working with digital documents stress-free.


Helps you to convert PDF to Excel and PowerPoint faster.

Quickly share documents securely via the cloud.

Access and share file quicker with your colleagues.

It is an excellent alternative to printed documents.

Multitasking feature allows you to modify PDF files easily

Provides a simple way to verify digital signatures.

You can export in your edited PDF in Word, Rich Text Format (.RTF), Image, or Excel formats

Supports Highlight, Cross-out, Underline, and Replace.

Supported Platform: Windows, Mac

Price: Plans start at $60.87 a month.

Free Trial: 14-Days

14-Days Free Trial

Ashampoo PDF Pro is an editor to make changes in PDF files. It enables you to manage your documents with ease. The application can create the exact size of the document that you can read on any device. This tool can also be used to merge two PDFs.


You can design and edit forms.

Compare PDFs side by side.

You can split the document with ease.

It enables you to take screenshots.

The tool has simplified text formatting dialog.

Ashampoo offers settings for line and paragraph.

You can export in your edited PDF in Microsoft Word, RTF, HTML, EPUB, or JPEG formats

Supports Text, Drawings and Audio Commentary.

Supported Platform: Windows

Price: $49 One-time Payment, No Time Limit

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Lifetime Free Basic Plan

ABBYY FineReader is an OCR and PDF software. It is easy to use PDF tool to increase business productivity with documents. You can access and make changes in the content locked in pdf files and paper-based documents.


Use the latest OCR technology to scan and convert paper documents to Word, Excel, or PDF.

It is a faster way to identify changes between various versions of the documents.

Hot folder helps you to streamline document conversion.

You can export in your edited PDF in Microsoft Word, Excel, etc formats

Supports Text, Images, Chart, and Captions

Supported Platform: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Price: Plans start at $19 a month.

Free Trial: 7-Days

7-Days Free Trial

PDF Fusion is a PDF creator software that allows you to assemble, edit and create PDFs. This Adobe Acrobat alternative helps you quickly assemble new documents using pages from existing material. It also allows you to export and email PDF documents with ease.


Provides an easy drag and drop feature to combine multiple file types in one PDF document.

You can edit or add text anywhere in a PDF document.

It allows you to share the file with anyone by converting it to PDF, XPS, or Microsoft Word formats.

It helps you to markup documents using highlighting and sticky notes.

You can export in your edited PDF in PDF, DOC and XPS formats formats

Supports Sticky-notes, Highlighting, Freehand lines, and Arrows.

Supported Platform: Windows

Price: Plans start at $54.99 a month. 15% Discount on Yearly Payment.

Free Trial: 30-Days

30-Days Free Trial


It provides smooth scrolling and faster way to search for any layout.

Use Apple pencil to add annotate or notes.

It uses search indexing to find required things very quickly.

Automatically detects font size and opacity of written text so that you can edit document easily.

It has a crop tool to crop pages.

You can export in your edited PDF in Text, Images, Links, Signatures, Pages, and Files formats

Supported Platform: iPhone, iPad and Mac

Price: Plans start at $7.2 a month.

Free Trial: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

It is a software tool to convert, create, and edit PDF files. This Adobe Acrobat alternative free software converts PDF file to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, AutoCAD, Images, and Publisher. This PDF editor tool is a cross-platform editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


This software allows you to customize conversation by selecting the desired page, paragraph, or line.

A large volume of PDF documents can be automated easily using this software.

Allows you to convert PDF files to many open-source formats like Writer (ODT), Impress (ODP), and Calc (ODS).

You can export in your edited PDF in MS Office (Word, Excel, PPT), AutoCAD, HTML, or an image formats

Supports Sticky Notes, Underline, Highlighter, Stamp, Caret, Squiggly Line, Strikethrough, Attachment, Link, and Watermark

Supported Platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price: Plans start at $34.95 a month.

Free Trial: 30-Days

30-Days Free Trial

#10) Foxit PhantomPDF

Foxit PhantomPDF is a PDF editor to generate and manage PDF document. It is one of the best Adobe Acrobat alternative that offers an efficient way to create and manage documents after you publish them. Three available versions of this editor are 1) Standard 9, 2) Business 9, and 3) Mac.


Easy to create and edit fillable forms and documents.

It allows adding headers, footers, and export PDF documents.

Easy to collaborate with the team.

It helps you to protect your content in a better way.

It offers ECMs and cloud storage facility to share your documents.

You can export in your edited PDF in Word, Excel, and other formats

Supports Note, Line, and Highlight

Supported Platform: Windows, Mac, Android

Price: Plans start at $128.84 a Year.

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

#11) Sejda PDF Editor

Sejda PDF Editor is a free online PDF tool. It also provides direct links to open PDF documents with the editor. You can also use this editor to fill and sign PDF. The editor is alternative to other PDF creating and editing software such as Adobe acrobat. Use this alternative to Adobe Acrobat software to compress PDF files.


Files are automatically deleted after 2 hours.

Documents will stay private.

It is an online tool, so you do n’t require any installation.

Easy to make changes in a file online.

You can export in your edited PDF in Doc format

Supports Strikethrough and Highlight text

Supported Platform: Windows, Linux or Mac

Price: Plans start at $7 a month. 21% Discount on Yearly Payment.

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

#12) PDFescape

PDFescape is an online PDF editor tool. It is also available for windows. This software is an excellent alternative to Adobe Acrobat. Using an online editor, you can create and edit PDF files anytime, anywhere. Two versions of this tool are 1) online and 2) premium. Available with more options to work with PDFs.

Features of PDFescape:

Edit PDF files without any hassle.

It is very easy to annotate PDF Documents.

An excellent way to create PDF forms.

Share and view PDF files online.

Carets, Sticky notes, Highlight, Strikeout, Underline PDF Text, Stylable Popups

You can export in your edited PDF in Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Image formats

Supported Platform: Online, and Windows 11, 10, 8, & 7

Price: Plans start at $2.99 a month.

Free Trial: 7-Days

#13) Dochub

Dochub is an online free tool to edit, send, and sign PDF file. You can use this online tool to simplify document workflow. The editor can also be used to annotate and sign PDF document digitally. It is one of the best alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Pro that can be integrated with Gmail, Dropbox, and Google Drive.


You will get PDF file signed with Sign Requests, DocHub, and eSignatures.

It is a faster and easy way to create various templates and forms.

You can open a file directly from your Gmail, drive, or dropbox.

It allows OAuth 2.0 authentication and 256-bit SSL encryption for security.

You can export in your edited PDF in Doc format

Supports Whiteout Redact and Highlight Underline Strikeout

Supported Platform: Android, iOS, and. Windows

Price: Plans start at $6 a month. 2% Discount on Yearly Payment.

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

#14) SmallPDF

SmallPDF is an online PDF tool. It is all in one software tools to compress, edit, convert, split, and merge PDFs online. Users can use it to convert Gmail attachment into various files to and from PDF. The trial version of this tool is available for seven days.


Compress PDF with no problem.

Convert Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files to PDF.

This Adobe Acrobat pro alternative has a simple way to remove multiple pages.

Split one PDF file to multiple files.

Remove encryption, permission, and password from your PDF document.

Protect PDF document using password and encryption.

You can export in your edited PDF in Word, Excel, PPT, and image formats

Supports Text, Shapes, Images and Freehand

Supported Platform: Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android

Price: Plans start at $9 a month.

Free Trial: 7-Days

#15) Xodo

Using Xodo, you can make changes, annotate, sign, and share PDF file on computer, web, and mobile. This software makes working with PDF file easy. Intuitive design of this software allows you to focus on the content. It is designed for highlighting text written in the documents.


You can sign documents quickly on the fly.

This Adobe Acrobat pro alternative software allows you to complete forms on the go from your tablet or smartphone.

Easy to annotate PDFs.

Collaborate with others in real time.

You can work with PDFs on your Google Drive, Dropbox and with Xodo.

Text, Create annotations, Add signature & more.

You can export in your edited PDF in JPG, PNG, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and HTML formats

Supported Platform: Web

Free Trial: Lifetime Free

#16) Ilovepdf

IlovePDF is free and easy to use tool to work with PDFs. It is one of the best free Adobe Acrobat alternatives which allows you to split, merge, convert, watermark, and compress, PDF files easily. This Adobe Acrobat DC alternative app offers you to manage PDF document, in bulk or alone, over the web.


Combine, and merge PDF in the way you want.

Reduce PDF file size to improve PDF quality.

Convert PDF to JPG or vice versa in seconds.

Add page number in your PDF.

Add watermark in any PDF file.

Delete and add pages to PDF at your convenience.

You can export in your edited PDF in Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, or JPG formats

Supports Add text, Import images or photos, Insert shapes, emojis, symbols, Freehand drawing, and annotating

Supported Platform: Windows or Mac

Price: Plans start at $2.50 a month.

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

#17) Novapdf


Convert any documents to PDF.

Easy to use add-ins for Microsoft Office.

256-bit AES encryption to secure your PDFs.

Effectively manage the license for the printer driver.

Insert the text or paragraphs of a PDF file in another PDF file to create one PDF document.

You can export in your edited PDF in DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PUBX, HTML, or TXT formats

Supported Platform: Windows

Price: $29 One-time Payment, No Recurring Fees

Free Trial: 30-Days

FAQs ❓ What is Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat DC is software that helps you to create, view, manipulate, manage, and distribute files in PDF (Portable Document Format) format. It allows you to change content or images in PDF files. It also helps you to stay connected with your team with simple workflows across different devices.

💻 Which are the Best Adobe Acrobat alternatives? ❗ Why look for an Adobe Acrobat alternative?

The main drawback with Adobe Acrobat is the cost and lack of some features. On the other hand, some good Adobe Acrobat alternative tools offer similar or more benefits for free or less cost. These alternative tools offer users multiple functionalities and features for PDF files with lesser cost compared to Adobe Acrobat.

✅ Which factors to consider while choosing a PDF Viewer, Editor & Creator Software?

You should consider the following factors while choosing a PDF viewer, editor, or creator software:

Functionalities and features offered

Easy to use

Ability to create, edit, print, and share PDF files

Pre-design templates and backgrounds offered for easy document creation

Scanning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) features

Support for multiple platforms

Security features

Customer support

Multitasking features

Collaboration features

File conversion features

Update the detailed information about 9 Free Or Cheaper Alternatives To 1Password In 2023 on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!