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10 Best Poster Making Apps for Android

Through this blog, we are highlighting 10 best Poster making apps for your Android phone. You can use these best banner apps to create posters, flyers, banners, and creative marketing graphics. Additionally, they are free, so you can easily handpick any of the apps which are mentioned below.

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Below are the 10 Best Poster Making Apps for Android:

No. Application  Available on Ratings

1 Poster Maker, Flyer Designer, Ads Page Designer Android 4.8

2 Poster Maker Flyer Maker 2023 free Ads Page Design Android 4.6

3 Poster Maker- Poster Creator & Poster Designer Android 4.7

4 Poster Maker, Flyers, Banner, Ads, Card Designer Android 4.6

5 Poster Maker & Poster Designer Android 4.6

6 Poster Maker: Creative Arts, Flyer, Ads Page Maker Android 4.8

7 Flyer Poster Maker Android 4.2

8 Poster Maker, Flyer, Banner Maker, Graphic Design Android 4.5

9 Poster- Maker – Poster Design, Flyer Maker & Ad Maker Android 4.6

10 Posters: Story Editor template design post Android 4.7

1.  Poster Maker, Flyer Designer, Ads Page Designer

Huge collection of backgrounds

Select your own picture as well

Add stickers

Easy share on social media

Various shades available for background

Download Now

2.  Poster Maker Flyer Maker 2023 free Ads Page Design

Create designs

Create promotional posters

Sales posters

Unlimited stickers

Easy save and share feature

Download Now

3.  Poster Maker- Poster Creator & Poster Designer

Choose textures

Easy to operate

Add wonderful stickers

Share on social media

Add pictures from the gallery

Download Now

4.  Poster Maker, Flyers, Banner, Ads, Card Designer

Hassle-free editing

Huge collection of backgrounds

Add pictures

Easy save and share feature

1000+ fonts and stickers

Download Now

5.  Poster Maker & Poster Designer

This app makes your photographs look attractive and different by adding mirror effects. You can select various themes easily and make your creative poster with only two steps. The app has in-built adjustable textures to personalize your graphic creations.

Typo fonts

Easy to generate

Multiple text arrangements

Add your own elements and download more templates

Add different frames and borders

Download Now

6.  Poster Maker: Creative Arts, Flyer, Ads Page Maker

This app is suitable for promotional posters for your restaurant, shops or office. The app has amazing backgrounds, textures, fonts, stickers and many more. The app converts your regular posts into creative posters. Poster maker is an extraordinary tool to create graphical content easily.

Select textures

Easy save and share

Fine-tune feature

Add pictures from the gallery

Easy generation of your concepts

Download Now

7.  Flyer Poster Maker

Flyer Poster Maker creates graphics canvas and templates for different types of projects. You can use this app for the creation of a wedding invitation, birthday invitation, and inauguration parties. It is a versatile free graphics app with 4.2 ratings.

Easy to operate

Suitable for the creation of invitations

Different themes, fonts, and stickers

8.  Poster Maker, Flyer, Banner Maker, Graphic Design

Poster Maker has more than 1000 poster design templates to make creative graphical content for marketing purposes. App has plenty of poster templates without watermarks, text and creative graphics.

Free to use

Multiple layers


Artificial intelligence

One-tap enhance

Crop feature

Download Now

9. Poster Maker – Poster Design, Flyer Maker & Ad Maker

This app is the easiest poster creator app. This app has 100+ backgrounds and 15+ different themes for background according to the occasions. Additionally, they have 30+ filters to enhance picture quality.

Custom background maker

50+ fonts

Easy cropping

Easy save and share

Import your own backgrounds

10. Posters: Story Editor template design post

If you’re looking for creative social media content and posters, this app is an appropriate creation. Posters have dozens of free creative templates. From this app, you can add GIF too!

Easy to handle

Create cool artistic posters

Add multiple stickers

Add text to photos

Create in-stories

Download Now

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10 Best Skateboard Apps For Android

Looking for some great electric skateboards? Here are the best

Price: Free

Discord is a chat app for gamers. It works well for just about anything, though. You create a group, add people to it, and talk to them. This works great for keeping local skaters connected, although Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and similar apps would work as well. Whatever is the easiest, really. Keeping in contact means bigger groups at the skate park and that’s always a good time. Discord, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and most chat apps are completely free. We only recommend Discord because it’s much easier to keep track of a larger group with it. BAND is another excellent app for skater groups.

Game of S.K.A.T.E.

See also: The best skateboarding games for Android

Gear shop apps

Price: Free / Merch varies

See also: The best shopping apps for Android

Instagram, Byte, Facebook, etc

Price: Free

Skateboarders love to showcase their talent. The best way to do that is with live streaming video. There are a variety of apps that do it. Instagram, Periscope, Facebook, and YouTube are the biggest. There are also a lot of others, including LiveStream, Twitch, and others. We mostly recommend the big three with Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope. They have excellent reach, they’re easy, and you can save them to your profile when you’re done. They’re also completely free. Byte recently launched as a sequel to Vine and lets you upload seven second clips which can be perfect for showing off a good skate trick.

See also: The best social media apps and other interesting options


Price: Free / $5.99 per month / $34.99 per year


Skate Dice

Price: Free / $2.99

Skate Dice is another popular game for IRL skaters. The app rolls several dice. Each dice has a trick on it. You then perform the tricks on the dice in the order specified. It’s an excellent and creative way to practice tricks, transitioning from one trick to the next, and improvisation techniques. This particular app boasts various tricks, difficulty settings, and a glossary of tricks in case you don’t know one. There are others on Google Play that are about as good. This isn’t a type of app that many people even know about, much less download.

Skate Location apps

Price: Free / Varies

There are a variety of skateboard apps to help find places to actually skate. These show you various places to skate. Google Maps is the obvious champion here. However, there are also specialized apps specifically for skaters. They vary in terms of quality, success, and even region. You may have to surf for them. Skate Spots Hunter isn’t too bad and Own The Spot has a lot of potential. This seems to be a newer genre in skateboarding apps. Most of them are free, but a few of them may ask for a few bucks here or there.

See also: The best GPS apps and navigation apps for Android

Skate Tricks

Price: Free / Up to $6.49

Skate Tricks is a fairly simple app. It shows you a bunch of skate tricks along with step-by-step instructions on how to perform those tricks. It boasts a wide range of tricks from grabs to flats, slides, ramps, and some other stuff as well. The tips and tricks section could be a little better organized because it’s basically one big paragraph and there are some grammatical issues as well. However, it otherwise works pretty well. The vast majority of the complaints is that the app isn’t free.


10 Best Apps For Babies For Ipad, Iphone, And Android

Talking to your baby, playing games with them, and teaching them words is essential to their mental development. However, for those times when your little one is in the car seat on your way to the store or in their playpen while you prepare their bottle, your infant’s mental growth and learning doesn’t have to stop. 

You can provide your baby with iPad, iPhone, or Android apps that help with their visual development, hand-eye coordination, and audio recognition including sounds and music. The following are the best apps for babies to support their growth and development.

Table of Contents

1. Visual Stimulation

In the early months of an infant’s life, their vision is limited. By showing them black and white images with simple shapes and contrasting colors like red, you can help their visual development. 

The Visual Stimulation app provides these types of images as full-screen cards. Simply tap to move between the images that display in black and white with a splash of red. You can also turn on Slide Show mode to show the images automatically and set the slide appearance time.

Visual Stimulation is available for free on iPhone, iPad, and Android without in-app purchases. 

2. Infant+

Similar to the Visual Stimulation app is Infant+ which adds music to the contrasting images. You can set the animated pictures of shapes in black, white, and red to change automatically or with a swipe. 

The background music is a soothing, classical instrumental that you can change if you like. Set it for random or pick a song like Mozart’s Sonata No. 10 or Debussy’s Reverie.

Infant+ is available for free on iPhone and iPad with in-app purchases for additional scenes, dark mode, and ad-removal.

3. Mommy Saver: High Contrast Baby Visual Stimulation

For Android users interested in a visual development app that offers instrumental background music comes Mommy Saver. 

Like Infant+ for iOS, the app provides images of basic shapes in black, white, and red. Mommy Saver takes the images a step further by displaying other bright colors when you touch the screen. 

Mommy Saver: High Contrast Baby Visual Stimulation is available for free on Android. You can also check out Mommy Saver Plus which provides more images and songs.

4. Infant Zoo LITE for Babies

With Infant Zoo, your little one can enjoy animated images of animals in basic colors and hear the sounds they make. 

You can choose Watch for your baby to simply see each animated character or Play which allows them to tap and make the magic happen. The app also plays an upbeat, happy tune that you can mute if you wish.

Infant Zoo LITE for Babies is available for free on iPhone and iPad with an in-app purchase to upgrade and receive more animal friends, use the app in portrait or landscape view, and watch endlessly.

5. Baby Color Tap

For a different type of visual stimulation and the addition of physical movement, check out Baby Color Tap. The app offers a variety of different background colors with fun, unique sounds and pops of colored confetti when you tap.

You can enable full-screen mode and a child lock so that the app can’t be closed accidentally. 

6. Onni & Ilona: Happy Animals

Onni & Ilona: Happy Animals is a cute and colorful app for babies that offers images of animals and the sounds they make. This lets your infant watch and listen to help them visually focus and enhance their overall development.

Each image has an animation you can play where the animal moves and makes sounds. The colors are simple black and white with basic colors of green, yellow, and red.

Onni & Ilona: Happy Animals is available for free on iPhone and iPad with an in-app purchase to unlock all 12 characters.

7. Baby Rattle Toy + Child Lock

Select a theme like fish, animals, or a holiday. You’ll then see the characters bounce around the screen for your baby to tap. The character then circles the screen while making a fun sound. There’s jolly background music and the ability to change the size of the characters. You’ll need to enter a code to adjust the settings, keeping it safe from an accidental change.

Baby Rattle Toy + Child Lock is available for free on iPhone, iPad, and Android. You can review in-app purchases to unlock additional scenes and enable the camera.

8. Sensory Baby: Games for Babies

A similar app for enhancing hand-eye coordination is Sensory Baby. Just like Baby Rattle Toy, you’ll see characters like pretty butterflies and birds fly about the screen. Tap to hear a neat sound and see colorful twinkles and stars.

You can choose from different characters, effects, backgrounds, and themes. As you move the device, the scene moves with you for a nice experience and one your little one will enjoy.

9. Baby Games: Piano & Baby Phone

If you’re in the market for an app that offers a variety of games and visuals for your infant, Baby Games: Piano & Baby Phone is a terrific choice. You can choose from eight activities including animals and their sounds, playing and singing rhymes, and a baby phone to call animals.

For visual stimulation, open Fireworks and view a nice display of those colorful lights in the dark sky. For hand-eye coordination, open Pop ‘n Play where your baby can tap to pop balloons or smiley faces that make fun sounds. For learning words, open First Words and choose a category to see and hear each word.

Baby Games: Piano & Baby Phone is available for free on iPhone, iPad, and Android with no in-app purchases. 

10. First Words for Baby

For an entertaining way to introduce new words to your infant, check out First Words for Baby. The app offers a variety of common words with animations, sounds, and professional pronunciation.

Select a category and then move through each image. Tap the screen to hear the sound and watch the animation. Teach your baby basic words like cat, dog, or ball, or have them look at other babies who laugh, cry, and crawl.

An infant’s mental development relies on many factors. When you can’t be hands-on with your baby, reading them a story or playing peek-a-boo, you can still help enhance their visual, audio, and motor skills as they grow into their first year. Hopefully one or more of these best apps for babies will make their way onto your device and to your little one.

10 Best Youtube Video Downloader Apps For Android 2023

10 Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps For Uninterrupted Entertainment (Android) Experience the freedom to watch your favorite videos anytime, anywhere with the help of YouTube Video Downloading Apps!

Although there are several YT Downloaders available in the market, the real MVPs in this game are – – 4K Video Downloader, Videoder, and Tubemate. These trusted apps are highly reliable and provide the smoothest downloading experience you could ask for.

How To Use YT Video Downloader Application On Android?

To use a YouTube Video Downloader on a smartphone, here’s what you need to do:

2. Launch the app and copy the video URL from YouTube or another supported platform.

3. Paste the URL into the app.

4. Choose your preferred video quality and format.

5. Start the download.

6. Access your downloaded videos within the app or via phone gallery.

Enjoy watching your downloaded videos offline on Android.

These were the general steps to unlock the power of any YouTube downloader app for Android. But these may vary slightly depending on the app you choose. 

Are you all set to take your YouTube experience to new heights? Check out this video downloader application for YouTube & other popular streaming sites.

1. 4K Video Downloader

It’s probably one of the most popular YouTube Video Downloading apps for Android & other devices. 4K Video Downloader is quite versatile & supports multiple file formats, including MP4, MKV, M4A, MP3, FLV, 3GP & more so that you can save almost any type of video file with or without subtitles on your device. The free video downloader is easiest to use and allows you to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok or Facebook. The service is highly customizable, you can choose to save your favorite videos in different qualities such as 4K ultra-high res, plus 720p, 1080p HD & even 8k.  Additionally, the video downloading app has an excellent YouTube Playlist Downloader so that you can download & save the entire video playlist and even watch them offline later.


Download YouTube annotations & subtitles as well

A handy option to download YouTube audios only

Supports bulk-video downloading

Multilingual YouTube downloading app

How To Use 4K Video Downloader To Save YouTube Videos?

Follow the instructions below to use the service:

Step 1- Install 4K video downloader on your device.

Step2- Copy the URL of the video you would like to download from YouTube.

Step 3- Simply paste the URL in the application.

Step 4- Choose the quality of video & hit the Download button to complete the process.


Allows downloading videos in 8K as well.

Supports plenty of languages.

Highly customizable.


None as such for a free YouTube video downloading application.

Download 4K Video Downloader

2. Videoder

Videoder is one of the most amazing YouTube Video downloader App for Android phones. This application also works best on Windows PCs and phones but it’s best compatible with Android devices. It has been downloaded and loved by over 20 million users across the world. You can download the latest version of Videoder and start downloading your favorite Music and Videos. This amazing application offers dissimilar file formats from different sources like chúng tôi chúng tôi chúng tôi chúng tôi chúng tôi chúng tôi chúng tôi chúng tôi chúng tôi chúng tôi + 170 more websites. Videoder also offers you free online YouTube video downloader platform from the website.


Download YouTube videos

YouTube playlist downloader

Inbuilt browser with Ad Blocker

Up to 10X faster downloading

Best download manager

4K video downloader


Step 1. Download the .apk file and install Videoder.

Step 2. Search for your favorite videos.

Step 3. Download YouTube video in your desired file format/quality and store them on your internal storage.


Supports more than 30 websites.

Download videos in audio formats.

Videoder offers a new user-friendly interface to search for videos.


Asks for location and media modify permissions.

Download Now

3. TubeMate

TubeMate is the second popular YouTube video downloader App for Android on our list. This is one of the most searched Apps in the Android App store. It not only allows users to download YouTube videos directly on mobile devices but also offers you to download YouTube videos in audio format at a fast speed with high quality. Apart from downloading YouTube videos, TubeMate also allows you to save videos from Facebook, MetaCafe, Vimeo, DailyMotion & YouKu, etc.

Tubemate is also one of the best choices to download videos directly in Audio file formats to save up disk space. While installing any YouTube video downloader for Android mobile phones, you need to be extra cautious about the kind of permissions you grant to any such App as safety comes first.


Change your preferred storage location

Easily pause/resume or cancel any ongoing download

Create and play your own playlist using the inbuilt media player

Download multiple video files formats simultaneously

Offers MP3 Media Converter to convert files formats


Step 1. Download the .apk file and install TubeMate as it is not available on Google Play.

Step 2. Search for your favorite videos in any rich format or video quality.

Step 3. Download YouTube video in your desired file format/quality and store them on your internal storage. The downloaded videos will be stored on your SD card by default.


TubeMate doesn’t ask for any special permissions.

Light and doesn’t show as many Ads as others.



Download Now

4. KeepVid


Supports HD Video download

Simple UI and customization options

Download videos in any audio/video formats

Supports a lot of websites to download videos

Download videos with inbuilt subtitles


Step 1. Download the .apk file and install KeepVid as it is not available on Google Play.

Step 2. Search for your favorite videos in any rich format or video quality.

Step 3. Download YouTube video in your desired file format/quality and store them on your internal storage. The downloaded videos will be stored on your SD card by default.


KeepVid doesn’t request for any special permissions.

Offers free online video download option.


Notifications are visible all the time.

Download Now

5. SnapTube

SnapTube is one of the world’s most popular YouTube Video Downloader App along with online video streaming website. Apart from downloading regular videos, you can also download 4K, 8K, 360 degrees, VR & 60 fps videos. It is not just one of the best video downloader but also a great source for knowledge, entertainment, sports, music & games. YouTube Video Downloader Apps came in place as you can’t directly download any video from YouTube. SnapTube is one of the best YouTube Video Downloader for android that can’t be ignored.


Search videos with keywords

Download videos in multiple resolutions


Step 1. Download the .apk file and install SnapTube as it is not available on Google Play.

Step 2. Search for your favorite videos using keywords or paste a URL.

Step 3. Download YouTube video in your desired file format/quality and store them on your internal storage. The downloaded videos will be stored on your SD card by default.


A unique and similar interface to YouTube.

It doesn’t request for any sensitive and special permissions.


Slow downloading speed as compared to other YouTube video downloaders for android.

Download Now

6. InsTube

InsTube is last but not the least YouTube Video Downloader app. This is also one of the latest YouTube downloaders for android with a beautiful user interface and strong downloading functions. It allows you to download various videos and audio formats in android. Apart from YouTube, InsTube also supports dozens of other platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, Vimeo, Tune, Vine, Vevo, Sky movies, Toad, Vuclip, Dailymotion, Funnyordie, Dailytube, Pagalworld, Mthai, Liveleak, AOL or Metacafe.


HD, Full HD or 4K resolutions supported

Download music and videos from 100+ sites

With 10X speed to download video and music

With a powerful built-in video and music player

Built-in video locker to protect your privacy

Free download with a clean interface


Step 1. Download the .apk file and install InsTube as it is not available on Google Play.

Step 2. Search for your favorite videos using keywords or paste a URL.

Step 3. Download YouTube video in your desired file format/quality and store them on your internal storage. Tap on the red download button and choose the quality of the video. Tap on ‘Fast Download’ and your video will start downloading.


Supports video downloading from over 30 websites.

The app doesn’t require any special permissions.


New to the market.

Download Now

7. Top video downloader


Supports multiple file-formats including MP3, MP4, M4A, MOV, AVI, FLV, M4V etc.

Easily download YouTube audios, videos & movie files

You can save videos for offline watching

Supports HD, 2K & 4K qualities

How To Use Top video downloader To Save YouTube Videos?

Follow the instructions to use this downloading service:

Step 1- Browse YouTube or any other social media network using the built-in browser.

Step 2- Navigate to the video you would like to save into your gallery & let the app detect the videos automatically.

Step 3- Simply tap on the Download button.

Step 4- Tap done & enjoy the video!


Has a built-in browser.

Download the videos in the background.

Supports saving large video files.


Few permissions required to work properly.

Download Top video downloader

8. All Social Video Downloader

Introducing another excellent YouTube video downloading application for Android that makes saving your favourite video clips easy from any Social networking site or video website. It works smartly and auto-detect videos so that you can simply download them in a tap. The free Android video downloader has a powerful manager that helps to resume, pause & remove videos easily when you are saving files in bulk. It supports almost every popular file format, gives the ability to check progress from notification panels & helps you to download bulk and large files without any hassles. No login or special registration is required to use the downloader.


Download & save unlimited videos.

Has HD, 2K & 4K support.

Helps to download images & audios as well from Instagram or any other platform.

How To Use All Social Video Downloaders To Save YouTube Videos?

Follow the step by step method to use the tool:

Step 1- Browse any social media network site using the built-in browser.

Step 2- Navigate to the video you would like to save & let the app detect the videos automatically.

Step 3- Tap on the Download button to start the download process.

Step 4- Tap done & enjoy the video!


Easy to use free video downloader app.

Features a built-in browser to search & download videos directly.

Supports multiple file formats.

Supports downloading videos in best qualities.


None as such for a free Android video downloading the application.

Download Top video downloader!

9. OGYouTube

OGYouTube is an amazing solution to fulfil your video downloading needs on Android. You can save your favourite video clips in HD & other qualities as per your convenience. It even supports downloading audios from YouTube which is quite useful. Unlike other free video downloaders, OGYouTube works effortlessly on rooted devices as well. The app comes handy when it comes to browsing videos, streaming YouTube and downloading them from one dashboard. But what makes OGYouTube the Best YouTube Video Downloader for Android? It supports background playback feature that means you can play the audio in the background while minimizing the YouTube app.


Offers built-in browser to find & stream YouTube videos

Supports playing YouTube audio in the background

Comes with a built-in video to audio converter

Supports Picture in Picture mode

Download videos in best quality

How To Use OGYouTube To Save YouTube Videos?

Step 1- Install YouTube Video Downloader apk from the link given below.

Step 2- Launch OGYouTube & from the main screen you need to search for the videos you would like to download.

Step 3- Once the video starts streaming, find & tap on the Download option.

Step 4- You’ll be asked to choose the video quality from 144p to 1080p.

Step 5- Tap the Download button again to save the YouTube video in your gallery.


Ad-free video downloader.

Gets constant updates.

PiP Mode, so that you can work with another app while watching the video.


Not available on Official Google Play Store, so might have security concerns.

Download OGYouTube!

10. iTubeGo

With multi-platform support, iTubeGo is one outstanding YouTube video downloader app for Android, Windows, Mac and more. The applications work brilliantly to download and save videos including MP4, 4K, HD & more. It comes with built-in video conversion tools as well to convert file formats as per your convenience. Additionally, you can download both audios & videos using iTubeGo with a few taps & swipes. Its support for bulk video downloading with subtitles makes it one of the best free video downloaders for Android devices. iTubeGo works best on Android 7, 8, 9 & 10. Moreover, you can create a YouTube playlist & let the video downloading app save your entire collection in a go.


Compatible with almost all video & audio file formats.

To save your precious Android space, iTubeGo lets you save YouTube video for offline watching on your SD card.

Batch video downloading function makes it the best in the market.

Automatically detects the video links for quick & hassle-free downloading.

How To Use iTubeGo To Save YouTube Videos?

Follow the instructions below to learn how to download videos with iTubeGo.

Step 1- Install iTubeGo using the link below.

Step 2- Launch the free video downloader for Android.

Step 3- Use the built-in web browser to navigate to the video file you would like to save.

Step 4- Tap on the Download button & let iTubeGo save your videos & audios in background.


Support for HD/4K video resolutions.

Provides a built-in MP3 downloader.

Lets you download the entire YouTube video playlist.

Claims to provide 10X faster download speed than other apps.


Supports WIFI Download only.

Download iTubeGo!

Empower Your YouTube Experience With The Top YT Video Downloaders For Android

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Frequently Asked Questions: Download & Save YouTube Videos

Q1. Which Is The Best App To Download YouTube Videos?

Though there are several YouTube Video Downloader Apps for Android available in the market, only a few of them can manage to download your favourite videos in excellent quality. Talking about the Best YouTube video downloader apk right now, we recommend using Videoder or TubeMate. Both are easy to use & supports most of the popular platforms and websites to download videos from.

Q2. How Can I Download YouTube Videos To Watch Offline?

Well, if you don’t want to install any extra Video Downloader Application for Android, you can go for saving videos offline to watch later. To save YouTube videos for offline watching, do the following:

Launch the YouTube app on your smartphone.

Play the video you wish to download & save for offline watching.

Tap on the Download icon.

Your video will be saved automatically on the app itself.

Q3. How Can Download YouTube Videos Directly Without Using Video Downloader App?

There are a plethora of free video downloader websites that can help you download and save your favorite YouTube videos directly on your phone’s gallery. One such great video downloading website is ( chúng tôi ). The website looks basic yet works effectively well to save YouTube videos on any device. Just copy & paste the URL of the video you would like to download & whoosh. It just needs a few moments for Y2mate to save the video for later watching.

So now you know how to download from YouTube. If this article turned out to be helpful to you, please like and share this with your colleagues. For more such tips, tricks and tech-related updates visit Tweak Library and if you are more into tech-related videos do watch and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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10 Best Gambling Games And Gambling Apps For Android

Price: Free to play

Big Fish Games is a developer on Google Play. They’re responsible for most of the gambling games you’ll see just by searching the term. They have a vast collection. You’ll find several card games, slots games, and even a full-blown casino game. All of them are free to play and that’s easily the worst part about them. However, most people seem to enjoy playing them. It’s a good place to start if you’re looking for a variety of these types of games. The link above will take you the developer page so you can see the entire collection.


Price: Free / Varies

DraftKings is a fantasy sports app. The way it works is you join up, pay to join a fantasy league, and then you win money if you win the league. You can play most sports including football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and others. The company has undergone quite a bit of controversy for the way they do things. However, most people seem to be enjoying themselves. Games can be fairly cheap to enter so even those on a budget can get into the fun. This is actual gambling with real money so make sure to play responsibly!

Joe Hindy / Android Authority


Price: Free / Varies

FanDuel competes with DraftKings and the game does about the same thing. You’ll be able to enter fantasy leagues for a variety of sports using real money. You can win or lose money depending on how well you do. There are a variety of games that you can play, including the 50/50 where you win a couple of bucks just for finishing in the top half of the rankings. Like DraftKings, you’ll be playing with real money in this one so do make sure you play responsibly. Also, like DraftKings, FanDuel has seen some controversy from some detractors. You should look that up before committing.

Huuuge Games

Price: Free to play

Huuuge Games is another developer on Google Play. As you may have guessed, they develop tons of gambling games. They specialize in slots games and have a variety to choose from. Each app has a variety of slots to play. Many of them give you free coins to start with as well. Enjoyment of these games seems to be determined on how often the people reviewing the game have won. It’s not real money so you’re not risking anything important. You can buy more coins with real money if you want to, but that’s your decision.

GSN Games

Price: Free to play

GSN Games is a developer of a variety of gambling games. They specialize in gambling games that revolve around slots and video poker. There are two main types of games. The slots games are fairly self explanatory. The casino games offer a bit more variety and usually include video poker and slots. They even have a solitaire game worth trying. The games have their flaws, but they’re generally worth playing. The link will take you to their Google Play page so you can check out all of their games.

Here are some more fun games to check out!


Here are some more fun games to check out!


Inlogic Casino gambling games

Mywavia Studios

World Series of Poker

Price: Free to play

World Series of Poker is probably the best online poker game that you can find. Unlike most, it delivers chips every four hours which helps lessen the wait if you run out. Additionally, there are tournaments, special events, online play, and all sorts of other goodies. It supports both Texas Hold’em or Omaha. There is also cross-platform support. You can play on mobile, online, or on Facebook later on. You can even play anonymously. It’s a solid experience although the free to play aspect can get a little annoying from time to time.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Price: Free / Varies

Yahoo Fantasy Sports is a pretty decent, free fantasy sports app. You don’t to pay anything to start your own league. However, the ability to invite your own friends lets you create paid leagues between you and your friends. Otherwise, you can just play for free. The app has some bugs, but usually it lets you check your teams, set up your roster, and even make roster moves. Occasionally, Yahoo will invite you to come play in paid leagues as well. It’s not necessarily gambling on its own, but you can easily convert it into one with a few bucks and a few friends.


Price: Free to play

Zynga is one of the most popular game developers out there. You may know it as the company that made Farmville. As it turns out, they have some gambling games under their belt as well. Or, rather, they have a bunch of slots games. They have individually themed slots games based on movie and TV show characters. They also have some casino slots games that have multiple slots, themes, and features. The apps are free to play which isn’t great. However, Zynga is better than most when it comes to this kind of stuff.

10 Best Mind Training Apps And Games For Iphone And Android

Not everyone has a sharp mind with Einstein-like IQ, have they? While some can crack most complex riddles in the blink of an eye, others may struggle to get through even the simplest problems. Though miracles don’t happen overnight, the brain can be trained to improve several pivotal skills including cognition, problem-solving, and concentration. So, if you feel the need to accelerate your mind, make it work faster or enhance critical skills like decision making, this could well be the perfect time to try out the best mind training apps and games for iPhone or Android.

Best Brain Training Apps and Games for Android & iPhone So, How Do Mind Training Apps Work?

Well, brain training apps use proven scientific methods to design programs featuring several levels. Each level tests your skills with contextual challenges. Thanks to the adaptive difficulty technique, the challenges increase as you go ahead. Do they become boring after a while? Nope! Packed with a ton of fun-loving games, they ensure your learning remains exciting. Of course, they also offer deep insight to help you figure out where you stand and how you can improve. That said, let’s dive right in to explore the lineup!

1. Memorado

Should you want to put your mind to an acid test where logic is the only way out, “Memorado” could be a straightaway winner for you. Probably the best part about this app is a library of 24 mind games with over 700 challenging levels. So, it doesn’t matter what sort of skills you are trying to improve, those games will put your cognitive thinking in a tight corner where everything from memory to mathematical skill will be tested to the hilt.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: Android, iOS 

2. Elevate

For more than one reason, Elevate is a complete brain-training app. What puts it ahead of the curve is a solid collection of games for critical skills such as memory, focus, and processing. And with personalized daily workouts, the app helps you enhance the skills that you are craving for. Thanks to adaptive difficulty progression, it ensures your experience is filled with enough challenges so that learning never becomes a mundane affair.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: Android, iOS 

3. Lumosity

Of all the brain training apps that I have given a shot, I have found “Lumosity” the most intriguing. What has appealed to me the most in this app is the intelligently structured cognitive training program that offers a more interactive and fun way to sharpen the mind. To ensure the brain training remains a fun-loving experience, the app provides a wide assortment of science-based games primed to enhance several pivotal skills including problem-solving, speed, flexibility, attention and more.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: Android, iOS 

4. Peak

“Peak” is the sort of brain training games that I can easily recommend to both pros and newbies. The app has an appreciable collection of over 40 games that you would love to play tirelessly. Smartly developed by neuroscientists and game experts, they are designed to push your thinking to the wall. Probably the best part about Peak is the personal trainer that makes it pretty easy to find out an ideal workout to boost different skills.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: Android, iOS 

5. CogniFit

For those who want to have a comprehensive cognitive assessment, CogniFit seems to be one of the better picks for both iOS and Android devices. The app provides a fully structured program of scientifically validated brain fitness solutions. You can take on those programs to exercise the mind to not only bolster various skills but also de-stress it.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: Android, iOS 

6. Brain Training

Simply put, “Brain Training” is a top-notch app for Android users. What sets it apart from many other similar apps is 15 types of games including quick search, focus, concentration, quick decision, and more. So, it doesn’t matter what sort of skills you are willing to improve, it can help you get rid of flaws and sharpen the mind through constructive training. Personally, I have found its multitasking and quick search training quite interesting. If you are struggling to handle multiple tasks efficiently or wish to up your game, they can prove to be game-changers. As for the rules, they are quite straightforward. Simply crack as many questions as you can to get the maximum score.

Install: Android

7. BrainHQ

Boasting probably the most comprehensive brain fitness program, BrainHQ is designed for the folks who want to get into brain training game with more conviction. The exercises are short enough to comfortably find a space even in your rather busy life. Therefore, even if you are able to spare just 5-10 minutes, you can perform the exercises. As for difficulty level, I find them quite good as they are based on the adaptive method. So, even if you aren’t good at solving problems, you can get through them. And slowly but steadily, you will be able to tackle even complex questions. Additionally, BrainHQ has also got an impressive roster of memory games for kids that easily appeal to children courtesy a series of funny tales. Overall, it’s one of the coolest mind training games for Android and iOS devices.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

8. Brain School

If you are after a light-hearted mind training app, you would be hard-pressed to find a more interesting alternative. Brain School may not be feature-rich like some of its noted counterparts but it has got enough to sharpen your mind to think and work faster. And yes, the app also promises to offer plenty of food for your thought with 20 brain teasers. While solving those riddles, your mind would get to learn several vital skills like concentration and problem-solving. But don’t take them lightly as the game will throw daily test exams designed to get the most out of your IQ. In a nutshell, Brain School is a fun-loving and absolutely free brain training app for iPhone and iPad.

Price: Free

Install:  iOS 

9. DoBrain

Price: Free

Install:  Android, iOS

10. MentalUP

Last but not least, MentalUP is one of the best mind training apps that most kids (aged 4-13 years) would love to try out. With ever-growing amusing games, the app makes learning a joyful experience. They primarily focus on improving six major skills including visual intelligence, analytical thinking, attention, memory, concentration, and cognitive thinking. To make the task of progress tracking convenient, the app provides regular reports. Therefore, discovering the areas where the child is strong and spotting the weak points become easier. That apart, it also offers you a chance to compare the progress of your kid with that of other users so that you can know whether your child is ahead of the pack or still needs to put in more effort.

Price: Free

Install:  Android, iOS

Get the Most Out of Mind Training Apps and Games

Rome was not built in a day. Nor will your brain become lightning-fast within a matter of few hours or days. So, go ahead with the programs slowly but steadily. Take one level at a time and keep a track of the progress to stay on course. As we are talking about sharpening the mind, I would recommend you to check out some of the best mind mapping apps that can come in very handy. With the pep talk already over, share your thoughts about the roundup. And also let us know the name of the app that is likely to take you for a long learning spree.

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